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Faced with a patriarchal society, they have found that by helping each other out, all benefit.面对这个父权社会,她们发现,藉由帮助彼此,所有人都能得到好处。In my previous job, I was the most senior woman in the Middle East,在我前一份工作中,我在中东是最资深的女性,so one could think that investing in my network of female colleagues couldnt bring many benefits所以能想到投资在我女性同事的人脉并不能带来很大的效益,and that I should instead invest my time developing my relationships with male seniors and peers.而我应该要把时间投资在发展我跟男性前辈与同侪的关系。Yet two of my biggest breaks came through the support of other women.尽管我最大的两个突破来自其他女人的帮助。It was the head of marketing who initially suggested I be considered as a young global leader to the World Economic Forum.那是来自于一位营销领导,她最初建议我成为一个世界经济论坛年轻的全球领导人。She was familiar with my media engagements and my publications,她很熟悉我的媒体参与和我发表的东西,and when she was asked to voice her opinion, she highlighted my name.而当她被要求表达意见时,她强调了我的名字。It was a young consultant, a Saudi lady and friend,这是一位年轻的顾问,一位沙乌地女士,是我的朋友,who helped me sell my first project in Saudi Arabia,她帮我在沙特阿拉伯卖出了我第一个项目,a market I was finding hard to gain traction in as a woman.作为一个女人,我发现很难在这市场得到吸引力。She introduced me to a client, and that introduction led to the first of very many projects for me in Saudi.她向我介绍一名客户,而这场介绍开始了我在沙乌地众多的项目的第一道曙光。Today, I have two senior women on my team,如今,在我的团队内有两个资深的女性,and I see making them successful as key to my own success.而我看见,让她们成功,就是开启我成功之路的钥匙。Women continue to advance in the world, not fast enough, but were moving.女性持续在世界上进步,还不算快,但我们正在努力。The Arab world, too, is making progress, despite many recent setbacks.阿拉伯世界也是如此,正在有所进展,尽管现在有很多障碍。Just this year, the UAE appointed five new female ministers to its cabinet, for a total of eight female ministers.就在今年,阿拉伯联合酋长国指派五名新的女部长进入内阁,总计有8位女部长。Thats nearly 28 percent of the cabinet, and more than many developed countries can claim.那相当于内阁人数的28%,可以说比许多已发达国家还多。This is today my daughter Alias favorite picture.这是我女儿Alia现在最爱的图片。This is the result, no doubt, of great leadership,不用怀疑,这是在伟大的领导之下的结果。but it is also the result of strong Arab women not giving up and continuously pushing the boundaries.但这也是杰出的阿拉伯女性的成就, 不放弃并且不断的推动界线。It is the result of Arab women deciding every day like me这是阿拉伯女性每天像我一样生活的结果,to convert shit into fuel, to work their life, to keep work out of their life, and to join forces and not compete.我们把负面能量转换成动力,去安排他们的生活,在生活外保持发展,然后团结合作不对抗彼此。As I look to the future, my hopes for my daughter when she stands on this stage some 20, 30 years from now当我看向未来,我希望我的女儿从现在开始20、30年后,在那时,are that she be as proud to call herself her mothers daughter as her fathers daughter.她能以自己是母亲的女儿为傲,就跟是她父亲的女儿一样骄傲。My hopes for my son are that by then, the expression ;her mothers son; or ;mamas boy;我希望我的儿子在那时也是一样,描述自己是“母亲的儿子”或是“妈妈的男孩”,would have taken on a completely different meaning. Thank you.将会带给我们完全不一样的意义。谢谢。201611/476705英语会话800句 41 /200608/9177So what if there were not only an internet of information,如果我们有的不仅仅是信息的互联,what if there were an internet of value --如果还有价值的互联:some kind of vast, global, distributed ledger running on millions of computers and available to everybody.大量的,全球性的分散式的账本,可以在数千万台电脑上运转,每个人都有权访问。And where every kind of asset, from money to music,无论是什么样的资产,从金钱到音乐,could be stored, moved, transacted, exchanged and managed, all without powerful intermediaries?都可以进行储存,移动,交易,交换和管理,全部不经过强大的中间商。What if there were a native medium for value?如果我们有价值的当地媒介?Well, in 2008, the financial industry crashed and, perhaps propitiously,在2008年,金融业崩溃,也许幸运的是,an anonymous person or persons named Satoshi Nakamoto一位或几位名叫中本聪的匿名人士created a paper where he developed a protocol for a digital cash that used an underlying cryptocurrency called Bitcoin.创造了一个针对数字货币的协议,使用了一种加密货币,名为比特币。And this cryptocurrency enabled people to establish trust and do transactions without a third party.这一加密货币使得人们可以建立信任并进行交易,不需要第三方。And this seemingly simple act set off a spark that ignited the world,这看似寻常的动作擦出的火花点燃了整个世界,that has everyone excited or terrified or otherwise interested in many places.各地的人们或是激动,或是恐慌,或是好奇。Now, dont be confused about Bitcoin -- Bitcoin is an asset; it goes up and down,现在不必为比特币感到困惑。比特币是一种资产,它有涨有跌。and that should be of interest to you if youre a speculator.投机商应该对此颇有兴趣。More broadly, its a cryptocurrency. Its not a fiat currency controlled by a nation-state.总的来说,它是一种加密货币。它不是由国家控制的法定货币。And thats of greater interest. But the real pony here is the underlying technology. Its called blockchain.这就很有趣了。不过其中最根本的要素是叫做区位链的技术。So for the first time now in human history, people everywhere can trust each other and transact peer to peer.这是人类历史上首次各地的人们可以彼此信任,并进行点对点的交易。201703/500784

