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泉州什么医院做无痛人流最好泉州晋江市医院好吗Young, single men are fed up with being typecast as immature, insensitive and sex-obsessed, with a survey finding that the majority believe in having a soul mate, aren't scared of commitment, and say real men can cry.A poll of 70,000 men with an average age of 28 debunked many of the standard stereotypes to show that the modern man is driven by a sense of values, loyalty and family.The survey, by men's lifestyle website AskMen.com, found that 77 percent of respondents look for girlfriends with "wife potential" while 75 percent believe they have a soul mate and 69 percent would never cheat on their partner."These survey results will be surprising to many women, most of whom have a completely different perspective of what the average man thinks and feels," James Bassil, editor-in-chief of AskMen.com, said."The idea that young guys only want to be single and jump from girlfriend to girlfriend is not true at all."The online survey, conducted over a five-week period, found that six out of 10 men were fed up with inaccurate commercial descriptions of them.Bassil said the images of men on television and in advertisements had not changed for decades whereas the image of women in the media was always changing as their roles in the home and the workplace altered."In TV sitcoms and in adverts, young men are portrayed as immature, frat boys who are always trying to get around their wives or girlfriends finding out about their bad behavior. This is just not the case," he said.The survey by AskMen.com, a unit of Fox Interactive Media, found that 56 percent of men believed that being a good father or husband made them "manly."It also found that 75 percent admitted to crying over a woman while 57 percent of men cook at home and enjoy doing it."There really seems to be a revival of traditional values among men which goes against everything you see in the media," said Bassil. 年轻的单身男士们受够了被人说成幼稚、迟钝和沉湎于性。据一项最新调查显示,大多数年轻男士认为应该拥有灵魂伴侣,不怕作出承诺,而且真正的男人是会流泪的。该项调查有7万名平均年龄为28岁的男士参加。调查结果显示现代男性有自己的价值观、对爱情忠诚,并有家庭责任感,这打破了以往人们对现代男性的很多固有看法。这项由男士生活网站AskMen.com开展的调查发现,77%的受访者希望找到“能成为妻子”的女朋友,75%的人称自己有灵魂伴侣,而69%的人则表示不会背叛自己的另一半。AskMen网站主编詹姆斯#8226;巴希尔说:“这些调查结果一定会让很多女性感到惊讶,多数女性对现代男性的想法和看法有截然不同的观点。”“那些认为年轻男士只想过单身生活,频繁换女朋友的看法根本不符合事实。”这项为期五周的在线调查发现,60%的男性受够了媒体和广告对他们形象的不实描述。巴希尔说,电视和广告中所宣传的男性形象几十年来都没得到过改变,而女性在媒体中的形象却一直随着她们在家庭和工作中角色的变化而改变。他说:“电视情景喜剧和广告中总是把年轻男士描述为不成熟、爱拉帮结伙,对妻子或女友不老实。但事实不是这样的。”这项由福克斯互动传媒旗下的AskMen网站开展的调查发现,56%的男士认为做个好父亲或者好丈夫会让他们变得更“男人“。此外,调查发现,75%的男士承认自己为女人哭过,另有57%的人称自己下厨房并且很享受这一过程。巴希尔说:“与媒体所宣传的相反,男性的传统价值观似乎正在复苏。” /200808/45959泉州大型妇科医院 Stepping up to the counter to order a Big Mac is so yesterday.顾客在麦当劳前台匆匆忙忙购买巨无霸的日子即将成为过去。McDonald#39;s is finally getting with the modern times and has started pilot testing a mobile app that lets customers place food orders with their phones for in-restaurant or drive-through pickup.麦当劳终于追上了现代社会的步伐,开始进行手机应用的测试,顾客可以通过手机应用在店内点餐或点外卖。Last Wednesday, 29 restaurants in Monterey and Salinas, California have begun accepting mobile ordering and payment through the McDonald#39;s app.上周三,29家位于加利福尼亚州蒙特雷市和萨利纳斯市的麦当劳餐厅宣布,顾客可以通过手机应用订餐并付餐费。McDonald#39;s plans to expand the pilot test program to 51 more restaurants in Spokane, Washington, and then to 14,000 U.S. restaurants and about 6,000 locations sp across Canada, China, the UK, France, Germany and Australia by the end of the year.麦当劳计划于将应用测试推广至华盛顿州斯波肯市的51家餐厅,然后是全美共计14000家餐厅,并在年底前进一步推广至遍布加拿大﹑中国﹑英国﹑法国﹑德国和澳大利亚等地的约6000家连锁店。While you might be thinking finally, nailing down the logistics for mobile ordering and payments for a fast-food franchise as huge as McDonald#39;s isn#39;t as easy as it sounds.对于麦当劳这样的快餐业巨头,敲定手机应用订餐和付的物流工作绝非听起来这般轻而易举。Jim Sappington, McDonald#39;s executive vice president of operations, digital and technology, says it#39;s completely redesigning kitchens in order speed up order flow and give customers an experience that#39;s ;clearly better.;麦当劳负责运营﹑数字和技术业务的副总裁吉姆·萨平顿表示,该技术改造了厨房,使之适应不断加快的订单流,提供“无疑更为优秀”的顾客体验。They#39;re thinking about everything, from how to time meal preparation in order to ensure food isn#39;t cold to making sure customers aren#39;t stuck waiting for their orders when they arrive for pickup.麦当劳考虑到了方方面面,比如调配食物的准备时间以免食物变凉,确保车主不会因等待订单而造成拥堵等问题皆在此列。;We can#39;t impact the speed or the quality of our food,; Sappington says.萨平顿表示:“我们不能(因手机订餐)影响食品的制作速度和品质。” /201703/500131德化县儿童医院几点下班

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泉州女子医院哪家好The State Council has issued a plan on transforming Beijing into a national scientific and technological innovation hub.国务院近日发布了一份将北京转变成为全国科技创新中心的方案。According to the document, China aims to make the hub a world leader in innovation, a growth pole for the economy, and a pool for talent.根据该方案,我国计划使该中心成为全球创新引领者、经济增长极和人才库。The innovation hub is expected to become a powerful engine to boost the country#39;s innovation drive by 2030, the plan said.方案提出,到2030年,全国科技创新中心将成为提升我国创新驱动力的强大引擎。The document stresses the key role of north Beijing#39;s hi-tech zone Zhongguancun and neighboring regions of Tianjin Municipality and Hebei Province in supporting the technology innovation hub drive.该方案强调了北京高新技术开发区中关村的关键作用,以及天津市和河北省的邻近地区持科技创新中心的驱动力。It also called for enhanced fundamental research in cutting-edge technology, improved personnel training and government services as well as a better policy environment for innovation.该方案提倡加强对尖端技术的基础研究、改善人员培训、政府务以及创新政策环境。Technological innovation in pivotal sectors should be strengthened and should benefit more people, and the capital city should become more open to international resources, it added.此外,该方案还称,应加强关键领域的技术创新,使更多人受益,北京应对国际资源更加开放。 /201609/468185 泉州妇科哪家专业泉州省中心医院不孕专家




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