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长沙/星沙有没有治不孕不育的医院长沙/星沙妇科医生在线问答双语新闻:险酿事故 空管睡着致东航MU5复飞 -- 3:33:3 来源: A Chinese aircraft was ced to delay its landing after two air traffic controllers nodded off, reports said Tuesday, sparking a wave of online anger about airline safety.  本周二消息,两名空管打瞌睡导致一架中国飞机被迫延迟降落,此事引起网上对航空安全的愤慨  The Boeing 737 was preparing to land at Wuhan airport in central China but had no response from the air traffic control tower minutes, reports said.  报道称,这架波音737客机预备在武汉机场降落时,连续分钟无法从空管塔台收到任何回应  Contact was eventually made and China Eastern Airlines flight MU5 from Sanya landed safely, the Sina.com news portal said.  新浪新闻称双方最后恢复联络,这架从三亚出发的东方航空MU5航班终于安全降落  "Because air traffic control was asleep on duty, (the plane) called many times," civil aviation authorities said in a statement,"but there was no reply, and no contact could be made with the control tower."  民航在声明中指出,“因塔台管制员在岗位上睡着,多次呼叫无人应答,未能与塔台建立联系”  The incident happened on July 8 and the statement was dated July 9.  这一事件发生在7月8日,声明于7月9日发布星沙男科专家网上咨询 “大爷式占座”惹争议 --01 :51: 来源: 坐地铁、公交时最怕旁边的人不自觉,要不拿包占一个座位,要不干脆把两腿往两边摊开,直接一人占两座这种行为在国外已经引发公开抗议,而且还有个专门的词来描述这个行为——manspingMansping describes the situation when a man sits with his legs wide apart on public transport encroaching on other seats, also called man-sitting. Those who do so are known as manspers.Mansping,也叫man-sitting,指男士在乘坐公共交通工具时,双腿向两边摊开,以至于侵占了旁边的座位,我们称之为“大爷式占座”做出这种行为的人可以称为“占座大爷”'Mansping' has caused some internet criticism and debates in the USA, UK, Turkey and Canada. Campaigners have criticized the practice being rude and inconsiderate to other passengers who have to stand.“大爷式占座”行为已经在美国、英国、土耳其以及加拿大等国引发了网络论战和批评反对人士认为这一行为无礼,并且没有顾及到周围站着没有座位的其他乘客做家务有绝招,各路懒汉网上显身手 -- :6: 来源:chinadaily There are very few people that actually find the prospect of cleaning the house exciting.几乎没有人会为将要打扫房屋欢呼雀跃But these inventive hacks could make your least favourite chores a whole lot easier - or more fun, at the very least.但是下面这些别出心裁的小技巧能让你最讨厌的家务活变得轻松许多——或者至少,乐趣更多Fellow slackers have been taking to social media to share their favourite cleaning tricks, ranging from the clever to the downright bizarre - not to mention disgusting.懒汉们在社交媒体上分享他们最喜欢的清洁技巧,这些诀窍既有巧妙的也有特别怪异的,更不要说恶心的了While sellotape is more commonly used to wrap up presents, it also doubles up as an inventive way to dust.透明胶带一般用于包装礼物,但也可以独出心裁,兼做除尘工具Simply stick a piece of tape onto the surface and pull it off. Voila, just like that the dust is removed.只需把一条透明胶带粘到物体表面再撕掉瞧,灰尘就被粘掉了Those fluffy socks you got at Christmas but have never worn could also be put into good use with this trick.你圣诞节买的那些从来没有穿过的毛茸茸的袜子用类似的办法也可以好好利用起来Just pop them on your feet, walk around your kitchen and you've cleaned the floor. It's as easy as that, according to one groundbreaking pioneer.一位颇具开拓精神的先驱说,你只需把袜子套脚上,在厨房里走一走,地板就擦干净了就这么简单Meanwhile, do not underestimate the power of the dishwasher. One person showed how their children's toy Stormtroopers could be washed along with all their cutlery.