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Bush Leaves for Eastern Europe布什开始东欧行 出访四国赴峰会  President Bush is on his way to Ukraine for the start of a four-nation trip that also includes stops in Russia, Croatia and Romania where he will take part in a NATO summit.  美国总统布什启程前往乌克兰访问。布什总统这次访问行程的四个国家还包括俄罗斯、克罗地亚和罗马尼亚。他要在罗马尼亚参加北约首脑会谈。 The president opens his trip in Ukraine, where U.S. National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley says Mr. Bush will celebrate the country's democratic transition following the 2004 Orange Revolution. 布什总统的访问从乌克兰开始,国家安全顾问斯蒂芬.哈德利说,布什将在乌克兰庆祝该国在2004年的橙色革命以后向民主的过渡。"He will express his support for the aspirations of the people of Ukraine to see their country take its rightful place within Europe, including within its transatlantic institutions, as Ukraine continues its process of reform," he said. 哈德利说:“他将表达他对乌克兰人民渴望的持以便看到乌克兰在继续民主进程的时候这个国家在欧洲得到应有的地位,包括在北约组织内应有的地位。”While in the Ukrainian capital, Mr. and Mrs. Bush will visit St. Sophia's Cathedral and a public school where they will see a student presentation on preventing HIV/AIDS. 在乌克兰首都,布什和夫人将访问索非亚大教堂,还要访问一个公立学校,观看学生防范艾滋病及艾滋病毒的演讲。On Wednesday, President Bush goes to Bucharest for the NATO summit where Hadley says the trans-Atlantic alliance will highlight how it is changing to meet the challenges of a new century. 星期三,布什总统将前往布加勒斯特出席北约首脑会议。哈德利说,北约组织联盟将突出展现它如何通过改革来迎接新世纪的挑战。"We expect NATO leaders to take decisions to enhance NATO's capabilities to deal with those challenges, including through enhancing NATO's special operations capabilities, as well as pursuing collective defense against cyber and missile attacks," said Hadley. 哈德利说:“我们期待北约领导人作出决定,强化北约处理这些挑战的能力,包括通过强化北约特别行动能力,同时争取共同防范网络和导弹的袭击。”Afghanistan tops the agenda in Bucharest. NATO leaders will meet with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon as well as officials from the European Union and World Bank. 阿富汗问题是布加勒斯特北约峰会议程的重点,北约领导人将会见阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊和联合国秘书长潘基文以及欧盟和世界的官员等。All 26 members of the alliance have troops in Afghanistan. But some have limited their deployments to safer areas where combat with Taliban militia is less likely. President Bush wants more NATO troops from more member states on the frontlines. 北约所有26个成员国都有部队驻扎在阿富汗,但是一些国家将军队仅部署在和塔利班武装份子作战可能性比较小的安全地带。布什总统希望有来自北约更多国家的更多部队开往前线。NATO leaders will discuss U.S. plans for a missile defense system in Europe and vote on expanding the alliance to include Albania, Croatia, and Macedonia. They will also vote on accepting applications from Georgia and Ukraine to join the alliance, a move that is opposed by Russia. 北约领导人将讨论美国打算在欧洲设立导弹防御系统的计划,同时还要投票决定是否吸收阿尔巴尼亚、克罗地亚、马其顿王国成为北约成员。另外还要投票决定的有,是否接受来自格鲁吉亚和乌克兰加入北约的申请。俄罗斯的反对这项举动。After the summit, Mr. and Mrs. Bush travel to Croatia where he will make remarks in Zagreb and take part in a working lunch with leaders from countries invited to join NATO. 北约峰会结束以后,布什总统和夫人将前往克罗地亚,并在萨格勒布发表演讲,并和被接纳到北约组织的新成员国领导人共进工作午餐。President Bush wraps up his trip in the Black Sea resort of Sochi for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. They will discuss the U.S. missile defense system, which Hadley says is meant to guard against attack from Iran, not Russia. 布什总统结束访问前在黑海著名疗养地索契同俄罗斯总统普京举行会谈,他们将讨论美国导弹防御体系。对此,哈德利说,这是为了防范来自伊朗的攻击,不是为了防范俄罗斯。"The main issue there is to find a way, in concrete terms, to reassure Russia that the radar and missile installation that is planned in Poland and the Czech Republic are, as we say, about potential threats coming to Europe, coming to Russia, if you will, from the Middle East, and are not aimed at Russia," he said. 哈德利说:“主要的问题是要找到一个办法,就是要用具体的办法向俄罗斯保,计划在波兰和捷克安装的雷达和导弹装置是为了防范来自中东的对欧洲、对俄罗斯的威胁,而不是针对俄罗斯的。”President Putin has previously discussed cooperating on radar monitoring potential missile attacks, which Hadley says could be part of an integrated defense system protecting Europe and Russia. 普京总统先前讨论了在雷达监测可能会发生的导弹袭击方面的合作事宜,哈德利说,这可以成为保护欧洲和俄罗斯相互整合的防御系统的一部分。