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嘉定人工流产哪家医院最好的太仓友谊妇科医院做血常规检查It takes some variety of wilful ignorance to dismiss the need for action to avert the threat of climate change.只有某些故意愚昧的人,才会认为针对气候变化威胁采取行动是没有必要的。From imaginings of vast conspiracies to complacency that global warming can only be benign, the arguments against taking the danger seriously are rooted in a refusal to face reality. The climate is a complex system, of course, and forecasting it fraught with uncertainty. But the evidence is strong enough to make it clear that the risk of catastrophe cannot be dismissed.反对严肃应对气候变化威胁的观点各式各样,从各种大阴谋论,到满不在乎地认为全球变暖可能没什么大不了的,其根源是不愿面对现实。当然,气候是个复杂的系统,对气候进行预测也充满了不确定性。但已有足够充分的据表明,发生气候灾难的风险不容忽视。Yet advocates of action on climate change often display their own varieties of irrationality. The campaign for universities, charities, local governments and others to sell their holdings in fossil fuel companies, which has been gathering momentum in recent years, is a case in point.然而,主张就气候变化采取行动的人往往也表现出他们自身的种种不理性。一个例子是撤资运动(divestment campaign),这场运动呼吁大学、慈善机构、地方政府、其他组织和个人出售所持化石燃料企业股份,其声势近年来不断增强。The campaigners’ zeal is understandable. The potential consequences of unrestrained fossil fuel development are alarming, and if you are looking for someone to blame, the oil, gas and coal industries are an obvious target.撤资运动人士的热忱可以理解。不受限制的化石燃料开发可能导致的后果令人担心,如果你试图就此责备谁,那么石油、天然气和煤炭行业是明摆着的靶子。By focusing on divestment, however, the campaigners are channelling their efforts into an issue that is largely irrelevant to the ultimate objective of minimising the threat of climate change.然而,我们最终的目标是要最大程度降低气候变化威胁,撤资运动人士一门心思呼吁人们出售上述企业的股票,是把力气使到了一个基本无关这个最终目标的问题上。The financial impact of divestment is likely to be negligible. If charities sell their holdings in fossil fuel companies, other investors will buy them. If enough funds sell, the shares may fall, raising the companies’ cost of capital, but evidence from the divestment campaign over South Africa suggests the effect is unlikely to be large.撤资的经济影响很可能微乎其微。如果慈善机构出售所持化石燃料企业股份,那么其他投资者会接盘。如果卖盘足够多,股价可能会下降,从而提高这些企业的资金成本,但南非撤资运动的经验明,这种做法不太可能取得很大效果。Divestment campaigners often say their objective is not so much financial as symbolic: they want to send a signal that fossil fuels are morally unacceptable. It is hard to see, however, how the world can be persuaded to shun voluntarily the source of more than 80 per cent of its energy. Fossil fuels offer enormous benefits as well as great risks, and their role in sustaining standards of living worldwide is for the time being irreplaceable.撤资运动人士往往说,他们的目标更多是象征性的、而非经济上的:他们希望传递一个讯号,即化石燃料在道德上是不可接受的。然而,化石燃料占世界能源使用量的80%以上,很难想象他们如何能说全世界主动弃用化石燃料。化石燃料带来了巨大的益处,也造成了巨大的风险,就目前而言,化石燃料在维持全世界民众生活水准方面发挥的作用仍是不可替代的。Nor is it reasonable to expect fossil fuel companies to be the pioneers of the transition to other sources of energy; they have tried that many times in the past, always with disappointing results. The real advances recently in low-carbon energy, such as the plunging cost of solar power systems and progress in battery technology, have all come from outside the fossil fuel industries.期待化石燃料企业充当向新能源转型的先锋也是不理智的。这些企业过去已尝试过那么多次,每次的结果都令人失望。低碳能源领域最近取得的实质性进步,比如太阳能发电系统成本的大幅下降以及电池技术取得的进展,都来自化石燃料行业以外。It is true that as the world shifts away from high-carbon energy, the oil, gas and coal companies will become less attractive investments, but shareholders can take their own views about the timing and consequences of that transition. Divestment should be seen as an outcome, not an instrument.没错,世界在逐步改用高碳能源以外的能源,这会使得石油、天然气和煤炭企业的投资吸引力下降,但持股人对这种转变的时机和后果可以拥有自己的看法。撤资应该被视为一种结果,而非一种手段。If global greenhouse gas emissions are to be brought under control, governments will have to play a central role. That does not mean the state takeover of the economy sometimes imagined by climate sceptics, but there will have to be a framework, including taxes and other incentives, that changes the behaviour of both businesses and consumers.如果想控制住全球温室气体排放,各国政府就必须发挥核心作用。这并不意味着如气候变化怀疑论者有时想象的那样,由国家来接管经济,而是意味着要建立一个包含税收激励和其他激励的框架,以改变企业和消费者的行为。A genuine solution to the threat of climate change will require a price on greenhouse gas emissions, greater investment in energy innovation, switching from coal to gas to power generation, cost-effective means of storing carbon dioxide, and a global framework that encourages all the countries of the world to participate. Divestment helps with none of those.要真正化解气候变化威胁,就必须对温室气体排放定价,加大能源创新投资,从使用煤炭发电改为使用天然气发电,找到划算的二氧化碳储存办法,建立一个全球性框架、以鼓励世界各国参与。撤资对这些都没有帮助。At best, the divestment campaign will encourage a wider debate about those practical measures that are needed. At worst it will fool people, including the campaigners themselves, into believing that something significant is being achieved.