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宁都县人民医院有哪些医生上犹县人民医院靠谱吗会昌县中医院官网 The world in which you, in time to come, will take the reins, cannot afford a return to 20th century struggles for hegemony.即将到来的时代是你们掌控的时代,决不能退回到20世纪的霸权争夺中去。The characteristic of this modern world is the pace, scope and scale of change. Globalisation is driving it and people are driving globalisation.如今这个世界的特点是全球化的速度、范围和规模。全球化正在推动着社会的变革,而人类正在推动着全球化的进程。The consequence is that the world opens up; its boundaries diminish; we are pushed closer together.全球化的结果就是世界的开放,国界的削弱,我们彼此更将紧密相连。The conclusion is that we make it work together or not at all.结论就是,我们如果不同心协力争取成功,就会毫无所获。The issues you must wrestle with—the threat of climate change, food scarcity, and population growth, worldwide terror based on religion, the interdependence of the world economy—my student generation would barely recognise. But the difference today is they are all essentially global in nature.如今你们面临着许多挑战——气候变化所造成的威胁、食品匮乏、人口增长、基于宗教信仰而引起的全球性恐怖袭击以及世界经济的相互依存等——而我们那一代人几乎没有意识到这些问题。如今这些问题在本质上嗾使全球性的,这也是与以往的不同之处。You understand this. Yale has become a melting pot of culture, language and civilisation. You are the global generation. So be global citizens.你们对于这一点了然于心。耶鲁已经成为文化、语言与文明的大熔炉。你们这一代人属于全世界,所以你们要成为世界的公民。Each new generation finds the world they enter. But they fashion the world they leave. So: what do you inherit and what do you pass on?新的一代拥有它们所处的世界,并在离开时改变了这个世界。那么,你们继承了什么样的世界,又将给后人留下什么样的世界呢?The history of humankind is marked by great events but written by great people. People like you.人类历史由重大事件标记,却由伟大的人类来谱写。由像你们一样优秀的人类谱写。Given Yales record of achievement, perhaps by you.或许成就耶鲁的重大责任就落在你们肩上了。 /201212/216865I live in Washington, D.C.,but I grew up in Sindhekela, a village in Orissa, in India. 我住在华盛顿特区但我是在新河克拉,印度奥里萨邦的一个小村庄长大。My father was a government worker.我父亲是个政府雇员,My mother could not or write, but she would say to me, A king is worshipped only in his own kingdom. A poet is respected everywhere.我母亲不会读书写字,但她跟我说:国王只有在自己的王国里才被膜拜,而诗人走到哪儿都受到尊敬。So I wanted to be a poet when I grew up.所以我就想长大后成为一名诗人。But I almost didnt go to college until an aunt offered financial help.但是我差点没上成大学,直到一位姨妈出钱帮我。I went to study in Sambalpur,the largest town in the region,where, aly in college, I saw a television for the first time. 我去了萨姆巴尔普尔,当地最大的城镇读书。在那儿上大学的时候,我才第一次看到电视。I had dreams of going to the ed States for higher studies.那时我梦想去美国接受高等教育。When the opportunity came,I crossed two oceans, with borrowed money for airfare and only a 20 bill in my pocket.后来机会来了,我借钱买了机票,横跨两个大洋,兜里装了二十元美金就来了。In the U.S., I worked in a research center,part-time, while taking graduate classes in economics.在美国,我一边在一家研究中心兼职,一边上经济学的研究生课程。And with the little I earned, I would finance myself and then I would send money home to my brother and my father.虽然挣得不多,我还是一边供自己上学,一边寄钱回家给我父亲和我兄弟。My story is not unique.我这样的绝不是唯一的。There are millions of people who migrate each year.每年有成百上千万的人移民。With the help of the family, they cross oceans,通过家人的帮助,他们跨越大洋,they cross deserts, they cross rivers, they cross mountains.沙漠,河流,或者山脉。They risk their lives to realize a dream,and that dream is as simple as having a decent job somewhere so they can send money home and help the family,which has helped them before. 他们冒着生命危险去实现一个梦想。他们的梦想很简单,就是能有一份不错的工作, 让他们能寄钱回家,帮助他们的家人,那些曾帮助过他们的人。There are 232 million international migrants in the world.世界上有两亿三千二百万国际移民。