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Is clutter weighing you down at home and the office?家里和办公室的杂乱无章是不是正让你感到不堪负重?Not sure where to start when it comes to clearing things out?一提起清扫整理,都不知道该怎么开始?Here are 10 clutter-clearing ideas to help you simplify and streamline your life.下面10招就能教你如何精简生活!1. Tidy up your desk整理办公桌Do you find it difficult to work on your desk or find office supplies when you need them? Remove old sticky notes, outdated papers and notes, junk mail, magazines, as well as any obvious trash and wrappers from your work space. Corral office supplies such as pens, paper clips and pushpins in small decorative containers, or store items in flat storage bins or trays in your desk drawers. Don’t forget to chuck any broken office supplies or dead plants that are on your desk or sitting in your office.是不是觉得桌上乱得无法做事?是不是在需要时怎么也翻不到某个物品?那就赶紧清理掉办公室里的过期便利贴、纸头便条、垃圾邮件、杂志,还有各种碍眼的杂物和包装纸吧。把铅笔、回形针、图钉等文具用品放到一个小盒子里,或者将物品归类到抽屉里的收纳盒中。别忘了扔掉办公桌或办公室里坏掉的文具和枯死的植物! /201402/275969

EVERY NORWEGIAN CHILD has stood in cross-country skis at the bottom of a snowy slope and looked up at his or her father. #39;So your dad is there at the top of the hill holding a treat and he says, #39;Just make it up here, and we#39;ll take a break,#39; #39; says Eivind Furnesvik, the owner and director of Standard (Oslo), the most successful art gallery in the country#39;s up-and-coming scene. #39;That is Norway.#39; 每个挪威孩子都曾踩着滑雪板,站在雪山脚下,望着自己的父亲。Eivind Furnesvik说:“你的父亲站在山顶上,拿着一个小礼物对你说,‘你上到这儿来我们就休息。’”Furnesvik是Standard (Oslo)艺廊的老板以及主管,在整个奥斯陆即将崛起的艺术领域,这家艺廊最为成功。“这就是挪威的行事之道。” With that same mettle and hope of reward, the players of Oslo#39;s art world have begun a steep climb to join the ranks of global elite art capitals. The treat-bearing father atop the hill is the government, waving vast largesse from the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world. But the route isn#39;t easy for those involved: Aside from subzero temperatures and months of darkness, the relatively small capital city of 600,000 was, until very recently, better known for timber exports and dried fish aged in lye than cutting-edge contemporary art. 奥斯陆(Oslo)的艺术家们在这场艰难的艺术攀登中带着勇气去追逐名誉,试图将奥斯陆打造成为全球顶尖的艺术中心之一。拿着奖品站在山顶上的父亲比喻拥有全球最大主权基金的挪威政府。但这条路对于艺术家们来说并不容易:除了零下的温度和长达数月的黑暗,这个仅有60万人的小首都直到最近,享誉世界的都是出口的木材和泡在 液中的鱼干,而不是先锋派当代艺术。 Just over 100 years ago, shortly after Norway gained full independence from Sweden, the regions north of Bergen counted among the poorest in Europe. In the decades since 1969, when Phillips Petroleum discovered vast oil and gas reserves in the North Sea#39;s Ekofisk field, those same regions have become some of the continent#39;s richest. Income from the reserves pours in through the state-controlled energy giant Statoil, and accrues in Norway#39;s 5 billion sovereign wealth fund, the so-called Oljefondet. Norway#39;s 12-year-old sustainability-minded handlingsregelen, or #39;spending rule,#39; stipulates that the government can use only 4 percent of that fund in each year#39;s national budget. Add that to the country#39;s Scandinavian brand of social democracy, and the result is unrivaled government support for the artistic economy. Last October, Hadia Tajik, Norway#39;s Minister of Culture, announced the country#39;s largest-ever budget for the arts. 挪威脱离瑞典,获得独立,仅有一百多年的时间。在此之前,卑尔根(Bergen)以北是欧洲最贫困的地区。1969年,菲利普斯石油公司(Phillips Petroleum)在北海(North Sea)的埃科菲斯克油田(Ekofisk Field)发现了大量的石油和天然气;此后,这一地区变成了欧洲大陆最富庶的地区之一。国家控股的能源巨头挪威国家石油公司(Statoil)通过开采油气田,为挪威主权基金(Oljefondet,又称挪威政府养老基金),累积了7,450亿美元(约合46,190亿人民币)。挪威崇尚可持续发展,已有12年历史的“花费条例”规定,政府每年纳入国家开的预算只能为基金价值的百分之四。这无疑体现了挪威斯堪的纳维亚式(Scandinavian)的社会民主,而此举的结果就是挪威政府对艺术经济举世无双的持。去年十月,挪威文化部(Ministry of Culture)部长Hadia Tajik发布了本国历史上最大的艺术基金。 #39;It#39;s easy to get things done in Oslo,#39; says singer and performance artist Nils Bech in a downtown café near the affluent shopping district surrounding the Storting, the Norwegian parliament. #39;We have a really good support system, so if you get to a certain level in your career it#39;s possible to get funding to do projects that you wouldn#39;t be able to do elsewhere.#39; Next to him sits his best friend, Ida Ekblad, a painter, sculptor and conceptual artist. #39;It#39;s because Oslo#39;s small. In New York, if you want certain kinds of materials, there are so many rules, and it#39;s so difficult to get things done sometimes,#39; Ekblad says. #39;Here, I#39;m friends with the guy that works at the scrapyard, and he#39;s always happy when I go there.#39; Ekblad#39;s recent work involves carving lines from poems she wrote into the wheels of shopping carts, coating the wheels in paint and rolling them across canvases. A former break-dancer, she is one of the flag-bearers of Norway#39;s artistic ascendance: Her inclusion in the #39;ILLUMInations#39; exhibition at the 2011 Venice Biennale was a rallying cry for every art student in Oslo. In April, she had a solo show at the National Museum#39;s contemporary art wing, the Museet for Samtidskunst, where artists like Anish Kapoor, William Kentridge and Robert Smithson have also recently been shown. Stipends from the Norwegian Ministry of Culture have facilitated both Bech and Ekblad#39;s work: He has two years of financing, and she has three. #39;I must admit I did have an instinct to come back to Norway that I hadn#39;t felt before,#39; says Ekblad about her recent return home while pregnant with her daughter after years living abroad in Italy. 歌手兼演员尼尔斯#12539;贝克(Nils Bech)在市中心靠近挪威国会(Storting)的一家咖啡馆说:“在奥斯陆做事很容易。我们的后勤体系很棒,所以当你达到某个阶段后,你就可能得到资金来做一些其它地方没法做的项目。”坐在他身旁的画家、雕塑家、概念艺术家及好友艾达#12539;艾克布莱德(Ida Ekblad)说:“这是因为奥斯陆很小。在纽约,如果你想要某种材料,总会有条条框框限制你,所以有时办事非常困难。但在这里,我有朋友在废品堆放场工作,每次我去那里,他都很开心。”艾克布莱德最近的工作是把自己写的诗刻在购物车的轮子上,然后将轮子涂上颜料,再将其滚过帆布。她曾是霹雳舞者,也是挪威艺术圈的旗手:她参加了2011年的双年展“ILLUMInation”,而这个展览撩动了奥斯陆每个艺术生的心弦。今年四月,她在国家物馆(National Museum)的现代美术馆(Museet for Samtidskunst)举行了个人展览。最近像安妮施#12539;卡普尔(Anish Kapoor),William Kendridge和罗伯特#12539;史密森(Robert Smithson)之类的艺术家也在这里举行了展览。挪威文化部提供的奖金帮助了贝克和艾克布莱德的创作:前者可得到两年资助,后者为三年。艾克布莱德说道:“我必须得说当时我有种回到挪威的冲动,而这种感觉原来从未有过。”她在意大利侨居多年,最近回国的时候已怀有身。 Another artist who#39;s recently come home is Marius Engh, a member of Furnesvik#39;s roster at Standard (Oslo), who moved back to Oslo after five years in Berlin. #39;Sometimes you need a break from a small place like this,#39; he says on the phone from the home studio he#39;s been able to rent, thanks to government subsidies-an old astronomical observatory with a view over the fjord. #39;By moving back home, you come back into the possibility of renewing yourself or becoming whole,#39; he says. #39;I started skiing again!#39; 最近回国的艺术家还有马留斯#12539;恩格(Marius Engh)。他是Standard (Oslo)的花名册中的一员。在柏林居住五年后,他回到了奥斯陆。他在租赁的家庭工作室里接电话时说,“有时你需要在如这里一样的小地方放松身心。回到家乡,也给了你重新认识自己或变得更完整的可能。比如,我又开始滑雪了!”他的租金由政府补贴,这个由一座天文台改成的工作室可以鸟瞰峡湾的美景。 Even as the city has held fast to some of its grittier elements-a heroin problem lurks in the shadows-you see emblems of its dedication to art everywhere: architectural coups like the opera house designed by the award-winning Norwegian firm Sn#248;hetta or, nearby, along the waterfront, Renzo Piano Astrup Fearnley contemporary art museum, financed by the private wealth of a shipping family and sponsored by Swedish oil firm Lundin Petroleum . New space for the Munch Museum-currently mired in political debate over its location-is forthcoming, as is a new building for the National Museum, slated to open in 2017 and constructed to hold the institution#39;s classical and contemporary collections. 即便这座城市严格防控着危险因素――比如暗地里存在的海洛因问题――但其对艺术的奉献还是随处可见:由获奖设计公司Snoehetta设计的形状犹如歌剧院的建筑;以及附近的码头边,由一个航运家族企业出资修建,并得到瑞典伦丁石油公司(Lundin Petroleum)赞助的Renzo Piano AstrupFearnley当代艺术馆。虽然政党对新的蒙克物馆(Munch Museum)的选址议论不休,但其动工也指日可待,作为国家物馆(National Museum)的一栋新建筑,它将会在2017年拉开帷幕,届时,会成为挪威古典及当代藏品的聚集地。 /201309/257000

