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Travelers, corporate travel departments and security consultants are trying to figure out ways to avoid flights that pass over war zones after the revelation that some airlines were avoiding eastern Ukraine while others, including Malaysia Airlines, were flying over areas of conflict.旅客、商务差旅部门以及安全顾问眼下都想要知道航班的飞行路线,以避开那些途径交战区的航班。此前据披露,一些航空公司正在避开乌克兰东部飞行,而包括马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines)在内的其他一些航空公司则经由冲突地区上空飞行。With a little research, you can build confidence that your airline is avoiding trouble spots -- or discover if it isn#39;t. While you won#39;t know for sure the exact path your flight will take on a given day, you can figure out whether your airline routinely skirts certain countries, and the most likely route you#39;ll fly.你只要稍加研究,便可对你的航班是否避开问题区域做到心中有数。虽然你不能保了解你所乘航班的当日确切路线,但你可以知道该航班一般是否会绕开某些国家,以及该航班最有可能执飞的路线。Every day hundreds of passenger airliners fly over trouble spots. Passenger jets regularly pass over Baghdad, for example. There are 41 #39;kinetic conflicts#39; -- situations where people are shooting at each other -- around the world, according to security intelligence firm iJet International Inc., which advises corporate travel departments and airlines.每天飞过问题地区的客机有数百架。例如巴格达上空一般都会有客机经过。据安全情报机构iJet International Inc.表示,全世界目前有41个区域处于“动态冲突”(指人们互相开火的状态)状态。这家机构主要为商务差旅部门和航空公司提供咨询。#39;This is not an isolated incident#39; of flying over conflict areas, said iJet chief executive Bruce McIndoe, who has aly had conversations with clients -- traveler managers and airlines -- about supplying more information about potential trouble areas. Even though most of the 41 are small, localized conflicts without high-powered surface-to-air missiles involved, #39;it#39;s a whole new world as of a couple of days ago,#39; he said.iJet的首席执行长麦金杜(Bruce McIndoe)表示,飞跃冲突区并不是一件孤立的事。麦金杜已经与旅客经理以及航空公司这些客户就提供更多关于潜在问题区信息的问题进行了交流。尽管在上述41处冲突中多数属于小规模的局部冲突,没有强大的地对空导弹的参与,但麦金杜表示,在数天前,这方面还是一个全新的领域。There#39;s also the remote possibility of having to make an emergency landing at an airport in the middle of a conflict.而在冲突中紧急迫降在机场则是一件可能性很小的事。Airlines make decisions for every flight about the planned route, usually based mostly on weather forecasts and winds. Airlines want the most economical route, but often fly around severe weather or take a longer route with more favorable winds. And some are more cautious about flying over conflicts than others.每次飞行中,航空公司都要围绕规划的路线作出种种决定,通常主要依据天气预报和风力情况。航空公司希望走最经济的那条路线,但这样的话往往会经过天气恶劣的地方或者是选取风向有利、但需要更长时间的路线。一些航空公司则比其他公司对于飞经冲突区更为谨慎。In the days leading up to the July 17 downing of Malaysia Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine, several airlines, including Australia#39;s Qantas Airways and Dubai-based Emirates, regularly flew longer routes around the area of fighting between Russian-backed separatists and Ukrainian forces. Other carriers continued to fly routes over the territory that had been deemed safe by local governments and air-traffic control agencies.在7月17日MH17航班在乌克兰东部上空被击落之前,包括澳洲航空公司(Qantas Airways Ltd.)和总部位于迪拜的阿联酋航空(Emirates Airline)在内的几家航空公司的长途航线经常会飞过俄罗斯持的分裂分子与乌克兰军队的交战区附近。其他航空公司继续在被当地政府和空管机构认定为安全的区域飞行。#39;I think this is a wake-up call,#39; said Michael McCormick, executive director of the Global Business Travel Association, which represents corporate travel executives. He says companies and individual travelers assumed airlines could be trusted to fly in safe skies, but now some will start evaluating flight-path risk on their own. Travel managers aly use security firms to evaluate risks on the ground, such as riots, strikes, crime and storms.