与此同时,可不要低估洗碗机的威力一个人向我们展示了他孩子的帝国冲锋队玩具是怎么和所有餐具一起洗干净的While blenders are fantastic whipping up a healthy smoothie, it's always a chore having to wash it up afterwards.尽管用搅拌机打一杯健康的鲜果奶昔特别棒,但清洗起来总是很麻烦But instead of using your own elbow grease, it's possible to use the power of the blender to let it clean itself.但是你不用自己费力气,利用搅拌机自己的力量就可以清洗干净Simply put some soap and water into the kitchen appliance and turn it on.你只需往这个厨房小家电里放一点肥皂和水,再打开开关You can upgrade this method by putting one part vinegar and one part water in your coffeemaker, and get it to churn it out afterwards.你可以改良一下这个方法,以1:1的比例给咖啡壶倒上醋和水,然后让它自己搅拌If you cover your fridge with cling film, you can easily remove and replace it with another layer after any spills.如果你冰箱架子上盖的是保鲜膜,那么如果什么东西洒在上面,你只要再换一层就可以了Similarly, if you always use tin foil when grilling your sandwiches you can avoid any unnecessary washing up. The only snag is that throwing away all that foil is not great the environment.类似地,如果你总是用锡纸烤三明治,就可以避免不必要的清洗工作唯一的问题是,扔掉那么多锡纸对环境不好Using food packaging as a bowl is one way to get out of doing the washing up, as shown by this snacker who poured milk into her pack of cookies.食品包装当碗用是逃避洗碗的好方法,就像这个吃零食的人一样,把牛奶倒在饼干盒子里Can't budge the stains in the bottom of your toilet bowl? One social media user advises pouring a whole bottle of Coca Cola down the loo and leaving overnight. In the morning your pan will be pearly white with no elbow grease invested.洗不掉马桶下面的污渍?一位社交媒体用户建议往里面倒一瓶可口可乐,留一晚不用吹灰之力,早上你家的马桶就会散发珍珠般白皙的光泽The laziest household hackers have discovered that the solution to a stinky fridge is placing sheets of newspaper inside it. This apparently absorbs smells, catches grime and can be easily replaced.最懒的家务劳动者发现了一个解决冰箱味道难闻的办法,那就是在冰箱里铺上报纸报纸能显著吸收异味,吸附污垢,并且容易更换Another favourite life hack published on social media is to place an oven-proof jug of water with two lemons cut in half inside your microwave. Simply turn it on high four minutes and your microwave will have been steamed clean.社交媒体上还有另外一个最受喜爱的生活小窍门,拿两个柠檬,每个切两半,放进微波炉适用的罐子里,里面加满水,放进微波炉只需高火加热四分钟,你的微波炉就会被蒸干净Vocabularyfluffy: 毛茸茸的cutlery: 餐具smoothie: 果汁与牛奶的混合饮料,鲜果奶昔elbow grease: 使劲的擦拭;费劲;苦干cling film: 保鲜膜snag: 障碍budge: 微微移动grime: 污垢英文来源:每日邮报译者:实习生孙美真审校#38;编辑:丹妮星沙女性不孕不育物理治疗

长沙/星沙哪里治疗早泄比较好他用GPS骑行创作涂鸦 你也行! -- :6:57 来源:sohu Rio's ;Christ the Redeemer; (5.8 km, 1 h min) 巴西里约热内卢耶稣神像 很多人都会定期健身以保持身体活力,但是少有人会像Stephen Lund一样,可以将健身变成一件艺术行为Stephen每天都要骑行70公里,他随身携带GPS系统,时刻记录着他的足迹;看着GPS上根根线条的标注,Stephen突然产生了一个灵感,为什么不让这些足迹看的更有趣呢!