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Time magazine named Pope Francis its Person of the Year on Wednesday, crediting him with shifting the message of the Catholic Church while capturing the imagination of millions of people who had become disillusioned with the Vatican.美国《时代》周刊11日宣布罗马教皇方济各选为2013年度人物,称赞他改革了天主教教堂的信条,从而重新抓住了那些对罗马教廷信仰破灭的百万信徒的心。This is the third time the magazine has chosen a pope as its Person of the Year. Time gave that honor to Pope John Paul II in 1994 and to Pope John XXIII in 1963.这是《时代》杂志第三次将教皇选举为年度人物。《时代》杂志曾将教皇约翰·保罗二世选举为1994年年度人物,还曾将教皇约翰二十三世选举为1963年年度人物。The Argentine pontiff - who, as archbishop of Buenos Aires was known as the slum cardinal for his visits to the poor and penchant for subway travel - beat former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden and gay rights activist Edith Windsor for the award.这位来自阿根廷的教皇是布宜诺斯艾利斯的大主教。他常常拜访穷人,喜欢乘地铁,因而也被人们称为亲民红衣主教,打败了其他候选人当选年度人物,候选人还有前美国国家安全局雇员爱德华·斯诺登,同性恋平权提倡者伊迪斯·温莎。Other finalists included Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz from Texas.其他入围年度人物终选环节的人物还有叙利亚总统巴沙尔·阿萨德和美国德克萨斯州国会参议员克鲁兹。 /201312/269072。

The bill for closing down and cleaning up the world’s ageing nuclear reactors will exceed 0bn, the leading energy watchdog will say today, warning that governments risk underestimating the cost.全球能源监督机构国际能源署(IEA)今日表示,全球用于关闭和清理日益老化的核反应堆的成本将超过1000亿美元。它警告说,各国政府可能会低估这一成本。With almost 200 reactors due to be shut down by 2040, the International Energy Agency says in its annual report there are “considerable uncertainties” about decommissioning costs, reflecting governments’ limited experience in safely dismantling nuclear plants. In the past 40 years, only 10 reactors have been closed down.国际能源署在其年度报告中表示,按照计划,2040年前全球将关闭近200座反应堆,由于各国政府在安全拆除核电站方面的经验有限,这些反应堆的退役成本有“很大不确定性”。过去40年里,全球只关闭了10座反应堆。“This is an urgent area that needs consideration,” Fatih Birol, the IEA’s chief economist, told the Financial Times. He called on regulators and utilities to ensure enough funds were set aside to cover future expenses.国际能源署首席经济学家法提赫#8226;比罗尔(Fatih Birol)告诉英国《金融时报》:“这是个需要马上给予关注的领域。”他呼吁监管机构及公用事业企业确保拨出足够资金,以备未来的开销。The estimates for clean-up costs are contained in the IEA’s closely watched World Energy Outlook, which this year includes a comprehensive analysis of the global nuclear industry.国际能源署发布的备受关注的《世界能源展望》(World Energy Outlook)中,包含了关于清理成本的预估数字。今年,该报告囊括了一项对全球核电业的全面分析。It will inevitably raise questions about the economics of nuclear power at a time when countries such as China and the UK are pressing ahead with ambitious reactor-building programmes.在中国和英国等国大力推进雄心勃勃的反应堆建设计划之际,该报告将不可避免地引发对核电经济成本的质疑。Nuclear energy has been seen by many nations as an effective way of cutting their carbon dioxide emissions, as well as reducing their dependence on expensive energy imports.许多国家都将核能视为减少二氧化碳排放量、降低对高成本能源进口依赖程度的有效手段。But governments pursuing nuclear expansions have long been criticised for underplaying the lifetime costs of operating reactors, which include shutting them down and cleaning up their sites.但长期以来,一直有人批评各国政府在推进核电发展的过程中低估了反应堆整个生命周期的运营成本,其中包括关闭反应堆和清理现场的成本。