全球商务旅行协会(Global Business Travel Association)执行董事麦考密克(Michael McCormick)称,他认为这起事故给人们敲响了警钟。他说,公司和个人旅行者认为可以相信航空公司会在安全空域飞行,但现在一些人将自行评估飞行路径的风险。旅行经理已经在藉助安全公司评估地面风险,如暴动、罢工、犯罪和风暴等。#39;The reality is companies send travelers to every corner of the world and we can#39;t make that assumption anymore that airlines are looking after this part of security,#39; Mr. McCormick said.麦考密克表示,现实情况是,企业派员工到世界各地出差,不能再想当然地认为航空公司会对飞行路径方面的安全负责。Savvy travelers can check up on airlines with flight-tracking services like FlightAware.com and Flightradar24.com. Both collect data from air-traffic control agencies and in some cases use automatic position broadcasts from airplanes themselves. They are considered accurate and reliable, with extensive use by airlines and corporate jet services.明智的出行者会通过FlightAware.com和Flightradar24.com等航班追踪务机构来查询航班情况。两家网站均从空管机构收集资料,在某些情况下使用飞机自身的自动定位广播。这些网站提供的信息被认为是精确可靠的,被航空公司和商务飞机务机构广泛采用。FlightAware and Flightradar24 let users enter an airline flight number and then see the path of the latest trip. Both have flight histories available, so you can check the path over several days. On FlightAware, you can also search for flights by departure and destination, which can give you more flights to compare on roughly the same long-distance path.FlightAware和Flightradar24允许用户输入航班号,然后就可以看到最近一次飞行的路径。两家网站都提供航班历史记录查询,因此用户可以查看几天内的飞行路径。在FlightAware上,用户还可以通过出发地和目的地来查询航班,从而对距离基本一致的路径上的不同航班进行比较。 /201407/314807;Change everything but your wife and children,; Samsung chairman Lee Kun-Hee famously said 20 years ago when he announced the new management initiative that launched Samsung#39;s entry into batteries, silicon chips and, eventually, display panels and smartphones.三星集团(Samsung)董事长在20年前说过一句名言:“除了你的老婆和孩子,一切都可以改变。”当时他提出了全新的管理计划,开始带领三星进军电池、硅片,以及最终的显示器面板和智能手机领域。Change often follows Lee#39;s long overseas trips. Immediately after a 2010 voyage he shifted the company into emergency mode, cut executive paychecks and overseas travel, and announced that most of Samsung#39;s existing products would be gone in 10 years.So there was considerable anticipation, the Korea Timesreports, when he returned Saturday from a three-month sojourn in Japan and Hawaii.每次李健熙的海外长途旅行之后,都伴随着公司的调整。2010年的航程结束之后,他立刻将公司转为紧急状态,削减了高管的薪水和海外旅游福利,同时宣布三星现有的产品大多将在10年内淘汰。韩国时报(Korea Times)报道,因此他上周六结束为期三个月的日本和夏威夷之旅返回后,人们都很期待这次的改变。;You should always have a sense of crisis. You should run faster and always study to have insights,; Lee told the more than four dozen media outlets that met him at the airport in hopes that he might offer a hint of what Samsung has in store.数十家媒体候在机场,希望李健熙能够透露一些三星将要产生的调整。他对媒体说:“你需要一直有危机意识。你得跑得更快,同时不懈学习,从而具备洞察力。”Among the issues Lee is expected to address on his return, according to the Korea Times#39; chief Samsung watcher, Kim Yoo-Chul, are the ongoing patent disputes with Apple (AAPL), Samsung#39;s future investments and how to reduce the company#39;s reliance on its mobile business.韩国时报的首席三星观察员金荣柱表示,李健熙回国后将处理一系列问题,其中包括:与苹果(Apple)的专利权纠纷,公司未来的投资计划,以及如何减少公司对手机业务的依赖性等。The day before Lee#39;s return, Samsung announced that it expected first quarter profits to be up 53% year over year, fueled largely by smartphone sales.李健熙回国的前一天,三星宣布第一季度利润预计将同比增长53%,很大程度上是得益于智能手机的销量。 /201304/234339The world’s largest e-commerce company is finally going to embrace bricks and mortar.全球最大的电子商务公司亚马逊(Amazon)终于要开实体店了。