于是,从年那开始,他就开始了GPS骑行创作涂鸦经GPS记录,他的行程累计超过.3万公里,单次最长公里,而那次公里的最长纪录中,他绕城画出了一个漂亮的美人鱼 Stephen Lund cycles about 70km every day, creating clever doodles using a GPS app that maps his progress. The , Canada native began his unusual craft in to unwind and be creative; since then, he's logged ,300km, and his longest piece has been a km mermaid. Queen Victoria (.7 km, 56 min) 伊丽莎白女王 关于他的骑行创作,Stephen表示,“最难的部分是要在道路交错的城市画出连续的线,这必须要用云中视角俯视大地才能完成,而我借助了地图,看上去也不错” ;The best ones pop off the map,; Lund says, explaining his process. ;I liken it to seeing shapes in the clouds. I pour [sic] over a map of the city...The challenge is that the roads all have to connect — it has to be one continuous line.; Statue of David 米开朗琪罗雕塑《大卫 PS:其实Stephen只是GPS骑行创作涂鸦的能人之一,执牛耳者另有其人来自日本的Yasushi Takahashi曾在年创造了GPS骑行涂鸦吉尼斯世界纪录后于年又完成了一段长达.57万公里的涂鸦,虽然没有被吉尼斯认,但是他确实打破了自己的记录 Update: the actual world's record the largest GPS drawing belongs to Yasushi Takahashi from Japan, GPS drawing that was made in . He made even larger piece in that was 1,7km long (not certified by Guinness World Records). Maze (76.7 km, 3 h min) 迷宫创作 English Source: Boredpanda星沙八医院泌尿医院在哪里 迪士尼公主变妈妈, 还是好漂亮! --30 18:3:56 来源:sohu 花木兰 Mulan 应该大家都有听过白雪公主和灰姑娘的故事吧! 但你又有没有想象过她们跟白马王子的幸福生活是怎样的? 幸运的是,马萨诸塞州的艺术家 - 赛亚斯蒂芬斯可以告诉我们他创作了一套迪士尼公主化身母亲的插图系列,其中包括埃尔莎、灰姑娘和长发公主等, 画功了得且不失创意 We all know the stories of Snow White and Cinderella, but have you ever tried to imagine what their lives looked like after the happily ever after ending with prince charming? Luckily, Isaiah Stephens did. The Massachusetts-based artist created a set of beautiful illustrations featuring different Disney princesses as mothers, including Elsa, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and more. The results are creative and just absolutely amazing. 奥罗拉公主 Aurora 贝儿公主 Belle 茉莉公主 Jasmine 美人鱼爱丽儿公主Ariel 长发公主 Rapunzel English Source: boredpanda星沙输卵管积水怎么治疗

湘雅医院附二医院看男科好吗生活大爆炸第十季:剧情终极预测来啦! -- :35: 来源: 生活大爆炸第九季在前不久正式结束,观众们开始期待起第十季,而此前该剧制作总监表示第十季将是该剧的最后一季以下内容便是对第十季剧情的预测 The Big Bang Theory ended its ninth season with a cliffhanger finale, and now it’s time to look ahead to Season . Though audiences have aly begun learning some details about what to expect when the CBS sitcom returns, we also have our own guesses as to what may happen next season (which could be the long-running show’s final season). Below, check out some of our The Big Bang Theory predictions Season .《生活大爆炸第九季的结局直到最后一刻方才揭晓,现在又该期盼第十季的播出了这部CBS电视台的主打剧有哪些盼头,观众们其实早已了然于心不过小编还是禁不住手痒,大胆预测了第十季的剧情(第十季很可能成为该剧的剧终季)以下就是小编带来的《生活大爆炸第十季剧情预测:1. Leonard and Penny will finally have a mal wedding预测1.莱纳德和佩妮会举行正式婚礼Season 9 ended with the couple agreeing to have a more mal wedding ceremony in order to appease Leonard’s mother Beverly (Christine Baranski). But the finale only got as far as the rehearsal dinner, with Sheldon’s mom, Mary (Laurie Metcalf) and Leonard’s never-bee-seen father, Alfred (Judd Hirsch) hitting it off and (presumably) spending the night together.第九季最后一集,夫妇二人为安抚莱纳德的母亲贝弗莉,同意举行正式的婚礼而第九季的结局是谢尔顿的母亲玛丽和莱纳德从未露面的父亲阿尔弗雷德在排晚宴上擦出了火花,(人们假定)二人共度良宵Whether or not the duo’s possible coupling will derail the festivities remains to be seen, but we’re guessing that Leonard and Penny will go through with their plans. Why? Again, we’re just speculating here, but fans have been waiting that moment nine seasons and the Season premiere seems like as good time as any to make it happen. Plus, wouldn’t it make a great parallel to have both Seasons 9 and start with the same couple getting married?