Critics have also pointed to the issue of safety, which was dramatically underscored by the Fukushima disaster in 2011, and the still unresolved question of how to dispose of radioactive nuclear waste. The IEA said the amount of spent nuclear fuel would double to more than 700,000 tonnes by 2040. But even now, Mr Birol noted, “some 60 years after the first nuclear power plant started operation, no country has yet opened a permanent disposal facility for commercial high-level waste”.批评人士还将矛头指向了安全问题以及仍未得到解决的放射性核废料的处置问题。2011年的福岛(Fukushima)核灾难,就凸现出核电的安全问题。国际能源署表示,到2040年,全球核废料将增加一倍,达到逾70万吨。但比罗尔指出,即使是现在,“在首座核电站开始运营大约60年后的今天,仍然没有哪个国家为商用高放射性核废料设立永久性处置设施”。Paul Dorfman, of the Energy Institute at University College London, an outspoken critic of nuclear power, noted that the IEA’s 0bn figure is only for decommissioning and does not include the costs of permanent waste disposal.伦敦大学学院(University College London)能源研究所(Energy Institute)的保罗#8226;多尔夫曼(Paul Dorfman)是一位直言不讳的核电批评人士。他指出,国际能源署给出的1000亿美元的数字,只包括退役核电站的成本,未包括永久性处置核废料的成本。“The UK’s own decommissioning and waste disposal costs are #163;85bn alone, so that gives you an idea of the astronomical costs associated with nuclear,” he said.他说:“仅英国一国退役核电站和处置核废料的成本就达到850亿英镑,可想而知,与核电有关的成本是个天文数字。”But Andrew Sherry, director of the Dalton Nuclear Institute at Manchester University, said the surge in decommissioning reactors will “spur” the sector to find ways to generate less radioactive waste.不过,曼彻斯特大学(Manchester University)道尔顿核研究所(Dalton Nuclear Institute)主任安德鲁#8226;谢里(Andrew Sherry)表示,退役反应堆数量的激增会“鞭策”该行业找到办法,来生成放射性较低的核废料。Addressing broader concerns around global energy security, Mr Birol stressed that despite a well-supplied oil market, production may fall short of expectations in 2020 and beyond: “Short-term conditions should not blind us to the problems that may be around the corner [as the world increasingly relies on only a handful of producers]”.在提到人们对全球能源安全的更广泛关注时,比罗尔强调,尽管石油市场供应充足,但2020年及以后,石油产量可能达不到人们的预期:“(在全球日益依赖少数产油国之际,)我们不应被短期状况蒙蔽双眼、看不到即将到来的问题。”US shale oil production will begin levelling off at the start of the next decade, developing Brazil’s deepwater fields will be a complex and capital intensive process and the lack of investment amid security risks in regions such as Iraq, will all contribute to greater stress on the oil market, he said.他说,美国页岩油产量将在下个十年之初开始企稳,巴西深水油田的开发将是一个复杂的过程,需要大量资本投入,伊拉克等地区则因安全风险而缺乏投资,所有这些因素都将加大石油市场承受的压力。 /201411/342248。

The costs imposed by the financial crises that hit western economies in 2007 have been enormous. UK gross domestic product is nearly a fifth smaller than if long-term pre-crisis growth trends had continued. The costs also include huge rises in public debt. In the UK the increase, as a direct and indirect result of the crisis, will be close to 50 per cent of GDP.2007年重创西方经济的金融危机造成的代价是巨大的。目前英国国内生产总值(GDP)相比危机前的长期增长趋势线少了近五分之一。代价还包括公共债务的大幅攀升。在英国,危机直接和间接造成的公共债务增加相当于GDP的近一半。This is the fourth most costly fiscal event of the past 225 years, after the wars with post-revolutionary France and the first and second world wars. Mismanaged finance imposes fiscal costs that are not far short of world wars.