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富阳无疼人流手术费用富阳怀孕多久做人流最适合Scientists have used cloning technology to transform human skin cells into embryonic stem cells, an experiment that may revive the controversy over human cloning.科学家利用克隆技术将人体皮肤细胞转化为胚胎干细胞。这一实验可能再次引发有关克隆人的争论。The researchers stopped well short of creating a human clone. But they showed, for the first time, that it is possible to create cloned embryonic stem cells that are genetically identical to the person from whom they are derived.研究人员的成果距创造出克隆人还很遥远,但他们首次表明,创造出同人类基因完全相同的克隆胚胎干细胞是可能的。这些胚胎干细胞就来自人类。These stem cells can go on to differentiate into heart, nerve, muscle, bone and all the other tissue types that make up a human body.这些干细胞可以分化成心脏、神经、肌肉、骨骼和其它所有组成人体的组织型。Since the birth of Dolly the sheep in 1996, researchers have cloned about 20 different species, including rabbits, goats, cows and cats. Yet they so far have been unable to create biologically identical copies of any monkey or primate, including humans, possibly because their reproductive biology is more complicated.自1996年克隆绵羊多莉(Dolly)诞生以来,研究人员已经克隆出大约20个不同物种,包括兔子、山羊、奶牛和猫。然而研究人员至今无法创造出在生物性上完全相同的猴子或灵长类动物(包括人类)的克隆体,原因可能在于这些生物的生殖生物学更复杂。But the refinements described in the latest experiment suggest that #39;it#39;s a matter of time before they produce a cloned monkey,#39; said Jose Cibelli, a cloning expert at Michigan State University, who wasn#39;t involved in the study. It also means, he added, #39;that they are one step closer to where the efficiency is high enough that someone is willing to try#39; to clone a person, though that remains a distant─and disturbing─prospect.但密歇根州立大学(Michigan State University)克隆专家奇贝利(Jose Cibelli)说,上述最新实验所描述的种种改进表明,研究人员创造出一只克隆猴只是时间问题。奇贝利没有参与这项实验。他还说,这同时意味着这些研究人员距离有人愿意尝试克隆人只有一步之遥,虽然克隆人还是一个遥远且令人不安的前景。The experiment was published online Wednesday in the journal Cell. It was funded by Oregon Health and Science University and a grant from Leducq Foundation of France.实验过程周三发布在专业期刊《细胞》(Cell)杂志的网站上。这项研究由俄勒冈健康与科学大学(Oregon Health and Science University)资助,法国勒迪克基金会(Leducq Foundation)提供赠款。The researchers weren#39;t simply trying to reach a cloning milestone. Instead, they were looking for a better way to make fresh human tissue for the treatment of severe injuries or disease.研究人员并不只是试图达到克隆科学的一座里程碑。相反,他们正在寻找一种更好的方法以培养新鲜的人体组织,并将其用于治疗严重伤害或疾病。Lab-grown tissue has the potential to transform medicine, though it is still a long way from routine clinical use. For example, fresh nerve cells could alleviate spinal cord injuries, or newly made heart cells could repair a site scarred by a heart attack.实验室培养的组织有可能改变医学,但它距离临床常规使用还有很长的路要走。例如,新鲜的神经细胞可以减轻脊髓损伤,新培养的心脏细胞可以修复心脏病发作造成的创伤区域。One way to harvest fresh tissue is from human embryos. That is controversial because the embryos get destroyed in the process. Another way is to reprogram mature cells into an embryonic-like state, which can then be turned into other tissues of the body. But this method is relatively new and has yet to yield consistent results.获取新鲜组织的来源之一是人类胚胎。但这种做法存在争议,因为胚胎在这个过程中会被摧毁。另一种方法是将成熟细胞进行重新编码,继而改造成类似胚胎的状态。改造后的细胞随后可以变成身体其它组织。但是这种方法相对较新,目前尚未取得一致的结果。A third approach is to use cloning, as described in the Cell paper. This technique can yield fresh tissue that is an exact genetic match for the patient for whom it is intended.第三种方法是利用克隆技术,就像上述《细胞》杂志刊发的论文所描述的那样。这种技术可以产生在遗传上同病人完全匹配的新鲜组织。培养出的新鲜组织就是要用在同一病人身上。The scientists first removed the DNA from an unfertilized human egg, and then inserted a patient#39;s mature skin cell─containing the patient#39;s DNA─into that egg. Next, they prompted a chemical reaction, causing the cells to fuse and begin development.科学家首先从一个未受精的卵子中取出DNA,然后在卵子中植入含有病人DNA的成熟皮肤细胞。之后科学家触发一个化学反应,引发细胞融合、发育。That led to a blastocyst, a hollow ball of 50 to 100 cells. For a fetus to form, the blastocyst must be implanted in a womb. An inner clump of cells in the blastocyst goes on to form the embryo, while an outer layer goes on to make the placenta.这导致胚泡的形成。胚泡是含有50个至100个细胞的中空球。想要形成胎儿,胚泡必须植入子宫。胚泡中的内层细胞随后形成胚胎,外层细胞则形成胎盘。For the tissue-growing experiment, the researchers focused on the clump of cells containing embryonic stem cells.对于培养组织的实验来说,研究人员关注的是含有胚胎干细胞的这群细胞。With the help of certain #39;growth#39; chemicals, they were able to transform the stem cells into #39;various cell lines and tissues, including beating human heart cells,#39; said Shoukhrat Mitalipov, a development biologist at Oregon Health and Science University, in Portland, Ore., and a lead author of the study.