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Women are at their happiest at the age of , a study has found.  一项最新研究表明,女性在岁时最幸福  Researchers discovered women feel most confident and happy with their love life and body shape shortly bee they reach 30.  研究人员发现,在即将“奔三”之际,女性对自己的爱情生活最自信,感觉最幸福,同时也对自己的身材最满意 769Sex and the City Cynthia Nixon has married her long-term partner Christine Marinoni. The actress, 6, wore a custom dress by Carolina Herrera the ceremony, which was held in New York yesterday. Her publicist confirmed to People: ;Cynthia Nixon and her girlfriend, Christine Marinoni, were legally married in the state of New York.; No further details about the ceremony are currently available.《欲望都市(Sex and the City)女主演之一辛西亚·尼克森(Cynthia Nixon)的发言人周一表示,6岁的尼克森周末在纽约与5岁的女友克里斯汀·马里诺尼(Christine Marinoni)结婚于年5月7日在纽约州合法结婚其发言人未透露更多细节 185

When Otto Frank first published his daughter’s red-checked diary and notebooks, he wrote a prologue assuring ers that the book mostly contained her words, written while hiding from the Nazis in a secret annex of a factory in Amsterdam.奥托·弗兰克(Otto Frank)首次出版女儿的红格子封面日记与笔记时,在前言中向读者保,这本书里大部分都是她的原话这些日记是弗兰克一家在阿姆斯特丹一处工厂的密室里躲避纳粹迫害期间写下的But now the Swiss foundation that holds the copyright to “The Diary of Anne Frank” is alerting publishers that her father is not only the editor but also legally the co-author of the celebrated book.但是如今,拥有《安妮·弗兰克日记(The Diary of Anne Frank)一书版权的一家瑞士基金会通知出版商,她的父亲不仅仅是这本名著的编辑,而且从法律上亦应当被列为这本书的合作作者The move has a practical effect: It extends the copyright from Jan. 1, when it is set to expire in most of Europe, to the end of . Copyrights in Europe generally end 70 years after an author’s death. Anne Frank died 70 years ago at Bergen-Belsen, a concentration camp, and Otto Frank died in 1980. Extending the copyright would block others from being able to publish the book without paying royalties or receiving permission.这个做法产生了实际的后果:这本书的版权将于明年1月1日在大部分欧洲国家到期,把安妮的父亲列为作者之后,版权期可以延长到年年底在欧洲,书籍的版权保护期一般是在作者去世70年内有效安妮·弗兰克70年前死于贝尔根-贝尔森集中营,奥托·弗兰克则于1980年去世延长版权期可令其他出版社无法不付版税或不经许可就出版这本书In the ed States, the diary’s copyright will still end in 7, 95 years after the first publication of the book in 195.在美国,这本书的版权仍将延续到7年年底,也就是这本书自195年首次出版的95年后While the foundation, the Anne Frank Fonds, in Basel, signaled its intentions a year ago, warnings about the change have provoked a furor as the deadline approaches. Some people opposed to the move have declared that they would defy the foundation and publish portions of her text.该基金会坐落在巴塞尔,名为“安妮·弗兰克基金会”(Anne Frank Fonds)一年前,基金会表示出这个意向,随着日期临近,这个改变激起一片愤怒之声反对此举的人宣布抵制基金会,并自行出版安妮日记的若干部分Foundation officials “should think very carefully about the consequences,” said Agnès Tricoire, a lawyer in Paris who specializes in intellectual property rights in France, where critics have been the most vociferous and are organizing a challenge. “If you follow their arguments, it means that they have lied years about the fact that it was only written by Anne Frank.”