这是过去225年来代价第四高昂的财政事件,仅次于法国大革命后的英法战争、一战和二战。金融管理不善造成的财政代价,并不比世界大战带来的损失少很多。This is the background against which to judge predictable complaints that the post-crisis regulatory regime is too onerous and will prevent banks supporting the economy as well as they did when creating the crisis. In the UK particularly strong complaints are directed at the plan to ringfence retail banking from other activities. They often come from people connected to banking. But they would complain, wouldn’t they?这就是评判一些可预见的抱怨的背景,这些抱怨称,后危机时代的监管制度负担过重,将阻止像危机之前那样出色地持经济。在英国,抱怨尤其强烈的是针对将零售业“圈护”(ringfence)起来、与其他活动隔离的计划。这些抱怨往往来自与业相关的人士。但这些人当然会抱怨,难道不是吗?Ringfencing retail banking was one of the proposals of the Independent Commission on Banking, established by the UK government in 2010 (I was a member). The commission’s terms of reference required it to make UK banks safer without undermining global competitiveness. The ICB’s package of proposals also included greater “loss absorbency” — more funding by equity and debt that is ily convertible into equity.对零售实施圈护是业独立委员会(Independent Commission on Banking,简称:ICB)提出的建议之一,该委员会由英国政府在2010年建立(我是其中的成员)。ICB的权限要求它在不影响英国全球竞争力的情况下使它们更安全。ICB的一揽子提案还包括更强的“亏损吸收能力”——更多股权筹资以及更多随时可转换为股权的债务。Martin Taylor, former Barclays chief executive, member of the ICB and now Bank of England Financial Policy Committee member, has powerfully elucidated the logic behind ringfencing. It had, he notes, three chief goals.巴克莱(Barclays)前首席执行官、ICB前成员、现在是英国央行(Bank of England)金融政策委员会成员的马丁#8226;泰勒(Martin Taylor),有力地阐明了实施圈护背后的逻辑。他指出,这样做有三个主要目标。First, it was designed to make resolution of a failing bank easier by allowing the authorities to pluck out the most critical parts of the business. Second, “As long as governments stood behind a bank’s domestic business#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;and as long as that domestic business was mixed in with the investment bank#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;then effectively the taxpayer had no choice but to stand behind the investment bank too.” The ringfence was designed to subvert this “irresponsible business model”.首先,它旨在通过允许当局挑出业务中最关键的部分,使破产的清盘更加容易。第二,“只要政府持一家的国内业务……只要该行的国内业务与投行业务混合在一起……那么纳税人实际上就别无选择,只能也持投行那一块。”圈护旨在颠覆这种“不负责任的业务模式”。Finally, removing the implicit subsidy would make banking as a whole safer. Given the consequences of pre-crisis risk-taking, that had to be desirable.最后,取消隐性补贴将使业整体更加安全。考虑到危机前冒险行为产生的后果,这一点必定是可取的。The ICB did not recommend full separation between retail and investment banking because it saw the advantages of diversified risks. But it was also aware that balance sheets of UK banks were five times GDP, far higher than in comparable countries. The UK had to limit its exposure. Critics make a number of objections. One is that there is no reason to suppose investment banking is riskier than retail banking. That is true. The ICB did not think otherwise. But retail banking is surely more indispensable.ICB并未建议将零售业和投行业完全分离,因为它看到了风险分散化的优势。但它也意识到,英国各的资产负债表总规模达到国内生产总值(GDP)的5倍,远高于其他可比国家。英国作为一个国家必须限制自己的敞口。