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英文学习笔记:librarian n.图书管理员biography n.传记epic poems 咏史诗greek philosophy 希腊哲学enchanting adj.迷人的wrap up v.包起来cherish vt.珍爱disclaimer n.免责声明dispose of 处理; 安排unwanted adj.不需要的;多余的Walking on the streets in China, we can see many people playing mobile phone, what about it in America?在中国,我们可以看到很多人在路上玩手机,美国呢?I haven’t had a chance to see a Chinese library. Their aren’t many here. The only one I know of is too far to bother.Especially considering there won’t be much of an English section.我还没有机会看中国图书馆这边不是很多有一个知道的又太远又特别考虑到不会有很多英文(书籍)It’s very quiet and the librarians make sure to keep it that way. I love biographies, epic poems, greek philosophy, and America classics. There’s something about the smell of books that’s so enchanting. I don’t know what it is.图书馆非常安静,图书馆员也会让这种氛围一直保持我爱传记、 咏史诗、 古希腊哲学和美国经典之作还有书的味道是如此迷人虽然我不知道它是什么Depends on what you’re buying. A new book is always gonna cost you but since most of the books I were written well over a hundred years ago, I never have to worry about it. in fact, most of the books I get are free since the authors are all dead.取决于你买什么一本新书总需要你花钱,但因为我读的书大部分是在一百多年前写的,不用担心这件事事实上,我得到的书大部分都是免费,因为作者们都死了Why are all the books wrapped up in plastic?! I can’t them? Take example Books-A-Million in America. You can walk in, take a book up, sit down and order a cup of coffee and enjoy a book on your lunch break.为什么所有的书都用塑料包裹? !我不能读吗?在美国的Books-A-Million,你可以走进来、 拿起一本书,坐下来然后买一杯咖啡,在午休的时候享受一本书Books will always be something to be cherished. In fact, many books have a disclaimer that’s says “Please do not throw away, burn,or dispose of this book. If unwanted, please donate it to your local library”Burning a book is HUGLY frowned upon. Books are really to be respected.书籍将永远值得珍惜的东西事实上,有很多书免责声明的说;请不要扔掉,烧伤,或处置这本书如果是多余的请把它赠给你当地的图书馆;燃烧一本书是让人很揪心的书是应该被尊重 更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 63657。

Track twoWhen we talk of the UK there are all these great shots of London – London is fantasticThere is much more than London – we have this great range of places we want to encourage film makers to goThat is going to be the key, especially Chinese film makersWe see some very different opporties ChinaPredominantly at the moment the films I look after are US-studio financed and they tend to be huge big construction, big effectsThere is huge capacity in the UK independent films and high-end television dramaOur biggest TV shows are sp out throughout the UK‘Game of Thrones’ shooting in BelfastSony and Stars ‘Outlander’ up in ScotlandA TV-Disney ‘Arm Shooting’ – a musical drama in BristolAnd amazing TV productions up in the northwest and in YorkshireAnd to have London as the best capital city in the world – the most beautiful cinematic cityWe are extremely lucky such a small countryYou mention some of the great blockbusters relying on special effectsBut the UK has the ability to create amazing film production without the razzmatazz Alongside these huge budget films, the smaller independent side of British film is doing very wellMy personal favourite this year is ‘5 Years’We make films that resonate, that will make you shiver with delight at the most beautiful, dramatic situations that are created. 183。

本期主题:Pure Land《净土背后小故事:西安市浐灞一中是陕西省重点援藏项目,是一所汉藏融合的中学每年,都会有大批西藏的莘莘学子来到这里求学锦华是浐灞一中的一名英语老师,旦增桑姆和丁增美朵是她的学生在第期节目《离天最近的声音里,锦华邀请旦增桑姆为大家做了一个关于“珍惜粮食,拒绝浪费”的演讲,丁增美朵用藏语清唱了一首歌曲《欢聚一堂节目播出以后,我们收到了全国各地听众朋友的关心,祝福和好评,我们把这些祝福一一传达给了两位孩子,她们非常开心,向所有热心的听众朋友们说声谢谢旦增桑姆和丁增美朵在为理想的高中努力地学习着;她们能歌善舞,机灵可爱今天,我们再次邀请她们,带来本期以“家乡”为主题的节目到不了的地方叫远方;远方,总是莫名地吸引着我们我们或为了理想,或为了学习,或为了事业,或为了爱情,或为了生活…离开家乡来到远方,于是那个回不去的地方变成了家乡岁的旦增桑姆和丁增美朵出生在美丽的拉萨,为了学习,她们离开家乡,离开父母,来到西安市浐灞一中求学和其他来自西藏的小伙伴一样,她们在西安忙碌地学习,也快乐的生活着,她们时常想念起家乡-西藏丁增美朵经常唱起这首歌:“山坡上黑色的帐篷,那是谁的家;山谷里涌动的羊群,伴着格桑花,我要追随那白云,走出我的家,心里撇不下你,阿玛拉”是的,无论我们身处何方,家乡总在我们心底最深处的地方Pure Land《净土旦增桑姆It is said that Tibet is the last piece of pure land in the world. Actually, it right. Almost everything here is sterilized by the great sun at daytime and the moonlight at night. The sky is clean, deep, glittering and translucent. The sunshine caresses every corner here, and I was so lucky to be born in this beautiful land and grow up.人们都说西藏是世界上的最后一片净土实际上,它是的慈悲的阳光照耀着这片家园的每一个角落,天空干净,深邃,晶莹,如宝石般穿透众生的心灵而我却是那么的幸运能够在这片美丽的土地出生,成长Aiqing poem I love the land may express my feeling: Why are the tears always in my eyes? Because I love this land deeply.艾青《我爱这土地的诗句,正是表达了我心中对家乡的情感:“为什么我的眼里常含泪水?因为我对这土地爱得深沉”Hometown is the habitat of my heart. It is the purest land worshiped by lots of people. However, with the advance of science and technology, Tibet exchanges with the outside world more and more often. The environment is polluted. So I always have a beautiful dream.I hope my hometown can be the purest land ever!家乡是我心灵的栖息地,是朝觐的净土,但是随着科技的日益进步,西藏与外界的交往越来越密切,环境也遭到破坏,所以我一直有一个美丽的心愿,就是愿家乡的那一片净土永存!也相信无论多久,当我再次踏上那片土地,那份迷失已久的踏实感和归属感可以依旧 351。