法国知识产权律师阿格尼丝·特里格尔(Agnès Tricoire)说,基金会官员应当“慎重考虑其后果”,目前,法国的批评者是最激烈的,他们正在组织抗议活动“如果你接受他们的说法,就等于说他们多年以来说了谎,这本书并不完全是由安妮·弗兰克写的”The decision has also set the foundation on a possible collision course with the Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam, a separate entity that years has sparred with the Anne Frank foundation over legal questions, such as ownership of archives and trademark issues.这个决定还有可能令基金会与阿姆斯特丹的安妮·弗兰克之家物馆( Anne Frank House museum)产生冲突该物馆是一个独立机构,多年来就档案的所有权和商标等法律问题与基金会争吵不断The museum has been working five years with historians and researchers on an elaborate web version of the diary intended publication once the copyright expires. The research is still progressing with a historical and textual analysis of her writing, including deletions, corrections and stains.这家物馆已经同历史学家和研究者合作了五年,建立一份安妮日记的详尽网络版本,只等版权期一到期就公布对她的日记进行历史与文本阐释的研究工作还在进行中,包括研究日记中的删改和涂抹“We haven’t decided yet when or how the results will be published,” said Maatje Mostart, a spokeswoman the Anne Frank House. “Any publishing will always be done within the legal frameworks.” She added pointedly that neither “Otto Frank nor any other person is co-author.”“我们还没有决定何时或以何种方式公布这些研究成果,”安妮·弗兰克之家的发言人马特耶·莫斯塔特(Maatje Mostart)说“所有发行计划都会在法律框架内进行”她尖锐地补充说,“奥托·弗兰克或任何人都不是合作作者”One of Anne’s own astute diary entries seemed to anticipate the disputes: “Why do grown-ups quarrel so easily?”安妮本人一篇敏锐的日记似乎预见到了这些纷争:“大人们为什么那么爱吵架?”Anne was when she died at Bergen-Belsen. She had been arrested after someone alerted the authorities that the family had been hiding in the secret annex of a pectin factory on the Prinsengracht, or Prince’s Canal. Otto Frank was the family’s only survivor.安妮在贝尔根-贝尔森去世时年仅岁,有人向当局告密说这家人藏匿在王子运河一家胶质工厂的密室里,安妮一家遭到逮捕,奥托·弗兰克是全家唯一的幸存者After arranging her diary and notebooks to be published, he tried to secure Anne’s legacy. In 1960, he and the City of Amsterdam helped save the building where the family had hidden. (It became the Anne Frank House.)出版她的日记和笔记本后,他一直保护着安妮的遗作1960年,他与阿姆斯特丹市协助保存了这个家庭曾经藏身的建筑,就是后来的安妮·弗朗克之家物馆Three years later, he set up the foundation in Switzerland to collect the diary’s royalties and distribute them to charities such as Unicef, children’s education projects and a medical fund that today supports about 50 gentiles who saved Jews during the war. He left her actual diaries and notebooks to the Dutch state.三年后,他又在瑞士成立了该基金会,它将得来的安妮日记版税捐献给联合国儿童基金会、各种儿童教育项目等慈善组织,以及一家医疗基金,它援着大约50个曾在战争期间拯救犹太人的非犹太人他把她日记和笔记的原件留给了荷兰“Effectively, Otto split up the legacy of his daughter, which one could say has created a bit of a nice mess ever since,” said Gerben Zaagsma, a historian of modern Jewish history at the University of G in Germany who is working on a scholarly edition of the diary backed by the foundation and Germany’s culture ministry.