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弋江区人民男科医院不孕不育多少钱芜湖芜湖县包皮手术怎么样越喧嚣越寂寞,你有社交恐惧症吗? -- :7:00 来源:i1st 导读:我们习惯了在网上和形形色色的人聊天,可是面对面的交流却让我们紧张、焦虑,不知道该说什么周围越喧嚣,我们可能越寂寞……这就是所谓的社交恐惧症?其实不然,社交焦虑人人都有,只要合理应对,这都不是事儿Wang Na (pseudonym), 1, at Jilin University, has been experiencing social awkwardness since her junior middle school years. Back then, she felt self-conscious about going to the restroom alone. She even limited the amount of water she drank just so she didn’t have to go there often. “I feared that other students would think that I didn’t get along well with others if I was seen alone,” she said.1岁的王娜(化名)是吉林大学的一名学生她从初中时期开始就一直饱受社交无能的困扰那时候,一个人去厕所都会让她觉得不自在她甚至通过少喝水来减少上厕所的次数她说:“我害怕别的同学看到我一个人会觉得我不合群“Wang is not the only sufferer of what’s called “social anxiety”. China Youth Daily recently did a survey among 1,5 people. Nearly half (.6 percent) of the participants admitted that they were afraid of being the center of attention. Up to 66.7 percent of them said they are more likely to be anxious during face-to-face communications than in online conversations.王娜绝不是唯一感到“社交焦虑”的人《中国青年报最近对1,5名参与者做了一项调查,其中近一半(.6#37)的人承认他们害怕成为大家关注的焦点,高达66.7#37的受访者说他们在面对面交流时比网上聊天更紧张But these feelings are not necessarily something to worry about. “There is ‘social anxiety’, and there is ‘social anxiety disorder’ or ‘social phobia’. They are two completely different things,” said Li Songwei, a lecturer at the psychological counseling center of Tsinghua University.不过完全不必因为有这种感觉而担忧清华大学心理咨询中心咨询师李松蔚说:“ ‘社交焦虑”不等于‘社交焦虑失调’或者‘社交恐惧症’,它们是两种完全不同的东西“According to Thomas Rodebaugh, a psychology professor at Washington University in St Louis, US, almost everyone suffers from at least a little social anxiety. example, we may get the jitters bee speaking in public, or have a bad night’s sleep if there is going to be an important interview the next day.根据美国圣路易斯华盛顿大学心理学教授托马斯?罗德鲍的说法,几乎每个人或多或少都会受到社交焦虑的困扰比如,我们当众发言之前可能会特别紧张,或者在重要面试的前一天晚上紧张地睡不着觉“We’d be worried about someone who never experiences any social anxiety,” Rodebaugh told The Atlantic.罗德鲍告诉《大西洋月刊:“如果有人从不会感到社交焦虑,那我们就要担心了”But when does social anxiety develop into a disorder? That is up to a doctor to diagnose, says Li. There are two simple questions you can ask yourself if you’re concerned–“How much does the anxiety affect my life?” and “Is it acceptable?”但是社交焦虑什么时候会发展成病症呢?李松蔚认为这取决于医生的诊断如果你担心(患上社交恐惧症),那么你可以问问自己这两个问题—— “焦虑会多大程度上影响你的生活?”和“这种焦虑是你能承受的吗?”If the condition becomes so problematic that you refuse to go out at all and cannot live a normal life, you need to seek help.如果情况变得很糟糕,你甚至拒绝外出,无法正常生活,那么你就要寻求帮助了But common social anxiety, people all have their different coping strategies. “The more coping strategies one has, the less likely the anxiety is going to develop into a disorder,” Li said.但对于普通的社交焦虑,每个人都有自己不同的应对措施李松蔚说:“一个人应对焦虑的方法越多,那么他患上社交恐惧症的几率就越低”Tina (pseudonym), , at Zhejiang AF University, faces anxiety every time she has to speak up in class, so the strategy she employs is “reasoning plus rewards”. example, she tells herself that there is no such thing as right or wrong when speaking publicly; there are only people who agree with you or not. And if she conquers her fear, she buys new shoes or goes to see a movie after class.