两人能不能凑成一对,为结婚典礼增添新的剧情有待观察,但莱纳德和佩妮会继续执行结婚计划你问为什么?再说一遍,我们只是在预测剧情,粉丝们为这一刻苦等了整整九季,而这一刻出现在第十季第一集简直再合适不过了还有,第九季和第十季的开头都是这对夫妇结婚,这样照应的剧情是不是很棒?. We’ll meet at least one important family member预测.将有(至少一位)主角团角色新的重要家庭成员出场In addition to introducing Leonard’s dad, Season 9 also brought Sheldon’s Meemaw (June Squibb) to the show. Chances are good that audiences will get to meet at least one more of the group’s previously unseen family members in Season . So who could it be? Our money is on either Penny’s mom or Howard’s dad.除了莱纳德的父亲,谢尔顿的奶奶也在第九季中亮相第十季中将迎来(至少一位)从未出场的主角团的家庭成员会是谁呢?最有可能出场的是佩妮的母亲或者霍华德的父亲Viewers have been eagerly waiting to meet both characters years now — and the latter in particular, as Howard has often talked about what it was like to not have his dad around growing up. Despite that, Steven Molaro recently told The Hollywood Reporter that “Howard’s father has not been at the top of that list [of guest stars],” although he also acknowledged that the possibility “is always floating around.” Still, Season seems like an opportune time to introduce the long-awaited character, as Howard and Bernadette are about to welcome his grandchild.观众们眼巴巴地等着两个角色出现,一等就是许多年其中霍华德父亲的地位尤为特殊,据霍华德本人说,似乎他从小到大都没有父亲陪伴在身边尽管如此,史蒂夫·莫拉洛最近在接受《好莱坞记者报的采访时表示“霍华德的生父并非(明星客串)名单上的首选,”然而他同样留下了悬念,称各种可能性“总是存在的”第十季似乎是引入这一角色最合适的时机,因为霍华德和伯纳黛特要生小孩了3. Howard will have a meltdown about his pending fatherhood预测3.霍华德初为人父的烦恼We’ve aly seen Howard endure a couple moments of panic over the prospect of becoming a dad. Still, audiences can likely expect to see plenty more of that anxiety surface as the pregnancy progresses further next season. After all, this is Howard we’re talking about here — he’s used to being the one that gets cared , not the caretaker.每次说到成为人父,霍华德都感到一阵痛苦下一季,随着伯纳黛特像变得愈发明显,观众们将有望看到更多这样的场景毕竟咱们聊的可是霍华德--是那个要受人照顾的霍华德,而不是照顾别人的霍华德Fans can also expect to see Bernadette with an actual baby bump next season, as opposed to the barely there belly she sported in Season 9. “It’s there. I think she’s carrying the baby quite well so far, ” Molaro told Glamour of the nonexistent bump. “Pretty soon, as we get into season , we’ll start to see it more.”第九季,伯纳黛特的小腹比较平坦,第十季粉丝们则有望看到她真正挺着大肚子的场面“我认为到目前为止,孩子的情况一切良好,”莫拉洛在接受Glamour采访时这样描述并不存在的像“到了第十季,怀的迹象会越来越明显”. The guys will run into problems with the guidance system预测.向导系统会遇到麻烦In Season 9, Howard, Sheldon, and Leonard patented an idea a guidance system that the Air ce later contacted them about. Though the idea has the potential to make all of them hugely successful in their careers, Howard was initially suspicious of the Air ce’s interest and paranoid that the invention would be taken away from him.