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芜湖南陵县妇幼保健人民中医院割包皮芜湖治疗附睾炎医院哪家好The rangers lured the cheetah out into its new home with a fresh carcass.园林管理员用新鲜的动物尸体将猎豹引诱到它的新家中。This is the first cheetah Malawi has had in the wild in two decades.这是20年来马拉维在野外拥有的第一只猎豹。The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world, but even that couldn#39;t protect the species in Malawi.猎豹是世界上奔跑速度最快的陆生动物,然而速度再快,也没能在马拉维存活下来。Poachers killed off the cheetahs#39; prey and ultimately the cheetahs themselves.偷猎者杀光了猎豹的猎物,最终导致了这一物种在本地区的灭绝。;They were last seen within Malawi about 20 years ago.“人们最后一次看到猎豹大约是在20年前。And specifically in the Liwonde area, they have been absent for over a 100 years.尤其是在利翁代地区,人们已经有100多年没有发现过猎豹的踪影了。So, as part of the rehabilitation of the park,所以作为公园重建的一部分,we feel very, that it#39;s very important to bring back the cheetah to Malawi and Liwonde specifically.;我们深觉让猎豹重回马拉维和利翁代相当重要。”A total of four cheetahs – two males and two females – were airlifted to Liwonde from South Africa in May.五月份,总共有四只猎豹——两公两母——从南非空运到了利翁代。The cheetahs spent their first three weeks in this enclosure getting acclimated.前三周,猎豹一直待在这片围场当中,适应新的生活环境。Liwonde National Park has a population of 12,000 large mammals.利翁代国家公园共有1.2万只大型哺乳动物。And these include bush buck, water buffalo and antelope.其中包括南非林羚、水牛和羚羊。The cheetah is the first large predator to be reintroduced to the park.猎豹是第一个被重新引入公园的大型捕食动物。;We have a very healthy animal base“我们的动物基地如今十分繁荣,and now that the protection measures are in place as we have got a very good law enforcement in the park.保护措施均已到位,因为公园的执法环境相当良好。The numbers of animals are increasing very rapidly动物数量也在迅速增加,and, as a result to that, there#39;s more than enough animals to provide for some carnivorous animals such as the cheetah.;这样一来,可供一些肉食动物(如猎豹)捕食的猎物便绰绰有余。”Meanwhile, the officials are holding meetings with communities surrounding the park.与此同时,官员们也正在与公园周边社区举行会议。;Those people are likely to face dangers.“这些人很有可能会面临危险。And our message to the community is to say, can they refrain from entering the park and doing what they used to be doing我们传达给社区的信息就是,他们能否不要进入公园,不要再重复以前的行径,because these animals definitely, they are dangerous, they can kill a human being.;因为这些动物确实很危险。他们完全可以杀死一个人。”Park officials say they soon plan to also reintroduce leopards and lions to restore the park#39;s lost glory.公园官员表示,很快他们就要计划重新引入美洲豹和狮子,恢复公园逝去的风采。Lameck Masina, for VOA news, Liwonde, Malawi.VOA新闻,拉美可·马西纳于马拉维利翁代为您播报。 Article/201706/515930芜湖无为县男科专家 栏目简介:More students will graduate from Chinese universities and colleges this year than ever before. An education consulting company that tracks graduates says the education sector saw the biggest increase in job opening last year. Yuan Chenyue has more. Article/201706/510987Part 2(食) 5(2):对话-买外卖比萨英语口语900句文本下载 /200708/16832芜湖东方医院包皮过长

