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1.I want to apply the ant in your corporation and I think it is not beyond attainment.我想应聘会计一职,我自认为我有能力争取到该职位.I am calling to apply a job as an ant.我想应聘会计一职3.The main courses I took included commercial ing, cost ing, industrial ing, electronic ing, and so on.我修过的主要课程有商业会计、成本会计、工业会计、会计电算化等.I worked as ing assistant in an export company where the wide experience of tax has given me all-round knowledge of ing.我在一家出口公司做会计助理,在那里积累了丰富的税务经验,使我对会计业务有了全面的了解5.Could you tell me something about cash control?你能谈谈现金控制吗?6.Are you familiar with American-styled ing?你对美式记账熟悉吗?7.Do you have resolution to apply this position?你决定申请这个职位吗?8.In ing, cash means all items that are acceptable depositing in a bank.在会计学上,现金指的是可被接收作为存储的所有项目9.When I was in college, I worked as an assistant ant with American General Electric China Inc., summers.我在大学时,曾在美国通用电气中国分公司做过两个署假的会计助理.I am familiar with ing of construction enterprise,but I cant apply my knowledge there.我对建筑公司的会计工作比较熟悉,但是我在上一份工作中用不到Dialogue 1对话一 A:Hello, A Company. Can I help you?A: 你好,这里是A公司请问有什么要帮助的吗?B: Yes, of course. I am calling to apply a job as an ant.B: 是的,我想应聘会计一职A: Can you name some courses you completed?A:你能说说你学过什么课程吗?B: Sure. The main courses I took included commercial ing, cost ing, industrial ing, electronic ing ,and so on.B: 当然,我修过的主要课程有商业会计、成本会计、工业会计、 会计电算化等Dialogue 对话二A: Hello, this is Sunshine Trading Company. Can I help you?A: 你好,阳光贸易公司、请问有什么需要帮助的吗?B: Yes. I want to apply the ant in your corporation and I think it is not beyond attainment.B: 是的,我想应聘会计一职,我自认为我有能力争取到该职位A: Great. Could you tell me something about cash control?A: 好的,你能谈谈现金控制吗?B: Yes, of course. In ing, cash means all items that are acceptable depositing in a bank.B: 当然可以在会计学上,现金指的是可被接收作为存储的所有项目 31901第一句:I lost my way.我迷路了A: Excuse me. I,m afraid I lost my way. Can you show me the way to the station?对不起,恐怕我迷路了,请问您能告诉我去车站怎么走吗?B: I’m walking that way. Let me lead you the way.我正朝那边去让我给你带路吧!第二句:Im really lost.我迷路了A: Excuse me. Do you need any help?打扰一下,请问您需要帮忙吗?B: Yes, I want to go to Tokyo Tower, but l,m really lost. This is my first visit to Japan, so I have no idea on how to ride the trains.是的,我要去东京塔,可我迷路了 这是我第一次来日本,所以我不清楚怎么乘火车A: First, you need to buy a ticket to your destination. From here, it’s a hundred and thirty yen.首先,你需要买一张去目的地的票, 从这儿买的话,大约是0日元B: A hundred and thirty yen? Okay.0日元?好的其他表达法:Ilose my way in the est.我在森林里迷路了I got lost.我迷路了 55589

Tourist Sites询问旅行所涵盖的景点What places does the tour included?这次旅游我们要去些什么地方?You will visit the Hyde Park,Poot Corner,Tower of London,Fleet Street and Tower Bridge.您将会参观海德公园、诗人角、伦敦塔、舰队街和塔桥So many places I have been looking ward to.We will take part in the group.我一直以来就希望可以去这些地方,我们将加入这次旅游团I think you will enjoy your joumey.我想你们会玩得很开心的 9

In the wake of the Boston Marathon explosions, police and race directors around the world will face heightened pressure to tighten security at outdoor competitions that draw tens of thousands of spectators.波士顿马拉松Boston Marathon)爆炸案发生后,全球各地警方和赛事总监都将面临更大的压力,他们必须在吸引了成千上万观众的户外比赛上加强安保工作。It wont be easy.这不是一项容易的工作Its a soft target, stretched out across 26 miles. It would be very difficult to secure, said Jim Reese, a former U.S. Army Delta Force officer whose security firm, TigerSwan, is preparing a security plan for some Brazilian clients ahead of the 2014 soccer World Cup in Rio de Janeiro.前美国陆军“三角洲部队Delta Force)军官里斯(Jim Reese)说,这是一个软目标,延伸达26英里(约2公里)。保障比赛的安全将很难。在将于2014年在里约热内卢举行的世界杯足球赛前,里斯的安保公司TigerSwan正在为一些巴西客户制定安保方案。More urgent is the question of security at the London Marathon, which takes place this coming Sunday.