岁的蒂娜(化名)就读于浙江农林大学,每次课堂发言都让她焦虑不已,所以她采用了“劝说+奖励”的策略比如,她告诉自己,公开发言没有对错之分;只有同意你和不同意你的人如果她战胜了自己的恐惧,她会奖励自己一双新鞋或者课后去看一场电影“The first time I pushed myself to speak up in class was a breakthrough,” she said. “Things seemed a lot easier after I took that first step.”她说:“第一次强迫自己在课堂上发言是一个突破当踏出第一步后,我发现其实也没有那么难”芜湖治疗前列腺肥大囊肿医院 “微信图书馆”----妈妈再也不用担心我座位被占了 -- :: 来源: 考试临近,你是否总是在图书馆找不到座?即使好不容易起个大早,占了个座,中途你去了个厕所,却发现座位早已易主而最近,南京大学推出的;微信图书馆;受到了大家的欢迎,不少同学感叹:妈妈再也不用担心我的座位被占了Students in Nanjing University will no longer have to worry about their seats in the library being taken up by someone else when they temporarily leave their seats.如今,南京大学的同学们再也不用担心,自己离开一会后,图书馆的座位被占了;WeChat library;, a mobile-based online platm managing the use of library seats, started a trial operation at Nanjing University on Thursday to keep good order in some libraries, triggering a heated debate on campus.为了保图书馆的良好秩序,南大推出了一个移动在线座位管理系统平台;;;微信图书馆;该平台上周四开始试行,在校园中引发热议The platm runs on the universityrsquo;s official ;Going to the library; on WeChat, a popular instant-messaging and social-networking platm. Students can book seats, register their presence, report when they leave and reserve seats on the platm.具体可关注;我去图书馆;微信公众号,注册绑定后可使用该平台学生可以使用以下功能:签到、直接入座、暂时离开、暂离回位以及离开According to the rules, those who book the seat have the priority to use the seat, but they also have to observe a time limit. They must take the seat and scan the QR code on the seat within minutes of the library opening. If not, they will get a violation record.根据规定,用微信在线预约选座的人有优先使用所选座位的权利,但是必须要遵守时间限定早上开馆预约后,必须在分钟内到馆验就座,否则将记违规1次They also have to be back at the seat and report on the platm in minutes if leaving the toilet, 30 minutes book searching, and 90 minutes lunch or supper.该规则还指出,读者离开座位选择保留有相应的时间规定,如去卫生间分钟、查资料30分钟,用餐时间为90分钟Any violation will be recorded, and when three violations are registered, the system will automatically put the violator onto a blacklist.任何违规都会被记录下来,且累计达到3次,系统将自动列入黑名单Students reacted differently to the new rules.对此,同学们看法不一A university student, surnamed Ye, argued that the time limit was too strict as everyone has different habits. ;I think there must be someone who will break the time limit. Not everyone can be so self-disciplined,; he said.叶同学称时间限定太严格了,因为每个人的习惯不同;我想,肯定有人会打破时间限定的每个人不可能都约束得那么好;Another student, surnamed Shen, believes the new tool manages order well as it effectively prevents seats from being occupied when students leave temporarily.另一个沈同学认为这一工具可以管理秩序,也能有效防止同学们短时间离开后座位被占现象的发生Many students support the platm, as snatching seats has long been a issue. It is a positive change, they said, and at least it is better to use the platm and obey rules than not.很多学生持这一平台,因为占座对于大学生来说一直是一大问题他们说,这是一个积极的转变,有总比没有好奥运在即 里约水域发现“超级细菌” -- :3: 来源:chinadaily A group of Brazilian scientists has detected a drug-resistant bacteria growing off some of Rio de Janeiro most stunning beaches, in research being published a month bee the city hosts the Olympic Games.