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It does not matter precisely how their ties are rhetorically framed - ;new type of major-country relationship; or otherwise. China and the ed States need a clear sense of direction as their relations approach a critical crossroad, and, as the latest talk about ;frenemy-ship; indicates, could go either way.如何形容中美两国关系,不管是“新型大国关系”或是别的词都不重要。中美关系走到了关键的十字路口,正如最近所出现的“亦敌亦友”的说法,两国可以是朋友,也可能变成敌人,所以中美两国需要为两国关系确立明确的方向。So, it matters whether each side gets reassurance that it can count on the due respect of the other. It also matters whether President Xi Jinpings visit has been successful - to both Beijing and Washington, actually the world at large.然而,重要的是双方能够得到对方应有的尊重,同样,此次习近平访美能否成功对中美两国甚至全世界都至关重要。Judging from the lists of achievements Beijing and Washington have published, the visit was nothing but a success - a big one from Beijings perspective.从双方公布的成果来看,此次访问无疑是成功的,从中方看来是巨大的成功。As some have observed, Chinese media have sounded more upbeat about the visit, and rightfully so, for it offered a badly needed dose of optimism for the worrisome state of bilateral ties.一些观察中发现,中国媒体对此次访问更为乐观,此举也为令人担忧的双边关系注入了急需的积极活力。That Beijing has published a much longer and detailed - 49-item - ;achievements check-list; than Washingtons ;fact sheet; reveals a subtle difference in perspectives. While Washington dwells on hard facts, Beijing cherishes everything conducive to stabilizing ties.中方公布9条“成果清单”,多于美方公布的“情况说明书”,并且也较为详尽,这显示双方的一个细微差异。美方注重既定事实,而中方则重视一切有利于稳定关系的内容。That the agreement on promoting what it terms as ;new type of major-country relationship; tops Chinas list while being absent on that of the US, too, offers food for thought. With some in the US preoccupied with what they see as imminent threats, from the South China Sea to cyberspace, Beijing wants strategic consensus as much as, if not more than, pragmatic cooperation.达成的协议将“新型大国关系”冠以中方成果清单,而该术语却没有出现在美方清单上面,这也值得令人深思。一些美国视为迫在眉睫的威胁,如中国南海和网络空间等亟待解决的问题,中方想要尽可能多的达成战略共识,最起码是进行务实合作。Business deals, like the purchase of 300 Boeing jetliners, is ;ballast; for Sino-US ties. But we need more than such ;ballast; to deepen strategical mutual trust. Beijings message in the lengthy list is clear: Everything conducive to building confidence is an achievement worth celebrating. Such enthusiasm deserves equally enthusiastic resonance from the other side of the Pacific.商业交易,诸如采购的300架波音飞机,是中美关系的“重头戏”,但我们需要更多的“重头戏”来深化战略互信。中方长长的成果列表传达出的信息很明确:任何有利于建立信任的举措都是值得庆祝的成果。这样的热情需要大洋彼岸的美国以同样的热情予以回应。Xis visit was about mutual assurance, and served that purpose well. That is good for both countries.习近平访美的目的是建立相互信任,同时也达到了既定效果,这对中美两国都有利。Citing Chinese villagers rescue of US pilots during World War II and the two countries collaboration in the recent fight against Ebola in western Africa, US President Barack Obama told his Chinese guests that the two countries not only need to cooperate, but also can continue cooperating. That is very correct.引用二战期间中国村民营救美军飞行员,还有最近两国在非洲抗击埃拉病毒的合作,美国总统奥巴马告诉习近平,两国不仅需要合作,还要继续深化合作。这是非常正确的。Once their remarks on ;managing and controlling divergences in constructive manners; are honored in practice, the potential of Sino-US partnership would be limitless.两国领导人提到,“通过建设性的方式应对和控制分歧”, 一旦应用于实践,中美关系发展的潜力将会是无限的。Sino-US agreements on matters of broader concerns, climate change and development cooperation in particular, added a global dimension to the visit. When China and the US join hands, the world benefits.中美合作协议涉及更为广泛的议题,特别是气候变化和发展合作等,同时此次访问还加上了全球维度的议题。中美携手,必将造福世界。来 /201509/401588。