第九季中,霍华德、谢尔顿和莱纳德有了研发一项向导系统的想法,后来美国空军事联系了他们三人的事业极有可能迎来巨大的成功,但霍华德一开始就在怀疑美国空军的动机,担心自己保不住这项发明Molaro has aly confirmed that audiences will see more of the guidance system storyline in Season , and it seems to safe to say that the invention process won’t be easy. one thing, the guys tend to eventually bump heads anytime they team up to create something (remember the time they tried to make an app?). Plus, we have yet to learn exactly what role the Air ce will play in the invention, but we have a feeling their involvement won’t happen smoothly.莫拉洛已经实,向导系统在第十季中将占据更多的戏份,而且三人的研发之路恐怕将颇为坎坷每次几位科学阿宅聚在一起打算发明点东西时,都没有什么好下场(没忘记上次几人研发app的经历吧?)另外,美国空军将会扮演怎样的角色尚不清楚,但我们有种感觉,二者合作的过程不会很顺利5. Sheldon and Amy will take another major step5.谢尔顿和艾米的关系将有巨大的进展After breaking up, making up, and then finally consummating their relationship last season, it’s clear that Sheldon and Amy have come a long way from when they first started dating. So what could be their next big step? Many fans have aly started predicting that the two will either move in together or get engaged in Season . Since Molaro has strongly implied that he’s not planning on switching up the PennyLeonardSheldon roommate dynamic anytime soon, we’re thinking it will be the latter. After all, that engagement ring from the Season 8 finale is still floating around somewhere.这对欢喜冤家分过手,复过合,到了第九季,两人的关系才算稳定了下来从第一次约会开始到今天,二人的感情可谓风雨兼程粉丝纷纷猜测第十季两个人要么同居,要么订婚而莫拉洛早已强烈暗示过佩妮莱纳德谢尔顿的室友关系不会发生变化,那么二人在新一季中将非常可能订婚第八季结尾那枚订婚戒指可是随时待命呢6. It’ll finally figure out what to do with Raj6.拉杰什,该给你个交代了Last but not least, we predict (or at least, really, really hope) that Raj will finally get the better storyline he deserves next season. In Season 9, it seemed as if the show didn’t know what to do with him — or the matter of his love life, now that he can finally talk to women. While the rest of the gang was making moves and meeting new milestones, Raj was stuck in some half-baked, uninteresting romantic drama juggling two different girls. Hopefully, we’ll see the end of that painful story next season and Raj can move ward to better things.最后要指出的是,我们预测(至少是诚心诚意地盼望)拉杰在新一季拥有本就应得的更好的剧情第九季中,编剧们看上去对印度人实在不知道该怎么办了--或者说编剧们实在不知道该怎么安排他的感情线了,纵然他终于能正常地和女人说话了主角团其余成员的感情生活都有了巨大的进展,达到了新的高度,拉杰却仍身陷在和两个女孩的纠缠之中(这段剧情构思欠妥而且毫无趣味可言)希望下一季如此令人痛苦的故事赶快结束,拉杰也能拥有更好的未来No official date The Big Bang Theory‘s return has been announced, but it’s likely that Season will premiere in late September (like the previous nine seasons). The show will air at 8 p.m. ET on Monday nights on CBS, bee switching to the same time on Thursday nights, following the conclusion of Thursday night football.目前《生活大爆炸第十季何时回归尚无准确的时间表可能的首映时间是今年九月下旬(像前九季一样)第十季将于美国东部时间周一晚8:00在CBS电视台首播,在周二晚间的橄榄球直播结束后,将改为每周二播出 什么动物能够游进你家马桶? --30 ::35 来源: 如厕时,请小心下方!蟒蛇、老鼠甚至蜘蛛都可能从下方偷袭! A man in Thailand got a shock this week when he went to the toilet and a python sank its teeth into his penis. What animals can navigate the sewers to pop up in your loo, asks Alison Gee.