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The Chinese Lunar Calendar中国农历The Chinese Lunar Calendar is based on the cycles of the moon, and is constructed in a different fashion than the Western solar calendar.与西方的阳历不同,中国农历是以月亮的运转来确定的。In the Chinese calendar, the beginning of the year falls somewhere between late January and early February.根据中国的农历,新年的开始大约在阳历的1月下旬至2月上旬之间。The Chinese have adopted the Western calendar, but the lunar calendar is still used for festive occasions such as the Chinese New Year.中国早已开始使用阳历,但是,中国的传统节日(例如春节等)还是应用传统的阴历。Many Chinese calendars will print both the solar dates and the Chinese lunar dates.许多中国的年历既印有阳历,又印有阴历。 /201508/393316

  1. Choose a day to dump your boyfriend. Make sure it is a completely insignificant date. Don#39;t add insult to injury by breaking up with him on his birthday, Valentine#39;s Day or the anniversary of the day his dog died.甩掉男朋友需要挑日子。不要在特殊的日子里把人家甩了,比如他的生日、情人节、交往周年纪念日或者是他的爱犬死掉的纪念日。2. Keep your distance for at least a week prior to the date you have set. Don#39;t call, message or visit your boyfriend during this time. If he calls you or stops by, tell him you are busy. This gives you time to consider what to say and to be certain you really want to go through with it. Your boyfriend is also likely to sense that something is up, and will (hopefully) start to prepare himself emotionally.在你选定分手日子之后,这个日期之前至少一个星期,不要跟他太亲密。不要给他打电话、发短信或者是去找他。如果他给你打电话或者来找你,告诉他你很忙。这是给你时间考虑要怎么跟他说以及给你时间确定真的要这么做。这样也会让你男朋友一些暗示,让他有一定的心理准备。3. Meet at a place where you are both comfortable, but one that is not too crowded with people. You don#39;t want him to feel embarrassed or humiliated if he gets choked up or teary. Make sure it is someplace you will be able to leave quickly and easily, just in case he starts to make a scene or things become heated.找一个让你们俩都觉得比较舒的地方见面,但是要注意,这里的人不要太多。你不会希望他哽咽或者哭泣的时候因为旁边人太多而尴尬。另外这个地方需要让你容易快速离开,以防万一他反应过度。4. Be honest with your boyfriend about your reasons for wanting to break up. Get right to the point. At the same time, be sensitive and choose your words carefully. It#39;s a good idea to rehearse what you are going to say several times before you meet. Have the conversation while looking in a mirror.诚实地告诉他你想和他分手的原因。直接开门见山就好,同时说话时候的用词要非常注意。在见面前你最好先对着镜子说几遍练习一下。5. When stating your reasons for breaking up, start your sentences with ;I; instead of placing blame. For example, instead of saying ;You don#39;t make me happy,; you might say, ;I#39;m not happy.;当你再说分手原因的时候,最好用;我怎么怎么样;的句子,而不是责怪。比如说;你让我不开心;就没有;我不开心;的说法要差。6. Wish him the best. Tell him that you truly hope he finds someone who will love him the way he deserves to be loved;then reiterate that it#39;s just not you. Don#39;t say anything that might give him false hope, such as ;I#39;ll still be here if you need someone to talk to.;祝福他。告诉他你真心希望他能找到更好的、更直的他爱的人;;而这个人不是你。不要给他任何假的希望,比如;如果想找人聊聊可以找我;之类的话。 /201202/172890


  有些问题难以解决,但是很多数字短语会有所帮助。今天,我们就来说说关于数字2的短语。数字;2;在英文中是;two;。1. put two and two together 根据事实推理例句:If we put two and two together, we might come up with the right answer.如果根据事实推理,我们就能得出正确。2. two heads are better than one 人多智广;三个臭皮匠,顶个诸葛亮例句:After all, two heads are better than one. Two people working together can get better results.毕竟;三个臭皮匠,顶个诸葛亮;,两个人一起工作能取得更好的成果。3. there are no two ways about it 别无选择;没有退路例句:We have to win this game, and there are no two ways about it.我们已经没有退路了,这场比赛我们非赢不可。4. of two minds 举棋不定,犹豫不决例句:He always seems to be of two minds on important matters.别指望 他能做出决定。 在重要事情上他好像总拿 不定主意。