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在漫画书广受欢迎的日本,越来越多的漫画迷因对书中的人物情有独钟而拒绝在现实生活中寻找生活伴侣。近日,甚至有名男子在网上发起签名请愿活动,希望能征集到100万个签名呈送政府,呼吁政府立法允许人类与漫画人物通婚。这次请愿活动在一星期内已征到1000多个签名。A Japanese man has enlisted hundreds of people in a campaign to allow marriages between humans and cartoon characters, saying he feels more at ease in the "two-dimensional world."Comic books are immensely popular in Japan, with some fictional characters becoming celebrities or even sex symbols. Marriage is meanwhile on the decline as many young Japanese find it difficult to find life partners.Taichi Takashita launched an online petition aiming for one million signatures to present to the government to establish a law on marriages with cartoon characters.Within a week he has gathered more than 1,000 signatures through the Internet."I am no longer interested in three dimensions. I would even like to become a resident of the two-dimensional world," he wrote."However, that seems impossible with present-day technology. Therefore, at the very least, would it be possible to legally authorise marriage with a two-dimensional character?"Befitting his desire to be two-dimensional, he listed no contact details, making it impossible to reach him for comment to explain if his campaign is serious or tongue-in-cheek(不认真的,半开玩笑的).But some people signing the petition are true believers."For a long time I have only been able to fall in love with two-dimensional people and currently I have someone I really love," one person wrote."Even if she is fictional, it is still loving someone. I would like to have legal approval for this system at any cost," the person wrote.Japan only permits marriage between human men and women and gives no legal recognition to same-sex relationships.Japan's fans of comic books, or "manga," sometimes go to extremes.Earlier this month, a woman addicted to manga put out an online message seeking to kill her parents for asking her to throw away comic books that filled up three rooms.Prime Minister Taro Aso is an avid fan of manga and recently complained that he has been too busy to comic books since taking office. /200811/54704An elderly Texas couple were sitting in their living room enjoying a rerun of the legal drama ‘Jag’ with their headphones on when a brazen burglar broke into their home and got away with ,000 in cash and jewelery.德克萨斯州一对老年夫妇,带着耳机在自家的客厅里观看一部美国海军法官的故事剧集《执法捍将》。而就在这个时候,一个狡猾的小偷破门而入,盗走了价值超过2万美金的现金以及珠宝。Over the past 59 year, Tom McElvoy, of Mansfield, has showered his wife, Peggy, with rings, bracelets and necklaces, but on the night of June 2, nearly all of it was gone when the couple’s prized possessions fell prey to a crafty robber.在过去的59年里,Tom McElvoy给他的妻子Peggy买了戒指、手镯和项链等珠宝,不过所有的这些都在6月2号晚上被盗走了,他俩当时还在家中看电视。The McElvoys, both 79 years old and hard of hearing, have been relying on headphones that allow them to adjust the volume on their television set individually, and that is why they didn’t hear the burglar breaking the glass on a side door into their bedroom just 15 feet away.McElvoy夫妇都已是79岁的高龄了,听力有点问题。为了不干扰对方,他们都各自戴上耳机调节到适合自己的音量看电视,所以导致连强盗打破卧室玻璃闯入偷走贵重物品他们也全然不知,虽然卧室离他们只有15英尺(4.572米)。