俄勒冈州波特兰市俄勒冈健康与科学大学的发育生物学家米塔利波夫(Shoukhrat Mitalipov)说,在某些“增长”化学物质的帮助下,他们能够将干细胞变成各种细胞系和组织,包括人类心脏细胞。米塔利波夫是该研究的主要作者之一。The achievement is a long way from creating a cloned human embryo.研究人员所取得的成就距离创造克隆人类胚胎还有很长的路。Even if the entire blastocyst had been implanted into a womb, it wouldn#39;t have yielded a human clone. The blastocyst was #39;missing a few cell types that it would need to implant,#39; as well as suffering other deficiencies, said Dr. Mitalipov.即使整个胚泡被植入子宫,它也不会产生出克隆人。米塔利波夫士说,胚泡还缺少一些其需要植入的细胞类型,同时也存在其它缺陷。Never mind the prospect of cloned humans; despite years of experiments, scientists have failed to clone monkeys.就更不用提克隆人的前景了──尽管经过多年实验,科学家还未能成功克隆猴子。Dr. Mitalipov said his lab had tried transplanting entire blastocysts into a monkey#39;s womb, but those experiments hadn#39;t yielded a single successful pregnancy.米塔利波夫士说,他的实验室曾尝试将整个胚泡植入猴子的子宫,但这些实验尚未形成一次成功的妊娠。#39;We don#39;t know why this is,#39; said Dr. Mitalipov. #39;You can make embryonic stem cells but it doesn#39;t mean the embryo will implant.#39;米塔利波夫士说,我们不知道这是为什么,你可以创造出胚胎干细胞,但这并不意味着胚胎能够被植入。He speculates that one reason why it may be more difficult to clone monkeys and humans is because the egg cells are more fragile than those of other species.他推测克隆猴子和人类的难度更大的原因之一可能是和其它物种相比,猴子和人类的卵细胞更脆弱。Dr. Mitalipov#39;s main goal is to use cloning to treat illnesses. He next plans to use lab-made tissue and see if he can successfully treat a degenerative, blindness-causing eye disease in monkeys.米塔利波夫士的主要目标是使用克隆技术治病。他下一步计划使用实验室培养的组织,并观察他是否能成功地治疗一种发生在猴子身上的、可导致失明的退行性疾病。 /201305/240315富阳哪家医院做腋臭微创手术好 Mike Senna, a computer programmer from Orange County, California, has spent the last two and a half years building a real-life Wall-E robot, from scratch. It moves around, rolls and talks, but he doesn#39;t collect trash.经过了两年半的努力,来自加州奥兰治县的电脑程序设计师麦克-森纳终于造出了一个真实版的机器人瓦力。它能动,能绕圈,能说话,不过还不会收集垃圾。In 2009, shortly after the movie Wall-E was launched, we featured some photos of cool Wall-E computer case mod, but that feat simply pales in comparison to Mike Senna#39;s awesome achievement.2009年,电影《机器人瓦力》上映不久,我们曾拍到过几张用电脑机箱搭建的瓦力照片。但在森纳所取得的无以伦比的成就面前,这些照片显得异常苍白。The robot aficionado spend between 3,200 and 3,800 man hours building his very own version of the adorable Pixar trash-collecting hero. His computer programming skills definitely came in handy, but seeing as there were no Wall-E parts available anywhere on this planet, he had to construct the whole thing from scratch. He worked on it about 25 hours a week, after his day job, but all the hard work certainly paid off.这个机器人狂人花费了3200到3800工时,来建造这个独一无二版的热衷于垃圾收集的皮克斯动画可爱主人公。森纳的计算机程序设计技术无疑派上了用场。不过鉴于在这个世界上还没有任何类似瓦力的存在,这一切都必须从零开始设计。森纳每天在白天的工作后开始动手制作瓦力,每周在这上面花费25小时,终于这辛苦的劳作获得了成功。This isn#39;t Mike Senna#39;s first robot, either. In 2003, he created his own version of R2D2, so he#39;s pretty well-known in select geek circles. His latest creation has started making appearances at various events, putting a smile on children#39;s faces and getting praised by adult geeks.这并不是森纳制造出的第一个机器人。2003年,他制造出了专属的《星球大战》中的R2D2机器人,因而在技术宅们的小众圈子里已经小有名气。这次他最新造出的真实版瓦力已经开始在各种场合登场得孩子们一笑,这同样也赢得了很多成年电脑迷的赞赏。 /201208/193996A decade ago, a group of Johns Hopkins University grad students tried to hack one of the first commercially popular Near Field Communication payment systems – the kind of technology at the heart of Apple’s new mobile payment system. It took a few thousand dollars in gear and a few months of work. But the system, ExxonMobil#39;s Speedpass, was entirely hackable.十年之前,一群约翰#8226;霍普金斯大学的研究生就已经在尝试攻击在商业领域处于比较流行的近距离无线通讯技术(NFC)为基础的付系统——这项技术就是苹果最新的移动付系统的核心所在。这群研究生花费了几千美元制作了一个小装置,并经过几个月的努力,最终使埃克森美孚公司的电子收费系统,被攻击得体无完肤。The key was reverse engineering the computer chip that broadcast the payment information for Speedpass. With hacking gear loaded into the back seat of an SUV, the students were able to spoof the Speedpass key fob.这次攻击之所以能够成功的关键之处在于使用了逆向工程(又称逆向技术,是一种产品设计技术再现过程,即对一项目标产品进行逆向分析及研究,从而演绎并得出该产品的处理流程、组织结构、功能特性及技术规格等设计要素,以制作出功能相近,但又不完全一样的产品。),使得计算机芯片中关于电子收费系统的付信息流出。通过可以放置在越野车后座上的这种装置,这群研究生可以不费吹灰之力地恶搞埃克森美孚公司的电子付密钥卡。“We could then just go out and buy things in your name,” recalled Matthew Green, now a research professor at Johns Hopkins’ who specializes in cryptography. “It was a fun project.”