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Now from the Boston Museum of Science Sci-tech today on NECN.有线新闻波士顿消息。We are headed to the moon on Sci-tech today. NASA recently launched two robotic missions in an effort to learn more about the moon and its environment. Joining us now from the Museum of Science Boston is researcher Tony Case, a graduate student at Boston University. Good to have you with us, Tony. Good to be here, thanks for having me.今天我们来关注的是关于月球的消息,美国国家航空和宇宙航行局(NASA)近期投放了两枚人造卫星以探知月球及其周围环境。来自波士顿大学的研究生Tony Case将和我们一起解读这则消息。很高兴见到你,Tony。谢谢,很高兴来到这儿。So what can you tell us about these missions?那么,对于这项月球任务你知道多少呢?Well, LRO is a spacecraft thats around the moon right now. Its orbiting really close to the surface. Its about 30 miles above the surface of the moon. And therere seven instruments on the spacecraft, they are all taking a wide array of measurements of the entire surface of the moon. Along with LRO launching on the same rocket was another spacecraft called LCROSS, which is on its way to the moon now. And the main goal of both of these missions was basically that open an advance scout to gather information that might enable us go back to the moon more safely and more easily in the future if we choose to do so with manned missions.目前,月球勘测轨道器(Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter,简称LRO)正在沿着月球表面运行。这颗人造卫星距离月球表面只有30英里,它所承载的7种相关仪器正在对月球进行一系列的探测。与LRO一同发射的还有月球坑观测和传感卫星(Lunar Crater Observation And Sensing Satellite,简称LCROSS) ,现在正在逐渐靠近月球。这两项月球计划旨在收集更多的信息,为将来月球的载人探测任务提供更安全舒适的保障。Interesting, alright in the long names of these, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is the LRO and the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite is LCROSS.Thats right.有趣的是,LRO代表着月球勘探器,LCROSS表示月球坑观测和传感卫星。是的。What kind of information do we need to get from these satellites to help us to someday return to the moon.从这两颗人造卫星的名称就能看出我们为将来成功登月正在收集什么样的信息。Well LRO is giving us a lot of different information and the one piece of information that is personally close to my heart is the instrument that I worked on and what it measures is radiation—the radiation environment around the moon. So this radiation is, its energetic particles that are coming from outside of the solar system and also from our own sun. And it can cause damage both to human cells and to electronics. So this is the instrument we built to measure that radiation. Its called CRATER — the Cosmic Ray Telescope for the Effects of Radiation. So this is around the moon now this is a testing version but the flight model is around the moon. And its measuring the radiation right now.LRO发回了许多信息,其中一条我最关心的,也是我正在研究的就是测量辐射的仪器。辐射是来自外太阳系和太阳本身的能量分子,它能伤害人类的细胞,同时对通信行业也有影响。这是我们发明的辐射测量仪,叫做CRATER(Cosmic Ray Telescope for the Effects of Radiation),但这只是测试版,正式版正在人造卫星上测量辐射强度。All right, and that was developed at BU and MIT.是波士顿大学和麻省理工学院两所大学研发的。It was, yeah, along with other institutions ,but yeah it was headed here in Boston.恩,是的,联合了其它大学共同研发,但是是由波士顿大学带头的。Pretty exciting. What about water? They are looking for water and how important it is to find it or not find it?很有趣。那么水呢?科学家们正在月球上寻找水源,能不能找到水源有多重要呢?Well yeah.Thats one of the main goals of both the LRO mission and the LCROSS mission to find water along with any other resources that we might be able to use. So LRO is..ha..has different imagers that are taking images of the surface that might tell us whether there is water there, and also the LCROSS spacecraft is designed almost exclusively to search for this water. So LCROSS has it launched along with LRO on the same rocket and when we detached from LCROSS, it stayed attached to the empty fuel tank left over from the rocket. So tomorrow morning about 7:30 in the morning LCROSS releases the fuel tank. The fuel tank flies in to the surface of the moon, impacts and throws up a huge dust cloud. So hopefully in this dust cloud, will be dust along with anything else that might have been mixed in along with the regulus on the moon in the soil. And so as LCROSS flies to this dust could, its able to measure everything thats in that dust hopefully confirming the presence of water.