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ABBA 的 Mamma Mia A's Nick Watt is in ABBA heavenIt's just stuff gets more and more advanced everyday. We turn out to our collaboration with Google. The top rising search: The Dark Knight. Unless you’ve just come out of a suspended animation or something, you have doubtless heard that the latest Batman movie is out today. It is the most hyped movie of the summer. And there’s even a talk about a posthumous Oscar for Heath Ledger, who plays the villain Joker. Also rising: Muriel’s Wedding. It’s a 1994 movie. And we couldn’t figure out for the life of us why people were searching for it on Google. And then we caught a clip from the movie. Yeah, that’s it. There’s ABBA music in it. Then that explains it, because besides Batman, there is another movie opening today, and like Muriel’s Wedding, it’s about nuptials and ABBA music. The movie version of the obscenely popular musical Mamma Mia is out. And A’s Nick Watt is in ABBA heaven, or some might consider it ABBA hell.Take a chance on me. If you need me, let me know, gonna be around. If you’ve got no place to go, if you’re feeling down… Sorry, just can’t help myself. I love ABBA. So does everybody. For me, the love affair starts with the profound lyrics.Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight.There was something in the air that night, Fernando.What happened to our love? It used to be so good.And this woman is responsible for a reincarnation.Did you think all of this was gonna happen? Did you think it could be this big?No.It’s called Mamma Mia, a musical based on the ABBA classics. That’s played in 19 countries.It went from the creative process to now running a mini industry.And now it’s on screen. I mean, Meryl Streep sings “The winner takes it all.” What more do you want? The guy who played Bond is in it. So is the guy who played Darcy. And some cuddly Swede.A fantasy, really.So what do the critics make of ABBA on celluloid?I know it’s Swedish, but it’s hardly Bergman, is it?No, it isn’t great cinema. But it doesn’t have to be. It’s about the music, which is too good to butcher.I’ve been humming ABBA all week. I’ve been humming it in bed. I wake up in the morning, thinking “gimme gimme gimme.”A small price to pay for a musical that has grossed two billion dollars and counting.Nick Watt, A News, London.参考中文翻译:每天的生活似乎都越来越先进。我们打开Google搜索引擎。排名最前的搜索关键词:The Dark Knight。除非你刚从一部被搁置已久的动画片里醒过来,或者忙于其他的事情,否则毫无疑问,你一定听说过了现在上映了最新的Batman电影。这是今年夏天炒作最热的一部电影。甚至还有关于扮演villain Joker的Heath Ledger评选奥斯卡奖的言论。热度提高的还有:Muriel’s Wedding。这是1994年的一部电影。我们想不明白为什么人们要在Google里对这部电影进行搜索。我们来简单了解一下这部电影。是的,原来是这样。因为这部影片里面有ABBA的音乐。这样就可以解释了,因为除了Batman之外,今天还有一部电影上映:像Muriel’s Wedding一样,是关于婚礼和ABBA音乐的。流行音乐Mamma Mia的电影版也已经出现。A的记者Nick Watt正处在ABBA的天堂,也有人认为是ABBA的地狱。相信我吧,如果你需要我,请让我知道,我会挺身而出。如果你无处可去,如果你感到失望……对不起,我不能自助。每个人都一样,对我来说,恋爱随着深奥的抒情诗开始。午夜之后给我给我给我一个人…………那晚夜空中弥漫着某种气氛,Fernando。我们的爱出现什么问题了呢?过去一直那么好。这个女子要对她的再生负责。你认为所有的这一切都会发生吗?你认为作用这么大吗?不。它的名字是Mamma Mia,基于ABBA古典音乐的一种音乐,19世纪演奏的最多。它经历了一个创造性的过程,现在已经领导一个微型产业。现在应经搬上荧屏。我的意思是,Meryl Streep演唱了这首“The winner takes it all”。你还想要什么呢?扮演Bond的人在里面,扮演Darcy的人也在里面。还有一些赏心悦目的瑞典人。这简直就是一个幻想。我知道是瑞典的,但是不可能是伯格曼的,对吗?不,这并不是一部伟大的电影。而且它也没必要伟大。这是关于音乐的,对屠夫来说已经太好了。我整个星期都在哼唱ABBA音乐。躺在床上在唱,早上醒来也在唱,心里想着“给我给我给我……”只要花很少的钱,就能买到这首票房20亿并且还在增加的音乐剧了。200811/57461

In the Rocky Mountains of Central Colorado, the forces of nature create a landscape of alpine lakes, high-altitude ponds teeming with life and mountain meadows bursting with wild flowers. It is amidst these beautiful wildflower fields that one scientist has aly found alarming evidence about the potential impact of global warming. John Hart, a professor of Environmental Science at the University of California, Berkley, runs an experiment to determine what would happen if the temperature was just three degrees warmer here year around, like the forecasted effect of global warming. “That heating effect will induce dramatic effects on these subalpine meadows, causing loss of