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fUqTzFi#-qiCYWS3c,Mr7be5(wX(@RHN*q@PmqK;-qyKHA Bryant Park worker cleans the sidewalk during a snow storm in New York, January 1, . Snow lovers in the northeast finally got what they have been waiting Saturday morning, with a fast-moving storm bringing 3 to 7 inches from central Pennsylvania to Connecticut. many areas away from the Great Lakes, this will be the heaviest snowfall since a storm in late October.h9,Td%KM3LMkY!7SHo#年1月1日,布莱恩公园的工作人员正在清理路边积雪X!rd-7aQb;a#j住在东北地区喜爱雪的人看到周六早上雪花翩翩而至,估计都偷着乐了MrGNvGEVj|8w随着冷空气的快速移动,地区降雪达到3至7英尺,降雪面积覆盖从斯堪的纳维亚半岛到欧洲大陆的广大地区+z3%zbj,0*aYNa+~gSt除了五大湖地区外,本次降雪将成为历史同期最大的一场降雪bKdcfXSh)fiE^Gds].-v~JHPMH)wuzSf0-@CVJNp]pq;3kR!wb*ptW(Si^i78E_HpjChina media watchdog said it has ordered Internet celebrity ;Papi Jiang; to take her s offline on last Sunday due to her use of ;swear words and insulting language; in the show.上周日,中国媒体监督机构表示,因存在粗口表述、侮辱性语言问题,网红“Papi酱”的视频已被勒令下线The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) has required the show to remove the foul language and vulgar content bee it could go back online. The SAPPRFT said the move against ;Papi Jiang; followed ;reports from the public and expert evaluations;.国家新闻出版广电总局要求该节目在去除违规言语、低俗内容后,才能重新上线广电总局称,针对“Papi酱”的这一举动是依据群众举报和专家评审结果;Papi Jiang; is the nickname of a graduate from the Central Academy of Drama, who began cracking jokes in homemade s on social networks in August . She now has more than m followers on Sina Weibo and has raised RMBm from investors a share of her brand.“Papi酱”是中央戏剧学院某研究生的昵称,年8月,她开始在社交网络发布自制搞笑视频她目前在新浪微拥有超过00万的粉丝,“Papi酱”品牌从投资者那里筹集了00万元的股份融资The blogger has responded on Weibo that she accepts the criticism and will revise the s. Yang Ming, the CEO of Papi Jiang team behind the viral s, also said that they have been made aware of their shortcomings and will heed the authorities call revision.“Papi酱”在微中对此事作出回应称,她接受批评,将会修改视频内容“Papi酱”团队的领导者杨明也表示,他们已经意识到自己的缺点,将会听从广电总局的建议修改视频It is reported that the verbal order is not directed against Papi Jiang only, as many other websites are asked to revise their s.据广电总局表示,这项勒令并不只是针对“Papi酱”的,因为很多其他视频网站也被要求修改他们的视频 38891图片1:来自欧洲各地的摄影师们纷纷为这次欧洲奇景项目添砖加瓦,历尽辛苦追寻各自心中的“天堂”山峰、山谷等等山中美景,当然还有生活在其中的各色动物,无一不在他们视野之中,来吧,看看他们带给我们什么了都!!Photographers from across Europe recently took part in the Wild Wonders of Europe project, traveling the continent in search of its natural beauty and wildlife. They captured peaks, gorges, and other mountain landscapes—as well as some of the animals that live there.图片:瑞士,阿尔卑斯山,马特宏峰冰川Matterhorn Glacier, Valais (Pennine) Alps, Switzerland 99

India, Anti-Poachers, 1997"Setting ests aside tigers is one thing, ensuring that they remain protected is something else again. Protecting wildlife from poachers requires strict policing, but the battered rifles the guards carry are no match the automatic weapons wielded by intruders." —Text adapted from "Making Room Wild Tigers," December 1997, National Geographic magazine (Photographed on assignment , but not published in, "Sita: Life of a Wild Tigress," December 1997, National Geographic magazine)“为老虎保留森林栖息地是一回事,确保它们受到保护又是另一回事了保护野生动物不被偷猎者捕杀需要严格的管制,但是森林管理人员携带的旧步比不上入侵者使用的自动武器” ——文字摘自1997年《国家地理杂志月号《给野虎生存的空间 73370

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