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泉州清濛开发区不孕不育哪家医院好Bao Bao has graduated from a panda cub to a juvenile panda! CBS:This morning has been following Bao Baos progress and aired a story chronicling the transition today.宝宝已经从熊猫宝宝变成熊猫少女啦!CBS今天的晨间新闻回顾了宝宝的成长历程并记录了这次重要的转变。In the wild pandas separate from their mothers around 18 months old—exactly Bao Baos age. Keepers have been closely following the signs that mother and cub were y to separate for months. They saw Mei Xiang actively discourage Bao Bao from nursing, and spending more time away from her, which was expected as a female in the wild would be preparing to breed again. As these signs became more pronounced, they prepared for the final transition, and even spent nights in the panda house to make it as smooth as possible. Bao Bao now lives in her own area of the giant panda habitat, eats significantly more bamboo and solid foods (like sweet potato), and is mastering training behaviors just like her parents.在野外,熊猫会在18个月大左右离开他们的母亲——也就是宝宝现在的年纪。饲养员们在几个月前开始仔细观察熊猫妈妈和宝宝准备分开的迹象。他们发现美香明显开始阻挡宝宝喝奶的请求,并且更多时候不搭理她,这在野外会被视为雌性熊猫准备再度繁育了,随着这些迹象越发明显,他们就会为最后的过渡做准备,甚至整夜呆在熊猫房里,让熊猫们能够尽量平稳地渡过这段时期。宝宝现在生活在她自己的地盘里,明显开始吃更多竹子和固体食物(比如甘薯),这表明她已逐渐掌握与父母类似的训练行为。We know that as humans it can be hard to watch a mother and cub separate, but pandas are solitary anim s in the wild. In order for Bao Bao to continue to thrive and become an important member of the giant panda population in human care, weaning is a natural and necessary process. Well be sure to keep you update d on Bao Bao and Mei Xiangs progress!我们都明白,目睹母子分离是件很难受的事情,但是熊猫在野外本是独居动物,为了宝宝壮成成为圈养大熊猫家族的重要一员,断奶是一个自然且必须的过程。我们也将会继续更新宝宝和美香的进一步情况。来 /201503/362890泉州哪个医院摘环好 Greek lawmakers are finishing a draft bill for the countrys third government bailout package in five years, aiming for a vote before a meeting of eurozone ministers on Friday.希腊议会星期三将完成起草有关五年来第三个政府救助计划的法案,预计将赶在欧元区各国部长星期五开会之前于星期四进行表决。On Tuesday, Greece and its international creditors agreed “in principleon broad terms of a new bailout.希腊和国际债权人星期二就新救助计划的条件原则上达成协议。European Commission spokeswoman Annika Breidthardt, a key mediator of the talks, confirmed progress on a billion package.谈判的主要斡旋人之一、欧洲委员会发言人安妮卡·布莱德塔特实,有关940亿美元救助计划的谈判取得进展。Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has asked parliament to convene an emergency session to vote on the new bailout deal late Thursday.希腊总理齐普拉斯要求议会紧急开会,星期四晚上就新的救助协议进行表决。Greece needs the money by August 20, when it must repay about .5 billion in debt to the European Central Bank.希腊需要在80日以前得到援助款,以偿还拖欠欧洲中央的大5亿美元。来 /201508/392650泉州妇科医院排名三甲

泉州人流医院好点的Peace talks between Ukraine and pro-Russia separatists went nowhere Saturday, as fighting raged in the countrys east, killing both soldiers and civilians.乌克兰政府和亲俄罗斯分离分子的和平会谈星期六没有取得任何成果,乌克兰东部的冲突继续发生,双方武装人员以及平民仍有伤亡。The talks in Minsk were adjourned after several hours. A statement from the Trilateral Contact Group said that the representatives from the rebel-held areas of Ukraine did not come to the talks prepared to discuss implementation of a cease-fire and withdrawal of heavy weapons. Instead, the group said the rebels wanted to revisit the Minsk Protocol that laid the groundwork for a cessation of hostilities.在明斯克举行的和谈进行了几小时后休会。俄罗斯、乌克兰和欧安会的三方联合声明说,前来参加和谈的反政府武装控制区代表拒绝讨论落实停火协议和撤走重武器的问题,而表示希望重新审议作为停止敌对基础的明斯克协议。The cease-fire the sides agreed to in September has been repeatedly violated and collapsed completely last week when rebels announced the start of a new offensive designed to expand their territory.双方去年9月达成的停火协议不断被打破,上星期完全破裂。亲俄罗斯武装宣布开展扩大其控制区的新一轮攻势。Shelling in the strategic transport hub of Debaltseve killed 12 civilians Saturday, according to the police chief of the rebel-held Donetsk region. Debaltseve is located northeast of the city of Donetsk, connecting it with Luhansk, another major rebel stronghold.反政府武装控制的顿涅茨克警察总监说,战略交通枢纽德巴尔切夫镇星期六受到的炮击中2名平民丧生。德巴尔切夫位于顿涅茨克东北方向,是与反政府武装控制的另一个重要城镇卢甘斯克连接的重要环节。The government still retains primary control of the vital rail and road junction, which has been without water, power and gas for days.乌克兰政府仍然基本控制着德巴尔切夫的铁路和公路要道,但是那里被切断水源、供电和汽油已经数天。In addition to the civilian deaths, Ukraines defense minister, Stepan Poltorak, announced the deaths of 15 soldiers across the east in the past day of fighting with Russia-backed separatists.乌克兰国防部长说,政府军与亲俄罗斯武装作战一天以来,5名军人丧生。来 /201502/357454 洛江区 中医医院联系电话惠安县中医院主页



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