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Citigroup花旗集团Paying up and moving on付讫,前行The perennial basket-case of American banking at last shows signs of life数年崩溃下美国业终于显现生机THERE were many reasons why Citigroups earnings for the second quarter, released on July 14th, might have elicited familiar groans. Revenues from its North American retail operations plunged by 26%, thanks in part to an abrupt drop in the refinancing of mortgages due to rising interest rates. Worse, the bank agreed to a billion settlement with prosecutors over its dealings in mortgage-backed securities before the financial crisis, twice what analysts had initially expected and 20 times what Citi had first offered. Yet in the wake of all this bad news, Citis shares rose.7月14日,花旗集团发布其第二季度盈利,这可能又会引发一片熟悉的呻吟声,之所以会如此,原因众多。花旗的北美零售业务收入锐减26%,部分原因是由于利率上升,抵押贷款再融资急剧下降。更糟的是,该同意就其在金融危机之前的抵押贷款持券交易付70亿美元,与检方达成和解。这个金额是分析师此前初步预计值的两倍,更是花旗最初愿意付金额的20倍。但是,紧随所有的这些坏消息之后,花旗的股价上涨。In part, that is because Citis troubles are, for the most part, reassuringly typical of American banks. Wells Fargo, Americas biggest bank by valuation, had previously announced its first decline in earnings per share since the financial crisis thanks largely to the refinancing drought. By the same token, Citis income from trading bonds, currencies and derivatives fell no more dramatically than that of its rivals.某种程度上,这是因为花旗的麻烦在很大程度上使众多典型的美国放下了心。受金融危机影响,美国市值最高的富国此前首次宣布每股收益下降,很大程度上要归结于再融资的干涸。同样的道理,花旗买卖债券、货币和衍生品的收入下降,其竞争对手也没讨到什么好。Even the settlement may have cheered investors. Although the accompanying statement of facts fingered the bank for giving misleading information about the quality of the mortgages that underpinned securities it sold, there was little to fuel private lawsuits seeking compensation. The most incriminating element was an e-mail from an unnamed trader saying, “I would not be surprised if half of these loans went down.” No employees have been charged with any sort of fraud related to the sales. Moreover, a provision of the settlement protects Citi from prosecution on similar grounds for its sales from 2005 to 2007 of another sort of toxic financial instrument, collateralised debt obligations.和解协议可能会使投资者们感到振奋。尽管随附的声明已指出故意歪曲抵押贷款质量,提供误导性资料而出售持券,但几乎没有激起要求赔偿的私人诉讼。大部分控诉材料来自于一位不愿透露姓名的交易员,他发电子邮件称“这些贷款即使有一半贬值,我也不会感到惊讶。”没有员工被指控犯有任何形式的与销售相关的欺诈行为。此外,和解协议中的一项条款将花旗从类似起诉中解救出来,花旗被控自2005年到2007年间销售债务抵押债券(另一类有毒金融资产)。Attention is now shifting to Citis future. Michael Corbat, its boss since 2012, has concentrated on cutting costs and selling unprofitable businesses. But there are also hints of growth: lending rose by 4%, thanks to strong demand from European and American companies. Profits from advising on mergers and underwriting stocks and bonds were up too—possibly a sign of bigger banking opportunities ahead.现在,众人都将注意力转至花旗的未来上。2012年以来,花旗CEO迈克尔?考伯特一直专注于削减成本以及出售无利可图的业务。然而集团业务也有增长的迹象:得益于欧、美公司的强劲需求,贷款上升了4%。而为兼并和承销股票及债券提供咨询务产生的利润亦同比增长—这可能标志着业更大的机会即将到来。Citis market capitalisation remains far lower than its accounting value, suggesting concerns remain about hidden problems. But the disparity has begun to shrink, as has the premium it pays to borrow. As one fund manager puts it, the debate over Citis prospects has shifted from whether it might die to how it might survive.花旗集团的市值仍远远低于其账面价值,意味着仍需关注其潜在问题。但因为它为保金付的借款,两数值之间的差距已经开始缩小。正如一位基金经理所说的那样,花旗的前景之争已然从它是否会就此消亡转至它该如何存活下去。 /201407/313216。