批评者提出许多反对意见。其中之一是,没有理由假设投行业比零售业务风险更高。这话没错。ICB也这样认为。但零售业无疑是更加不可或缺的。Another gripe is that the ringfence makes British banks uncompetitive in global banking. But if other governments wish to subsidise investment banking, that is their choice; it is not an argument for the UK to do so, too.也有人抱怨称,圈护政策使英国的在全球业失去竞争力。但是,如果其他国家的政府希望补贴投行,那是他们的选择;这不是英国也要这样做的理由。Others say the ring#173;fence will force UK banks abroad. Reference is made to announcements that HS is reconsidering its UK domicile. HS might indeed wish to escape the costly (and hard to justify) levy on bank balance sheets introduced in 2011. But it cannot escape the ringfence by leaving since its UK retail bank must remain subject to UK law. Thus, the ringfence cannot be a justification for doing so.还有人说,圈护要求将迫使英国的迁往海外。他们提到汇丰(HS)宣布重新考虑总部选址。汇丰可能的确希望逃避2011年出台的针对资产负债表的高额(且很难明合理)征费。但它无法通过搬迁总部来逃避圈护,因为英国的零售仍必须遵守英国法律。因此,圈护不能成为这样做的理由。A more powerful argument is that the loss absorbency of banks is now such that the additional safety provided by ringfencing is redundant. One response is that the internationally agreed levels of loss absorbency is in line with the proposals of the ICB. The other is that banks remain highly leveraged. Last year the ratio of total assets to equity of UK banks was between 20 and 30 to one. It would take modest losses to wipe out these banks’ equity.更有力的论据是,如今的亏损吸收能力已经相当大,圈护所提供的额外安全度是冗余的。对此的回应之一是,国际间同意的亏损吸收能力水平与ICB的建议相符。另一个回应是,英国的仍保持着高杠杆率。去年,英国各总资产与股本的比率介于20至30比1之间。不需要发生太大的亏损,就会抹掉这些的股本。A further objection is that we are now able to resolve troubled banks easily by converting loss-absorbing debt into equity or even winding them up. Improvements have indeed been made. But the idea that these processes would work smoothly if a crisis again engulfed the system is unproven, if not optimistic. Ringfencing would at least give any future government more options.还有一个反对意见是,我们现在能够通过将吸收亏损的债务转化成股权,或者甚至对其清盘,很容易地清算陷入困境的。确实取得了一些进步。但是,那种认为如果危机再次席卷这一体系,这些过程将顺利运转的想法并未被实,如果还算不上过于乐观的话。圈护至少将给未来的政府更多选项。If anything is to be reconsidered it is not ringfencing but the UK’s bank levy, which is simply a heavy tax. I would have no objection to making the boundary of the ringfence more flexible for retail banks in return for higher equity capital. More broadly, if the capital of banks were greatly increased, the case for ringfencing would weaken. But that is not where we now are. So ignore the whingeing.如果有任何事需要被重新考虑的话,那不是圈护政策,而是英国的征费,它就是一项沉重的税种。我不反对让零售的圈护范围变得更加灵活,以换取更高的股权资本。更广义上说,如果的资本大大增加,圈护的理由将被削弱。但这不是我们现在面临的问题。所以,别在意这些抱怨。 /201507/383685。

Amazon, the US ecommerce group, plans to ramp up its business in China by setting up operations in Shanghai’s new free-trade zone, allowing it to sell more imports, more cheaply to better compete with domestic rivals Alibaba and JD.com.美国电商集团亚马逊(Amazon)计划入驻上海自由贸易区(FTZ),从而能以更低价格销售更多进口产品,提高面对阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和京东(JD.com)等本地对手时的竞争力。The retailer follows software company Microsoft and a string of banks into the 28 sq km free-trade zone, set up a year ago as a test bed for economic reforms. Amazon hopes that by setting up a logistics warehouse within the zone, thus enjoying lower shipping costs and freight times, it will boost its wafer-thin 2 per cent slice of the online shopping market.