是的,LRO和LCROSS的发射最主要的目的就是寻找水源,这两颗人造卫星传回的数据结合其他数据我们也许就能加以判断。LRO的成像器会拍摄月球表面的照片,LCROSS几乎就是专门用来探测水源的。在LCROSS和LRO从发射火箭中分离后,LCROSS仍旧和空的燃料罐绑定。明天早上7:30,LCROSS将会释放燃料罐,燃料罐撞击月球形成大量尘埃云,月球表面的锑和其他物质就会被扬起,在LCROSS靠近的过程中就会分析尘埃云中的物质,希望我们可以明水的存在。ll right very very interesting, TONY CASE, a graduate student of BU. Thanks very much for joining us. Thanks a lot.真的是非常有趣,TONY CASE,波士顿大学的一名研究生。感谢你的介绍。谢谢。And we will let people know that tomorrow at the Museum of Science from 9 to 1 you can watch a of LCROSS impact and see presentations by the CRATER team they will be on hand to answer questions about LRO and LCROSS and to demonstrate the instrument.我们要告诉观众们的是,明天9点到下午1点科技物馆将放映LCROSS撞击的录像,CRATER研究组会到现场展示探测仪器并解答您的问题。taking a wide array of measurements: 做各类测试regulus :锑块;金属渣注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201205/180556a butterfly with glowing eyes一只眼睛发光的蝴蝶Believe it or not, Monteiro and her team inserted a new gene into the butterflys genetic sequence—one taken from a jellyfish.信不信由你,蒙泰罗和他的团队在蝴蝶的基因序列中插入了一种新基因,是来自水母的一个基因。No, I know youre fooling.不,我知道你在开玩笑。Actually Im not. This gene codes for a green florescent protein that, in nature, makes certain jellyfish luminesce. By taking just that one bit out of a jellyfish sample, essentially attaching it to some modified DNA that naturally knows how to insert itself into a gene sequence, and then injecting the self-inserting DNA with the piggybackingjellyfish gene into some butterfly eggs, the researchers were able to produce a butterfly with glowing eyes. Thats aly been done with other insects, but this is the first genetically modified butterfly in history.实际上我并没有。事实上,这种基因是一种使得某些水母发冷光的绿色荧光蛋白。通过从水母样品中取一点这种基因出来,把它们附在一些天生就知道怎么把自己插入一个基因序列的改良过的DNA中,然后将这种带有捎带式水母基因的DNA注入一些蝶卵中,研究者们就可以生产出眼睛闪闪发光的蝴蝶了。这个实验在其他昆虫身上已经做过了,但这是史上第一只转基因蝴蝶。Thats weird!真奇怪!The idea isnt to produce weird looking butterflies; the glowing protein acts as a marker. That is, when you have succeeded in inserting it into a new organism, its very obvious that its there. This is just the basic research that may one day allow us to modify gene sequences on a larger scale—to get rid of genetically based diseases, for example.这一想法并不是想制造出看起来怪异的蝴蝶,而是这闪闪发光的蛋白充当着标记的角色。也就是说,当你成功的将之插入一个新的生物体后,能很明显的看到它的存在。这仅仅是基础研究,也许有一天能让我们更大范围的修改基因序列——比如,摆脱遗传性疾病。 /201209/199450

What I’ve got to do here is really grip just with my thighs and let them take the strain and just balance with my arms and try and protect my family jewels.在这里我必须要用双腿牢牢夹住树干,以承受身体的压力,并用双手保持平衡,还要尽量保护我的传家宝。There’s water at the bottom of this gorge. But you can’t guarantee it’s drinkable. You have to find out first where it’s come from. It’ll only be totally safe if it comes from an underground spring.峡谷底下有水,但你不能保那水可以饮用。你必须得找出它的源头。如果源头是地下泉水,才明绝对安全。What I’ve got to do is just keep following the stream up here to find where it stops. Yeah, it’s still going here. And yeah, look, it’s dry up there. And this is what happens. When it rains, it’ll pour down here. When it’s dry like now, you’ll see this, like, natural spring. And this is the source of it. And look, if I dig down into this, however much water I take out, it’s just going to keep refilling. This spring water has filtered through the rocks to emerge as clean water. That means it doesn’t even need to be boiled. And what’s happened here is that all this water just gets cleaned naturally as it filters through all the rock and the sand. And it’s 100 percent safe, this stuff, to drink. And the great thing is however much of it that I do drink, this thing is just going to keep welling up and filling up.我只能逆着水流往上游走,才能找到水流的开端。耶,水从这边流过。耶,看,水流到这就干涸了。就是这样发生的。下雨时,水流会倾盆注入。天晴后,水流就像这样,像自然泉水一样从地下涌出。这就是源头。看,如果我朝这儿往下挖,无论我舀出多少水,这里还是会被泉水再次填满。泉水经过岩石层的过滤成为洁净水,就是说喝之前不必将水烧开。这些水流过岩石沙土时,自然过滤净化成干净水。并且100%安全,可以放心饮用。最美妙的是,无论我喝多少,水还是不断涌出,不断将这里填满。原文译文属!201206/188668