The Wall Street Journal on Thursday reported that Amazon.com AMZN -2.27% will open its first physical store in New York in time for the holiday shopping season, citing people familiar with its plans.《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)本周四报道,据消息人士称,亚马逊公司将在纽约开设首家实体店,开业时间正好选在今年的圣诞购物季之前。The store would be located on 34th Street in Manhattan, close to a shopping district that includes Macy’s M -2.73% flagship and serve as a mini-warehouse, with limited assortment used for same-day delivery within New York, returns and exchanges, and pickups of online orders, according to the Journal’s report.这家店的位置在曼哈顿的34号街,附近的商圈有包括梅西百货(Macy’s)旗舰店在内的许多大品牌,同时这家实体店也将起到一个小仓库的作用,向纽约市内发送一部分当日送达的快递,并提供退换货和到店取货务。Amazon was not immediately available for comment.我们未能及时联系到亚马逊对此事发表。SucharitaMulpuru, an e-commerce analyst at Forrester Research, tells the Fortune the space sounds “closer to a post-office” than a retail store and that it remains to be seen what economic boost the location will provide to the company.福雷斯特研究公司(Forrester Research)的电子商务分析师苏察雷塔o马尔波罗对《财富》(Fortune)表示,这家门店对亚马逊的作用似乎“更像一家邮局”,而不是零售店,这家门店对亚马逊将产生怎样的经济推动力,还有待观察。“They need to figure out what resonates with shoppers with respect to Amazon in a physical store,” Mulpuru says. “Do they want to look at product? Do they just want to pick up product? Do they want to look at Amazon electronics equipment?”马尔波罗表示:“他们需要弄明白,对于一家实体店来说,什么才能让消费者产生共鸣。他们是想看产品还是只想到店取货?他们想看亚马逊出产的电子设备吗?”Sources told the Journal that Amazon might use the space to showcase its own devices like the Kindle e-ers, Fire smartphone or Fire TV set-top box. If the New York store works out, it could serve as a model for a rollout to other U.S. cities, the Journal’s sources said.消息人士对《华尔街日报》透露,亚马逊可能会利用这家门店展示自家的电子设备,比如Kindle系列电子书阅读器、Fire智能手机和Fire电视机顶盒等等。如果纽约的实体店获得了成功,这个模式可能会被推广到美国其他城市。The news comes at a time traditional brick and mortar chains like Macy’s and Neiman Marcus are testing same-day delivery, while others are trying out a service offered by Google. GOOG -2.03% It also comes as those physical retailers get nimbler at using merchandise in their hundreds of stores to speed up delivery, turning them into de facto distribution centers to help them compete with the Amazon facilities that dot the country. For example, Macy’s is now using all 800 or so of its stores to help its online efforts, while others like Target TGT -1.93% are gearing up for that capability.就在亚马逊筹备开设实体店的同时,像梅西百货和内曼百库斯百货(Neiman Marcus)等传统的实体连锁店正在试水当日速递,还有一些企业正在试用谷歌(Google)提供的快递务。有些实体连锁店还利用旗下几门店里的货物来加快发货速度,这样一来,这些门店在某种程度上就成了“配货中心”,以此与称霸美国的亚马逊抗衡。比如梅西百货的全部800余家门店都参与到了它的在线业务中,塔吉特百货(Target)等其它商家也在加速提升这一能力。A number of online-only retailers have experimented with physical stores of late, showing the enduring value of brick-and-mortar locations. They include eyewear retailer Warby Parker, Bonobos, Birchbox, and Rent-the-Runway.近来,已有一批网商纷纷试水实体业务,表明实体店依然具有不可取代的价值。其中包括眼镜零售商沃比派克(Warby Parker)以及Bonobos、Birchbox和装租赁务Rent-the-Runway等。 /201410/334798

In July 2012, the Presidential election was kicking into high gear, the Olympics were about to begin, and most people thought it was a matter of time before shares of Apple hit ,000.2012年7月份,美国总统选举步入高潮,伦敦奥运会即将开幕,而大多数人都认为苹果(Apple)股价涨到1,000美元只是一个时间问题。Google (GOOG), meanwhile, was just muddling along. After doubling during 2009, its stock had been ting water around 0 a share for three and a half years. Apple (AAPL), too was trading around 0 a share, but the iPhone 5 was coming and the company Steve Jobs built seemed to have the wind at its back.与此同时,谷歌(Google)股票可谓“虚度光阴”。在2009年股价翻倍之后,谷歌股票在随后三年半的时间里一直徘徊在600美元上下。