芜湖不孕不育医院哪家最好芜湖东方男科医院怎么走 原味人文风情:Making Your CV More Effective—a Monster guide让你的履历更成功--一份 Monster 指南You#39;ve got the basic elements of your skills and experience down. Now you need to fine-tune your CV to ensure it#39;s got the X factor that will have employers queuing up for your services. Your CV must make the er believe you#39;re a worthwhile product. Business people generally have the same objectives: profit, bigger market share, developing their business, and creating new products for their customers. They will look for candidates who will help them to achieve these objectives.你已经将你的技能和经历的基本要素写下。现在你需要调整你的履历来确保它有那 X 因素,让雇主排队等你来上班的因素。你的履历必须让读者相信你是一个有价值的商品。商人通常都有同样的目标:利润、更大的市占率、拓展事业,以及替顾客创造新产品。他们会寻找能帮助成就这些目标的候选人。Whether you have two months#39; or 20 years#39; worth of experience, the rules are the same: Show what you#39;ve done or have the potential to bring to the table. Achievements come in all shapes and sizes and are different for every job. For some, you#39;ll be able to show concrete evidence, such as percentage increases in sales or money saved by streamlining; for others, you will need to work harder to show that the influence you had on a project or task made a major impact.无论你有两个月还是二十年的资历,规则都是一样的:秀出你过去的成就或有潜力提供什么帮助。成就有各种形式和规模,而且每个工作都不一样。有一些成就,你能展示出具体明,例如销售百分比成长或提高效率省下金钱;其它的,你会需要更努力表现出来,给人看你在一个企划或任务上的作用造成很大的影响。 Try to pick at least one specific example per job you#39;ve held and explain briefly how it improved the business. It can#39;t be stressed often enough that your CV is designed to get you the interview, not the job. So remember not to delve into too much detail. Provide enough information to entice your potential employers to call you in so you can explain face to face the exact details of the tasks you#39;ve undertaken and the skills you#39;ve learnt. Be careful not to give valuable space to insignificant achievements. As you refine your CV, discard any content that is not selling you in the right way.试着从你做过的每份工作中挑出至少一个特定案例,并简单说明那如何提升生意。有一点再怎么强调都不够,履历是设计来让你有面试机会,而非得到工作。所以记得不要过度着墨小细节。提供足够信息吸引潜在雇主请你去,这样你才能当面解说你经手过的工作的精确细节,以及你学到的技能。注意不要留宝贵的空间给不重要的成就。在你润饰履历时,舍去任何没有正确推销自己的内容。From management talk to obscure abbreviation, the world of business is packed full of cliches, and most of us hate them. Phrases such as team player, results-orientated, and good communicator are worthless without evidence. Be very careful of using abbreviations, especially if you#39;re changing industry. The first person who evaluates your CV is usually somebody in the HR team, who may not be an expert in your field.从管理用语到难懂的缩写,商场上充斥着陈腔滥调,而我们大多数人都厌恶那些。像是善于团队合作的人、结果导向和擅于沟通者这样的词要是没有据都是没用的。用缩写时要非常小心,特别是若你正在转换跑道。第一个检视你的履历的人通常是人资团队的某个人,他可能不是你那个领域的专家。Technology has made everyone#39;s life easier when it comes to recruitment. From uploading your CV to an online database so employers can pick out your skills to recording a CV that gives employers a visual overview of what you can offer their company, your only limitation is your own creativity.提到征才时,科技使每个人的生活变得更容易。从上传履历到在线数据库让雇主能挑选你的专长,到录制影音履历让雇主用眼睛一览你能为他们公司提供什么,你唯一的限制是你的创意。This guide was brought to you by Monster. For more advice, jobs, and career tools, visit monster.co.uk.这份指南由 Monster 带给您。想了解更多建议、工作机会、还有职场工具,请上 monster.co.uk。 Article/201611/478800安徽芜湖市妇幼保健人民中医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

