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Competition used to be easy. That is in theory, if not always in practice. Until recently, most competent companies had a clear idea of who their rivals were, how to compete and on what field to fight.竞争曾经很容易。从理论上来说如此,即便实际上并非总是如此。直到不久以前,多数胜任的公司都清楚自己的竞争对手是谁,如何竞争以及在哪个领域竞争。One of the starkest — and scariest — declarations of competitive intent came from Komatsu, the Japanese construction equipment manufacturer, in the 1970s. As employees trooped into work they would walk over doormats exhorting: “Kill Caterpillar!”. Companies benchmarked their operations and market share against their competitors to see where they stood.最露骨也最可怕的竞争意图宣言来自上世纪70年代的日本工程机械制造商小松(Komatsu)。员工上班时踩过的脚垫有这样的口号:“消灭卡特彼勒(Caterpillar)!”。企业会以竞争对手为对照,衡量自己的业务和市场份额,看看自己处在什么地位。But that strategic clarity has blurred in so many industries today to the point of near-invisibility thanks to the digital revolution and globalisation. Flying blind, companies seem happier to cut costs and buy back their shares than to invest purposefully for the future. Take the European telecommunications sector. Not long ago most telecoms companies were national monopolies with little, or no, competition. Today, it is hard to predict where the next threat is going to erupt.但由于数字革命和全球化,这种战略能见度如今在很多行业变得模糊,几乎到了看不见的地步。两眼一抹黑的企业似乎更乐意削减成本和回购股票,而不是抱着明确目的为未来投资。以欧洲电信行业为例。不久前,多数电信企业都是国有垄断企业,竞争很少,甚至毫无竞争。如今,很难预测下一个威胁将在何处爆发。WhatsApp, the California-based messaging service, was founded in 2009 and only registered in most companies’ consciousness when it was acquired by Facebook for more than bn in 2014. Yet in its short life WhatsApp has taken huge bites out of the lucrative text messaging markets. Today, WhatsApp has close to 1bn users sending 30bn messages a day. The global SMS text messaging market is just 20bn a day.总部位于加州的讯息务WhatsApp创建于2009年,在2014年以逾190亿美元被Facebook收购时才被多数企业注意到。然而,成立没几年的WhatsApp在有利可图的文本信息市场占据了巨大份额。如今,WhatsApp拥有近10亿用户,每天发送300亿条信息。全球文本短信市场每天的信息量只有200亿条。Car manufacturers are rapidly wising up to the threat posed by new generation tech firms, such as Tesla, Google and Uber, all intent on developing “apps on wheels”. Chinese and Indian companies, little heard of a few years ago, are bouncing out of their own markets to emerge as bold global competitors.汽车制造商正迅速意识到新一代科技公司构成的威胁,例如特斯拉(Tesla)、谷歌(Google)和优步(Uber),它们都试图开发“车载应用”。几年前还不为人知的中国和印度企业,正迈出国门,涌现为大胆的全球竞争者。As the driving force of capitalism, competition gives companies a purpose, a mission and a sense of direction. But how can companies compete in such a shape-shifting environment? There are perhaps two (partial) answers.作为资本主义的推动力,竞争赋予企业目标、使命和方向感。但企业在这种日新月异的环境下怎么竞争?对此可能有两个(不完全的)。The first is to do everything to understand the technological changes that are transforming the world, to identify the threats and opportunities early.首先是尽全力了解正在转变世界的科技变革,及早识别威胁和机遇。Gavin Patterson, chief executive of BT, the British telecoms group, says one of the functions of corporate leaders is to scan the horizon as never before. “As a CEO you have to be on the bridge looking outwards, looking for signs that something is happening, trying to anticipate it before it becomes a danger.”