  • Around 35,000 peopleattended the rally that was jointly organised by the state government of Saxonyand the city of Dresden大约三万五千人参加了此次由萨克森州德累斯顿市政府组织的集会。A rally againstracism and xenophobia on Saturday drew tens of thousands of people in theeastern German city of Dresden, which has become the centre of anti-immigration protests organised by a new anti-Islam movement called PEGIDA.不久前一个名; PEGIDA ;的新兴反伊斯兰运动组织以德国东部城市德累斯顿为中心,组织了数起反移民抗议。而在周六,一场旨在反对种族主义和排外的集会吸引了德累斯顿的上万人参加;We wont permitthat hate will divide us;, Dresdens mayor Helma Orosz said in front ofthe 18th-century Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady).“我们不会让仇恨分化我们,”德累斯顿市长奥罗茨8世纪的圣母大教堂前说道。Around 35,000 people attended the rally that was jointly organised by the state government of Saxonyand the city of Dresden, officials said.据官员称,约有三万五千人参与了此次由萨克森州德累斯顿市政府组织的集会。The movement Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) is holding weekly rallies in Dresden with a record number of 18,000 people attending last Monday.“反对欧洲伊斯兰化的欧洲爱国者(PEGIDA)每周都会在德累斯顿举行集会,上周一集会人数达到了一万八千人之多。Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned the anti-Muslim demonstrations, urging Germans to turntheir backs on the movement and calling their organisers racists full of hatred.德国总理默克尔对这一反穆斯林游行予以谴责,并呼吁德国民众不要参与这一运动,称该运动的组织者们是充满仇恨的种族主义者。A recent survey,conducted before Wednesdays deadly attack on a French satirical magazine,showed that an increasing majority of non-Muslim Germans feel threatened by Islam.近期的一份调查显示,在周三法国讽刺杂志遇袭之前,德国的大部分非穆斯林居民就感觉到他们受到了伊斯兰势力的威胁,且有此感受的人数还在不断扩大。The Paris attack has fuelled fears that it could boost anti-immigration movements around Europe and inflame a culture war about the place of religion and ethnic identity in society.随后巴黎的袭击事件更是滋长了人们的恐惧,引发了反移民运动在欧洲的一轮狂潮,还令宗教和民族认同问题的文化战争愈演愈烈。Speaking after aparty meeting of her Christian Democrats (CDU) in Hamburg earlier on Saturday,Merkel stressed the need for intercultural dialogue and warned against prejudice.周六,在进行了基督教民主联盟的党派会议发言后,,默克尔总理强调了不同文化间对话的必要性,并警告人们不要陷入偏见;We have made clear that the events in France, this barbaric terrorist act, are a challenge for all of us, for the values that we advocate, to fight for them,; she said, adding that people must differentiate between Islam and religious fanatics.“我们要明白,发生在法国的这个野蛮的恐怖主义行径,是对我们所有人,对我们所倡导并为之奋斗的价值观的挑战。”默克尔说道,并指出人们应该分清伊斯兰和宗教狂热分子之间的区别。Merkel who will take part in a silent march in Paris on Sunday also welcomed a decision by leading Muslim groups in Germany to organise a vigil in Berlin next week默克尔将出席定于周日举行的巴黎反恐静默游行,她也对德国几大穆斯林团体计划在下周于柏林组织守夜活动的决定表示了欢迎。来 /201501/353345。
  • For a country whose press freedom ranks alongside the likes of Libya, Belarus and Iraq, Singapore is enjoying a surprisingly vibrant media debate ahead of the city-state’s general election tomorrow aided by the growing reach of social media.虽然新加坡的新闻自由程度与利比亚、白俄罗斯及伊拉克等国处于同一水平,但在今日大选前夕,这个城市国家的媒体辩论却意外地活跃,这部分得益于社交媒体的影响力不断扩大。Nine out of 10 Singaporeans own a smartphone the highest penetration rate in the world, according to a Deloitte report creating the platform for a political forum. The online conversation stands in contrast to Singapore’s mainstream media, which according to US campaign group Freedom House “remain tightly constrained. All domestic newspapers, radio stations, and television channels are owned by companies linked to the government.”根据一份德Deloitte)的报告,0个新加坡人就个拥有智能手机,普及率居全球之冠,从而为政治讨论创造了平台。新加坡的网上讨论与其主流媒体上的报道形成对照,按照美国社会运动组织“自由之家Freedom House)的说法,后者“依然受到严格约束。新加坡所有国内报纸、广播电台及电视频道都由与政府有关的企业持有。”Singapore ranks 153rd out of 180 countries in the 2015 World Press Freedom Index. There are curbs on online content and private ownership of satellite dishes is banned.按照2015年世界新闻自由指World Press Freedom Index),新加坡80个国家中排名53位。新加坡存在对网上内容的限制,该国也禁止私人安装卫星天线接收器。