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芜湖三医男科怎么样芜湖市生殖健康门诊部The number of candidates for the 2016 national civil service exam has surpassed last year#39;s numbers, with more than 132,000 applicants on Tuesday-the most in a single day-deemed qualified for the exam.2016年国家公务员考试报名人数已经超过去年,仅周二一天,符合考试条件的报考人员就达到13.2万人以上,这是单日报考人数最高的一天。According to figures from Zhonggong Education, an institute that monitors the applicant numbers, more than 459,600 people applied to take the exam by the sixth day of this year#39;s application window on Tuesday. Almost 103,000 of those had applied on Monday.根据中公教育(一家统计公务员报考人数的机构)的数据,在今年公务员考试报名的第六天,也就是周二,累计报考人数已超过45.96万,其中周一一天的报名人数几乎达到10.3万。A record 27,817 civil service jobs are being offered this year by central government departments and subsidiaries.今年中央各部门及下属部门的招考岗位达到27,817个,创下历史新高。The most sought-after job as of Tuesday remained a position offered by the China Employment Training Technical Instruction Center in Beijing, which had drawn 1,430 applicants, the institute said.中公教育表示,周二报名的岗位中最抢手的是位于北京的中国就业培训技术指导中心的职位,已有1430人报考了该职位。The second most sought-after job, according to Zhonggong, was a position offered by the regional earthquake bureau in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, which had 768 applicants as of Tuesday.紧随其后的是内蒙古自治区地方地震局的一个岗位,周二有768名报考者选择了该岗位。However, another 876 jobs being offered have not registered a single applicant as of Tuesday, according to Zhonggong. For instance, nobody has so far shown any interest in becoming a railway police officer in Shanghai and Xi#39;an.该机构还表示,周二仍有876个岗位无人报名,其中包括上海和西安的铁路警察。The application window will close on Saturday, and successful candidates must pass the 2016 national civil service exam, which starts on Nov 29, before they#39;re granted a job interview in March.报名窗口将于周六关闭,报名成功者须参加11月29号的2016年国家公务员考试,考试通过后才可以参加明年3月的面试。In 2013, the total number of applicants who qualified for the national service exam reached a record 1.52 million. In 2014, the total number decreased for the first time in four years to 1.41 million, the People#39;s Daily website said.人民日报官网表示,2013年符合报考条件的人数到达历史最高——152万,2014年为141万人,这是四年来报考人数首次出现下降。;Based on experience from previous years, the number of applicants could sharply increase as the application window closes, especially during the last three days of application,; an unidentified official with the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security said on the ministry#39;s website.人力资源和社会保障部的一位官员称:“根据往年的经验,在报名窗口快关闭时,报名人数会剧增,尤其是在最后三天。”The official said that some posts are more popular than others because they do not have strict requirements on education or work backgrounds of the applicants, and the jobs that have drawn thousands of applicants in recent years generally fall into such a category.这位官员表示,相比其他职位来说,那些对教育背景或工作经历没有特殊要求的职位更受欢迎,近些年报名人数达到数千人的基本上都是这种职位。Meanwhile, 78 percent of the civil service jobs offered this year are posts at county or district levels, as the central government seeks to steer more college graduates to jobs at city and county levels, he said.同时,该官员称,由于中央政府鼓励更多的大学毕业生到市县工作,今年的招录岗位中,有78%是区、县级的工作。In a sign that civil service jobs may be losing their appeal, a report issued by recruitment website Zhaopin in late March said more than 10,000 public sector employees, including civil servants and staff members at public institutions, had submitted their resumes to potential employers through the site in just two months. The number was 34 percent higher during the same period last year, the report said.有迹象显示,人们对公务员的热情可能正在消减,招聘网在三月底发布的一份报告称,仅仅两个月,已有1万多名公共单位职员通过该网站提交了简历,其中包括公务员和公共机构工作人员。报告还表示,去年同一时期,提交简历的人数比今年高34%。 /201510/405170芜湖市中心医院有泌尿科吗 芜湖芜湖县包皮手术怎么样