巴西一组科学家在里约热内卢最美丽的一些海滩外发现了耐药性细菌这一研究结果在里约奥运会开幕前一个月公布According to lead researcher Renata Picao, the ;super bacteria; entered the city waterways when sewage coming from local hospitals got channeled into the bay.据首席研究员雷娜塔#86;皮康称,“超级细菌”在当地医院的污水流入海湾的过程中进入了城市水道;We have been looking uper bacteria in coastal waters during a one-year period in five beaches,; Picao told CNN during a visit to her lab. ;We found that the threats occur in coastal waters in a variety of concentrations and that they are strongly associated with pollution.;皮康在CNN探访其实验室时表示:“过去一年里我们一直在五个海滩的沿海水域寻找‘超级细菌’我们发现,沿海水域的细菌威胁程度不一,并且与污染极为相关”The samples were collected between and . The superbug found was carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE.研究样本收集于至年所发现的超级细菌是耐碳青霉烯类肠杆菌,简称CREPicao said there is no reason to believe the levels have changed because raw sewage continues to flow into many waterways. She said the next step is to test the impact these bacteria can have when humans come in contact with them in coastal waters.皮康说,鉴于未经处理的污水持续流入众多水道,并没有理由相信问题的状况得到了改变她表示,下一步将测试这些细菌对沿海水域与之有接触的人类可能产生的影响The news comes as Rio prepares to host hundreds of thousands of athletes and tourists during next month Summer Olympics.研究结果发布的同时,里约正准备接待上百万运动员和游客他们将在下个月的夏奥期间到访Among the beaches flagged were Flamengo and Botafogo, which border the bay where Olympic sailors are scheduled to compete.亮起红灯的海滩包括弗拉门戈和塔弗戈海滩,它们邻近即将举办奥运帆船赛事的海湾;It a nice sailing area but every time you get some water in your face, it feels like there some alien enemy entering your face,; German Paralympic sailor Heiko Kroger said during a recent visit to Rio. ;I keep my nose and my lips closed.;德国的残奥会帆船选手海科#86;克罗杰在近期拜访里约时说:“这里很适合帆船项目,但每次脸上沾到水,就感觉像受到了外敌攻击我得一直捂好鼻子,闭紧嘴唇”Kroger believes the super bacteria may have caused a severe skin infection in one of his teammates during recent training.克罗杰认为,在最近的训练中,超级细菌可能已经导致他的一位队友出现严重皮肤感染Picao said she believes the city fragile sanitation infrastructure is responsible the presence of the super bacteria.皮康说,她认为里约薄弱的卫生基础设施是超级细菌出现的原因;This bacteria colonizes the intestine and it goes along with feces to the hospital sewage,; Picao said. ;We believe that hospital sewage goes into municipal sewage and gets to the Guanabara Bay or to other rivers and finally gets to the beach.;她表示:“这种细菌占领肠道,并伴随排泄物进入了医院的污水我们相信医院污水汇入城市污水后又流入了瓜纳巴拉湾或者其他河流,最终到了海滩”When Rio made its bid to host the Summer Games back in , it promised to clean up the polluted waterways and connect 80% of homes to the sewage system.里约在年申请承办夏季奥运会时,承诺会清理受污染的水道并将80%的家庭纳入下水道系统中Despite concerns, neither Picao nor international Olympic authorities recommend moving the sailing venue.尽管有这些担忧,皮康和国际奥林匹克相关机构都没有建议更换帆船赛事场地The other beaches that tested positive the bacteria were Leblon and Ipanema, which are very popular among tourists and locals alike.检测到超级细菌的海滩还有莱伯伦和伊帕尼马,它们在游客和当地人中都很受欢迎;I dont take my children to these beaches,; Picao said. ;We still need more studies to tell what would be the risk to human health of this exposure through the water.;皮康说:“我不会带我的孩子去这些海滩我们还需要更多的研究来了解在水中与细菌接触会对人类健康造成怎样的风险”英文来源:CNN翻译:实习生徐晓彤审校amp;编辑:丹妮芜湖鸠江区不孕不育预约