在最好的情况下,撤资运动会鼓励人们对有必要采取的那些切实措施展开更广泛的辩论。在最差的情况下,撤资运动会让民众(包括撤资运动人士自己)产生一种错觉,以为抗击气候变化之战正在取得什么重大的成果。 /201504/367491太仓子宫肌瘤治疗要多少价格 In 1980, the population of the People’s Republic of China numbered close to a billion, and most were among the poorest people on earth. China produced barely a third as much steel as the US. Thirty five years later, it makes more steel in six weeks than the US does in a year, and has engineered the greatest fall in poverty in world history. Set beside the arrival of China into the global economy, no event since the industrial revolution has had a greater impact — not the financial crisis, nor even the collapse of the Soviet Union.1980年,中华人民共和国人口接近10亿,其中大部分属于全球最贫困人群,钢产量勉强达到美国的三分之一。35年后的今天,中国6周的钢产量就比美国一年的还要多,并且实现了世界史上最大规模的减贫。工业革命以来,没有任何事件比中国融入全球经济更具影响力——金融危机、甚至苏联解体都无法与之匹敌。The Middle Kingdom is still — just — the world’s most populous country, but the number of its people that are of working age is on a downward trajectory. There is growing evidence of labour shortages, wages rising faster than productivity, and of the flow of migrant labour from the rural interior slowing sharply. Named for the Nobel Prize-winner Sir Arthur Lewis, countries that hit this Lewis Turning Point usually see economic growth fall. Handling lower growth will preoccupy China’s rulers in the decades to come, and provide the rest of the world with much to think about.“中央王国”如今依然是世界第一人口大国(不过与第二名的差距已非常小),但劳动年龄人口数量呈下降趋势。劳动力短缺、工资上涨快于生产率增长、以及内陆农村地区农民工外流大幅放缓的迹象越来越多。一个国家到达“刘易斯拐点”(Lewisian Turning Point)后,经济增长通常会减速。这个拐点是以诺贝尔奖得主阿瑟#8226;刘易斯爵士(Sir Arthur Lewis)的名字命名的。未来几十年,低增长将成为困扰中国统治者的主要问题,如何应对这个问题将为世界其余国家带来许多值得思考的东西。It is important not to exaggerate the significance of this turning point. While the sheer number of its people mesmerises the outside world, China has long been far more than a sweatshop. Closer examination shows a pattern of growth based more upon increased capital than labour, and by combining the two more cleverly. In recent years, investment has made up more than half of GDP, while the reforms launched by Deng Xiaoping in the late 1970s triggered a 30 year-long spurt of productivity growth.重要的是不应夸大这个拐点的影响。尽管中国庞大的人口数量令外界印象深刻,但这个国家早已彻底摆脱血汗工厂的身份。更仔细的研究显示,中国的增长模式更多基于资本(而非劳动力)的增加、以及资本与劳动力更巧妙的结合。近年来,投资对中国国内生产总值(GDP)的贡献超过一半,而邓小平上世纪70年代启动的改革,引发了一场长达30年的生产率井喷式增长。The cheap goods churning out of Chinese factories were a boon to the developed world, helping to bring about a long spell of non-inflationary growth. There is no need to fear the loss of this tailwind; India alone could add three times more people to its workforce than China will lose, and other countries such as Nigeria and Bangladesh are on a similar upswing. The challenge is for such countries to upgrade their infrastructure, improve their business environment, and thereby come to compete effectively for the business.中国工厂大量生产出来的廉价商品曾造福发达世界,帮助后者实现了较长时期的无通胀增长。担心这种福利消失是没有必要的;仅印度一国的劳动力增加量,可能就三倍于中国的劳动力减少量,而尼日利亚和孟加拉国等国家也将出现类似的劳动力大幅增长。这些国家面临的挑战在于升级基础设施、改善营商环境、从而能在争取业务时进行有效的竞争。As much as to adapt to this demographic slowdown, China’s task is to wean itself away from a risky overreliance on investment. Its incremental capital output ratio, the GDP eked from each extra unit of capital, has deteriorated, and will be further undermined by rising wages. Shifting investment away from construction and towards productivity-enhancing machinery is one way forward; by 2017, China is forecast to have more robots installed in its manufacturing plants than any other country.与适应这种人口变化趋势同样重要的是,中国须摆脱危险的、对投资的过分依赖。中国的增量资本产出率(衡量每增加一单位资本能产生多少GDP)已经恶化,而且会因工资日益上涨进一步变糟。一条出路是,减少对建筑业的投资,增加对能提高生产率的机械设备的投资;到2017年,中国工厂中的机器人装机量预计将超过其他任何国家。But even better is for Beijing to push through structural reforms, such as subjecting more state-owned enterprises to market discipline and liberalising the financial sector. This last reform also ought to help encourage ordinary Chinese consumers to open their wallets, thereby rebalancing growth towards household spending.但更好的出路是,中国政府推进结构性改革,比如让更多国企接受市场的约束和放开金融业。这场最新的改革还应该有助于鼓励普通中国消费者打开钱包,从而增加居民消费所占的比重、让经济增长恢复平衡。China’s leaders have never been complacent about the country’s growth prospects, even as rivals remain daunted. Somehow they need to provide higher living standards, clean up their polluted cities and husband a water supply shrinking to dangerously low levels. There is a reason that international busybodies like the International Monetary Fund and World Bank clamour tirelessly for more structural reform: in the end economic growth comes down to producing more from less. The past 30 years are proof that China can pull it off. The dwindling number of workers in China will not so much change the agenda as reinforce it.