更加迫在眉睫的问题是伦敦马拉松赛(London Marathon)的安保问题。伦敦马拉松赛将于本周日举行A security plan is in place for the London Marathon. We will be reviewing our security arrangements in partnership with London Marathon, said Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Julia Pendry in a statement released on the London Marathons Twitter account.伦敦大都会警察局高级警督彭德Julia Pendry)在伦敦马拉松赛推Twitter)账户中发表的一份声明中说,伦敦马拉松赛的安保方案已制定完成,我们将与伦敦马拉松赛主办方一起评估安保安排。London has experience handling security at a big sporting event: last years summer Olympics. The Games were preceded by years of concern that the city, which has faced major terrorist incidents in the past, could be targeted. The Olympics went off with no major security incidents.伦敦有保障大型体育赛事安全的经验:去年的夏季奥运会。伦敦奥运会之前,很多年人们都担心伦敦可能成为攻击目标,因为过去伦敦曾经历过多起严重恐怖袭击事件。伦敦奥运会顺利落幕,期间未发生任何重大安全事件。Security at the Boston Marathon is considered tight by marathon standards, involving a heavy police presence that includes bomb-sniffing dogs. After the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C., police securing the Boston Marathon posted officers with rifles on top of Hopkinton High School along the marathon route.按照马拉松赛的标准衡量,波士顿马拉松赛的安保算严格的,有大批警察在场,还动用了搜爆犬001年纽约和华盛顿遭到恐怖袭击后,负责波士顿马拉松赛安保工作的警察部门在比赛途经的霍普金顿高Hopkinton High School)的楼顶上部署了带着步的警察。But while fans arriving at arenas and stadiums can be─and frequently are─subjected to body and bag scans, the outdoor nature of marathons poses a more-complex problem. Typically, neither spectators nor runners are subjected to security.但尽管运动场和体育场里的观众在入场时可能并且也常常会接受安检,马拉松赛在室外举行的特点带来了一个更加复杂的问题。通常,观众和选手都不必接受安检When you have a lot of people, and a world stage because of the media coverage, those type of events always lend themselves as attractive targets to a terrorist, said Don Borelli, a former counterterrorism official with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in New York. Mr. Borelli said marathons have long been considered attractive targets for terrorists.前美国联邦调查局(Federal Bureau of Investigation)驻纽约反恐官员雷利(Don Borelli)说,一旦有很多人,并且因为媒体的报道而拥有一个国际舞台时,这类赛事常常会成为吸引恐怖分子的目标。他说,马拉松赛长期以来一直被恐怖分子视为有吸引力的目标。In Washington, counterterrorism officials said they hadnt seen any prior intelligence suggesting a plot against the Boston Marathon.在华盛顿,反恐官员说,他们此前没有发现任何情报表明将有针对波士顿马拉松赛的袭击阴谋。As the unofficial kickoff of the footracing season in the U.S., the Boston Marathon attracts many race directors who will travel home faced with new security concerns. Their conundrum is that finish-line crowds represent a runner reward for finishing 26.2 miles. You want people to share the joy and impact of finishing a life-changing event, of having their friends and family there, said Doug Thurston, director of the Big Sur International Marathon to take place April 28. What we face now is a balance between allowing people access to share in such an occasion and keeping people safe.作为拉开美国马拉松赛季帷幕的赛事,波士顿马拉松赛吸引了很多赛事总监,他们回家时将面对新的安保担忧。他们面临的困境是,终点线的人群是对跑完6.2英里赛程的选手的奖励。大瑟尔国际马拉松赛(Big Sur International Marathon)赛事总监瑟斯Doug Thurston)说,你希望人们分享完成一项足以改变一生的活动所带来的喜悦和影响,分享家人朋友在那里的快乐;我们现在面临的问题是允许人们在这样的一个场合分享快乐,同时又要保人们的安全。大瑟尔国际马拉松赛将于48日举行。About 15,000 people gather near the end of the Big Sur race in Carmel, Calif. Mr. Thurston, in Boston on Monday to watch the race, said he would meet with his security personnel to determine whether any additional measures would be implemented in the Big Sur race.在加州卡梅尔(Carmel)举行的大瑟尔国际马拉松赛的终点线附近,大约会聚集15,000人。