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A Texas community made a fairy tale come true for Claire Lankford, 5, who suffers from a rare form of cancer with no cure called Rhabdomyosarcoma.Because Claire likes to dress up like a princess, hundreds of people gathered Wednesday in Dickinson to celebrate ;Princess Day.;People lined the streets of her neighborhood for an impromptu parade with Claire as the main attraction. Other little girls wore princess outfits to show their support and people held signs showing love to Claire.;Anytime you hear about a child who has cancer you want to do what you can to brighten their day a little bit,; said Amanda Jarvis.5岁的患癌女童克莱尔(Claire Lankford)一直梦想当公主,德克萨斯小镇的居民帮她实现了梦想。德克萨斯迪金森市为5岁的克莱尔组织了一场名为“公主日”的盛大活动,克莱尔身着美丽的礼,和父母一起乘坐马车巡游了整个小镇,而上千名热心的小镇居民则站在街道旁边扮演崇拜公主的观众。Claire, wearing a princess gown, was accompanied by her parents in a horse-drawn carriage. She smiled and waved to the crowd.;I think it was amazing,; said cheerleader Randi Williams.Claire#39;s parents were very thankful.;It#39;s incredible to think that all these people would come out to honor your child,; said Claire#39;s mother Patricia Lankford.克莱尔患腺泡状横纹肌肉瘤,已是癌症晚期,而且目前没有特效药可以治疗。她的家人现在只能尽量和克莱尔欢聚最后的时光。她的母亲帕特西亚非常感动地说,“我简直不敢相信,那些人根本不认识我们,却愿意帮助克莱尔实现梦想。我真的很骄傲,现在每个人都知道克莱尔的名字。” /201402/277421。

  • If there is one country where many people can afford to superyacht, it’s China. Now the world’s largest economy, some 11,000 Chinese citizens are considered ultra-wealthy, with assets over million, according to wealth intelligence firm, Wealth-X.要说哪个国家有很多富人能买得起超级游艇,那绝对是中国。据财富情报机构Wealth-X公司统计,作为全球最大的经济体之一,中国已经拥有大约1.1万名资产超过3000万美元的“超级富豪”。But, the superyacht industry hasn’t caught on big in China.但是,超级游艇业至今没有在中国赚到多少钱。Superyachts are officially defined as boats whose hulls at the water line measure longer than 24 meters, or 79 feet. A superyacht — typically a private boat that requires a professional crew to operate — costs million on up. Just 34 –or 0.7 percent — of the world’s 4,836 superyachts are based in China, according to a 2013 study by the Auckland Government.根据官方定义,超级游艇指的是那些吃水线长度超过24米的豪华游脡。一般来说,每艘超级游艇都需要由一专业团队来操作,单艘超级游艇的售价起码在600万美元以上。根据奥克兰市政府在2013年所做的一项调查,全球现有的4836艘超级游艇中,只有34艘在中国,约占总数的0.7%。In part, the lack of popularity is due to culture. Yachting is all about fun in the sun. And traditionally, many Chinese have avoided the sun and haven’t really done downtime.超级游艇在中国遇冷的部分原因是中国的文化。游艇的妙处就在于享受大海和阳光。而传统上,很多中国人都避免晒太阳,而且他们在休息时间也闲不下来。“The Chinese are not used to the idea of time away from it all, especially not European style,” explained Colin Dawson, chairman of the Asia-Pacific Superyacht Association. “They tend to take a very different approach to yacht ownership – it’s a business tool, not a leisure item.”亚太超级游艇协会主席科林o道森解释道:“中国人不太习惯于远离尘嚣,尤其是不习惯欧洲的那种休闲方式。如果他们购买游艇,那往往是出于其它动机——对于中国富豪来说,游艇是一种商业工具,而不是休闲物品。”Luc Khaldoun is the head of client advisory services at OneOcean Ventures, which provides a range of services for superyacht owners. He noted that his Chinese clients seemed to prefer yachts with “little open space” and wanted to “limit time spent outside.”卢克o哈勒敦是OneOcean Ventures公司的客户咨询务总监,这家公司主要向超级游艇买家提供一系列务。哈勒敦指出,中国客户貌似更加喜欢那种“开放空间小”的超级游艇,而且想“限制在外面停留的时间”。There are also some pragmatic reasons why superyachting hasn’t caught on with the Chinese elite. China has a luxury goods import tax of 43 percent. Adding to the expense: the region lacks experienced crew, so Chinese superyacht owners need to relocate Europeans and obtain work visas for them.