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赣州崇义医院女子有做阴道松弛的赣县区人民医院看妇科好不好赣南医学院第一附属医院能做人流吗 Jack Ma, the internet tycoon, is teaming up with Hollywood director Steven Spielberg in the latest Chinese investment in the US entertainment industry.互联网大亨马云(Jack Ma,见上图)与好莱坞导演史蒂芬#8226;斯皮尔伯格(Steven Spielberg)结盟,成就中资对美国行业的最新投资。Alibaba Pictures, a Hong Kong-listed unit of China’s largest ecommerce group, said on Sunday that it would take a minority equity stake and board seat in Mr Spielberg’s Amblin Partners, a film production and distribution company. Terms of the deal were not announced.中国最大电子商务集团旗下在香港上市的阿里影业(Alibaba Pictures)周日表示,它将买入美国电影制作和发行公司、斯皮尔伯格的Amblin Partners的少数股份,并在该公司获得一个董事会席位。交易条款没有公布。Amblin was established at the end of last year with investments from Anil Ambani’s Reliance Group and Entertainment One, distributor of the British animation series Peppa Pig.Amblin成立于去年底,参与投资的有印度商人安尼尔#8226;安巴尼(Anil Ambani)旗下的信实集团(Reliance group),以及英国动画系列《粉红猪》(Peppa Pig)的发行商Entertainment One。Alibaba will co-produce films with Amblin and help distribute them in China.阿里影业将与Amblin共同制作电影,并帮助在中国发行这些影片。“Among Chinese consumers, there is an increasing demand for premium global content,” Mr Ma said in a statement, adding that he hoped the partnership would serve as a “cultural bridge”. Amblin could not be reached for comment.马云在一份声明中表示,“中国消费者对全球性优质内容的需求不断增长。”他补充说,希望这一伙伴关系成为一座“文化桥梁”。记者联系不上Amblin请其置评。Chinese companies have been making unprecedented inroads into Hollywood as part of a much larger overseas buying spree. Investors from the world’s second-largest economy are on track to top global Mamp;A tables for the first time this year.中国企业近来以前所未有的规模进军好莱坞,这是中资海外收购狂潮整体的一部分。来自世界第二大经济体的投资者今年将首次领衔全球并购排行榜。But the investments are increasingly controversial in some circles. Last week, John Culberson, head of a US Congressional subcommittee that oversees funding for the Justice Department, said Hollywood investments by China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, should be reviewed.但这些投资正在某些圈子引发越来越大的争议。上周,美国国会一个负责监督对司法部(DoJ)拨款的小组委员会的主席约翰#8226;库尔伯森(John Culberson)表示,中国首富王健林对好莱坞的投资应该受到审查。The Committee on Foreign Investment in the ed States, which vets acquisitions by overseas investors on national security grounds, has traditionally not expressed concerns about Chinese investment in Hollywood.基于国家安全理由对海外投资者的收购交易进行评估的美国外国投资委员会(CFIUS),迄今没有对中企在好莱坞的投资表示关注。US entertainment purchases by Mr Wang’s Wanda Group include cinema chain AMC Entertainment Holdings and production company Legendary Entertainment.王健林的万达集团(Wanda Group)在美国行业的收购对象包括电影院线AMC控股公司(AMC Entertainment Holdings)和制片公司传奇(Legendary Entertainment)。Wanda has also entered into exclusive negotiation to acquire Dick Clark Productions, which stages the Golden Globe Awards and Miss America pageant.万达还准备收购举办金球奖(Golden Globe Awards)和美国选美比赛(Miss America)的迪克#8226;克拉克制片公司(Dick Clark Productions),已为此进入排他性谈判。Similar investments by foreign investors in China’s tightly controlled entertainment and media industries are not allowed, leading to calls for an increased emphasis on reciprocity in US and EU trade negotiations with Beijing.外国投资者要在中国受到严格控制的和媒体行业进行类似投资是不被允许的,这导致有人呼吁美国和欧盟在与北京方面的贸易谈判中更加注重互惠对等。On Saturday, China’s State Council said it would encourage foreign investment in sectors including sports and culture, but did not provide specifics.周六,中国国务院表示将鼓励外商投资体育和文化等产业,但没有具体说明。 /201610/470235An amazing new gadget that has been developed for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo will translate Japanese into three different languages within a matter of seconds.为迎接2020年东京奥运会,一件可以在几秒之内将日文转换成其他三种语言的的神奇装置已经被开发了出来。