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In addition to Google’s Person Finder tool, Facebook and the Red Cross are offering services for friends and family members to connect with each other in Nepal and for survivors to let others know they are safe.除了谷歌的找人应用,Facebook和红十字会也开发了在线务,帮助人们寻找地震中幸存的亲人和朋友。Last year Facebook launched its Safety Check feature, which allows users of the social networking service to tell friends they’re safe after disasters and to check on others. The service has been activated for the Nepal earthquake, Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, announced Saturday.去年,Facebook推出了“安全检查”社交应用,用户可以通过它在灾难之后向朋友报平安,也可以及时了解对方的情况。Facebook首席执行官马克·扎克伯格周六宣布,该应用已经为尼泊尔地震启动。The Nepal Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross are also operating an online service that allows users to search for missing family members and report missing people.尼泊尔红十字会和国际红十字委员会也在运行一款在线务,用户可以借它寻找失踪的亲人,或者报告有人失踪。 /201504/372186。

Alibaba is in advanced talks to buy an approximately 0m stake in the parent company of leading Indian mobile payment platform Paytm, marking the Chinese ecommerce group’s first significant foray into the country’s rapidly expanding start-up scene.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)有意收购印度领先移动付平台Paytm的母公司大约5亿美元的股权,相关谈判已进入深入阶段。此举将标志着这家中国电子商务集团首次大举进军印度迅速扩大的初创企业领域。Both Alibaba Group Holding’s ecommerce arm and its online payments unit Alipay are set to participate in the transaction, which will conclude later this month, three people familiar with the deal told the Financial Times.三名知情人士告诉英国《金融时报》,阿里巴巴集团控股有限公司的电子商务部门和阿里巴巴在线付部门“付宝”(Alipay)都将参与这笔交易,该交易预计在本月晚些时候达成。India enjoyed an ecommerce investment boom in 2014, as prominent Silicon Valley-based funds began pouring fresh funds into fast-growing domestic start-ups, such as e-retailer Flipkart and online marketplace Snapdeal, at multibillion-dollar valuations.印度在2014年期间兴起一股电子商务投资热潮,一些知名硅谷基金开始向快速增长的印度国内初创企业注入新的资金,如电子零售商Flipkart和在线市场Snapdeal,使这些初创企业的估值达到数十亿美元的水平。The arrival of Alibaba, the largest ecommerce group by revenue, is likely to increase excitement over the sector’s prospects. It will also pit the Chinese company against US-based Amazon, which invested bn in its local subsidiary last year.作为全球营收最高的电子商务集团,阿里巴巴的到来很可能会增加各方对该行业发展前景的兴奋心情。它也使这家中国企业形成与美国亚马逊(Amazon)对抗的态势;亚马逊去年对其印度子公司投资了20亿美元。Under the terms of Alibaba’s deal, its two entities will take minority stakes as part of a two-stage investment in One97 Communications, the parent company of Paytm, India’s biggest mobile payments company by market share.按照上述交易的条款,阿里巴巴的两个实体将收购少数股权,作为对Paytm的母公司One97 Communications两阶段投资的一部分。Paytm是印度市场份额最大的移动付公司。Paytm allows Indian phone users to put funds in a mobile wallet, which they can spend on services such as taxi app Uber and cinema service BookMyShow. It claims to have about 20m users.Paytm让印度的手机用户能够将资金转入一个移动钱包,然后用其付各种务,如打车应用优步(Uber)和影院务BookMyShow。它声称拥有约2000万用户。Paytm also launched an online marketplace last year, providing a platform for businesses to sell products online. This is similar to Alipay, China’s leading payment platform by revenue, which Alibaba offers in its home market.去年Paytm还推出了一个在线市场,提供了一个让企业在网上销售产品的平台。这类似于阿里巴巴在本土市场提供的付宝,中国按营收衡量领先的付平台。“The two most exciting sectors in Indian technology are ecommerce and payments, and they [One97] have both,” the person said, on condition of anonymity. “So while the business isn’t as big as Amazon or Snapdeal yet, they have the same parts as the Chinese, so it fits together perfectly.”“印度技术行业两个最令人兴奋的领域是电子商务和付,而他们(One97)两者兼备,”要求匿名的一名知情人士表示。