芜湖市南陵县男科咨询戒掉这种食物 收获好睡眠 (双语) -- 1:7: 来源:chinadaily 谁都无法回避有一天失眠可能临到你的头上这个事实有时睡不着的原因很明显,比如可能刚看了一场恐怖电影,或是生活中有烦心事但当如果难以入睡的原因根本无法找到的时候,是不是真的很烦躁?你想要入睡却睡不着,只能辗转反侧,变得更累这是为什么呢? No matter who you are, there's going to be a time when you'll have trouble sleeping. Sure, sometimes there's an obvious problem. Maybe you just saw a scary movie or something in your life really has you worrying. But it's just as frustrating when you have no idea what's keeping you awake. You would like nothing more than to go to sleep, but your body just won't let you do it. And so, you toss and turn and get even more tired. Why is this happening? 研究发现,可能是你吃错了才难以入睡事实上,有很多不同的食物可以让你清醒所以难以,原因各不相同快来看看入睡之前应该尽量避免的食物吧! It turns out it might have been something you ate. There are actually a lot of different foods that can keep you wide awake and they each have their own reasons doing it. Let's go through these different choices that you should probably avoid if it's close to bedtime. 1. 生蔬菜 Raw vegetables 芹菜和胡萝卜之类的蔬菜可以做成很棒的小吃并提供健康的能量但当你准备入睡时,你可不需要提升能量 Veggies like celery and carrots make great snacks and give you a healthy energy boost. But when you're trying to sleep, an energy boost is the last thing you need. . 咖啡因 Caffeine 这很明显,但是咖啡因不只存在于咖啡、碳酸饮料和巧克力中如果用治疗头痛的药物,药物里的咖啡因会令人难以入睡 I know it seems obvious, but you can find it in more than just coffee, soda and chocolate. If you're taking headache medication, there's a good chance it has caffeine in it and won't let you sleep. 3. 陈年的奶酪 Aged cheese 陈年的奶酪中具有酪胺,会使大脑中释放刺激性物质,吃了它可就睡不着了 The problem with older cheeses is the tyramine you can find in them. This releases a stimulating chemical in your brain, which is kind of the opposite of what you want. . 酒精 Alcohol 等等,酒精难道不是帮助入睡的吗?是的但是酒精会减少快速眼动睡眠如果想醒来的时候感到很精神,那么快速眼动睡眠很重要 But wait, doesn't alcohol actually put you to sleep? Yes, but it reduces the REM sleep you're getting, which is the most important kind if you want to feel refreshed when you wake up. 5. 辣的食物 Spicy foods 辣的食物会引起胃部不适,这很容易影响到睡眠 Spicy foods can cause heartburn, which is a really easy way to disrupt your sleep. 6. 水 Water 水里没有任何成分会影响睡眠,但是晚上频频去卫生间会很难重新入睡 There's nothing in water to stop you from sleeping, but you might have a hard time going back to sleep if you have to rush to the bathroom. 7. 加工或熏制的肉 Processed or cured meats 这款汉堡很诱人,但它堆积了大量的酪胺熟肉会带来不想要的能量 That Baconator may be tempting, but it's got a heaping helping of tyramine. You'll get the same unwanted energy from most deli meats. 8. 油腻的食品 Fatty foods in general 油炸和高脂肪的食物会令消化系统高速运转如果不想晚上在卫生间度过,最好别去碰它们 Fried and high-fat foods can kick your digestion into high gear, which is bad news if you don't want to spend the night in the bathroom. 9. 黑巧克力 Dark chocolate. 除了咖啡因,黑巧克力中还有一种能加速心跳的物质这样就更难入睡了 Even putting the caffeine aside, dark chocolate has a special compound that raises your heart rate. This makes it harder to sleep. . 番茄 Tomatoes 番茄是酸性的,晚上吃可能让某些人胃部不适哦 Tomatoes are acidic, which means they can give you some heartburn problems during the night. . 橙子 Oranges 橙子,葡萄柚之类的水果含有丰富的柠檬酸,也会引起胃痛 Fruits like oranges and grapefruits can also trigger heartburn because they're high in citric acid. . 