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Ever sent a racy text to the wrong person? Twenty percent of Britons have managed to send racy texts to the wrong person, and nearly one in 10 has been caught red-handed "sexting," according to a poll on Tuesday.Under-25s are the most careless, with 43 percent admitting to sending fruity texts to the wrong contact. Men and women were equally guilty."Text and picture messaging has now become so second nature that people are less cautious, leading to messages frequently going astray," said Keir McConomy, Managing Director of SellMyMobile.com which commissioned the survey."A key aspect of text messaging is that it allows a more detached method of communication. This was part of its initial popularity and a likely explanation for the large number of people willing to send out explicit content."The survey of 1,097 mobile phone users also revealed that one in five respondents fail to wipe their phones of personal content such as contacts, messages and pictures before selling, giving away or recycling their mobiles.Vocabulary:racy: having a style that is exciting and amusing, sometimes in a way that is connected with sex (风格活泼的;不雅的)be caught red-handed: 被逮个正着fruity: 粗俗的,色情的second nature: something that you do very easily and naturally, because it is part of your character or you have done it so many times(第二天性;习性)go astray: to go in the wrong direction or to have the wrong result(走错方向;误入歧途)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109069Imagine a summer weekend on a California beach dense with bodies. But for one onlooker, this seemingly calm scene may be a series of accidents waiting to happen. How does a lifeguard know when a raised arm means "I need help", not "hey,this is fun"? The guard's skill at spotting that one desperate person among thousands is phenomenal, truly testing his sight and understanding. We see the way we do, so we can spot danger to ourselves. But nothing is directing the lifeguard. In fact the eye, observing a harmless pattern across its view, normally relaxes. Motion-sensing rod cells switch off when they detect action that's consistent and constant. So the lifeguard has to trick his eyes. He does this by scanning, forcing his eyes to lock onto small details. Our frontline defence are the tower guards, and their job is to scan the water. So their eyes are moving across the water and letting their brains filter out that information that they see, looking for something wrong, looking for that odd one out that truly is in danger. Taking in all this information is hard work. Human sight has only two degrees of detail vision at the center. To check the whole beach, the lifeguard sweeps, jumping from point to point for detail. Each jump is called a saccade. A saccade is the movement that the eyes make together when they're looking directly at one thing, and all of a sudden, they look at something else. We have mechanisms that wire the muscles that move our eyes to the image, and we can quickly lock onto a new image all at once. The saccade function lets him jump visually from each potential risk to the next. He repeatedly scans his field of vision, updating his visual memory every few seconds.200812/57973Bush to Host Summit on Global Financial Crisis布什拟主办全球峰会讨论经济局势 U.S. President George Bush says he will host a summit of nations soon to address the global economic crisis. Mr. Bush made the announcement as he greeted French President Nicolas Sarkozy and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso Saturday at the U.S. presidential retreat Camp David. 美国总统布什说,他不久就要主持由多个国家参与的首脑会谈,讨论全球经济危机。布什是星期六在美国总统度假地戴维营会见法国总统萨科齐和欧盟委员会主席巴罗佐时作出上述声明的。President Bush stood with his two European visitors and said he anticipates hosting a meeting at which world leaders will work to solve the financial problems. 布什总统和两位到访的欧洲贵宾站在一起对记者说,他预期将主持一次会议,同与会的各国领导人一起研究如何解决金融问题。"I look forward to hosting this meeting in the near future," he said. "Both developed and developing nations will be represented. And together we will work to strengthen and modernize our nations' financial systems, so we can help ensure that this crisis does not happen again." 布什说:“我期待着在不久的将来主持这次会议。这次会议是发达国家和发展中国家的领导人共同出席的。我们将携手将我们各国的经济体系加以强化和现代化。我们可以帮助保,这种危机不会再次发生。”The president was meeting with Mr. Sarkozy and Mr. Barroso at Camp David Saturday to look for solutions to the global financial crisis. 布什总统星期六在戴维营会见了萨科齐和巴罗佐,共同寻求全球金融危机的解决方案。