去年7月份,苹果股价也处于600美元左右,但iPhone 5即将推出,而乔布斯缔造的苹果公司似乎正一帆风顺。Oh, how things have changed since then. Apple#39;s stock has fallen 29% since mid-July. And Google? It#39;s gained 46%, pushing past the 0 milestone while Apple languishes near 4 a share. Apple is tussling with investors over whether to pay more dividends, while Google rallies merrily on.哦,自那以后,情势发生了多大的变化啊。 自去年7月中旬以来,苹果股价已经下跌了29%。而谷歌呢?它的股价上涨了46%,突破了800美元大关,而苹果却趴在424美元附近。苹果正在与投资者就是否增加派发股息的问题进行争斗,而谷歌股票则在欢快上涨。There has been a lot of discussion over Apple#39;s decline in recent months, and comparatively less about Google#39;s corresponding rise. But the difference in between the two boils down to this: Apple is increasingly seen as coming off one of the greatest runs in the history of Silicon Valley. And Google may just be at the start of one.近几个月以来,人们对于苹果股价下跌展开了许多讨论,而相对而言,对于谷歌相应的上涨却较少讨论。但两者之间的这个差异可归结为这点:苹果创造了硅谷历史上科技公司业绩增长最辉煌的一个阶段,但现在人们越来越倾向于认为,这个阶段已经结束,而谷歌可能正处于这样一个阶段的开始。That is the new image of Google after two quarters of impressive earnings and more signs that the company is laying plans for long-term growth. ;Looking at the consumer technology world over the next 10 to 20 years, we believe Google is far and away the best-positioned company,; wrote Gene Munster, an influential tech analyst at Piper Jaffray.这就是谷歌在连续两个季度获得不俗业绩——而且有更多迹象表明该公司正在制定长期发展计划——之后给人留下的新形象。“展望未来一二十年的消费科技领域,我们认为谷歌无疑是占据最佳优势的公司,”投资派杰(Piper Jaffray)颇具影响力的科技产业分析师吉恩?蒙斯特写道。Munster pointed not to search or other advertising, which still accounts for 87% of the company#39;s revenue, but to new ventures that have yet to hit the market, like Google Glass and self-driving cars, which he called one of Google#39;s ;biggest opportunities in the next 10 years.;蒙斯特话中指的并不是搜索或其他广告业务(这部分业务在谷歌的营收中仍占据87%的份额),而是指那些还没有投入市场的新开发项目,比如谷歌眼镜和无人驾驶汽车——他称后者为谷歌“未来十年最大的机遇之一。”Compare that with Apple, which is seeing its share of the smartphone and tablet market erode over time as lower-margin, lower-cost Android rivals sell more products, and as Apple responds with its own lower-margin products like the iPad Mini.与此相比,苹果看到自己在智能手机和平板电脑领域的市场份额正在随着时间的推移而逐渐缩水,同时那些低利润、低成本、采用安卓移动操作系统的竞争对手则提高了产品的销量,而且苹果也在推出迷你iPad等自己的低利润产品予以反击。Although Apple infamously holds its cards close to its vest, it#39;s working on its own new products -- some that could create an entirely new category like the rumored iWatch. Apple is also taking time to create a new TV device. Such new products could offer Apple new areas of growth -- the iWatch alone could produce billion in revenue -- and beef up the company#39;s profit margins to levels that would impress investors again.虽然苹果素来以守口如瓶著称,但我们知道,它正在开发自己的几款新产品——有些可能会形成一个全新的产品类别,比如传闻中的智能手表iWatch。此外,苹果还在投入时间开发一款新的电视产品。这样的新产品可为苹果提供新的增长领域——仅iWatch就可产生60亿美元的营收,而且可把该公司的利润率提升到再次给投资者留下深刻印象的水平。For now, however, sentiment is against Apple and strongly in favor of Google. This week, more analysts have joined the Google ,000 club, citing other factors that could propel the stock higher in the coming year. Jeffries amp; Co. argued that a four-digit price is possible, given improvements in the Motorola handset business and non-search areas such as YouTube and commerce initiatives. Perhaps more encouraging, clickthrough rates on mobile ads are rising, Jeffries analyst Brian Pitz wrote.然而,目前投资者并不看好苹果,相反却强烈看好谷歌。上周,更多的分析师认为谷歌股价将会上涨至1,000美元,他们认为其他一些因素可能会在未来几年内推高谷歌股价。投资杰富瑞公司(Jeffries amp; Co.)认为,考虑到托罗拉手机业务的业绩改善、YouTube等非搜索领域以及电子商务计划,谷歌股价可能会上涨至四位数。或许更令人鼓舞的消息是,移动广告的点击率正在持续攀升,杰富瑞公司(Jefferies)分析师布莱恩?皮兹如是写道。