德国酸菜 Sauerkraut 庆祝德国慕尼黑啤酒节这种事,最好不要在睡觉之前做德国酸菜含有大量的酪胺酪酸简直是摧毁睡眠的老手 If you want to celebrate Oktoberfest early, don't do it near bedtime. Sauerkraut contains a large amount of our old friend tyramine, which is turning out to be a go-getter when it comes to ruining sleep. . 牛或鸡的肝脏 Beef or chicken liver. 喜欢吃动物肝脏的人通常会有睡眠问题你应该猜到了,动物肝脏中含有大量的酪胺 If you're a big liver fan, you might find yourself with some sleep issues. This is because of, you guessed it, its high levels of tyramine. . 冰激凌 Ice cream 有时夜宵会引起多梦,冰激凌就是其中之一 Sometimes a late-night snack can end up causing nightmares, and ice cream is one of the most common culprits this problem. . 商品化的肉汁 Commercial gravy 买来的肉汁比自制的肉汁含有更多的酪胺自己做的肉汁就不会引起睡眠问题 If you buy gravy it might have more tyramine than you bargained . But you might sleep OK if you make it yourself. 从现在开始,食用上述食物的时候看一看时间希望从今天开始你能拥有优质的睡眠 So now that you know, keep an eye on the time when you eat these foods. And hopefully you'll start getting a better night's sleep.芜湖医院可以治早泄吗 nba季后赛韦少谈库里:被问到库里的防守问题时,韦少笑了 -- ::31 来源: 每个球迷都有自己喜欢的球星,有人喜欢科比,有人喜欢詹姆斯,而昨天在被问到库里是不是一个被低估的防守者时,韦少置之一笑,引发大家的讨论,那么对于韦少和库里,一个打法残暴生猛,一个打法灵动飘逸,你更喜欢哪一个呢? After Golden State won Game 5 at home, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were on the podium answering questions like they always do after the game. Here’s what one reporter asked:西部决赛第5战,勇士主场扳回一城,赛后杜兰特和韦斯特布鲁克像往常一样出席发布会接受记者采访其中一位记者这样问道:“Curry’s shooting better, but he also came up with a big steal in the fourth. Do you think his defense is underrated?”“库里今天投篮手感回升,第四节更是送出一个关键抢断你认为库里的防守能力是不是被低估了?”There’s an audible guffaw off camera as she finishes the question, and Russ had his face buried in his hands in an attempt to cover up his laughter.记者刚说完,镜头后面(韦少)传来一声大笑,然后韦少用手捂着脸试着掩盖他的笑声Here’s how KD answered as Russ tried to compose himself and hide his obvious disdain the question:随着韦少试着让自己平静并收起他对这个问题明显的不屑之情,杜兰特接过了话筒:“Getting steals, I don’t know. That’s a part of playing defense. He’s pretty good, but he doesn’t guard the best point guards. They do a good job of putting a couple guys on Russell, from [Klay] Thompson to [Andre] Iguodala and Steph, they throw him in there sometimes. He moves his feet pretty well. He’s good with his hands. But, you know, I like our matchup with him guarding Russ.”“抢断,我不知道那只是防守的一部分他(库里)很出色,但通常他不会去防守对方的顶级控卫他们(勇士)在用几个人轮流防韦少时做的很好,从汤普森到伊戈达拉,而库里只是偶尔才会去防韦少他脚步移动很好,下手抢断也很不错但是你知道,我喜欢看到他和韦少对位”The whole time Russ is either smiling, or his face is buried in his hands, presumably to stifle more laughter.整个过程韦少要么在笑,要么用手捂着脸,似乎在避免更多的笑声Durant is sticking up his teammate here, but according to ESPN Stats and Info, Curry’s done a pretty good job on those instances when he is marking Russ on his own. Westbrook is shooting just 3 percent (8-of-5) against Curry, including 0--3 in Game 5, but percent (37-of-8) against everyone else. Russ is also scoring 0.70 points per play against Curry, and 0.97 against everyone else.