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Its important because it puts a face on the issue.它之所以重要,是因为它让你直面问题所在。Now, a lot of people at this point will say to me, ;You had me part of the way, but now here you go being all open about it now, and thats what I dont get.;说到这里,很多人可能会对我说:;你让我懂了不少,但是你现在开始鼓吹同性恋展示自我,这让我很不解。;A couple days ago, I got an e-mail.几天前,我收到一封邮件。It was actually a very nice e-mail.一封非常友善的邮件。The title of the e-mail was ;looking to understand,; and the person was really genuinely, I think, trying to understand something about homosexuality.标题是;寻求理解;。我相信写信人是真心想要寻求对于同性恋的理解。And he or she wrote, I never remember it was male or female.他写道,我不记得是男士还是女士了。But the person wrote, ;You know, I dont understand that if youre okay with it, why do you have to be open about it?他写道:;如果你对自己是同性恋的事情感到很自然,那为什么一定要公开地去表露这一点那?Why does everyone have to know?为什么要让所有人都知道?I dont understand why gay people have to be so open about it.;我不太懂为什么同性恋朋友都要这么公开和张扬呢?;And Ive heard this question before.我以前就听过这类问题。First person I ever hear this question from was my mother.而第一个问出这种问题的,是我妈妈。Back when I came out to my parents, many years ago, we used to have long discussions, and I remember during one of these discussions or arguments, whatever you want to call them.很多年前,我刚和父母坦陈同性恋身份的时候,我们常常会有深入的长谈。我还记得有那么一段谈话-或者称之为争吵也行。We didnt throw things, but there was lively you know, one of these discussion my mother said, ;I just dont understand why you have to be so open about your sexuality!毕竟我们没打起来。我妈妈说:;我真搞不懂为什么你非得如此公开自己的性取向?Your father and I arent open about our sexuality!;你爸爸和我从未这么公开张扬过自己的性取向!; I want you to think about that sentence.请诸位回顾一下这句话:;Your father and I are not open about our sexuality.;;你爸爸和我从未这么公开张扬过自己的性取向!;Not only is the person who utters that sentence openly heterosexual, shes also open about having sex at least once.说这句话的人,不但公开清楚地陈述了自己是异性恋这个事实。她甚至还公开承认自己进行过不止一次性行为。Heterosexual people do this all the time.异性恋朋友们每天都在做这样的事情。They talk about their wives, their husbands, their boyfriends, their girlfriends, people they have crushes on-perfectly normal.他们谈论自己的妻子,谈论自己的丈夫,谈论自己的男朋友,谈论自己的女朋友,谈论自己暗恋的人--这种做法再正常不过。We do the exact same thing and were ;flaunting it,; were ;making an issue out of it,; and thats a double standard.而当我们做完全相同的事情的时候,我们就变成了;自我标榜;、;小题大做;,这显然是双重标准。And its not fair.这显然不公平。And I dont mean to pick on my mother here because, over the year, things have changed quite a bit.在此我并非是想批评我妈妈,因为这么多年来,事情改变了很多。Shes grown; both of my parents have on this issue. Theyve been wonderful.她也在成长。在这个问题上,我的父亲和母亲都非常宽容和通情达理。Few years ago, I was home for Christmas with my partner, and my parents took us to this restaurant that they go to all the time.几年前我和我的同性伴侣回家过圣诞节。他们老两口带我们去他们熟悉的饭馆吃饭。So they know all of the waiters and waitresses by name.我父母都能叫出那里所有务员的名字。At one point, we were sitting there eating, and my mother sees a waitress walk by and says, ;Oh, Jane, come over here. I want you to meet my son, John, and his partner, Mark.;席间我妈妈看到一个认识的女务员走过,她对她说:;哦,珍妮,来这边,我想让你认识一下我的儿子约翰,和他的爱人马克。;I nearly spit my food clear across the table.我当时差点把嘴里的饭喷到桌子对面。Who are you, and what have you done with my mother?老天啊,我妈身上发生了什么?It was such a powerful moment.那真是个充满了戏剧性的瞬间。It was a powerful moment, in part, because of what it said to me, which was, ;You know what? Were not going to treat this like a dirty little secret anymore because theres no reason to.;它的张力在于,我妈妈的话对我来说,意味着;你知道什么?我们不会把我儿子是同性恋这件事看作是需要遮掩的秘密,没必要;。201606/445648