周一在波士顿观看波士顿马拉松赛的瑟斯顿说,他将与安保人员会面,确定是否在大瑟尔国际马拉松赛中将采取任何额外措斀?Race officials for the Army Marathon, to take place this Sunday near Fort Hood Army base in Texas, are also on alert. Because of our name, the vigilance level has always been high, but now it needs to go up, said race director Ed Bandas.陆军马拉松赛(Army Marathon)的赛事管理人员也警醒起来。比赛将于本周日在得克萨斯州胡德堡陆军基Fort Hood Army Base)附近举行。赛事总监班达Ed Bandas)说,由于我们比赛名称的缘故,警戒级别一直很高,但现在需要进一步提高。Looking ahead, Mr. Reese, the security executive, said he believed security would be imposed on the large crowds that gather near the Central Park finish line of the ING New York City Marathon in November. Those people will have to be screened. The race will have to set up a security perimeter in the key places where the crowds are gathered, he said.安保公司高管里斯说,他认1月纽约马拉松赛的安保工作对象将是聚集在中央公园终点线附近的庞大人群。他说,必须对这些人进行安检。比赛必须在人群聚集的重要场所设置一个安全范围。A statement from Mary Wittenberg, chief executive of the New York Road Runners, which hosts the New York marathon, said, The safety and security of all New York Road Runners races is and will always be our top priority. We will continue to work hand in hand with the City of New York and the NYPD as we plan for upcoming events.纽约马拉松赛主办方纽约路跑协New York Road Runners)首席执行长威滕伯Mary Wittenberg)发表的一份声明说,纽约路跑协会全部赛事的安全和安保是我们的首要任务,也将一直是我们的首要任务;我们在筹划未来赛事时,将继续与纽约市和纽约警察局携手合作。来 /201304/235315

1.How many eign languages can you speak?你能说几门外语?.What was your duty like in your previous job?在以前的工作中,你的职责是什么?3.Here is a copy of the Tour Guide Certificate of mine.这是我的导游书的复印件.I will give them a few scenic spots and ask whether they have been to.我会先提出几个风景点,问问他们是否去过5.And I also studied economics of tourism, tourist market, tourist culture, tourist etiquette science, guiding methods and techniques, etc.我还学了很多有关旅游经济学、旅游市场、旅游文化、旅游礼仪、导游方法与技巧等方面的知识6.Then I will call the tourists attention by giving a profile of the local history and culture because the folk-customs and natural scenery are closely related to each other.然后我向游客讲述当地的历史文化以吸引他们的注意力,因为民俗和自然景观是紧密相连的7.Your agency has a great number of tourists in both peak season and low season. The tour leaders are experienced in every aspect of the tourism and I will learn a lot.你们 旅行社不论在旺季还是淡季都有很多游客,旅游领队经验丰富,我能学到很多8.We have a team to make itineraries of the tour,evaluate the value of it one tourist and recommend the routine different tourists.我们以小组形式工作,负责制订旅 游路线,评估每位游客的花费,再向不同的游客推荐不同的路线9.There are selected itineraries rich and high-tasted people, common routine trade observation tourists,and excursion routine people who have limited time sightseeing.对于富有又有品位的游客有精选路线;对于行业考察旅游者,有一 般路线;对于时间有限的观光者,有短途旅行路线.Souvenirs could be accepted, but kickbacks couldnt.纪念品可以接受,但是回扣不能拿Dialogue 1对话1A: Sit down, please. Mr. Tang, do you bring any paper or certificate with you?A:请坐,唐先生你带什么件 或书了吗?B: Thank you. Here is a copy of the Tour Guide Certificate of mine.B:谢谢这是我的导游书的复 印件A: Are you still working in Youth International Travel Agency?A:你还在靑年国际旅行社工作吗?B: Yes, but I am on holidays this week.B:是的,这周我正好轮休A: How many eign languages can you speak?A:你能说几门外语?B: I am bilingual, English and Russian.B:两门,英语和俄语Dialogue 对话A: What was your duty like in your previous job?A:在以前的工作中,你的职责是 什么?B: We have a team to make itineraries of the tour, evaluate the value of it one tourist and recommend the routine different tourists.B:我们以小组形式工作,负责制 订旅游路线,评估每位游客的 花费,再向不同的游客推荐不 同的路线A: Can you name a few examples?A:你能举几个例子吗?B: Yes. There are selected itineraries rich and high-tasted people, common routine people who are on trade observation tour, and excursion routine people who have limited time sightseeing.B:好的对于有钱有品位的游客有 精选路线;对于行业考察旅游 者,有一般路线;对于时间有限 的观光者,有短途旅行路线 37790

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