‘He had to have seen us,’ Tom McElvoy told the Mansfield News-Mirror. The couple, however, did not see anyone outside on the patio possibly because mud was smeared on a lamp.Tom McElovy告诉《曼斯菲尔德新闻报》记者:“他们肯定看到我们了。” 因为小偷用泥巴把院子里的灯涂上了,因此这对夫妇并没有看到庭院里有人进入。Later that night, the couple headed off to bed, but found that the door of their bedroom was inexplicably locked from the inside.直到那天晚些时候他们准备进房间睡觉时,才发现卧室的门竟然诡异的反锁了。After picking the lock, the McElvoys entered the room and discovered that it had been ransacked, CW33 reported.‘We said, #39;Oh hell, we#39;ve been robbed,’’ Mr McElvoy said.据报道,在打开锁进入卧室之后,夫妇俩都惊呆了,意识到他们被洗劫了。McElvoy先生表示,“我们当时就说:‘天哪,我们被洗劫了。’”The brazen perpetrator sneaked out carrying nearly all of Mrs McElvoy’s prized possessions, including the first ring that her husband gave her, as well as credit cards and cash.可恶的小偷偷走了夫妇俩最值钱和具有珍贵纪念意义的家当,包括丈夫送给妻子的第一枚戒指,以及信用卡和现金。Mr McElvoy said they have an alarm system at the house, but it wasn’t on at the time because they only activate it before going to bed. The couple said that in the 32 years they have spent in their home, they have never had any problems.老人说尽管他们的屋子是装有防盗系统的,不过一般他们晚上上床睡觉前才会打开该系统。夫妇说他们在这个房子里生活了32年了,从未遇到过这样的事情。The 79-year-old man believes the burglar may have been in the house before since it appears like he or she knew where to look for valuables, according to the Mansfield News-Mirror.据报道,老人认为盗贼似乎已经踩过点了,对家里的情形也比较熟悉,他们所有的贵重物品几乎都被洗劫一空。#39;I hope they have a pang of conscience sometime in their life, because I worked for what they got. They didn#39;t do a damn thing,’ said McElvoy, referring to whomever pillaged his home.对于溜到他们家洗劫财物的小偷,McElvoy先生说:“我希望他们能有点良心,我辛辛苦苦才赚来的东西,他们却不劳而获。”The McElvoys’ daughter has been canvasing local pawn shops in the hope of retrieving some of her parents’ stolen jewelery.他们的女儿已经在当地的典当铺贴上了告示,希望能找到父母被偷的珠宝。To make matters worse, the couple’s homeowners insurance only covered ,000, or about a third, of what was pilfered.更糟糕的是,保险公司只能赔7000美元,只能赔上损失三分之一。 /201207/190766Liu Mu poses for a photo at the Main Media Center for the London Olympic Games in London, on July 22, 2012. There are many Chinese volunteers working for the upcoming Olympic Games in London. Liu Mu, a girl from Harbin, is one of them, volunteering at the Games#39; media operation department. She was a volunteer at the Olympic village during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games when she was still a junior student at the Beijing Foreign Studies University. She now works as an oral interpreter at the London Court after she graduated from the Newcastle University in England.图为2012年7月22日,刘牧在伦敦奥运会主流媒体中心留影。在伦敦奥运会中,会出现很多中国志愿者的身影。刘牧,是他们中的一个。她是奥运会媒体运营部门的志愿者。在2008年北京奥运会期间,她是北京外国语大学的一名大二的学生,也是奥运会的志愿者。她从英国纽卡斯尔大学毕业后,现在在伦敦法院做同声传译的工作。

1. Compliment three people every day. 每天赞美三个人。 2. Watch a sunrise. 看日出。 /200912/92332

遍尝各种减肥方法的你,始终是个胖子,你的减肥血泪史都可以出书了,有没有?为什么别人都瘦下来了,就你没有?事实是,你用错了方法!那些看似不起眼的小动作才是阻碍你的减肥大业的元凶!You Rely on Convenient Transportation能不走路就不走路You take the elevator when you need to go up a few floors, youget on the little motorized walk ramp at the airport, and you parkas close to the front door as possible. At first glance, choosingthese little convenient modes of transportation doesn#39;t appear tomake much of a difference in your daily life. The fact is, they do.A flight of stairs burns, on average, 15 calories. If you#39;re takingstairs at work, the mall or in your home on an average day, thatcould add up to 225 or more extra calories burned. Walk a bitfurther to get to the front door when you#39;re shopping and you couldburn an extra 30. Forgoing the automatic walkway in the airport -an extra 100! When given the opportunity, use your body, not theelevator or the car. That#39;s what it#39;s made for.