European leaders had been trying to persuade Mr. Bush to hold global talks by the end of the year. Mr. Sarkozy, speaking through a translator, called for a swift international response to the crisis, starting in New York. 欧洲领导人一直在试图说布什总统在今年年底前举行全球会谈。萨科齐总统呼吁国际社会对这次危机作出迅速反应,而起点就是纽约。"This must be done forthwith, as President Bush has said, possibly even before the end of the month of November," he said. "And we believe that insofar as the crisis began in New York, then the global solution to this crisis must be found in New York, all of us putting our heads together." 他说:“这项任务必须立即完成,就像布什总统说的那样,很可能就是在11月结束之前完成。我们相信,既然这次危机首先从纽约开始,那么全球性解决这一危机的方案也必须从纽约寻找,我们会共同努力。”ed Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon offered Saturday to host the meeting at U.N. headquarters in New York in early December. Mr. Bush did not announce a time or place for the summit.  联合国秘书长潘基文提议于12月稍早在纽约的联合国总部举办这个会议。布什总统没有宣布这次首脑会谈的具体时间和地点。Mr. Barroso agreed with the presidents of the two nations that the U.S. and Europe should take the lead in seeking economic solutions, but that other nations should be involved as well. 巴罗佐同意两位总统的意见,让美国和欧洲带头寻找经济的解决方案,不过他呼吁其他国家也要参与进来。"Around 77 percent of world wholesale finance is from the ed States and from Europe," he said. "The Europeans and Americans must now join efforts and extend our cooperation to major developing and emerging economies. We must act swiftly to respond to the urgency. But we must also look forward at the medium and long term." 巴罗佐说:“全世界大约77%的批发融资来自美国和欧洲。美国和欧洲人现在必须共同努力携手合作,将这种合作推广到发展中国家和正在崛起的经济体。我们必须迅速就这一紧急状况作出反应。但是我们也必须顾及中期和长期的发展。”Both European leaders want widesp reforms in the world's financial system, but U.S. officials said they did not expect any breakthroughs on that at Camp David. 这两位欧洲的领导人都希望对金融体系进行范围广泛的改革,但是美国官员说,他们并没有期待在这次戴维营会晤中得到任何突破性的发展。Meanwhile, some economists say they see signs that the frozen credit markets, which are at the heart of the crisis, are beginning to improve. 同时,一些经济学者也说,他们看到这次金融危机的核心--冻结的信用市场开始出现缓解的迹象。200810/53330The Irish government may be heading towards collapse after agreeing to a bailout from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. Prime Minister Brian Cowen said he will call an election for early next year, but some politicians in Ireland say that's not soon enough.随着爱尔兰同意接受欧盟和国际货币基金组织的援助计划,该国政府可能正在走向崩溃。爱尔兰总理考恩说,他将提议明年年初举行选举,但爱尔兰的一些政客说,选举的时间还不够早。Ireland's Prime Minister Brian Cowen is facing outrage over how he has handled Ireland's economic and banking crisis. On Sunday his government requested international funding set to be worth around 0 billion to steer Ireland clear from economic collapse.爱尔兰总理考恩面临着反对派对他在爱尔兰经济和危机中处理方式的不满。星期天,他的政府要求获得大约1千亿美元的国际救援资金,以将爱尔兰从经济崩溃的边缘拉回来。Budget reductions are tied to the bailout. This week Mr. Cowen's government is to publish a four-year plan that will cut around billion from the country's deficit. And early next month the 2011 budget is to be unveiled. 削减预算是接受援救计划的必要条件。这个星期,考恩政府将发表一份4年计划,将爱尔兰的预算赤字减少大约200亿美元。下个月初,2011年的预算将揭晓。The junior party in Mr. Cowen's coalition government said it will withdraw its support for the government once that budget is passed. 在考恩联合政府中一个较小的政党说,一旦这份预算案获得通过,它就不再持考恩政府了。Mr. Cowen said he will not call an election until Ireland's finances are in order. 考恩说,在爱尔兰财政状况稳定之前,不会举行选举。"We believe that there is a clear duty on all members of Dail Eiereann [Irish parliament] to facilitate the passage of these measures in the uniquely serious circumstances in which we find ourselves," said Cowen. "The political and financial stability of the state requires no less. It is my intention at the conclusion of this budgetary process, with the enactment of the necessary legislation in the new year."他说:“我们相信,爱尔兰下议院的所有议员都有明确的责任,在我们发现情况特别严重的时候,协助这些措施获得通过。保持爱尔兰的政治和财政稳定至少需要这样做。这是我在这次预算制定过程中结论性的意向,我们将在新的一年中颁布必要的法规。”201011/119035