英国电信(BT)首席执行官加文#8226;帕特森(Gavin Patterson)表示,企业领导人的职能之一是以前所未有的警觉审视地平线。“作为CEO ,你不得不站在船舶驾驶室向远处眺望,寻找情况正在发生的蛛丝马迹,努力在它成为危险之前做好防范。”To that end, BT has opened innovation “scouting teams” in Silicon Valley and Israel, and tech partnerships with universities in China, the US, Abu Dhabi, India and the UK.为此,英国电信在硅谷和以色列设立了创新“侦察队”,并与中国、美国、阿布扎比、印度和英国的大学展开了科技合作。But even if you foresee the danger, it does not mean you can deal with it. After all, Kodak invented the first digital camera but failed to exploit the technology. The incentive structures of many companies are to minimise risk rather than maximise opportunity. Innovation is often a young company’s game.即便你预见到危险,也并不意味着你能够对付它。毕竟,柯达(Kodak)发明了第一台数码相机,但未能利用这种技术。很多企业的激励结构是为了将风险降至最低,而不是将机遇最大化。创新往往是年轻公司的游戏。The second answer is that companies must look as intensively inwards as they do outwards. Well-managed companies enjoy many advantages: strong brands, masses of consumer data, valuable historic data sets, networks of smart people and easy access to capital. But what is often lacking is the ambition that marks out the new tech companies, their ability to innovate rapidly and their extraordinary connection with consumers. In that sense, the main competition of so many established companies lies within their own organisations.第二个是企业必须既专注地向外看,还要向内看。管理有方的企业具备很多优势:强大品牌、海量消费者数据、宝贵的历史数据系列、聪明人网络以及资金获取容易。但他们往往缺乏的是新兴科技公司特有的那种雄心、快速创新的能力以及打动消费者的悟性。就此而言,很多老牌企业的主要竞争存在于企业内部。Larry Page, co-founder of Google, constantly urges his employees to keep being radical. In his Founders’ Letter of 2013, he warned that companies tend to grow comfortable doing what they have always done and only ever make incremental change. “This#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;leads to irrelevance over time,” he wrote.谷歌联合创始人拉里#8226;佩奇(Larry Page)不断敦促他的员工保持敢想敢干。在他2013年的创始人信函(Founders’ Letter)中,他警告称,企业往往变得满足于他们一直做的事情,只会做出增量变革。他写道:“随着时间推移,这……会导致变得无足轻重。”Google operates a 70/20/10 rule where employees are encouraged to spend 70 per cent of their time on their core business, 20 per cent on working with another team and 10 per cent on moonshots. How many traditional companies focus so much on radical ventures?谷歌实行70/20/10规则,员工被鼓励将他们70%的时间用于核心业务,20%用于与另一个团队合作,10%投入试验性的激进项目。有多少传统企业会把这么多注意力放在激进项目上?Vishal Sikka, chief executive of the Indian IT group Infosys, says that internal constraints can often be far more damaging than external threats. “The traditional definition of competition is irrelevant. We are increasingly competing against ourselves,” he says.印度IT集团Infosys首席执行官史维学(Vishal Sikka)表示,内部局限的破坏性往往要比外部威胁严重得多。他表示:“竞争的传统定义已不重要了。我们正越来越多地与自己竞争。”Quoting Siddhartha by the German writer Hermann Hesse, Mr Sikka argues that companies remain the masters of their own salvation whatever the market pressures: “Knowledge can be communicated. Wisdom cannot.” He adds: “Every company has to find its own unique wisdom.”史维学援引德国作家赫尔曼·黑塞(Hermann Hesse)的著作《悉达多》(Siddhartha)中的话辩称,不管市场压力如何,企业仍然是他们自己救赎的主人:“知识可以沟通。智慧不能。”