尽管中国的增长前景依然让竞争对手自叹不如,但中国领导人从未因此自满过。他们需要设法提供更高的生活水平、清除城市污染、节约正萎缩至危险水平的水资源。国际货币基金组织(IMF)和世界(World Bank)等国际组织不知疲倦地大声呼吁加大结构性改革是有道理的:经济增长归根结底要靠用更少的资源生产出更多东西。中国用过去30年明了自己能够做到这点。劳动年龄人口减少不会改变这个议程,只会进一步强化它。 /201505/375098The amount of land used for new property developments in China fell more than 25 per cent last year, reflecting sluggish demand that could exacerbate local governments’ debt burdens.中国去年新增房地产开发用地数量下降了逾25%,这反映出需求疲软,进而可能加剧地方政府的债务负担。Citing data from the ministry of land and resources, the official Xinhua news agency reported that 151,000 hectares had been allocated for new real estate, down more than a quarter from 2013.官方的新华社援引中国国土资源部的数据,报道说,2014年15.1万公顷土地被用于新的房地产开发,同比下降超过四分之一。China’s property sector is a key contributor to overall investment, which accounts for about half of the country’s gross domestic product and feeds demand for commodities.中国的房地产业是总投资的关键推动者,投资占中国国内生产总值(GDP)的大约一半,并推动对大宗商品的需求。While urban home prices in China have fallen for nine months, the full impact of the correction has yet to hit the broader economy and will probably cause a lot more pain when it does. Property investment increased more than 10 per cent last year to Rmb9.5tn (.5tn), according to the National Bureau of Statistics, compared with an 8 per cent fall in sales as measured by gross floor area.虽然中国城市房价已连续9个月下跌,但这一价格回落的全面影响尚未冲击整体经济,一旦这种冲击到来,很可能会导致更多阵痛。中国国家统计局的数据显示,去年房地产投资增加了超过10%,至9.5万亿元人民币(合1.5万亿美元),而总建筑面积的销量却下跌了8%。Property sales in big cities in the week before the Chinese new year holiday, which officially began on February 18, fell by about 20 per cent from the corresponding week a year earlier.中国农历新年假期(正式开始于2月18日)前一周,大城市房地产销售比去年同期下降了约20%。Power production and sales of cars and consumer items such as fridges and washing machines also fell from the same period last year in the run-up to the country’s most important national holiday, according to a report from Haitong Securities, the Chinese brokerage.中国券商海通券(Haitong Securities)的一份报告称,中国最重要的全国假期前夕,发电量以及汽车和消费者产品(如冰箱和洗衣机等)的销售也比去年同期有所下滑。With consumer price inflation expected to come in at less than 1 per cent in February, after an increase of just 0.8 per cent in January, a growing number of analysts are calling for Beijing to cut interest rates again to boost growth. “The time is now ripe for another cut,” Haitong said.鉴于2月份消费价格指数(CPI)涨幅预计将低于1%(1月份仅上涨0.8%),越来越多的分析师呼吁中国政府再次降息以刺激经济增长。“再次降息的时机已经成熟,”海通券称。In November China cut benchmark interest rates for the first time in more than two years in the face of the country’s weakest annual growth in nearly a quarter of a century.面对近25年来最低速的年度经济增长,去年11月中国在两年多来首次下调了基准利率。Aly indebted local governments rely heavily on land sales for revenue. According to the latest estimate from China’s national auditor, local government debts stood at Rmb18tn as of June 2013.债台高筑的地方政府本已严重依赖土地出让获得财政收入。中国国家审计署最近的数据显示,截至2013年6月,地方政府债务达18万亿元人民币。Since then only one provincial government has revealed updated debt figures. Hainan said that local debt had increased by more than 20 per cent in the 18 months to last December, reaching Rmb170bn, according to Caixin magazine. This included Rmb145bn in direct debts, with guarantees or contingent liabilities accounting for the rest.自那以来,只有一个省级政府公布了更新的债务数据。据《财新》(Caixin)杂志报道,海南省政府称,该省地方债务在截至去年12月的18个月内增长逾20%,达到1700亿元人民币。这包括1450亿元人民币的直接债务,其余是债务担保和或有债务。The rest of China’s 30 provinces are supposed to report updated debt figures to the finance ministry by March 8. The ministry wants to rein in local government borrowing through special purpose financing vehicles and instead raise funds by selling bonds.中国其它30个省级行政区应该在3月8日之前向财政部报告更新的债务数据。财政部希望遏制地方政府通过特殊目的融资工具的借贷行为,转向通过发债筹集资金。Despite their financial squeeze, provincial governments have pledged to increase fixed asset investment this year to bolster growth. Hunan, Hubei and Shaanxi provinces recently revealed plans to invest a combined Rmb6bn in infrastructure and other fixed assets in 2015, a 20 per cent increase over last year.尽管财政困难,但一些省级政府已承诺,今年将增加固定资产投资以撑增长。湖南、湖北和陕西最近出台计划,拟在2015年在基础设施和其它固定资产上投资共计60亿元人民币,比去年增加20%。 /201502/360783上海嘉定产检多少钱