“我们可以出去用你们的名义买各种东西。”现任约翰#8226;霍普金斯大学专门从事密码学的研究教授Matthew Green回想起当初的经历,“那真是个非常有趣的实验。”That may sound like a cautionary tale about the security of Apple Pay, which the company announced to fanfare on Tuesday as an efficient, secure new way to pay for a wide range of goods. But in fact, experts are excited about Apple Pay, arguing that it may herald a new era in transaction security and help end the rash of data breaches that have hit major retailers in recent years.对于苹果付技术的安全性而言,这听起来就像一个警示。在星期二的苹果发布会上,苹果公司宣称,全新、高效而又安全的付手段——Apple付可以购买绝大部分商品。专家们对于这项技术激动地赞不绝口,谈论着这项技术是将安全交易带入了一个新的时代,并可以终结数据泄漏,这“老大难”的问题,让最近几年遭受打击的绝大部分零售商看到了一丝曙光。Why?那其中的原因是什么呢?For starters, there are crucial differences between a Speedpass key fob and the iPhone that will be at the heart of Apple Pay. A key fob is dumb; it can transmit information but can’t do much else. An iPhone is smart; it can transmit information but also ask its user questions, such as: Do you really want to buy worth of gas? To complete the transaction, the owner of the iPhone will have to confirm payment by placing a finger on the iPhone’s fingerprint er, which comes standard on the iPhone 5S, as well the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.首先,决定性的差距就在电子收费密钥卡与苹果付的依托工具-----iPhone之间。密钥卡是不会说话的,它除了传递着信息之外,没有丝毫其他的用处,但是一台iPhone是非常智能的。它不仅仅能传递信息还能够对使用者的行为进行再一次确认,比如:你真的打算买价值75美元的汽油吗? iPhone的主人还要通过将手指放在Home键上完成指纹认,才能完成本次交易。这项指纹识别技术从5S上就已经开始使用了,在最新的iPhone6和iPhone6 Plus上也同样适用。This two-step process, experts say, could mark a major step forward in security of billions of dollars of transactions every day, particularly in the ed States where antiquated credit card technology – long replaced in much of the world – is still the norm. This offers criminals mass hacking opportunities, as Target, Neiman Marcus, Home Depot and their customers have learned to their great dismay.专家们认为,这两步走的程序,为涉及巨额资金的交易提供了足够的安全保障,因此,这项技术是交易领域长足的进步。尤其对于美国而言,过时的信用卡技术在世界上正在逐渐被取代,这是个漫长的过程,所以,信用卡技术依旧还是目前常见的、规范性的交易手段。这给犯罪分子提供了大量可以用计算机进行黑客攻击的机会,作为已被黑客攻击过的倒霉鬼,尼曼,家得宝等大牌公司还有他们的消费者们都深受其害。But more secure – even much more secure – is not the same as totally secure. Again, Apple offers a useful example. Security experts say iPhones are, in general, more secure than Android phones from viruses, hacks and government surveillance. But that superior security didn’t stop some sleazy, tenacious criminals from finding a way to steal intimate pictures from dozens of Hollywood celebrities and post them online.但是,更安全,甚至是更加更加安全都不能等同于绝对安全。苹果最近就再一次成为了“反面教材”。虽然安全学专家声称,从病毒、黑客攻击、政府管制等各个角度来说,苹果系统大体上是比安卓系统安全性更强的。但超强的安全系统依旧没能挡住一些庸俗而又顽强的犯罪分子,他们找到了某种方法窃取了十多位好莱坞明星的私密照并将其放到了网站上。(这就是最近闹得沸沸扬扬的“好莱坞艳照门事件”。)The weak point in Apple’s photo security, several experts have concluded, was not the iPhones used for taking many of the pictures; instead it was Apple’s iCloud service, which is both newer and, less secure than the iPhone itself.对于苹果照片安全性不足的弱点,各位专家已经得出结论,问题不在于iPhone本身拍摄照片的原因,而是因为苹果云务,它比苹果机子年轻许多,因而更比机子本身缺少了一些安全性。So what is the weak point in Apple Pay? Again, the iPhone itself has a strong set of security systems. The same may not be true of your thumb. People leave fingerprints everywhere, especially on the glass surfaces of their smartphones. Could somebody steal your thumb print and verify a purchase on Apple Pay without the actual iPhone’s owner knowing?那么,Apple付的软肋又在哪里?苹果机子本身拥有一套行之有效的安全系统装置。但你的指纹是可以造假的。人们总会不经意间在四处留下自己的指纹,尤其在他们智能手机的玻璃表面。有人能够偷取你的指纹,并在你毫不知情的情况下,使用你的手机验并购买商品吗?(我们不得而知。) /201409/328989杭州市富阳区妇幼保健体检多少钱

富阳市妇幼保健院怎么去Ryan Hoover is the envy of entrepreneurs around the country. Many startups toil for years, burning through millions of investment dollars, to get the kind of recognition Hoover’s startup has garnered in just nine months. What’s worse, he’s done it with a flimsy Reddit knock-off website his team built in less than a week. That site, called Product Hunt, has captured the attention, and as of today, the investment dollars, of Silicon Valley’s most influential power brokers.莱恩·胡佛是全美所有企业家艳羡的对象。许多初创公司摸爬滚打数年、烧掉数百万美元的投资才能得到的认可度,胡佛的初创公司却在短短九个月内就已牢牢在握。更让人不忿的是,他做到这一切所凭借的,不过是一个抄袭社交新闻网站Reddit创意的粗劣网站,而且他的团队只用了不到一个星期就搭建起了这个网站。但是这个名为Product Hunt的网站却得到了硅谷最有影响力的权力掮客们的关注,最近更是从他们那里获得了真金白银的投资。