The megaphone, which has been unveiled by Panasonic, allows the user to speak in Japanese before it then repeats the phrase in either English, Korean, or Chinese.松下公司发布的这款扩音器,能够将使用者所说的日语内容以英语、韩语或者汉语的形式重复播放。It has been built in anticipation of the increase in foreign tourists and is being described by media in the country as #39;Japan#39;s secret weapon#39;.这款扩音器是为了迎接未来日本国内越来越多的外国游客所制造的,它被其国内媒体称为“日本的秘密武器”。It is also thought that the device will be used to help with disaster drills.此外,这项发明还会在灾难演习中发挥作用。Footage posted by ANN News, shows several relief workers performing practice runs as they ask #39;disaster victims#39; whether anyone is injured across the tannoy.根据ANN新闻网所发布的视频显示,一些救援人员在演习中通过扩音器的广播功能询问“灾民”是否受伤。The megaphone is also being trialled in airports and areas with busy public transport systems.这款扩音器还在机场等一些繁忙的公共交通系统区域进行了测试。Tokyo is eager to showcase its hi-tech innovation to spectators at the 2020 Olympics and the event has aly been dubbed the #39;Olympics of the Future#39;.东京渴望在2020年奥运会上向观众展示其在高科技设备上的创新能力,这场奥运盛事也已经被人们称为“未来奥运会”。Officials have set aside 400 billion Japanese yen for the sporting event with plans to revamp some major stadiums in the country to hold more than 80,000 fans.日本政府已经为奥运会留出了4000亿日元资金,并计划翻新国内几个主要体育馆来容纳80000人以上的观众。Robots are also expected to play a huge part in the games, and will also be helping with transport, directions and translation.机器人也有望在奥运期间扮演重要角色,并且还会在缓解交通压力、指明方向和提供翻译上起到帮助。 /201609/466389寻乌医院是私立的还是公立的

江西赣州仁济医院网上预约咨询A busy brain can mean a hungry body. 大脑忙碌可能会导致身体饥饿。We often seek food after focused mental activity, like preparing for an exam or poring over spsheets. 我们经常在集中进行脑力活动后寻找食物,比如备考或阅读报表。Researchers speculate that heavy bouts of thinking drain energy from the brain, whose capacity to store fuel is very limited. 研究者猜测,高强度思考会耗尽脑部能量,而脑部存储养分的能力十分有限。So the brain, sensing that it may soon require more calories to keep going, apparently stimulates bodily hunger, and even though there has been little in the way of physical movement or caloric expenditure, we eat. 所以,大脑感觉自己可能很快就需要更多热量来维持运转,显然会因此刺激身体产生饥饿感。尽管几乎没有进行体力运动或出现热量消耗,我们还是会吃东西。This process may partly account for the weight gain so commonly seen in college students.这个过程可以部分解释大学生中常见的体重增加现象。Scientists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and another institution recently experimented with exercise to counter such post--study food binges. 前不久,亚拉巴马大学伯明翰分校(University of Alabama at Birmingham)的科学家们和另一个研究机构试验通过运动对抗学习后的暴饮暴食。Gary Hunter, an exercise physiologist at U.A.B., oversaw the study, which was published this month in the journal Medicine amp; Science in Sports amp; Exercise. 这项研究由亚拉巴马大学伯明翰分校的运动生理学家加里#8226;亨特(Gary Hunter)主持,本月发表在《体育医学与科学》(Medicine amp; Science in Sports amp; Exercise)上。Hunter notes that strenuous activity both increases the amount of blood sugar and lactate — a byproduct of intense muscle contractions — circulating in the blood and augments blood flow to the head. 亨特指出,剧烈活动会增加在血液中循环的血糖和乳酸盐含量——这是肌肉剧烈收缩的副作用——增加脑部的血流量。Because the brain uses sugar and lactate as fuel, researchers wondered if the increased flow of fuel-rich blood during exercise could feed an exhausted brain and reduce the urge to overeat.大脑以糖和乳酸盐为养料,所以研究者们想知道,锻炼中增加的养料丰富的血流量是否能给疲惫的大脑提供养分,从而减轻过度进食的冲动。Thirty--eight healthy college students were invited to U.A.B.’s exercise lab to determine their fitness and metabolic rates — and to report what their favorite pizza was. 38名健康的大学生被邀请到亚拉巴马大学伯明翰分校的运动实验室,接受健康水平和代谢率检测,并报告自己最喜欢吃哪种披萨。Afterward, they sat quietly for 35 minutes before being given as much of their favorite pizza as they wanted, which established a baseline measure of self--indulgence. 