  Chilean engineers have been left red faced by a delay in the grand opening of the country#39;s first-ever drawbridge - after they discovered a major part was installed upside down.据英国《每日邮报》网站1月9日报道,智利工程师发现即将启用的该国首座吊桥的一边桥面居然是上下颠倒的,由此引发的推迟交付让他们感到非常尴尬。The million Cau Cau bridge was supposed to open this month as an instant landmark connecting Valdivia, a coastal city in the south of Chile, with the adjacent Teja Island.这座价值3000万美金的吊桥原计划本月作为连接智利南部海滨城市瓦尔迪维亚的地标建筑正式启用。但是建筑师们发现至少其中一边桥面的安装完全上下颠倒后,于是大桥在短期内无法向公众开放。The bridge has ended up a laughing stock among Chilean social media users, who are wondering how construction workers managed to mess up something as seemingly clear as up and down.这场事故让智利这个正在蓬勃发展的南美国家蒙羞。智利总统塞巴斯蒂安·皮涅拉将这个错误归咎于西班牙开发商, 他愤怒的说:“这个问题可以被修补……而且它将被犯了这个错误的公司实施修补。”One wag tweeted a scrawly child#39;s picture of a bridge, rendered in coloured pencil, with the quip: #39;Leak of the installation plans for the Cau Cau bridge in Valdivia.#39;智利公共作业部长Loreto Silva说:“唯一应该对此事负责的人就是建桥的人。我们将确保他们会给出合适的。”The mistake emerged when inspectors getting y for opening day found that either one or two of the traffic decks were installed backwards, authorities said.这座吊桥也成为了智利社交网站用户们的笑料。他们说无法理解这些建筑工人们到底是出了什么乱子,以至于桥明显安装反了,而这些施工的人却没有察觉到。一个网友很幽默的将一个小朋友的铅笔画放在自己的推特账户中并且说:“吊桥的安装计划就是这么泄露的”。另外一张贴图是一座小桥在一个度假村的水池的上面,说“把吊桥做反了的人成为了这个项目的中标人。”Azvi, the Spanish infrastructure company behind the bridge development, did not immediately comment. A new opening date has not been announced. Valdivia, which is 520 miles south of Chile#39;s sprawling capital Santiago, is home to about 125,000 people.作为工程的开发商,西班牙建筑公司Azvi并没有第一时间对这个问题进行回复,也没有公布新的大桥开通日期。 /201401/272697

  Peekaboo is a game played over the world, crossing language and cultural barriers. Why is it so universal? Perhaps because it’s such a powerful learning tool.躲猫猫游戏风行世界各地,跨越语言和文化障碍,为何它如此普遍?也许因为它是一种强大的学习工具。One of us hides our eyes and then slowly reveals them. This causes peals of laughter from a baby, which causes us to laugh in turn. Then we do it again. And again.遮住双眼,手再缓缓移开。这样的动作会把婴儿逗得咯咯笑,我们也就跟着这一连串笑声笑了起来。接着就开始一直玩躲猫猫,一直玩。Peekaboo never gets old. Not only does my own infant daughter seem happy to do it for hours, but when I was young I played it with my mum (;you chuckled a lot!; she confirms by text message) and so on back through the generations. We are all born with unique personalities, in unique situations and with unique genes. So why is it that babies across the world are constantly rediscovering peekaboo for themselves?躲猫猫永远不会过时。现在我女儿还很小,我们玩几个小时,她看上去都很开心;在我小的时候,妈妈也和我玩躲猫猫(“你总是咯咯大笑!”她在短信中确认道。),再回溯数代,均是如此。我们生来都具不同个性,生于不同背景,也有着不同基因。那么,为什么全世界的婴幼儿还是对躲猫猫乐此不疲呢?Babies don#39;t books, and they don#39;t know that many people, so thesurprising durability and cultural universality of peekaboo is perhaps a clue that it taps into something fundamental in their minds. No mere habit or fashion, the game can help show us the foundations on which adult human thought is built.宝宝不懂看书,也不认识那么多人,而躲猫猫游戏惊人的耐玩性,跨越文化的普遍性也许就是一种引导,它能接近孩子们心中最根本的想法。这不仅仅只是一种习惯或流行,它能帮助我们认清成人想法建立的基础。