plant seed we especially value here, the flowering plants.” John Hart has come here each summer since the 1970s, examining factors affecting life in this fragile ecosystem. “This heating is actually quite subtle. We are not heating a lot. It’s only a few degrees, but it’s causing the flowering plants to produce fewer flowers and to grow less abundantly.” His setup is relatively simple. Low-power electric heaters suspended above a mountain meadow heat the ground and the plant life beneath, three degrees warmer than the surrounding area. The heaters are automatically and precisely controlled, they have been on constantly, day and night, winter, spring, summer and fall since 1991. In his global warming experiment, he suspended heaters in a grid pattern to create heated plots, then unheated plots, back and forth, so he can judge the effects side by side. The difference, three degrees of separation makes in flowers and sagebrush, is easy to see. “They suck juices out of the plant.”In the unheated natural area, sagebrush is a source of moisture for an army of thirsty insects. They keep sagebrush under control. “So they have little mouthpieces that can suck away at the nutrient.” But just a few feet away, sagebrush under the heater grows far better with fewer bugs. “...much more rapidly, we found that the heating is causing profuse growth of the sagebrush.” While that’s good for the sagebrush; it’s not good for its plant neighbors. Flowers feel the effect too. In natural areas, flowers grow thick as they always do here, but a few feet away, where it’s three degrees warmer, flowers are not as abundant. “The meadows, instead of looking lush and strewn with flowers, are now actually rather arid.” If global warming, or long-term climate change, does increase the year-around temperature here just a few degrees, John Hart predicts, in decades to come, flowers could be crowded out by sagebrush. “Global warming is more than just an ecological catastrophe; it would be a human catastrophe in all of its dimensions.”参考中文翻译:科罗拉多州中部巍峨的高山上,自然的力量创造了一幅美丽的风景画,有着高山湖,充满生命的高海拔池塘,长满野花的高山草原。在这些美丽的野花中,一位科学家发现了全球气候变暖的潜在影响的有力据。John Hart是加利福尼亚大学环境科学的教授。他组织了一个实验,观察如果这里一年之内气温升高3度会有什么情况发生,就好象全球气候变暖的预报。“热效应会对这些亚高山带的草原产生剧烈的影响,造成我们非常珍惜的开花类植物的减少。”从上世纪70年代开始,John Hart每年夏天都会来这里,检查影响脆弱的生态系统的因素。“加热量其实很微小,我们没有加热很多。仅仅几度的变化,就会导致开花类作物开花量减少,不像以前那样丰富。” 他的设备相对来说很简单。低功率的电加热器悬挂在高山草原上给地面和下面的植物加热,比周围环境温度高3度。加热器是自动化的,温控非常精确。从1991年开始,加热器就春夏秋冬日日夜夜的悬挂在那里。在他的全球变暖实验中,他按照格子状悬挂加热器,以组成加热区和非加热区,来来回回,这样来判款交互影响。3度的差别给花和山艾树造成的差别一目了然。“他们从植物里吸取汁液。”在没有加热的自然区域,山艾树是很多昆虫的水源。他们使山艾树的数目受到控制。“他们并没有吸取里面的营养。”但是就在几英尺之外,收到加热的山艾树生长状况好很多,虫子很少。“我们发现,加热使山艾树生长速度过快。”虽然这样对山艾树比较好,但是对邻近的植物造成威胁。花也感受到了影响。在自然区域,花张的比较厚密,温度高3度的几英尺之外,花开的就没有那么繁盛。“草地没有看上去苍翠繁茂,鲜花盛开,反而变成了不毛之地。”John Hart预测,如果全球变暖或者长期的气候变化导致这里的全年平均气温升高几度,未来的几十年之内,鲜花会被山艾树吞噬。“全球变暖并不只是生态灾难,对人类来说,也是一个巨大的灾难。” 200812/57873

French regulators are considering drastic steps to meet increasing worldwide demand for the region's bubbly beverage. It's said that children of this country are baptized Christian with water and French with a drop of champagne. But only in this part of east central France can you legally produce sparkling wine and bottle-light champagne. This land, just 83,000 acres in all, is a precious asset. For decades, the size and location of vineyards which can be used to produce champagne has been strictly controlled. But demand is increasing worldwide especially from Russia and China. So for the first time ever, the region's wine regulators have decided to reexamine exactly which fields can carry the appellation, the name "champagne".There is here a plot, a piece of land, which is not planted. And for a reason that I don't know, the owners haven't been allowed to plant. He has not the appellation. So the experts will go and visit this area and will probably decide to give the appellation to that plot.It's a classically French exercise. After all, the Pomerol, (柏美洛(Pomerol)该区产地约只占波尔多的百分之三左右,真是『物以稀为贵』。如果说『红酒巨钻』是罗曼尼.