超级游艇没有成为中国精英的玩物,或许还有一些更加实际的原因。中国的奢侈品进口税达到了43%。另外中国也缺乏有经验的船员,所以游艇买家需要雇欧洲人给他们开船,这就免不了要为他们办工作签。这些都会增加购买游艇的成本。In recent years, the government also has cracked down on corporate corruption, and some may fear that cruising around on a superyacht and using it to entertain clients (and government officials) might make an exec more visible — and perhaps more of a target.此外,中国政府近年来一直在大力整顿企业腐败。一些富豪担心乘坐游艇出行或是请客户或官员出海享乐,可能会将他们暴露在调查人员的视野中。And then, there’s just simple geography. Part of the appeal of cruising has been puttering around idyllic Mediterranean archipelagos. While China has a few key marinas like Nansha Marina in Guangzhou and Ocean One International Yacht Club, it still lacks some of the infrastructure to support superyachts, such as repair yards, as well as the Mediterranean’s pretty coastline.另外还有地理问题。对于欧洲人来说,游艇的另一个吸引力就是可以坐着它逛逛地中海的小岛。但在中国,类似于南沙码头和一洋国际游艇俱乐部这样的游艇码头寥寥无几。此外,中国仍然缺少某些持超级游艇的基础设施,比如修理厂。更不用说也没有像地中海那样美丽的海岸线。Of course, none of this has stopped a few ultra-wealthy Chinese from buying, and keeping, yachts — in Europe, the U.S., and even elsewhere in Asia. The superyacht market in China is growing, albeit very slowly. “Chinese looking into superyachts may buy in Europe and elsewhere in Asia,” said Nigel Stuart, managing director of Spirits Yachts, a yacht building company. He noted that Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia are “stunning blue water cruising destinations.” European brokers are regulars at the Shanghai, Dalian and Hainan Rendez Vous boat shows, hoping to lure Chinese buyers with the dream of cruising around St. Tropez, Cannes, and Capri.当然,种种因素也没有能阻止少数中国超级富豪购买和保有游艇的脚步——只不过他们是在欧洲、美国和亚洲其它地区购买的。中国超级游艇市场虽然增速缓慢,但毕竟还是在增长。游艇制造公司Spirits Yachts的常务董事奈杰尔o斯图尔特表示:“想购买超级游艇的中国人可能会在欧洲或亚洲的其它国家购买。”他指出,新加坡、泰国和马来西亚都是“绝佳的航海目的地”。欧洲的游艇经纪人经常参加位于上海、大连和海南的游艇展,希望能够吸引到那些梦想坐着游艇周游圣特鲁佩斯、戛纳和卡普里岛的中国富豪。While China may not yet be a destination for yachting itself, it is gaining a reputation as a base for yacht-building, primarily because of its lower costs. According to Boat International, China now ranks eighth in the top ten superyacht building nations, and 28 superyachts were constructed there in one year, mainly in Shandong and Guandong, according to the Auckland Government study.尽管中国本身还不是一个游艇旅游的好去处,但作为游艇生产基地,它已经积累了一定的口碑,特别是更低的制造成本。据《国际舟船》杂志报道,在十大超级游艇生产国中,中国目前排名第8位。另据奥克兰市政府的调查显示,中国目前年产超级游艇28艘,生产基地分别位于山东和广东。To be sure, the Chinese yacht construction is small fry compared to Italy’s 269 yachts built last year, but the 43 percent import tax on luxury goods means that domestic construction in China will becoming even more appealing, as long as demand grows.与意大利去年269艘游艇的产量相比,中国的产量显得微不足道。但43%的奢侈品进口税也意味着中国的国产游艇将更具吸引力——只要需求还在增长。Meanwhile, China is not being written off as a market. Most superyacht brokers and builders say they are just biding their time. Some have dipped their toes into the Chinese market by opening a shop in nearby Hong Kong or Singapore, which both have a strong expat population and infrastructure better-suited to yachting.与此同时,许多人也没有放弃中国市场。大部分超级游艇经销商和制造商都表示,他们只是在等待时机。有些公司已经开始试水中国市场,比如在香港或新加坡开设商店,这两个地方都有很多中国移民,而且那里的基础设施也更适合游艇。UK-based yacht designer Spirit Yachts opened in Hong Kong last year, while London-based Burgess Yachts is opening in Singapore later this year. “We are slowly preparing for when China comes on stream – when it does, it will come big,” said Jonathan Beckett, chief executive of Burgess.