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芜湖三山区人民医院看泌尿科怎么样The municipal government of Beijing will move to the suburban district of Tongzhou at the end of 2017, a high-ranking official said on Monday.周一,一位高级官员表示,北京市政府将会于2017年年底搬至近郊通州区。About 400,000 people will move to Tongzhou in the relocation, which President Xi Jinping ordered during an inspection of the capital two years ago, said Li Shixiang, a National People#39;s Congress deputy and executive vice-mayor of Beijing.全国人大代表、北京市常务副市长李士祥近日表示,习近平主席在两年前的一次首都视察工作时作出指示,要求约40万人从城区向通州疏解。This was the first time Beijing officials have released a timetable for the relocation that aims to make room for the central government in downtown areas.本次也是北京市官员首次透露搬迁时间表。这次搬迁的目的是给中央政府在市中心腾出空间。Along with the municipal government, the Beijing Committee of the Communist Party of China, the People#39;s Congress of Beijing, and the Beijing Committee of Chinese People#39;s Political Consultative Conference will also move to the new location, Li said. These are the four components of China#39;s political structure.李士祥表示,除了北京市市政府,中共中央北京市市委、北京市人民代表大会、中国人民政治协商会议北京委员会这几套机构也将会搬到新址。这些机构也是中国政治结构的四大组成部分。The municipal government, meanwhile, plans to focus on construction of three new towns in the districts of Daxing, Changping and Shunyi to accommodate those moved from downtown districts.与此同时,北京市市政府计划集中建设大兴、顺义、昌平三个新城,以承接从中心城区向外疏解的人口。Li said some low-impact industries aly have been moved or demolished. ;By the end of last year, the city shut down industrial enterprises and relocated 220 wholesale markets,; he said.李士祥表示,一些低端行业已经被搬离或拆除。他说:“截至去年年底,全市关闭了多家工业企业,并搬迁了220个批发市场。” /201603/430693 China’s response to the encroachment of its northern deserts on cities such as Beijing is a tree-planting exercise, the Three-North Shelterbelt. 面对中国北方沙漠对北京等城市的侵蚀,中国政府的对策是植树造林:建造三北防护林。But while the so-called Green Great Wall is one of the world’s most ambitious environmental projects, it is just one of many attempts to protect cities against pollution, storms and temperature rises by tapping into a valuable resource: nature.不过,虽说这个所谓的绿色长城是世界上最雄心勃勃的环境工程之一,但它只是人类利用一项宝贵的资源——大自然——保护城市免受污染、风暴和气温升高侵扰的诸多尝试中的一个。It has long been known greenery improves air quality, which is why large urban parks, such as the Maidan in Kolkata, India, or New York’s Central Park, are often referred to as the lungs of the city. 人类很早就知道绿色植物可以改善空气质量,这就是为什么大型城市公园——如印度加尔各答马坦公园(Maidan)或纽约中央公园(Central Park)——常被称为城市之肺。But as pollution and increasingly intense storms threaten urban areas, planners are starting to recognise that nature has more than one purpose.但随着污染和日益强烈的风暴危及城市地区,规划者们开始认识到,大自然还另有用途。So-called green infrastructure can be used to soak up water that can otherwise inundate municipal areas. 所谓的绿色基础设施可用来吸收能够淹没城市地区的洪水。When superstorm Sandy hit New York and New Jersey late in 2012, for example, storm water flowed through subway tunnels and shut down ground-level power and communications networks.例如,2012年晚些时候超级飓风桑迪(Sandy)袭击纽约州和新泽西州时,暴雨带来的降水灌进了地铁隧道,并导致地面电力和通讯网络中断。The frequency, unpredictability and intensity of storms is overwhelming a lot of conventional systems, says Jason Scott, co-managing partner at Encourage Capital, an asset management firm specialising in investments that can help to resolve social and environmental problems.Encourage Capital联席管理合伙人杰森#8226;斯科特(Jason Scott)表示:风暴的次数之多、预测之难和强度之大,令很多传统的系统难以应付。Encourage Capital是一家资产管理公司,聚焦于能帮助解决社会和环境问题的投资。Severe rainstorms are responsible for sending large amounts of untreated water — containing everything from motor oil and lawn fertiliser to raw sewage — into drinking water systems and open waterways.大暴雨会使大量未经处理的水——含有从机油、草坪肥料到污水等各种污染物——涌入饮用水系统和开放水道。In places like Milwaukee and Chicago, storm water is combining with sewer overflow and going in people’s homes, so it’s not a theoretical problem — it’s very real, says Mr Scott.在密尔沃基、芝加哥等地,暴雨降水与下水道溢出的污水一道涌入民宅,所以这不是一个理论问题,而是一个非常实际的问题,斯科特说。