Venture investors like Hunter Walk, Dave McClure, David Tisch, and Mashable founder Pete Cashmore use Product Hunt to discover new products, and founders like Dennis Crowley (Foursquare), Dave Morin (Path), and Mark Cuban (AXS TV) have jumped in to discuss their products. The site has 250,000 monthly unique visitors and has sent 1.7 million visits to products in the last month. More than 51,000 people the site’s newsletter with a 41% open rate.像亨特o沃克、戴夫o麦克卢尔、大卫o蒂希、互联网新闻客Mashable创始人皮特o卡什莫尔等,这些风险投资人会利用Product Hunt来发现新产品;而丹尼斯o克罗利(Foursquare)、大卫o莫林(Path)、马克o库班(AXS TV)等创始人则会参与其中,讨论自己的产品。该网站每月的绝对访客达到了25万人,并在过去一个月里,为各类产品总共输送了170万次的访问量。网站推送的新闻通讯邮件读者逾5.1万人,点击率达41%。Anecdotally, the purveyors of the top products of each day report they’ve been flooded with inbound interest from investors and potential partners. Aly dozens of members have hacked together Web tools based on the site’s API. The site grows by 70% each month. Founders are whispering that placement on Product Hunt has replaced TechCrunch as their preferred method of announcing their launch.有意思的是,那些每日精选的顶尖产品的出品方们纷纷表示,投资者和潜在合作伙伴纷沓而来,对他们倾注的兴趣简直足以将他们淹没。已有数十名该网站的用户利用该网站的API做成了各式各样的衍生网络工具。网站以每个月70%的速度保持着增长。各方创始人私下表示,在Product Hunt上发布消息已经取代科技客TechCrunch,成为了他们更为青睐的公布产品上线的方式。So how did Hoover do it? Good timing, mixed with some email hustle and community-building prowess, topped off with a master class in positivity.那么胡佛是怎么做到这一切的?就是:好的时机加上若干电子邮件推送技巧,以及出色的社区建设能力,最后再借助一批形象正面的大师级人物的帮助。As it turns out, the tech community was hungry for a new gathering place, and Product Hunt played directly into its desire. Hacker News, the message board of accelerator program Y Combinator, has long been the de facto online community for Silicon Valley startups. Earlier this year, Y Combinator’s president, Sam Altman, said he thought the message board might be with 0 million.事实表明,科技界亟需一处新的聚集地,而Product Hunt的出现正好满足了这一需求。长久以来,企业孵化器Y Combinator设立的网络留言板Hacker News一直是硅谷各初创公司实际上的线上社区。今年上半年,Y Combinator的总裁萨姆o阿尔特曼就曾说过,他估计这个留言板上的用户群体整体价值可能有5亿美元。But in recent years, the community has devolved into petty negativity and occasionally hostile commentary. Last month, the prominent venture capitalist Marc Andreessen took to the message board to ask how it had evolved from a Y Combinator discussion board to “the discussion board where the first comment on any post involving a YC company is reliably someone crapping on it.”但是近几年来,这处线上社区已经沦落为一处充斥着负面情绪的地方,不时还会出现一些带有敌意的。上个月,知名风险投资家马克o安德里森在这处留言板上诘问道,这里怎么从Y Combinator的讨论板演变成了“任何YC公司相关帖下的第一条一定是有人在对该公司狂喷的讨论板”。“What an amazing shift,” he wrote.“这实在是种很神奇的转变。”他写道。Product Hunt did not intend to be the anti-Hacker News, but in many ways that’s what it has become. It is hardly a freewheeling anonymous community. The site has grown very carefully, by inviting a group of Valley influencers curated by Hoover and his team to join and comment. Outsiders can up-vote products, but only invitees can comment. Because the commenters are mostly public-facing figures like investors, journalists, and prominent founders in the tech community, they’re more likely to keep negative comments to themselves rather than trash something. That doesn’t scale well, so Hoover has decided the best way to grow is to let commenters invite friends into the commenting pool.Product Hunt并没有打算在各方面与Hacker News反其道而行,但是就很多方面而言,它现在所扮演的却正是这样的角色。这里基本不是一个自由自在的匿名社区。该网站发展得十分谨慎,在胡佛及其团队的精心策划下,邀请了一批硅谷的影响力人士成为用户并发表。其他人可以投票赞同某产品,但只有受邀用户才能发表。由于者多为投资者、记者和科技界知名创始人这样的公众人物,他们更愿意收起自己的负面,而不是随意乱喷。但是这种模式并不利于网站的拓展,因此胡佛决定,最佳的发展方式就是允许这些者邀请自己的朋友参与。The infectious positive attitude of Hoover and his nine-person team comes through on the site and in its community. They chime in frequently with positive feedback, curate themed newsletters, host personal, jokey podcasts, and gather influencers together for brunch events. You can tell they genuinely love apps, and in turn, they’ve attracted a community of app-lovers.胡佛及其9人团队的积极态度成功地感染了整个网站和社区。他们经常在讨论中插入一些正面的回应,策划不同主题的新闻通讯,主持轻松幽默的个人播客,还召集影响力人士聚餐。你可以看出他们是发自真心地热爱应用程序,并因此吸引了另一批应用程序的爱好者。Product Hunt hasn’t gone without notice on Hacker News. A post on Hacker News announcing the site was met with criticism of its design. When the company joined Y Combinator, the top comment on Hacker News asked, “How is Product Hunt even a business?” calling the decision “another disappointing move.”Product Hunt的发展也在Hacker News上引起了关注。Hacker News上一个公布Product Hunt上线消息的帖子里,者们对其网站设计进行了抨击。在公司在加入Y Combinator时,Hacker News上被顶到首位的质问道:“Product Hunt竟然也能算得上是一项业务?”