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福州绝育接通哪家比较好福州台江区去那输卵管检查9. It is useful to kick the shuttlecock every day.每天踢毽子对你有好处。还能这样说:Daily kicking the shuttlecock does you good.Kicking the shuttlecock every day will benefit you.应用:make oneself useful 做些有用的事来帮忙;例如:My nephews tried to make themselves useful about the house.我的侄子都想帮我收拾房子。10. Kicking the shuttlecock has sharpened my appetite.踢毽子增进了我的食欲。还能这样说:Kicking the shuttlecock whets my appetite.I eat more since I keep on kicking the shuttlecock.谚语:Appetite comes with eating.胃口越吃越大(贪得无厌)。11. There is nothing as sanative as kicking the shuttlecock.踢毽子是最有效力的医疗方法。还能这样说:Kicking the shuttlecock is the most useful way to keep healthy.Kicking the shuttlecock is the most effective medical treatment.应用:sanative 有疗效的,有益健康的,治病救人的12. I am not skilled in kicking shuttlecocks.我不擅长踢毽子。还能这样说:I cant kick shuttlecocks well.I am not good at kicking shuttlecocks.应用:show skill at doing sth. 显示做某事的能力;be skilled in doing sth. 熟练做某事 /201312/269098福州验精子那间医院好 Todd: OK, hello, could you say your name please?你好,你叫什么名字?Diana: Yes, my name is Diana Heyne.我的名字叫戴安娜·海恩。Todd: Diana, where are you from?戴安娜,你来自什么地方?Diana: I live in Chicago.我来自芝加哥。Todd: Great, Chicago! How long have you lived in Chicago?太棒了,芝加哥!你在芝加哥住了多久?Diana: Actually, only for a year. Im mostly a mid-western girl. Ive lived all over the mid-west.实际上,只住了一年。我算是个中西部女孩。我一直住在中西部。Todd: OK, like what places in the mid-west?比如中西部的哪些地方?Diana: I was born in Iowa, and I lived in Indiana after that, and then I moved to Illinois, and then I grew up mostly in Michigan, but now I live in Chicago and I love it.我在爱荷华州出生,此后住在印第安纳州,接着搬到了伊利诺斯州,在密歇根州长大,但现在住在芝加哥,我喜欢那里。Todd: OK, so Chicago is your favorite place?芝加哥是你最喜欢的地方?Diana: Yes.是的。Todd: OK, why do you like Chicago?那么,你为什么喜欢芝加哥?Diana: Its busy. Everyone in Chicago is always busy and theyre doing their own thing, and its just fun to be in such an exciting atmosphere.芝加哥是一座繁忙的城市,那里的每一个人都忙着做自己的事情,身处那样令人兴奋的环境让我觉得很有趣。Todd: OK. Does Chicago have a lot of good food, a lot of good restaurants?好的。芝加哥是不是有许多美食,很多好吃的餐馆?Diana: Yes. If you like to eat Chicago is a good place to go. My favorite place is the Taco Burrito Palace.是的。如果你喜欢吃,那么对你来说芝加哥一定是个不错的地方。我做喜欢的餐馆叫做Taco Burrito PalaceTodd: Taco Burrito Palace. Wow. Sounds good.Taco Burrito Palace。哇,听上去不错。注:译文属原创,,。 /201303/231367Rob: Ah Vera, its great that youve come with me during our lunch break to do some shopping. I need to buy a suit to go to a wedding and I have to look very smart.罗伯:啊维拉,你能在午休的时候陪我来购物真好。我需要买一身西来参加一个婚礼,而且必须得看起来很潇洒。Vera: And I will make sure of that, Rob. Everybody says I have good taste. Ive always chosen my husbands and my sons pyjamas and they look good while they sleep! Rob, I love that grey suit in the window!维拉:我会确保这一点的,罗伯。所有人都说我的品位很好。我一直挑选我老公和儿子的睡衣,他们睡觉的时候看起来很好!罗伯,我喜欢窗户里那件灰色的西!Rob: Wow! It looks really smart, actually. It will make me look great!罗伯:哇!它看起来好潇洒,真的。它会让我看起来很棒!Vera: Exactly! Lets go into the shop, you must try it!维拉:正是!我们去店里吧,你必须要试一下!Salesman: The colour suits you, Sir! I will see if I can find a smaller size so that it fits you perfectly.销售员:这颜色很适合您,先生!我再看看能不能找个小一号的,这样就更完美适合您了。Vera: You see, Rob... This salesman knows what he is talking about. He thinks it looks good on you. But he is right - a size smaller would fit better. And everybody in the wedding will think you are a powerful man.维拉:你看,罗伯...这个销售员知道自己在说什么。他觉得这身很适合你。但是他说得对,小一号的会更适合你。而且婚礼上的每个人都会觉得你是个有力量的男人的。Rob: Yes. Wait Vera, this suit is not for me. Im ing this label and it says it costs an arm and a leg!罗伯:是的。等一下维拉,这身西不适合我。我看了这个标签,上面写着它价格非常昂贵!Vera: An arm and a leg!? This is terrible, Rob! Its barbaric! This is the 21st century, not the Middle Ages! And the salesman seems quite civilised. He sounded like a nice man who wouldnt demand your limbs!维拉:一只胳膊一条腿?这太糟糕了,罗伯!太野蛮了!现在是21世纪了,不是中世纪!而且那个销售员看起来很文明。他听起来像是个好人,不会要你的四肢的!Rob: Dont worry, Vera. I will keep all of my limbs. In English, when we say something costs an arm and a leg we mean that it is very expensive!罗伯:别担心,维拉。我会保留我的四肢的。在英语中,当我们说某物花费了我们一只胳膊一条腿时意思是它非常昂贵!Vera: So, it is something people say but it doesnt actually involve arms and legs. Thats a relief!维拉:所以,这是人们说的但并不会真的包含胳膊和腿。真是如释重负!Rob: Lets hear some examples while I get back into my old clothes.罗伯:趁我换回旧衣的时候让我们来听一些例子吧。;Id like to travel all over Europe, but the air fare might cost me an arm and a leg.;“我想要游遍欧洲,但是机票可能会非常昂贵。”;You have to pay a lot of money to give your children a good education nowadays! A place in a top university costs an arm and a leg.;“现如今你需要花很多钱在你孩子好的教育上!高等大学价格非常昂贵。”Rob: So, what expression do you use when you want to say that something is very, very expensive?罗伯:那么,当你想说某物非常非常昂贵的时候你用什么短语?Vera: You might say it costs an arm and a leg.维拉:你可以说它花费了一只胳膊和一条腿。Rob: Yes. Now lets leave this expensive suit here and get out of the shop before that posh-sounding salesman comes back.罗伯:是的。现在让我们放下这里这个昂贵的西,在那个优雅的销售员回来之前离开这个店。Vera: Good idea. He will look down on us, Rob. But I would... pay a nail and an elbow for that scarf there... and that red dress over there, it might cost a foot and a knee... Oh, look at that handbag! Its a designer one and must cost an ear and a hand...维拉:好主意。他会小看我们的,罗伯。但是我会...为这里这条围巾花费一个指甲和一个胳膊肘...还有那里那条红色的裙子,会花费一只脚和一个膝盖...哦,看那个手提包!这是设计师设计的,一定会花费一只耳朵和一只手...Rob: What are you talking about, Vera!? We only say ;an arm and a leg;! Now, quickly, lets get out of here!罗伯:你在说什么,维拉?我们只说“一只胳膊和一条腿”!现在,快点,离开这里!Vera: OK, OK. Bye...维拉:好的,好的。再见...Rob: Bye.罗伯:再见。 /201402/276848福州市二医院第三代试管怎么样