An early theory of why babies enjoy peekaboo is that they are surprised when things come back after being out of sight. This may not sound like a good basis for laughs to you or I, with our adult brains, but to appreciate the joke you have to realise that for a baby, nothing is given. They are born into a buzzing confusion, and gradually have to learn to make sense of what is happening around them. You know that when you hear my voice, I#39;m usually not far behind, or that when a ball rolls behind a sofa it still exists, but think for a moment how you came by this certainty.早期,人们认为婴幼儿喜欢玩躲猫猫的原因是他们惊讶于一些东西消失后又神奇重现。这对于你我这样,因为有着成人思维,也许并不会觉得好笑,但是要理解这个笑声背后的原因,我们必须意识到,对于孩子,他们简单、单纯。他们降生于满腹疑惑的世界,慢慢地才学着搞懂周围发生的一切。你知道当你听到我的声音,我就在你不远处,或是当球滚到沙发背后,球其实还在,并没有消失,但是想想看,你是怎样建立起这样的肯定。The Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget called this principle#39;object permanence#39; and suggested that babies spent the first two years of their lives working it out. And of course those two years are prime peekaboo time. Looked at this way, the game isn#39;t just a joke, but helps babies test and re-test a fundamental principle of existence: that things stick around even when you can#39;t see them.瑞士发展心理学家让·皮亚杰(Jean Piaget)把这种规律称为“物体恒存性”,并表示婴幼儿在出生头两年,都在学习这一规律。当然这两年就是玩躲猫猫的最佳时间。这么看吧,躲猫猫并不仅仅是玩笑,还帮会孩子试验及重新试验存在规律这一根本原理:即使你没看到物体,他仍旧在你周围。Maybe evolution fixed it so that babies enjoy peekaboo for its own sake, since it proved useful in cognitive development, but I doubt it. Something deeper than mere education is going on.也许进化把躲猫猫固化成游戏,所以婴幼儿玩躲猫猫纯粹为了好玩,据实,躲猫猫在人类认知发展过程中起着重要作用,但我仍持怀疑态度。我认为,起作用的是一些比单纯的教育更深层的因素。Surprise element惊奇元素Peekaboo uses the fundamental structure of all good jokes - surprise, balanced with expectation. Researchers Gerrod Parrott and Henry Gleitman showed this in tests involving a group of six-, seven- and eight-month-olds which sound like more fun than a psychology experiment should be. Most of the time the peekaboo game proceeded normally, however on occasion the adult hid and reappeared as a different adult, or hid and reappeared in a different location. Videos of the infants were rated by independent observers for how much the babies smiled and laughed.躲猫猫有着玩笑共同的基本元素--惊奇与期望并存。研究人员谢拉德·帕洛特(Gerrod Parrott )及亨利· 格雷特曼(Henry Gleitman)对一组婴儿进行一系列测试,有六个月、七个月大的,也有八个月大的,结果看起来比心理学实验更有趣。大多数时候,躲猫猫按部就班地玩,然而有时,一个人躲起来,而一个人出现;或者藏起来后,这个人出现在另一地点。这些视频由一些独立的员评级,看看孩子们笑得开心程度。On these “trick trials” the babies smiled and laughed less, even though the outcome was more surprising. What#39;s more, the difference between their enjoyment of normal peekaboo and trick-peekaboo increased with age (with the eight-month-olds enjoying the trick trials least). The researchers#39; interpretation for this is that the game relies on being able to predict the outcome. As the babies get older their prediction gets stronger, so the discrepancy with what actually happens gets larger - they find it less and less funny.在这些“花样测试”中,婴幼儿笑得更少,尽管结果更令人惊奇。另外,婴幼儿在普通躲猫猫及花样躲猫猫中的享受程度差异,随着年纪增大而增加(其中八个月大的最不喜欢花样测试)。研究人员对此解释说,这个游戏依赖于对结果的预测能力。婴幼儿越大,预测力就越强,所以他们做的预判与实际情况出入越大,他们就觉得越不好玩。The final secret to the enduring popularity of peekaboo is that it isn#39;t actually a single game. As the baby gets older their carer lets the game adapt to the babies#39; new abilities, allowing both adult and infant to enjoy a similar game but done in different ways. The earliest version of peekaboo is simple looming, where the carer announces they are coming with their voice before bringing their face into close focus for the baby. As the baby gets older they can enjoy the adult hiding and reappearing, but after a year or so they can graduate to take control by hiding and reappearing themselves.躲猫猫经久不衰的最终秘密就是,其实它并不是一款游戏。随着宝宝一天天地长大,带孩子的人会调整游戏以适合孩子新掌握的能力,使得孩子与大人都喜欢玩躲猫猫,纵然游戏相似,玩法却不一。最早的版本很简单,在孩子看到大人前,大人告诉孩子自己要来了。孩子长大后,他们懂得从大人的躲藏及反复出现找乐趣,但大概一岁多,他们逐渐学会自己躲起来,然后再出现。In this way peekaboo can keep giving, allowing a perfect balance of what a developing baby knows about the world, what they are able to control and what they are still surprised by. Thankfully we adults enjoy their laughter so much that the repetition does nothing to stop us enjoying endless rounds of the game ourselves.这样一来,躲猫猫能够不断提供及保持一种完美平衡,介于发育中的婴儿对世界的认知、他们能控制什么及他们仍然什么感到惊讶。谢天谢地,我们大人还是很喜欢他们的笑声,不断的重复游戏并没有妨碍我们喜欢这个可以无限循环的游戏。 /201404/292967。