Business商业报道Opening a business in Brazil在巴西做生意Why make it simple?何等简单Setting up shop has just got easier. But not much开店变得简单。却没有很多BRAZIL is not an easy place to start a business.巴西并不是开店的好地方。The World Bank ranks it 120th out of 183 countries—worse than Burkina Faso or Nigeria.世界将其在183个国家中列为第120位—比布基纳法索及尼日利亚还糟糕。Take one small example.试举一例,Until recently, you needed at least two partners to form a limited-liability company.至今,仍需三人才能成立一家有限责任公司。Sole traders had to find a 1% sócio—an employee, friend or family member willing to lend his name to the articles of association, or a shell company set up solely to hold a tiny share.一人投资者必须寻求一名1% 合作伙伴—雇员、朋友或家庭成员同意将他们的姓名列入公司章程或令其占有极少股份而成立的空壳公司中。Things may have just got a little easier.要求可能放宽了些。A new law, which supposedly came into effect on January 9th, allows a lone business-owner to set up an Empresa Individual de Responsabilidade Limitada:据说一部新法将于1月生效,a single-holder limited-liability firm.其中允许一人设立有限责任公司。The main requirement is capital of 62,200 reais.主要的规定是资产额为62,200雷亚尔。This is a big deal. Alas, it may not happen as planned.此举意义重大,唉,或许会事与愿违。In December the federal body that oversees state business registries told them to turn away firms trying to register Eirelis, as well as foreigners without permanent right of residence.12月监管公司注册的联邦机构回避关于试图注册一人有限责任公司,以及不具有永久居留身份的外国人所提出的申请。No reason was given.对此并未公布相关的理由。Later, lawyers were briefed that the laws aim was to let Brazilian sole traders protect their personal goods against lawsuits or bankruptcy—not to make life easier for big business or foreigners.随后,律师被简要告知律师事务所意在保护巴西个体经营者免受诉讼或破产之灾—并不是保障大公司或外国投资者。Since the restrictions have no basis in the law, challenges are inevitable. Husam Abboud of Establish Brazil, a company-formation specialist, is thinking of Brazilian-style direct action: simply trying to register an Eireli for a firm or a foreigner, and seeing what happens.由于这些限制在法律上没有渊源,因此不可避免地存在质疑。来自Establish Brazil的Husam Abboud ,是一位公司设立的专家,其指出巴西风格的直接效果:只是试图为公司或外国人注册一人有限公司,之后坐观成败。We wont be trying just once, but many times, he says cheerfully.我们并非仅尝试一次,而是多次, 他语带兴奋地称。In Brazil, it always depends whos on the desk on the day.在巴西,总是彼时处在台上的人左右决定。A few speedy locals have aly set up Eirelis.一些敏锐的本国人已开始设立Eirelis。It was quick and easy, because I didnt have to hunt for a partner, says Taise Litholdo, an architect.这样简单快捷,而无需寻找合伙人,建筑师 Taise Litholdo说道。Sebastiao Lino da Silva, an accountant in Sao Paulo, is helping a medical-research firm, which recently lost a partner, to convert into an Eireli.圣保罗的会计师Sebastiao Lino da Silva正协助一家失去合伙人的医药研发公司转为一人有限公司。The remaining owner would otherwise have to find a new partner or close.该公司目前的所有人希望寻找新的合伙人或以类似的模式延续公司。Joao Marcelo Pacheco of Pinheiro Neto Advogados, one of Brazils largest law firms, says that some wealthy clients will use Eirelis to make their lives simpler.来自巴西最大律所之一Joao Marcelo Pacheco的Pinheiro Neto Advogados称,某些重要客户打算运用Eirelis以令生意更顺遂。All this amounts to a tweak, not a revolution.所有这些构成扭转,而非改革。By January 18th only 14 Eirelis had been registered with Sao Paulos board of trade, Brazils biggest.直至1月18日仅有14家Eirelis成功在巴西最大的圣保罗商业局得以注册。The truth is Eirelis are not really suitable for most small businesses, says Mr Abboud. Few hot-dog vendors and hairdressers have enough spare cash to satisfy the capital requirement, he points out.他称事实上Eirelis并非适用所有小型企业,并指出一些卖热的商人和美发师手头上就有满足资本限额的闲钱。