Before he left the White House, President Bush again called on Congress to pass a free trade agreement with Colombia and to expand the circumstances under which U.S. intelligence agents can monitor telephone and computer communications between the ed States and suspected terrorists abroad without a warrant.  布什总统离开白宫以前又一次呼吁国会通过美国和哥伦比亚之间的自由贸易协议,并且呼吁国会将条件放宽,以便允许美国情报人员在没有法院许可的情况下就可以监听美国恐怖份子嫌疑人和海外的电话及电脑通讯。200804/33033US Presidential Contenders Focus on Economic Issues经济成为美国总统竞选主要议题  Concern about the troubled U.S. economy continues to dominate the U.S. presidential race. Presumptive presidential nominees John McCain and Barack Obama are busy debating taxes, foreign trade and health care. 对美国经济困境的忧虑仍然是美国总统竞选中的主要议题。预计能得到总统候选人提名的麦凯恩和奥巴马正忙于辩论税收、外贸和保健等问题。Americans are increasingly focused on the rising cost of fuel and food, making the economy the top issue in this year's presidential election campaign. 美国人越来越关注燃油和食品价格上涨的问题,这使得经济问题成为今年大选的首要议题。In Washington, the presumptive Republican Party nominee, Senator John McCain, told a group of small business owners that his plans to cut corporate taxes and keep in place President Bush's tax cuts for individuals would help stimulate the economy.  在华盛顿,预计将得到共和党总统候选人提名的麦凯恩参议员对一组小型企业主说,他计划削减公司税,并保留布什总统为个人设定的减税措施,并说这一计划有助于促进经济发展。"No matter which of us wins in November, there will be change in Washington, " he said. "The question is, what kind of change? Will we go back to the policies of the 1960s and 1970s that failed? Or will we go forward?" 他说:“不论我们中谁将赢得11月大选,华盛顿都会发生变化。问题是发生什么样的变化?我们是否退回到上世纪60年代和70年代的失败方针呢?还是我们将向前迈进呢?”McCain also pointed to sharp differences over trade with his Democratic Party opponent, Senator Barack Obama. 麦凯恩也指出自己与民主党对手奥巴马之间在贸易问题上有很大分歧。Obama has proposed reworking the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada, a popular stand with workers who have lost their jobs in several industrialized states. 奥巴马已经提出要重新研究与墨西哥和加拿大的北美自由贸易协议。这一立场在工人中深得人心,因为在美国几个以制造业为主的州里,工人失去了就业机会。McCain says if elected, he will stand by U.S. trade commitments and will seek to expand free trade. 而麦凯恩说,自己如果当选,将坚持美国的贸易承诺,并将寻求拓展自由贸易。"I welcome the debate with the Democratic nominee," he said. "I want to break down foreign trade barriers, break them down, so that America's small businesses can compete abroad, not build them up." 麦凯恩说:“我欢迎就这一问题与民主党提名候选人展开辩论。 我希望消除对外贸易壁垒,要除去障碍、而不要升高障碍,以便让美国的小型企业能在海外展开竞争。”Obama is also focused on the economy as he campaigns in several so-called battleground states, states that are expected to be competitive for both candidates in the general election campaign. 在几个所谓的“摇摆不定的州”,即预计两位候选人在大选时竞争激烈的州,奥巴马在那里展开竞选时,也把焦点集中在经济上。Obama defended his plans to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations while offering a middle class tax cut during a campaign stop in Missouri. 奥巴马在密苏里州停留展开竞选时,为自己提高富裕阶层及公司赋税、降低中产阶层赋税的计划作辩护。"And so, what we are trying to do is to restore some balance," he said. "Put some money in the pockets of working families, in the pockets of consumers. That actually, I believe, will be good for business because those folks will be spending money and that means that businesses will have products and services that they can sell." 奥巴马说:“所以我们正在努力恢复某些平衡。把一些金钱放进工人家庭的口袋和消费者的口袋。我认为那样做其实对企业有利,因为那些人将会花钱,那意味着企业将能出售他们的产品和务。”Obama also continues to tie McCain to President Bush, arguing that electing the Arizona Republican in November would amount to a third Bush term in office. 奥巴马也继续把麦凯恩和布什总统联系在一起,他争辩说,如果在11月选亚利桑那州参议员麦凯恩,就等于让布什总统第三次连任。Public opinion polls suggest economic concerns will benefit the Democrats in November. Analysts say that is why McCain is determined to also keep the focus on Iraq, national security and foreign policy where he believes he has an edge in experience over Obama. 一些民调显示,选民对经济的忧虑在11月份的大选中将对民主党候选人有利。分析人士说,那就是麦凯恩为什么决定也要把焦点集中在伊拉克、国家安全和外交政策这几个问题上,因为他相信自己在这些方面的经验比奥巴马略胜一筹。The latest polls give Obama slight lead over McCain in some of the first head-to-head match-ups since Obama clinched the nomination over rival Democrat Hillary Clinton last week. 从上星期奥巴马挫败克林顿赢得民主党总统提名后,最近对奥巴马和麦凯恩两人所作的一些首次直接较量的民意测验中,奥巴马略微领先于麦凯恩。200806/41752Welcome back to English at Work, where Anna and Tom are in a bit of a predicament.欢迎回到“职场英语”,安娜和汤姆现在正有点麻烦。