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泉州欧菲整形美容医院口腔科怎么样里约奥运会上,巴西观众为啥嘘声不断? --5 :: 来源:chinadaily It didn’t take long the Brazilians to rewrite the norms of Olympic fandom.巴西人没用几天就改写了奥运会观赛规则The list of Olympic participants targeted by Brazilian boos is long and varied: Russians, due to its doping scandal; Spaniards, as symbols of Latin American colonialism; a tennis ball boy who had butterfingers; favorites—like the poor Romanian women’s handball team—when they played the underdogs; and, of course, anyone from Brazil’s historic rival Argentina, who probably get the worst of it.本届奥运会惨遭巴西观众嘘声的人不计其数:俄罗斯人,因为嗑药丑闻;西班牙人,因为象征了拉美殖民主义;网球球童,因为有黄油手;观众最喜欢嘘的是不被看好的一方,比如可怜的罗马尼亚女子手球队;当然了,还有他们的世仇阿根廷,被嘘得最惨Pole vaulter Renaud Lavillenie was booed by the Rio fans—twice in hours—to the point he was in floods of tears on the podium, leading the International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach to take the unprecedented step of saying the crowd’s antics were “unacceptable at the Olympics.”撑杆跳运动员李纳德?拉维莱涅在小时内被嘘了两次,他最后在领奖台上被观众们嘘哭了国际奥委会主席托马斯?巴赫都看不下去了,史无前例地站出来发声,说观众们的行为“在奥运会上令人无法接受”Pole-vaulter Renaud Lavillenie consoled by Thiago Braz and Sergei Bubka after he was booed at medal ceremony— IOC MEDIA (@iocmedia) August , 撑杆跳运动员拉维莱涅在颁奖仪式上被嘘,之后蒂亚戈?布拉兹和谢尔盖?布卡安慰了他——国际奥委会(@iocmedia)年8月日The fans were so boisterous at a beach volleyball game between the Brazilian and Czech teams that the public address announcer had to repeatedly admonish them against booing the visitors. A normally staid air-pistol event almost turned into a melee when unruly Brazilian fans tried rattling the concentration of eigners as they pulled the trigger.在巴西和捷克进行沙滩排球比赛时,巴西球迷非常喧闹,现场广播员不得不反复告诫观众不要嘘客队好端端的气手比赛几乎变成了一场混战,任性的巴西观众总是在外国选手扣动扳机时大声吵闹,试图分散他们的注意力At a tennis match where fans heckled the player from Argentina, there was a scuffle in the stands (link in Spanish)—perhaps the first ever case of tennis hooliganism.网球赛场上,观众们高声挑衅阿根廷选手,一些人甚至还在看台扭打成一团,估计这是有史以来第一起网球流氓事件In London four years ago, the British fans got behind not only their own country, but every other in the spirit of sportsmanship. Alberto Murray Neto, a Brazilian lawyer who has served in the past on the Brazilian Olympic Committee, says that as Brazilian soccer dominated the sporting culture here, mastering the codes of other sports will be a learning process many people who have never seen them played. “This is the Brazilian way, which is different from the very proper English way in ,” he says.四年前的伦敦奥运会,英国观众出于体育道德精神,不仅持本国运动员,同样也持别国运动员巴西律师阿尔贝托?默里?内托以前曾在巴西奥委会工作,他表示,巴西的体育文化是以足球为主导的,很多人没有看过别的体育比赛,所以掌握其他比赛的观赛规则还需要学习“这就是巴西观众的观赛方式,这与年伦敦奥运会英国观众非常得体的观赛方式不同”他说道At the Riocentro sports complex on Friday night (Aug. ), the fans were as much the talk of eign tourists and athletes as the Games themselves. Marian Busch, a German tourist, said Brazilians are wonderful people—as long as you don’t run into them in the bleachers. “They do things that would be considered unfair and unsporting in Europe,” she says.8月日晚上,在里约中心体育馆,外国游客和运动员们对巴西观众的关注程度不亚于对奥运会本身,并且颇有微词德国游客玛丽安?布施表示,巴西人非常赞,只要你别在看台上遇到他们“他们做的事情,在欧洲都会被认为是不公平和无体育道德的”她说道While the weightlifters were pictures of concentration as they crouched over their bars, the low roar from the stands never diminished. The seemingly oblivious Brazilian rooters were shooting selfies, gobbling up concession stand snacks and engaging unashamedly in public displays of affection. At one point, when the noise seemed to be distracting a Ukrainian lifter, a group of Ukrainian fans, who looked as pumped up as some of the participants, brusquely told some nearby Brazilians to knock it off.