“奥托实际上是把女儿的遗产拆分开来了,可以说从那以后就造成了一点麻烦,”德国哥廷根大学现代犹太史学者格本·扎格斯玛(Gerben Zaagsma)说,他一直在基金会与德国文化部的持下,致力于这本日记的学术编辑版本The foundation does not publish yearly reports about its finances. But in recent years, it said it had donated about .5 million annually to hundreds of charitable organizations.基金会并不公布自己的年度财报但是近年来,它声称自己每年向几百个慈善团体捐助0万美元“The longer they can claim copyright protection, the longer they can ask money publication of the works,” said Stef van Gompel, a professor at the University of Amsterdam who specializes in copyright law.“只要他们拥有版权,就能凭着版权向出版社索费,”阿姆斯特丹大学版权法教授斯蒂夫·范·格姆佩尔(Stef van Gompel)说Six years ago, the foundation asked legal experts in various countries advice on its copyright, according to Yves Kugelmann, a member of the foundation’s board. They concluded, he said, that Otto “created a new work” because of his role of editing, merging and trimming entries from her diary and notebooks and reshaping them into “kind of a collage” meriting its own copyright.基金会董事会成员伊夫·库格尔曼恩(Yves Kugelmann)说,六年前基金会曾向各国法律专家就版权问题征求意见他说,专家们得出结论,奥托对安妮的日记和笔记做了编辑、合并和修饰,从而“创作了一部新作品”,让它们重新形成“某种拼贴合集”,也应当拥有版权Merely declaring Otto the “co-author” on copyright filings extends the copyright, legal experts said, though such a stand could be tested in the courts. Readers would not see any changes on the books themselves, foundation officials said.法律专家们说,仅仅是主张奥托是版权意义上的“联合作者”,就可以延长保护期,尽管这还需要经过法庭检验基金会的官员们说,读者不会在书籍上看到任何变化The foundation’s officials said that their aim is to “make sure that Anne Frank stays Anne,” Mr. Kugelmann said, by maintaining control and avoiding inappropriate exploitation of the work. “When she died, she was a young girl who was not even . We are protecting her. That is our task.”基金会官员们说,他们的目标是通过保持对安妮日记的控制权,避免对这部作品的不当利用,以此“确保安妮·弗兰克依然是安妮”,库格尔曼恩说“她去世时还是个不满岁的小女孩我们在保护她,这是我们的职责”Critics, he said, are wrongly looking at the intended change as a financial matter. “It is not about the money,” he said.他说,批评者们错误地认为这个改变是为了经济利益“这不是为了钱,”他说But Mr. van Gompel, the copyright lawyer, said extending the copyright runs counter to the intention of the laws.但是版权律师范·格姆佩尔说,延长版权期违背了相关法律的本意“There is a good reason that copyrights are limited, so that people can freely use” written materials, he said. “It doesn’t mean that they need to be protected all eternity.”“版权保护期有时间限制,这是有充分理由的,这样人们就可以免费使用书面素材,”他说“这项法律并不意味着它们需要被永久保护”Copyright protections vary from country to country. The classic novella “The Little Prince” fell into the public domain this year in much of the world but remains under copyright in France because of an exception that grants a 30-year extension to authors who died during military service in World War I and II.版权保护的规则在各个国家都不同今年,经典中篇小说《小王子(The Little Prince)在很多国家进入公共版权领域,但在法国还在版权保护期内,因为该国有一项例外条款,规定在“一战”和“二战”期间,在军队役时牺牲的作者的版权期可以延长30年Some critics of the foundation have aly tested its resolve by posting bootleg copies of the diary online.