Innovation in Japan日本创新Samurai go soft日本武士走向没落Japan’s preference for hardware over software is fading相对于计算机软件而言,日本偏爱计算机硬件,但这种偏爱正在消退。Jul 14th 2011 | TOKYO | from the print edition“A SAMURAI would never write software!” barked a senior executive at one of Japan’s biggest electronics firms, as drinks flowed at a dinner party. His view is widely held in Japan. Monozukuri (making things) is macho. From sword-forging in feudal times to machines and microchips today, real men toil tirelessly to make things you can see. Services are for sissies.“一个武士绝不会去编写软件!”一名任职于日本最大的电子企业的高级主管厉声说道,当时他正在一个晚宴上开怀畅饮。大部分日本人认同这个观点。人们普遍认为制造业才是真正的男子汉的行当。从铸剑的封建时期到机械和微芯片的今天,大丈夫不辞辛苦的在各种物质生产领域工作着。而务业则是留给那些没出息的家伙们做的。But like the traditional samurai hairstyle (shaved pate and topknot), such attitudes are looking increasingly out of date. Writing business software is now a growing business in Japan. The country’s large electronics companies are buying into the sector. Even foreign companies are coming to Japan in search of programming talent.但是就像传统武士的发型(脑袋四周剃得精光,只有头顶留着一撮小辫子)一般,这种态度看起来越来越过时了。现在,在日本编写商业软件成了一个新兴的商业活动。这个国家大型的电子公司正在进入这个领域。甚至外国公司都跑到日本去寻找程序编制人才。Software firms typically make fatter profit margins than hardware firms. The best ones easily hit 30%; electronics firms struggle to reach 5%. The software business needs fewer people and less capital; handy for a country with a shrinking population and tight-fisted banks. Jobs at big electronics firms are scarce, and the work is sometimes boring. Small wonder that Japan’s young, creative engineers are getting in touch with their inner sissy.软件公司明显比硬件公司获得了更高的利润空间。最好的利润空间达到30%;而电子公司却挣扎在5%的边缘。软件行业需要更少的人和资金;适合于人口正在减少和资金严格控制的国家。大型电子公司的工作少,并且有时很无聊。难怪日本年轻富有创造力的工程师们变得女里女气。Japan has long made popular -game software—just ask the Mario Brothers. Yet its computer makers have done little to foster independent software businesses. On the contrary, by bundling programs free with machines, they taught customers that software was of little value, says Kazuyuki Motohashi of the University of Tokyo. They also locked customers in, making it costly and cumbersome to switch to rivals.日本长期制造了流行视频游戏软件,看看马里奥兄弟就知道了。但是电脑制造商们却几乎没有开展独立的软件业务。东京大学的元桥一之教授说道,正相反的,通过程序捆绑机器,电脑制造商们让消费者认为软件没什么用处。他们也锁定了消费者,使得切换到其他竞争者的游戏是昂贵且不方便的。201107/145348

Mothers of twins do not just get twice the bundle of joy—they are also healthier than other mothers拥有双胞胎的母亲不仅能得到双份的快乐,而且她们会比其她母亲更健康。THROUGHOUT history, twins have provoked mixed feelings. Sometimes they were seen as a curse—an unwanted burden on a family’s resources. Sometimes they were viewed as a blessing, or even as a sign of their father’s superior virility. But if Shannen Robson and Ken Smith, of the University of Utah, are right, twins have more to do with their mother’s sturdy constitution than their father’s sexual power.在历史上,对待双胞胎有着复杂的感情。有时,他们被视为祸根--家庭中不受欢迎的负担。有时,他们被视为祝福,或作为他们父亲拥有更好的性能力的一个标志。但如果犹他大学的夏侬.罗布森和肯.史密斯是正确的,那么双胞胎为他们的母亲那健壮的体格所做的比为他们的父亲的性能力方面所做的更多。At first blush, this sounds an odd idea. After all, bearing and raising twins is taxing, both for the mother and for the children. Any gains from having more than one offspring at a time might be expected to be like higher infant and maternal mortality rates. On this view, twins are probably an accidental by-product of a natural insurance policy against the risk of losing an embryo early in gestation. That would explain why many more twins are conceived than born, and why those born are so rare (though more common these days, with the rise of IVF). They account for between six and 40 live births per 1,000, depending on where the mother lives.乍看之下,这好像听起来好像是一个奇怪的想法,毕竟对于母亲和孩子,生产和抚养双胞胎是很费力的。每次从多于一个孩子那里获得的比期望的更多,通常会伴随着较高的婴儿死亡率和母亲死亡率。根据这种观点,双胞胎很可能是一次在怀期间用自然保障方式防止流产的意外的副产品。这样就能解释为何双胞胎怀的比生的多,而且为什么生的会这么少(虽然现在更多的运用试管受精已经很平常)。他们解释说每1000个中成活率在6到40之间,这要根据母亲生活的地方。Dr Robson and Dr Smith, however, think that this account has got things the wrong way round. Although all women face a trade-off between the resources their bodies allocate to reproduction and those reserved for the maintenance of health, robust women can afford more of both than frail ones. And what surer way to signal robustness than by bearing more than one child at a time? In other words, the two researchers conjectured, the mothers of twins will not only display greater overall reproductive success, they will also be healthier than those who give birth only to singletons.然而,罗布森士和史密斯士认为这个解释是事情处于错误中。尽管许多女人面临着一个权衡,那就是在身体分配给生育所需的资源和保留给保持身体健康所需营养之间权衡。强健的母亲可能比瘦弱的母亲提供的更多。而且能有什么比健壮的母亲生育多于一个孩子更有说力呢?换言之,这两位调查者推测,双胞胎的母亲不仅更好的展示了整体的生育成功,也会比只生一个孩子的母亲更健康。201105/138087