泰国一男子本周如厕时,被蟒蛇咬住阴茎,着实受到了惊吓Alison Gee提出,哪些动物能够通过下水道出现在你家厕所?Attaporn Boonmakchuay’s encounter with the 3m (ft) python happened at his home east of Bangkok as he was getting y work one morning. "I felt as though my penis had been severed. The snake was yanking very hard," he said, according to the Bangkok Post.Attaporn Boonmakchuay于曼谷东部家中遇到了这只3m(英尺)长的蟒蛇,那天清晨他正准备出门上班“我感觉阴茎好像被咬掉了,那条蟒蛇用了很大力拉扯”据曼谷邮报报道The python had slithered through the plumbing and up into his toilet.蟒蛇通过下水管道爬行,然后向上窜入了他家厕所Stories of snakes navigating domestic plumbing are quite common, says Geoff Jacobs at Queensland Wildlife Solutions in Australia, who has run a snake-catching business in Brisbane years.据澳洲昆士兰野生动物应对小组的Geoff Jacobs称,蛇进入家用下水道非常常见他在布里斯班从事了二十年的捕蛇工作"The snakes just follow the trail of the rats," he says. "All over the world rats go down in sewers and the snakes go in there after them." And from there they can find your bathroom.“蛇是跟着老鼠跑的,”他说,“世界各地,老鼠总是钻到下水道里,而蛇紧随其后”然后蛇会从下水道里发现通向卫生间的道路"There’s only a small amount of water in the bottom of your toilet bowl. They come up through a dry pipe and there’s a small bit of water in the S-bend - he’s only got to go down an inch-and-a-half or two inches and straight back up, so its quite easy once they learn how to do it," says Jacobs.“家中抽水马桶底部只有少量水它们通过干燥的管道爬上来,S型弯头也只有很少量的水-它们只需往下爬一英尺半或两英尺,然后再直接退回来一旦它们找到方法,想上来很容易”Jacobs说He gets called out to remove at least four or five snakes from toilets each year- usually green tree snakes, common tree snakes or carpet pythons.每年他都会接到-5个请他帮忙清理厕所中的蛇的电话-通常都是绿树蛇、常树蛇或毡蟒"It’s the worst job. You get a toilet bowl that’s been there 30 or 0 years - we see the bit that gets cleaned but the rest of it doesn’t. When you go to pull the thing out of there, it’s not fun. I usually have a bottle of disinfectant with me," he says. "You’ve got to grab the head or whatever you can get hold of and start dragging it out."“这是最糟糕的活儿你可能会碰到一个用了三四十年的抽水马桶-只有上面一小部分是清洁过的你要把蛇从那里拖出来,这工作一点都不好玩通常我会随身带一瓶消毒液,”他说“你得抓住蛇的头或能抓住的其他部位,然后把它拖出来”Even if you live in a place where snakes are rare, there are always rats to consider.即使你住的地方很少有蛇出现,你还得考虑老鼠"It was probably about three or four o’clock in the morning. I was in bed," says Tansy Aked, telling the story of an unpleasant experience that occurred in a basement flat in the desirable Maida Vale area of west London.“那时候大概凌晨三四点钟,我还在睡觉”Tansy Aked谈到在伦敦西部宜人的美达谷区域内一间地下室里发生的不愉快经历"I heard splashing noises - quite loud splashing noises, like something was in the bath.“我听到水花喷溅的噪音-声音挺大,好像从浴室传来的" some reason I had it in my head that there was a frog in the bath. I think that was because I was half asleep. So I stumbled into the bathroom and realised it wasn’t a frog in the bath but a rat splashing around in the loo.“不知为何我脑海中闪过的是-浴室可能有青蛙,也许因为我半睡半醒的原因吧我踉踉跄跄跑到浴室,才发现并不是青蛙,而是一只老鼠在厕所搞得水花四溅"The seat was down so it couldn’t get out but it was scrabbling around. So I slammed the lid down in fear and I flushed the loo, and he flushed away."