  The 31 year old redhead launched her line of ;casual clothes; at a show in the Turkish resort of Antalya.俄罗斯一名31岁的红发前女间谍在土耳其度假胜地安塔利亚开办了自己的首场个人休闲时装秀。Moscow#39;s most glamorous secret agent hired talented young designers from Russian fashion colleges, said a spokesman for her main employer.据该女间谍雇主的发言人说,这位莫斯科最美艳的特工聘请了来自俄罗斯时装设计学院的年轻设计师。She wanted to produce clothes ;you could wear anywhere, from a big city to a backwater village;, it was reported.据报道,她想制作出“在任何场合,不论是大城市还是偏远村庄都可以穿的装”。;Reporters and fashion magazines#39; buyers from all over the world will have a chance to see the first women#39;s clothing collection by Anna Chapman,; said the spokesman.发言人称,“全世界的记者和时尚杂志订购者都有机会看到安娜?查普曼设计的首个女装系列。”Her fashion range includes women#39;s handbags resembling books by famous radically-minded Russian writers, it is understood.据了解,她的时装系列包括外形像俄罗斯著名激进作家著作的女包。One is a mock-up of the book #39;Who is to Blame?#39; by Alexander Herzen, a 19th century writer and thinker known as the father of Russian socialism.其中一本“名著”女包的原型是19世纪作家、思想家、俄罗斯社会主义之父亚历山大?赫尔真写的书《该怪谁?》。The brand will be called Anna Chapman - the surname she took when she wed British former public schoolboy Alex Chapman who she met on a trip to London.这一时装品牌将被命名为安娜?查普曼,这是她嫁给毕业于英国公立学校的英国人亚历克斯?查普曼后用的名字。她是在去伦敦的旅途中遇到亚历克斯的。The daughter of an alleged KGB officer, the flame haired agent was busted by New York police in 2010 on accusations of being part of a network of sleeper agents.这位红发特工是一名前苏联国家安全委员会官员的女儿,她2010年曾经被纽约警方指控做过潜伏特工。She was deported in a Cold War-style spy swap along with nine others, and was then greeted by Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin who took part in a patriotic sing-song with her.她在一次冷战间谍互换协议中和其他9名间谍被遣送回国,并送到普京总统的欢迎,普京还和她一起唱爱国歌曲。Since her return to Russia, Chapman has dabbled in politics, taken part in risque photoshoots for men#39;s magazines, and hosts a TV show about the mysteries of the world.自从她回到俄罗斯后,查普曼涉足过政界,给男性杂志拍过淫猥的照片,还主持过一个探秘世界的电视节目。Her interest in a clothes brand ;all began three years and three months ago when Anna returned to Motherland after jail in a prison shirt,; said a statement.据称,她对装品牌的兴趣“始于三年零三个月前,在安娜穿过囚回到祖国之后”。;She disliked these alien clothes and Anna went on to search for a Russian dress that would please her soul. She kept looking for it but did not find.;“她不喜欢这些外国的装,于是安娜开始寻找一种能让自己的灵魂满足的俄罗斯装。她一直在寻找却没有找到。”She was previously reported to be interested in designing new uniforms for Russian cosmonauts, though the project failed to materialise.据报道她之前还有意为俄罗斯宇航员设计新制,不过这一计划没能实现。 /201401/273320

  In order to improve the lives of women and girls around the world, “it’s not enough to just to talk about women and girls,” Melinda Gates says. Speaking directly to an audience of women CEOs, executives, and business leaders, she said that people have to be willing to use their voice, dollars, and network in order to make an impact. “We have to be willing to stand up and say, ‘I’m willing to fund some of these things.#39;”为了改善全球妇女和女孩的生活状况,梅琳达·盖茨表示,“仅仅口头谈论这个话题是不够的。”面对由女性首席执行官、高管和商界领袖组成的听众,她直言,人们必须得心甘情愿地调动起他们的声音、财力和人际网络,才能产生影响力。“我们必须站起来说:‘我愿意为这些事情提供资助。’”Gates, a philanthropist and co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, was interviewed on Wednesday by Fortune senior editor-at-large Pattie Sellers at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit at Laguna Niguel, Calif.