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胥口镇妇女医院专家预约富阳痔疮科哪里好【场景再现】Rachel的妈妈给她寄信告诉她Barry和Mindy要结婚了,Rachel郁闷了,Ross开导她 Ross: Marcel. Bring me the rice, c'mon. Bring me the rice, c'mon. Good boy. Good boy. C'mere, gimme the rice. (Marcel brings the rice) Thank you, good boy. Well, I see he's finally mastered the difference between 'bring me the' and 'pee in the'. (Rachel ignores him) 'Bring me the' and- Rach? Rachel: What? Ross: Hi. Rachel: Oh, I'm sorry. Oh, this is so stupid! I mean, I gave Barry up, right? I should be happy for them! I am, I'm happy for them. Ross: Really. Rachel: No. Oh, oh, I guess it would be different if I were- with somebody. Ross: Whoah, uh, what happened to, uh, 'Forget relationships! I'm done with men!' The whole, uh, penis embargo? Rachel: Oh, I don't know. I guess it's not about no guys, it's about the right guy, y'know? I mean, with Barry, it was safe and it was easy, but there was no heat. With Paolo, that's all there was, was heat! And it was just this raw, animal, sexual... Ross: Wait-wait. I, I got it. I was there. Rachel: Well, I mean, do you think you can ever have both? Y'know? Someone who's like, who's like your best friend, but then also can make your toes curl? Ross: Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes, I really do! In fact, it's funny, very often, someone who you wouldn't think could-could curl your toes, might just be the one who... 【讲解】make one's toes curl: make someone feel full of passion 让人感受到 /05/71585富阳不孕不育医院哪家好 Larry和李华在纽约参加长跑比赛。李华今天要学两个常用语,eat my dust和sore loser. LL: It's a good thing you've been training for this race, Li Hua. But you are still going to eat my dust. LH: Eat your dust? Yuck. 吃你的土?这是什么意思啊! LL: When someone says ''eat my dust," they are saying to their competitors in a race situation that they are confident they are going to win the race, leaving everyone else far behind. LH: 赢比赛跟让别人吃土又有什么关系呢? LL: Well, when you run, you kick up dust from the road. So, if I run very fast and you are behind me, you'll be getting my dust in your face - and eating my dust. LH: 噢,我明白了,跑在前面的人掀起的尘土,会落在后面人的脸上,原来是从这儿来的。不过,Larry, 我为今天的比赛已经训练两个多月了,也许你会eat my dust呢! LL: But I've been running for years, and I've been in many races. And most of the time, the other runners end up eating my dust. LH: 那也许你能象环法自行车大赛七连冠阿姆斯特朗一样,让其他人都ate his dust. LL: Now that I think about it, Li Hua, I prefer to think of myself as the cheetah of the running world. As the fastest animal on land, all the other animals eat the cheetah's dust. LH: 你还真自信!大话说出来,可千万别落在别人后面噢。 LL: Actually, Li Hua. I am just joking. I'm not really the cheetah of the running world. There are so many runners in this race, I am pretty sure I will be eating someone else's dust. LH: 输赢并不重要,重在参与嘛! LL: You are right, Li Hua. And since this is a race for charity, it doesn't matter if you eat my dust - or I eat yours. In the end, everybody wins. LH: 对呀,比赛收益全都要用来帮助无家可归的人。