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He’s rich, single and most importantly, he’s not cheap, but despite all these qualities, 47-year-old Larry Greenfield can’t seem to find a suitable life partner. In the last 12 years he has spent around ,000 on matchmaking services, has been on 250 blind dates, but he has yet to find a wife.他富有而单身,更重要的是他不小气。可是尽管有着非常好的条件,47岁的拉里·格林菲尔德似乎找不到一个合适的人生伴侣。在过去的12年里,他已经在婚介务上花费了大约65000美元,历经250次相亲却仍然没有找到一个妻子。Larry sounds like a really unlucky guy, but according to the New York Post and Yahoo Shine, he’s apparently just really picky. ;His problem is he’s a six and he wanted tens,; Maureen Tara Nelson, one of his former matchmakers told Shine. He would pick out his dates according to their photos and profiles, but at the end he’d always say there was no chemistry.拉里听上去像是个相当倒霉的人,不过据纽约邮报和雅虎Shine频道的报道,他显然就是非常挑剔。“他的问题在于好高骛远,”他的前一任媒人莫林·泰拉·纳尔逊这样告诉雅虎Shine的记者。他会根据照片和材料选择约会对象,但是到头来他总会说没有感觉。The Post also paints out the retired Wall Street trader as very detail-oriented: he wants a woman who is slim, Jewish, funny, and a non-alpha (isn’t interested in a career). That’s apparently a very rare breed in New York. ”He thinks because he’s wealthy he could get a beautiful women, but what he doesn’t realize is that beautiful women in New York are also aly successful,” Nelson said.邮报记者也形容说这位退休的华尔街交易员是个非常注重细节的人:他希望找一个苗条、有趣的犹太人,而且要没什么才学的(对事业没有兴趣)。这种人选在纽约显然 非常罕见。“他觉得自己非常富有,因此应该得到一个漂亮的女人,但他没有意识到纽约的漂亮女人也已经是事业有成了。” 纳尔逊说道。In his first interview with the New York Post, Larry sounded like a man who was honestly looking for love.在拉里第一次接受纽约邮报采访时,他听上去像是一个诚心寻求真爱的男子。“I’d trade it all in for a white picket fence, two kids, a dog. And you can have it all!” the ex-securities trader said. “I’m not a bad guy. I haven’t been to prison. It’s just a very frustrating thing.”“我宁愿拿一切来换一个热炕头,一双孩子和一条。你可以拿走一切!” 这个前券交易员说道,“我不是一个坏人,我没有蹲过牢狱。但事情就是这么无奈。”He admits he focused on his job in his early years, thinking he’d first get the career and then the girl. But it just didn’t work out the way he planned it. But, after some of the six matchmakers he used in the last few years started spilling the beans, Larry came out as a guy looking for perfection.他承认早些年专注于自己的工作,认为应该先有事业再找妻子。但事情并不按他的计划进行。不过,过去这几年他曾聘用过六个媒人,当中终于有人说漏了嘴,拉里看来是一个寻求完美的人。“He would always come back with some minor, minor thing that the person wasn’t perfect,” Maureen Tara Nelson remembers, which made he drop him as a client after a year.“他总是回来反馈一些非常小非常小的问题来说明那个人不够完美,” 莫林·泰拉·纳尔逊回忆说,这也导致一年后他放弃了这位顾客。But Larry has one more chance – Janis Spindel of Serious Matchmaking. “Men are picky. It’s in their DNA. They want the four B’s — beauty, brains, body and balance,” Spindel said, adding Greenfield is no different. “Larry wants a normal girl who’s in her thirties who wants to be his wife, who will be a sweet and loving wife and mom. I told him I will not take money from him until I have her.” Who knows, maybe the 251st time is a charm.不过拉里还有一个机会,著名婚介网站Janis Spindel of Serious Matchmaking 可能会帮他找到意中人。“男人都很挑剔。这是他们的基因决定的,他们希望能符合四个B:beauty(美貌),brains(头脑),body(身材)和balance(平衡),” 该网站创始人斯宾德尔这样说道,她还补充说格林菲尔德跟别的男人没有什么不同。“拉里希望能找到一个普通的女人,大约30岁左右,愿意成为他的妻子,并且能够做到一个温柔可人的妻子和母亲。我向他保在他找到妻子前是不会收费的。” 谁知道呢?或许第251次约会奇迹就会发生? /201210/204892