5. two shakes of a lamb#39;s tail 迅速地;简易地例句:But with any luck, we could solve the problem in two shakes of a lamb#39;s tail.但幸运的话,我们能迅速解决问题。6. kill two birds with one stone 一箭双雕,一举两得例句:I always get my nails manicured while I get my hair cut, that way I can kill two birds with one stone.每次我去剪头发的时候都会修指甲,这样我可以一举两得。7. two wrongs don#39;t make a right 负负不得正例句:But we must remember that two wrongs don#39;t make a right. If someone does something bad to you, you should not do the same to him.但是我们必须要记住:负负不得正,如果有人冒犯了你,你不应该以牙还牙。8. two#39;s company, three#39;s a crowd 俩人结伴,三人添乱例句:Two#39;s company, three#39;s a crowd, so please don#39;t come with my girlfriend and me.两人刚好,三人嫌太挤,所以你就别跟着我和我的女朋友了。 /201203/174598

  Nonfat popcorn脱脂爆米花The carbohydrates in nonfat popcorn help bring the amino acid tryptophan into your brain, where it#39;s used to make a sleep-inducing neurotransmitter called serotonin. Since eating a heavy meal within two hours of bedtime can keep you awake, low-calorie popcorn (just 93 calories in three cups popped) is a great late-night snack. Choose plain, fat-free popcorn and jazz it up with some curry powder.脱脂爆米花中含有的碳水化合物可以将色氨酸带入闹钟,合成一种称为血清素的神经递质,能够帮助睡眠。由于在睡前两个小时以内过量饮食会让人清醒,所以低卡路里的爆米花(三份爆米花仅含有93卡路里)是最好的深夜零食。选择普通的脱脂爆米花,再混一些咖喱粉让它更有风味。 /201208/195693At a meeting of the nation#39;s top oncologists in Denver a couple of years back, Dr. David Agus, a prominent cancer researcher, was giving a keynote address. Agus talked about the need to take a new approach to treating cancer. He argued that focusing on killing or slowing the sp of cancerous cells was not enough. After all, despite a half-century of research by some of the best medical minds in the world, the death rate from cancer hasn#39;t changed much since the 1950s. Instead, doctors should try to keep a patient#39;s entire system healthy so the disease is less likely to take root in the first place. He said we should be able to control cancer without fully understanding it. At that, hisses arose from the audience.几年前,在丹佛举办的一次全美顶尖肿瘤学家的会议上,知名癌症专家大卫;阿古斯士做了一次专题演讲,指出有必要采取一种新的方法来治疗癌症。他认为,只关注如何杀死癌细胞或减缓癌细胞的扩散是不够的。半个世纪以来,尽管世界各地的医学精英为攻克这一难题进行了不懈的研究工作,但今天的癌症死亡率并没有比上世纪50年代降低多少。因此,医疗人员应该想办法保持病人整个机体的健康,从根本上降低肿瘤在人体内扎根的可能性。他表示,虽然我们目前还不完全了解癌症的病理机制,不过我们依然应该有办法控制癌症。说到这里,听众中响起了一阵嘘声。A few Bronx cheers aren#39;t enough to discourage a scientist as determined as Agus. He believes he has found a new way to greatly reduce the odds of getting sick and has set out his philosophy in a potentially game-changing new book, The End of Illness, which just became a New York Times bestseller. In it, he offers his prescription for preventive medicine, and backs it with studies and lively anecdotes.不过这点嘘声并不能使像阿古斯这样坚定的科学家感到气馁。他相信他已经找到了一种办法,可以大大降低人体生病的几率。阿古斯把他的理论写成了一本有可能具有颠覆意义的新书;;《疾病的终结》(The end of illness),这本书刚刚登上了《纽约时报》(New York Times)的畅销排行榜。阿古斯在书中阐述了他的防病理论,并用相关研究和生动的病例进行了佐。When I caught up with this slim, casually dressed man, he rattled off ideas as if he couldn#39;t let the world know fast enough about his thinking: ;I want doctors to treat toward health and not treat toward disease,; he said. Agus had his eureka moment after ing a 2004 Fortune article called ;Why We#39;re Losing the War on Cancer,; by Cliff Leaf. Himself a cancer survivor, Leaf, a Fortune editor at the time, wrote that researchers have come to treat the individual features of cancer rather than putting their efforts into directly controlling cancer. ;We have forgotten that curing cancer,; says Agus, who was on the team of doctors who treated Steve Jobs in the last years of his life, ;starts with preventing cancer in the first place.;我采访这位身材瘦削、衣着随意的医学家时,他飞快地介绍着他的想法,仿佛唯恐全世界不能尽快了解自己的思想。