举重运动员在台上拳擦掌屏息凝神,而台下的喧嚣声从未衰减这些似乎不关注比赛的巴西观众在自拍,狂吃零食,公开秀恩爱眼看一位乌克兰举重选手不堪其扰,一群乌克兰观众看起来像运动员一样情绪激动,他们直接冲到旁边的一群巴西观众面前,勒令他们停止吵闹In another arena, Australia and Malaysia were doing battle in badminton. reasons that weren’t clear, a large contingent of Brazilians had adopted the Australian cause that night—more loudly than the Aussies themselves.在另一个场馆里,澳大利亚和马来西亚在进行羽毛球比赛那天晚上,一大批巴西观众不知怎的持澳大利亚这边,声音比澳大利亚人还大Sometimes, the fans just seemed to make noise its own sake. At one point during a ping-pong event, a cheer went up incongruously in the middle of a long volley. It turned out fans were applauding a slender fellow in a track suit who happened to be sauntering past the bleachers.有时候,观众们纯粹只是为了制造噪音而嘘在一场乒乓赛事中,观众席上猛地发出一阵不协调的喝声,原来只是一个穿着田径的瘦小伙从看台走过‘Need to vent’ “需要发泄的渠道”Olympic organizers have aly asked the crowd to rein it in. “We’ll ask the fans more silence and elegance during the competitions,” Rio Olympics spokesman Mario Andrada said last week. “The passion of the Brazilian fans pleases us all, but it’s necessary to respect the adversary. The Olympics aren’t fútbol games.”奥运会的组织者早已告诉观众要控制自己的行为里约奥运会的发言人马里奥?安德拉达上周表示:“我们会要求观众在观赛期间保持安静,举止文明巴西观众的热情固然令人愉悦,但也必须要尊重对手毕竟奥运会不是足球比赛”Besides the tradition of soccer, the unruly behavior may have something to do with the hard times Brazilians are currently enduring, sports sociologist Mauricio Murad told Quartz. With Brazil’s president facing impeachment while the country endures its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the scream coming from the bleachers is a primal one, Murad says. “Brazilians need to vent right now, and I think that’s what we’re seeing in the stands at the Olympics,” he said.体育社会学家毛里西奥?穆拉德向Quartz网站表示,除了足球传统,观众们的任性行为可能跟巴西人民目前正在经历的困境有关系巴西总统正面临弹劾,该国正经历着大萧条以来最严重的经济危机,看台上的尖叫声实际上是在释放压抑的情绪穆拉德说道,“巴西人需要释放的渠道,我认为这渠道就是奥运会看台上的吵闹”The bad behavior in the bleachers is also a consequence of Brazilians’ relatively limited interaction with the rest of the world historically, said Ronaldo Lemos, director of the Institute Technology and Society in Rio de Janeiro. “The issue here is that Brazil is basically a very closed and insular country,” he said. “Brazilians do not live on a day-to-day basis with international people.”里约技术与社会协会主任罗纳尔多?莱莫斯表示,看台上的恶劣行为也是巴西人对外交往有限的结果“问题在于,巴西基本是一个很封闭和孤立的国家,”他说道,“巴西人跟那些国际观众的三观不一样”Having not traveled very much, he added, Brazilians may believe that their own manners are “universal.” That is, this is how everyone behaves.巴西人出国旅行太少,他补充道,他们可能认为自己的行为是“全球通用的”即,他们认为大家都会这样做Columnist Marcos Sergio Silva wrote that the conduct of fans also reflects the tendency of Brazilians to turn every event into a morality play along the lines of a telenovela, or soap opera. “At bottom, we’re Manichean in the extreme and we always need to select villains,” he wrote.专栏作家马科斯?塞尔吉奥?席尔瓦写道,巴西观众的举止反映出他们喜欢把一切事情当作如同肥皂剧般的伦理剧,“实际上,我们很像一群尼教徒,总要选出一个坏人来”他写道The German tennis player Dustin Brown, who was getting booed while competing against Brazilian Thomaz Bellucci, actually seemed to relish the villain’s role, egging the hostile crowd on. Chinese table tennis player Zhang Jike put his index finger to his lips to quiet the fans.德国网球选手达斯汀?布朗在跟巴西选手托马斯?贝鲁奇交手时被观众狂嘘,他反而很享受当坏人的感觉,甚至给观众煽风点火中国乒乓球选手张继科则把食指放在嘴边让观众安静Of course, that only made the jeering worse.当然,那只会招来更大的嘘声Vocabularybutterfinger: 黄油手,是对经常扑球失误的足球守门员的戏称,意思是手上像抹了黄油一样,拿不稳球underdog: 比赛中不被看好者antics: 滑稽动作;古怪姿态melee: 混战,格斗;互殴heckle: 诘问;激烈质问scuffle: 混战;扭打hooliganism: 流氓行为bleacher: (运动场的)露天看台brusquely: 唐突地;直率地knock it off: 停止做;住口,别再讲下去了incongruously: 不协调地;不和谐地saunter: 闲逛;漫步impeachment: 弹劾insular: 孤立的;与世隔绝的telenovela: (尤指中美洲或南美洲的)浪漫电视肥皂剧egg on: 怂恿,煽动英文来源:Quatz翻译:赵宁(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮在泉州第一人民医院割狐臭 deficiency di5fiFEnsin.缺乏;不足之数泉州皮肤修复哪家最好

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