“因此,虽然业务尚未达到亚马逊或Snapdeal那样的规模,但它们同这家中国企业具有相同的组成部分,可以完美地结合在一起。”Although Alibaba is understood to have no plans to launch its own services in India, its likely investment in Paytm follows a string of deals in 2014 by founder Jack Ma, ahead of his company’s blockbuster bn initial public offering in New York last September.尽管阿里巴巴据悉并无计划在印度推出自己的务,但其对Paytm做出可能的投资之前,创始人马云(Jack Ma) 2014年在他的公司于9月在纽约进行250亿美元首次公开上市(IPO)之前,达成了一连串交易。Alibaba could not be reached for comment, while Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma declined to discuss his fundraising plans. Paytm’s investors include SAIF, Saama Capital and SAP Ventures.记者联系不上阿里巴巴请其置评,而Paytm创始人维贾伊#8226;谢卡尔#8226;夏尔马(Vijay Shekhar Sharma)不愿讨论他的融资计划。Paytm的现有投资者包括软银赛富(SAIF)、Saama Capital和SAP Ventures。Paytm will use the new funds to invest in infrastructure helping thousands of smaller Indian businesses to use their mobile marketplace, grabbing more of an ecommerce sector that will be worth bn by 2018, according to analysts at CLSA. Only a small fraction of the country’s 200m internet users transact online, according to Jefferies, a broker.Paytm将把新的资金投资于基础设施,帮助成千上万的印度中小企业利用其移动市场,以在国内电子商务行业夺取更大的市场份额。里昂券(CLSA)的分析师们称,到2018年印度电商行业规模将达到440亿美元。据经纪商杰富瑞集团(Jefferies)介绍,目前印度2亿网民中只有一小部分人会进行在线交易。 /201501/354144。

Alibaba says it will tackle the prevalence of counterfeit goods sold on its websites, bowing to criticism from a US clothing industry lobbying group.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)正面回应一家美国制衣业游说组织的批评,表示将整治其网站上售假盛行的现象。The American Apparel amp; Footwear Association (AAFA) said this month it was “frustrated” by the Chinese ecommerce company’s lack of progress in addressing what it called rampant selling of fake goods that hurt its members’ profits.美国装鞋类协会(AAFA)本月表示,对这家中国电商企业在解决其所称的售假盛行问题上的进展缓慢感到“失望”,售假伤害了其会员企业的利润。The lobby group also said the widesp nature of counterfeit apparel and footwear had worsened since the ed States Trade Representative removed Alibaba from their “notorious markets” blacklist in 2012.这家游说组织还表示,自2012年美国贸易代表(ed States Trade Representative)将阿里巴巴从其“臭名昭著市场”黑名单上剔除以来,阿里巴巴出售假冒装和鞋类的做法愈演愈烈。“Alibaba’s Taobao platform is notorious as one of the biggest platforms for counterfeit goods worldwide,” said the AAFA in a letter to USTR Michael Froman. “The slow pace has convinced us that Alibaba is either not capable of or interested in addressing this problem.”“阿里巴巴旗下的淘宝(Taobao)作为全球最大的假货平台之一臭名远扬,”该协会致函美国贸易代表迈克尔#8226;弗罗曼(Michael Froman)表示。“打假进展缓慢让我们相信,阿里巴巴要么没有能力解决这个问题,要么没有兴趣这么做。”The reappearance of pressure on the USTR to punish Alibaba is the latest setback in what has been a bruising year at the hands of regulators for the Hangzhou-based company. In January, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, a Chinese regulator, criticised Alibaba for violations by its sellers — including tolerating bribery, counterfeit goods and faking seller rankings, known as “brushing”.美国贸易代表再次受到要求惩罚阿里巴巴的压力,是这家杭州企业在监管机构手里屡屡受挫的一年里的最新挫折。今年1月,中国监管机构国家工商总局(SAIC)批评了阿里巴巴平台卖家的违规做法——包括纵容贿赂、假货和被称为“刷信誉”的卖家评价作假。The USTR said last month it was monitoring Alibaba for sales of counterfeit and pirated goods, though it had not re-blacklisted it.美国贸易代表上月表示,其正在监督阿里巴巴出售假货和盗版产品的情况,尽管没有再次将其列入黑名单。Alibaba said in response to the AAFA letter that it was taking the issue seriously and was “dedicated to the fight against counterfeits because the health and integrity of our marketplaces depend on consumer trust”.阿里巴巴在回复美国装鞋类协会的信中表示,阿里巴巴正认真对待这一问题,并“致力于打击假货,因为我们平台的健康和完好性有赖于消费者的信任 ”。It listed measures such as data mining, enhanced co-operation with the police and working with more than 1,000 brands to increase the effectiveness of procedures to erase knock-offs.阿里巴巴列出了一些具体措施,比如数据挖掘,加强与警方的合作,以及与超过1000个品牌展开合作,提高取缔假货的程序的有效性。 /201504/370411。