有些批评基金会的人已经在网络上发表一些未授权的日记片段,以此来测试基金会的解决方案Olivier Ertzscheid, a lecturer in communications and researcher at the University of Nantes, received a warning letter this month from a French publisher of the diary after he started circulating a copy online in protest. He removed it, but he and a French politician, Isabelle Attard, said they were waiting to see what happens in January bee pressing ward with a plan to encourage publication of the original manuscript more widely online.南特大学传播学讲师与研究者奥利维尔·恩茨希尔德(Olivier Ertzscheid)在网上传播一份安妮日记,以示抗议,本月,他收到了安妮日记法国出版社的警告信他删除了网上的日记,但他和法国政治家伊莎贝·阿达尔(Isabelle Attard)说,他们已经有计划,促进安妮的原稿在网上更广泛地传播,在此之前,他们要看看一月份会发生什么“The best protection of the work is to bring it in the public domain, because its audience will grow even more,” said Ms. Attard, who noted that her own Jewish relatives were hidden or deported during the German occupation in France. “What is happening now is a bluff and pure intimidation.”“对这部作品最好的保护就是让它进入公共版权领域,因为这样读者才会愈来愈多,”阿达尔说,她指出,在德军占领法国期间,她的犹太亲属亦曾藏匿起来,或被驱逐出境“现在发生的事只是虚张声势,是纯粹的威胁”The foundation insists that by issuing an early warning of its intent to extend the copyright, it is acting ethically to prevent publishers from pursuing a course that might be unproductive and costly.基金会坚称,他们已经发表早期警告,声称基金会有延长版权保护期的意向,这样做是在道德上防止出版社追求任何可能没有效果、耗费资金的目标But if the foundation succeeds, publishers may wind up waiting even longer than the 70 years allowed after Otto Frank’s death.但是如果基金会胜利了,出版社到了奥托·弗兰克去世70年后,可能还要继续等待A second editor, Mirjam Pressler, revised, edited and added 5 percent more material from Anne Frank’s diary what was called a “definitive edition” in 1991. She qualified a copyright her creative work, and the rights were transferred to the foundation, said its lawyer, Kamiel Koelman.1991年,该书的第二编辑米尔亚姆·普莱斯勒(Mirjam Pressler)修改、编辑了安妮·弗兰克的日记,并增添了5%的新素材,这个版本被称为“最终版”基金会的律师卡米尔·科尔曼(Kamiel Koelman)说,她也应当因为自己的创造性工作赢得一份版权,这份权利目前已经被转移到基金会She is still living, he added, giving them copyright ownership from the date of her future death at least another 70 years.他说,她目前还在世,这样,到她未来去世70年内,基金会都将拥有安妮日记的版权 159

  moviegoers who are animal lovers and people who yearn a connection with nature, Wolf Totem is highly recommended.如果你热爱动物、渴望与大自然亲密接触,那么电影《狼图腾一定不容错过Based on Jiang Rong’s novel of the same name, the 3-D adventure epic is about Chen Zhen (Feng Shaofeng) and Yang Ke (Shawn Dou) being sent from Beijing to Inner Mongolia in the 1960s to live with a nomadic tribe. They are among the million urban middle school grads in the “cultural revolution” (1966-76), who answered Chairman Mao’s call to go work and live with local villagers in poor provinces. After saving the life of a wolf cub and raising it in secret, Chen becomes captivated by the ferocious, agile and intelligent creature.