康帝,至于抢占第二宝座荣耀的应当属于法国波尔多的柏美洛(Pomerol)地区的代表作『彼德绿堡』(Chateau Petrus)。)the area where a certain vine is grown, still provokes local rivalry, and the decision to reclassify ordinary farmland here can be like striking gold.If a parcel of land meets 33 different physical and historical criteria, and that seize a law reasonable at believing that if you can grow champagne grapes here, you can't grow champagne grapes there. If a parcel of land like this one does meet all the criteria that need the increase in value could be phenomenal. According to some estimates, a piece of property like this might sell for 200 times its present worth.But this is a tale of two vintages. In the south of France they wish they had champagne dilemma. Here the problem for some winemakers is lots of wine and not such good quality, too much international competition and increasingly less wine consumption by their countrymen. So while a national governing board will not touch the grand cru, the top wines, it is recommending changes that may force thousands of acres of poor quality vineyards out of production. Someone could get hurt.I think that will happen but again, er, it’s better to have in the business, maybe less people that are very motivated, very concerned by the job, instead of having people that you must help until their retirement.In the village of Montesson near Bordeaux, everyone from the mayor on down is concerned about what they call here "the crisis". In the past few years, some winemakers have taken government payments to uproot their vines, and the mayor worries his community will change. His maps show how urban it is aly. And more empty land is a temptation to developers. He doesn't want his rural community to go the same way as others nearby. One of his concerns is the Chateau Peron Simon. The Simons have six acres of vineyards which have produced wine for three generations, but now the couple is getting close to retirement with only the hope their 14-year-old grandson might run the vineyard one day, but nothing is sure.If things were going well in the vineyards, it would probably be different.Of course, and there would be more people in the family wanting to take over.And so while some in champagne country may soon be toasting a good fortune elsewhere just finding a way to continue making wine in some of the lesser known vineyards is not easy.Jim Bittermann, CNN, Montesson, France.200812/58994

Administration, Lawmakers Turn Up Heat on AIG Over Bonuses美官员议员不满AIG发高额奖金  Troubled insurance giant American International Group, or AIG, which has received more than 0 billion in U.S. taxpayer money, will pay 5 million in employee bonuses and retention pay. And while senior administration officials and lawmakers are calling it an outrage, There may be little they can do to stop the pay outs. 陷入困境的保险业巨头美国国际公司将拿出1.65亿美元给员工发放奖金与红利和续聘津贴。美国国际集团也称作AIG,该企业得到了超过1700亿美元纳税人的钱。尽管政府高级官员和国会议员认为这笔钱的数目太惊人,他们可能无能为力制止AIG出这笔款。U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has been in talks with AIG Chief Executive Edward Liddy to limit the millions of dollars worth of bonuses promised to employees, including some who worked in the financial product unit responsible for bringing the company to the brink of collapse. 美国财政部部长盖特纳一直在跟AIG首席执行官爱德华.利迪进行谈话,要他减少向员工承诺的数亿美元奖金红利数额,其中包括在该企业金融产品部门工作,对将AIG引入崩溃边缘负有责任的一些人。In a letter sent Saturday to Secretary Geithner, Liddy argued that while the arrangement was both "distasteful and difficult," the retention bonuses were put in place at the beginning of 2008, before AIG received any bail-out money. 利迪在给盖特纳的信中认为,尽管这项安排“令人不愉快,执行起来也有困难”,可是,这笔续聘津贴的钱2008年初就已经到位了,早于AIG接受任何救助款。A top economic adviser to President Barack Obama, Lawrence Summers, said Sunday on A television although he thinks the compensation is outrageous, AIG is contractually obligated to pay them.  奥巴马总统的高级经济顾问萨默斯星期天在美国广播公司电视节目上说,尽管他觉得这笔津贴数目惊人,但是从执行契约的角度,AIG有义务付这笔钱。"