龙岩造影专业医院今天分享的这个词组是“nighty night ”,意为“晚安good night ”.精台词:How time does fly . 2:00 ,gentlemen , nighty night .时间过的真快啊!2点了,晚安,先生们!双语例句: Nighty night , my love! 晚安,亲爱的! I am gonna crash in my sister’s room . Nighty night. 我要去的房间睡觉了,晚安。今天分享的这个词组是“turnout ”,意为“(出席集会的)人群,出席者,到会者the group that gathers together for a particular occasion”.精台词:Quite a turnout , Max. Reminds me of the after-hours clubs I used to go to .来的人数挺壮观的,Max.让我想起了以前下班后常去的酒吧。双语例句:They had a large turnout at the meeting.出席会议的人数很壮观。On the big night ,there was a massive turnout.在这个重要的晚上,来参加的人很多。 /201411/341844三明市输卵管通液哪里好 福州检查男性不育的医院

福州试管婴儿大约多少钱 9. I caught a fever.我发烧了。还能这样说:I had a slight fever.I had a high temperature.谚语:If you run after two hares, you will catch neither.脚踏两条船,必定落空。10. I kept on sneezing today.今天我不停地打喷嚏。还能这样说:I sneezed a lot today.I had been sneezing all day.应用:not to be sneezed at 不可轻视,值得考虑;sneeze at 轻视,蔑视11. I can see absolutely nothing.我完全看不见东西了。还能这样说:I lose my sight.I suffer the loss of sight.应用:by absolute necessity 万不得已;absolute majority 绝对多数,超过半数;absolute truth 绝对真理12. I feel under the weather.我不舒。还能这样说:I am feeling bilious.I feel seedy.应用:April weather 4月里变化无常的天气;一会儿哭一会儿笑;反复无常;weather permitting 如果天气良好 /201305/239637福州什么医院检查阳痿福州微创复通费用怎么样



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