梅琳达·盖茨是一名慈善家,也是比尔和梅琳达o盖茨基金会(Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)的联合创始人。在上周三于加利福尼亚州拉古纳尼格尔举行的《财富》最具影响力女性峰会(Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit)上,她接受了《财富》(Fortune)资深编辑帕蒂o塞勒斯的采访。The Gates Foundation, one of the most active private foundations in the world, recently declared in Science magazine that it aims to put women and girls “at the center of development.”作为全球最为活跃的民间基金会之一,盖茨基金会最近在美国《科学》(Science)杂志上表示,他们准备把妇女和女孩放在“未来发展的中心地位”。“One of the things that I’ve gotten to do for the foundation is really to travel,” Gates said. She talked about how she would break away from city centers during her trips on behalf of the organization to explore nearby villages and slums and speak to women who lived there. The side trips brought her a greater understanding of the lives they lived, she said, and how the Gates Foundation could have greater impact on their day-to-day existence. Gates realized her foundation wasn’t doing a lot for women at scale.梅琳达表示:“我在基金会的工作之一就是实地考察。”她谈到了自己是如何离开城市中心,代表基金会去考察邻近的乡村和贫民窟,并与那里的女性交谈。梅琳达称,这一系列旅途让她更好地了解到这些女性的生活状况,以及盖茨经济会应当如何对她们的日常生活产生更大影响。梅琳达意识到,她的基金会还没有为广大女性做出很大的贡献。“As a foundation, we do pre-siloed work,” she said, indicating its work on eradicating malaria and polio. “We weren’t getting the impact we wanted for women and their families,” she said. “We needed to move the foundation to do more of this work. We need to move the world to do more of this work.”梅琳达表示:“作为一个基金会,我们做的是一些本质上比较封闭的工作”,她指的是基金会在根除疟疾和小儿麻痹症上的工作。“我们没有对女性和她们的家庭产生预期的影响力。我们需要让基金会更多地投入这方面的工作,还需要鼓动全世界更多地投入这方面的工作。”The Gates Foundation was started as a research and development organization, with a focus on mass diseases. “We also need to do delivery,” Gates said. It wouldn’t be enough to create a vaccine or cure for a disease if the mothers of at-risk children wouldn’t allow its distribution. “I want to make sure we do the right thing for women and girls,” she said.盖茨基金会起初是一个研发机构,工作重点在于大规模疾病防治。梅琳达表示:“我们也需要参与配发药品的工作。”仅仅研发出治疗疾病的疫苗或药剂是不够的,如果病危儿童的母亲根本拿不到这些疫苗或药剂的话,这些工作就没有意义。她说:“我想要确定我们对妇女和女孩们做了正确的事。”Gates also spoke about her number-one priority: the importance of family planning and contraceptives. Family planning, she said, can change the trajectory of a woman’s life and the lives of her children. “We think about 14 million girls are married before the age of 18,” she said, and the maternal mortality rate is still “huge around the world.”梅琳达还谈到了她认为最需要优先做的事:计划生育和避用品。她表示,计划生育可以改变一名女性的生命轨迹,乃至她孩子的人生。她说:“我们认为有大约1,400万女孩在18岁以前就结婚了”,而产妇死亡率“在全球仍然居高不下”。The ability for a women to plan when and how often to have children is crucial for her health and key for her economic growth. One of the goals of the foundation is to fund research into new types of contraceptives. Gates spoke about a Washington University scientist who is looking to develop an oral contraceptive that would dissolve under a woman’s tongue like a breath mint.女性能否计划好怀的时间和频率,对女性的自我健康和经济发展至关重要。盖茨基金会的目标之一,就是为研发新型避用品提供资金。梅琳达特别提到了华盛顿大学(Washington University)一位科学家的研究工作,这位科学家试图研发一种能像薄荷糖一样在舌头下融化的口避药。In addition to the focus on women and girls, the Gates Foundation is still looking to help tackle mass diseases, and recently gave million towards the fight against Ebola. Gates Foundation head Sue Desmond-Hellmann saw the crisis coming and convinced Bill and Melinda Gates to put their money towards early prevention. Gates spoke about how a Gates Foundation-funded polio clinic in Nigeria decided to convert to an emergency Ebola clinic, helping that nation to keep its Ebola rate to only 19 cases.除了关注妇女和女孩之外,盖茨基金会还在努力帮助应对大规模疾病,并于近期捐助了5,000万美元用于对抗埃拉病毒。基金会的领导者之一苏o德斯蒙德-赫尔曼预见了即将来临的危机,并说了比尔和梅琳达投入资金进行早期防治。