并称这一决策为“又一次令人失望的行动”。Ever positive, Hoover says the business question is “a valid piece of criticism.” He acknowledges that a business catering to the small tech and startup community doesn’t seem like a billion-dollar idea. Further, “[Hacker News members] might see Product Hunt as a copycat,” he says. “We’re not solving a clear, obvious need, like ‘This saves lives,’ or, ‘This has X million in revenue per month.’ Obviously there is skepticism.” But he counters that any investment in a consumer-facing tech startup, including Facebook and Twitter, is less obvious in the beginning. “It’s very much based on emotions,” he says.永远保持积极态度的胡佛表示,大家提到的业务问题是“一条有意义的批评”。他承认,Product Hunt只是为科技界和初创界的小规模社区提供务,这听起来确实不像一个价值百万美元的创意。不仅如此,“(Hacker News的用户)可能把Product Hunt看作是山寨货,”他说,“我们并不是在解决一项清晰明确的需求,类似于‘这能拯救生命’或者‘这能在每个月创收几百万’等等。这自然会引发外界的质疑。”但是他反驳道,包括Facebook和Twitter在内,任何投给面向消费者的科技初创公司的投资,在最初都是比较盲目的。“这是很受情感驱使的决定。”他说。He has plans to expand Product Hunt into other categories, including gaming, an industry he’s familiar with as a consumer and as director of product at PlayHaven. As for the business model, Hoover imagines Product Hunt will monetize with a fairly straightforward advertising model. Today the site makes opportunistic revenue through job postings. Eventually, Hoover says he’d like to see Product Hunt own the transaction part of its recommendations, allowing people to directly buy the digital products they find on the site.他计划进一步拓展Product Hunt,涉足其他数个领域,其中也包括游戏。作为一名消费者和手游平台PlayHaven的产品总监,他对这个行业十分熟悉。至于具体的商业模式,胡佛的设想是,Product Hunt会通过相当直接的广告模式来实现货币化。目前,该网站是通过发布招聘信息获取投机收入的。胡佛表示,他希望Product Hunt到最后能够实现站内推荐产品的交易环节,让人们能在站内直接购买他们在这里找到的数码产品。But Hoover doesn’t have to worry about money just yet. Today, he will reveal that Product Hunt has raised million in venture funding from A-Grade Investments (the investment fund of Ashton Kutcher), Cowboy Ventures, CrunchFund, Google Ventures, Greylock Discovery Fund, Slow Ventures, SV Angel, betaworks, Tradecraft, Vayner RSE, and Ludlow Ventures as well as angel investors Abdur Chowdhury, Andrew Chen, Brenden Mulligan, Jack Altman, Naval Ravikant, NirEyal and Y Combinator (summer 2014 batch; its sum includes the standard YC investment.) The company also announced an iPhone app, built by iOS developer David McKinney, which adapts the site’s functions for mobile devices.不过胡佛目前还不必为钱的事发愁。他在8月21日公开宣布,Product Hunt已经募得了100万美元的资金,投资方有A级投资(A-Grade Investments,阿什顿o库彻创立的投资基金)、牛仔风投(Cowboy Ventures)、CrunchFund、谷歌风投(Google Ventures)、格雷洛克发现基金(Greylock Discovery Fund)、慢风投(Slow Ventures)、天使投资公司SV Angel、创业工厂兼风投公司Betaworks、Tradecraft、Vayner RSE和勒德洛风投(Ludlow Ventures),此外还有天使投资方阿卜杜勒o乔杜里、陈春、布伦登o穆里根、杰克o奥尔特曼、纳瓦尔o拉维坎特、尼尔o厄雅和Y Combinator(2014年夏季入驻;总额中包括标准的YC投资额)。该公司还发布了一款iPhone应用,开发方为iOS开发人员戴维o麦金尼,让该网站的功能在移动设备上也能正常使用。Product Hunt’s beauty is in its simplicity, which means the site can easily be copied. Hoover believes its real value is in the high-quality community he’s attracted. Keeping the community’s quality high as he attempts to break into the mainstream may be his greatest challenge. He believes Product Hunt can tap into a market of app-lovers who don’t consider themselves early adopters but are anyway. Given how pervasive smartphones are today, “the early adopter thing is shrinking,” he says.Product Hunt之美在于一切从简,而这意味着该网站很容易遭到复制。胡佛认为,Product Hunt的真正价值在于他所吸引来的高质量用户社区。在试图打入主流领域的同时继续保持社区的高质量水准,这或许就是他所面对的最大挑战。他相信Product Hunt能够打入应用爱好者的市场,这些爱好者并不把自己视作早期采用者(译注:指具有冒险精神、喜欢尝试新产品的人),但不管怎样他们的确就是。鉴于智能手机如今已是如此无处不在,“所谓的早期采用者已经越来越少了,”他说道。 /201408/323611春江街道妇女医院看产科需要多少钱 The release of Apple’s latest mobile software system, iOS 8, was riddled with major bugs, and Apple customers actually seem to care. They are adopting the new software update more slowly than they did past releases.苹果(Apple)发布的最新移动软件系统iOS 8出现了各种重大漏洞,而苹果用户似乎对此相当在意。与该公司过去发布新系统时相比,用户现在更新软件的步伐要慢得多。The company said on a webpage that as of Sunday 47 percent of Apple mobile devices are running iOS 8 after it was released about two and a half weeks ago. That is much lower adoption rate than that of the previous version, iOS 7, which was running on about 70 percent of device about two and a half weeks after its release, according to an estimate by Mixpanel. The blog MacRumors earlier spotted the statistic.苹果公司在网站上表示,该公司在大约两周半之前发布了iOS 8系统,截至周日,47%的苹果移动设备运行了该系统。据Mixpanel估计,新系统的采用率远低于之前的iOS 7,在发布大约两周半后,iOS 7的采用率约为70%。