3 Slipped Grip第3单元 松脱的握把David looked down. From where he was everything looked small. The creek looked like a shoelace, the trees looked like green toothbrushes. Then he looked up. He could see the top just above his friend shoulder.大卫从他所在的位置往下一看,每样东西都变得小小的小河看起来和鞋带差不多,数目看起来就像绿色的牙刷接着他又抬头往上看,从他朋友肩膀望过去,山顶就在不远处了He secured another grip into the side of the mountain and pulled himself up. He would be glad when he got to the top. He hurt it last week when he fell off his bicycle. Suddenly, he felt a jolt. His left grip has come loose. He was hanging from his right.他把另一握把紧紧插入山壁另一侧把自己往上拉,一旦到达山顶就快活了这时他的左肩痛得要命,这是因为上礼拜骑单车摔倒才会这样突然间,他感觉到一阵晃动,原来左边的握把松了,整个人便吊在右边的握把上He tried to reach up to put his left grip back into the cliff, but his shoulder was too score. His right grip was slipping. It couldnt hold all his weight. He cried out to his friend. There was no reply. David kept very still. If he moved too suddenly, the grip come out.他想要攀回去把左边的握把插回峭壁上,但他的肩膀实在很痛;右边的握把又因为撑不住他全身的重量而开始松脱他大声呼叫他朋友,但朋友没有回答他大卫完全不敢动,突然动一下握把大概就会掉下去He slowly anchored his feet into the cliff. Using all his strength he managed to get the left grip into the wall, just as his right grip give way. That was close, though David. I was almost a goner.他慢慢把双脚固定在峭壁上,然后在右边手把滑落时,使尽全力把左边的握把山壁里就差那么一点,大卫心想,自己就一命呜呼了 160。

Beijing eign minister announced Sunday that China and Canada will grant each other citizens visas valid up to years. The agreement, which goes into ce on Monday, comes as Western countries increasingly seek Chinese business and investment, and mirrors one with the US announced last year..Chinese eign minister Wang Yi said at a press conference on the sidelines of the National People Congress, China and Canada have just reached an agreement issuing visas to each other citizens with the validity period of up to years.No other details were immediately available. 385950。

华尔街日报:由于中国年轻人环保意识的增强,以及中国政府的反腐措施,这几年中国鱼翅消费迅速下降.The Wall Street Journal: China consumption of shark fin soup is declining rapidly as young Chinese become more environmentally conscious and the government anticorruption campaign discourages showy banquets and conspicuous consumption.A study released this week by WildAid, a San Francisco-based civic group that led a high-profile media campaign against the trade, found that sales among shark fin vendors in the southern city of Guangzhou declined 8% in the past two years, while wholesale prices fell 57% and retail prices dropped 7%.Guangzhou is the hub of shark-fin processing in China, according to WildAid, which estimates that the Middle Kingdom s 75% of shark-fin consumption world-wide.While sharks have traditionally not engendered great sympathy among humans, theyre important apex predators that help maintain the ocean environmental balance. According to WildAid, many shark species have seen their numbers decline by as much as 90% in recent decades.In recent decades, China appetite shark fin has grown rapidly, driven by growing wealth, fueling a global trade estimated at 0 million to billion annually. That attracted the interest of organized crime, seen in a gangland slaying of two Hong Kong businessmen, a Chinese national and a local in Fiji, blamed by detectives on a fight over shark-fin profits.Rising demand has also led fishermen to toss sharks back alive after stripping them of their valuable fins, leaving them to sink and suffocate. Of up to 0 million sharks killed annually world-wide, studies estimate that between 6 million and 76 million are slayed use in soup, which can sell up to $,000 a bowl.WildAid also cites the impact of a Chinese media campaign it coordinated featuring basketball player Yao Ming and actor Jackie Chan condemning the consumption of shark fin and other wildlife products. Two dozen airlines and five hoteliers agreed to stop serving the dish, including Emirates and Singapore Airlines, Hilton Worldwide, Shangri-La Hotels and Ritz-Carleton. 3656。

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻#6579; Early Shopper采购过早 It was Christmas and the judge was in a benevolent mood as he questioned the prisoner. ;What are you charged with?; he asked.那天是圣诞节,法官在审讯犯人时也有点恻隐之心“你为什么而被起诉?”他问;Doing my christmas shopping early,; replied the defendant.“采购圣诞节物品过早”被告答;That no offense,; replied the judge, ;How early were you doing this shopping?;“这不算犯法,”法官回答,“你购物多早?”;Bee the store opened,; countered the prisoner.“在商店开门之前,“犯人应道Notes:1.shopper顾客.benevolentadj.好心肠的;与人为善的;乐善好施的;慈善的in a benevolent mood出于好心,有恻隐之心3.defendantn.[法]被告人adj.[法]被告的;辩护的.offencen.犯罪,违反;冒犯,触怒;攻击常见搭配:an offence against违反givecause offence to触怒, 得罪No offence (meant)!没有冒犯你的意思! 不要见怪!take offence at因...而生气, 见怪 本节目可可原创节目, 56。