Okay, Larry. 准备好,你要eat my dust了! ****** LL: Whew! That was a great race. Even though I didn't place, I'm pretty happy about my overall time. I'm just disappointed by the guy who placed second - what a sore loser! LH: Hmmm...得第二名的那个人好像特别不高兴,又跺脚,又挥拳头,嘴里还骂骂咧咧的。你说,这就叫sore loser吗? LL: Yes, He clenched his fists and stomped around, saying things that weren't very nice. That is a sore loser! LH: 在中文里,我们说这种人输不起。 LL: But I don't know why he was being such a sore loser, to place second out of the hundreds of people participating in the race should be something to celebrate. LH: 就是啊。我要是得了第二名,一定乐死了。这种输不起的人,让所有人都觉得扫兴。 LL: It's true. Do you remember when you were a kid, Li Hua - and you were playing a game? If one of the kids started acting like a sore loser, the game wasn't so fun anymore. LH: 我当然记得。小孩子都不愿意输。我有个外甥,一输就哭鼻子。 LL: Yeah, but most people grow up and become adults - and grow out of being sore losers. LH: 但是有的人就是长不大,我就见过很多sore loser. LL: That is true. I'm trying really hard not to be a sore loser myself. LH: 你怎么会是sore loser呢? LL: Well, I am kind of embarrassed that you beat me in the race, Li Hua. Especially since I told you that you were going to eat my dust. But I am not going to be a sore loser - I'm proud of you and how well you did in the race. LH: 噢,原来是因为这个。谢谢你,Larry, 我确实花了很多时间为这次比赛做准备。 LL: Say, maybe we should celebrate the outcome by racing over to the ice cream store for an ice cream cone! LH: 好啊!但是你肯定会eat my dust, 你知道我一见冰激凌就没命了。 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是eat my dust, 是输给我的意思。另一个是sore loser, 是指输不起的人。 /200810/53670富阳无痛可视人流

富阳割包皮包茎在美国,讲笑话的市场很大。在笑话界也出了一些习惯用语。这些习惯用语也逐渐渗入一般人的日常生活用语。幽默是美国人生活当中的一个重要部份。也正因为如此,有很多人专门从事逗人笑的这个行业。有的像中国的相声演员那样站在舞台上讲笑话,但是他们往往是单口相声,没有搭档的。美国电视上不断有连续性的闹剧。新闻记者也拿日常生活中发生的事来开玩笑。还有报纸上充满笑话的漫画。当然,美国还有世界闻名的讲笑话演员。其中之一就是鲍勃.霍普。他的专长就是讲简短的一句话来逗观众发笑。这就是我们今天要讲的第一个习惯用语的意思。One-liner. One就是一,二,三的一,liner这个字是来自line,也就是一条线,或者是一行字,也可以说是一句话。One-liner,就是在line后面加上字母r。这就是指说一句话的人。从讲笑话的角度出发,one-liner就是讲很短的笑话。有的讲笑话的演员讲很长的笑话,但是one-liner是连续讲很短的笑话。实际上,说简短笑话已经超越了文艺界的范围。下面就是一个例子。这是一个人在讲美国的政界人士。例句-1: Some important politicians and businessmen keep a man on their staff just to write one-liners for them. They like to have a few one-liners handy any time they have to make a speech. 政治界和商业界一些重要人物在他们的工作人员当中有一个专门为他们写简短笑话的人。每当他们要讲演的时候,他们总喜欢有几个现成的简短的笑话。美国人在发表讲话的时候总喜欢挟几个笑话,特别是在开始的时候。这大概是为了使气氛轻松一些,和吸引听众注意力的原因。下面的例子是一个人刚到外地去发表讲演后回到家里。他马上打电话给他的朋友,对这位朋友以前送给他的一本书表示感谢。例句2: Debby, thank you so much for the book on American humor you gave me. I checked the book on my flight to Boston and found two perfect one-liners for my speech. And they really warmed up the crowd for what I had to say. 戴比,非常感谢你给我的那本关于美国幽默的书。我在飞往波士顿的路上看了一下这本书,为我发表讲话找到了两个非常好的短短的笑话。这两个笑话真是为我的讲话在听众当中制造了很热烈的气氛。讲笑话的时候一般都得有一句关键的使人发笑的话。这句关键的话就是我们要讲的第二个习惯用语。Punch line. Punch这个字的意思是:用力地打,猛击一下。Line在这里就是指一句话。Punch line就是在讲笑话的时候用的一句关键性的话。它能点中要处,使人发笑。