客网站MacRumors早些时候公布了这一数据。There are a couple of popular theories for why people might be picking up iOS 8 more slowly. For one, they could have heard about the serious bugs, like the one that temporarily caused some users’ phones to stop working. For another, the software update requires a significant amount of storage on the device — about five gigabytes — when it is installed wirelessly over the Internet.至于人们更新步伐较慢的原因,有两种比较普遍的观点。一个原因是,他们可能对这些严重漏洞有所耳闻,比如有一个漏洞会导致一些用户的手机暂时停止运转。另一个原因是,通过网络无线安装升级软件要求设备拥有大量存储空间——大约5G。Why should anyone care? For Apple, it is a big plus when a large amount of people grab the latest iOS: The newest system is made to work best on newer phones, and that encourages people with older devices to eventually buy new ones. As for third-party software developers selling apps through Apple’s App Store, it is more efficient to focus on building apps for a single audience running the same software system.为什么大家会关心这个问题呢?对于苹果来说,如果大量用户采用新版iOS系统,这将是一个有利因素,新系统为新版iPhone量身制定,在新手机上使用效果最佳,这会促使使用旧设备的用户最终购买新设备。对于通过苹果App Store出售应用程序的第三方软件开发商而言,集中力量为使用同一软件系统的单一用户群开发应用会更有效率。“If you’re a developer, you want the largest possible base of devices to be able to use your app, but if half the people with iPhones are on iOS 7 or earlier, the addressable market becomes a lot smaller,” said Jan Dawson, an independent technology analyst for Jackdaw Research.Jackdaw Research公司独立技术分析师简·道森(Jan Dawson)表示,“如果你是开发商,你会希望尽可能多的设备能够使用你的应用,但如果一半的iPhone用户使用iOS 7或更早的版本,潜在市场会变得小很多。”Apple declined to comment. But the company is expected to release soon the next update, iOS 8.1, which will probably be more stable than the current one and could persuade more people to update.苹果公司拒绝置评。但该公司有望很快发布下一个更新软件iOS 8.1,该软件可能会比当前的版本稳定,或许能吸引更多人进行升级。 /201410/333775富阳那些妇科医院好

富阳地区市妇幼保健院做药物流产多少钱The face of Windows 8-the tablet-like, tile-based Start Screen that comes up every time you start a new PC-is nicely designed and works well on touch screens. But a lot of people hate it. They do almost all of their computing in the traditional Windows desktop environment, which has been demoted to secondary status in Windows 8. And they are annoyed that Microsoft has replaced the familiar Windows Start Menu with the Start Screen in Windows 8.现在每次启动一台新的PC电脑,就会进入Windows 8那平板风格、布满磁贴的开始屏幕(Start Screen)。这一界面设计精美,在触摸屏上运行顺畅。但很多人却讨厌它。因为这些用户几乎所有的电脑操作都在传统的Windows桌面环境下进行;而在Windows 8中,传统桌面已经沦为了第二界面。微软(Microsoft)在Windows 8里面用开始屏幕取代了这些用户熟悉的开始菜单,他们对此感到恼火。That means when you want to launch a new app that isn#39;t pinned to your taskbar, you have to jump back and forth between the desktop and the Start Screen, two radically different user experiences. It drives some folks crazy. They dearly miss the Start Button, which launched the Start Menu, at the left end of the taskbar.由于开始屏幕的存在,如果你想打开尚未固定到任务栏上的应用,你就得在桌面界面和开始屏幕这两种截然不同的用户体验中不断切换。这让很多人感到抓狂。他们非常怀念原先任务栏左侧的开始按键,只要一点就可以启动开始菜单。Microsoft is planning a revision of Windows 8, code-named #39;Windows Blue, #39; later this year that may smooth out the interaction between the two interfaces. But there#39;s been no promise that the company is dumping the Start Screen, refocusing on the desktop, or restoring the Start Menu.微软正打算在今年晚些时候推出代号为Windows Blue的修改版Windows 8,新系统可能会让两个界面之间的切换变得顺畅。但目前还没有迹象表明微软会放弃开始屏幕,重新专注于桌面界面,或是恢复开始菜单。If you#39;re a desktop and Start Menu lover using Windows 8, you don#39;t have to worry about Microsoft#39;s plans. That#39;s because ever since Windows 8 emerged in October, numerous third-party utilities have sprung up that restore the Start Menu, allow you to boot the PC directly into the desktop mode, and otherwise reassert the desktop#39;s primacy over the Start Screen. They essentially allow you to use Windows as you always have.如果你用着Windows 8,又锺爱桌面和开始菜单,你也并不需要因为微软的计划而担心。因为自从去年10月Windows 8发布以来,已经有为数众多的第三方软件不断涌现,这些软件可以恢复开始菜单,让你可以直接开机就进入桌面模式,或者让桌面界面取代开始屏幕重新成为默认界面。借助这些软件,你可以像以往一样使用Windows 8。This week, I tested two of these Start Menu add-ons and found each different, but both effective. If you don#39;t like these, there are many others to choose from.本周,我测试了其中两个开始菜单插件;虽然有所不同,但都行之有效。如果你不喜欢这两个插件,那还有其他诸多软件可以选择。Start8Start8插件This is a utility I found to be the best I tried at simply restoring the old Start Menu. If the price deters you, there#39;s a 30-day free trial. Start8 comes from a company called Stardock, which makes utilities and games.