他说:;我希望医生们从病人健康时就着手治疗,而不是到生病时才去治。;阿古斯的灵感来自他2004年在《财富》杂志(Fortune)上读到的一篇文章:《为什么我们输掉了与癌症的战争》(Why We#39;re Losing the War on Cancer)。文章作者克里夫;利夫当时担任过《财富》杂志编辑,他本人就是一名癌症幸存者。他写道,癌症研究人员们习惯于治疗癌症的各种症状,而不是设法直接控制癌症。史蒂夫;乔布斯去世前的最后几年,阿古斯也是乔布斯治疗团队的一员。阿古斯说:;我们忘了治癌要从防癌开始。;Today, if we get cancer, we attack the cells. If we get a heart attack, we perform a bypass. That#39;s fine, but why not avoid the disease in the first place? Agus believes that diseases like cancer and heart disease should be thought of as verbs and not nouns. In his lexicon, ;cancering; suggests a systemic problem. He points to a study of women who, after treatment for breast cancer, were given either an osteoporosis drug or a placebo. The ones who took the drug had a 40% lower rate of recurrence of the cancer, as their system was changed and the cancer didn#39;t grow back. ;Keep the soil healthy,; says Agus, ;and the bad seed won#39;t grow.;今天,一旦病人得了癌症,我们就会试图去杀死癌细胞。如果病人心脏病发作,我们就做心脏搭桥。这无可厚非。但我们为什么不能;防病于未然; 呢?阿古斯认为,我们应该把癌症和心脏病这类疾病看成一个动词,而不是名词。在阿古斯的字典里,;患有癌症;意味着一个系统性的问题。他指出,在一项研究中,一组女性在接受了乳腺癌治疗后,医生向她们发放了一些治疗骨质疏松的药物或安慰剂。但用了这些药物的患者的复发率却比平均水平低了40%。随着她们的身体系统发生良性改变,癌症没有再复发。阿古斯说道:;只要保持土壤健康,坏的种子就无法萌芽。One way to keep your body#39;s soil healthy is to treat inflammation. When something is wrong with your body, it goes into panic mode and triggers inflammation, a process that rallies the vascular, immune, and cellular systems to heal injured tissue. Numerous studies show that patients who take statins ; which not only lower cholesterol but reduce inflammation ; lowered cancer rates by 40%, although no one knows exactly why. That#39;s not all. A growing body of evidence suggests that inflammation may be linked to a host of other diseases, from heart attacks to Alzheimer#39;s to diabetes. This doctor#39;s orders? Ask your physician if you should be on Lipitor or other statins and a regimen of baby aspirin, which help curb your body#39;s inflammation.保持身体土壤健康的方法之一是治疗炎症。身体出毛病的时候,人体机能就会进入一种恐慌模式,引起炎症。发炎这个过程就是身体在调动血管、细胞和免疫系统来修复受损的组织。大量研究表明,用他汀类药物的病人,患癌几率会降低40%,只是具体原因尚不明确。他汀类药物不仅能降低胆固醇,还可以消炎。此外还有越来越多的据显示,炎症可能与大量其它疾病有着联系,如心脏病、老年痴呆、糖尿病等。阿古斯对此有何建议呢?可以询问医生,看看是否可以用立普妥(Lipitor)或其它的他汀类药物,或经常用小剂量阿斯匹林来养生,这有助于人们控制身体的炎症。 /201202/172296

  1. All Communication is Initiated by You1. 你们之间所有的联系都由你单方面发起This is easily one of the most obvious indicators that something is up. If you miss this sign, then you#39;re in straight denial. It#39;s common sense: Girls like to talk. And talk. And talk. Oftentimes they just yammer on to the point where we start to block them out - and those aren#39;t even the girls we#39;re dating. When you#39;re going with a gal, chances are that almost every time you two talk, it#39;s initiated by her, and she#39;s the one doing most of the communicating. For the most part, nothing can get a girl to shut up if she feels like talking. I mean, even when they#39;re mad and don#39;t want to talk to you, they repeatedly tell you that they don#39;t want to talk to you (Aha! A clue, Sherlock!). But anyways, long story short: when she stops trying to talk to you, hide all the life jackets, because this b*tch is gearing up to jump ship.女孩们总是喜欢不停的说啊……说啊……说啊……大部分时候,只要她们想说,任何事情都阻止不了她们,除非她们转性了或者根本不想搭理你。所以,当她们反复强调自己不想说话时,那你就真的杯具了……2. She#39;s Not Jealous Anymore2. 