他补充称:“每家公司都必须找到自己独特的智慧。” /201603/429162There are a lot of next big things in the television industry. In 2010, it was 3D, which promptly flopped.电视行业曾经推广过许多所谓的“下一代重磅产品”。2010年,3D电视被吹得天花乱坠,然而很快就失败了。Two years later, the talk began to focus on 4K/ Ultra High Definition (UHD) sets – and it quickly began to look like history was about to repeat itself.两年后,各大电视厂商又开始集中推广4K电视,也就是超高清电视,但种种情势似乎昭示着历史将很快重演。But a funny thing happened in 2014. 4K/UHD began to carve a foothold. And now experts say the technology may, in fact, live up to the hype.但2014年出现了一个有趣的转折。4K电视开始站稳脚跟。专家们现在表示,这项技术也许将不负众望。“4K is the emerging standard for TVs,” says Paul O’Donovan, principal analyst of consumer electronics at Gartner. “I think it will take some years for the annual number of 4K TVs manufactured to outnumber the total of full HD models, but I would expect that to happen within the next 7 to 10 years.”高德纳研究公司消费电子产品首席分析师保罗o奥多诺万表示:“4K是电视的新兴标准。我认为4K电视的年产量还需要过几年才能超过全高清电视,但我预计这个期限不会超过7到10年。”SandlerResearch agrees, estimating 4K sets will have an annual growth rate of 106.84 percent through 2018.研究公司SandlerResearch赞同这一观点,该公司预计,到2018年底,4K电视市场的年均增长率将达到106.84%。Bill Lee, vice president of television product marketing at Samsung, says the television industry shipped 800,000 4K/UHD sets last year – and Samsung expects to see a four-fold increase to that number in 2015.三星公司电视产品营销事务副总裁比尔o李表示,4K电视去年的出货量为80万台,三星预计这一数值将在2015年翻两番。The sets, which boast four times the visual resolution of today’s high definition sets, certainly boast an incredible image. The problem up until now, though, was the high cost (with a whopping ,851 price point in 2012) and the lack of 4K content for people willing to spend that amount.4K电视的视觉分辨率是高清电视的4倍,可以营造不可思议的画面效果。然而,迄今为止的问题在于高昂的价格(2012年,4K电视的均价高达7,851美元),而对于那些愿意花钱购买的消费者来说,4K节目的缺乏也是一个严重问题。Both of those problems began to resolve themselves last year. And the trend looks to continue in 2015.但这些问题从去年开始逐渐得到解决。而且在2015年,这种趋势似乎仍会继续。Viziolaunched its P-series of 4K sets in September for under ,000, bringing the sets much closer to the flat-panel average of 0. Competitors quickly cut the prices of their own sets– and at this year’s CES, many manufacturers are expected to introduce lower-cost versions of their own 4K sets alongside their new premium models.去年9月,Vizio公司推出了售价不到1000美元的P系列4K电视,大大拉近了这种产品与平板电视的价格差异,后者的平均售价为450美元。竞争对手也迅速降低了各自产品的价格。在今年的CES消费电子展上,许多电视机厂商在推出新型高档4K电视的同时,预计也将推出低价版本的4K电视。Meanwhile, Netflix NFLX -1.71% and Amazon AMZN -2.28% began streaming 4K content to customers, with Netflix offering ultra high definition versions of hits like “House of Cards” and “Breaking Bad” and Amazon adding 4K streaming to its Amazon Instant Video service, including films like “Godzilla” and “American Hustle.”与此同时,Netflix和亚马逊开始为顾客提供4K节目,Netflix正在推出《纸牌屋》和《绝命毒师》等热门电视剧的超高清版本,而亚马逊则在即时视频务中加入了《哥斯拉》和《美国骗局》等电影的4K版本。Comcast, meanwhile, has partnered with SamsungSSNLF 13.64% to delivery 4K content to its sets – and plans to expand the offering to all 4K sets in the coming months.与此同时,康卡斯特公司已经与三星达成合作协议,开始为三星电视提供4K节目。在接下来几个月中,该公司还计划向所有4K电视提供内容务。