Following a successful business meeting, theyve returned to the airport to discover their flight has been cancelled.在一场成功的商业会议之后,他们抵达机场却发现航班取消了。What are they going to do next?他们接下来要怎么办?Right, theyve rebooked us on to the next flight, which is at 7 oclock tomorrow morning.他们重新给我们定了下一趟明早7点的航班。Tomorrow morning? !明天早上?What are we going to do until then?我们这段时间做什么?Its OK Anna, calm down.没关系,安娜,冷静。Ive sorted out a hotel… quite a nice one actually.我选好了酒店,很不错的一家。But what about our new contract?但是我们的新合同怎么办?Ive got to sort it out!我得整理出来!Anna, take a deep breath… itll be ok.安娜,深呼吸,没关系。Lets go and get a drink and well work things out.我们去喝一杯吧,一起处理这些事情。Anna, maybe Toms right for once.安娜,也许汤姆这次是对的。Go and enjoy some French hospitality.去享受一下法式款待。Youve done really well today but perhaps you should keep your boss Paul in the picture.你今天做得很好了,但也许你应该告知你的老板保罗。In the picture? I didnt take any photos.图片?我没有拍照。No Anna! I mean keep him informed.不,安娜!我是说告知他相关的情况。Its always a good idea to keep the boss updated on whats going on – he is the boss after all.让你的老板时刻知道进度是个好主意,毕竟他是你的老板。OK.I will.好,我会的。Yeah, this one looks quite cosy.这里看着很舒适。 /201705/507583

Republicans Attack Democratic Policies at Convention利伯曼赞扬麦凯恩具有任总统胆识 Republicans put their convention back on track Tuesday in St. Paul, Minnesota, with a televised satellite address from U.S. President George Bush, and speakers who praised the character of Republican nominee-to-be John McCain, while sharply attacking Democrats. At the same time, controversy about McCain's selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate continues to grab headlines, as Republicans rallied behind her and prepared to formally nominate their candidates on Wednesday and Thursday. 美国主要政党共和党在明尼苏达州圣保罗召开的全国代表大会星期二恢复正常日程,布什总统发表了卫星电视讲话,大会发言人赞扬了即将成为共和党总统候选人的麦凯恩,并对民主党人展开严厉抨击。与此同时,围绕麦凯恩挑选的竞选搭档、阿拉斯加州长佩林的争论继续是头条新闻,而共和党人则团结在佩林周围,准备在星期三和星期四正式提名他们的总统和副总统候选人。President Bush used a 10 minute satellite address from the White House to praise Senator McCain, citing his defense of the military surge in Iraq, and describing him as someone who will protect Americans from further terrorist attacks:  布什总统通过卫星转播,在白宫发表了10分钟的演讲。他赞扬麦凯恩参议员,谈到麦凯恩持在伊拉克增兵,并把麦凯恩称为将保卫美国免遭更多恐怖主义袭击的人。"We live in a dangerous world. And we need a president who understands the lessons of September 11, 2001: that to protect America, we must stay on the offense, stop attacks before they happen, and not wait to be hit again. The man we need is John McCain," he said.  布什说:“我们生活在一个危险的世界里。我们需要一位懂得2001年9/11经验教训的总统,懂得为了保卫美国,我们必须保持攻势,防患于未然,而不是等到攻击发生后再采取行动。我们需要的这个人就是约翰.麦凯恩。”Tuesday's speakers brought a change in atmosphere, as Republicans escalated criticisms of Democrats and McCain's Democratic opponent, Senator Barack Obama.  星期二的演讲人改变了大会的气氛。共和党人对民主党人和麦凯恩的竞争对手奥巴马参议员的批评升级。Senator Joe Lieberman, now an Independent who was the Democratic vice presidential nominee in the 2000 presidential race, said he was appearing in support of McCain because, as he put it, "country matters more than party."  利伯曼参议员曾经是2000年总统大选中民主党副总统候选人,现在是无党派人士。利伯曼说,他持麦凯恩,因为“国家比政党更重要”。Lieberman has drawn criticism from Democrats in Congress for his strong support of Senator McCain and President Bush's Iraq policies, and had this sharp criticism of Democratic presidential nominee Obama. 利伯曼由于坚决持麦凯恩以及布什总统的伊拉克政策而受到国会民主党人的批评。他在大会上猛烈抨击的民主党总统候选人奥巴马。"When others were silent about the war in Iraq, John McCain had the guts and the judgment to sound the alarm about the mistakes we were making in Iraq. When others wanted to retreat in defeat from the field of battle, which would have been a disaster for the U.S.A.," said Lieberman. "When colleagues like Barack Obama were voting to cut off funding for our American troops on the battlefield, John McCain had the courage to stand against the tide of public opinion, advocate the surge, support the surge and because of that, today America's troops are coming home, thousands of them, and they're coming home in honor." 利伯曼说:“当其他人对伊拉克战争保持沉默的时候,麦凯恩以他的勇气和判断力对我们在伊拉克所犯的错误敲响了警钟。当其他人想从战场上败退,而这对美国将是一场灾难,当奥巴马等国会议员投票持削减战场上我们军队的拨款时,麦凯恩却有胆量顶住公众舆论,主张增兵,持增兵。正因为如此,成千上万的美国军人今天才得以返回家园,光荣地返回家园。”