她不再吃醋Remember all those ;hoes; and ;skanks; she used to accuse you of sleeping with? Or how every time you hung out with your best female friend she#39;d throw a fit, claiming that if you really loved her you wouldn#39;t hang out with other girls all the time? Well believe it or not, that was good. Jealousy meant she cared. If she starts letting you hangout with whomever you want, without any sort of protest or snide comments, well you#39;d best believe you#39;ve got problems.吃醋表明在乎你。如果有一天她不再过问你和谁出去,那你们之间可能就有问题了。3. She Replies with One-Word Texts3. 短信就回一个字This should speak for itself. We#39;ve aly gone over just how much gals like to talk and communicate. When she can#39;t even bother to respond to your texts with a full sentence, chances are that she just doesn#39;t give a damn anymore. This doesn#39;t necessarily apply if she was a sh*t texter from the get-go, although if she is a generally bad texter, you should be wondering why that is, as it might be indicative of a bigger issue. I say this because in general, ladies are much better at texting than us guys. So when a babe just happens to suck at thumb-talk, it#39;s not because she hasn#39;t had enough practice, it#39;s because she consciously decides to send sh*tty answers - and that#39;s cause for concern. Moral of the story: if she#39;s giving you one-word replies, 9/10 times you have something to be worried about.大部分情况下,女生比起男生更擅长使用短信。当她的短信长度不超过一句话时,你就自求多福吧。 /201204/179590

  法国《观点周刊》记者:温总理你好。我们看到,今年年初以来,在北非的一些国家经历了很大的变化。世界也在关注着快速发展的中国,有人认为中国在政治、经济、文化等领域已经创建了属于自己的发展模式。我想问的问题是,中国的发展模式如何很好地适应变化中的大环境?其他国家能否从中国的发展模式中借鉴并得到启示?Le Point of France: Mr. Prime Minister, North Africa has been experiencing tremendous changes since the beginning of the year. The world is now observing China, which is pursuing its course. Can we say that China has created its own model in terms of politics, economy and culture? How is this model going to adapt to the new environment? Can other countries be inspired by this model?温家宝:我们十分关注西亚北非发生的政治动荡,但是我们认为,任何把中国同西亚北非发生政治动荡的国家相类比都是不正确的。改革开放30多年来,中国经济社会取得了飞速的发展,人民生活明显改善,这是举世公认的。我们的政府在认真解决当前经济社会中存在的问题,这也是老百姓有目共睹的事实。中国经济这些年确实发生了很大的变化,我们的经济总量跃居到世界第二位,但是我们一直清醒地认识到,中国人口多、底子薄、发展不平衡,依然是一个发展中国家。我们选择了一条适合中国国情的发展道路。这条道路的主要特点是:第一,必须坚持以经济建设为中心,大力促进经济发展和社会进步;第二,必须坚持以人为本,全面协调和可持续发展;第三,必须坚持社会公平正义,以保持社会的和谐稳定;第四,必须保障人民的民主权利,促进人的全面发展,以进一步调动人民的积极性和创造性。Premier Wen Jiabao: We have followed closely the political turbulence in some west Asian and north African countries. At the same time, we take the view that it is not right to draw an analogy between China and those relevant countries. With over 30 years of reform and opening-up, China has achieved rapid economic and social development. The lives of the Chinese people have been markedly improved. These achievements have been widely recognized. I believe the Chinese people have also seen that the government has taken serious steps to address the problems in economic and social development. It is true that recent years have witnessed major changes in China#39;s economy. The Chinese economy has become the second largest in the world. But we are fully aware that China remains a developing country with a large population, weak economic foundation and uneven development. We have embarked on a development path that fits China#39;s national conditions. The main features of this development path are as follows: First, we must focus on economic construction and vigorously promote economic development and social progress. Second, we must continue to put people#39;s interests first and strive for comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. Third, we must continue to promote social fairness and justice and maintain social stability and harmony. And fourth, we must protect the democratic rights of the people, promote their all-round development and give further play to the initiative and creativity of the people.