一年前,中国在上海设立了28平方公里的自贸区,把它作为经济改革的一块试验田,已吸引到微软(Microsoft)和多家入驻。亚马逊希望在区内设立一个物流仓库,以降低运费、减少货运时间,扩大中国市场份额。目前亚马逊只占有2%的中国电商市场。“We’re going to have lower shipping charges, faster delivery coming into the free-trade zone, so there are going to be many benefits,” said Diego Piacentini , vice-president of international consumer business, speaking to Chinese television on Wednesday.“进驻自贸区后,我们的运费会更低,交货速度会更快,所以将带来很多好处,”亚马逊国际消费业务副总裁迭戈#8226;皮亚琴蒂尼(Diego Piacentini)周三在中国电视节目中说。 /201408/322968。

“QUOTATIONS FROM CHAIRMAN MAO” is the book that gave new meaning to the term “must-.” First published in 1964, and distributed by the hundreds of millions, it was the catechism of the Cultural Revolution, a compendium of snippets from speeches and writings by Mao Zedong that each and every Chinese citizen was expected not just to flip through, but also to study, memorize and recite.《毛主席语录》为“必读”一词赋予了新的涵义。该书于1964年首版,发行了上亿本,堪称“文化大革命”的教义手册。它是毛泽东的讲话与文章的片段摘要,每个中国人都应当阅读,不是草草翻阅,而是仔细研究和背诵,脱口就能引用。Pop quizzes separated the good students from the bad, with the threat of serious consequences. Shoppers who turned up at the state food stores, for example, could expect a thorough grilling before they were waved through — or not.对《语录》的突击测验能把毛主席的好学生与坏学生区分开来,坏学生会面临很严重的后果。比如说,去国营食品店买东西的顾客就会遭到详细的盘问,之后才能获准购物——也许还会被拒之门外。“The Little Red Book,” as it came to be known outside China, a reference to its red binding, is the subject of “Quotations of Chairman Mao: 50th Anniversary Exhibition, 1964-2014,” at the Grolier Club, where it opened on Wednesday. The exhibition puts on display books and propaganda material from the collection of Justin G. Schiller, an antiquarian book seller who, with his partner, Dennis M. V. David, runs Battledore Ltd. in Kingston, N.Y.在中国以外的地方,这本书因其红色装帧被称为“小红书”。星期三,一场名为“毛主席语录:50周年展,1964-2014”在格罗列尔俱乐部举行,主题正是“小红书”。该展览将展出贾斯汀·G·希勒(Justin G. Schiller)收集的书籍和宣传材料,他是一位古董书商,与合作伙伴丹尼斯·M·V·大卫(Dennis M. V. David)共同在纽约州金斯顿经营“板羽球”有限公司。Mr. Schiller, known as a specialist in children’s books, especially the work of Maurice Sendak, developed his somewhat unusual fixation on a trip to China in 1998, when he visited the National Library in Beijing and asked how to identify a first edition of the “Quotations.”希勒是童书专家,特别精通莫里斯·桑达克(Maurice Sendak)的书籍,1998年他访问中国期间才开始有了这个多少有些不同寻常的爱好。当时他去北京的国家图书馆,想问如何鉴别第一版的《语录》。The complicated answer led him down a winding trail. He got his hands on a first edition, but soon became intrigued by the Cultural Revolution and Mao worship, epitomized in the “Quotations” and its myriad spinoffs: propaganda posters, toys, decorated mirrors, carafes, tea trays and lapel pins, all represented in the Grolier exhibition.这个复杂的问题引着他走上了一条曲折的道路。他搞到了一本初版《语录》,《语录》所代表的“文化大革命”和对毛的个人崇拜很快就激起了他的强烈兴趣,此外《语录》还有无数衍生品:政治宣传画、玩具、用语录装饰的镜子、玻璃水瓶、茶碟和像章,这些物品都在格罗列尔的展览上展出。“I became interested in the whole pattern of how the book grew and developed,” Mr. Schiller said. “Ultimately, my interest grew into a collection.”