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Chinese factory fears Normally shut down this time of year, factories in China open their doors to stranded workers. CNN's Eunice Yoon reportsBlizzards, icy weather and freezing temperatures, that pretty much sums up what China's had to deal with for more than a week now. It's left millions stranded and sent a big chill right through the economy. Asia Business Editor Eunice Yoon has more details on that. Eunice, things do look like they are improving a bit at the moment, but you know, really it has been an atrocious situation for so many millions of people.It really has. I mean for more than a week now, migrant workers have been huddled at train stations with little hope of catching a ride home. But it's not just the workers who have been left out in the cold.The start of the Lunar New Year, generally a slow time for business in China. Most factories shut down as millions of workers head home for the holiday. But this year with China's worst winter in half a century, halting trains and traffic, manufacturers like Goldlok are getting y for some workers to return earlier than expected. "Some of them, you know, twenty percent almost start coming back to the factory because there's a lot of traffic jam on the station. And that's why we need to reopen the factory for them."Heavy snowfall paralyzed sections of the country's rail system, leaving millions of people---many of them factory workers---stranded. Some services are resuming, still with the backlog of travelers, the government urged migrant workers to cash in their tickets and spend their only holiday for the year back at their factory dormitories."We need to have some people to especially to care their emotional needs. They leaving their hometown, you know, and work for a whole year and what their hope is going back home to visit their family, so if they can not go back because of the traffic, they would be very very upset."It's a painful move for manufacturers, too. They have the added expense of reopening factories early at a time when the snowstorms have caused power shortages and are threatening to delay shipments. Analysts say it adds to growing concerns and costs for exporters."China's export sector has its own problem. The production cost went up quite a bit. And the new labor law certainly has all kinds of implications to the cost and exchange rate continue to appreciate."Not a very auspicious start to 2008.Some economists said that the severe weather is likely to affect exports for January and possibly into February. And as far as the longer term forecast. Eunice, do you think that the effects of the snowstorm are going to be felt down the road? "Well, not for exports, but definitely for food prices. We're aly seeing a spike in a lot of the prices for staple vegetables, such as cabbages, some of them as high as 50% up. But going down the road a lot of economists say that the summer crops have likely been severely damaged, that's going to escalate inflation in China at a time when they really don't need er, higher prices up, but one thing that I thought was pretty interesting is that even further down the road for the autumn crops, some economists that I have been talking to say that those crops might benefit from the snowfall because there is more melted water or melted snow which turns, of course, into water, and right now there is a water shortage in China. So that's, of course, another possibility, er, positive possibility down the road." Notes: blizzard: A violent snowstorm with winds blowing at a minimum speed of 35 miles (56 kilometers) per hour and visibility of less than one-quarter mile (400 meters) for three hours03/63455。

  • 财政部和工信部在全国“两会”期间同时表示,个人购买新能源汽车将实行购置补贴,最高补贴金额可能达几万元。Chinese consumers are very likely to soon receive government subsidies when buying cars powered by new energy. Officials say the government is considering extending subsidies to individuals who buy plug-in hybrid, battery-powered or electric cars as part of its low carbon development strategy. Damin reports. Reporter: During the just concluded National People's Congress, Miao Yu, Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology, told the press that the Finance Ministry and his ministry are considering extending subsidies to individuals who buy electric cars, or hybrid electric cars. "We will continue to provide subsidies to new energy vehicles in the first batch of 13 cities. Also, we are planning to include some more cities in this program this year. While our subsidies used to go to only public buses, we are now considering extending them to individual consumers who buy new energy cars." Details about the new subsidy plan are still in the making. But Miao says the less their cars depend on oil, the higher the amount of the subsidy car owners will receive. For electric cars, buyer subsidies could run as high as 60,000 yuan, about 9,000 U.S. dollars. Last year the government rolled out the program in 13 Chinese cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, but the beneficiaries were mostly public buses. This year, the program will reportedly cover 20 cities. Jia Xinguang is a Beijing-based senior industry analyst from China National Automotive Industry Consulting amp; Developing Corporation."If the government can give 60,000 yuan in subsidies to consumers together with some efforts on the part of automakers to reduce the cost, then Chinese consumers will be more likely to accept these types of cars. Usually, if subsidies can amount to 10 percent of the whole price, it will work fine, and the present 60,000 yuan would be more than 10 percent."But Jia also says even though many people now have a greater sense of environmental awareness, "green" vehicles must be priced so that they can afford them. 201003/98933。