双凤镇做产检哪家医院最好的Crash investigators are examining what may be the most significant development yet in the 17-month search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 after debris potentially related to the crash was found on the Indian Ocean island of La Réunion.长达17个月的马航(Malaysia Airlines)MH370搜寻过程可能出现迄今最为重大的一项进展,空难调查人员正对此展开调查。此前警方在印度洋法属留尼汪岛发现了一片可能与这架失踪飞机相关的残骸。A French aviation expert pointed on Twitter to apparently strong similarities between the part — apparently a flaperon, a control surface from a wing — and the same part on a Boeing 777, the type of aircraft lost. Associated Press, the wire service, ed an anonymous “US official” as saying “with a high degree of confidence” that the part came from a 777.一名法国航空专家在Twitter上指出这片残骸(看上去是机翼的一个控制面襟副翼)看上去与波音(Boeing)777非常相似,MH370正是这种机型。新闻通讯社美联社(Associated Press)援引一位匿名的“美国官员”的话称“高度怀疑”该零件来自一架波音777。Daniel O’Malley, a spokesman with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, said on Thursday the agency was working with French officials and experts from Boeing to try and confirm the type of aircraft the debris was from and whether it was from MH370.澳大利亚交通安全局(Australian Transport Safety Bureau)发言人丹尼尔攠汙利(Daniel O’Malley)周四表示,该局正与法国官员和来自波音的专家合作,将努力实这片残骸来自哪个型号的飞机以及是否来自MH370。“The location where the debris was found is not inconsistent with the current search location,” he said.他表示:“碎片被发现的地理位置与目前的搜索范围并无不符。”If the part is from the missing flight, it could provide critical clues to the fate of the aircraft, which disappeared on March 8, 2014 with 239 people on board during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Radar tracking showed that the aircraft changed course suddenly part way through the flight and later analysis suggested the aircraft had headed out over the Indian Ocean.如果这片碎片来自失踪飞机,那么这可能会为MH370的命运带来关键线索,2014年3月8日,从吉隆坡飞往北京的MH370航班失踪,机上共有239人。雷达跟踪数据显示,这架飞机在飞行过程中突然改变路线,后来的分析显示,飞机飞向印度洋上空。Based on the earlier analysis, the Australian Air Force and Navy have been searching for a remote area off Australia’s west coast for signs of the aircraft, with no success. While Réunion, a French territory east of Madagascar, is more than 1,000 miles from the area of the Australian search, it is possible the part was carried by ocean currents to the small island.根据早先的分析,澳大利亚空军和海军一直在远离该国西海岸的海上搜寻失踪飞机的迹象,但没有取得任何进展。位于马达加斯加东部的法属留尼汪岛距离澳大利亚军队搜索区域有1000多英里之遥,但洋流有可能将飞机碎片带到这个小岛。 /201507/389616太仓市中医院可以做引产吗 What can Chinese billionaires learn from Li Ka-shing ? Be careful of debt. 中国的亿万富豪们能从李嘉诚那里学到什么?是,要谨慎看待负债。 In a rare media interview last week, Asia#39;s richest man said property markets in Hong Kong and China both look overheated, and stressed the importance of financial prudence. #39;We need to be careful about debt, as if we are ting on thin ice,#39; Mr. Li told China#39;s Southern Weekend. #39;We have been buying less land in Hong Kong and China because prices are so high.#39; 这位亚洲首富在上周罕见地接受了国内媒体采访,说香港和中国大陆的房地产市场都有过热迹象,并强调了审慎理财的重要性。《南方周末》引用李嘉诚的话说:“我一生的原则是不会去赚最后一个铜板。”李嘉诚还表示,“过去两三年我们买入的项目较少。香港地价高,已看到不健康的趋势……内地的地价也飞涨,我们也无法成功投得土地……对于债务和贷款问题,非常小心处理,如履薄冰”。 Real estate has been a leading source of wealth creation in both Hong Kong and China, but Hong Kong developers are much more cautious with credit than their mainland peers. The total debt-to-asset ratio of Hong Kong-based developers―at around 30%―is half that of those on the mainland. 不管在香港还是中国大陆,富豪很多来自地产行业。在对待信贷的态度上,香港开发商比他们的内地同行要谨慎得多。总部位于香港的开发商的资产负债率大约在30%,这一水平是内地同类企业的一半。 In China, developers have been growing fast by buying land using borrowed money, building apartments quickly, and sometimes selling them even before they are completed. But the government#39;s efforts to cool the housing market have slowed sales and price growth, putting that model at risk. 在中国大陆,开发商使用借贷资金大量购地,快速建设住房,常常还未完工便开始售房回笼资金。他们凭借这一模式快速成长。然而政府的购房限令放慢了销售额的增长速度,使这种快进快出、高杠杆率的经营模式面临风险。 #39;Many Chinese companies are borrowing at very high rates and there is no way that they can make this kind of return,#39; said Antonio Huang, head of Asia structured trade and export finance at Banco Santander SA. As money gets tighter, some will inevitably go bust, he said. 西班牙国家亚洲结构贸易与出口金融主任 Antonio Huang说,中国企业借贷的利率很高,而他们根本不可能达到这么高的回报。随着资金收紧,有些企业将不可避免地倒闭。 At Mr. Li#39;s Hutchison Whampoa Ltd., which operates ports, telecommunications and retail businesses, liabilities were 43% of assets as of June 30. Net debt as a percentage of net total capital, the amount by which net assets exceed cash, stood at 20%. By comparison, Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co., controlled by China#39;s richest man, Wang Jianlin, had a total debt-to-asset ratio of 76% as of June 30. Its net-debt-to-net-total capital ratio was 38%. 截至今年6月,李嘉诚旗下经营港口、电讯及零售的和记黄埔有限公司,其资产负债率为43%,净负债占净资本(总资产减现金)的百分比为20%。 大陆公司则更激进。拿中国大陆首富王健林掌管的大连万达商业地产股份有限公司来说,截至6月30日,其总资产负债率达76%,净债务占净资本比为38%。 Mr. Li#39;s empire can afford to take on more debt. His ports, electricity and telecom businesses have relatively low operational risks, and are hardly affected by economic cycles, because people have to have utilities even in a downturn. The companies also generate a lot of cash, which helps pay down debt quickly. 李嘉诚的生意能负担起更大规模的债务。港口、电力和电讯业务的经营风险较低,并且几乎不受经济周期的影响──经济不好,电费和电话费还是要付的。这些业务可产生大量资金,能快速缩减负债规模。 