梅琳达表示,在尼日利亚,一家盖茨基金会赞助的小儿麻痹症诊所被改造成了一家紧急的埃拉病毒诊所,并且已经帮助该国将埃拉的病例数控制在了仅仅19例。When asked by Fortune managing editor Alan Murray how the Gates Foundation works with governmental organizations like the World Health Organization, Gates spoke about the need for public-private partnerships. For instance, UNICEF, the Gates Foundation, and the University of Washington might have different, but complementary, takes on how similar research and health initiatives, and use those differences to improve each other’s work.当《财富》杂志总编辑艾伦o默里问到盖茨基金会是如何同世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)等政府机构合作时,梅琳达谈到了政府和民间合作的必要性。比如说,联合国儿童基金会(UNICEF)、盖茨基金会和华盛顿大学在类似的研究和卫生倡议问题上有着不同却互补的成果,利用这些差异,各组织能够促进彼此的工作。“Intellectual pushback is what you want in a private-public partnership,” she said.梅琳达表示:“在政府与民间的合作中,智慧的碰撞正是我们想要的。” /201410/336513

  It was once thought that only time could mend a broken heart, but now scientists think popping a couple of aspirin might be the best way to get over a break-up.分手了,我们原认为只有时间才能治愈那颗破碎的心。可是现在有科学家提出,吃上几片阿司匹林或许才是走出失恋的最好方法。Psychology Professor Water Mischel, of Columbia University, believes that the psychological pain of ending a relationship is similar to physical pain, and should be treated like any other injury.哥伦比亚大学心理学教授沃特?米歇尔认为结束一段恋情所造成的心理疼痛感和身体上的疼痛感类似,所以治疗失恋的痛苦也应该像治疗其他身体伤痛一样。He also believes that discussing feelings with friends will only increase depression and advises keeping brooding to a minimum.除此之外,他还表示失恋后跟朋友们讨论这种痛苦的感觉只会让自己更郁闷,他建议应尽可能减少回味痛苦的次数。“When we speak about rejection experiences in terms of physical pain, it is not just a metaphor – the broken heart and emotional pain really do hurt in a physical way,; he said.米歇尔教授说,“当我们用身体上的疼痛来描述受挫的感情时,这不止是一种比喻而已,事实上情伤确实会带来身体上的痛感。”。“When you look at a picture of the one who broke your heart, you experience a pain in a similar area of the brain which is activated when you burn your arm.“当你看着那个让你心碎之人的照片时,你感受到的痛感和手臂烧伤时产生的痛感来自大脑的同一个区域。”;‘Take two aspirins and call me in the morning’ would be a cold-hearted response to a friend’s late-night report of fresh heartbreak, but it has a solid basis in the research.”“如果朋友深夜打电话找你倾诉自己分手后的心碎感觉,你可以让他/她先吃两片阿司匹林,然后说‘明早再打给我’。这看起来似乎很冷血,但这么做确实是有着坚实的研究依据。”Previous studies have shown that people experience feelings of romantic rejection in the same way that they experience physical pain.之前有研究表明,人在经历感情挫折时的感觉与经历外在伤痛时的感觉一致。Research subjects given a simple non-prescription painkiller, like aspirin or ibuprofen, were shown to handle feelings of rejection better than those given a placebo.实验中,那些吃了止痛药(如阿司匹林或布洛芬)的试验对象处理感情挫折的能力会比那些吃了安慰剂(不含任何药物成分的药片)的人更胜一筹。And while most people recount break-ups and other painful experiences by recalling events and speaking to friends, Prof Mischel believes that it is important to view heartbreak from a distance.另外,大多数人在想起分手和其他一些痛苦的事情时都会去仔细回忆那些经历并且找朋友倾诉。而米歇尔教授认为在想起这些令人心碎的事情时还是不要太详细为好。“Common wisdom suggests that if we thoroughly revisit our negative experiences to try to understand why they happened, we’ll eventually be able to move on,” he said.他说,“通常的观念都认为人应当充分回想自身的负面经历,并从中找出原因,最终才能继续向前迈进。”“However, new research is showing that some people only get worse by continuing to brood and ruminate.“不过,最新的研究显示,有些人在反复回想之后,反而变得更糟了。”“Each time they recount the experience to themselves, their friends or their therapist, they only become more depressed. Self-distancing, in contrast, allows them to get a more objective view, without reactivating their pain, and helps them get past the experience.”“在他们每次对自己、自己的朋友或者医生回忆起这些经历时,都只会让自己变得更抑郁而已。与之相比,‘自我疏远’却可以使他们态度变得更客观,既不会揭心里的伤疤,还能帮他们摆脱这些经历。” /201410/333734