John Boehner, Republican minority leader in the House of Representatives, accused House and Senate majority Democratic leaders of doing little to solve American's energy and other problems. Representative Michele Bachmann sounded a traditional Republican theme of less government: BOEHNER: Washington today is broken and the Democratic Congress is its most visible symbol. BACHMANN: Government is not a philanthropic organization. Government is not the family. And government certainly is not the church. Fred Thompson, former senator and television actor who ran an unsuccessful campaign for the presidency, sought to emphasize McCain's credentials as a maverick who does what he thinks is right, regardless of what others say. "He has been to Iraq eight times since 2003. He went seeking truth, not publicity. When he travels abroad, he prefers quietly speaking to the troops amidst the heat and hardship of their daily lives. And the same character that marked John McCain's military career has also marked his political career. This man, John McCain, is not intimidated by what the polls say or by what is politically safe or popular," he said. While Republicans want to turn the focus of news headlines back to the main work of their convention, formally nominating McCain as their presidential candidate, he and his advisors are still battling questions about how thoroughly they examined Sarah Palin's background before choosing her as a running mate.  共和党人希望把新闻报导的重点转回到党代表大会的主要工作,正式提名麦凯恩为共和党总统候选人,但麦凯恩和他的顾问们仍要面对一个问题,这就是,在挑选佩林为竞选搭档之前,他们是否对佩林进行了全面的审查。Chosen for her social conservatism and anti-abortion stance among other things, she revealed this week that her unmarried 17-year-old daughter was pregnant, a fact Senator McCain says he knew. She is also the subject of an investigation in Alaska involving firing of a state official.  佩林之所以被选中,有各种原因,其中包括她在社会问题上的保守主义色和反堕胎立场。佩林日前透露,她17岁的未婚女儿有在身。麦凯恩说他了解这件事。佩林还因为有关在阿拉斯加开除一名州政府官员的问题而受到调查。McCain advisors insist she was thoroughly vetted, and have provided journalists with details of the process. But media organizations ed unidentified Republican party sources as saying Palin was not seriously considered until a week or so before McCain announced the selection.  麦凯恩的顾问们坚持说,对佩林进行过全面的审核,他们还向记者提供了审核过程的细节。但是一些媒体引述没有透露姓名的共和党消息人士的话说,麦凯恩在宣布搭档人选前大约一个星期才开始认真考虑佩林。McCain was pressed again on the issue during a campaign appearance in Cleveland, Ohio. "My vetting process was completely thorough and I am grateful for the results," he said.  麦凯恩在俄亥俄州克利夫兰竞选时又被问到这个问题。麦凯恩说:“这个审查过程非常全面,我对结果感到满意。”McCain's Democratic rival, Barack Obama, says family matters should remain personal and not be mixed with politics, a view shared by Obama'S running mate, Senator Joe Biden. "I have a simple proposition. Children are off limits. Children are off limits."  麦凯恩的民主党竞争对手奥巴马表示,家庭问题应当是私人问题,不应当和政治混为一谈。奥巴马的竞选搭档拜登参议员也同意这种看法。拜登说:“我有个建议,不谈孩子,不谈孩子。”Senator McCain has predicted that Palin's appearance at the Republican convention on Wednesday to accept the vice presidential nomination will help excite Americans about her candidacy. Republican delegates and others attending the convention expressed continued support for her and applauded McCain's choice. 麦凯恩参议员预计,佩林星期三在共和党全国代表大会上接受副总统候选人提名,将有助于激起美国人对她作为候选人的热情。共和党代表和其他参加大会的人继续对佩林表示持,并赞扬麦凯恩的选择。200809/47398

Bush Promises Further Help on China Quake布什:美国将继续帮助中国赈灾 U.S. President George Bush says America's government and its people will continue to help victims of last month's devastating earthquake in China. 美国总统布什说,美国政府和人民将继续帮助上个月中国大地震的灾民。With 70,000 people dead and more than 15 million homeless, President Bush says China's earthquake was a horrible disaster. "There is no question this is a major human disaster that requires a strong response from the Chinese government, which is what they are providing, but it also requires a compassionate response from nations that have the good blessings of life, and that is us," he said. 7万人死亡,1500万人无家可归,布什总统说,中国的地震是一场可怕的灾难。布什说:“毫无疑问,这是一场重大的人类灾难,需要中国政府做出强烈反应,而中国政府正在这样做。