Wanda#39;s real-estate business is much more cyclical, because 83% of revenue comes from property sales rather than leasing retail space, which generates a steadier cash flow. The company had negative operating cash flow in the first six months of 2013, requiring it to tap external funding to meet its financial needs and obligations, according to the prospectus of a recent bond offering. 而万达的房地产业务受经济周期的影响要大得多,因为其83%的收入来自房地产销售,而非现金流更加稳定的租赁业务。根据万达近期的债券募集说明书,去年上半年和今年上半年,公司的营运现金流均为负值,需筹集外部资金以满足其财务需求。 Despite tougher economic conditions at home, Wanda has gone on an overseas shopping spree. This year, it paid billion to build London#39;s tallest hotel, and another billion to buy British yacht maker Sunseeker International. Wanda acquired AMC Entertainment Holdings, a U.S. cinema chain, last year for .6 billion. Wanda says its debt ratios aren#39;t high compared with its Chinese peers, and it can sell investment properties to raise money if needed. 国内经济放缓的大背景下,万达加快了海外收购的步伐。今年,该公司投资10亿美元在伦敦兴建当地最高的酒店,并另付10亿美元并购英国圣汐游艇公司(Sunseeker International)。去年,万达斥资26亿美元收购了美国影院连锁企业AMC Entertainment Holdings。万达指出,其债务比例与中国同行相比并不高,且如果需要的话,公司可以出售一些投资性地产来进行融资。 Sifting through Forbes#39;s list of China#39;s rich, one might notice a pattern of high debt ratios at property developers and conglomerates. Overall, China#39;s corporate debt is high by international standards―127% of gross domestic product compared with an average of 70% in other emerging markets, according to Spanish bank Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA . The fortunes of Chinese billionaires are closely tied to their companies, because most are first-generation entrepreneurs with wealth bound up in the businesses they founded. 上了《福布斯》中国富豪榜的很多房地产开发商和综合性集团都采取了类似的高负债率经营模式。据西班牙对外有限公司(BBVA)称,如果以国际水平为标杆进行衡量,中国企业总体上负债水平很高,债务占国内生产总值(GDP)的127%,而其它新兴市场的均值仅为70%。高杠杆对中国富豪们的私人财富带来较大风险,因为他们的大部分财富依然投资于其公司当中。 To mitigate the risks, Chinese billionaires could borrow from the Li Ka-shing playbook. Mr. Li is also on an overseas buying binge, but he has managed to keep debt ratios low. Since the 2008 financial crisis, Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd. has spent more than billion on overseas acquisitions, according to Dealogic. But as Mr. Li invests in European utilities, he is considering an initial public offering of his global retail business, A.S. Watson amp; Co., next year, which some analysts have valued at more than billion. 要降低风险,中国的亿万富翁应当从李嘉诚那里取经。李嘉诚也大举进行了海外收购,但他将负债率保持在较低水平上。根据数据公司Dealogic,自2008年金融危机以来,长江基建集团有限公司已投入超过220亿美元用于海外收购。在李嘉诚投资于欧洲设施的同时,他正准备让旗下全球零售企业屈臣氏上市,有分析师估计,筹资金额将高达200亿美元。 Not all bets by Mr. Li, often referred to as #39;Superman#39; in Hong Kong because of his business prowess, have done well. Hutchison lost billion over seven years because of investments in a high-speed mobile-phone network. But it has been able to absorb those losses because the conglomerate is diversified and debt levels are low. As more Chinese entrepreneurs join the world#39;s billionaire club―China now ranks only behind the U.S. in the number of dollar billionaires, according to Forbes―they should think about protecting their wealth more than growing it aggressively. 因非凡的商业能力而被香港人尊称“超人”的李嘉诚,其实也并非在商海中一帆风顺。和记黄埔曾因投资于高速移动电话网络而经历了长达七年、总计200亿美元的亏损。但因为投资项目的多样化和低债务水平,公司经受住了这一考验。随着越来越多的中国企业家加入到世界亿万富翁俱乐部中(根据《福布斯》,中国亿万美元富翁总数现已仅次于美国),他们应当更多地思考如何保护他们的财富,而不应一味快速扩张。 /201312/267970太仓妇科彩超价格

太仓那个医院人流做得好Capitalism seems to be getting it from all sides these days.这几天好像所有人都在对资本主义品头论足。French economist Thomas Piketty made the rounds in New York and Washington, D.C. last week to promote his new, widely praised tome, Capital in the Twenty First Century, an exhaustive analysis that argues that inequality and the concentration of wealth among the few are the norm, rather than the exception, within capitalist societies.上周,法国经济学家托马斯#8226;皮凯蒂赴纽约和华盛顿宣传自己的大部头新作《21世纪的资本主义》(Capital in the Twenty First Century)。这本书通过详细的分析明,在资本主义社会,贫富差距以及财富集中在少数人手里是一种常态,而不是个别现象。In a less sobering -- at times, overoptimistic -- side of a similar coin, political consultant and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin#39;s recently published The Zero Marginal Cost Society highlights a capitalism that seems to be running itself out of business.政治顾问和社会理论学家杰里米#8226;里夫金最近出版的作品《零边际成本社会》(The Zero Marginal Cost Society)探讨的也是类似问题,只是这本书不是那么冷静,有时甚至过于乐观。里夫金在书中强调,资本主义似乎正在断送自己的前程。Rifkin argues that the private market#39;s drive for efficiency and productivity has brought us ever closer to a world in which the marginal cost to produce just about everything will inch closer and closer to zero.里夫金指出,私营市场追逐效率和生产率,导致我们越发靠近这样一种态势,那就是几乎所有产品的边际成本都会一步步地接近于零。Picture factories run entirely by robots, powered by renewable energy sources like wind and the sun, creating products delivered by driverless vehicles, also run on renewable energy. Maybe these products won#39;t even need to make any kind of journey at all. Perhaps they can simply be produced at your home or a few blocks away with the help of a 3-D printer.