Hacker group targets China黑客组织将目标对准中国The details of a national-level hacker attack targeting China have been disclosed for the first time in a report by an Internet security firm.某网络安全公司发布报告,首次披露一起针对中国的国家级黑客攻击细节。Called OceanLotus, the overseas hacker group has been attacking China#39;s maritime organizations, marine construction departments, research institutes and shipping enterprises since April 2012. Their precise and well-organized cyber attack is an advanced persistent threat which is obviously supported by foreign governments.该境外黑客组织被命名为;海莲花(OceanLotus);,自2012年4月起,;海莲花;针对中国政府的海事机构、海域建设部门、科研院所和航运企业,展开了精密组织的网络攻击,很明显是一个有国外政府持的APT(高级持续性威胁)行动。 /201506/378100。

Apple has struck a long-awaited deal with UnionPay and 15 Chinese banks to launch its mobile payments service in China.苹果(Apple)与中国银联(UnionPay)及15家中国达成了一项人们期待已久的协议,将在中国推出其移动付业务。The tie-up will allow Apple to tap UnionPay’s 5bn issued cards, which are accepted across China and in more than 150 countries. Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank and IC are among the lenders lined up to support Apple Pay.银联的发卡量达50亿张,银联卡可在中国各地及150多个国家使用。苹果可借助这一合作搭上银联的便车。中国农业(A)、中国(BOC)、中国建设(CCB)和中国工商(IC)等多家将为Apple Pay提供持。However, the mainland rollout of Apple Pay is still awaiting regulatory clearance. Apple said it hoped UnionPay customers would be able to add their cards to the service “as soon as early 2016 after relevant tests and certification required by Chinese regulators”.不过,Apple Pay在中国内地的推出仍有待监管部门批准。苹果表示,Apple Pay“将按照中国监管部门要求完成相关检测和认,之后正式向中国地区的银联卡持卡人开放此项务,预计最快2016年初”。The app, powered by a secure chip inside the device, allows customers to pay at participating retailers by holding their thumb on the iPhone’s home button and tapping it at the checkout.用户可使用Apple Pay在签约零售商处进行付,他们只需将拇指放在iPhone的主屏幕键上,然后用手机贴一下收银设备就可结账。这款应用由设备内的安全芯片提供撑。China is a vital market for Apple at a time when growth has slowed in other parts of the world. Sales from the Greater China region doubled last year to .5bn, as the iPhone retains its cache among Chinese consumers.中国是苹果的一个重要市场,目前,该公司在全球其他地区的增长已经放缓。由于iPhone对中国消费者依然具有吸引力,去年大中华区的销售额翻番至125亿美元。“China is an extremely important market for Apple and with China UnionPay and support from 15 of China’s leading banks, users will soon have a convenient, private and secure payment experience,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice-president of internet software and services.苹果互联网软件与务高级副总裁艾迪錠埃(Eddy Cue)表示:“对于苹果而言,中国市场的重要性不言而喻。通过携手中国银联以及15家中国主要的持,中国的用户即将可以享受便捷、安全和私密的付体验。”Chai Hongfeng, executive vice-president of China UnionPay, said: “China UnionPay is dedicated to promoting payment innovations and providing secure, convenient mobile payment experiences for its hundreds of millions of cardholders.”中国银联执行副总裁柴洪峰表示:“中国银联致力于推动付创新,联合产业各方为数亿银联卡持卡人提供安全、便捷的移动付体验。”UnionPay’s QuickPass technology aly allows many cardholders to pay by tapping their credit cards. Last week, UnionPay said more than 20 banks were backing a new mobile payment service. Chinese consumers used their smartphones to make .5tn worth of transactions last year but the market is dominated by Alibaba’s Alipay and Tencent’s Tenpay.银联的闪付(QuickPass)技术已经让许多持卡人可以“闪一下”他们的信用卡就完成付。上周,银联表示已有20多家持新的移动付务。去年中国消费者用他们的智能手机完成了价值3.5万亿美元的交易,不过,该市场占主导地位的是阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的付宝(Alipay)和腾讯(Tencent)的财付通(Tenpay)。 /201512/417801。

