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My May Holiday --1 18:7: 来源: My May Holiday I had a long holiday May Day .I was very happy, because I could do anything I want.During those days. I enjoyed myself. At first, I went to the zoo to see lovely animals. And then. I went to the sea world to see beautiful fishes. That was very interesting. Secondly I went a trip with my parents, we went to Linxia to visit my grandparents and to eat minority’s foods. We rode horse on the grassland and had a fun with local children. It was very exciting. After that, I held a party and invited some of my best friends to visit my house. My mother bought a lot of tasty foods us, we also took many photos on the party. We played very happy. I also watched lots of carton films at home, they were wonderful.I like the holiday. I like my May Day.My rait --19 :: 来源: I have a very pretty rabbit. Its name is Koukou. Koukou is very fat. She wears white coat. She has two red eyes. They look like two red diamonds. She has long ears.She can run and jump. She likes eat carrots. She lives in the kitchen. My rabbit is very smart. I often playing with KouKou . I like rabbit—KouKou.Do you like her?《蝴蝶梦Rebecca经典英文电影台词 --7 :8: 来源: 《蝴蝶梦Rebecca经典英文电影台词《蝴蝶梦是190年根据英国当代著名女作家达夫尼·杜·莫丽叶的畅销悬疑小说《丽贝卡改编而成的电影导演是英国阿尔弗莱德·希区柯克全片气氛诡异迷人,是悬疑手法十分高明的心理文艺片,片中希区柯克出色地营造了阴暗压抑的曼德利庄园景象,古堡废墟一般荒寂的建筑、开阔大厅里的一条、幽灵般出没面无表情的女管家,都成了世界电影史上永恒的记忆以下是《蝴蝶梦的经典英文台词1.I knew where Rebecca's body was!我知道吕蓓卡的尸体在哪儿Lying on that cabin floor,就躺在那船舱的地板上,on the bottom of the sea.沉在海底How did you know,Maxim?你怎麽知道的,迈克西姆?Because I put it there!因为,是我把它放在那里的.Would you look into my eyes 现在你还能看着我的眼睛and tell me that you love me now?说你爱我吗?You see,I was right.你看,我说对了吧,It's too late.太晚了No,it's not too late!不,还不算晚!You're not to say that!不要这样说!I love you more than anything in the world...我爱你胜过这世上的一切Please,Maxim,迈克西姆kiss me,please!吻我吧,求求你1No.It's no use.不,没有用,It's too late.太晚了3.We can't lose each other now!现在我们不能再失去对方,We must be together always!我们应该在一起--永远!With no secrets,no shadows...没有秘密,没有隔阂.We may only have a few days,a few hours.不,我们也许只有几个小时,几天了Maxim,why didn't you tell me bee?迈克西姆,为什麽你以前不告诉我?I nearly did sometimes,我几次差点儿告诉你,but you bever seemed close enough.可是我觉得你对我不够亲密How could we be close 我怎能和你亲密,when I knew you were always thinking of Rebecca?当我知道你还对吕蓓卡念念不忘?How could I even ask you to love me 我怎能要求你爱我,when I knew you loved Rebecca still?当我知道你仍然爱着吕蓓卡?What are you talking about?你在说什麽?What do you mean?你这是什麽意思?Whenever you touched me 每次你触摸我的时候,I knew you were comparing me to Rebecca.我知道你在拿我和吕蓓卡相比Whenever you looked at me,每次你看着我,spoke to me,和我说话,or walked with me in the garden,或者和我在花园里散步的时候,I knew you were thinking.我知道你在想:"This I did with Rebecca我和吕蓓卡一起做过这-and this--还有这-and this..."--还有Oh,it's true,isn't it?是这样吗,是吗?You thought I loved Rebecca?你以为我爱吕蓓卡,You thought that?你是那样想的? 蝴蝶梦 经典英文电影台词

My Pen Pal -- :0: 来源: My Pen Pal  Since last summer, I have written to my pen pal, Seda, who lives in Turkey. I became acquainted with her when I went to England a study tour. We stayed with the same family, and she was my roommate and classmate as well.  Sometimes we went to the movies together after dinner. Seda is very easy to get along with. I will always remember the two weeks I spent with her.  We didn't get each other and kept writing to each other after we returned home. Although I haven't seen her again since I left England, I still know how she is through letters, cards and photographs.  Seda tells me her secrets and also shares her happiness and sadness with me . Both of us hope that we will meet each other somewhere one day. Maybe I'll go to Turkey to visit her, or she'll come to Taiwan to visit me.

Qingdao 青岛 -- :1:5 来源: Qingdao 青岛  Qingdao is a beautiful seaside city. It lies in the east of Shandong Province.  The summer there is cool and comtable. The wind of the sea kisses your face and blows your hair. The air is always fresh.  There are many wonderful beaches, and you can swim and enhoy yourself to the full. The aquariums are very beautiful. You can see all kinds of fishes and sea plants. It is very interesting.  I like Qingdao because the whole city is as beautiful as a painting.青岛是一个美丽的海滨城市,它位于山东省的东部那里夏天很凉爽、舒海风亲吻着你的脸吹佛这你的头发空气总是那么清新那里有许多美妙的沙滩,你可以尽情的游泳、玩耍那里的水族馆很漂亮,你可以看到各种各样的鱼和海洋生物,非常有意思我喜欢青岛,因为整个城市像画一样美

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