  • Visitors at Egypt's Giza Pyramids on Saturday got a rare opportunity. They were able to catch a glimpse inside an underground chamber, just south of the Great Pyramid containing the pieces of an ancient funerary boat which many believed was intended to ferry the Pharaoh Khufu into the afterlife. A camera was inserted into the unexcavated pit. Visitors watched images of the disassembled wooden sailing ship on a large monitor inside the nearby Solar Boat Museum.“Now, through a camera we transfer the photograph directly from the pits directly to this, this screen that you will see wood, see that wood, small and big ones, and you'll see mats, and also you will see, ur, ropes, and you can see for about 20 meters. All this material has been laid like this for more than 4,500 years ago.”In 1987, a team from the National Geographic Society drilled a hole through one of the limestone blocks sealing the chamber from above, and inserted a camera. Inside, they found stacks of wood for a boat similar to one excavated from a nearby pit in 1958. It's been decided that the boat would remain in its tomb for preservation. Dating back 4,600 years, they are the most spectacular vessels discovered to date.200812/59346。
  • Economic Outlook Slides in Europe and Asia欧洲和亚洲的经济前景黯淡 European stock markets fell Friday after a mixed performance in Asia. A weak outlook for oil prices depressed global markets as share of crude hits its lowest level in five years. 欧洲股市星期五下跌。亚洲股市有升有降。油价前景看空使原油类股跌落到五年来的最低点,全球股市也受此拖累。European stocks are generally down again as energy shares made investors skittish. 能源类股让投资人感到不安。欧洲股市再次整体下滑。Earlier in Asia, Japan's central bank slashed its key interest rate down to just a tenth of one percent. The Japanese government predicts the nation's economy will experience negative growth through 2010. 在亚洲方面,日本央行把基准利率削减到0.1%。日本政府预测,日本经济的负增长局面将会持续到2010年。The economic storm there is badly affecting exports. Various media reports out of Japan say Toyota, the country's top-ranked automaker, will announce its first-ever operating loss next week. 这场经济风暴严重影响到出口。日本多家媒体的报导都说,日本头号汽车制造商丰田公司将在下个星期公布首次运营亏损的消息。Toyota sales have nosedived due to the soaring value of the yen, which makes Japanese products more expensive overseas. 由于日元大幅度升值推高了日本产品在海外的价格,所以丰田汽车的销售急剧下滑。Here in Britain, Prime Minister Gordon Brown held his final monthly news conference of the year. While not ignoring the tough times ahead, he underlined that getting out of this downturn will only be accomplished through coordinated, global action. 在英国方面,布朗首相举行了今年最后一次的月度记者招待会。他对今后的困难直言不讳,同时也强调,只有通过全球协调行动经济才能够走出这次的衰退。"So if 2008 was the year we confronted the global downturn, must be the year that the world comes together to invest and build a prosperous future while giving real help to families and businesses now. And the countries that continue to invest for the future through the downturn, will be the countries that emerge stronger in the future," he said. “所以,如果2008年是我们遭遇全球衰退的一年,那么,年就一定是全世界行动一致,投资建设未来繁荣的一年。我们现在就要给家庭和企业提供实质性帮助。那些在衰退时期投资未来的国家将来会变得更加强大。”Mr. Brown says in Britain and elsewhere, the right things are being done right now to combat this difficult recession but he stressed it will take time to see results work through the system. 布朗在英国和世界其它地方多次表示,为了跟这一阶段的衰退进行战斗,有关方面正在采取各种可能的措施。但是,布朗强调,这些措施要在经济体系中产生效果还需要一些时日。"Yes, it is unfortunate that we have been the victim of a global downturn. It is unfortunate that it sp from being a financial crisis into affecting all the sectors of our economy. But we are in a strong position to deal with this because we have cut interest rates, we have injected money into the economy, we are a competitive economy and over the next few months you will see for many people a result of the fall in oil prices and the fall also in food prices that peoples' standards of living, for many, many people will go up," said Brown. “是的,很不幸,我们已经成为这次全球衰退的受害者。很不幸,这次衰退正在从一次金融危机扩大到整个经济的各个领域。不过,我们现在所处的位置相当坚实,原因是:我们已经削减了利率,给经济注入了资金,我们的经济富有竞争力,在今后几个月,人们会看到油价的下滑和食品价格的下滑对人们的生活产生了效果,许多、许多人的生活水平将会提高。”Although oil prices have tumbled from nearly 0 to a barrel in the past six months, Mr. Brown warns that price volatility will remain a pressing challenge. 虽然油价在过去的六个月里已经从将近150美元一桶下降到30多美元一桶,布朗还是提醒人们,价格的波动依然是严峻的挑战。Adding to the gloom was a prediction by a top banking association that said the worst has yet to come for the world economy. 一家有名望的金融业机构的预测加重了前景的暗淡程度。这个机构认为,世界经济最糟糕的时候还在后面。