英国的游艇设计公司Spirit Yachts去年在香港开设了分公司,伦敦的Burgess Yachts公司也将于今年晚些时候在新加坡开设分号。Burgess Yachts公司CEO乔纳森o贝克特表示:“我们正在慢慢准备中国市场的好转。届时,它将是一个庞大的市场。”Many agree that China’s time will come, but just not for the next decade or so. “Is China the new market for superyachts? Not yet – is the answer. North America, Europe, the Gulf and the Middle East are still the markets of today,” said Beckett. Burgess, like many others, is refocusing efforts on traditional markets, and sales are on the up. Last year the ultra high net worth spent a combined billion on yachts, according to data from Wealth-X.很多人认同中国时代终将来临,只不过可能还得等上十几年甚至更久。贝克特说:“中国是否是超级游艇的新市场?是:至少现在还不是。目前的主要市场仍然是北美、欧洲、海湾地区和中东。”Burgess和许多其他游艇公司正在把主要精力集中在传统市场上,而且销量也正在上升。Wealth-X公司的数据显示,去年全球超级富豪花在游艇上的钱达到了220亿美元。What the industry must remember is that it took 30 years to build a superyacht market in the West, so it may still catch on in the East.游艇行业必须清楚,这个行业花了30年时间才在西方国家形成气候。要让游艇在东方流行起来,也得花上不少时间。 /201502/361263。
  • The Grand Bazaar in Urumqi has been a tourist draw for a decade--since it opened in a new plaza meant to evoke the historic caravan-trade culture of Central Asia. But stall owners say fewer tourists are showing up to buy colorful headscarves, knives and other trinkets since a recent uptick in violent attacks in the city and elsewhere in China#39;s westernmost region of Xinjiang.新疆乌鲁木齐的大巴扎(Grand Bazaar)自开业十年以来一直吸引着各方游客,这个坐落在一个新广场的建筑群重现了中亚古丝绸之路的商业繁华。但摊主们表示,在近期乌鲁木齐和新疆其他地方的暴力袭击事件加剧之后,来这里购买头巾、刀具和其他物品的游客人数大为减少。#39;The biggest issue is that business isn#39;t as good. A lot of people are concerned about the attacks, and many people are getting hurt,#39; said Ma Ziding, a 35-year-old pocketknife seller.35岁的小刀商贩马子定(Ma Ziding, 音)表示,最大的问题是生意不好了,许多人担心袭击事件,许多人受到了伤害。A mixture of China#39;s majority Han Chinese and Uighurs, a Turkic-speaking, mainly Muslim ethnic group, trickled into the outdoor plaza Saturday morning to shop or take photos against the backdrop of a massive tower and mosque.周六上午人们陆续来到这个露天广场购物,或者是在巨大的观光塔和清真寺的背景下照相,他们当中有汉族人,也有维吾尔族人。#39;A lot of customers don#39;t dare come,#39; said a 50-year-old Chinese man who gave his last name as Li. Mr. Li, whose shop sells trinkets, scarves and cigarettes, said foot traffic in the indoor bazaar has fallen by at least 90% this year. #39;There were so many people here last year that you couldn#39;t even move,#39; he said. #39;The government needs to think of a way to fix this.#39;一位自称姓李的50岁汉族男子称,许多客户不敢来了。这位出售饰品、围巾和香烟的男子表示,今年室内商店的客流量至少下降了90%。他表示,去年人多得走不动路。他认为,政府需要想办法解决这个问题。A simmering separatist rebellion by some Uighurs against Chinese rule has flared into occasional violence over the decades. In the past year, violent attacks have picked up and, unlike in the past, begun targeting civilians.过去几十年来一些维族激进分离主义分子针对政府的对抗活动已经演化为偶尔的暴力事件。过去一年来,暴力袭击增多,而且与以往不同的是,目标开始针对平民。In late April a knife and bomb attack at Urumqi#39;s main railway station killed three and injured 79. Then, on Thursday, men drove cars into a street-side market and detonated explosives, leaving 43 dead and wounding 94. The dead included four of the attackers; police arrested a suspected fifth attacker in another part of Xinjiang, state media reported early Saturday.就在4月底,乌鲁木齐主要火车站发生了砍人和爆炸事件,造成三人死亡,79人受伤。上周四,几名男子驾车冲进街边市场并投掷爆炸物,导致43人死亡,94人受伤。死者中包括四名袭击者;中国官方媒体周六早间报称,警方在新疆另一个地方逮捕了第五名袭击嫌疑人。