里夫金在书中做了这样的设想:工厂完全由机器人负责运营,使用风能或太阳能这样的可再生能源;制造出来的产品由无人车辆运送,这些车辆同样使用可再生能源。更有甚者,这些产品可能都不需要运输——借助3D打印机,人们在家里或者几个街区之外就能进行生产。Speaking of your home, in Rifkin#39;s new world, your next one may very well be built by locally generated, 3-D-printed materials, in record time, removing the considerable expense of transporting construction goods. Rifkin cites an MIT lab that is working to develop a house frame in a single day ;with virtually no human labor.; An equivalent frame, Rifkin says, ;would take an entire construction crew a month to put up.;说到我们的家,在里夫金的新世界里,人们用来修建住宅的很可能是3D打印机就地取材所制造的材料,而且修建时间之短前所未有,从而节省了大量的建材运输费用。里夫金提到,麻省理工(MIT)的一座实验室正在开发“不用人力”就能在一天内建起房屋构架的技术。他说,同样的构架“可能需要整整一建筑队伍工作一个月。”That home will be powered by -- you guessed it -- increasingly cheap renewable energy, and it will be stocked with more sensors than you can imagine, all feeding data into a smart grid, so your house knows how much energy you need and when, and what needs to be repaired.大家应该已经想到,这样的住宅将越来越多地使用清洁的可再生能源,其中安装的传感器数量之多将超过大家的想象;所有数据都将汇集到智能电网中,这样住宅就能知道人们在什么时候需要多少电力,以及哪些东西需要维修。This is a technological utopia brought to you by the convergence of what Rifkin calls the Communications Internet (how information is shared), the Energy Internet (how energy needs are shared and energy itself is distributed), and the Logistics Internet (how products are built and delivered), all equaling the so-called Internet of Things.构建这样一个高科技乌托邦的途径就是把里夫金所说的通信互联网(怎样共享信息)、能源互联网(怎样共享能源需求信息以及怎样分配能源)和物流互联网(怎样制造并运送产品)融合起来,这些网络就是人们所说的物联网。Granted, the initial cost of building such a system will be substantial. But once it#39;s up and running, Rifkin argues, the benefits will fundamentally reshape our economic order. ;The Internet of Things is aly boosting productivity to the point where the marginal cost of producing many goods and services is nearly zero, making them practically free,; Rifkin writes. ;The result is corporate profits are beginning to dry up, property rights are weakening, and an economy based on scarcity is slowly giving way to an economy of abundance.;的确,打造这样一个系统的初始成本可能会非常高。但里夫金认为,建成并投入运行后,这个系统所带来的益处将从根本上改变我们的经济秩序。他写道:“物联网已经让生产率达到了以接近于零的边际成本提供诸多产品和务的水平,这些产品和务实际上已经处于免费状态。由此产生的结果是,公司利润开始枯竭,产权开始弱化,富裕经济开始慢慢取代以稀有性为基础的经济。”Actually, corporate profits in the U.S. are increasing, both in absolute terms and as a portion of national income. Sure, some industries are struggling against the waves of technological disruption (e.g. almost the entire media sector). And then there are energy giants like Exxon and Chevron, which are facing daunting, expensive headwinds in the search for and cultivation of additional sources of fossil fuel. But businesses overall are making money, and quite a bit of it.但实际情况是,美国公司的利润正在上升,无论用绝对水平,还是用占国民收入的比例来衡量都是如此。当然,在科技的颠覆之下,有些行业正在苦苦挣扎(比如几乎整个媒体行业)。同时,埃克森(Exxon)和雪佛龙(Chevron)等大型能源企业在寻找和开发新化石燃料资源方面遇到的高成本阻力让人望而却步。但总的来说,企业都在赚钱,而且赚的相当多。Where does capitalism fit into Rifkin#39;s world? ;In the coming era,; he says, ;both capitalism and socialism will lose their once-dominant hold over society, as a new generation increasingly identifies with Collaboratism.;资本主义和里夫金的世界有什么契合点呢?他的是:“在即将到来的时代,随着新生代越来越认同协作主义(Collaboratism),资本主义和社会主义都将失去主导社会的能力。”To explain how we reached this novel economic moment, The Zero Marginal Cost Society takes ers on a grand historical tour, from feudal Europe, to Adam Smith and Karl Marx, to the rise of steam, steel, and railroads, and the oil age. Rifkin argues that creating the industrial order of the past few centuries was so expensive that it required massive, publicly held companies like General Electric, Ford, and ATamp;T. Electrifying society, connecting them by phone and rail, and putting the masses behind the wheel of a car were wildly ambitious projects. Centralized corporations were up to this task. Today, Rifkin argues, those companies are becoming less relevant.为了阐释我们怎样才能迈向这个经济新篇章,《零边际成本社会》带着读者在历史中畅游了一番,从欧洲的封建社会到亚当#8226;斯密和卡尔#8226;马克思,再到蒸汽、钢铁和铁路的兴起,然后是石油时代。里夫金指出,过去几百年中,建立工业秩序的成本如此之高,以至于我们需要通用电气(General Electric)、福特汽车(Ford)和美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T)这样的大型上市公司。实现社会电气化,用电话和铁路把人们联系在一起,以及让普通民众用上汽车,这些都是规模极为宏大的项目。过去,集权型企业可以胜任这项任务。但里夫金认为,今天,这些公司正在变得不那么举足轻重。To Rifkin, we are entering the age of the social commons, where ownership of goods is less essential to consumers than merely having access to them, pointing to car sharing services like Zipcar, apartment sharing sites like Airbnb and Courchsurfing.com, and children#39;s toy exchanges like Baby Plays and Spark Box Toys as pioneers. Expand this kind of behavior to other parts of the economy -- peer-to-peer renewable energy sharing and crowdfunded personal and business loans, for example -- and all sorts of companies may soon end up selling far fewer goods and services to even fewer people. You would need to put aside measurements like GDP and profits to gauge the success of such an economy.