Its Tuesday, August 17th, Im Jeff Bakalar, and its time to get loaded.今天是8月17日周二,我是Jeff Bakalar,是时候收看今天最新的资讯了。India has joined Saudi Arabia and the ed Arab Emirates in threatening to block BlackBerry email service unless Research In Motion implements a secure monitoring service. The countrys claimed that militants and terrorists can use the secure email service to plan attacks within the country. RIM, for its part, says that its technically incapable of accessing the emails of corporate users, and actually promotes the fact as a security feature. India has stated that RIM has until the end of the month before they pull the plug on an estimated one million BlackBerry users.除非经过一个完善的安全检查,印度已经联合沙特阿拉伯阿联酋航空来禁止黑莓手机的邮件务。印度官方宣称武装恐怖分子能够通过这项电子邮件务来计划实施恐怖袭击。RIM公司,黑莓手机的制造商表示,技术上讲盗取企业用户的邮件基本是不可能实现的,黑莓的邮件务是构不成安全隐患的。印度官方估计截至到月底,印度已经有100万黑莓手机用户。Adobe has come out and said ;Weve moved on; just three months after the company ran ads in order to ease tensions with Apple over the flash platform on the web. Apple has taken a hard stance in disallowing flash to work on their devices in hopes of a worldwide adoption of HTML 5, even though flash remains quite relevant on the net.美国Adobe公司继与苹果公司争夺网络flash播放平台后表示“重新出发”以缓和与苹果公司间紧张气氛。虽然动画在网页上很常见,但为了是HTML5能应用得更为广泛,苹果公司对禁止在apple产品上播放动画持有强硬态度。Barnes amp; Noble has announced that its Nook, e-ing software will be available for the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and pc. The new program is easy to use and offers tons of customization including font, colour and brightness settings, best of all, the app will be free.Barnes amp; Noble(美国最大的实体书店)宣布,其新款电子书应用Nook将可以应用于iPod,iPhone,iPad,以及苹果电脑。软件将提供个性化务,包括改变字体,颜色,亮度调节,更重要的是,这款应用是免费的。In more mobile app news, Microsoft has begun outlining the first X-box live games that will be available for its Windows Phone 7 operating system when its released later this year. The list is actually pretty long and impressive, including some hit titles like Castlevania, Earthworm Jim, Guitar Hero5, Puzzle Quest 2, and Splinter Cell Conviction.更多关于手机应用的新闻。微软公司将计划开发首款应用于X-box(微软的视频游戏机 )的在线游戏,这款游戏将能够在年底发售的手机windows7系统环境下运行。开发策划书很长也很引人注目,包括热门游戏 Castlevania,Earthworm Jim,Guitar Hero5,Puzzle Quest 2和Splinter Cell Conviction。Finally, Chinas second largest mobile phone carrier, China Unicom will begin selling the iPhone 4 next month. The company has also been in talks with Apple to begin selling the iPad though no timetable on that product has been announced.最后一则消息,中国第二大移动电话运营商,中国联通下月将开始销售iPhone4。联通公司还同苹果公司商定了iPad的计划,但洽谈还未有任何进展。Those are your headlines for today. Im Jeff Bakalar for CNet.com, and you have just been loaded.这些就是今天的头条新闻。我是CNet.com的Jeff Bakalar,感谢您的收看。Hey, I am Tom Merritt, host of Cnets Top 5. You know, there are many more than 5 reasons why you might wanna watch Top 5, you can get a load of the best gadgets out there, the most popular ones, the worst downloads, top TV Robots and there is always a chance you could win fabulous prizes. Check out Cnet Top 5 at cnet.com/top 5.你好,我是Tom Merritt,欢迎收看Cnet的Top 5。收看Top 5的理由肯定不止5个,你可以了解一些小玩意儿的最新资讯,哪个最流行,哪个最差,收看这档节目你还有可能获得小礼品。欢迎登陆cnet.come观看Top 5。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201207/192399