An Indian restaurant is set to become the first takeaway in the world to deliver its meals to customers#39; doorsteps by drone.一家印度人开的餐馆要成为全球第一个使用无人机将外卖送至客户家门的餐厅。The Don, in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, will fly its kormas and keema naans using a Phantom 3 drone so that hungry recipients can watch their dinner flying to their door.位于白金汉郡米尔顿·凯恩斯地区的“唐餐厅”将使用“幻影3号”无人机配送咖喱和羊肉烤饼,饥饿的订餐者有望看到饭“飞”到家门口。The meals will be packaged in thermal takeaway bag that fits securely on the bottom rails of the drone.外卖将装在保温外卖袋里,牢牢地绑在无人机底部的横梁上。Restaurant owner Aki Rahman has applied for a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) licence so he can legally pilot the aircraft.餐馆老板阿基·拉赫曼已经向民航局(CAA)申请合法飞行的执照。The 30-year-old said: #39;I#39;m determined to beat Google and Amazon and be the first to use delivery drones.这位30岁的老板说:“我决定先于谷歌和亚马逊,成为第一家使用无人机投送快递的公司”。#39;We#39;ve done a trial run to my grandmother#39;s house and it all went well.#39;“我们向我祖母家进行了一次试飞,一切顺利。”The progress of the curry-drone will be tracked back at The Don restaurant, which is based on Elder Gate near Milton Keynes Central railway station, and a specialist camera will even film its progress.;唐餐厅;位于米尔顿·凯恩斯中央火车站附近的埃尔德门大街,工作人员将在餐厅实时监测携带着咖喱美味的无人机的飞行路线,甚至有专门的摄像机记录下这一飞行过程。Aki plans to offer customers a copy of the film showing how their meal travelled to them.阿基打算为客户提供一份食物飞行配送时的录像。The innovative restaurateur was today keeping his fingers crossed in the hopes that the CAA will grant him permission to fly over built-up areas where power lines can pose a problem.这位很有创新思维的老板正在祈祷民航局能批准他在这样建筑林立的地方飞行,因为附近的电线可能影响飞行。#39;I#39;m 80 per cent sure I will be allowed,#39; he said.“我有80%的把握能获得批准,”他说。#39;But if not, I will stick to delivering in rural, open areas - perhaps delivering to a park if people want a special occasion picnic.#39;“但如果没有批准,我会坚持在乡村空旷的地方使用——或许能给在公园野炊的人送上一份特别用餐。”The Don opened four months ago and prides itself on offering authentic Indian cuisine without colourings or additives to suit Western taste.这家餐馆营业四个月了,其特色在于提供原汁原味的印度菜,不会为了适应西方人口味而添加任何色素或添加剂。Aki added: #39;These ingredients are not genuine. They are not what Indian people eat - and they would only provide more weight for my drone.#39;阿基补充道:“这些添加剂不正宗。印度人不吃这些东西——它们只会增加无人机的负载。”The restaurant serves up a number of popular favourites including madras, vindaloo and jalfrezi, as well as a fiery dish called #39;Naga#39; made with the infamous world#39;s hottest naga chilli pepper.这家餐厅提供许多颇受大众喜爱的菜品,比如马德拉菜、文达卢咖喱肉、什锦蔬菜,以及一种名叫“那加”的口味浓烈的菜,由世界闻名的最辣的那加辣椒烹制而成。 /201511/410632。

Everybody loves disruption, except the people who are being disrupted. As Uber, the app-based ride-hailing service, has sp rapidly from its San Francisco home to cities around the world, it has repeatedly faced resistance from incumbent taxi operators, who are often politically influential. Regulators and legislators from Brussels to Beijing have moved to restrict Uber’s operations.每个人都热爱破坏,除了那些受到破坏影响的人。随着基于应用的叫车务优步(Uber)迅速从其大本营旧金山扩张至全球各地,它也不断面临来自通常拥有政治影响力的现有出租车运营商的抵制。从布鲁塞尔到北京的监管者和立法者已开始对优步的运营加以限制。Some of the fiercest opposition has come in Europe, where the culture clash between the remorseless competition of the US tech industry and the locals’ respect for tradition and deference to established interests is especially stark. While Uber’s operations give rise to legitimate questions about safety and congestion, the public interest issues used as pretexts for cracking down on the company are often spurious. The proposed new restrictions in London, which would put Uber at a competitive disadvantage against the city’s black cabs, are a case in point.优步面临的一些最强烈的反对来自欧洲,在那里,美国科技业的冷酷竞争与当地对传统的尊重和对既得利益的顺从之间的文化冲突尤其明显。