之后,他们静坐35分钟,然后他们想吃多少披萨就供应多少,以确定自我放纵的基线。At a later date, the volunteers returned and spent 20 minutes tackling selections from college and graduate--school entrance exams. 在后来的一个日子里,志愿者们返回这里,花费20分钟时间做从大学和研究生入学考试中挑选的题目。Hunter says this work has been used in other studies to induce mental fatigue and hunger. 亨特说,这种方法已经在其他研究中被用于引发精神疲劳和饥饿感。Next, half the students sat quietly for 15 minutes, before being given pizza. 接下来,其中一半学生静坐15分钟,然后进食披萨。The rest of the volunteers spent those 15 minutes doing intervals on a tmill: two minutes of hard running followed by about one minute of walking, repeated five times. 剩下的志愿者用那15分钟时间在跑步机上做运动:快跑2分钟,然后走大约1分钟,重复5次。This is the sort of brief but intensive routine, Hunter says, that should prompt the release of sugar and lactate into the bloodstream. 亨特说,这种短暂而高强度的运动应该能促进糖和乳酸盐释放到血流中。These students were then allowed to gorge on pizza, too. 这些学生之后也被允许尽情食用披萨。But by and large, they did not overeat. 总体来说,他们没有过量进食。In fact, the researchers calculated that the exercisers consumed about 25 fewer calories than they did during their baseline session. 实际上,研究者们计算出,这些锻炼者摄入的热量比在基线测试阶段大约少25卡路里。The nonexercisers, however, consumed about 100 calories more. 但是,那些没有锻炼的人大约多摄入了100卡路里。When the researchers factored in the calories expended on running, they determined that those students actually consumed 200 fewer total calories after their brain workouts than the resting students.研究者们把跑步中耗费的热量计算在内后发现,那些学生实际上在脑力活动后比其他学生一共少摄入200卡路里。The study has limitations, of course. 这项研究当然具有局限性。We only looked at lunch, Hunter says; the researchers do not know if the runners consumed extra calories at dinner. 我们只研究了午餐,亨特说。研究者不知道跑步者在晚餐时是否摄入了更多热量。They also cannot tell whether other types of exercise would have the same effect as running, although Hunter says they suspect that if an activity causes someone to break into a sweat, it should also increase blood sugar and lactate, feeding the brain and weakening hunger’s call.他们也不知道其他哪些运动会收到和跑步一样的效果,不过亨特说,他们猜测,如果一项运动能让人出汗,那么它应该也能增加血糖和乳酸盐释放,给大脑提供养分,从而缓解饥饿感。 /201609/465857赣州市仁济是公立 赣州仁济男科在哪里

寻乌县妇幼保健院做人流Surging investment in artificial intelligence is giving the US an early advantage in the race to dominate a new era of robotics, according to investors and experts in an industry that is set to become one of the most strategically important.人工智能领域的投资者和专家称,该领域的投资飙升让美国在主宰机器人新时代的竞争中抢占先机,该领域即将成为最具战略重要性的行业之一。Recent advances in AI, particularly in a technique known as deep learning, have shifted robotics from its core industrial market into areas such as self-driving cars, fuelling debate over the benefits and threats posed by the rise of the robots.最近人工智能领域的进步(尤其是在所谓深度学习的技术上),让机器人从核心的工业市场转向自动驾驶汽车等领域,这激起了有关机器人崛起所带来的好处和威胁的辩论。As the technology extends its reach beyond factory production lines, the US and China are poised to take the lead from Japan and Germany, which dominate traditional industrial robotics.随着这种技术扩大到工厂生产线以外,美国和中国将从主宰传统工业机器人的日本和德国手中夺走领军地位。Investment in the sector in the US more than doubled to 7m last year, according to CB Insights, a venture capital research firm. That is helping drive global growth of 17 per cent a year, according to research group IDC, whichprojects the robot market will almost double from bn to 5bn by 2019.根据风投研究机构CB Insights的数据,去年,美国在人工智能领域的投资增加逾一倍,至5.87亿美元。据研究机构IDC的数据,这帮助推动全球投资每年增长17%,该机构预测,到2019年,机器人市场的规模将从710亿美元增加近一倍,达到1350亿美元。“The most interesting things are in Silicon Valley or the US,” said Dmitry Grishin, a Russian internet entrepreneur and investor who has raised a 0m fund to invest in robot and other hardware start-ups. As low-cost robots move into more consumer and business uses, such as drones, China’s hardware manufacturing expertise will also make it a more significant player, he added.