影片根据中国作家姜戎的同名小说改编,可谓一部3D史诗巨制故事讲述了世纪60年代,北京知青陈阵(冯绍峰饰)和杨克(窦骁饰)在内蒙古草原插队时与牧民群落相依相存的故事在“文化大革命”期间(1966-1976),两位年轻人响应毛主席的号召,奔赴贫困乡村工作一次,陈阵救了一只小狼崽,并悄悄将它收养,从此变得对狼非常着迷,深深地爱上了这种凶猛、敏捷而又充满智慧的动物……French filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud, who also directed The Bear (1988) and Two Brothers () has proven he knows how to create a movie about wild animals. While watching a pack of wolves ambush a herd of gazelles over the snow-blanketed grasslands, I held my breath just like Chen and gray-bearded local leader Bilig (Basen Zhabu). And during a night snowstorm, as the wolves chased after a group of horses, I could feel the protagonists’ desperation welling up in my throat.曾执导《熊的故事(1988)、《虎兄虎弟 ()等影片的法国导演让#86;雅克#86;阿诺堪称拍摄野生动物题材的行家我像陈阵和胡子花白的当地牧民毕利格(巴森 饰)一样,当目睹狼群在雪原上伏击一群瞪羚时屏住了呼吸;而在另一个暴风雪的夜晚,当看到狼群在追逐马群时,我感觉自己就像主人公一样绝望Through Annaud’s lens we observe the brutality of the wolves. The director’s close-up shots of the wolves are particularly impressive.通过阿诺的镜头,我们目睹了狼群的残忍而导演给狼的特写镜头更是令人印象深刻!These days, many animals in films are computer animated, such as Caesar in the recent Planet of the Apes movies (, ) and the tiger that Yang Zirong fights in The Taking of Tiger Mountain (). But Wang Weimin, the producer of Wolf Totem told China Daily that “our movie needed real wolves”.如今,很多电影中的动物形象都是电脑动画制作的效果,比如《决战猩球系列影片(, ) 中的猿族领袖“凯撒”、《智取威虎山 ()中杨子荣打的“老虎”等然而,《狼图腾的制片人王为民表示,“我们的电影需要真正的狼”British animal trainer Andrew Simpson spent three years raising and training a pack of wolves the movie, watching them grow from cubs to adults. During the shooting of the movie, leading actor Feng would play with the wolves, feed them and clean their dens. The process helped Feng develop a deeper understanding of the wild creature. He told Mtime that “Wolves can treat you as friends, but never as owners.”影片请来号称“狼王”的英国驯兽师安德鲁#86;辛普森,搭建狼圈,悉心照料,历时三年,看着小狼长大拍摄过程中,男主演冯绍峰、亲自与狼玩耍、喂狼、打扫狼窝这个过程使得他对狼的理解变得更加深刻,在接受时光网采访时,他说“狼可以把你当成朋友,但绝不是主人”However, wolves are not particularly prone to following a director’s instructions, so Simpson and Annaud sometimes had to wait a whole day just to capture the right scene.然而,狼可不是乖乖听从导演指示的演员,为拍摄一个特定场景,辛普森和阿诺有时需要等待一整天,才能捕捉到理想的镜头One of Wolf Totem’s most prominent themes is the contradiction between nature and human civilization. To meet the need of feeding a growing population, the ecological balance of the grasslands was destroyed. But much of this theme is presented through Chen’s voiceovers, making the film a bit too didactic.电影《狼图腾的主题之一是描述自然与人类文明之间的冲突为了满足不断增长的人口对粮食的需求,草原的生态平衡遭到了破坏不过,它主要通过主人公陈阵的画外音中的陈述得以体现,使得影片颇有些说教意味Another problem with the film is the unnecessary romance between Chen and Gasma, a mother whose husband is killed by wolves. The limited interaction between the two as depicted is not enough to deliver a profound love story. Chen’s relationships with his wolf and Bilig are much more compelling.电影的另一个问题,则是陈阵和噶斯迈之间多余的感情戏噶斯迈是一个小男孩的母亲,丈夫因狼群而死在剧中,两人的互动显得轻描淡写,不足以发展为深刻的爱情故事倒是陈阵与收养的小狼,以及和蒙古族牧民毕利格(Bilig)的关系则显得更加引人入胜But despite a few slight narrative flaws and lackluster 3-D imagery, there’s no denying that with Wolf Totem, Annaud has crafted a film upon a truly original premise.但是瑕不掩瑜,除了些许叙事上的不足与有些平淡的3D效果,无可否认,《狼图腾仍是阿诺依据故事原型而打造的一部精良之作 367