尽管优步的运营引发了关于安全性和交通拥堵的合理问题,但那些被用作打击优步之借口的所谓公众利益问题常常站不住脚。伦敦新提出的限制就是一个典型的例子,这些限制使优步相对于伦敦的“黑色”出租车陷于不利的竞争地位。Uber has often not helped its own cause. Concerns about the company’s use of data on customers’ movements, allegations that an executive had talked about smearing unfriendly journalists and complaints about its tax planning have made it harder for Uber to win the battle for hearts and minds.优步却常常自毁长城。人们对该公司利用顾客出行数据的担忧、关于一名高管谈论搞臭不友好记者的指控、以及对其税务筹划的抱怨,使优步更难在这场人心争夺战中取得胜利。It has been seeking to bolster its soft skills by hiring experienced political operators and has sharpened up how it presents its arguments. London is a chance to show that the investment has been worthwhile.优步一直在努力通过雇佣老练的政治操手提升自己的软技能,并已改进了提出论点的方式。伦敦是一次明优步的这些投资物有所值的机会。As in other cities, the proposals of Transport for London, which regulates the city’s taxis, are dressed up as measures to protect public safety. The details of the measures reveal how flimsy those justifications are.与其他城市一样,管理伦敦出租车行业的伦敦交通局(Transport for London)的提议被粉饰为保护公众安全的措施。措施的具体细节表明了这些理由是多么不堪一击。For example, one idea is to make riders wait at least five minutes before being picked up after hailing a ride through Uber or another similar service, even if there is an available driver close by, an obstruction that will provide nothing but irritation for passengers. Another suggestion is that drivers should be allowed to use only one ride-hailing app, which would impede one of the most effective checks on any abuses by Uber: competition between a number of different services.例如,其中一个主意是让通过优步或其他类似务叫车的乘客在被接上之前至少等待5分钟,即使可提供务的司机就在附近。这种障碍除了激起乘客的愤怒什么作用也没有。另一个建议是司机只应被允许使用一种叫车应用,这只会使遏制优步的任何过度行为最有效的方式之一——让多种不同叫车务展开竞争——受到阻碍。In this somewhat random set of ideas, it is hard not to see an attempt by Boris Johnson, London’s mayor, to restore relations with the city’s black cab drivers. Many of them backed him when he was voted into office in 2008, and plenty are natural supporters of his Conservative administration, but his perceived reluctance to clamp down on Uber has led to angry protests against him.在这套或多或少有些随意的想法中,不难看出伦敦市长鲍里斯约翰逊(Boris Johnson)试图与该市出租车司机修复关系的想法。2008年约翰逊当选伦敦市长时很多出租车司机投票持他,而且很多司机是其保守党政府天然的持者,但约翰逊却给人以不愿打压优步的印象,结果招致了愤怒的抗议。Transport for London has opened a consultation on its proposals, and may not adopt any of them. For an ostensibly pro-market Conservative administration, it will be hard to justify restraints on innovation simply because it creates losers as well as winners. Uber has right on its side — consumers, not regulators, should decide which transport options are best for them — but that may not be enough. Its campaign to block the proposals has started well: an online petition had by this weekend received more than 132,000 signatures. But while its business relies on a technological solution for navigating a city’s streets, there is no such fix for finding a route through its politics.伦敦交通局已经就其提议启动了咨询,但或许不会通过其中任何一条提议。对于表面上为亲市场派的保守党当局来说,很难找到合理的理由仅仅因为创新同时产生了赢家和输家就加以限制。优步手握一定的正义——应该由消费者(而非监管者)来决定何种交通方式是最好的——但这或许不够。优步阻挠这些提议的活动已经打下了很好的开局:一项网上请愿到上周末已经收集到了逾13.2万个签名。但是,尽管优步的业务依赖于提供城市街道导航的技术解决方案,但它没有同样的解决方案为自己提供“政治导航”。If it wants to continue to grow in London and around the world, Uber needs to be able to persuade politicians that it is worth facing down the established taxi operators who are resisting change. If vested interests prevent its innovations in service from reaching their full potential, it would count as an enormous missed opportunity.要想在伦敦及全球各地继续增长,优步需要说政客相信,挫败那些抵制改变的现有出租车运营商是值得的。如果既得利益最终阻止优步的务创新实现其最大潜能,优步将错过一次巨大机遇。 /201510/403312。