Green infrastructure — such as grass roofs, planters and permeable pavements that allow water to filter the soil below them and soak up storm water — can help prevent this. 绿色基础设施——例如草坪屋顶、绿植以及可让雨水渗入下面土壤并吸收暴雨降水的透水路面——可以帮助防止这种情况发生。The idea behind the green infrastructure approach is to mimic the way nature handles water, says Larry Levine, senior attorney in the water programme at the Natural Resources Defence Council, a US environmental group.绿色基础设施模式背后的理念是要模拟大自然处理水的方式,美国环保组织自然资源保护委员会(Natural Resources Defence Council)水资源项目资深律师拉里#8226;莱文(Larry Levine)说。Nature can improve cities’ air quality. 自然可以改善城市空气质量。In Ahmedabad, the Indian state of Gujarat’s largest city, where summer temperatures can be above 40C, a development plan includes linking the city’s Sabarmati River with lakes, building a series of parks and planting trees.在夏季气温可超过40摄氏度的印度古吉拉特邦最大城市艾哈迈达巴德(Ahmedabad),一项开发计划就包括将流经该市的萨巴尔马蒂河(Sabarmati River)与湖泊相连接,建造一系列公园,种植树木。Such schemes can help to control summer temperatures, says Ian Mell, lecturer in planning and civic design at Liverpool university. 利物浦大学(Liverpool University)规划与城市设计专业讲师伊恩#8226;梅尔(Ian Mell)表示,此类项目能够帮助控制夏季的气温。They’re using trees and better management of the lakes and river to moderate the extremities of the climate, he says.他说:他们正在利用森林以及对湖泊、河流更好的管理来缓和极端气候。Other natural assets can be tapped, too. 其他自然资源也可以被利用。In some parts of the world, mangroves are tremendous at flood protection and preventing soil erosion, says Mr Levine. Green infrastructure of that sort is very much part of the toolkit for climate change adaptation.在世界的一些地方,红树林在防洪和防止水土流失方面作用巨大,莱文说,此类绿色基础设施恰恰是那种适应气候变化的手段。But while green infrastructure does much to tackle flooding, air pollution and inhospitable city temperatures, it can be hard to persuade developers and investors it is worth the extra money.虽然绿色基础设施在很大程度上可以应对洪水、空气污染以及极端的城市气温,但很难说开发商和投资者相信值得为此投入更多资金。It’s about learning how to understand the upfront costs and how they translate to benefits over time, says Eric Mackres, building efficiency manager at the World Resources Institute’s Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.世界资源研究所(World Resources Institute)罗斯可持续城市中心(Ross Center for Sustainable Cities)的建筑节能管理人埃里克#8226;麦克雷斯(Eric Mackres)说:这事关学会如何理解前期成本以及它们日后如何转化为收益。This is a particular difficulty in growing economies, where the race to develop means that urban centres are being built at terrific speed, often without sufficient planning. 在成长型经济体推广尤为困难,因为这些经济体的发展竞赛意味着,城市中心正以惊人的速度建设,但通常没有进行充分规划。The scale of development means climate change gets addressed later, says Mr Mell.发展的规模意味着,气候变化问题被放到后面解决,梅尔说。Some older cities are creating financial incentives for developers to go green. 一些历史悠久的城市正在提供经济方面的奖励,激励开发商开发更多绿色基础设施。In Washington DC, for example, regulations have been introduced that make it mandatory for buildings in certain areas to include green infrastructure. 例如,华盛顿(Washington DC)已出台相关法规,强制要求某些区域的建筑必须包括绿色基础设施。The city has introduced a stormwater retention credits trading scheme for developments where this is not technically feasible.华盛顿还出台了一个雨水储存积分交易机制,面向那些不具备建设绿色基础设施技术条件的开发项目。Credits, which are traded in an open market, can be bought from developers operating in parts of the city not covered by the regulations but who have nonetheless invested in sustainable projects.可在公开市场交易的积分,可以从在不受该规定管辖的城市区域运营、但还是投资了可持续发展项目的开发商那里购买。Mr Scott believes that more of these kinds of innovative financial arrangements will be needed to increase the adoption of urban green infrastructure. 斯科特认为,未来需要更多此类创新金融安排,以增加城市绿色基础设施的应用。A lot of the solutions are financing solutions because the capital markets don’t know how to value these projects, he says.他说:很多解决方案都是融资方案,因为资本市场不知道如何估值这些项目。 /201609/468918弋江区男科医院男科挂号芜湖第一人民医院不孕不育多少钱



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