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2020年01月25日 03:26:09 | 作者:华指南 | 来源:新华社
英文小品剧本 羊肉串和纳税人 --7 :3:59 来源: Characters:  Mr. Shi, Xiaofu, Dabao  Mr. Shi: Tax is the major source of the fiscal revenue. There is an evident change about the relationship between the tax collector and taxpayer in the past years. Now, the tax collector, Xiaofu, and the tax payer Dabao, a vendor selling Yangrouchuan will show you the very change. The first Act happened in 1980s.    Act I  (in Bazaar of Beijing, sanlihe, 1980s)  Dabao: Yangrouchuan , yangrouchuan, eaten one ,want nine, eaten one, want nine.   Hi, Take my yangrouchuan.(slipped, take it up, )  Xiaofu: Tax! Pay the tax!  Dabao: (change faces)  Taxi? Where is the taxi? Here’s no taxi.  Xiaofu: Tax! T---A ---X!  Dabao: What’s the tax? I just know taxi! Do you want me to call a taxi you?  Taxi----! Taxi----!  Xiaofu: Enough! Are you the vendor?  Dabao: No , No, No, no! I 'm just have a look. The vendor has gone to the toilet.  Xiaofu: Not the vendor ? Impossible! you 've been here hours.  Dabao: Really ? (Xiaofu: Yes, of course.)   How do you know it?  Xiaofu: The window of my office is open to here and I 've been looking at you two hours.  Dabao: It’s a big bug!  Xiaofu: Oh. Don’t waste my time! Please pay the tax---- Yuan!  Dabao: yuan?! My god. I had just earned Yuan one day! 5 Yuan, ok?  Xiaofu: Don't cheat me, you've sold more than hundred ones.   Dabao: 6yuan, my dear sisiter.   7Yuan, my lovely beauty.  Dabao: Not you ,not me, let's split the difference. 8 yuan ,ok ?  Xiaofu: (looking around) All right ,a deal. But no receipt.  (Dabao payed 8 yuan and Xiaofu left)  Dabao: What a smart woman! Bad luck! I’m bankrupt. I have to change my place.   Hope I would not meet her any more! Let’s go!    Act II    Mr. Shi: The next scene happened in new century. China had been marching in the way of the market economy twenty years more, in the new era of building the well-off society in an all-round way, how do the vendor regard tax as and how is the tax collected? The scene will tell you.   Let’s enjoy it!  (In the market; Dabao in white clothes ,a board with "NO SARS")  Dabao:: Yangrouchuan, yangrouchuan. Eaten one, want nine. Eaten one, want nine.   Xiaofu: Hi,  Dabao: Hi.  Two: What a familiar face.  Two: It’s you!   Dabao: years past, you are a still a tax collector.  Xiaofu: years past, you still sell Yangrouchuan.  How is your business?  Dabao: Everything is OK!    years past, you are still beautiful lady in Sanlihe of Beijing.  Xiaofu: years past, you and your Yangrouchuan look more clean than years bee.  Dabao: Thank you. No SARS, no dirtiness; Serve people, serve me.  Xiaofu: Great! Have you……  Dabao: Married? I ‘m not married; I’m still single.   Xiaofu: Have you claimed your tax this month?  Dabao: What? Taxi? Oh, tax! Of course. I should pay the tax of 50 Yuan this month and I have claimed at the begin of this month.  Xioafu: Your receipt, please.  Dabao: (shows the receipt )   Here you are, I have paid my tax in the tax service center by computer.  Xiaofu: Great! What a good taxpayer you are.  Dabao: Thank you. It is my duty. I’m proud of myself to pay the tax our country.  Xiaofu: Yeah! The tax you paid is a share of our country’s economy, and you do a lot Olympics of Beijing!  Dabao: Let’s do it together! . It’s said that, Don't ask what your country can do you but ask what you can do your country. Just like me, sell Yangrouchuan, and pay the Tax ten years more.  Xiaofu: You 're the loveliest people in new century!   Dabao: Thank you! And you 're the loveliest tax collector in new era!  X: Excuse me, and I have to go now. Bye-bye.  D: A moment, are you free tomorrow evening? Could I have a dinner with you?  Xiaofu: Well, may I have the company of my husband?  Dabao: No, no, no problem. 6 o’clock in the evening, Beichuanyuan, ok?  Xiaofu: just a kidding. I have to go home now.(leaves)  Dabao, See you tomorrow.  Dabao: Hope to see you everyday. 英文 小品 剧本Exercise --19 :: 来源: I exercise everyday, usually when I come home from school .And eating habits are pretty good. I try to lot of vegetabIes ,usually ten to eIeven times a week.And I eat fruit everyday and I drnk milk everyday. Ofcourse,I love junkfood too, but I try to eat it only once a week.Oh,and Isleep nine hours every night. So you see,I look after my health lifestyle helps me get good grades.   Good food exercise help me to study better.一点小事(A little thing) -- :01:1 来源: 一点小事(A little thing)on my way home, i saw two boys running to small recreation vehicle.i hurried to ask them do not runnig from the small recreation vehicle.when the two boys stop,i told them it was dangerous to do that.they thanked me and we said goodbye to eash other.i felt heppy to heip the two doys.Spring(3) -- :5:1 来源: Spring(3)Oh! Spring in coming. Look! All the things are reviving. the world is colorful. the trees and grass are GREen. Flowers are beautiful. Some are red. Some are yellow. Some are purple. the birds are flying in the blue sky. the bees are singing. they are very busy. they are making honey. the butterflies are dancing in the garden. the children are playing games.I like spring.