"The lady, she has two small dogs and she was worried because the alligator finds the back of her house and just gets up there and he sounds itself and lays out there. She tries to chase him off and he don't move, because he opens his mouth. So she's a little bit worried, which she has plenty of reasons to be."Rick finds the distressed homeowner: Debra Whine Simon and her dogs. As they played on the shore, they had a lucky escape from the gator.''Look at the face, he and he was away, almost by the skin of your teeth.''The local residents have taken pictures of the alligator sitting on the shore.''This guy was (Oh, he's a big one.) at the other yard(Is it big? This is a big one) and that's from faraway. (That's a good sight one, isn't it? Yeah.) That's from, now look at the next picture, which was like three trees over, so was far-away.''And he's not done it to have fun.Is it really?See!You think so?Debra's worried about her pets.''My direct concern is that they are not food: alligator food. They... I mean, they're my, my, my babies. And I..., it freaks me out that there's a predator, that actually because they must sense that there are dogs that live here and that's why they do come and hang out here. ''Because of the urgency of the situation, Rick and Scott are prepared for an all-nighter.''I, I have eggs for breakfast. Don't worry about it. (What time do you want me to be here?) There it goes. You are staying right here until that thing is gone.''The lake at the back of the property is massive. The gator could be anywhere.Simon was out on her bank, and she's got a couple of toy poodles that the gator will enter and harass them. Said she's sick and tired of living like this. Welcome to south Florida.''''Dogs are on the food chain for the alligator, there's no doubt about it.''At night, alligators are difficult to see, but their eyes gleam orange from reflected light. As Rick sweeps his spotlight across the lake, there's no sign of the deadly predator.''Plan is we're gonna go up around the band and see if we see this guy. It's perfect night, perfect for hunting, but not seeing the alligator. So either he's moved on looking for a female, or he's in thick grass around the band up here.'' Rick drives around the lake. He's concerned that it's getting late and that his flashlight might be scaring local residents.''He started to shine a light like this and the back at these old people's house like what we've been doing. You get the law call every time. ''It's why you use that low light.''''Well, we've checked every inch of body of water out here in this community, haven't seen the alligator. So er, he was just for tonight.''201001/93844

Cambodia’s ancient temples at Angkor Wat are under threat from the large numbers of tourists who are now visiting the site. There are fears that ongoing damage to the temples’ soft stone may mean they could eventually be destroyed. The temples at Angkor Wat are considered among the best surviving examples of ancient religious architecture in the world. The temples were built about a thousand years ago. And relief work on the walls tells of the many threats the ancient empire survived throughout the centuries. But today a new threat to the temples comes from mass tourism. Thousands of tourists now visit the area every day. Local restaurant owner M. believes that too many people walking on the stones are damaging the temples. “Mass tourism destroys any monuments and especially Khmer monuments for a very simple reason - the sandstone on which I sit with my nail. So imagine millions of people walking on them. ”Professor Jacque G. has been excavating in and around the ancient city for five years. He says vehicle pollution affects the stone as well. “Everybody goes at the same time to see the Bayon, everybody goes at the same time to see the Bakeng, everybody enters the city of Angkor Thom at the same spot.”Professor G. recently drew up plans for new type of tourism at Angkor Wat, but says that so far his recommendations have been ignored. “You can extend new type of tourism with the forest - a kind of ecological and archaeological tourism. New itineraries with new ways of transportation, with elephants, with bicycles - make some excavations at some points, explain to people where they are in the city. ”The authorities say they are working hard to protect the temples. Some stairways have now been boarded over and other areas are closed to tourists. But R. says that more must be done. “We need to learn from the advice-how to increase the techniques, how to put more ways, how to protect longer time, how to get people to understand especially awareness to the tourists. When they come they have to understand how to protect together.”With tourist numbers at Angkor Wat growing every year, most agree more needs to be done if the temples are to be protected for future generations.07/78331

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