对里夫金来说,我们正在进入社会要素的时代;就消费者而言,和只是获得物品相比,物品所有权已经不再处于那么核心的位置。他指出,汽车共享网站Zipcar、租房网站Airbnb和Courchsurfing.com以及儿童玩具交换网站Baby Plays和Spark Box Toys都是这方面的先驱。把这样的行为延伸到其他经济领域后,比如点对点的可再生能源共享以及通过众筹方式获得个人和企业贷款,所有公司的产品和务销量可能很快就会大幅下降,而他们的客户甚至会减少得更厉害。衡量这样的经济是否成功也许不能再用GDP和利润这样的指标。There are, of course, hitches to this master plan. Rifkin himself admits several of them. To start, how can you deliver all the wonders of an ;Internet of Things society; when, for example, a little less than 30% of the U.S. population has a fixed broadband Internet subscription? Rifkin praises incipient efforts to build a nationwide, free Wi-Fi network in the U.S., but such proposals are in their infancy and will likely face opposition from broadband behemoths like Time Warner Cable and Comcast, two companies that will gain even more control of the market if their proposed merger goes forward.当然,这个宏伟计划也面临着一些障碍。里夫金自己也承认存在这样的不利因素。比如,首先一点,在只有将近30%的美国人能用上宽带的情况下,怎么创造出“物联网社会”的所有这些奇迹呢?里夫金对在美国建立全国免费无线Wi-Fi网络的初步努力表示赞赏,但这样的方案才刚刚起步,而且时代华纳有线(Time Warner Cable)和康卡斯特(Comcast)这样的宽带市场巨无霸可能会出面阻挠——如果这两家公司的合并计划付诸实施,它们对市场的控制力就会进一步加强。And even if you somehow build a powerful, expansive Internet that can bring a nation#39;s energy and economic infrastructure into a new, nearly costless era, you will need to protect it from all kinds of harm. To his credit, Rifkin devotes significant attention to the potential consequences of cyberterrorism, especially if the U.S. continues to develop a centralized energy grid (the kind that could be taken out by a massive cyberattack) rather than building several individual microgrids, which is what the European Union plans to do.就算人们设法建立起了功能强大而且面积广泛的互联网,从而可以让一个国家的能源和经济基础设施进入新的近似零成本时代,还需要保护它免受各种各样的侵害。值得赞扬的是,里夫金非常关注网络恐怖主义可能带来的后果,特别是如果美国继续建设集中式能源网络(这种能源网络可能因为大规模网络袭击而瘫痪),而不是建立几个独立的小型网络(欧盟正计划这样做)。Then there#39;s the granddaddy of all threats to just about any future economic arrangement: the untold effects and consequences of climate change. Unpredictable weather and limited food supplies, clean water, and raw materials all pose major complications, whether or not you take advantage of technology that can reduce the cost of production.接下来就是气候变化的作用和影响,所有威胁今后几乎任何经济举措的因素都源于此,而且这个问题说不清道不明。无论能否利用先进技术来降低生产成本,无法预测的天气以及有限的食品供应、清洁的水资源和原材料都会成为重大问题。Rifkin, who initially made his name as an environmental activist in the 1970s and #39;80s, is all too aware of these potential setbacks, and argues that the kind of collaborative, sharing economy he sees developing could be just what we need at this point, pointing to the power of cooperative and nonprofit organizational models as a way forward. ;We will need to leave behind the parochialisms of the past and begin to think and act as a single extended family living in a common biosphere,; he writes.里夫金最初成名于20世纪70和80年代的环保活动,对这些不利因素绝对了如指掌。他认为,目前我们需要的可能恰恰就是他所预见的这种处于成长状态的协作和共享经济,而且协作的力量和非营利组织的模式就是今后发展的方向。他写道:“我们需要摒弃以往的狭隘主义,像生活在同一个生物圈里的一个大家庭那样思考和行动。”The Zero Marginal Cost Society is admirable in its scope. Rifkin offers a wide-ranging overview of the kind of tech advances that will redefine how many people live in the coming decades (the wildest of all: 3-D bioprinters that can produce human tissue and perhaps one day generate entire human organs). While his techno-utopian vision may seem unrealistic at times, Rifkin makes sure to ground much of his predictions in data, documented scientific advances, and a fair amount of caveats.《零边际成本社会》的眼界令人赞叹。里夫金谈到了大量的技术进步,这些技术进步将重新定义今后几十年很多人的生活状态(其中最非同寻常的一项是3D生物打印机,它能制造出人体组织,也许有一天还能造出完整的人体器官)。虽然他所描绘的高科技乌托邦有时候看起来似乎并不现实,但里夫金利用数据、记录科技进步的文献和相当数量的预先声明,从而确保他的许多构想都有据可查。Much of what Rifkin writes about has been covered by the business and tech press in recent years. But what makes The Zero Marginal Cost Society worth ing is its audacity, its willingness to weave a vast string of developments into a heartening narrative of what our economic future may hold for the generations to come. You can call it naive, but it#39;s much more than that. It#39;s hopeful. And, perhaps in a moment of hope-induced blindness, Rifkin fails to mention the ultimate cost for us mortals, the one that really isn#39;t going anywhere anytime soon: time.里夫金在书中写道的很多东西已经出现在近几年的商业和科技报道中。但《零边际成本社会》想法大胆,而且乐于把各种各样的科技进步组织成一种令人振奋的声音来描述未来几代人的经济前景,这一点成就了它的可读性。大家可以认为这是天真,但这本书远不仅限于此,它还传递着希望。而且,也许是因为眼里只有希望,里夫金并没有提到我们凡人短期内无法真正摆脱的终极成本:时间。 /201405/295594 One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, and currently fourth tallest in the world. Opened in November, this sleek skyscraper soars 1,776ft (541m) above Manhattan. Its height is a symbolic reference to the US Declaration of Independence in 1776.世界贸易中心一号大楼是西半球最高的建筑,也是世界第四高楼。该楼楼高1,776 ft(541 m),于去年11月份完工。1776英尺的高度是为了纪念1776年签订的《美国独立宣言》而设定的。The name of the new building, designed by David Childs of Skidmore Owings Merrill (SOM), was to have been ‘Freedom Tower’. This, after all, was the monumental skyscraper – the first designs were by Daniel Libeskind – commissioned to take the place of the Twin Towers destroyed by a terrorist attack executed by men who believe neither in life, liberty nor happiness.这座天大楼由SOM建筑事务所的大卫·查尔兹担任主要设计,原称“自由塔”。它是世界贸易中心在“911”袭击事件遭到损毁后所重建的建筑之一,建筑师丹尼尔·里伯斯金是世贸重建工程的总策划人.The new World Trade Center was also renamed to re-establish the idea that New York is one of the most important hubs of global trade, and because, as President Calvin Coolidge told the Society of American Newspaper Editors in January 1925, “the chief business of the American people is business”. He added, “Of course, the accumulation of wealth cannot be justified as the chief end of existence. But we are compelled to recognise it as a means to well-nigh every desirable achievement.”新的世界贸易中心大楼改为现在的名字是为了重新确立,纽约是全球最重要的贸易中心之一。同时也因为1925年1月时任美国总统的卡尔文·柯立芝曾说过:“美国人的首要事情是经商。当然积累财富并不能作为生存的主要目的,但是我们却必须认识到,它作为一种方法几乎可以是我们获取任何想要的成就。”Today, the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, is in the Middle East. This elongated, latter day Tower of Babel is 828m (2,722ft) high. From its vertiginous viewing galleries visitors look down on the great commercial city sp below them and across to the seemingly boundless dunes of the Empty Quarter.如今世界上的第一高楼是位于中东迪拜的哈利法塔,这座细长的、像是现代巴别塔的天大楼高828米(2722英尺)。从令人眩晕的观景台上,游客可以看到这个商业城市的全貌,甚至可以看到鲁卜哈利沙漠无边无际的沙丘。And, as if to reinforce the point that towers and trade bring peoples together, the Burj Khalifa was designed by SOM, architects of One World Trade Center.而且,似乎是为了有意强调高塔和贸易能将人们连在一起,哈利法塔的设计也是SOM建筑事务所完成的,这跟世界贸易中心一号大楼一样。There are, though, other reasons to build so very high, and competition is perhaps chief among them. When the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, designed by the Japanese-American architect Minoru Yamasaki were completed in 1971, they were the tallest buildings in the ed States. Not for long. In 1973, SOM completed the Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower) in Chicago, at 1,451-ft (442m). New York and Chicago have long been commercial rivals: the race to see which of them could build higher than the other has been going on since the mid-19th Century.当然,大楼越盖越高还有其他的原因,其中最主要的一个就是“竞争”。由美籍日裔建筑师山崎实设计、1971年完工的世贸中心双子塔是当时美国最高的大楼。可不久之后,1973年,由SOM建筑事务设计完成的位于芝加哥的希尔斯大厦以442米(1451英尺)的高度成为了第一。纽约和芝加哥一直以来都是商业竞争对手:从19世纪中期开始两地就争相建造超越对方的高楼。For many decades, the tallest building not just in the ed States but in the world was the Empire State Building. Rising above midtown Manhattan during the Great Depression of the 1930s, it was a symbol of better days to come. It even survived an aircraft crashing into it – a B-25 Mitchell bomber lost in fog – in July 1945.美国纽约的帝国大厦曾在几十年的时间里一直都是美国也是全世界最高的建筑。它于20世纪三十年代的大萧条时期在曼哈顿落成后,成为美国经济复苏的象征。1945年6月经历飞机撞击后依然幸存。Today, the People’s Republic of China boasts hundreds of skyscrapers (usually defined as buildings more than 500ft (152 m) tall. The skyline of Pudong, Shanghai’s new commercial centre, is a forest of extravagant skyscrapers and when it opens in 2015, the twisting Shanghai Tower, designed by the US firm Gensler, with Jun Xia, as lead architect, will be the world’s second tallest building at 2,073ft (632m).现如今,中国也有越来越多的天大楼(一般指高度在152米以上的大楼)拔地而起。在浦东新区这个上海市的新商业中心里,高楼林立,即将投入使用的螺旋式建筑--上海中心大厦楼高632米(2073英尺),将成为世界第二高楼,该楼由美国Gensler公司设计,夏军担任主要设计师。The Chinese are likely to want to go much higher than this. Oil-rich Middle Eastern states, kingdoms and emirates are competing with China, while other countries keen to display newfound wealth have joined in this slightly inane numbers game. Where will it all end?中国人可能还想要建更高的楼。而石油储备丰富的中东国家正在与中国相互竞争,其他一些热衷于“炫富”的国家也加入了这场几乎毫无意义的竞争游戏。什么时候是个头呢?After the Burj Khalifa and the Shanghai Tower, the world’s third tallest building is the Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower. The Mecca tower, designed by Dar Al-Handasah architects, is 1,972ft (601m) high. Clearly, the upward look to the heavens, along with ambition, competition and trade, remain the driving forces behind a building type that will aim ever higher in the 21st Century and beyond.排在哈利法塔和上海中心大厦之后的世界第三高楼是麦加皇家钟塔,高度为601米(1972英尺)。显然,跟随天大楼一起耸入云霄的还有人们的勃勃雄心,贸易的竞争、财富的积累都会推动着21世纪的天大楼越建越高。 /201501/356294太仓人流医院多少钱沙溪镇人民妇幼中心医院预约电话



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