“我开始对这本书的整个发展方式感兴趣,”希勒说,“最终,我的兴趣进一步发展成为收藏。”The exhibition begins at the beginning, and even before, with several precursor anthologies that can be seen as steppingstones to the “Quotations,” first issued with a white paper cover in spring 1964. Vinyl bindings in three shades of blue were tried out, but within a few months, the red vinyl cover with an incised red star in the center, now familiar, appeared, and red it remained, all over the world. One of the more arresting display cases includes nearly identical copies of the “Quotations” in dozens of languages, from Albanian to Uighur.展览以《语录》的开端作为开始,甚至可以说更早——它们是若干早期选集,于1964年春出版,可以被视为《语录》的铺路石。它们是白色的平装封面,还有塑胶外封,尝试了三种色调的蓝色。但是几个月后,正中雕有立体红星的红色塑封版就出炉了,这个红色的版本如今已经为人们所熟悉,一直保留下来,传遍全球。一个更引人瞩目的展柜中放着《语录》的数十个不同语言版本,从阿尔巴尼亚语到维吾尔语,它们看上去几乎一模一样。It was Lin Biao, Mao’s minister of defense and, for a time, his designated successor, who hit on the idea of presenting the leader’s thoughts in an easily digested format. Aware that the often poorly educated soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army had, at best, a rudimentary understanding of Mao’s political ideas, Lin ordered the army newspaper to publish brief excerpts from Mao every day. These could be absorbed in bite-size pieces and then analyzed by each brigade in evening study sessions guided by superior officers.林彪是毛的国防部长,也一度是他钦点的接班人。正是林彪想出了把领袖的观点编纂成容易理解的形式。林彪知道中国人民解放军的士兵大都没受过良好教育,至多也只能粗略理解毛的政治观点,便要求解放军的报纸每天配发毛的简短语录。这些语录应当被浓缩为格言的长度,然后在部队军官组织的晚间学习中进行分析。The newspaper feature proved so successful that the army’s General Political Department put together a book, with Mao’s thoughts organized by topic into 30 chapters. By the time the canonical third edition came out in 1965, the anthology ran to 270 pages, with 33 chapters and 427 ations. The presses ran overtime to churn out enough copies to put in the hands of every Chinese citizen.报纸登出的语录大受欢迎,于是解放军总政治部将它们集结成册,把毛的思想按主题编纂为30章。1965年出版了权威的第三版,页数是270页,共有33章,收录427条语录。印刷厂加班加点,让中国人可以人手拥有一册。By 1967, about 700 million books had been printed, and it has been estimated that five billion copies had been printed by the end of the 20th century, with editions in 52 languages. Mr. Schiller has copies in all but two of them, Pashto and Turkish. A Braille edition is included in the exhibition.1967年,《语录》的印数已经达到7亿本,到20世纪末,总印数估计在50万册,共有52个语言的版本,希勒先生手中只差普什图语版和土耳其语版,展览中还收录有盲文版。Many copies ended up being a few pages shorter. In 1971, Lin, rumored to be plotting against Mao, fled China and died when his airplane crashed in Mongolia. A Party decree required anyone who had the “Quotations” to rip out from the book’s opening pages Lin’s endorsement, in his reproduced calligraphy, and, where applicable, a preface he wrote in December 1966.很多版本都缺少几页。1971年,被传阴谋反毛的林彪逃离中国,因飞机失事死于蒙古境内。一项党的命令要求所有人把《语录》扉页的林彪毛笔书法题词撕去,此外还有他在1966年12月写的序言。The prose of the “Quotations” was prosaic — “The masses have a potentially inexhaustible enthusiasm for socialism,” one typical excerpt begins — and at times baffling. It is hard to know what lesson even the most ardent Communist might have drawn from this: “One can get a grip on something only when it is grasped firmly, without the slightest slackening. Not to grasp firmly is not to grasp at all. Naturally, one cannot get a grip on something with an open hand. When the hand is clenched as if grasping something but is not clenched tightly, there is still no grip.”