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The savings mistakes range from directly buying company stock to not saving for retirement.Here are the worst savings mistakes that you may be making:存钱的误区有很多,包括直接购买公司股票、放弃存储退休金等。下面列举一些大家可能正在迈入的存钱误区:1.You don#39;t have a savings account.1.没有储蓄账户Just 51 percent of American families have a savings account, according to the Fed#39;s survey. Having a savings account is critical for being able to save over the long term.根据美联储调查,仅有51%的美国家庭拥有储蓄账户。从长远考虑,拥有储蓄账户对于存钱非常重要。2.You aren#39;t saving for retirement.2.放弃储蓄退休金Only 35 percent of families have an employer retirement plan, 28 percent of them have an individual retirement account (IRA), and 13 percent have both types of accounts, according to the Fed#39;s survey.根据美联储调查显示,仅有35%的美国家庭可以享受企业养老金计划,28%的家庭拥有私人养老金账户(IRA),13% 的家庭两种都有。3.You have bought a few stocks directly from the stock market.3.直接从股市购进股票29 percent of families directly hold one stock, and 53 percent of families directly hold 2 to 9 stocks, according to the Fed#39;s survey. People that aren#39;t investing for a living are likely to lose money by buying individual stocks because they are being outsmarted by professional traders, high-frequency traders, and professional investors that have studied companies#39; fundamentals closely. Diversification, on the other hand, insulates you from individual companies#39; mistakes and allows you to benefit from the economy#39;s general growth.根据美联储调查显示,29%的家庭直接持有一股票,53%的家庭直接持有2到9股票。为投资获利而购买个股很容易赔钱,因为一般人很难胜过专业人士,这些职业操盘手、高频交易员和职业投资人早已把各个公司的经营状况仔细研究过了。从另一方面来讲,多元化的投资方式会让你免受私人企业失误的牵连,而且会让你享受整体经济增长所带来的好处。4.You chose your bank because it is close to you, not because of what it has to offer.4.选择只为方便,而不是它为你所带来利益。46 percent of households said they chose the location of their checking account because of the ;location of their offices,; according to the Fed#39;s survey. Convenience is good, but it#39;s even better to not have to pay crazy fees.根据美联储调查显示,46%的家庭表示他们选择存款的依据是“公司所在地”。方便固然很好,但是如果还不用缴纳高额的费用岂不是更好。5.You don#39;t have a checking account.5.没有活期存款10 percent of families do not have a checking account, 59 percent of whom are in the bottom income quintile, 51 percent are headed by someone younger than age 45, and 66 percent of whom were minorities, according to the Fed#39;s survey. Having a checking account is important for keeping track of your finances.根据美联储调查显示,全国10%的家庭没有活期存款,其中的59%都是收入最低五分之一家庭,另外51%为年龄在45岁以下人口,在这群人中,66%为少数裔。拥有活期存款对于保自己的财政状况非常重要。 /201207/189592