我觉得,这款售价五美元的工具软件是我用过的简便恢复传统开始菜单的最佳软件。如果你因为付费而犹豫,那也可以免费试用30天。Start8的开发商是一家叫Stardock的工具软件和游戏开发商。As soon as I downloaded and installed Start8, the old Start Menu was back. You can choose its taskbar icon-either a Windows 8 logo, the Start8 logo or a custom image, including ones that resemble the Start icons from older versions of Windows. A nicely designed, easy-to-use settings screen allows you to customize many other features of the Start Menu, desktop and computer.下载安装Start8之后,原先的开始菜单就回来了。你还可以选择任务栏图标,可以是Windows 8标志,也可以用Start8标志,或者自定义图标,包括一些类似更老版本Windows上开始按键的图标。通过设计精美、简单易用的设置屏幕,你可以自定义开始菜单、桌面和电脑的很多其他功能。One huge feature is the ability to boot directly into the traditional desktop once you#39;ve signed into your PC. So you don#39;t have to see the new Start Screen at all. This essentially makes your Windows 8 PC behave a lot like a Windows 7 machine. Start8 can be configured to look something like Windows 8#39;s #39;all apps#39; view, if you prefer, but I suspect most users will stick to its default Windows 7 style.一个非常棒的功能是,登入PC后,你可以开机直接进入传统的桌面,再也不是必须看到新的开始屏幕了。这让你的Windows 8电脑运行起来很像是Windows 7。如果你喜欢,也可以设置Start8,让界面看起来像Windows 8里“所有应用”的外观。但我怀疑大多数用户都会坚持用默认的Windows 7风格界面。The program allows you a host of other choices. You can pin apps to the top of it, show your user picture on it and change the behavior of the physical Windows key so it launches the Start8 instead of taking you to the ded Start Screen. You also can disable the various new Windows 8 controls that appear when you perform certain swipes or mouse movements.这个软件还可以让你有诸多其他选择。你可以把应用固定在它上面,在上面显示你的用户头像,改变Windows物理按键的功能设置,以便可以直接启动Start8菜单,而不用进入烦人的开始屏幕。你还可以取消在新Windows 8下某些动作或鼠标移动时出现的诸多功能控制。What if you want to be able to get to the Start Screen quickly and you#39;ve disabled all the usual ways to do it? Well, Start8#39;s comes by default with a link at the top to the Start Screen and it lets you directly launch the new-style Windows 8 apps.如果你想迅速切换到开始屏幕,而你又已经取消了所有常规设置,怎么办?Start8的菜单顶部有个默认设置,可以连接到开始屏幕,让你直接启动新风格的Windows 8的应用。Start8 worked very well and was worth . The company says it#39;s been downloaded five million times since Windows 8 launched. You can download it here.Start8用起来非常不错,五美元是物有所值。Stardock公司宣布,自Windows 8发布之后,这款软件下载量已经达到500万次。 点击这里下载。PokkiPokki插件If Start8 recreates the traditional Windows Start Menu, Pokki aims to modernize it. The free product, from a company called SweetLabs, does restore the Start Menu, but with an updated look and feel, as well as a built-in app store.如果说Start8再现了传统的Windows开始菜单,那么Pokki就是把开始菜单更新了。这款免费软件由一家叫SweetLabs的公司推出,不但恢复了开始菜单,还加入了更新的外观和体验,并且内置了一个应用商店。Pokki is a window that lists your program categories and recently used apps on the left, and favorite apps in a series of panels on the right. These right-hand panels, which you can flip through, resemble the screen of a smartphone or tablet, with apps represented by icons.Pokki通过一个窗口,在左侧显示你的软件类型以及最近打开软件,右侧以系列面板显示你最喜欢的应用。右侧的面板可以翻阅,应用以图标显示,很像是智能手机或平板的屏幕。The left-hand side is a list, with major categories for Favorites (the smartphone-type view), All Apps, and the Control Panel items.左侧则是一个列表,可以显示最爱软件(智能手机风格界面)、所有应用以及控制面板中的项目。There#39;s also an app store, which was Pokki#39;s main business before Windows 8 came along and opened the Start Menu opportunity. The apps Pokki offers are all free and many are like Web apps with the browser interface removed. I downloaded YouTube and Gmail, which behaved exactly as they did in a browser. Pokki hopes to make money from app developers.这个软件还内置了一个应用商店,在Window 8带来恢复开始菜单的需求之前,这是Pokki的主要业务。Pokki提供的应用都是免费的,很多就像是去除了浏览器界面的网页应用。我下载了YouTube和Gmail应用,运行起来完全跟在浏览器中运行一样。Pokki希望从应用开发商那里获取营收。When first installed, Pokki advertises its apps at the bottom of the Start Menu, but you can turn this off. You can#39;t, however, turn off the icon for the Pokki app store itself, though you can move it. Apps you buy from Pokki are automatically pinned to the taskbar, though you can unpin them.初次安装时,Pokki会在开始菜单底部推荐应用,但你可以关闭推荐广告。不过,你不能关闭Pokki应用商店的图标,但可以将其进行移动。你从Pokki购买的应用会自动固定到任务栏,你也可以取消固定。Pokki also has a smartphone-like notification system, that, in my tests, listed new messages in the Gmail app.Pokki还有类似智能手机的通知系统,在我的测试中,会列出Gmail应用中的新邮件。Like Start8, Pokki also allows you to boot directly into the desktop, skipping the Start Screen. You can set the Windows key to open Pokki, not the Start Screen.