不过,这场灾难也需要那些有幸过着幸福生活的国家做出同情的反应,也就是我们这样的国家 。” Mr. Bush met with more than 30 public and private sector leaders at the national headquarters of the American Red Cross for a briefing on earthquake assistance. 布什在美国红十字会总部会见了30多个公共和私营部门的领导人,听取了他们对援助中国赈灾的简报。Red Cross officials say more than 80,000 Americans and 60 corporations have given money and supplies to help earthquake survivors. Total contributions by the American Red Cross for that effort now total million, and officials say additional assistance will be provided as long-term needs are identified. 美国红十字会官员说,8万多美国人和60多个美国企业捐赠了资金和物资,帮助中国地震灾民。美国红十字会为此提供的捐款总额已达两千万美元。美国红十字会官员说,在确定灾民长期需要之后,还将提供额外援助。President Bush says he is not surprised by that response. "My message to the Chinese government is: Thank you for welcoming our aid. Thank you for taking a firm response to this disaster, and just know that the American people care about the people of China. When a brother and sister hurt, we care about it, and so that is why our response has been so robust and so compassionate to date," he said. 布什说,他对美国人民和公司的这种反应并不感到惊讶。布什说:“我告诉中国政府:谢谢你们接受我们的援助,感谢你们对这场灾难做出了坚定的反应。希望你们知道,美国人民关心中国人民。当弟兄姊受到伤害时,我们牵肠挂肚,因此我们迄今为止的反应如此积极,如此热情。”Red Cross officials say long-term challenges include rebuilding homes and schools, water and sanitation facilities, medical services, and support for those who have been relocated. 美国红十字会官员说,长期的挑战包括重建住宅和学校、供水和卫生设施、医疗务、以及向那些搬迁的灾民提供持。200806/41337Do you want to fly business or economy?你想飞商务舱还是经济舱?Do you want a fixed or flexible ticket?你想要固定机票还是弹性机票?Would you like a window or aisle seat?你想要靠窗还是靠过道的座位?Have you got a frequent flyer number?你有常用飞行会员号吗?There you go you two, your e-tickets.给你们电子票。Now dont forget your passports.别忘了你们的护照。Thanks Denise.谢谢,丹尼斯。Hey Anna, Im so pleased that were on this trip together.安娜,我很高兴能一起旅行。Itll be nice to spend some time with you.和你在一起很好。Yes and to do some business and really show Paul we are his best employees.是的,完成订单,让保罗看看我们是他的最佳员工。Oh yeah, of course… I just wondered… Yes?是的,当然……我只是在想……什么?Is there any chance I could sit in the aisle seat?我能坐靠过道的座位吗?Ive got a feeling Annas in for a bumpy ride.我有预感安娜这次会是一场坎坷之路。Find out how their trip goes next time on English at Work. See ya!下次来职场英语里看看他们的旅途怎么样了吧,再见! /201705/506753Oh ya, I see.是的,我明白了。But Im not really sure youre right.但我不确定你是对的。Well, if you could just respect my decision this time and we can move on?如果这次你能尊重我的决定,我们就能继续了。Well, just this once Hannah.就这一次,汉娜。But I think Im going to have to talk to Mr Socrates about you.但我想我会和苏格拉底先生谈谈你的。Well done Anna for standing your ground.干得好,安娜,坚持了你的立场。It can sometimes be tricky working with a new member of staff, but its important to try and develop a good working relationship - remember business comes first!和新同事一起工作有时候会很难,但重要的是搞好工作关系,记住公事优先!Lets hear those phrases again.让我们再听听这些表达。I understand you have lots of experience, so I would like to use your skills to help with the task.我知道你有很多经验,所以也许我想借用你的这些技巧完成该任务。Together we can do this job really well.我们一起可以把工作做好。Lets discuss this so we can agree on a plan of action.让我们讨论一下然后得出一致的行动计划。Please respect my decision and lets move on.请尊重我的决定,让我们继续。Hi Anna. Cant believe we were in France this time yesterday.嗨,安娜。真不敢相信我们昨天还在法国。Oh hello, Tommy boy.你好啊,小汤米。Long time no see!好久不见!This is a nice surprise.这真是一个惊喜。Have you two met before?你们之前认识吗?We certainly have. Hey Tommy boy?我们当然认识。嘿,小汤米?Oh no!不!Looks like Tom is lost for words - lets hope he finds them in time for the next episode of English at Work. Bye!看起来汤姆无语了,希望在下一集;职场英语;中他能及时找到合适的词。再见! /201705/507593

