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大学:意志力 --19 1::31 来源: Will power意志力 Mike(M) Danny(C), Tommy(T)---classmates Scene----in the college dorm Danny is playing a computer game on his laptop. Tommy is sleeping. Mike came back from a morning jogging. M: hi, Dan, what are u doing? D: I am playing war craft. M: Where is Tommy? D: Shiiiii! M:What? What's the matter? D: Don't u see? He is still sleeping. M: My goodness! I can't believe this! It’s almost nine. He got to get up now. Don't u remember we are required to make up a three people dialogue tomorrow's oral class? D: Yes, I do. You wake up Tommy and I will play one more round of war craft. M: You'd better stop playing right now. We don't have much time to prepare this dialogue. Tommy! Tommy! Wake up! Time to wake up! T:five more minutes, please. Mike: No way, Jose. Time really flies.We still have a lot to do. Hurry up. T: (Tommy sits up in his bed) Can I lie down two more minutes, please, just two more minutes? when Danny finishes his game, I will be fine.(Yawns) I don't know why I am so so sleepy. (Tommy lies down again.) M: Guys!!! I am really angry now. Time waits nobody. If you two don't stop what you are doing now, I will find somebody else to be my partners. D and T: all right. All right. We listen to u. M: That's more like it. We need will power. D and T: what is will power? M: Will power is trying hard not to do something that you really want to do. D: You mean like trying not to play war craft? Mike: right. T: you mean like trying not to stay up late? M: right. Danny turns off his computer. Tommy gets up and goes to the bathroom. Two minutes later the three maskeetters are working on their assignment. Danny: Mike, can I take a little break? Let me play one round and we will continue our work? Tommy: Mike, Can I lie down a minute? My back hurts. Mike: No! No! No! Let's finish our work first bee we do anything. We need will power!!! Danny and Tommy: that's true. We need will power! We listen to you.My Future Plan 我的未来计划 -- :53:5 来源: My Future Plan 我的未来计划  When I get into a middle school, it means I have grown up. So I will try to do better in everything.  First of all, I should learn how to learn. It will help me study easily. Then I will get on well with my classmates and help each other. At last I want to continue my hobbies, such as ing, dancing and playing tennis.  I believe I can.  当我升入初中时,就意味着我长大了我要尽力在各方面做得更好  首先我要学会怎样学习,这会使我学习的更轻松其次,我要和同学友好相处,互相帮助最后,我还想继续我的爱好,例如:阅读、跳舞和打网球  我相信我能行澳大利亚Australia -- :3:5 来源: Australiais a beautiful country, it is in the center of the earth, there is water around the country.Australiais very rich, the weather is not too cold or too hot all the year, it is so comtable to live here. My English teacher has been to there, he told me that the beach there is beautiful. I want to visitAustraliasomeday.澳大利亚是一个美丽的国家,它处在地球的中心,四周被水包围澳大利亚很富裕,终年气候不冷不热,居住在那里很舒我的英语老师曾经去过那里,他告诉我那里的海滩很漂亮将来我想要参观澳大利亚潮州韩文公祠英文导游词 --5 ::53 来源: 潮州韩文公祠英文导游词韩文公祠位于广东省潮州市韩江东岸笔架山麓唐宪宗元和十四年(公元819年),韩愈因“谏迎佛骨”,被贬谪潮州韩愈在潮州期间祭鳄释婢,兴学劝农,历代潮人都很怀念他的功绩,韩祠内有一块碑刻:“若无韩夫子,人心尚草菜”便是对他极高的评价   Now we come to Hanwengong Shrine, which is beside Hangjiang river and west of Bijia mountain.    This shrine had been constructed since Song Dynasty and become the oldest existing and the most completed reservation memorial of Han Yu, who is the great literary man in Tang Dynasty.    In the year of A.D.819, some political reason, Han Yu was exiled to Chaozhou, a backland at that time. But he was not depressed by this, he helped local people to develop education, agriculture, irrigation and release slaves. To memorize what he had contributed to the development of Chaozhou, people constructed this shrine and name him “Hanwengong” respectfully.       The two sentences carved in this ancient book like stone are extracted from one of Han Yu’s text to encourage people to study, and its meaning is: hard working improves your career, meditation leads to success.    The shrine is constructed cling to mountains and has front and back two parts. Now we play a small game: count the stone steps, later I’ll tell you a secret. How many steps there are? Yes, 51 steps! So when Han Yu came to Chaozhou, he was 51-year old. When Han Yu was to Chaozhou, he was impressed by the beautiful scenery and hospitality of local people. You see that tree? Bee it was an oak tree there, which was planted by Han Yu himself. People say more flowers in the oak tree, more well-educated students are. But in Qing Dynasty, this magic oak tree died, so people planted this tree instead.    Han Yu is a Confucian, he supported greatly to develop local education and even donated many money. This statue was done by Han Yu’s portrait.    This is a story: when Han Yu was living in Chaozhou, there is a very fierce and cruel crocodile in the Hanjing river. It was a big social harm. One day Han Yu drafted a rebellious declaration to against the crocodile and announced it beside the river publicly. Since the next day, the crocodile gone. Later people constructed this stage and carve his declaration text on this stele to memory his achievement.    Let’s climb to the “shi lang pavillion” and have a overlook to Chaozhou, the ancient city!  潮州韩文公祠英文导游词My Little Clock 我的小闹钟 -- ::57 来源: My Little Clock 我的小闹钟  I have a good friend. It's my little clock.  It has a round face. On its face, it has three hands. One is short, the other two are long. It has no arms, but its hands turn round and round. It was no feet and no legs, but it can go all day and all right.  It has no eyes or ears. It has no mouth, but it can talk to me. Can you hear? Tick-tock, tick-tock... Every morning it can wake me up on time and tell me, "Hey, it's time to get up! It's time to go to school!"  I love the little clock very much.  我有一个好朋友,它就是我的小闹钟  它有一张圆圆的脸在它的脸上有三只手,一只短的,两只长的它没有胳膊,但是它的手却能一圈一圈地转它没有脚也没有腿,但是却能整日整夜不停地走  它没有眼睛,没有耳朵它没有嘴,但是却能对我说话你听见了吗?滴答滴答,滴答滴答……每天早晨它都准时叫醒我,还说:“嗨,该起床了!该上学了!”  我特别喜欢我的小闹钟

