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吉安隆鼻手术吉安脸部吸脂哪家医院好Facebook faces a potential fine after Brussels accused the social network of misleading it 布鲁塞尔方面指责Facebook在其190亿美元收购WhatsApp的监管审批过程中进行误导。during the approval process of its bn takeover of WhatsApp.这意味着这家社交网络可能面临罚款。In a statement of objections, the European Commission charged the #172;Silicon Valley group with inaccurately claiming during the 2014 takeover that it was technically impossible to combine user information from Facebook and WhatsApp automatically.欧盟委员会(European Commission)在一份反对声明中指控,这家硅谷集团在2014年收购期间不准确地声称在技术上不可能自动合并Facebook和WhatsApp的用户信息。Facebook sprang a surprise this year by linking WhatsApp phone numbers with identities on its Facebook service in a change that sparked complaints from users, regulators and rivals.Facebook今年突然将WhatsApp电话号码与其在Facebook务上的对应身份联系起来,这一改变引发了用户、监管机构和竞争对手的抱怨。The charges mark the boldest reaction by EU authorities to the move. 这些指控标志着欧盟当局对Facebook上述举动作出的最大胆的反应。Data protection agencies across the EU had aly attacked the decision, demanding further information, prompting Facebook to halt the process in Europe.欧盟各数据保护机构已对该决定作出攻击,要求提供进一步信息,促使Facebook在欧洲停止数据合并进程。Margrethe Vestager, EU competition chief, said: Companies are obliged to give the commission accurate information during merger investigations. 欧盟竞争事务专员玛格丽特.维斯特格(Margrethe Vestager)表示:企业有义务在并购调查期间向欧盟委员会提供准确的信息。They must take this obligation seriously.他们必须认真对待这项义务。Brussels allowed the deal with no #172;conditions attached, in part because of Facebook’s insistence that it was not able to combine user accounts.布鲁塞尔在没有附加条件的情况下批准了这笔交易,部分是因为Facebook坚称自己无法合并用户账户。Facebook said it had behaved properly in the process. Facebook表示,其在审批过程中行为恰当。We respect the commission’s process and are confident that a full review of the facts will confirm Facebook has acted in good faith.我们尊重欧盟委员会的审批过程,并深信对事实的全面审议将实Facebook是诚信行事的。Although the commission said it would not reverse its decision to approve the deal, it made clear that EU rules allowed fines of up to 1 per cent of global turnover in such cases — which would be roughly 5m, based on Facebook’s 2014 annual revenues.虽然欧盟委员会表示不会逆转批准该交易的决定,但明确指出欧盟规则允许在这种情况下收取至多相当于全球营业额1%的罚款,基于Facebook 2014年收入,罚款金额大约是1.25亿美元。The charges come after a string of competition cases that have ensnared Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. 在Facebook受到指控之前,一连串竞争案件已使谷歌(Google)、亚马逊(Amazon)、苹果(Apple)和微软(Microsoft)面临法律麻烦。These have sparked a diplomatic stand-off between Brussels and Washington, which has accused the EU of singling out US businesses.此类案件引发了布鲁塞尔和华盛顿之间的外交对峙,后者指责欧盟专门跟美国企业过不去。Facebook had largely avoided becoming ensnared in this regulatory tussle. Facebook此前基本上避免了受到此类监管纠纷牵连。While data protection authorities across Europe have pursued Facebook over privacy issues, the EU’s executive arm had broadly steered clear of the social network.虽然欧洲各地的数据保护部门都在就隐私问题追究Facebook的责任,但欧盟执行机构大体上未理会这家社交网络公司。Facebook notified EU officials of the planned changes to its privacy policy in January, seven months before they were announced publicly. 今年1月,Facebook曾向欧盟官员报告,该公司计划修改隐私政策,7个月后这些政策才被公开宣布。The company said the decision was primarily taken to help it compile data, such as on user numbers, more accurately, rather than serve targeted ads.该公司表示,做出这一决定主要是为了更精确地汇编用户数量等数据,而并非为了投放定向广告。But the decision triggered immediate concern among regulators. 但这一决定立即引发了监管机构的担忧。This year, Ms Vestager warned: That they didn’t merge data wasn’t the decisive factor when the merger was approved, but it was still a part of the decision.维斯特格今年曾警告称:合并获批时,他们所谓的不合并数据虽然不是决定因素,但仍是该决定的一部分。Facebook said: We’ve consistently provided accurate information about our technical capabilities and plans, including in submissions about the WhatsApp acquisition and in voluntary briefings before WhatsApp’s privacy policy update this year.Facebook表示:我们持之以恒地提供关于我司技术能力和计划的准确信息,包括收购WhatsApp时提交材料以及在WhatsApp隐私政策今年更新前自愿提供简报。 /201612/484965吉安减肥 吉安opt嫩肤多少钱