杜兰特在这里力挺自己兄弟,但根据ESPN的数据和信息,在盯防韦少方面,库里的表现很好韦少对位库里时命中率仅为3%(5中8),包括第五战中3投0中,然而他在对位(勇士)其他人时命中率为%(8中37)在对位库里时韦少每次攻击仅得到0.7分,而对位其他人时为0.97分Here’s what Curry said about why Klay will often guard the superior of the two opposing guards:在谈到为什么汤普森往往去盯防对方的顶级后卫时,库里这样说道:“I’ve got a great teammate that’s obviously a better defender on the perimeter. I like the challenge, and I’ll do my job the best I can. That’s what I’m out there to do. In those situations, I don’t get too caught up in a one-on-one matchup. My job is to follow the game plan. I’ve done that the last four years of my career, trying to elevate my defensive presence. I do my job.”“我有一个非常棒的队友,他在外线显然是一个更好的防守者我喜欢挑战,我会尽最大努力表现更好那是我在场上应该做的事情在这种情况下,我不会太痴迷于一对一单打我要做的就是照比赛的计划去打球我在过去四年的职业生涯中一直在提升我的防守我会做好我的工作”When asked about Steph bee Game 1 of this series, Russell said: “He’s a shooter. He’s not nothing I haven’t seen bee.” Westbrook should believe he can outplay anyone else opposing him on an NBA hardwood — even the reigning MVP. That’s what makes him truly magnificent and one of the best players in the game today.在系列赛首战开赛前被问到库里时,韦少就说:“他只是个投手,以前不是没见过”韦少确信他可以在NBA球场上打爆任何跟他对位的人——包括卫冕MVP正是这种自信促使他今天变得如此杰出,并成为了球场上最好的球员之一But Curry has done a solid job limiting Russell’s effectiveness when given the opporty. Now let’s shut the hell up about this silliness and get y Saturday night.但库里在对位韦少时,确实有效的限制了韦少的效率现在就让我们停止这些愚蠢的讨论,一起期待周六晚上的比赛吧芜湖市第四人民医院男科医生

三山区男科医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱口香糖粘肠子?可被排出体外 --01 ::8 来源:chinadaily It is a classic playground scare story - if you swallow chewing gum it will stay in your digestive system seven years.有个经典的大人拿来吓唬小孩的谎言——如果你吞下了口香糖,它将在你的消化系统里停留七年But according to scientists at the American Chemical Society, the tale is myth as chewing gum is no more harmful than the rest of the food that passes through our digestive system.但是据美国化学学会的科学家称,这并非事实,其实嚼过的口香糖和其他经过我们肠胃的食物一样,没有什么危害It says while gum is harder to digest, it tends to pass harmlessly through our guts much like other foods.研究发现,虽然口香糖很难消化,但是它和其它食物一样,都能从肠道无害排出By examining how regular foods are processed through our bodies, a from The American Chemical Society reveals what really happens when you swallow chewing gum.通过研究我们的身体如何消化吸收普通食物,美国化学学会制作了一段视频,向大家展示了当你吞下口香糖,肠胃里会发生什么情况When we eat something - whether it be normal foods or chewing gum - it goes through three main phases in our bodies.当我们进食时——不管是正常的食物还是口香糖——都会在消化道内经历三个主要阶段:The first of these phases is the 'mechanical' phase (otherwise known as chewing).第一阶段是“机械”阶段(也就是咀嚼)As the Reactions explains, with normal foods 'your teeth and tongue work together to crush the food you eat into tiny bits.'正如这个“反应视频”所解释的那样,进食普通食物时,你的牙齿和舌头协同工作,将你吃进去的食物嚼成小小的碎末Munching your food then triggers muscle movements which move the food through your digestive tract down to your stomach, where muscles 'churn your chewed up food with digestive juices.'用力咀嚼食物带动肌肉运动,这会把食物通过食道运送到胃里,胃部肌肉“用胃酸搅拌你咀嚼过的食物”The second phase involves enzymes - biological catalysts which speed up chemical reactions - which are found in your saliva, stomach juices and intestines.第二阶段涉及到酶,这是一种可以加速化学反应的生物催化剂这些消化酶主要存在于唾液、胃液和小肠液中Enzymes 'kick start' the reactions to break down the food into its constituent parts, whether they are fats from foods such as cheese, carbohydrates from food such as pasta, or proteins from meat or nuts.