要是一个笑话没有这么一句关键性的话,那这个笑话也就成不了笑话。一位专家认为,punch line这个说法是来自拳击运动,punch就是用拳头打对方。A punch line不是真正用拳头打你的下巴,而是用这句话使你发笑。下面我们来举一个例子。例句3: I wish somebody would tell Joe that he shouldnt try to tell those long jokes. Theyre so long that half the time he forgets the punch line and people just dont laugh.这句话的意思是:我希望谁能跟乔讲一下,他最好不要讲那种很长的笑话。那些笑话那末长,他经常忘了笑话里那关键性的话。听众根本就没有笑。我们再来举一个关于punch line的例子。这是一个人在说他的儿子。例句4: I dont know how to tell my son Jack he simply has no talent as a comedian. For one thing he always laughs at his own joke before he gets to the punch line. Which means nobody laughs at the end of the job. 我的儿子杰克根本没有做一个相声演员的才能,可是我真是不知怎么样去告诉他。比如说,他总是在还没有讲到那句关键的话之前自己就笑了。那就是说,当他讲完笑话的时候没有人笑。 /164092长佳村社区卫生服务站取环 Tom, are you doing anything special this weekend? 汤姆,这个周末有什么安排? /201107/143877富阳那家男科医院最好

胥口镇中医院联系电话丹尼尔对物馆里所有的文物都被装在玻璃瓶里表示疑惑,阿美告诉他那是为了保护文物不被腐蚀。丹丹还差点以为一个四千年前的三脚杯毫无价值。 Listen Read Learn Daniel: May, is this the Hall of Ancient China?May: Yes. Look at these historical relics here, amazing!Daniel: Why are they all in glass boxes?May: For protection. Some relics will turn to dust if exposed to air.Daniel: So there isn't air in the glass boxes?May: No, there isn't. They are all vacuumed.Daniel: I wonder how old these things are, thousands of years?May: Yeah, they all come from a very ancient time.Daniel: Hey, look at the three-leg cup. I've seen it on TV.May: The bronze cup was made 4,000 years ago. It's priceless!Daniel: Yeah, it has no value at all. Who will use this cup today?May: Danny, priceless means so valuable that you can't put a price on it.Daniel: Oh, it does? 听看学丹尼尔:阿美,这是古代中国馆吗?阿美:是啊。看这些历史遗址,真令人惊叹!丹尼尔:为什么它们都被装在玻璃瓶里呢?阿美:为了保护它们啊。一些文物放在空气中就会变成粉末。丹尼尔:那么玻璃瓶中没有空气了?阿美:没有。它们都是真空的。丹尼尔:真不知这些东西有多古老,几千年?阿美:是啊,它们都是来自古代。丹尼尔:嘿,看这个三只脚的杯子。我在电视上看到过。阿美:四千年前的青铜杯子。这可是无价之物!丹尼尔:是啊,没有一点价值。如今谁会用这种杯子啊?阿美:丹丹,无价意味着价值大得无法计算。丹尼尔:哦,是吗? 经典背诵 RecitationDaniel: I like the Hall of Ancient China in a history museum. The historical relics there, are amazing! They all come from a very ancient time. That's so cool. They are all kept in glass boxes which are all vacuumed for protection. May says they are priceless! 生词小结ancient adj. 古老的historical adj. 历史的dust n. 粉末,灰尘vacuum vt. 抽成真空bronze n. 青铜priceless adj. 无价的valuable adj. 有价值的,贵重的Functional structure 功能性句型扩展表示感叹的句型 请朗读以下句型,家长和孩子交替进行 1.愤怒My god! 天!What a nuisance! 真讨厌!I am extremely displeased about… 我很气愤……2.赞叹How marvelous! 真神气!How wonderful! 真了不起!That's fantastic! 棒极了!It looks terrific! 看上去棒极了!It's so splendid! 太棒了!3.高兴I am pleased about… 我很开心……I am excited about… 我太兴奋了……I can't say how pleased I am to… 我简直说不出自己有多开心……I am delighted to hear that… 我很高兴地听到…… /200805/40522 pick up things( things可以是任何东西)Pick up sth. 就是顺便捎带些东西 例如: I'll pick up cakes for my grandma this afternoon. 我下午要给我奶奶买些蛋糕。 Could you pick up some sugar. 你能帮我捎点糖回来了吗? /12/91432富阳超导可视无痛人流得多少钱啊富阳哪个医院做mini人流好



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