我们的改革和建设还在探索当中,我们从来不认为自己的发展已是一种模式。同样,我们认为任何国家都要走适合自己国情的发展道路,我们尊重各国人民的选择。我们认为,不同国家的不同发展道路都可以相互尊重、相互学习和借鉴.China is still taking exploratory steps with respect to its reform and development. We never consider our own development path as any particular model. We believe that all countries need to pursue their own development paths which are suited to their national conditions and we respect the choices made by the people of other countries. At the same time, we believe that countries can learn from each other in terms of development paths on the basis of mutual respect. /201204/176631



  During the course of your life, you might find that there are times that you are increibly stressed. If this is the case, then you will find that you find it next to impossible to be happy in your life. If you concentrate on being able to calm down in your day to day life, you might find that you are able to be a lot happier. This article will help you to become calmer, and hopefully happier because of it. 1. Take some time for yourself. We all live busy lives, and this means that we often don't actually get any time for ourselves to be able to be the people who we want to be. It is very important that you make time for yourself every day so that you can think about the things that you have achieved in your life so far, and also think about the things that you would like to achieve in your lives in the future. 2. Stay away from technology in the evening. If you spend too much time during your evening using the internet or your mobile phone, you might find that you find it hard to switch off at the end of the day. This may mean that you have trouble sleeping, and can therefore mean that you feel tired the next day and unable to perform as well as you should be able to, or as well as you might have been able to in the past. 3. Take time to make an audit of your life. This could either be a little like a diary entry, or simply a list of the things that you have yet to achieve in your life. Being able to see this on paper means that you should be able to think of ways that you can start to make a difference and begin to make steps towards what it is that you actually want to achieve in your life. 4. Refine your breathing technique. If you find yourself getting stressed, then you might find that you benefit from learning how to calm yourself down by breathing. I have found that taking deep and slow breaths helps me an awful lot when I'm trying to calm down, and this helps me to keep my head clear and think about the things that I really want during the course of my life. If you take all of these tips, then you should find that you are able to keep yourself calm and therefore be able to take a clearer look at the things that you wish to achieve during the course of your life. 在你的一生中,你可能有好几次会非常失落。如果情况一直持续,幸福的生活以后将会离你越来越远。如果你能够冷静下来专注于你的日常生活,你会发现自己越来越幸福。这篇文章将帮助你平静下来,并希望你因为它而幸福。 1. 给自己多一些时间。 我们都过着忙碌的生活,这就意味着我们实际上没有时间来做我们想做的自己。花时间去追求自己的每一天非常重要,这样你可以想想目前为止你生命中已经达成的既定目标,也可以好好筹划下未来的打算。 2. 晚上远离那些高科技。 在晚上如果你花太多时间在上网或手机上,你可能也会发现自己在一天结束的时候对这些很难以割舍。这意味着你会失眠,第二天会疲惫不堪,无法像你预计的或过去那样。 3. 花一些时间反思你的生活。 这有点像日记条目,或只是一个列表,上面记录着你还没有达成的目标。能够看到这张纸意味着你就能够想出各种办法让你的生命从此发生转折,开始做下一步,达到你想要的目标。 4. 改善你的呼吸技巧。 如果你发现自己越来越失落,也许静下心来如何呼吸会对你有所帮助。我发现一深一浅的呼吸使我冷静下来。这有助我保持我的头脑清醒及思考我生命中真的想要的东西。 如果你应用所有这些技巧,你就能让自己冷静,因而可以更清晰的看清你生命中那些想达成的目标。 /201111/159627


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