  电影《一个勺子日在北京举行首映,百转千回,终见曙光,影片定档月日,导演陈建斌携主演蒋勤勤、金世佳出席,圈中好友杨澜、李亚鹏等到场点赞Award-winning film A Fool has finally premiered in Beijing after several months of delays. The movie will be on release on November. Director Chen Jianbin, leading cast Jiang Qinqin and Jin Shijia all made their appearance at the premier. Renowned celebrities including host Yang Lan and actor Li Yapeng also showed up at the premier.Iron Man 3 got off to a full-throttled start internationally this weekend, as it opened in most countries outside the U.S. and grossed 5.3 million through Sunday, according to an estimate from Walt Disney Co. DIS +1.83%studio division.[qh]上周末《钢铁侠3(Iron Man 3)开始在国际院线全面公映,这是该片在美国以外的大多数国家首映据华特-迪士尼(Walt Disney Co.)旗下的影片工作室估计,截至周日该片已经获得了1.953亿美元的票房[qh]That is slightly bigger than the international debut of last year The Avengers, which was launched simultaneously in the same countries save one─Japan opening was slightly later. Iron Man 3 has yet to open in Germany.[qh]这一成绩略好于去年上映的《复仇者联盟(The Avengers)的国际首映票房成绩《复仇者联盟去年也在除日本外的相同国家同时上映,而日本的首映日期被稍稍推后《钢铁侠3尚未在德国上映[qh]Avengers, also from Disney Marvel Studios , went on to gross .5 billion world-wide.[qh]同样由迪士尼旗下的漫威影业(Marvel Studios)发行的《复仇者联盟在全球范围内揽获了亿美元的票房[qh]Along with Germany, Iron Man 3 will open in China and Russia later this week. This past weekend it permed best in the U.K., followed by South Korea, Australia, Mexico and France.[qh]《钢铁侠3本周晚些时候将在德国、中国和俄罗斯上映刚刚过去的这个周末该片在英国的票房成绩最佳,其次是韩国、澳大利亚、墨西哥和法国[qh]The third in Marvel series of films starring Robert Downey Jr. as a metal-clad, wisecracking super-hero starts playing Thursday night in the U.S. and Canada, where it is projected to have a huge opening of well over million.[qh]这是漫威影业发行的系列影片中的第三部,由小罗伯特#86;唐尼(Robert Downey Jr.)主演他在片中饰演一个身披金属盔甲且爱说俏皮话的超级英雄该片将于周四晚上在美国和加拿大首映预计该片在美加两国的首映票房能远超1亿美元[qh]It has become increasingly common big-budget Hollywood films to open overseas bee they do so domestically, as studios prioritize release dates the more lucrative international market over the comparatively smaller American one.[qh]好莱坞大制作影片先在海外首映后在美国国内上映的情况已经越来越常见相比规模相对较小的美国市场,片方会为利润更加丰厚的国际市场优先安排上映日期[qh]Disney distribution chief Dave Hollis said he wanted to open Iron Man 3 bee the coming May Day holiday on May 1, when many eign workers and schoolchildren have off.[qh]迪士尼公司负责影院销售的执行副总裁霍利斯(Dave Hollis)说,他想在5月1日的劳动节假期来临前上映《钢铁侠3当天美国的很多外籍工人和学生都会放假[qh]Disney followed a similar strategy last year The Avengers, which also opened overseas in late April and domestically in early May.[qh]迪士尼的这一做法和去年《复仇者联盟相同,都是月末于国际市场先行上映,5月初在美国国内上映[qh]Stateside this weekend, Transmers director Michael Bay low-budget action-comedy Pain and Gain, starring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, opened at No. 1 with an estimated $ million.[qh]《变形金刚(Transmer)的导演迈克尔#86;贝(Michael Bay)执导的低成本动作喜剧《健男抢钱团(Pain and Gain)成为上周末美国国内票房榜冠军,其票房收入估计为,000万美元该片由马克#86;瓦尔贝里(Mark Wahlberg)和德韦恩#86;约翰逊(Dwayne Johnson)主演[qh]The movie was released by Viacom Inc. VIAB +0.%Paramount Pictures.[qh]该片由维亚康姆(Viacom Inc.)旗下派拉蒙影业(Paramount Pictures)发行[qh] 381