The government has a history of launching legal action against bloggers who fall foul of tight publication laws. Those punished for their comments on social media include 16-year-old Amos Yee, who was jailed after publishing a criticising the late Lee Kuan Yew that was deemed to have been obscene and insulting to religious feelings.对违反该国严格出版法律的客写手,新加坡政府还曾采取过法律行动。在因社交媒体言论而受到处罚的人中,有16岁的余澎Amos Yee),他因为发布视频批评已故的李光耀(Lee Kuan Yew)而被捕入狱,该视频被认为传播猥亵内容、伤害他人宗教情感。Other targets have included Roy Ngerng, who in November was found guilty of defamation for criticising Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. After Mr Lee rejected an offer of damages from Mr Ngerng, the online community responded by raising more than S0,000 for Mr Ngerng’s defence.其他受到处罚的人还包括鄞义林(Roy Ngerng)。去1月,他因批评新加坡总理李显Lee Hsien Loong)而被判犯有诽谤罪。在李显龙拒绝接受鄞义林提出的赔偿金额后,新加坡网上社区为鄞义林筹集了1万新加坡元,援他应诉。But Singapore’s netizens have been increasingly vocal during the election campaign, through Twitter, Facebook and many online publications. “Social media has had an enormous impact,says Jolene Tan, author and social commentator. “We’ve seen much more coverage of opposition parties.”不过,在新加坡选战期间,该国网民通过Twitter、Facebook及许多其他网上渠道,正在发出越来越大的声音。作家兼社会人士Jolene Tan表示:“社交媒体拥有巨大影响力。我们看到的有关反对党的新闻报道多多了。”Eugene Tan, political analyst and associate professor at Singapore Management University, says the influence of social media has aly “forced a relaxation of Singapore’s control over the mainstream media新加坡管理大Singapore Management University)副教授、政治分析人士陈庆文(Eugene Tan)表示,社交媒体的影响已“迫使新加坡放宽了对主流媒体的控制”。Among the thorns in the government’s side is the citizen journalism of The Online Citizen, which was founded in the wake of the 2006 election and is run by volunteers and funded by donations ,including the sale of T-shirts.“网络公民The Online Citizen)网站上的“公民新闻”(citizen journalism,指事发现场普通人即兴报道的新闻——译者注),就是新加坡政府的“眼中钉”之一。该网站成立006年大选之后,由志愿者运营,运营资金来自募捐、包括T恤衫义卖。“Because we are run by volunteers, it doesn’t make sense for us to try and compete with the mainstream media,says Kirsten Han, one of its journalists. “We have to find ways to make election coverage fun.”该网站新闻人员之一Kirsten Han表示:“由于我们由志愿者运营,对我们来说,试图与主流媒体竞争是没有意义的。我们必须想办法让我们的选举报道有趣味。”Such is the establishment’s ire at the publication, it was in 2011 officially labelled a political association, a move that forced it to declare donations and banned it from getting foreign funding.新加坡当权者对该网站是如此恼火,以至于官方011年将该网站归类为政治组织,从而迫使该网站申报捐款来源,而且不得接受国外捐款。Terry Xu, chief editor, says the rise of social media “empowers people...It allows their voices to be heard该网站总编辑Terry Xu表示,社交媒体的崛起“赋予了人民权力……让他们的声音能够被人听到”。The country’s establishment is no stranger to the power of social media, with the prime minister regularly publishing statements on his Facebook and Twitter pages.对于社交媒体的力量,新加坡当权者并不陌生。新加坡总理会定期在其Facebook和Twitter页面上发布声明。The city-state’s demographics may have also contributed to the buzzing online community, with almost 10 per cent of the country’s 2.5m voters aged 21-25.新加坡的人口结构或许也是其网络社区活跃的一个原因。新加坡250万选民有近10%的人年龄1岁到25岁之间。Whether social media buzz will translate into votes for any particular party is debatable. “Although social media is not going to be a game-changer for this election, it definitely will be in the next one or two elections,says Prof Tan.至于社交媒体上的喧嚣是否会转换为某个特定党派的选票,还有待辩论。陈庆文教授表示:“虽然社交媒体不会改变这次选举的局势,但它在今后一两次选举中绝对会成为决定局势走向的力量。”Alan Chong, associate professor at the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore, adds: “Social media can swing a very tightly fought political contest. But if you are looking for decision impact on voting behaviour, it doesn’t yet cut it.”新加坡拉惹勒南国际研究the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies)副教授张嘉松(Alan Chong)补充说:“社交媒体能左右一场双方势均力敌的政治角逐。然而,如果你期待的是它能影响选民的决定,它暂时还没这能力。”来 /201509/398512。
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