Youve made some serious mistakes.你犯了严重的错误。You need to consult me before you contact any of our clients.在你联系任何客户之前,你应该询问我。These mistakes cannot happen again otherwise I will have to refer the matter to someone higher.这些错误不能再犯了,否则我会把此事递交给上级。Lets find out how Rachel is behaving.让我们看看瑞秋会怎么做。Ah hello, Rachel.你好,瑞秋。Tommy boy. Come and give me a hug.小汤米,过来给我一个拥抱。Pens! All our pens!钢笔!所有的笔!Youve been stealing them! Rachel!你偷了它们!瑞秋!Whats going on?出什么事了?I say, what are all those pens doing on the floor?地上怎么有这么多笔?Theyre from Rachels handbag.这些是瑞秋包里的。Shes been stealing them!她一直在偷!What? The companys pens?什么?公司的笔吗?Right, well, I need to see you in my office please Rachel, now…if you dont mind.好吧,瑞秋,如果你不介意的话,现在到我的办公室来。So Rachel is the pen thief!瑞秋是偷笔贼!What does this mean for her job at Tip Top Trading?在Tip Top Trading公司,这对她来说意味着什么?Find out next time. Until then, bye!下次见。拜! /201705/508486South Korea Weighs Options Amid Heightening Tension With North韩国官员对北韩的威胁未做出反应South Korea is opting for a low public policy profile amid escalating tensions with North Korea. Seoul officials kept quiet, a day after Pyongyang threatened to turn the South into "ashes."  韩国在与北韩日益紧张的关系问题上,选择在公开场合保持低调的政策。在平壤威胁说要将韩国化为废墟一天之后,韩国官员没有发表讲话。 South Korean officials kept relatively silent Monday, just 24 hours after North Korea's official media warned of a "powerful preemptive attack" against the South.  韩国官员星期一保持相对沉默。就在24小时之前,北韩官方媒体警告说,要对韩国发动一次“强大的先发制人的攻击。”The North Korean commentary warned Sunday if it attacks, "everything will turn into ashes, not just a sea of flames." The language echoes North Korean threats in past years to turn South Korea into a "sea of fire." 北韩星期天发表的警告说,如果北韩发动攻击,“一切都将化为灰烬,而不仅仅是一片火海”。这篇使用的语言和北韩过去几年来威胁要将韩国变为火海的说法一致。The threats are a response to testimony last week by South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Kim Tae-young. 北韩发出这种威胁是对韩国参谋长联席会议主席金泰荣上星期发表的词做出回应。Kim tells a panel of legislators the South has contingency plans to preemptively strike suspected North Korean nuclear weapons sites, if it becomes apparent the North intends to make use of those weapons against the South. South Korean military leaders have since tried to downplay those remarks. 金泰荣对一个韩国议员小组说,韩国有应急方案对北韩受到怀疑的核武器设施发动攻击,如果很清楚北韩打算用这些武器来对付韩国的话。自从金泰荣发表这番讲话以来,韩国军方领导人一直试图低调处理这一言论。The flare-up over preemptive strikes is part of a broader political landscape of heightening tensions between North and South Korea, which never formally ended their 1950-53 war.  发动先发制人的打击的说法甚嚣尘上与南北韩紧张局势不断加剧的政治大氛围相关。南北韩从未正式结束1950年到1953年的战争。South Korean officials refused to confirm Monday a report in South's largest daily newspaper that North Korean jet fighters have flown close to the heavily armed North-South border at least ten times since conservative President Lee Myung-bak was inaugurated last month. 韩国官员星期一拒绝实韩国最大的报纸的一篇报导。那篇报导说,自从观点保守的总统李明上个月就职以来,北韩的喷气战斗机至少10次飞临有重兵把守的北韩和韩国边界。Mr. Lee has taken a much stiffer policy line with North Korea than his two predecessors, who transferred billions of dollars in aid and investment to Pyongyang with little or nothing requested in return.  与他的两位前任相比,李明对北韩采取了强硬得多的政策。那两位前任总统为平壤提供了数十亿美元的援助和投资,只要求很少的回报或是不要求任何回报。This month, Mr. Lee's top official on North Korea policy warned a joint North-South industrial zone would not be expanded unless there is progress in diplomacy to get rid Pyongyang's nuclear weapons capabilities. In response, North Korea expelled most of the South Korean officials in charge of managing the zone, located in the North Korean city of Kaesong. 这个月,李明政府一名负责北韩政策的高级官员警告说,除非在消除平壤制造核武器能力的问题上出现外交进展,否则不会扩大北韩和韩国的一个联合工业区。作为回应,北韩驱逐了负责管理这个位于北韩城市开城的工业区的大部分韩国官员。South Korean media did ed senior military officials as saying the South may soon issue some type of general expression of regret for the recent worsening of North-South relations. However, they say it will not be an apology, and that the South will not deviate from its "practical" principles on dealing with the North. 韩国媒体引述高级军事官员的话说,韩国可能不久将发表某种形式的一般性讲话,对最近南北韩关系的恶化表示遗憾。但是,韩国官员说,这不会是道歉,而且韩国也不会偏离处理北韩事务的“务实”原则。Dong Seung-young, a North Korea expert at the private Samsung Economic Research Institute, says the world may just have to get used to chilly North-South relations for a while. 民间机构三星经济研究所的北韩问题专家董承勇说,世界可能暂时不得不适应僵持的南北韩关系。He says even if the stalled relations last a long time, President Lee's government places top priority on "fixing" South Korean policy toward the North.  董承勇说,即使南北韩关系长期停滞不前,李明政府也会把重点放在“修复”韩国对北韩的政策上。Mr. Lee's political allies say ten years of lenient treatment toward Pyongyang made it easier for the North to test a nuclear weapon in 2006. Now, with North Korea four months late in providing a promised nuclear declaration, they say a firmer approach is needed. 