The tourists in the bazaar brushed off the violence. #39;It#39;s fine. The situation isn#39;t that serious,#39; said a Han Chinese man, a 53-year-old teacher who also gave his last name as Li. Mr. Li said he arrived in Urumqi on Friday night from Beijing to tour the region with his younger brother. He said he knew about the Thursday#39;s attack but chose not to cancel his trip.大巴扎的游客未理会这些暴力事件。一位也自称姓李(音)的53岁汉族男子称,还好,情况没有那么严重。这位教师表示,他上周五从北京抵达乌鲁木齐,和他弟弟一起来这里旅游。他表示,他知道上周四的袭击事件,但没有选择取消行程。Security around the bazaar was noticeable, though lighter than on Friday, when hundreds of Uighurs gathered in the plaza for their weekly prayer. An armored police vehicle remained parked outside an entrance and bag checks were enforced. An outlet of the French hypermarket Carrefour, located underground beneath the bazaar, installed a bag-screening machine at its entrances on Wednesday, according to an employee.大巴扎周边的安保人员随处可见,但比上周五数百名维吾尔族人聚集在大巴扎进行每周祈祷时已经有所减少。一辆装甲车仍停在入口处,人们必须接受包裹检查。据位于大巴扎地下的法资超市福(Carrefour)的一名雇员说,上周三超市的入口处安装了一台包裹扫描设备。Outside the entrance to a clothing market were pasted notices torn out of a newspaper containing a speech--in both Chinese and Uighur--denouncing the attack by the head of the Xinjiang regional government.一个装市场的入口处张贴有从报纸上撕下来的公告,内容是新疆区政府领导人对袭击案的谴责,不仅有汉语版本,还有维吾尔语版本。Tourism has become an important part of the Xinjiang economy, allowing the development of smaller businesses. The region#39;s oil, gas and mineral resources, as well as its agriculture, are dominated by big, mostly state-owned entities.旅游业已经成为新疆经济的一个重要部分,一些小型企业因此发展起来。该地区的油、气和矿产资源以及农业都把持在大型企业手中,这些企业大多是国企。One seller of cigarettes, scarves and other souvenirs, who gave his surname as Song, said the number of customers at his shop had halved since last year. He suggested the government support small-business owners by introducing policies to offset the decline in customers.一个出售香烟、头巾和其他纪念品的宋姓商贩说,自从去年以来,来他店铺买东西的客流量已经减少了一半。他建议政府推出能够抵消客流量减少影响的政策,扶持小店主。Not everyone at the bazaar was convinced the recent attacks are the reason for the sharp decline in visitors. Ma Linyu, who sells medicinal herbs and is a member of another predominantly Muslim ethnic group, the Hui, blamed instability in China and the rest of the world. She said the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and China#39;s conflict with Vietnam and others in the South China Sea are contributing to an overall slump of vacationers in China.不过,并非大巴扎上的每个人都确信最近的袭击案是导致游客大幅减少的主要原因。出售草药的回族人马林雨(音)说,原因在于中国和全球整体局面的失稳。她说,马来西亚航空(Malaysia Airlines) 370航班失踪、中国和越南等国家在南中国海(中国称南海)上冲突也是来华度假游客数量整体锐减的原因之一。#39;The entire country is like this; it#39;s not just Xinjiang,#39; she said. Although there was a noticeable drop in traffic for a few days after this month#39;s train-station blast, she said traffic has consistently been lower since the second half of last year.她说,不止新疆如此,全中国游客都在减少。虽然本月火车站爆炸事件之后的数天里客流量急速锐减,但马林雨说从去年下半年起客流量就在持续下降。Still, Ms. Ma praised the police presence outside the bazaar. #39;The police standing outside is a good thing. They protect us. If they weren#39;t there, we would be in a worse situation.#39;不过,她仍然称赞驻守在大巴扎外的警察。她说:“有警察守在外面是件好事,他们能保护我们;如果没有他们,我们的境况会更差。” /201405/301571。