俄罗斯互联网创业者和投资人德米特里#8226;格里申(Dmitry Grishin)表示:“最有趣的事情发生在硅谷或美国其他地方。”他筹集了一1亿美元的基金,用于投资机器人和其他创业型硬件企业。他补充称,随着低成本机器人转向更多消费和商业用途(例如无人机),中国在硬件制造方面的专长将令其成为一个更重要的参与者。Beijing’s booming demand for automation as it tries to claw its way up the manufacturing value chain has also fuelled efforts to build a local robot sector. However, most industry executives say it will take years for China to match technology from companies in Japan and other established manufacturers.此外,随着中国努力攀爬制造业价值链,中国对自动化日益旺盛的需求一直推动其努力打造本土机器人行业。然而,多数行业高管表示,中国要赶上日本公司以及其他老牌制造商的技术还需要数年之久。The threat from new AI and cloud technologies has prompted a scramble among established players not to get left behind. Japan’s Fanuc, the world’s largest maker of industrial robots, has announced plans to start connecting its 400,000 installed machines by the end of this year, to collect data about their operations and improve their performance.来自新的人工智能和云技术的威胁,促使老牌参与者纷纷行动起来以免落后。全球最大工业机器人制造商日本发那科(Fanuc)宣布计划,将在今年底之前开始将其40万台已安装机器联网,以收集操作数据并改善机器性能。Japan’s manufacturing lead over the US should sustain its edge in industrial robots, said Junichi Hasegawa, chief strategy officer at Preferred Networks, a Japanese deep learning company that counts Fanuc — whose machines are all painted bright yellow — among its investors. “We can’t fight with information stored on the cloud, but the yellow robots are everywhere in the world and they gather data. If you ask whether Google can do the same, the answer is no,” he said.日本深度学习公司Preferred Networks首席运营官长谷川顺一(Junichi Hasegawa)表示,日本在制造业相对于美国的领先地位,应该会撑其在工业机器人领域占据优势。该公司的投资者包括发那科(发那科生产的机器人都被涂成亮黄色)。他表示:“我们竞争不过存储在云上的信息,但黄色机器人遍布全世界,他们会收集数据。如果你问谷歌(Google)是否也能这么做,是否定的。”While US internet companies such as Google and Facebook have led the investment in deep learning, Silicon Valley has seen a wider start-up boom in AI and robotics. A collapse in the price of components, thanks to smartphone growth, has made it cheaper to launch robot companies, investors say.谷歌和Facebook等美国互联网公司一直引领深度学习领域的投资,而硅谷则出现了人工智能和机器人领域的更广泛创业潮。投资者表示,得益于智能手机的增长,零配件价格大幅下跌,这降低了创建机器人公司的成本。So-called “intelligent” robots play to US strengths through new technologies and software culture, they added.他们补充称,通过新技术和软件文化,所谓的“智能”机器人发挥了美国的优势。“At its core, these companies need to be machine vision companies, that get better as they get more data,” said Chris Dixon, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, a Silicon Valley investment firm.硅谷投资公司Andreessen Horowitz合伙人克里斯#8226;狄克逊(Chris Dixon)表示:“从本质来看,这些公司需要成为机器视觉(MV)公司,获取的数据越多,表现就越出色。”The new entrepreneurs rushing into the field are different from the hardware engineers who historically dominated the field, he added: “They don’t like to use the word robotics — they think of [it] as an electrical engineering mindset, versus#8201;…#8201;autonomy and AI.”涌入该领域的新的创业者与以往一直主宰该领域的硬件工程师不同,他补充称:“他们不喜欢使用‘机器人’这个词,他们认为……相对于自动化和人工智能,(它)是一种电子工程思维。”The new technologies changing robotics are “available today” and advanced enough to have a disruptive impact across other industries, said Steve Jurvetson, an investor in Tesla Motors and SpaceX, companies led by Elon Musk.投资了埃隆#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk)旗下的特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)和SpaceX两家公司的史蒂夫#8226;尤尔韦特松(Steve Jurvetson)表示,改变机器人的新技术“现在已就绪”,而且相当先进,足以对其他行业产生颠覆性影响。 /201605/446100 瑞金市人民医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗赣州仁济医院可以做输软管吻合术吗



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