“马桶盖是放下的,所以老鼠出不来,但它在里面费力挣扎我害怕地把盖子猛地合上,然后冲水,这才冲走了那只老鼠”Aked went back to bed, but an hour later the splashing started again. "So I flushed him away again," she says.Aked回去继续睡觉,但一个小时候,水声又出现了“我又一次把它冲走了”她说In the morning she opened the cupboard under the sink and realised rats had been in there too. She could still hear them "scuttling behind the skirting boards" so she rang the rat catcher who offered to come straight away, in an unmarked car so as not to embarrass her in front of the neighbours.早晨她打开水池下面的碗柜,发现里面也有老鼠她甚至还能听到它们“在踢脚板后面抓挠”的声音,于是她拨打了捕鼠人的电话,他立即赶来,并开着一辆没有标志的车以避免在邻居面前使顾客尴尬He told her the rats must have got in through the sewer and he laid some poison, but warned that although it would kill this particular family of rodents, more could appear. By coincidence, Aked moved house a few weeks later so never found out if the problem persisted.他告诉Aked,老鼠肯定是通过下水道爬进来的,他下了一些毒药,但是警告Aked,这些药也许能够干掉这一群老鼠,但还可能有更多老鼠会出现碰巧Aked几周后就搬离了这里,所以她永远也不会知道这个问题是否继续存在"The scary thing is it could have been swimming around in the pipe and you could have gone to the loo and then it could have popped up," she says.“可怕的是,它可能在管道里游来游去,然后在你上厕所的时候突然冒出来”她说Watch your posteriors!小心你的屁股!People in County Cork, in the Republic of Ireland, were warned to check their toilets in April after an elderly man was bitten on the bottom by a rat.四月,在爱尔兰的科克郡,一位老人在如厕时被老鼠咬住屁股随后人们被告知要检查自家厕所A local councillor advised people "to keep their toilet seats down when not in use, and to watch their posteriors", reported the Cork Evening Echo.一位当地的议员建议人们“马桶不用时盖上盖子,小心自己的屁股”Cork Evening Echo报道It’s thought that rats had entered the sewers through a broken pipe.人们认为老鼠是通过破损的管道进入下水道系统的Dangerous spiders are another toilet hazard in some countries. Although he only deals with snakes, Jacobs says that funnel-webs can be a particular problem in Australia - not just dropping into the bowl from above but also approaching from beneath. "They can go either way," he says. "Many spiders can travel along under water."在某些国家,危险的蜘蛛是厕所另一个危害尽管Jacobs只捕蛇,但他说,尤其在澳洲,漏斗网蜘蛛可能成为一个特殊问题-它们不仅仅会从天花板上跳入抽水马桶中,还可能从下面接近你“这两种方式都有可能,”他说“很多蜘蛛能够在水下爬行”While funnel-webs can’t swim, the can stay alive in water up to 30 hours. "They can trap a small bubble of air in hairs around the abdomen, which aids both breathing and floating," according to the Australian Museum’s website.虽然漏斗网蜘蛛不会游泳,但它们能够在水下存活长达30小时“它们可以将空气储存在肢体末端毛发的气泡中,这样既能呼吸,也可以漂浮”据澳大利亚物馆网站称In New York, stories of alligators in the sewers have proliferated since the 1930s, but they are probably just urban legends. In Paris, however, a crocodile was found in the city’s sewers in the 1980s under Pont Neuf. There is no record though of an animal of this kind getting round a U-bend and arriving in a toilet.在纽约,下水道内短吻鳄数量激增的故事早在上世纪30年代就出现,但它们也许只是都市传奇然而在世纪80年代的巴黎,的确在新桥底下的下水道发现过一只鳄鱼但从未有记录说明这类动物能够通过U型弯头进入厕所长沙/星沙哪家医院人流术比较好长沙/星沙龟头炎怎么治疗



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