  • Here#39;s some background information about Chinese New Year, the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar.以下是一些关于中国新年(春节)的介绍,春节中国农历节庆里持续时间最长也是最为重要的节日。Facts:事实:January 31, 2014 - The Chinese year 4712 is scheduled to begin.2014年1月31日是中华纪年法——中元4712年的开始。2014 is the year of the Horse.2014年是马年。The Chinese New Year is celebrated during the second new moon after the winter solstice, usually between Jan. 21 and Feb. 19 on the Gregorian calendar.中国的新年一般在冬至后第二个新月的时候庆祝,在公历年1月21日到2月19日之间。Chinese New Year festivities begin on the 1st day of the month and continues until the 15th, when the moon is full.中国的春节从正月初一开始一直持续到十五月圆的时候。Chinese legend holds that Buddha asked all the animals to meet him on New Year#39;s Day and named a year after each of the twelve animals that came.中国有这样的传说:佛让所有的动物在新年时去参拜他并且依照12个前来拜见动物的次序,为每一年冠名。The animals in the Chinese calendar are the dog, pig/boar, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, and rooster.这些动物是中国的生肖分别是:、猪、鼠、牛、虎、兔、龙、蛇、马、羊、猴、鸡。Also according to legend, people born in each animal#39;s year have some of that animal#39;s personality traits.另外中国还有一个传说那就是哪一生肖年出生的人就具备哪种动物的性格特征。Traditions:传统:Each day of the fifteen-day celebration has its own traditions, such as visiting in-laws or staying home to welcome good fortune.春节15天,天天有不同的习俗:比如哪天该走亲访友、哪天该待着家里等好运临门。Fireworks displays during Chinese New Year stem from a custom of lighting bamboo stalks on fire to ward off evil spirits. In China, families gather together for meals, especially for a feast on New Year#39;s Eve.春节放烟花爆竹的风俗起源于中国一个古老的传统:举着点着的竹子游行驱赶恶鬼坏运气。在中国,家家户户聚在一起进餐,特别是在除夕之夜。Chinese New Year ends with the lantern festival, celebrated at night with displays and parades of painted lanterns.中国的春节以元宵节结尾,人们在元宵节晚上走上街头赏花灯。The highlight of the Lantern Festival is the Dragon Dance. Beautiful dragons made of paper, silk and bamboo are held overhead, and appear to dance as they make their way along the parade routes.元宵节的重头戏是舞龙表演。美丽的龙是用纸、丝绸以及竹子制作而成。表演的人们将龙举过头顶,一边舞动一边沿着游行队伍前进。 /201401/273684。
  • When it comes to love and marriage in the 21st century, if at first you don#39;t succeed, there#39;s time to try, try again.当谈到21世纪的恋爱和婚姻时,如果第一次以失败告终,还有再尝试一次或者更多次的机会。The vast majority of older Americans have married at least once by the time they reach age 50, Census data show. What#39;s surprising is how many of them remarry: Roughly one in four people born between 1945 and 1954 have married two times or more by 50.美国人口普查局(Census)的数据显示,大多数美国老年人在步入50岁时已经至少结过一次婚。令人惊讶的是其中有多少人再婚过:1945年至1954年期间出生的人中每四个人大概就有一个人到50岁时已经结过两次或者更多次婚了。While exact numbers on second and third marriages are hard to come by, the share of Americans having them is significantly higher than it was before the 1960s, and has generally plateaued since then, according to W. Bradford Wilcox, a sociology professor at the University of Virginia who studies marriage trends.弗吉尼亚大学(University of Virginia)研究婚姻趋势的社会学教授威尔科克斯(W. Bradford Wilcox)说,尽管难以得到有过两段和三段婚史的确切人数,但此类美国人的数量已经远远高于上世纪60年代前的水平,而且自那以来一直维持在高位。Americans are waiting much longer to get married than they used to, thanks to factors ranging from women#39;s improved educational opportunities to increased focus on careers to greater access to contraception. But this masks the fact that since people are living much longer than they did a century ago, they are actually marrying earlier in their overall lifetimes, leaving more time for a second or third round of wedding bells.如今美国人首次结婚年龄比过去延后了许多,受到女性教育机会改善、人们更加注重事业和避方式更多等因素影响。但这掩盖了一个事实:由于人类寿命比一个世纪前更长了,如今人们首次结婚的年龄在一生中处在一个较以前更早的阶段,所以有更长时间来开始第二段或者第三段婚姻。Today, the typical American man marries for the first time when he is 29 years old--well above the historical low of 23 in 1956, but only three years older than in 1890, according to Jonathan Vespa, a Census demographer. Women have a similar pattern.美国人口普查局的人口学家韦斯帕(Jonathan Vespa)说,现在典型美国男性首次结婚的年龄是29岁,远高于1956年的历史低点23岁,但只比1890年高出三岁。