That is an argument for scrapping the capital requirement.放弃资本限额引起一番争论。The Socialist Peoples Party, an opposition group, has asked the Supreme Court to rule it unconstitutional for discriminating against micro-traders.反对党—巴西社会人民党已请求最高法院规范歧视微型贸易者的违宪行为。Even if foreigners are allowed to set up Eirelis, breaking into Brazil will remain tough.即使外国投资者被允许设立Eirelis,他们融入巴西仍成问题。The biggest hurdle—finding a permanent resident willing to hold power of attorney for foreign owners—will remain.最大的阻碍—寻找一位永久居留者愿意作为外国所有人的代理人—始终存在。Establish Brazil and its rivals will do this for foreign clients,及其对手将以同样方式对待其外国客户,but only until a local manager has been appointed, or an expatriate has arrived on a permanent business visa.但仅需指定一位本地管理人或一位取得永久居留的移民。The snag is that acting for a foreign firm leaves agents vulnerable to Brazils capricious tax authorities and labour courts, which tend to ignore limited liability and pursue individual owners.代理外国公司的中介因容易被巴西反复无常的税收机构及劳动法庭追查而受到牵绊,他们更倾向个人所有者而非有限责任。They want to be able to freeze someones bank account if problems arise, explains Stephen OSullivan of Mattos Filho Advogados, another big Sao Paulo law firm.发生问题时他们希望冻结某人的账户,另一家律所Mattos Filho Advogados的Stephen OSullivan称。And if theyre the only people in the country, theyll go after the local managers, or even the lawyers.若这个国家仅剩下他们,则他们将追寻本地管理人,甚至本地律师。Unsurprisingly, Mattos Filho is willing to fulfil this role only for old and valued clients.不出意外,Mattos Filho 期待在务已有的尊贵客户的同时能够为更多的公司扮演同样的角色。Eirelis may eventually make it easier to set up shop in Brazil.在巴西做生意可能因Eirelis 而变得简单。But only a little.但仅仅是一点点。 /201305/240047。

Are you surprised by all the attention现在你有着空前的关注度that is going on right now, surrounding you?有没有让你始料未及Its pretty intense.确实蛮热情的So I... this was what I told you earlier.就像我之前和你说的一样I mean, its kind of the craziest time in my whole life.这仿佛是我此生最疯狂的阶段I think of everything that I did, getting up to this moment,我回想过去发生的一切I feel like it was all just me training for this marathon我就像置身一场马拉松比赛that Im in the middle of right now.我已经跑过一半路程Its the most insanse week of my life,这是我至今最疯狂的一个礼拜and I dont know how Im still standing and kind of awake.我都佩我自己一直坚持 还保持着清醒Its kinda have been amazing, Ive just been everywhere.感觉很神奇 像是历经世间沧桑But making, you know, my album No.1 has been made it all okay可是当我的专辑登顶在榜单我觉得一切痛苦都没什么Yeah, congratulations to that. Thank you.是啊 恭喜你 谢谢I mean No.1 is so good.真的 第一名很棒Umm, well talk about ;Bangerz; in a second.我们一会儿再说你的专辑《Bangerz》But... the one thing that I think Im surprised by,我觉得最让我惊讶的一件事是Umm...you know, Robin Thicke was on stage as well.robin 当时也在台上啊Right, no one talks about that. And its...对的 完全没有人议论他 真是No one cares about the man behind the booty. Right.完全没人在乎PP后面的那个人 是的They only care about the one that was shaking it.他们只关心抖的那个人Well, yeah. the problem is that... double standard.对的 问题就在 双重标准哼I think what people thought was he was surprised by it.我觉得大伙认为他被吓到了And hes sort of... he was in the rehearsal as much as I was.他有点 他每次都是和我一起排练的好么And loving it, people. Yeah.而且可乐在其中 筒子们 是的And loving it.喜闻乐见呢So everyone there knew. there was rehearsal,所以有排的话 大家都知道and everyone there knew what was gonna happen.大家都知道接下来会发生什么Everyone there knew except maybe some other people in the audience,大家都知道可能除了有些观众吧I saw a lot of faces that were kinda like...因为我看到了好多像这样的表情注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201312/268109。