  If you love a man in unim, tune in to the December 6 episode of The CW Vampire Diaries. ;Weve got Damon [Ian Somerhalder] and Stefan [Paul Wesley] in Army gear!; says exec producer Julie Plec.如果你是制控,那你一定要看CW电视网月6号播出的这一集《吸血鬼日记“我们有Damon和Stefan的制造型!”该剧执行制片人Julie Plec说The brothers head to New Orleans to search someone from their past who could help solve the mysteries surrounding Elena (Nina Dobrev) vampirism. Later, flashbacks reveal the undead duo trolling the Big Easy in 19, when Damon gets involved with a woman named Charlotte (Madeline Zima). Lexi lovers alert: Arielle Kebbel returns in 0s regalia as Stefan BFF.他们兄弟两会去新奥尔良找一个能帮他们揭开环绕在Elena身上吸血鬼之谜的人之后将会有一段闪回,讲述19年两兄弟的故事,当时Damon卷入一个名叫Charlotte的女人的事情喜欢Lexi的亲们请注意:Arielle Kebbel(Lexi扮演者)将会身着0年代风格的华,以Stefan知心好友的身份出现在Stefan的身边 76

  语言本是人们沟通的工具,没有性别之分,但由于男女的社会分工、性格特色、生理特点不同,每一种语言都深深地打上了性别的烙印在国外,有部分社会语言学家,专门研究语言与性别的关系美国有一位学者Graham Goodwin,从1990年到00年,先后十次,在费城街头,收集不同年龄、种族、职业的男、女行人的谈话,进行比较研究,结果发现,与男人的语言相比,女人的语言至少有下列特点A 女人喜欢使用第一人称复数(我们)形式,比如We need...(我们需要),而男人喜欢使用第一人称单数(我),比如 I want...(我想要) 0195739



  Bright lyrics and infectious hooks define the summer music season, while music released in the autumn tends to dabble in the season’s nocturnal vibe. There are different sounds different seasons, and it looks like this fall will breeze along to a promising soundtrack all its own. More than a few big acts are ying new music release within the next few months.欢快的歌词、富有感染力的音符都是夏季音乐的代表,而秋季音乐则带着更多秋夜的氛围不同的季节有着不同的音乐,而这个秋季也将拥有自己值得期待的声音很多乐坛大腕都打算在接下来的几个月发布新作Here, 1st Century’s Darnell Gardner Jr. previews what the change in seasons has in store music fans this time around.下面,就跟随世纪君的同事Darnell Gardner Jr.一起来看这个秋季有哪些音乐值得乐迷们收藏Four专辑名称:FourArtist: One Direction表演者:单向乐队Release date: Nov , 发行日期:年月日Label: Columbia Records唱片公司:哥伦比亚唱片公司Genre: Pop, pop rock音乐类型:流行、流行摇滚With three hit albums under their belt, One Direction has displayed a career longevity akin to some of history’s greatest boy bands. On their fourth LP (Long Play), aptly named Four, the group of Brits is poised to continue crooning their way into the hearts of audiences the world over. On Sept 8, when the band announced the album, they also released a free single titled Fireproof. After a whirlwind of touring and recording, it will be interesting to see if One Direction can rally together a solid fourth eft.拥有3张主打专辑的单向乐队,其音乐生涯寿命堪比史上最强男子组合在他们的第四张LP《Four中,这只英国乐队也将继续保持其轻吟浅唱的风格,走进全球听众的心9月8日,他们宣布新专辑的同时发布了免费新单《Fireproof经过一系列的巡演与录音,单向乐队到底能否齐心协力带来精的第四张专辑?