和Start8一样,Pokki也可以让你直接开机进入桌面,跳过开始屏幕。你可以把Windows按键设置为启动Pokki,而不是开始屏幕。To get quickly to the Start Screen, Pokki has an icon at the lower left. You can download Pokki here. The company says the product has been downloaded three million times since Windows 8 launched.为了迅速进入开始屏幕,Pokki在左下方设置了一个图标。点击这里下载。SweetLabs公司表示, Windows 8推出之后这款软件的下载量已经达到300万次。Bottom line: Whatever Microsoft does or doesn#39;t do later this year, you can get back your Start Menu and desktop supremacy in Windows 8, right now, with these utilities.结论:无论微软今年晚些时候是否恢复开始菜单,现在你就可以通过这些工具,在Windows 8上回到开始菜单和桌面模式。 /201305/240023 Amazon.com isn’t just a place to get books, music and other products that roll off assembly lines or stream online.亚马逊(Amazon.com)不再仅仅是一个可以在线购买图书、音乐或其他流水线上生产出来的产品的网站。Amazon said Monday that online shoppers will now be able to buy 3D printed products on-demand from a list of 200 different items like bobblehead dolls, miniature plastic swords and pet ID tags. The technology lets people customize their orders beyond what has been previously been possible on the online retailing site including bobbleheads made to look like family and friends.周一,亚马逊宣布,消费者现在可以定制200种不同的3D打印产品,如摇头娃娃、微型塑料剑和宠物名牌等。这项技术使消费者可以自定义自己的订单,不再局限于网站现售的商品。比如说,你可以根据家人和朋友的形象,订制摇头娃娃。 “The introduction of our 3D Printed Products store suggests the beginnings of a shift in online retail – that manufacturing can be more nimble to provide an immersive customer experience,” Petra Schindler-Carter, director for Amazon’s marketplace sales, said in a statement.亚马逊市场销售总监皮特拉o辛德勒-卡特在一份声明中表示:“推出3D打印产品商店,意味着在线零售开始一项重大转变——在生产过程可以更敏捷地提供浸入式客户体验。”Amazon doesn’t actually handle the printing. Rather, it’s done by Mixee Labs, a company specialized in selling plastic 3D printed nicknacks. Products available through the partnership aren’t cheap. A 3D printed bobblehead costs compared with versions made on an assembly line that cost around .亚马逊本身不负责打印。这项工作由专门出售塑料3D打印装饰品的公司Mixee Labs完成。双方合作推出的产品并不便宜。一个3D打印的摇头娃娃价格为30美元,而流水线生产的同类产品价格约为12美元。Moreover, anyone who wants speedy shipping is out of luck. Orders through Amazon for 3D products can take up to ten business days to fill.此外,希望能迅速收到商品的消费者可能要失望了。通过亚马逊订购的3D打印产品,需要十个工作日才能送达。Amazon’s partnership with Mixee comes long after other businesses like MakerBot and Shapeways have started selling 3D printed products to the public, according to Tim Shepherd, senior analyst at Canalys who is focused on the 3D printing industry. But Amazon’s big name and reach makes it an immediate force in the niche.市场研究公司Canalys的资深分析师蒂姆o谢佛德长期关注3D打印行业。他表示,在亚马逊与Mixee开始合作之前,有许多公司早已开始向大众出售3D打印产品,例如3D打印机制造商MakerBot和3D打印公司Shapeways等。但亚马逊品牌和强大的影响力,使其成为该利基市场的一直接推动力量。“Amazon is a huge name in online retail,” Shepherd said. “It opens the channels to a mass market.”谢佛德说道:“亚马逊是在线零售行业巨头。它打开了进入大众市场的渠道。”In general, there’s big potential for 3D printing in the consumer and retail space, he said. It’s aly commonplace in industrial design including in auto making, in which 3D printers are used to make molds for parts.他说,总体而言,3D打印在消费者零售市场有巨大的潜力。在汽车制造等工业设计领域,3D打印早已得到广泛应用,3D打印机可以用于制作零件模具。“Most of the market, in value terms, has been driven by the enterprise space to create industrial models, printing models for architecture,” Shepherd said.“从价值上来说,3D打印市场长期以来很大程度上是由企业驱动的——公司利用这一技术来制作工业模型或建筑模型”。By introducing 3D printing, Amazon is letting more people see what the technology can do. But because customers can’t see the printing in action, some of the novelty is lost.通过推出3D打印产品,亚马逊让更多人看到了这项技术的广阔用途。但由于消费者看不到打印过程,因此3D打印产品的新奇性也会大打折扣。“There is this feeling of watching something get created, and this isn’t going to provide that in the same way,” Shepherd said. But he added that “it’s going to get people more excited” and potentially encourage them to buy and 3D printer to use in their own garage.谢佛德说:“人们希望看到一件作品的创作过程,但亚马逊的模式无法满足消费者的这种好奇心。”不过,他补充道:“亚马逊会让人们对3D打印技术更加兴奋,”可能会鼓励人们购买3D打印机,在自己的车库里使用。And how about those small 3D printing shops cropping up around the U.S.? Amazon’s move won’t likely have the same impact that it has had in pushing out small book shops, Shepherd predicted. “I don’t think it’s going to have a negative impact at all.”那么,对于美国如雨后春笋般出现的小型3D打印店,亚马逊的举措又意味着什么?谢佛德预测,亚马逊的新举措不会产生与当初淘汰小型书店一样的影响。“我认为它不会带来任何负面的影响。” /201407/316163杭州富阳中山可以看男女吗湖源乡人民医院打胎一般要花多少钱



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