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The early Roman Empire had idealised Greece and adopted much of her culture, and the cup shows what is clearly a Greek scene. Is this a Roman sexual fantasy of a Classical Greek male coupling? Perhaps by placing it in a Greek past, any moral discomfort is put at a safe distance, while adding to the titillation of the forbidden and exotic. And perhaps everybody everywhere believes that the best sex happens somewhere else. Professor James Davidson, author of The Greeks and Greek Love explains:早期的罗马帝国十分推崇古希腊,他们接受了大部分的古希腊文化,而我们这只酒杯上所表现的很明显就是希腊的场景。这是罗马人对古希腊同性性爱的幻想吗?也许,将它放在遥远的古希腊背景里会减少一些人们的道德不适感,同时增加一些禁忌与异域风情所带来的兴奋感。也许人人都相信,最好的性爱发生在别处。《希腊人与希腊爱情》作者詹姆斯维森教授解释道:;Whats interesting is that although this vase looks back to the Classical period, the Greek vase painters-who were by no means prudish or modest when it came to depicting sex-nevertheless carefully avoided scenes of homosexual intercourse, at least penetrative intercourse. So, in a way, the Romans are showing what couldnt be shown five hundred years earlier. So you can say if you like that the Greek world, as it did for Warren and as it did since the eighteenth century or even in the Middle Ages, provided an alibi for societies to think about homosexuality, to talk about homosexuality, to represent homosexuality. It made it into a piece of art more than pornography, so its a kind of cover, if you like, for something which is not necessarily very easy to depict. It needs some kind of excuse, if you like, and the excuse is provided by Classical imagery.;银杯描述的是古希腊的场景,但其实古希腊的画家在描画性爱时,虽然绝不会遮遮掩掩,但也会小心避免同性性爱,尤其是各种场景。因此罗马人所描画的内容在五百年前绝不会出现。希腊为人们提供了一个能让社会思考、讨论并表现同性恋的托词, 自十八世纪以来,甚至在中世纪,都一直有人这么做。这让这个酒杯成为一件艺术品,而不是色情画。201412/348670Welcome to the ed States of low wages Today we learned that 162,000 jobs were created in the month of July. But, not so fast... this might be a case of quantity over quality. Christine Romans reveals the truth behind the numbers.162,000 US jobs created in July but a lot of those positions were barelypaid the bills. Well, Unemployment is still a problem, under-employment and lowwages are a real problem for the middle-class. Check out the jobs that werelost during the recession. Mostly mid-wage work, right here, these are the jobslost. It’s companies, large or small,cut payrolls. What kinds of jobs are coming back? Take a lookat this, mostly low-wage positions. You see jobs coming from here and goingright down here in the recovery. Hourly rates of 7.69 to 13.83 an hour, thats all according to the National EmploymentLaw Project. This is from 2010 to the second quarter of 2012.Here is the mediumhourly wage for top five occupations with the most hirers during the recovery. Lookat this, retail sales per people, an hour, food prep, labors and freights, stock and material movers, waitresses and waiters, 7.60 an hour. Personal home health care aids, about an hour. So...,thats the past. Thats what happening in the past. What about looking into thefuture, what about the next few years.The government projects these jobs willbe in high demand through 2020.Home health care aids top the list, registered nurseshere, take a look at that, registered nurses, ,000 a year, grow for thisfield. But thats growth is going to take more education, specific training and public investment. Look, most of these put a family of four under the poverty line if its their only income. Registerednurses again, this big bright spot here also, office clerks 26 grand a year. Look,you have to really really know where you are putting your investment, in an educationand in planning for a career. Are we becoming the ed States of low wages oris this just a rough step on the path to renewed prosperity. /201308/251668

Meet the New Bachelor Commercial pilot Jake Pavelka chats about the new season of ;The Bachelor.;You remember Jake Pavelka from the fifth season of The Bachelor, all right? Dashing commercal polit?Well, he didnt get the girl, but he won hearts of American viewers. So hes back for season six of The Bachelor. Hes called on the wing on the blog and its his premier tonight,yeah, I told you.Despite on the drama, the actor of last season, he came back for more.Why, it sure did, the process works. It absolutely works, Its 100% real.I saw how we worked for genuine.And I was so excited I have the oppunity to come back.Thats great! So you had your heart crashed last season.How was that going through this role this season,just knowing youre going to have to crush the hopes of other girls?Thats the hardest part about this entire journey is:looking into someones eyes and theres absolutely nothing wrong with saying Youre amazing and completely enduring,but your journey is over because its how the show works. That was so tough for me.Ohch! So do you have criterion when youre looking for love? Looking for heart gold. That is. The point is looking for heart gold.Did you find true love on this season, the is ,we say, in the TV business, in the ken?You dont have to pick anybody.You know, when I did that, I could always use this: I stay true to my self. I didnt necessarily do what everybody expected me to do.Oh, a cliff hanger, Jake Pavelka.And from here tonight at eight oclocks seven central on A. Im sure we all would try to figure out who Jake... /201308/253065

马克.肖(Mark Shaw)为我們演示了“极度干燥”,一种可以非常有效的防水和水性材料的涂层。在纳米级上,这个涂层会在表面形成一层空气保护伞防止水的渗入。来看看这激动人心的两分钟吧!201401/271167

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