我们拭目以待吧~The Pink Print专辑名称:The Pink PrintArtist: Nicki Minaj表演者:妮琪#86;米娜Release date: Nov , 发行日期:年月日Label: Young Money唱片公司:Young MoneyGenre: Hip-hop, rap音乐类型:嘻哈、说唱After weathering scrutiny her music veering too far into the pop genre, one of hip hop’s hottest MC’s is returning with The Pink Print, an album that promises to satisfy pop fans and rap critics alike. Minaj has compared the album to Jay Z’s legendary The Blueprint, saying her latest will lay the groundwork the female rappers of the future. Hopefully this album will be Minaj’s return to m, as I’m y to welcome back her frenetic spin on hip-hop.在风格大转,转向流行音乐之后,这位嘻哈界知名主持人携新专辑《The Pink Print回归,并承诺这张专辑将同时满足流行乐迷和说唱乐评人米娜认为这张专辑堪比Jay Z的传奇之作《The Blueprint,自称她的新专将奠定女性说唱艺人的未来希望她在这张专辑中能回到曾经的风格,我已经迫不及待想听她那疯狂的嘻哈了!Art Official AgePlectrumelectrum专辑名称:Art Official AgePlectrumelectrumArtist: Prince表演者:普林斯Release date: Sept 30, 发行日期:年9月30日Label: NPG Records唱片公司:NPG唱片公司Genre: Soul, Ramp;B音乐类型:灵魂、节奏布鲁斯Prince is the undisputed champion of sensual Ramp;B in the US, and he’s held this title more than three decades. The royally named musician has currently released Art Official Age, his th studio album. He has simultaneously released Plectrumelectrum, another LP, with his touring band 3rdEyeGirl. After decades of writing and perming, it’s encouraging to see that Prince still has a clear enough artistic vision to continue producing music this late in his career.毫无疑问,普林斯是美国感性Ramp;B的霸主,并且已称霸30多年这位德高望重的音乐人最近刚刚发布了自己的第张录音室专辑《Art Official Age同时,他还发布了另一张与女子乐团3rdEyeGirl合作的LP《Plectrumelectrum写歌、表演数十载,普林斯依旧拥有清晰的艺术洞察力,使他得以在艺术生涯的后期依旧能创作出音乐作品,这正是鼓舞人心之处Sweet Talker专辑名称:Sweet TalkerArtist: Jessie J.表演者:婕西Release date: Oct , 发行日期:年月日Label: Lava Records唱片公司:Lava唱片公司Genre: Pop, Ramp;B, hip-hop音乐类型:流行、节奏布鲁斯、嘻哈Jessie J’s hit song Price Tag, almost four years after its initial release, still regularly gets airplay, proving that the star is here to stay. The pop songstress will follow up on the success of ’s Alive with Sweet Talker. In recent years, Jessie’s music has struggled to break into the tough US market. Pop stars are a dime a dozen, and this new album represents an opporty Jessie J. to set herself apart from her more popular stateside peers.婕西的主打歌《Price Tag发布了近年,至今依旧拥有稳定的播放量,这足以明她的“江湖地位”继年《Alive与《Sweet Talker两张专辑成功之后,近年来,婕西的音乐逐渐打进美国市场面对众多流行歌手,婕西的新专将成为她从美国其他流行歌手中脱颖而出的契机1989专辑名称:1989Artist: Taylor Swift表演者:泰勒#86;斯威夫特Release date: Oct 7, 发行日期:年月7日Label: Big Machine唱片公司:Big MachineGenre: Pop音乐类型:流行Taylor Swift has always teetered on the fringes of country music, but this time she’s stepping entirely into the pop limelight. With 1989 (named after her birth year), Swift is hoping to attract a broader fanbase with music that sounds more like the city than the countryside. Lead single Shake it Off debuted at number one on Billboard’s Hot 0 chart. Swift has always possessed undeniable talent catchy writing, and I’m looking ward to getting her lyrics stuck in my head this fall.泰勒#86;斯威夫特总是游走在乡村音乐的边缘,而这一次她直接走上了流行音乐的舞台斯威夫特希望藉由新专《1989(以泰勒出生年份命名)用远离乡村、更具城市风格的音乐获得更多粉丝该专辑的主打歌《Shake it Off一经发布就荣登公告牌百强单曲榜冠军斯威夫特总能写出朗朗上口的歌词,而我也打算在这个秋天被她的歌词洗脑! 5188


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