These are people who live in a country other than their country of birth.他们生活在一个不同于他们出生地的国度。If there was a country made up of only international migrants,that would be larger, in population,than Brazil. 如果有一个国家全部由国际移民组成,它的人口将超过巴西,That would be larger, in its size of the economy, than France.它的经济实力将超过法国。Some 180 million of them, from poor countries,send money home regularly.其中一亿八千万的移民来自贫穷的国家,他们按时寄钱回家。Those sums of money are called remittances.这些钱叫做移民汇款。Here is a fact that might surprise you:这样一个事实可能会让你大吃一惊:413 billion dollars, 413 billion dollars was the amount of remittances sent last year by migrants to developing countries.4310亿美元,去年一共有4310亿美元由移民们寄到发展中国家。Migrants from developing countries,money sent to developing countries a 413 billion dollars. 来自发展中国家的移民,寄到发展中国家的钱,4310亿美元。Thats a remarkable number because that is three times the size of the total of development aid money.这个数字相当惊人,它等于所有发展资助资金总和的三倍。And yet, you and I,my colleagues in Washington,we endlessly debate and discuss about development aid,while we ignore remittances as small change. 但是,你,我,我在华盛顿的同事们,我们不停地争辩,讨论发展资助,却把移民汇款当作小钱忽略了。True, people send 200 dollars per month,on average. But, repeated month after month,by millions of people,these sums of money add up to rivers of foreign currency. 确实,人们平均每月寄两百美元。但是,月复一月,成百上千万的人在寄,这些钱汇聚成一条条外币形成的河流。So India, last year, received 72 billion dollars, larger than its IT exports.印度去年收到了720亿美元,超过它的IT出口额。In Egypt remittances are three times the size of revenues from the Suez Canal.埃及收到的移民汇款达到苏伊士运河上贸易额的三倍。In Tajikistan, remittances are 42 percent of GDP.塔吉克斯坦,移民汇款占GDP的42%。201505/376968八一垦殖场职工医院在什么位置

瑞金人民医院人流要多少钱Thank you, General Caslen, for that introduction感谢卡斯伦将军的介绍To General Trainor, General Clarke the faculty and staff at West Point you have been outstanding stewards of this proud institution感谢特雷纳将军 克拉克将军感谢西点军校教职员工你们出色地管理了这所令人引以为傲的学校and outstanding mentors for the newest officers in the ed States Army出色地培养出了美国军队的新一批军官Id like to acknowledge the Armys leadership -- General McHugh -- Secretary McHugh,我还要感谢军队的领导 麦克休将军麦克休部长 奥迪尔诺将军General Odierno as well as Senator Jack Reed who is here and a proud graduate of West Point himself还有在座的参议员杰克·里德他也是西点军校引以为傲的毕业生To the class of 20142014届毕业生I congratulate you on taking your place on the Long Gray Line我祝你们再续西点军魂的传奇Among you is the first all-female command team -- Erin Mauldin and Austen Boroff你们中间有第一全女性指挥队艾琳·莫尔丁和奥斯汀·罗夫And Calla Glavin, you have a Rhodes Scholar有卡拉·格拉文 你领有罗德奖学金And Josh Herbeck proves that West Point accuracy extends beyond the three-point line还有约什·赫贝克你明了西点军校的命中率在三分线上也不差To the entire class let me reassure you in these final hours at West Point:在你们待在西点的最后这几小时里 我要告诉所有毕业生As Commander-in-Chief作为三军统帅I hereby absolve all cadets who are on restriction for minor conduct offenses我在此赦免所有见习军官轻微行为过失的禁闭惩罚Let me just say that nobody ever did that for me when I was in school我不得不说 我上学时可没人这样做过I know you join me in extending a word of thanks to your families你们还需要和我一同感谢所有学生家属Joe DeMoss, whose son James is graduating spoke for a whole lot of parents when he wrote me a letter about the sacrifices youve made乔·德莫斯 他儿子詹姆斯即将毕业他写了一封信给我 道出了很多家长的心声 关于你们所作出的牺牲;Deep inside,; he wrote ;we want to explode with pride at what they are committing to do in the service of our country;他写道 ;内心深处;;我们希望自豪地看到;;他们为国家役的英姿;。201505/373647宁都妇幼保健院时间作息 赣州崇义妇幼保健院妇科

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