酶能“启动”这些反应,将食物分解为一些基本成分,比如从奶酪里分解出脂肪,从意大利面里分解出碳水化合物,或者从肉类、坚果类分解出蛋白质These constituent parts are the nutrients your body can use.这些成分就是人体可以利用的营养物质Stomach acid, which is made up of hydrochloric acid and salts, leads the third phase of digestion.第三个消化阶段由胃酸引导胃酸由盐酸和盐分组成The explains 'this harsh brew dissolves chewed food into a slurry so your intestines can handle it'.视频解释说,“这种非常厉害的消化液可以把咀嚼过的食物分解为泥浆状,这样你的肠道就可以处理它们了”After this point, whatever remains goes straight down the toilet.经过此步之后,剩下的东西就以粪便形式被排出体外How does your body process chewing gum?那么身体又是如何处理口香糖的呢?As you'll have probably noticed, the main difference when processing chewing gum is the fact that during the 'mechanical phase' you don't crush the chewing gum down into tiny bits - that would somewhat defeat the purpose of chewing gum.可能你已经注意到了,处理口香糖,和其他食物最大的不同就在“机械”阶段,口香糖不能被分解成小块——如果真的嚼碎了,一定程度上就没有达到吃口香糖的目的Instead, if you swallow the gum, it will go down in one big wad bee it enters phase two - the enzyme phase.,如果你将它吞下去了,它就会整个一大团直接进入第二阶段——酶消化阶段Most of the molecules in gum are carbohydrates, oils and alcohols. As with any other food, on their own these molecules are easily broken down.口香糖里的主要成分是碳水化合物、油类和醇类与其他食物一样,仅仅是这些分子的话,它们很容易分解However, the explains 'your body doesn't have an enzyme the rubber polymers, regardless of whether they're natural or synthetic' so the gum passes through to Phase three. While stomach acid is strong, it still can't dissolve the rubber polymers in the chewing gum.然而,视频解释说,“你的身体里没有能分解橡胶聚合物的酶类,不管是天然的还是合成的”所以,口香糖来到了第三个阶段尽管胃酸很强大,但它仍然不能分解口香糖中的橡胶聚合物In fact, the explains 'rubbers are very good at shielding from acids in general - that's one reason we wear rubber gloves protection.'事实上,视频解释说,“一般来说,橡胶的防酸特性非常好,我们戴橡胶手套进行保护”So, while part of your gum does survive digestion, it does not remain in your stomach seven years.所以,尽管口香糖的部分物质确实在消化系统中幸存下来,但它却不会在肠道中呆上7年The concludes 'even though you don't break down the rubber polymers, your body has no problem moving that lump of gum through your digestive system and out the other end within a day or two.'视频最后总结说,“尽管橡胶聚合物没能被分解,但你的身体也完全可以把这一团口香糖清除出消化系统,‘这头进那头出’,只要一两天时间”来源:英国每日邮报翻译#38;编审:yaning 《纸牌屋第四季:更精,更香艳 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:冷血狡诈、两面三刀的“下木总统”终于回来了经历了第三季登上总统宝座之后的百无聊赖,弗兰克遇到了自己最强劲的对手——妻子克莱尔权力、财富、亲情、道德交织下的政治阴谋,《纸牌屋第四季让你一次看过瘾~US TV dramas are known their seemingly endless seasons. In many cases, the longer a show is, the less creative and more tedious it gets. Viewers usually seek something new to binge on. But Netflix’s latest release, House of Cards season four, aims to avoid this fate.众所周知,美剧似乎总有拍不完的下一季大多数情况下,一部剧持续时间越长,就会变得越没创意,越乏味观众常常会转向新剧不过网飞公司最新发布的《纸牌屋第四季力图摆脱这种命运After its release this March, millions of subscribers from 190 countries and regions got hooked to this new season of political intrigue. Even the writer of the original B version of House of Cards, Andrew Davies, admits that he was engrossed by the new episodes. “I’m hooked on it,” Davies told The Guardian. “I’ll probably binge-watch the new season.”自三月上线以来,共有来自190个国家和地区的数百万名用户被新一季《纸牌屋中的政治阴谋深深吸引就连英国广播公司原版《纸牌屋的编剧安德鲁?