李明的政治盟友说,10年来以温和的方式对待北韩让北韩更容易在2006年试验核武器;现在,北韩拖了4个月还没有提供它所承诺的有关核活动的申明,李明的政治盟友认为有必要采取更为强硬的态度。President Lee may get a firmer mandate in his North Korea policies from legislative elections next month, in which which his conservative party is expected to make gains. Some experts say the North's recent moves may be aimed at influencing that vote. 李明总统可能在下个月举行的国会选举中获得对他的北韩政策更为坚定的授权。预计,李明的具有保守倾向的政党将获得更多的议席。一些专家认为,北韩近期的举动可能是为了影响那次选举。Others, like Professor Yang Moo-jin of Seoul's University of North Korean Studies, say Pyongyang is trying to influence South Korea's relationship with the ed States. 位于首尔的北韩事务大学的教授杨木仁和其他人都认为,平壤试图影响韩国与美国的关系。He says North Korea is trying to send a signal that strengthening the U.S. - South Korea alliance is not the best way to solve the nuclear issue. He says Pyongyang wants to convince U.S. and South Korean leaders not to seek ways of pressuring the North when they meet at an upcoming summit. 杨木仁说,北韩试图发出一个信号,那就是加强美韩联盟不是解决核问题的最佳办法。杨木仁说,平壤希望说美国和韩国领导人,在即将到来的峰会中,不要寻求向北韩施压。President Lee is scheduled to meet with President Bush in Washington next month. The chief U.S. delegate to the nuclear talks, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, is scheduled to arrive Tuesday in Seoul to meet with officials here.  预料,李明总统下个月在华盛顿会晤布什总统。美国核谈判首席代表、助理国务卿希尔将于星期二抵达首尔,与韩国官员举行会谈。200804/33035

Boylan interviews the girls separately, probing their memory for clues. She does not interrogate them, but engages them in casual conversation. Her questions are always indirect. I divert them throughout the interview and then periodically interject questions about the shapes and about textures and the information and the answers are usually there because they're not dwelling and they're not second-guessing themselves. Another one of Boylan's secret tactics is to encourage the girls to use Play-Doh to help recall their memories of the suspect's face. What that does is it gives her a physical anchor in the moment so that she's not again revisiting that crime. It's a simple little tool, but it's very effective. So I would say, if you were going to create that kind of a shape, would you create a shape that's longer than wide or the same length as width? And if I ask that question, even in my voice tone if I say longer than wide or the same length as width, you will understand that that voice tone is dedeha, dedeha because if I even wave my voice tone, more heavily went into the sentence than the other I can lead someone that has been through trauma.After interviewing the girls, Boylan draws a depiction that is much more detailed than the police composite. In fact, the suspect in Boylan's portrait has a beard. There were some very distinctive characteristics in, in the suspect's face. There was an indentation on one side of the face, and not the other, and there was a furrow in the brow, there were wrinkles in the forehead. All these single individual traits that made this, this single face identifiable supposed to be in generic gave me a pretty high level of confidence that we had a good rendition. Looking at Jeanne's portrait for the first time, set something off, I think, deep inside everybody that looked at it. That finally, we have a face, that finally there are, are real sets of features that go together and underlie some kind of a personality. When Jeanne Boylan's new drawing is presented to the press, she is questioned about one glaring omission. I got this barrage of questions by the press saying, you know, what about the headband? My initial reaction was like, oh, my god, I forgot the headband, but the reality was there was no headband, it didn't surface in either interview. What that was, was a perfect example of the power of suggestion. The two little girls were shown a selection of headgear, which implies that such an item exists. If I said to you, there's an older expression "Don't think of the pink elephant", and when I said that to you, what do you think of?Boylan's new drawing gives investigators renewed hope and the search for Polly goes into a high gear. For