Sudan has ordered between 12,000 and 15,000 South Sudanese to leave Kosti, a river port in White Nile state, by Saturday, after declaring a state of emergency in border areas where it has been fighting its neighbor for more than a month.苏丹下令大约1万2千到1万5千名南苏丹人在星期六前离开白尼罗州的河港城市库斯提。此前苏丹和邻国南苏丹在边境地区交战一个多月后,宣布边境地区进入紧急状态。But aid agencies that have been helping people return to newly independent South Sudan say the May 5 deportation deadline is impossible due to a lack of adequate transport.但一直在协助人们返回新近独立的南苏丹的援助机构说,因为缺乏运输工具,要在5月5日的期限前让所有人都回到南苏丹是不可能的。South Sudan’s government spokesman, Barnaba Marial Benjamin, said Wednesday that Sudan has asked charities to leave and stopped aid agencies from delivering vital food, health and water to the camps, even removing their supplies.南苏丹政府的发言人本杰明星期三说,苏丹中断援助机构向难民营运送基本粮食、卫生用品和水,并搬走了他们的补给品,让这群十分脆弱的人陷入重大危险。;Our concern is that these people might actually be killed, as the government of Sudan is not caring for them anymore,; said Benjamin, explaining that Khartoum#39;s demands leave the aid-dependent population stranded in serious danger. ;Here they have stopped the organizations giving them food ... they are preventing them to get drinking water.;本杰明说:“这些人是可能失去性命的。我们的担心是这些人可能会被杀死,因为苏丹政府根本不再关心人们。他们不让这里的救援组织送粮食给人们。第二是他们真的将店里所有粮食搬走,不让人们获得饮用水。如果人们出去被发现就得冒着被逮捕的风险。但这些人带着所有家当在那里已经将近一年。他们在等接驳船来把他们带回南苏丹。”In the last year, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has helped almost 50,000 people resettle or return to South Sudan from the north, where about 350,000 Southerners remain.去年,国际移民组织帮助在苏丹的将近5万人重返南苏丹或重新安顿。苏丹境内大约还有35万南苏丹人。According to IOM, a best case scenario for moving up to 15,000 people would take up to four months, require 24 passenger barges and 60 for belongings if people reduced their luggage.国际移民组织说,迁移最多1万5千人会需要4个月的时间,需要24艘接驳船载人,而如果人们减轻一些行李的话,同时还需要60艘接驳船载行李。The IOM fears that if people end up having to travel by bus or on foot, they will be forced to leave their possessions behind and start their new lives in the impoverished South with nothing.国际移民组织担心,如果最后人们必须依靠巴士或徒步旅行,他们就不得不丢下个人财物,到贫困的南苏丹从零开始新生活。More than 375,000 people have returned to South Sudan since October 2010, three months before Southerners voted overwhelmingly for independence in a referendum.从2010年10月后已经有超过37万5千人返回南苏丹,在那3个月后南苏丹在一次公投中以压倒性投票通过独立。Despite a peaceful split from Sudan in July after five decades of intermittent civil war, the two nations have yet to agree on borders, citizenship rights, and how to share oil revenue.苏丹经历了50年断断续续的内战,尽管南苏丹去年7月从苏丹和平独立出来,但两个国家还没对边界、公民权利以及如何分享石油收益达成共识。Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir was due to sign agreements with his southern counterpart Salva Kiir to protect the “four freedoms” of each other’s citizens and start border demarcation on April 3.苏丹总统巴希尔原来预计在4月3日和南苏丹总统基尔签署协议,以保障两国国民的“四种自由”,并开始划界。But clashes around oil-rich border areas started days before the scheduled meeting and have since escalated, sparking fears the two sides could return to all-out war.但在会议的前几天产油地区爆发冲突,各界对双方重返全面交战状态的担忧升高。 /201205/180481

Celebrity divorces always hit the headlines as much as their luxurious weddings. With the sad end of a relationship, their photos hand-in-hand, diamond wedding rings or sweet kisses live on only in old magazines. In second half of 2010, we are sorry to find that five celebrity couples got divorced.明星的分手同他们的奢华婚礼一样引人关注。一段恋情宣告结束,过去杂志中十指相扣,结婚钻戒,以及甜蜜亲吻的种种照片便瞬间成为过去。2010年下半年,我们又无奈地看到了五对明星夫妻分手的消息。1. Christina Aguilera amp; Jordan Bratman克里斯蒂娜#8226;阿奎莱与乔丹#8226;布拉特曼Christina Aguilera has filed for divorce from her husband.克里斯蒂娜#8226;阿奎莱宣布与丈夫离婚。Christina - who married Jordan Bratman in 2005 after dating him for three years - has cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the couple`s split. Christina said on October 12, 2010, that she and her music executive husband, Jordan Bratman, have separated after nearly five years of marriage. She said: "Although Jordan and I are separated, our commitment to our son Max remains as strong as ever."克里斯蒂娜与乔丹#8226;布拉特曼在约会三年后,于2005年结婚,五年后二人又以“无法调合的分歧”为理由宣布离婚。2010年10月12日,克里斯蒂娜宣布与音乐制作人兼丈夫乔丹之间近五年的婚姻走到尽头。她表示:“尽管乔丹和我已经分开了,但是我们仍会一如既往地对儿子马克思负起责任。” /201012/120473

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