皖南芜湖弋矶山医院男科大夫新英语900句视频版 第15课:在花店 文本如下:Good morning, sir. May I help you?早安, 先生, 我能效劳吗?It#39;s our anniversary today. I#39;m looking for the same flowers as the ones in her wedding bouquet.今天是我们结婚周年, 我要找 (买) 一些和内人在婚礼上所拿的相同的花束.What do they look like?是什么样子的?White. They#39;re white.白色的, 白色的花束.How tall are they?有多高啊?They#39;re short, I guess. About the same height as those short flowers over there.我想, 它是矮矮的, 差不多跟那边的花朵一样高.Do they look like roses?它像玫瑰?No. They look like little bells.不像, 它们看起来像个小钟形.Oh -- lilies of the valley. No, I#39;m sorry.哦 -- 铃兰, 很抱歉,We#39;re out of them at the moment.这个时候我们没有铃兰.Oh, that#39;s too bad.哎呀, 那太糟了.What about roses?买些玫瑰怎么样?OK.好吧!How many do you suggest?你认为需要多少?As many as you like, sir. They#39;re beautiful, aren#39;t they?你需要多少就买多少, 先生. 它们很漂亮, 不是吗?Yes, they are.是的, 很漂亮.Hi, Peggy. Hi, Suzy.嗨, 蓓姬、苏西,What a nice surprise!真是巧极了.Hi, Mom. We#39;re on our way home from school.嗨! 妈, 我们刚下课正要回家.Excuse me a minute, girls.等一下, 孩子们.Jane, can you take care of this gentleman? Now, how was school today?珍, 你能来招呼这位男士吗? 好了, 今天在学校怎么样?The same as always.老样子,Oh. There was one thing.哦, 有件新鲜事.Oh?哦?Jack was in a big fight.杰克跟人家打架.Is he all right?他还好吧?I think so. But he#39;s in the principal#39;s office.我想是没事, 不过他在校长室.Oh, no!噢, 真糟糕!Why are Billy and Jack so different from each other?为什么比利与杰克会有这么大的不同呢?I don#39;t know, dear. I really don#39;t.我不知道, 孩子, 我真不知道.When are you coming home, Mom?妈, 您何时回家?It#39;s Friday. The store is open until 9:00 tonight.星期五, 这家店营业到九点.Gee, you#39;re as bad as Dad.唉! 你跟爸爸一样糟糕.What do you mean, dear?孩子, 这话是什么意思?You#39;re never home, either.你也从不回家.Of course, sir. We send flowers anywhere in the country.当然, 先生, 在这个地区里任何地方我们都送的.Well, tulips are very pretty.嗯, 郁金香是很漂亮的.They look like... uh... well... cups.看起来像是... 嗯... 杯子.Oh, she likes roses. Then send her roses.噢, 她喜欢玫瑰, 那就送玫瑰给她.No, in fact, tulips aren#39;t as expensive as roses this year.不, 实际上, 今年的郁金香不像玫瑰那么昂贵.Fine. How many tulips do you want to order?好, 你要订多少郁金香?.00 I can?Certainly. For send sixteen.当然了, 十块钱可以送十六朵.Yes. We usually include a short note with the flowers.是的, 我们都在花中夹一便条的.;To Mom. Happy Birthday.; Yes, that#39;s fine. Your mother#39;s name and address, please?;送给妈妈, 祝您生日快乐;, 是的, 那很好, 你母亲的名字和地址, 能告诉我吗?Mrs. G. Crawford. 143-29 Park Avenue. Is that C-R-A-W-F-O-R-D?郭佛太太, 公园大道一四三之 29 号, 是不是 C-R-A-W-F-O-R-D ?Thank you. And your name and address, please?谢谢你, 请告诉我你的名字和地址.Michael Crawford. 342 88th Street. Thank you very much. Have a nice day, sir.迈克尔郭佛, 八十八街三四二号, 谢谢您的惠顾, 祝您有个愉快的日子, 先生. /200809/47178 So, are you a real cowboy?你真的是牛仔吗?Where do you live? Down a dirt road.你住哪?泥泞的土地。Did you say ;down a dirt road;?你刚才是说泥泞的土地吗?Do you always wear your cowboy outfit everywhere?