the first time, we knew more or less what we were looking for and I think that it instilled us a sense of, of purpose, or re-instilled the sense of purpose to all of the various players involved who at that time tended to be the, the law enforcement, the media and, and certainly the, the massive volunteer effort as well. There will be probably tomorrow between 200 and 300 search and rescue personnel here to assist us.Play-Doh is a commercial modeling compound similar in texture to b dough that has been sold as a children's toy around the world for a half centuryindentation: a deep recess or notch on the edge or surface of something200810/51251to get carried away ------ 情绪激动 英文释义To become excessively excited and active. 例句I told my brother not to get carried away every time he meets a beautiful young woman and thinks he is in love.我对我的兄弟说,不要每次见到美女就情绪激动,以为自己恋爱了。 /201610/466534South Korea Urges Hungry North to Accept Corn Aid韩国愿向北韩运送数万吨粮食援助   South Korea says it is willing to send tens of thousands of tons of immediate food aid to impoverished North Korea. The aid would fulfill a deal made during the previous South Korean administration, but may not ease a stalemate between Pyongyang and the South's current president. 韩国政府表示,愿意向贫困的北韩运送数万吨紧急粮食援助。这项援助履行了上一届韩国政府与北韩的协议,但可能不会化解平壤与现任总统李明之间的僵局。South Korean Unification Minister Kim Ha-joong said Wednesday the South is offering North Korea 50,000 tons of corn, to ease the North's food shortages. 韩国统一部长官金夏中今天表示,韩国将为北韩提供五万吨玉米,缓解北韩的粮食短缺。He says, considering the fact the North's food situation is bad and likely to become worse, the government has decided to resume corn aid to the North, in fulfillment of an agreement made by the last South Korean administration. 他说:“考虑到北韩的粮食问题严重,而且可能持续恶化,韩国政府决定恢复对北韩的玉米援助,履行前任韩国政府与北韩达成的一项协议。”Previous South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun's administration cited soaring corn prices as the reason it did not deliver the food during Mr. Roh's term. Current South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has made food aid contingent on progress by Pyongyang in getting rid of its nuclear weapons and several other issues.  韩国前任卢武铉政府曾经表示,由于玉米价格飙涨,以至于无法在任内交付这些玉米。现任总统李明将平壤撤除核武器与解决其他几个问题作为提供粮食援助的条件。North Korea angrily responded by labeling Mr. Lee a traitor and threatening to turn Seoul into ash. Pyongyang has suspended practically all diplomatic contacts with the Lee administration and has remained silent on the South's offer to provide aid without preconditions as long as the North makes a formal request. 北韩愤怒地称李明为背叛者,并威胁要将首尔化成灰烬,平壤暂停了所有与李明政府的接触,对首尔关于北韩政府提出正式要求、首尔愿意提供没有先决条件的援助的建议,北韩也没有做出回应。Unification Minister Kim says the South reprised the Roh administration corn offer, three weeks ago, via the Red Cross.  韩国统一部长官金夏中说,韩国三个星期前通过红十字会,恢复了卢武铉政府时代对北韩的玉米援助。He says the South is using Wednesday's announcement to once again expressing its willingness to fulfill the agreement and that he hopes the North will respond favorably. He says, if North Korea does not respond, South Korea may consider donating food to the North, via the World Food Program. 他说,韩国希望利用今天的声明向北韩再次表明首尔履行协议的意愿,也希望北韩能积极回应。他说,如果北韩不做出回应,韩国或许考虑通过世界粮食计划署把粮食捐赠给北韩。President Lee has adopted a far stiffer approach to aiding North Korea than his two predecessors - both of whom sent hundreds of thousands of tons of rice and fertilizer across the border every year, with no strings attached. 新总统李明在援助北韩方面采取比前两任总统更强硬的立场,前两任总统每年都会无条件向北韩提供数十万吨稻米和化肥。Do Hee-youn is president of the Seoul-based Citizen's Coalition for Human Rights of Abductees and North Korean Refugees. He says South Korea does not need to be in a hurry to provide the North with food aid. 总部设在首尔的“被绑架者与北韩难民人权市民联盟”负责人陶熙尹(译音)表示,韩国不需要急于向北韩提供粮食援助。Do says decades of hunger in North Korea are to be blamed on the North Korean government's own decisions. He says handing over food aid without changing Pyongyang's basic food policies would be like "pouring water into a broken jar." 他说,北韩数十年的饥荒问题是平壤当局的政策所导致。他指出,在平壤不改变粮食政策的情况下,为北韩提供粮食就像是往一个破罐子里倒水。200806/41192

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