女性情况也类似。In 1890, however, a man#39;s average life span was only 43 years--which means men were marrying for the first time about halfway through their lives. American men today live until about 76, so they are marrying in the first third of their lives.但在1890年,男性的平均寿命只有43年,这意味着他们首次结婚的年龄大概是在一生中的中段。如今美国男性的平均寿命大约为76年,所以他们首次结婚的年龄是在一生中的第一个三分之一阶段。Remarriage in the U.S. has dropped recently, partly because people are marrying later and more are choosing to live together without marrying. In 1990, 50 of every 1,000 divorced or widowed Americans remarried; this figure fell to 29 per 1,000 in 2011, says Mr. Wilcox, citing research by sociologist Susan Brown of Bowling Green State University.近期美国再婚率有所下降,这在一定程度上是因为人们结婚的年龄推后了,而且有更多人选择同居而不是结婚。威尔科克斯援引鲍林格林大学(Bowling Green State University)社会学家布朗(Susan Brown)的研究结果称,1990年,每1,000名离婚或者丧偶的美国人中有50人再婚;现在这个数字下降至每1,000个这样的人中有29人再婚。The divorce rate, which can be measured several ways, has been falling, though it remains above its early 1970s level. And some research shows Americans may be less happy about their marriages than they were in previous decades.可以以多种方式衡量的离婚率一直在下降,但仍高于20世纪70年代初的水平。有研究显示,美国人对婚姻的幸福感可能不及之前几十年。Education also matters a lot for how people perceive and approach marriage: A growing number of American women without college degrees are having their first child before they get married--leading to less family stability, Mr. Wilcox says.威尔科克斯称,教育程度也对人们如何认识和看待婚姻产生了重要影响:越来越多未接受过大学教育的美国女性未婚先,导致家庭稳定度下降。Still, the fact that Americans have two-thirds of their lives to remarry may help people get out of failed relationships and find new ones that make them happy--a kind of #39;churn#39; similar to the movements in and out of jobs in the labor market that help make the overall economy more dynamic.不过美国人一生当中有三分之二的时间来选择再婚,这一事实或许有助于人们摆脱失败婚姻并找到新的幸福――这与就业市场中的人员流动相似,可以使整体经济更具活力。Lynne and Chuck Tonini are among those having a better time the second time around.琳内#8226;托尼尼(Lynne Tonini)和查克#8226;托尼尼(Chuck Tonini)就是在第二次婚姻中更加幸福的一对夫妻。Mrs. Tonini, 45 years old, a business manager at an optometrist#39;s office in Huntsville, Ala., first got married at age 23--a relationship that lasted 15 years and led to two children. Mr. Tonini#39;s first marriage, which produced three children, lasted a similar amount of time, before going sour in the mid-2000s.现年45岁的琳内是亚拉巴马州亨茨维尔一个验光师办公室的业务经理,她23岁时第一次结婚,这段婚姻维持了15年并育有两个孩子。查克的第一次婚姻带给他三个孩子,也持续了大约15年,在2005年前后结束。After their breakups, Lynne met Chuck, now 39, and they became friends, then romantically involved. The couple waited five years before getting married in April 2013.各自的婚姻失败后,琳内与现年39岁的查克相遇,他们成了朋友,然后相互爱恋。五年之后的2013年4月,他们步入婚姻的殿堂。Mr. Tonini says he looked for different qualities this time around--things like self-sufficiency. #39;When you get older, you look at things more maturely, and you want a more well-rounded person,#39; he says.查克说,这次他希望妻子身上有一些不同的特质。他说,年龄大一些后,看待事情会更加成熟,也希望有一个更完美的伴侣。The couple won#39;t be celebrating Valentine#39;s Day this Friday--they will be attending their 18-year-old son#39;s high-school state championship wrestling tournament, which goes until about 10 p.m. But Mr. Tonini says he and wife have no problem waiting one more day. #39;I might send her flowers,#39; he said. #39;We#39;ll make sure we celebrate.#39;这对夫妻周五不会庆祝情人节,他们要参加18岁儿子所就读高中举办的全州摔跤锦标赛,比赛将持续到晚上10点左右。但查克说他和妻子不介意推迟一天再过节。他说:“我会送花给她,情人节肯定要过。” /201402/276504。
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