  The Nobel Prize for Literature yet again eluded the popular Japanese writer Haruki Murakami (Norwegian Wood). But this year’s winner, dark horse that he is, deserves the honor.今年诺贝尔文学奖结果已揭晓,人气颇高的日本作家村上春树再次落选,而这位半路杀出的“黑马”却当之无愧。French writer Patrick Modiano, 69, has won the 2014 Nobel Prize for Literature for works that made him “a Marcel Proust (a well-known French author in the 19th century) of our time” with tales often set during the Nazi occupation of Paris during World War II, the Swedish Academy announced on Oct 9.10月9日,瑞典皇家科学院宣布,现年69岁的法国作家帕特里克#8226;莫迪亚诺获得2014年诺贝尔文学奖。因其作品多以二战期间纳粹统治下的巴黎为背景,莫迪亚诺被喻为“当代的马塞尔#8226;普鲁斯特(19世纪著名法国作家)”。Relatively unknown outside of France and a renowned media recluse, Modiano’s works have centered on memory, loss and the puzzle of identity. He has written novels, children’s books and film scripts.在法国之外,莫迪亚诺鲜为人知,也很少接受媒体采访。他的作品集中探讨记忆、遗忘以及身份之谜。他不仅写过小说,还写过儿童读物和电影剧本。The academy said the award of 8 million Swedish crowns (about 6.8 million yuan) was “for the art of memory with which he has evoked the most ungraspable human destinies”.瑞典皇家科学院称,之所以将800万瑞典克朗(约680万元人民币)的诺奖奖金颁给他,是因为他“以记忆的艺术,唤起了人类最难以捉摸的命运。”Peter Englund, permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, noted that Modiano’s works are “always variations of the same thing, about memory, about loss, about identity, about seeking.”瑞典皇家科学院常任秘书彼得#8226;英格伦这样评价莫迪亚诺的作品:“(他的作品)是同一事物的各个方面,关于记忆、遗失、身份以及寻觅。”In France, Modiano is a respected writer, The New York Times reported. His books, often coming in shorter than 200 pages, are widely . Many of his fictional works are set in Paris during World War II, and some play with the detective genre.据《纽约时报》报道,在法国,莫迪亚诺是一位受人尊敬的作家。他的书通常不到200页,却被广为阅读。他的小说多以二战时的巴黎为背景,一些则涉猎侦探题材。Refined repetition优雅的“重复”His first novel La Place de l’Etoile, published in 1968, remains probably his best known book and touched on many themes that he would return to throughout his career, including the fate of the Jews under the Nazis.莫迪亚诺的处女作《星形广场》出版于1968年,至今仍是他最著名的作品。该书包含的诸多主题,都贯穿了他整个的创作生涯,包括,纳粹统治下犹太人的命运等。Modiano, reacting to the award, said he felt like he had been writing versions of the same book for many years.对于获奖一事,莫迪亚诺说,他觉得自己多年来不过是在写同一本书的各种版本。“What I am keen to see are the reasons why they chose me... One can never really be one’s own er,” he told a news conference in Paris. “Even more so because I have the impression of writing the same book for 45 years.”他在巴黎的新闻发布会上表示,“我很想知道他们为何选中我……因为没有一个人能真正成为自己的读者。而且我觉得自己45年来一直在写同一本书。”“Of the unique things about him, one is of course his style, which is very precise, very economical. He writes small, short, very elegant sentences,” Englund said. “And he returns to generally the same topics again and again, simply because these topics cannot be exhausted.”英格伦则说,“他有许多与众不同之处,言简意赅的写作风格就是其中之一,他笔下的句子短小、文雅。他一次次回到相同的主题,只因为这些都是永恒的主题。”“After each novel, I have the impression that I have cleared it all away,” Modiano told France Today in a 2011 interview. “But I know I’ll come back over and over again to tiny details, little things that are part of what I am.”在2011年接受《今日法国》采访时,莫迪亚诺说,“每写完一本小说,我觉得自己已将其完全抛于脑后,但我知道自己还是会一次次在细节中回归,因为那些微小之处正是我的一部分。”“In the end, we are all determined by the place and the time in which we were born.”“最终,我们都由自己出生时的时间和空间所决定。”Modiano is not an unfamiliar name in Chinese literary circle. Many of his works have been translated into Chinese and have been an influence on some Chinese writers. The late writer Wang Xiaobo, for example, opened his own novel Temple of Eternal Life with the opening sentences from Modiano’s Missing Person: “I am nothing. Nothing but a pale shape.”在中国文学圈中,莫迪亚诺并不是一个陌生的名字。他的很多作品都被译成中文,影响了一批中国作家。其中,已故作家王小波就曾将他《暗店街》中的句子“我的过去,一片朦胧。”作为自己小说《万寿寺》的开篇语。 /201410/336799。




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