The Institute of International Finance (IIF), which represents more than 375 of the world's major banks and financial institutions, said the global economy would shrink by 0.4 percent in after two-percent growth this year. 国际金融协会表示,全球经济明年将会收缩0.4%。这个机构认为,今年的增长为2%。国际金融协会代表着全球至少375家大和大的金融机构。Charles Dallara, managing director of the IIF, called the current situation "the most severe, globally synchronized recession in modern economic history" as he presented the report at a news conference in Washington on Thursday. 国际金融协会的执行主任查尔斯.达拉拉(Charles Dallara)星期四在华盛顿举行记者招待会公布了该协会的一份研究报告。达拉拉称目前的形势是“当代经济史上最严重的全球同步衰退。”Powerhouse economies - including the ed States, the 15-nation eurozone and Japan - that are now in recession were forecast to contract a hefty 1.4 percent amid the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. 世界主要的经济体美国、欧元区15国和日本等现在都已经陷入衰退。经济预测说,在未来一年中,这些经济体将会在大萧条以来出现的最严重的金融危机中收缩1.4%。200812/59300。
  • Schumpeter熊彼特How to make college cheaper怎样才能让大学更便宜一些Better management would allow American universities to do more with less改善下管理就能让美国大学少花钱多办事Jul 7th 2011 | from the print editionDEREK BOK, a former president of Harvard, once observed that “universities share one characteristic with compulsive gamblers and exiled royalty: there is never enough money to satisfy their desires.” This is a bit hard on compulsive gamblers and exiled royals. America’s universities have raised their fees five times as fast as inflation over the past 30 years. Student debt in America exceeds credit-card debt. Yet still the universities keep sending begging letters to alumni and philanthropists.哈佛前校长德里克·克曾经注意到,“大学与病态性赌徒和流亡皇族们有一个共同特征:永远没有足够的钱来满足他们的欲望。”这对于病态性赌徒和流亡皇族们未免有些刻薄。在过去30年中,美国大学提高费用的速度是通货膨胀速度的5倍。在美国的学生债务超过信用卡债务。然而,大学依然向校友们和慈善家们发募捐信。This insatiable appetite for money was bad enough during the boom years. It is truly irritating now that middle-class incomes are stagnant and students are struggling to find good jobs. Hence a flurry of new thinking about higher education. Are universities inevitably expensive? Vance Fried, of Oklahoma State University, recently conducted a fascinating thought experiment, backed up by detailed calculations. Is it possible to provide a first-class undergraduate education for ,700 a year rather than the ,900 charged by public research universities or the ,500 charged by their private peers? He concluded that it is.在经济景气的年份,这种对金钱贪得无厌的胃口让人厌烦。而在目前中产阶级收入缩水、学生为找一份好工作绞尽脑汁之际,这种胃口简直是让人愤怒。因此也就有了一阵对高等教育的重新思考。大学是不是非要如此昂贵呢?最近,俄克拉荷马州立大学的Vance Fried完成了一个迷人的思维实验(有详细计算持)。提供第一流的本科教育仅花费6700美元,而非公立研究型大学收取的25900美元或私立研究型大学收取的51500美元,这是否可能?Vance Fried认为是肯定的。201107/144402。
  • These are of course recessionary times and many of us don't have that much spare cash lying around. But if you are cash poor but gold rich, now buy me the time to cash in. We went down to a very busy pawnbroker to find out what happens to your gold when you bring it here. Hi.(Hello.)Nathan Finch is a council member for Britain's National Association of Pawnbrokers and he is also the boss here at Pickwick. Had you been doing this five years ago, you would've probably got half the amount of money you will get today.Jane Longhurst's getting 170 pounds or around 270 dollars for just under 30 grams of scrap gold. They are broken bits that are sitting. You'd throw them in the bin. But if you can get a little bit of cashback on them. Then it goes towards my grandchildren. So this is just what you brought in today.(Yeah.) Wow, business really is booming.(Yes, it is.) So how do you work out the value of that? So we would take a file and gently scratch the surface.What? If it's fake, it goes... it vanishes. That's just the, that's just the beginning. Then you apply an alkaline solution to it and depending on the reaction of that solution, you will get a different reaction as to whether it's gold or not gold and a different reaction as to the carat. (Okay.) They don't quite stay in brown. And the lower the carat, the more that the brown staying is evident. So now we have this bag, what would you do? Sell it onto the persons that are gonna melt it down?Well, this bag is a process bars. And it is effectively then moved securely to a bullion dealer who would then melt it down. And it would be turned back into bars of gold as it once was. And what should customers be careful of if they're wanting to sell their gold?I think one of the most important thing is that where you're buying from someone who could be a member of a trade association, a trade body. I think they should be busy. It shows that if invented. If you just send your gold straight off in an envelope, you'll be pretty much in a difficult position as far as being able to up the price and barter. Well, if you are face to face, you can get a much fair price in my opinion for that gold.We've probably spent about an hour inside that shop. And during that time, they had over a dozen customers, more than twice the amount they normally have. One business on the British high street that's doing pretty well right now.Diana Magnay, CNN, Dartford, England. 11/89171。
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