吉安哪里脱毛好A woman surnamed Huang was astonished after activating her new iPhone7 and finding 82 photos aly in the phone#39;s album.在激活自己的新iPhone 7之后,一位姓黄的女士惊呆了,因为她发现手机相册中有82张陌生人的照片。Huang preordered the phone on Sept. 9 via Apple#39;s official website, and received the phone on the morning of Oct. 27.黄女士于9月9日通过苹果官网预定了这台手机,并于10月27日早间收到了手机。After unpackaging and activating the phone, Huang discovered the photos, which included a number of selfies.但是在打开包装激活手机之后,黄女士却在手机中发现了这些照片,其中还包括一些自拍照。According to dates listed in the photo album, the photos were taken between Sept. 27 and Oct. 17.据手机中相册标注的时间显示,这些照片拍摄的时间在9月27日到10月17日之间。Huang decided to contact Apple#39;s customer service. When she did, an employee promised that the company would send Huang a new phone.于是黄女士决定联系苹果的。当她这样做了之后,苹果一名员工承诺将会给黄女士更换一台新机。However, the employee offered no explanation for why the photos were on Huang#39;s - purportedly brand new - phone in the first place.但是这名员工并没有首先向黄女士解释为什么她的手机--据称是全新的--存在其他人的照片。The next day, Apple#39;s customer service contacted Huang to arrange the phone exchange, but this time Huang refused. She demanded a reasonable explanation for the incident.第二天,苹果联系了黄女士安排换机事宜,但是这一次黄女士拒绝了。她要求对方就此次事件给出一个合理的解释。According to the service staff, the incident with Huang#39;s phone, as well as several other similar incidents, were all caused by iCloud account leaks.据这名人员表示,黄女士的手机、以及其他几起类似的事件都是由于iCloud账户泄露导致的。However, Huang claimed that she never used the backup function, and that her account couldn#39;t have been hacked.但是黄女士声称自己从未使用过备份功能,因此她的账户也不可能被黑客攻击。The customer service department then explained that, based on Huang#39;s description, the photos could have been left over from functional tests, as workers may have forgotten to delete them.苹果部门随后解释称,根据黄女士的描述,这些照片可能是测试手机性能的时候留下来的,工人们可能忘记删除了这些照片。Apple pledged to appropriately deal with Huang#39;s appeal.苹果方面承诺将妥善处理黄女士的诉求。 /201611/478572吉安祛痣价格 The ed States government is increasingly using social media to investigate people who may represent a security threat to the country.美国政府越来越重视利用社交媒体调查可能对国家安全造成威胁的人。The latest example comes from the Department of Homeland Security#39;s Customs and Border Protection office. It wants to ask foreign visitors to provide information about their accounts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.比如说美国国土安全部下属的海关和边境保护局。该机构拟要求外国游客提交Facebook和Twitter等社交媒体账号的个人信息。An optional – or non-required – question would be added to the form that people must complete before entering the ed States. The form asks information like the person#39;s name, phone number, and countries they have visited since 2011.入境美国前需填写的表格中将纳入一项新的可选填问题。该表格要求入境者填写姓名、电话号码及2011年以来到过哪些国家等信息。The proposed social media question would only concern travelers who do not need a visa to enter the ed States. Travelers from 38 countries are permitted to enter the U.S. without a visa.要求出示社交媒体账号的提案仅针对那些通过免签计划进入美国的游客。约38个国家的游客无需签即可进入美国。The Customs and Border Protection office said in its proposal that adding the question would affect about 24 million people. There is a 60-day comment period for the public to share their opinion about the proposal.美国海关和边境保护局在其提案中称,这一新增选项将影响约2400万人。公众可以在60天的评议期内对该提案提出建议。U.S. lawmakers have also proposed bills concerning the use of social media for researching possible terrorism links.美国国会议员也提出了关于利用社交媒体追查潜在恐怖主义的议案。Senator John McCain sponsored a bill that would require the Department of Homeland Security to look at internet activity and social media profiles of anyone seeking entry to the ed States.参议员约翰·麦凯恩提出的议案要求美国国土安全部检查所有意图进入美国的境外人士的互联网活动及其社交媒体账户。Senators Martin Heinrich and Jeff Flake sponsored a bill that would permit the Department of Homeland Security to ;search open source information, including internet and social media postings; of people applying for a visa to enter the U.S.参议员马丁·海因里希和杰夫·弗雷克提出了一项议案,议案允许美国国土安全部对申请签入境人士的公开类信息进行调查,包括互联网和社交媒体的贴文。Senator Chuck Schumer has proposed a different plan to help officials search for possible terror links. He wants to reward people who send officials terrorism-related information from social media posts. Anyone whose information leads to the arrest of someone planning an attack in the U.S. would be paid money.参议员查克·舒默提出了一项不同的议案来帮助官员查找潜在的恐怖袭击线索。他希望政府奖励那些举报社交媒体贴子中含恐怖主义信息的民众。民众只要提供有利于抓捕恐怖分子的线索都会获得奖励。Schumer#39;s proposal would make use of the Justice Department#39;s Rewards for Justice program. Schumer said that investigators need the public#39;s help.舒默的提案将利用到美国司法部的正义奖励计划。舒默表示,调查人员需要群众的帮助。Schumer said he wants to award people who come forward with information anywhere from ,000 to million. In the House of Representatives, Congressman Stephen Fincher proposed a bill that centered on stopping prisoners from becoming radicalized.舒默说,他希望给举报者提供2.5万到2500万美元的奖励。而众议院的议员斯蒂芬·芬奇提出的议案重点是阻止囚犯变得激进。His bill would require volunteers in federal prisons to provide their social media accounts during their background investigations. Fincher called U.S. prisons a ;breeding ground; for Islamic radicalization.该议案要求申请联邦监狱的志愿者在接受背景调查时要提供其社交媒体账户。芬奇解释称,美国监狱向来是伊斯兰极端主义的“温床”。 /201607/453774吉安打次瘦脸针多少钱

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