How deserved is this reversal of fortune between Apple and Google#39;s stocks? Perhaps not as much as the stock charts might suggest. For much of the three years when Google was trading around 0 a share, it was subject to speculation that, first, it couldn#39;t thrive in the era of Facebook (FB), and then later uncertainty around the new CEO Larry Page. The effectiveness of Page#39;s bold steps are only now becoming apparent to investors.苹果和谷歌股票之间的这种运势逆转有多少合理的成分呢?实际情况或许并不是股票走势图可能展现出来的模样。过去三年谷歌股票徘徊于600美元附近的大部分时间里,人们一直存在如下的猜测:首先,谷歌无法在以Facebook为代表的社会化媒体时代实现繁荣发展,之后人们对谷歌联合创始人拉里?佩奇出任首席执行官的表现没有把握。对于投资者而言,佩奇实施的一系列大胆举措直到现在才显现出其预期效果。Apple, meanwhile, was riding a multi-year wave of bullishness and strong earnings growth that was driven by the iPhone and iPad. Those two products took years to conceive, design, and execute into the products we know. One thing that is certain about Apple -- it#39;s not sitting quietly counting its pile of cash. It#39;s trying to design new category-defining products. The real question is whether those products will resonate with consumers the way the iPad has.与此同时,苹果已被投资者持续看涨多年,而且在iPhone和iPad的推动下,它的盈利增长表现强劲。这两款产品经过了多年的构思、设计以及执行,才形成我们如今所知道的产品。对于苹果,我们可以确定一件事,那就是它不会静静地坐在那里,数着自己积累起来的巨额现金。这家公司正在设法设计自创类别的新产品。真正的问题在于,这些产品是否会像iPad那样,得到消费者的认可和共鸣。In other words, there are real, fundamental changes going on at both of these companies, but the effects of those changes are greatly enhanced in the stock performance. Just as Google was underappreciated two years ago, so Apple could be today. Just as Apple was revered with blind bullishness then, so Google is at risk of being overvalued if it does reach ,000 too quickly.换句话说,这两家公司都正在发生着一些实实在在的根本性变化,但这些变化的影响正在各自的股票表现中被显著放大。正如两年前谷歌失宠那样,苹果今天可能也是如此。正如那时那些盲目乐观的投资者极力推崇苹果那样,如果谷歌股价过快上涨到1,000美元的话,它现在就面临着股票估值偏高的风险。That doesn#39;t mean Google is doomed or that Apple is set to rebound quickly. Both of these companies are going to have, at different times, their fallow periods as well as their blowout earnings reports. Both are going to keep working on projects that will offer growth for investors with a long-term focus.并不是说谷歌在劫难逃,也不是说苹果股价马上就会反弹。这两家公司都将在不同的时候经历无所作为的低谷时期以及盈利报告大幅超预期的高潮时期。这两家公司都将注重于长期发展策略,继续开发为投资者提供增长前景的项目。But for now, consider that Google is trading at 18 times its expected earnings this year, double the ratio for Apple. That shouldn#39;t surprise anyone, but it also suggests that the recent reversal of fortunes making financial headlines today are priced into both of these tech giants. What is much less certain is where they will both be in a year or so from now.但现在,考虑到谷歌目前股价已达到其今年每股预期收益的18倍,是苹果的两倍。这个数字不应该有任何人会感到意外,但它同时也表明,这两家公司最近成为财经头版新闻的运势逆转已反映在这两家科技巨头的股价上。现在难以确定的是,一年左右的时间之后,这两只股票各自又会处于什么价位。 /201303/229675

In three years, a total of 100 Chinese cinemas will be equipped with ;DMAX; large screens created with Chinese independent technology, according to China Film Group Corporation, Xinhua reported.据新华社报道,中影公司计划在3年内打造100个拥有自主知识产权的;中国巨幕;厅。The plan, which was announced on Wednesday when the China Film Stellar Theater Chain signed an agreement to purchase 18 of the screens, underlines the country#39;s ambition to break the IMAX dominance of the booming domestic film market.周三,中影星美院线正式签约,购置18套;中国巨幕;系统。目前,IMAX在国内蓬勃发展的电影市场中占据着主导地位,政府希望藉此打破这样的格局。A series of Chinese-language films will be screened this summer using the DMAX format, including the period fantasy epic ;Painted Skin: The Resurrection; and director Chen Kaige#39;s latest feature ;Caught in the Web.;今年暑期将计划推出魔幻巨制《画皮2》、陈凯歌导演的最新作品《搜索》等多部国产影片;中国巨幕;版。 /201206/188680

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