一年级英语作文:A Chinese Teacher --1 01:1:31 来源:   shen fang is a primary school teacher. she teaches chinese in a fourth grade cla. she hel the boys and girls and write. her claes are interesting, and the children all love her.  shen fang gets to school at half past seven in the morning, half an hour bee claes begin. at luch she eats together with her pupils.  after cla she corrects their home work. she leaves school at six. she is busy with her work all the day, because she loves teaching children.

新疆旅游美味小吃英文介绍 --01 :01:7 来源: 新疆旅游美味小吃英文介绍去新疆旅游,可口的羊肉串,喷香的烤羊肉,和面包自是少不了,但是,除了这些,别忘了尝尝新疆的鱼和牛肉!There is more than just lamb skewers, roast mutton and naan bs. You can actually get fish and even excellent beef. Pauline D. Loh examines the lesser-known delicacies from Northwest China.A recent surfeit from visits to the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Turkey and Ningxia Hui autonomous region had left me a little reluctant to try any more lamb, but a new Xinjiang restaurant in Beijing beckoned, and by all s, it promised to be different. "You can eat beef," the spouse quipped. "Who would eat beef at a Xinjiang restaurant?" I shot back.First, I ate my words, and then we feasted on a tender, succulent cow trotter that was braised to spicy perfection. There was none of the usual "ox glue" aftertaste that characterizes many lesser hooves.The "bovine palm", according to the , is a signature dish of Ruxian Guli, which translates to "Brilliant Blossom", a newly opened, opulently decorated Xinjiang eatery located in Beijing's city center, off the Second Ring Road.Access is easy, and parking is even easier, with a large courtyard space by the side reserved guests. The third-floor restaurant has a dedicated lift that goes straight up to the reception. In the evenings, a song and dance troupe from Xinjiang delivers entertainment in the spacious main hall, but you can choose quiet and privacy in its many private rooms.But, back to the food. 新疆旅游 英文介绍

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