it was to make sure more people have better coverage.而是确保更多的人们获得更好的覆盖。And as we continue working to make the system better,随着我们继续努力工作,让体系更好,theres something you can do to help yourself and help the country.这也是你可以做的事情来帮助你自己和这个国家。Go to HealthCare.gov. Get covered.访问HealthCare。gov。获得医保覆盖。And if theres someone you care about who hasnt signed up yet, help them get covered today, too.如果有你关心的人还没有注册,也帮助他们在今天获得医保覆盖吧。Enrollment is open right now, but only until January 31.注册已经开放,但只截止到1月31日。If you sign up by December 15, youll be covered by the beginning of the year.如果你在12月15日前注册,你将在明年起开始获得医保覆盖。So go check out HealthCare.gov or call 1-800-318-2596,因此,访问HealthCare。gov,或者拨打1-800-318-2596,and someone will personally help you find a plan thats right for you.有人将亲自帮你找到适合你的方案。Insurance is based on the idea that were all in it together.保险是基于我们所有人都要参与进去的观点。Thats what makes it work. And its the same idea thats always made America great.正是这样,它在起着作用。也是这样的观点,总是让美国变得伟大。Thanks everybody, and have a good weekend.谢谢大家,周末快乐。201611/476394

And soon, I started hearing from people all over the world who were adopting their own secret identity,在此之后我开始得到从世界各地来的反馈,他们开始选择他们自己秘密身份,recruiting their own allies, and they were getting ;super better,;招募他们自己的盟友,他们开始变得“极了不起”facing challenges like cancer and chronic pain, depression and Crohns disease.在面对挑战例如癌症、慢性疼痛、忧郁和克罗恩病时。Even people were playing it for terminal diagnoses like ALS.即使得了绝症像ALS的人也在玩这个游戏。And I could tell from their messages and their s that the game was helping them in the same ways that it helped me.我能从他们留言和录像中看得出来游戏像减轻我的痛苦一样,减轻着他们的痛苦。They talked about feeling stronger and braver.他们说他们感到更变强大,更勇敢了。They talked about feeling better understood by their friends and family.他们说他们感觉到更容易被他们的家人和朋友理解。And they even talked about feeling happier, even though they were in pain,他们也谈到他们感觉到更加的快乐幸福,即使他们的疼痛还在,even though they were tackling the toughest challenge of their lives.即使他们应对着他们生命中最艰难的挑战。Now at the time, Im thinking to myself, what is going on here?那时,我思索着,到底发生了什么?I mean, how could a game so trivial intervene so powerfully in such serious,我的意思是,游戏怎么可以如此有威力,当它细微的介入and in some cases life-and-death, circumstances?到比较严重和生死攸关情形中?I mean, if it hadnt worked for me, theres no way I would have believed it was possible.我的意思是,如果它对我不起作用,打死我也不信它真的有用。Well, it turns out theres some science here, too.但其实这也是有科学依据的。Some people get stronger and happier after a traumatic event. And thats what was happening to us.有的人在经历过精神创伤后,会变得更强壮和快乐。这正是我们亲身经历着的。The game was helping us experience what scientists call post-traumatic growth, which is not something we usually hear about.游戏使我们体验着被科学家称之为创伤后精神再生,这不是一个我们常能听到的说法。We usually hear about post-traumatic stress disorder.我们经常能听到“创伤后压力心理障碍症”。But scientists now know that a traumatic event doesnt doom us to suffer indefinitely.但现在科学家发现精神重创事件并不注定会给我们无休止的痛苦。Instead, we can use it as a springboard to unleash our best qualities and lead happier lives.相反,我们能用它做为跳板去发掘我们最大的潜力,从而有个更快乐的人生。201706/513723

Sir,先生,Everyone seems to agree upon the necessity of putting a stop to Suffragist outrages; but no one seems certain how to do so.大家似乎都认同终止这场女权运动的必要性,但似乎没人知道要怎么做。There are two, and only two, ways in which this can be done.有两种方法,也只有两种方法可行。Both will be effectual.这两种方法都是有效的。1. Kill every woman in the ed Kingdom.1. 杀掉英国的所有女性。2. Give women the vote.2. 赋予女性投票权。Yours truly,谨启,Bertha Brewster伯莎·布鲁斯特201706/512851

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