戴维斯都坦言,自己被新剧集圈粉了戴维斯告诉英国《卫报:“我完全看入迷了我可能会一口气刷完第四季” many longtime viewers, the previous season was a letdown. Its plot lines were almost too pedestrian to be interesting. Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) was adrift in his new role as US president. He had beaten all of his rivals to reach the top political office, and there was almost no one worth fighting anymore. But season four aims to offer viewers the juicy twists they missed last season.对很多常年追此剧的观众而言,上一季《纸牌屋太令人失望情节老套,毫无趣味可言当上总统的弗兰克?安德伍德(凯文?史派西饰)变得百无聊赖他打败了所有竞争者登上最高政治宝座,几乎再无对手不过第四季致力于为观众提供上一季缺失的生动、曲折的剧情Underwood confronts his most potent enemy ever, his wife Claire (Robin Wright). Claire aims to amass power by becoming vice president. When Underwood thwarts her attempts, Claire moves back to Texas, her home state, to compete a seat in the US Congress. This move injects the storyline with spice and sexual tension. As a plot twist, it is “more effective than any previous murder or immoral ploy ever [was],” Indiewire’s Nikola Grozdanovic wrote.安德伍德遭遇了有史以来最强劲的对手——他的妻子克莱尔(罗宾?怀特饰)克莱尔试图竞选副总统来发展自己的力量当安德伍德挫败了她的计谋,她转战家乡德克萨斯州,争夺国会议席克莱尔的举动为情节增添了不少情趣和香艳的张力随着剧情的发展,这一招“比之前任何谋杀和道德阴谋更奏效”,影评人网的尼古拉?格罗兹戴诺维克写道Season four also dazzles viewers with an array of new faces. Through Claire’s mother (Ellen Burstyn), viewers get an idea of how little kinship means among the power-hungry. And Claire’s political consultant (Neve Campbell) reveals the relationship between power and wealth. Meanwhile, Underwood himself has to tackle another rival: aspiring president and New York governor Conway (Joel Kinnaman). Conway’s character showcases how duplicitous one needs to be in order to get to the top. These characters’ storylines are woven together with hot-button political topics, such as gun control and terrorism.第四季中出现的一批新面孔也让观众眼前一亮通过克莱尔的母亲(艾伦?伯斯汀饰),观众知道了在权力和欲望面前亲情一文不值克莱尔的政治顾问(内芙?坎贝尔饰)则裸地揭开了权力和财富的关系同时,安德伍德自己还要应对另一个对手:有当总统抱负的纽约州州长康威(乔尔?金纳曼饰)康威这个角色展现了一个人需要如何两面三刀才能登上权力巅峰热门政治话题,比如管控和恐怖主义等将这些角色的故事交织在一起On top of that, key characters from previous seasons return in the new season. The murdered journalist Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) surfaces in Frank’s constant hallucinations. And the bamboozled writer Tom (Boris McGiver) determines to expose the Underwoods’ misdeeds no matter the cost. The reappearance of these characters makes the whole series “connected and encapsulated,” IGN’s Matt Fowler commented.此外,前几集的主要人物也陆续回归被谋杀的记者佐伊?巴尔内斯(凯特?玛拉饰)出现在弗兰克的幻觉中被欺骗的作家汤姆(鲍里斯?迈克基弗饰)决定不惜一切代价揭露安德伍德的罪行网站IGN的马特?富勒说,再现这些人物能让整部剧“更紧密、更精炼”With fresh surprises and horrors, House of Cards season four has received a wave of praise from critics its entertainment value. “House of Cards has always longed to be an opera, right down to the soprano who occasionally wails on the soundtrack,” Vox culture editor Todd VanDerWerff wrote. “Season four comes the closest the show ever has to realizing that ambition.”全新的惊喜和恐惧元素为《纸牌屋第四季赢得了家的阵阵好评,盛赞它的价值新闻网Vox的文化版编辑托德?万德维夫写道:“《纸牌屋一直渴望像歌剧那样,有一位女高音随时可能会在音轨上留下最强音第四季是这部剧最接近实现这一野心的时候”皖南弋矶山医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱芜湖治疗非淋好的医院



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