就算只有几级台阶,你也要搭电梯。机场的步行电梯你从来都不会放过。把车停在靠近商场前门的位置,越近越好。起初,这种代步的便捷工具看似对你的日常生活没有多大影响,事实是,它们的影响大着呢。走楼梯的话,平均每层可以消耗15卡路里。如果你每天都走楼梯上下班、进出商场、在家走动的话,那么你每天就能多消耗至少225卡路里。去逛街时,多走几步路去商场门口也能多消耗30卡路里。在机场不走步行电梯的话,还能多消耗100卡路里!只要有机会,就多动动你的身体,别总是坐电梯或坐车,你的身体是用来让你动的。You Love Your Diet Cola健怡可乐你最爱No calories mean no weight gain, right? This is the popularline of reasoning for many diet soda drinkers. Unfortunately,current research indicates a possible link between artificialsweetener consumption and weight gain. A study in the journalDiabetes Care found that daily consumption of diet soda wasassociated with a 36 percent greater relative risk of developingmetabolic syndrome and a 67 percent greater relative risk ofdeveloping Type 2 diabetes compared with non-consumption. Inaddition to this, the presence of constant artificial sweeteners inthe diet means you#39;re never really letting your taste buds get abreak from the sweet taste you love. The more you drink diet soda,the longer you#39;ll remain trapped in the sugar cycle and continue tocrave.不含热量就不会长胖,对不对?大多数爱喝健怡可乐的人都有这种误区。可悲的真相是,有研究表明,摄入人工增甜剂也会增肥。《关爱糖尿病》杂志上的一项研究显示,每天喝健怡可乐的人比起那些不喝的人来说,引发与新陈代谢相关的疾病的概率要大36%,而引发II型糖尿病的概率则会高出67个百分点。另外,经常食用人工增甜剂也说明,你的味蕾还是一直与你爱吃的甜食相伴。因此,你就陷入了这样的怪圈,健怡可乐你喝得越多,你就越离不开甜食。You#39;re Off in Outer Space宅男宅女不出门The feel, smell and satisfaction of food are one of the mainpleasures of life. You may miss these food advantages though ifyou#39;re like most people and spend your meals and snacks in front ofa TV, computer screen or newspaper. If this sounds like you, you#39;reprobably taking in way more calories than you think. A 2010 studyin the Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that adding stimuliduring mealtime increased not only the amount of food an individualconsumed at that particular meal, but also increased calorieconsumption later in the day as well. Enjoy your food and thecompany of friends and family, it will help you lost.品味美食的色香味是人生一大享受。但如果你和大多数人一样,吃饭的时候就窝在电脑电视前,或缩在报纸堆里的话,那么你就享受不到食物给你带来的乐趣了。听起来是不是有点像你?那么你可能就因此摄入了更多的热量。《临床营养学》2010年的一项研究发现,假设一个人在吃饭时出现了外力的刺激,这顿饭他就会吃得更多,而且在接下去的一天里都会摄入更多的热量。所以,和家人朋友一起分享美食吧,可以减肥哦!Your Friends Don#39;t Support You朋友们都不看好你Have you ever had a friend who knows you#39;re trying to loseweight and eat healthy, but still tempts you with ;it won#39;t killyou to have a few bites of (insert tempting high sugar, fat andcalorie food here).; Support is crucial when it comes to successfulweight loss and maintenance, and having a toxic person close to youcan really throw you off. What you really need is a supportivebuddy who you can lean on in good times and bad; someone who willkeep you on track and compliment you when you lose weight. A 2005study in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology foundthat individuals were most successful with weight loss when they;buddied; up with like-minded people with the same healthy goals asthey had.