你去哪都穿着牛仔装吗?Yep. I do a lot of times, like 100! All the time?是,许多次,永远都是。总是吗?Let me see what they got up here. Look.看看我们准备了什么?看You wear your cowboy boots to the beach?你在沙滩上穿牛仔靴?You is killing them, Blaze!那你真是难为它们了!Have you ever rode a horse before? I got three. Three horses?你骑过马吗?我有三个马。三匹马?How did you get the horses?这些马怎么来的?I saved up a lot of money for Tank.我存钱买了泰克。You have a horse named Tank?马的名字叫泰克吗?Yep. That#39;s him right there. Okay, that#39;s Tank.这个就是它。恩,这是泰克。And you saved up your money to buy Tank?你存钱买了泰克?What did you do to get the money?这些钱是怎么来的?I raked up a lot of horse poop.我铲了许多马粪。Raked up a lot of horse poop.铲了许多马粪。Did so. Watch this.就是这样。看这个。I got to do that to be a cowboy? No.我做这个就能成为牛仔吗?不能。Oh, okay, good. Sometimes I do that.很好。有时我会这么做。I got something for you, partner, #39;cause me and you, we cowboys.我为你准备了些东西,因为我们是牛仔嘛。I#39;m gonna give you your very own moustache. I#39;m matching Steve Harvey!这是你风格的胡须。我和史蒂夫一样了!Do you want to teach me how to be a cowboy now, partner?你现在要教我成为一名牛仔吗,兄弟?Okay, so what we gonna do?那么我们做什么?Rope that barrel. We#39;re gonna rope that barrel. Okay, where you want to stand?将桶套住。好的,将桶套住,你想站在哪里?I want to stand right here. Okay, you gonna take your hat off? Okay.我站在这里。你要摘帽子吗?好的They told me where to hang it, but I forgot.他们告诉了我放帽子的地方,但是我忘了。On the cactus. Okay. I sure forgot.放在仙人掌上。好的。我肯定是忘了。There you go. All right.好了,好了。So you gonna rope that barrel?你要开始套桶了吗?My man! That#39;s cowboy. All right. Here we go. Oh. Hey!真棒!这是真牛仔。该我了。哈哈!I just...I just lassoed my own self.我把自己给套了。Oh, man. My moustache!哦天,我的胡子掉了!Yeah, just hold it up there.对,你就在那呆着。I got my own set of problems right now, Blaze. Here I go. Not again!我自己的问题还没解决呢。走你。又不行!You know that ain#39;t over the barrel!你们知道没套住!What you clapping for? Blaze, what am I doing wrong here, man?那你们鼓掌干嘛?布雷,我做错了什么?I#39;m just 5 years old.我只有五岁。I#39;m just 5 years old. What you asking me for?我只有五岁。你问我干嘛。You wear my hat while I do this here. There you go.你戴着我的帽子,我再做一次。开始吧。That#39;s what it was, Blaze. I couldn#39;t see.这就是个帽子,布雷我看不见你在干嘛。Are you laughing at the size of the hat?你是在笑帽子的大小吗?This is the last try, and then we gonna go rope the cactus.这是最后一次,然后我将套牢那个仙人掌。Where#39;d you go, Steve Harvey? Harvey? Why? Come on, let#39;s rope the cactus.你去哪了,哈维?哈维?去那边,去套那个仙人掌。Take this hat off, Blaze. I can#39;t get it over the barrel. How am I gonna get it over the cactus?布雷把帽子拿下来。桶套不了。仙人掌看是更不行了。I saw you do something with your hand that I didn#39;t know. That ain#39;t it.我发现你的手有些技巧,但我不知道怎么弄的。这样不行。It#39;s just moving! The cactus! Huh? The cactus is just moving?它在动!仙人掌!恩?仙人掌在动?See it? I know! Whoa!看见了吗?哈哈!That#39;s because our propmen are funny.我们的道具员很有意思啊。Have you ever heard of unemployment check?你听说过失业金吗?Just throw it! So...Now let me try.快扔吧!该我了!Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest young cowboy of all time! Give your love for Blaze!女士们先生们,史上最伟大的牛仔!为布雷鼓掌! 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