《语录》中有的句子很乏味——“群众中蕴藏了一种极大的社会主义的积极性”——其中典型的一段是这么开始的;有时也让人困惑。“什么东西只有抓得很紧,毫不放松,才能抓住。抓而不紧,等于不抓。伸着巴掌,当然什么也抓不住。就是把手握起来,但是不握紧,样子象抓,还是抓不住东西。”最热忱的共产党员能够从中学到什么东西不得而知。The words hardly mattered. The book held sway as a symbol, not a program of ideas, which is why it lent itself so ily to propaganda uses. Bold posters showed crowds holding the book aloft, their faces radiant with joy. At home, citizens could pour water from a “Little Red Book” carafe, wake up to a “Little Red Book” alarm clock with a soldier’s arm waving the book back and forth, and watch as their children played with rubber “Little Red Book” dolls.这些语言没有什么关系。挥舞这本书已经成为一种象征,而不是为了传达观念,所以它才那么容易就被作为政治宣传之用。醒目的招贴画上,可以看到人们高高举起这本书,脸上闪烁着快乐的光芒。在家里,人们用印有“红宝书”的水瓶倒水,伴随着“红宝书”闹铃声起床,闹钟上有个士兵高举着这本书,胳膊来回挥舞,孩子们则用橡胶的“红宝书”娃娃做游戏。One of the more intriguing examples is a rosy-cheeked boy who holds a rifle in one hand, a red book in the other, and presses one foot firmly down on the head of an American soldier with a military policeman’s helmet. “They squeak when you press them,” Mr. Schiller said.更有趣的是一个脸色红润的男孩,一手拿来复,一手举红宝书,脚下稳稳地踩着一个美国士兵的脑袋。士兵还戴着军警头盔,“一捏它就会发出吱吱声,希勒说。”There is a book of songs, “Quotations of Chairman Mao Tse-tung Set to Music,” that includes ditties like “A Revolution Is Not a Dinner Party.” Mr. Schiller owns a “Quotations” LP that came with an exercise book, so that listeners could get a Party-endorsed workout while enjoying the music.此外还有歌本,《毛主席语录歌曲集》中收入了《革命不是请客吃饭》等小曲。希勒有一张《语录》歌曲的黑胶唱片,还附有一个体操手册,听者可以一边欣赏音乐,一边做经党批准的体操锻炼。In the West, the book commanded the attention of two audiences. The Maoist faithful, small in numbers but fervent, drank it in like a revolutionary elixir. Publishers saw it as an invitation to sell parody books, both satirical (“Quotations From Chairman L.B.J.”) and serious (“Quotations From Chairman Jesus”). Such was the power of the brand that, decades after Mao’s death, publishers churned out “Quotations” parodies for Jesse Ventura and Tony Blair.在西方,这本书主要吸引两种读者。一种是忠诚的毛主义者,他们人数虽少,但却非常狂热,将之视为革命的灵丹妙药,照单全收。另外就是觉得可以趁此机会卖点戏仿书籍的出版商。这些戏仿有的是讽刺,如《林敦·约翰逊主席语录》(Quotations From Chairman L.B.J.);有的是严肃的,如《耶稣主席语录》(Quotations From Chairman Jesus)。这就是品牌的力量,以至于毛去世几十年后,出版商还在炮制戏仿的杰西·文图拉(Jesse Ventura)和托尼·布莱尔(Tony Blair)语录。Readers inclined to scoff at what is probably the world’s most popular book, after the Bible, might take a look at the American best-seller lists in the mid-1960s, when the Cultural Revolution kicked into gear. While thousands of Red Guard zealots held the red book aloft, shouting revolutionary slogans, American ers thrilled to “Valley of the Dolls” and “How to Avoid Probate.” There is no accounting for taste.《毛主席语录》或许是这个世界上最畅销的书籍,仅次于《圣经》,倾向于嘲弄这本书的人不妨看看美国60年代中期的畅销书单,当时“文化大革命”刚刚开始。当成千上万狂热的红卫兵高举红宝书,高呼革命口号的时候,美国读者正在为《娃娃谷》(Valley of the Dolls)和《怎样避免遗嘱认》(How to Avoid Probate)而着迷。品味这东西真是很难说。 /201411/343587。