ON MARCH 15th the former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, will start to serve a 14-year sentence for corruption in a federal low-security prison. In this part of America, he is ting a well-worn path. Over four decades, four governors (out of seven) have been convicted of corruption.伊利诺斯州前州长罗德bull;布拉格耶维奇因在联邦低安全级别监狱中工作腐败,于3月15日开始为期14年的刑罚。在美国的这个地区,他走过了一条曲折的道路。在过去的四十年中,4个州长(共有7个)都因腐败而被定罪。A new report, by Dick Simpson and his colleagues at the University of Chicago, documents the extent to which the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago have been hotbeds of corruption. Chicago, they conclude, has the dubious distinction of being the federal district with the most convictions since 1976.在芝加哥大学迪克bull;辛普森和他的同事们一份新的报告中,他们描绘了作为滋生腐败的温床伊利诺斯州和芝加哥已经到了何种程度。他们宣称,从1976年开始芝加哥就很可能是美联邦中高犯罪率地区,而它也因此显著区别与其他地区。Since then, 1,828 elected officials, appointees, government employees and a few private individuals have been convicted of corruption in Illinois, and 84% of these were in its Northern District;a judicial zone which contains the entire Chicago metropolitan area. During this time around one-third of the cityrsquo;s aldermen have been convicted of corruption. No mayors have been convicted or indicted;not even Bill Thompson, who was backed by Al Capone.从那之后,1828名选举官员、指派官员、政府雇员和一小部分私人个体都因在伊利诺斯州实施腐败而被治罪。他们中的84%都来自于州北部地区;;这是一块包含芝加哥所有繁华区域的司法区。如今整个城市已经有1/3的商人都被定为腐败罪。没有一个市长因腐败被定罪或起诉,甚至在阿尔bull;卡彭持下的比尔bull;汤普森也不例外。Although Chicago is the capital of corruption, the state of Illinois as a whole ranks only third in the country;after the much more populous states of New York and California. But the report documents a pattern of crime that has become synonymous with the Chicago or Illinois ;way; of doing things. All the corrupt governors and 26 of the aldermen had tried to extract bribes from builders, developers, business owners and those seeking to do business with the city or the state. Those who paid bribes either assumed, or were told, that payment was necessary for zoning changes, building permits or any other government action.虽然芝加哥身为腐败之都,但是伊利诺斯州在全国的腐败排名位居第三;;纽约州和加利福尼亚州在这点上更为众望所归。不过报告中描述了一种犯罪方式,这种方式与芝加哥和伊利诺斯州行事方式有相似之处。所有行为腐败的市长和市参议员(市议会长老议员)都曾向建筑商、发展商、大商人以及意欲与城市或者州进行生意交易的人索取过贿赂。这些被索取贿赂的人认为,也有其他人告诉他们,那些作为贿赂的钱财都是为地区改变、建筑许可或是其他任何政府行为所必须的。Mr Blagojevich, notoriously, sought money in exchange for an appointment to a seat in the Senate. Other convictions may have been less spectacular, but the pattern of pay-offs for political favours has prevailed in these parts for 150 years.布拉格耶维奇寻找钱财为了在议会中享有一席之地的事情已经臭名昭著。他的其他罪名没有这么严重,但是通过金钱来交换政治这种方式已经在这个地区盛行了150年了。A project under way by the State Integrity Investigation, due out on March 19th, notes that some changes have been made in the light of past scandals. Mr Simpson thinks the ultimate solution lies in ending the culture of corruption, which would include prohibiting patronage (something he says is on the decline anyway), nepotism and the holding of two government jobs at the same time.国家正义调查局正进行一个于3月19号结束的项目,他们发现在过去的丑闻影响下,一些变化悄然兴起。辛普森先生认为禁止任命职务(他说这个已经在不断减少)、任人唯亲以及同时就职于政府两个职位,这才是断绝腐败问题的最终解决方案。Corruption has cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and sapped faith in government. Both the new governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, and the new mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, have shown a willingness to reform. Many of Mr Emanuelrsquo;s early executive orders are designed to improve transparency and accountability. But Mr Simpson says too many loopholes remain. The devil, as ever, is in the detail.腐败问题以纳税人数以百万计的金钱作为代价,并且使得公众丧失了对政府的信任。伊利诺斯州的新州长奎恩和芝加哥的新市长拉姆bull;伊曼纽尔都表示了改革的决心。伊曼纽尔先生早期的行政命令也意在提高政府行政的透明度和信任感。但是辛普森先生说这个体制还是有太多的漏洞,而最终的魔鬼,仍然是在细节上。201203/173109

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