  In the US and UK, having picnics is a summer tradition among friends and family. They are one of the highlights of the season. But before you enjoy some outdoor fun in the sun, choosing what to put in your picnic basket can be a headache. There’s plenty to consider, because picnic food needs to travel well and be easy to eat.在英国和美国,与朋友或家人外出野餐是项夏日传统,同时也是盛夏消遣的一大乐事。但在你沐浴阳光、享受户外活动的乐趣之前,野餐吃什么可是件令人头疼的事。你需要考虑到方方面面,因为野餐食物需要便于携带和食用。By introducing some traditional picnic foods, we hope to expand your choices beyond just buying sandwiches, cookies and snacks in the supermarket.这里,我们希望介绍一些传统的野餐美食来扩大你的选择范围,这样你就不仅仅局限于去超市购买三明治、饼干和零食这老三样了。US美国Cold fried chicken冷炸鸡Cold fried chicken served outdoors on a red-checkered tablecloth is the essence of picnic nostalgia in the US. Because fried chicken keeps well and is just as delicious cold as it is hot, it’s ideal for picnic situations.在美国,冷炸鸡配上红方格桌布是怀旧式野餐的精髓所在。因为炸鸡易于保存,冷热同样美味,是野餐时的理想食物。Chicken also appears on picnic s in other forms. You could enjoy a chicken salad, creamed chicken, or even chicken soup in a thermos for picnics on colder days.在野餐菜单上,鸡肉还以其他的一些菜式呈现。你可以享用鸡肉沙拉、奶油鸡、天冷时你甚至可以在野餐时用保温瓶带上一瓶鸡汤。 /201306/242922


  1. Man, he#39;s as slow as Christmas!1. 天啊,他开车真是够慢的!2. Would you stop being a backseat driver? I don#39;t need you to teach me how to drive.2. 你可不可以不要再啰嗦了?我不需要你教我怎么开车。3. The car behind us really annoys me. I don#39;t know why the driver keeps blowing the horn.3. 我们后面的那辆车真是让我很受不了。我不晓得他为什么一直按喇叭。4. Give me a break! Can he drive or not? I wonder how he got his driver#39;s license.4. 帮帮忙!他到底会不会开车啊?我怀疑他是怎么考到驾照的。5. Why is he tailgating us?5. 他干嘛一直贴在我们屁股后面?6. I#39;m almost out of gas. Do you know where the nearest gas station is?6. 我快没油了。你知道最近的加油站在哪里吗?7. Fill it up. Unleaded, please.7. 无铅汽油加满,谢谢。8. Let#39;s go for a ride. / Let#39;s take a road trip.8. 我们开车去兜风吧。9. Sit tight. I#39;m gonna floor it!9. 坐好,我要开始飙了!10. I have to slow it down a little bit. I know that there are some speed traps in this area.10. 我得把速度放慢一点。我知道这附近有一些测速的东西。 /201212/216165






  A couple was celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. Their domestic tranquillity* had long been the talk of the town. A local newspaper reporter was inquiring as to the secret of their long and happy marriage.一对夫妇在庆祝他们的金婚纪念。镇上的邻居都交口称赞他们的家庭和睦,于是一位本地报纸的记者前来采访,以希探寻他们长久和睦婚姻的原因。;Well, it dates back to our honeymoon,; explained the lady. ;We visited the Grand Canyon and took a trip down to the bottom of the canyon by pack mule. We hadn#39;t gone too far when my husband#39;s mule stumbled.;“这得从我们蜜月旅行说起,”太太解释道。“我们当时去大峡谷旅游,各骑一条驮骡行走在峡谷底部。走了不多远,我丈夫的驴绊了一跤。”;My husband quietly said #39;That#39;s once.#39; We proceeded a little farther when the mule stumbled again. Once more my husband quietly said, #39;That#39;s twice.#39; We hadn#39;t gone a half-mile when the mule stumbled a third time.;“我丈夫平静地说‘第一次’,继续走了一段后驴又绊了一跤,我丈夫依旧平静地说‘第二次’,当我们走了半英里,驴绊了第三次。”;My husband promptly removed a revolver* from his pocket and shot him.;;I started to protest over his treatment of the mule when he looked at me and quietly said #39;That#39;s once.#39;;我丈夫迅速掏出手射死了驴。我开始抱怨丈夫,不该这么对待驮骡。他平静地看着我,说“第一次”。 /201301/218099


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