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艮山妇女儿童医院支持刷信用卡吗杭州做宫外孕多少钱浙江省杭州市滨江区长河街道社区卫生服务中心看妇科好不好 ;May I borrow your record player tonight ?; a man asked his neighbour .“今晚我可以借用以下你的唱机吗?”一个人对他的邻居说道。;Sure . Do you want to listen to some music?;“当然可以,你也想听听音乐吗?”;No .; he answered .; Tonight I want to have some peace and quiet.;“不,”他回答道,“今晚我想安安静静地休息一下。” /201301/218060萧山无痛人流钱要做哪些检查

绍兴市妇科检查价格We have become a news addicted society.我们已经成为社会消息控了。Doubt it? How many times did you the news so far today?不相信?今天到目前为止,你阅读过多少次新闻呢?How many more times will you check it before bedtime? If you turn on the TV or check your favorite news website, chances are that there will be a banner that says “BREAKING NEWS.” Unfortunately, (or fortunately?) it is usually just some trivial event or topic that you could care less about. So, how much of your time do you spend ing the news?你在上床前又查看了多少次呢?你打开电视,或浏览你最喜爱的新闻网站,就很有可能看见一个标语写着“爆炸性新闻”。不幸地是(或者是幸运?)其实那只是一些不重要的事件,你根本可以不那么关心。 那么你会花多少时间阅读新闻呢?For most individuals, the news takes up too much of their time each day. We now get it on our TVs, computers, laptops, iPads, and smartphones. It’s everywhere.对于大多数人来说,新闻会花掉他们每天太多的时间。如今我们可以在电视,电脑,笔记本,iPad,智能手机上得到各种信息。它无处不在。In a world where you can get the answer to anything with the push of a button, do you really need to it all?在一个你可以按一个按钮就能获取一切的世界里,你真心需要阅读所有新闻吗?Less News More Productivity新闻越少意味着生产力越高What could you get done if you less news?如果你少读一些新闻,你又可以做些什么事情呢?Chances are that you could reclaim a good amount of time in your day. So, instead of saying you don’t have time to do this or that… stop checking the news.你有可能将自己一天重新改造得更好。所以,与其老是说你木有时间做这个或那个,还不如停止刷信息吧!Here are 10 Reasons Your Should Stop Checking the News:你应该停止刷信息的10个理由:1. It Doesn’t Change That Often1. 信息不会那么频繁更新Really, it doesn’t. You don’t need to check it 17 times a day. Every day or even every other day is plenty.真的,它的确不会。你不需要每天检查17次。一天一次或两天一次已经很多了。2. Most of It Doesn’t Matter2. 大多数新闻根本不重要Most of the news out there is not meaningful. You are better collecting the topics that are important to you via a news er (RSS).大多数新闻其实没什么意义。你最好通过新闻阅读器来采集对自己重要的主题。3. Much of it is Wrong3. 大多数信息是错误的Anyone can type on the Internet, and you shouldn’t anything without questioning its truth. News curation in the future won’t just be about content… but accuracy.但任何人都可以在网上写东西,你也不应该完全不质疑就什么都看。未来的新闻管理不仅是内容上的管理,更是准确度的把关。4. Even More is Sensationalized4. 有些新闻更是耸人听闻Many news sites have blurred the line between news and rumors. This is almost as dangerous as #3, in that made-up stories are portrayed as news.很多新闻网站其实都模糊了新闻和谣言之间界限。这和上面我说的第三点一样危险,那些编造的故事被描述成了新闻。5. Most of it is Trivia5. 大多数的新闻属于无聊琐碎Does what the The Kardashians are doing help your day? Does what car Justin Bieber is driving today matter to your work? Most of the news we is the equivalent of junk food for our brains.“真人秀演员卡戴珊正在做什么”能帮到你什么?“今天贾斯丁-比伯开着什么牌子的车”对你工作有帮助么?我们阅读到的大多数新闻其实无疑为大脑垃圾。6. Much of the News Isn’t News at All6. 很多新闻根本不算是新闻I just reviewed the front page of one of the top news websites and found 14 front-page headlines that end with a “?” This basically means that these news stories aren’t stories. Rather, they are questions, made up topics, and fluff material. Not worth your time.刚刚我浏览了头条新闻网站的一个头版头条,发现14个头条都以“?” 结尾,这个基本上意味着这些新闻故事不是故事,而是由各种话题和八卦组成的问题。不值得你花时间阅读。7. Facebook Isn’t News Either7. Facebook 也不是新闻I see individuals that spend their entire work day with their Facebook stream open. Again, do you really need to know what your friends are doing minute-by-minute of the day?我看见许多人整个上班时间都开着他们的Facebook. 我又要说了,你真的需要了解你的朋友每时每刻的动态么?8. Many News “Experts” Aren’t Experts8. 许多新闻“专家”根本不是专家Don’t let the pundits and so-called experts convince you that they know any more than you do.不要相信那些所谓的权威和专家,他们并没有比你知道得更多。9. Watching/Surfing the News is Inefficient9. 刷信息是无效率的Watching the news is not a great use of your time. Sitting through endless segments, commercials and more, when you could be doing more productive activities. Surfing the news is just as wasteful. Many news sites are covered in more ads than actual news. Again, you could get the same information in a fraction of the time via a new er. (RSS)浏览信息并没有充分利用你的时间。当你可以做更多有效率的事情时,你却选择耐着性子看商业广告,片段或者其他东西。这是相当浪费时间的事情,许多新闻网站的广告比实际新闻还要多。容我再说一次,你可以通过新闻阅读器花小部分时间来浏览相同的信息。10. Too Much of the News is Negative10. 太多信息都是负面的The news loves a bad news story. Reading the front page is bound to bring your attitude down. Don’t let the news impact your attitude and thus your productivity.新闻总是喜欢报道坏消息。看头版头条必定将使你的态度变得消极。不要让新闻影响到你的态度,从而影响到你的工作效率。 /201301/220049浙江省临安市中医院产检 近江治疗妇科疾病哪家医院最好的

萧山人流哪个地方好 Our son, at age of five, had a fascination for motorcycles. The sight of one would always bring forth squeals of delight, accompanied by excited remarks of ;Look at that! Look at that! I’m going to have one of those someday,; his dad’s response always was ;Not as long as I’m alive.;我五岁的儿子对托车有强烈的爱好。只要看见一辆托车,他就会高兴得哇哇直叫,并激动地说:“瞧这辆!瞧这辆,我总有一天也要有一辆。”他爸爸的回答老是“只要我活着,你就别想有这玩艺儿。”One day, while our son was talking to a little friend, a motorcycle passed by. He excitedly pointed it out to the boy and exclaimed, ;Look at that! Look at that! I’m getting one of those as soon as my dad dies.;一天我们的儿子跟他的小朋友在说话,有一辆托车开了过去。他兴奋的指着托车叫道“瞧这辆!瞧这辆!等我爸一死我就要有这样一辆托车了。; /201212/214497萧山最好的割包皮的医院杭州萧然产科




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