疯狂英语口语对话详解7篇第1课:我能和你谈一会吗?-- :7:36 May I have a word with you? 当你有重要事要打断别人的谈话或工作,最好先礼貌地问句:May I have a word with you? (我可以和你谈一会吗?)虽然是a word,但不是只说一个字而已,而是一段很简短的对话,或可以说:May I have a quick word with you? May I have a word in your ear? 通常有这样的要求,谈话内容可能比较私人或秘密,或者也可以用A word if you don't mind.(只是一句话,如你不介意) 对话 A: Julie, may I have a word with you, please? B: Sorry, I'm a bit tied up at the moment. Can we talk later? A: You said that earlier and I've been waiting all afternoon. I only need 5 minutes to go over this. B: , please take a seat. 甲:茱莉,我可否和你谈一会吗? 乙:对不起,我现在很忙,可否迟些再谈? 甲:你较早前已这样说过,而我已等了整个下午,我只需要5分钟就足够了 乙:好吧,请坐 May I have a word with you?即‘我可否和你谈谈吗?’A word两字可不可以改作words? 改作words,意思就完全不同了To have a word with somebody. 是‘和某人谈谈’,To have words with somebody. 则是‘和某人吵架’,例如:He had words with his wife last night. (他昨晚和妻子吵架) 又请看以下两句有什么分别:He had white hair、He had white hairs hair泛指毛发,是不可数名词,例如:I find her shoulder-length hair very beautiful.(我觉得她及肩的头发很美丽)但是,一根毛发却是可数名词(countable noun),例如成语to hang by a hair即‘系于一发’,His life is hanging by a hair. 等于‘他生死悬于一发’He had white hair.是说‘他满头白发’,He had white hairs.则是说‘他头上有些白发’

学习外语(Learning eign Language) -- :56: 来源: 学习外语(Learning eign Language)  I love learning eign languages. Especially English because English is the most widely spoken language in the world, it is used by countries all over the world.   example, if you want to find a nice job, you probably need to be good at English, and when you surf on the Internet, you'll see many dialogues and keywords in English.  If you don't know them, then you'll have to spend a lot of time looking them up in an English dictionary. theree we must try harder to learn English and improve our English, and we could learn more besides.  Now, I'm a junior high student, I try to magazine s in English everyday. In fact, learning English is lots of fun. It's rather like learning Chinese.  Just open your mouth and say something in English or lots of achievement. All in all, it's useful everyone to learn English.

一个不错的女孩(A Nice Girl) -- :18: 来源: 一个不错的女孩(A Nice Girl)  Eva likes English very much. She works hard. She s English every morning. She likes speaking English.  She often listens to the radio. She watches TV only on Saturday evening.  Does she like dancing? No, she doesn’t. But she likes drawing and singing. Her parents like her. And all the teachers and her friends like her, too.

birthday -- 3:56:7 来源: My birthday is on Sunday. My parents are going to have a birthday party at home. I invite my friends to come to the party.   At the party. they give me many small presents. Such as cards, picture books, pens.  they sing Happy Birthday to me. My mother makes a big cake me. I cut the cake into small pieces and give them out. we sing and dance.  We have a good time at the party.

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