We are a country of law," said Lawrence Summers. "There are contracts. The government cannot just abrogate contracts. Every legal step possible to limit those bonuses is being taken." 萨默斯说:“我们是法治国家。合同摆在那了,政府可不能废除这些和约。现在有关方面正在尽可能采取每一个合法的步骤来减少津贴数额。”The bonuses and other seemingly corporate excesses are a source of frustration for the Obama administration as it seeks to rescue financial firms while maintaining public support for these efforts. AIG has received more public funds to stay afloat than any other firm, with the government owning an 80-percent stake in the company. 奥巴马政府在寻求挽救金融公司的同时,尽量让社会继续持这些努力,而上述津贴问题和其它表面看是企业的过份行为让奥巴马政府十分沮丧。AIG得到的公共救助资金比其它任何企业都多,目前政府已经拥有该公司80%的股权。Also appearing on A's This Week With George Stephanopoulos program, Republican Mitch McConnell of Kentucky sharply criticized Summers' response, saying other troubled institutions receiving taxpayer dollars will get the idea it is okay to use this money for employee bonuses.  来自肯塔基州的共和党人麦康奈尔也参加了乔治.斯特凡诺普洛斯主持的美国广播公司“本星期”节目。他尖锐批评了萨默斯的言论,麦康纳尔说,其它得到纳税人钱救助陷入困境的公司会这样认为,拿这笔钱给员工付奖金红利是可以的。"We all know that contracts are valid in this country, but they need to be looked at," said Mitch McConnell. "Did they enter into these contracts knowing full well that, as a practical matter, the taxpayers of the ed States were going to be reimbursing their employees? Particularly employees who got them into this mess in the first place. I think it is an outrage." 麦康奈尔说:“我们都知道,在这个国家合同是有法律效力的,不过合同也需要进行审查。一个实际的问题是,他们签这些合同时是否十分清楚美国的纳税人还要赔偿他们的雇员?特别是还要赔偿那些把他们首先置于困境的那些雇员?我认为这是不道德的行为。”Seeking to reassure the Treasury Secretary, AIG's Liddy said the company would reduce its bonuses in by 30 percent. Liddy also said the top 25 executive positions at the financial products division will earn a salary for the rest of . AIG首席执行官利迪向财政部长盖特纳保说,该公司年的奖金红利将降低30%。利迪还说,公司金融部门25个最高行政职务年今后几个月的月薪是1美元。03/64610

A short visit to India by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has allowed New Delhi and Moscow to strengthen their strategic partnership, which has had its ups and downs since the end of the Cold War era.Indian and Russian officials say the two prime ministers held wide-ranging discussions. 印度和俄罗斯官员说,两国总理就广泛议题进行了磋商。Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says his talks with Mr. Putin went beyond the 22 agreements they signed. "There is much that India and Russia can do together to advance global peace and stability and the process of global economic revival. We've agreed to intensify our consultations on Afghanistan and the challenges posed by terrorism and extremism in our region," he said.印度总理辛格说,他与普京谈话的内容并不止两国签署的22项协议。他说:“印度和俄罗斯能够在很多方面共同合作,推动世界和平与稳定,促进全球经济复苏。我们同意在阿富汗问题,以及恐怖主义与极端主义给我们地区带来的挑战等问题上加强磋商。”But most of the attention focused on the billions of dollars worth of deals they signed. 但最引人注目的还是双方签署的价值数十亿美元的协议。To help India meet a shortage of electricity for its booming economy, Russia is to build between 12 and 16 nuclear power plants here, six of them by 2017. Russia is aly constructing two units in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.为帮助印度解决其蓬勃发展的经济带来的电力短缺问题,俄罗斯将在印度修建12至16个核电站,其中6个将在2017年之前完成。俄罗斯已经在南部的泰米尔纳德邦开始了两个核电站的建设工程。Earlier in the day, during a conference with Indian business leaders gathered in several cities, Mr. Putin said Russia would also supply India with fuel for the reactors and cooperate on disposal of nuclear waste from the new plants. He called Russia's nuclear technology among the safest in the world. 当天早些时候,普京在与聚集在印度几个城市的商界领袖们举行视频会议时说,俄罗斯也将为印度的反应堆提供燃料,并将合作处理新核电站的核废料问题。他说俄罗斯的核技术属于世界上最安全的。One of the most significant agreements is intended to settle a protracted dispute over the sale and refurbishing of a Russian aircraft carrier that is to be delivered to India's Navy by the end of 2012. The two countries originally agreed on a price of about 0 million for the Admiral Gorshkov. Now it is believed to be .3 billion. 印俄签署的重要协议之一,是为了解决有关出售和翻新俄罗斯一艘航空母舰的一个迟迟没有解决的争议。这艘名为“戈尔什科夫海军上将号”的航空母舰计划于2012年底前交付给印度海军。两国原本达成9.5亿美元的价格协议,但据信价格将达到23亿美元。201003/98660

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