明知道你要减肥,要健康饮食,你的那些损友们还一个劲地诱惑你说“吃一口(高糖、高脂、高热量的食物)又不会死”,有没有?想要成功减肥并保持减肥成果,持是很重要的。如果你身边有一个这样的损友,你的一切努力都会泡汤。你真正需要的是一个无论顺境逆境都会持你的伙伴,会鼓励你坚持到底,会在你瘦下来的时候赞美你。《咨询与临床心理学》2005年的研究发现,那些拥有志同道合的减肥者是最成功的,因为他们有一样的健康目标。You ;Diet; During The Week - But Go Hog Wild On TheWeekends平日节食,周末大餐Many people have the same complaint: ;How come I#39;m not losingweight? I barely eat anything!; At the most basic level, weightloss is a matter of numbers; consume fewer calories than you expendand you#39;ll lose weight. However, in this case, too much of a goodthing can actually sabotage your weight loss effort. When we feedour body the proper fuel, we have endless energy. As the intake ofcalories drops to very low levels, our body moves into starvationmode. This starvation mode triggers a lower metabolism as the bodybecomes super efficient at using what little energy or fuel itreceives. Fewer calories are burned and weight loss comes to astop. If you choose to give yourself a ;pass; on the weekends forall your hard work starving yourself during the week, expect notonly difficulty with weight loss; you may actually experienceweight gain. Slow metabolism plus a Saturday/Sunday food and drinkfest ... you do the math.很多人都有同样的抱怨,“我几乎什么都不吃,为什么还是瘦不下来?”基本说来,减肥就是跟数字打交道。你吃得比需要摄入得少,你就能瘦下来。但问题是,吃得太少也会妨碍你的减肥大业。当我们一天三餐正常饮食时,体内的能量是无限的。但如果能量摄入变得很少时,身体就自动切换到了饥饿模式,减缓新陈代谢。身体会非常高效地分配仅剩的能量,直到获得更多的能量补给。因此,热量消耗就会减慢,而体重也不会再下降。如果在一周辛苦节食之后,你想要在周末给你的胃放个假、吃顿大餐,那么你就别想减肥了,等待你的只能是增肥了。本来已经变慢的新陈代谢碰上饕餮盛宴会是什么结果?你自己算吧。You#39;re Getting Fewer Than 5 Hours A Night睡眠不足5小时Sleep is great for your brain, your skin, and, as it turnsout, your weight as well. An abundant amount of research indicatesthat a lack of sleep alters the digestive hormones that areresponsible for hunger and fullness. A lack of sleep may mean aloss of control of your portions the next day and an increasedcraving for sweets, fat and carbohydrates. Shoot for eight hours ofsleep each night and you#39;re more likely to achieve great skin,great productivity and a great weight!睡眠对于大脑、皮肤和体重都是大有好处的。大量研究实,睡眠不足会改变体内与饥饿感和饱腹感相关的消化激素的分泌。也就是说,睡眠不足会降低身体对食物需求的控制力,增加对糖分、脂肪和碳水化合物的需求。保每晚8小时的睡眠,你就会拥有健康的肌肤,充沛的活力,和理想的体重! /201207/191368

According to Greek and Roman Mythology, there were nine muses; the Hydra had nine heads; there were nine rivers of hell; when Vulcan was kicked out of heaven, he fell for nine days before lighted on the island Lemnos. According to some Christian theologians, there are nine orders of angels. Superstitious people used to believe that to see nine magpies is most unlucky. In English idioms, nine is used to mean “a large number of”. For example, people say “Nine tailors make a man,” because a tailor is not as strong as a carpenter, a blacksmith or a man in any other trades. A cat can survive where other animals hardly can, and drops always on its feet, so people often say, “A cat has nine lives.” If a wonder can only last for several days, people may call it “a nine days’ wonder”.数字9 据古希腊罗马神话,缪斯有九位,水怪许德拉有九颗头,冥河有九条,伏尔甘被朱庇特踢出天界,落了九天九夜才在勒姆诺斯岛着陆。基督教神学家将众天使为为九等。迷信的人说见到九只喜鹊不吉利。英语里常用“九”表示“多”。裁缝在多身子骨单薄,人们就说“九个裁缝一条汉”。猫命大,摔下来总是四脚着地,人们就说猫有九命。新鲜事,如果只能轰动一时,人们称之为“九日奇观”。 /200907/76519

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