The increasing success of 4K/UHD sets may be tied, ironically, to a device that’s better known for drawing people’s attentions away from their TVs – the smartphone.颇具讽刺意味的是,4K电视的持续成功也许取决于智能手机的发展。要知道,智能手机就是那个让人们的注意力不断离开电视的小设备。“Mobile phone cameras have higher resolution capability than … full HD TVs,” says O’Donovan. “Nobody would go out today and by a 2 megapixel camera, yet that is the highest resolution available in current full HD TVs. It’s like when we moved from standard definition TVs to HD TVs, lots of folks said ‘who needs HD?’ Well we wouldn’t go back to SD now, and so we will move on from HD to UHD, because it is a natural progression if only to keep up with the resolution of cameras in our phones.”奥多诺万表示:“手机摄像头拥有比全高清电视更高的分辨率。现在没有人愿意出去购买一部200万像素的照相机,但这恰恰是全高清电视目前具备的最高分辨率。当我们从标清电视升级到高清电视时,许多人说‘谁需要高清电视?’但现在没人愿意再去看标清电视了。所以,我们将从高清电视升级到超高清电视,这是自然而然的进步,即便这种升级只是为了跟上手机摄像头分辨率的发展速度。”Meanwhile, 4K/UHD TV manufacturers and content creators, including Disney DIS -0.53% and Netflix, have established a new coalition called the UHD Alliance that plans to set standards for 4K content and delivery.与此同时,4K电视厂商已经同包括迪斯尼和Netflix在内的内容创造商成立了一个名为超高清联盟的新组织,计划为4K内容及其传输建立标准。“This is a game changer – most importantly, for consumers,” said H.S. Kim, executive vice president of Samsung’s displays business, in announcing the alliance.三星公司显示屏业务执行副总裁H. S. 金在宣布联盟结成时表示:“这将会改变行业规则,对消费者而言尤其重要。”In real world terms, that could mean better looking 4K/UHD content – which could, in turn, lure more consumers to the technology. It could also be an opportunity for satellite companies to increase subscribers, notes O’Donovan, since they’re less constricted by bandwidth availability. (Dish Network seems y to capitalize on this, announcing at CES a 4K set-top box that will become available later this year.)从现实世界的角度来看,这将意味着更好看的4K节目,反过来会吸引更多消费者接受这项技术。奥多诺万指出,卫视公司也能借机吸引订户,因为他们不太为带宽所限。(Dish Network似乎已经准备利用这一趋势了,该公司在消费电子展上推出了一款将在今年晚些时候上市的4K机顶盒。)“The industry is rallying behind UHD,” says Samsung’s Lee. “I think now is the time, more than ever, to make sure the quality of UHD is refined.”三星的比尔o李说:“电视业正在集结起来持超高清电视。我认为现在是前所未有的完善超高清品质的好时机。”(财富中文网) /201501/352960Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and its financial affiliate are buying a controlling stake in Hong Kong-listed lottery operator Tech Holdings Ltd, for HK.39 billion (8 million).日前,阿里巴巴集团控股有限公司及其金融分蚂蚁金融斥资23.9亿港币(折合3.08亿美元)购买香港亚科技有限公司控股权。The deal will give the Alibaba unit 59.45 percent of Tech, according to the lottery operator#39;s filing to the Hong Kong stock exchange on Sunday.根据上周日香港股票交易所的消息,本次交易将把亚科技的59.45%股份转交给阿里巴巴。Tech is engaged in gaming technologies including game software and hardware, and lottery distribution.亚科技的主要业务是游戏科技,包括游戏软件和游戏硬件的开发,以及股票的分发销售。Its filing said it will be the exclusive business platform of Alibaba and Ant Financial to apply for, and hold business qualifications and licenses for, the operations of lottery businesses. Alibaba and its affiliate will also provide technical services and resources such as cloud computing services and e-commerce.亚科技提交的文件称,它将成为阿里巴巴和蚂蚁金融的独家业务平台,并持有经营票业务的营业执照。阿里巴巴和蚂蚁金融将会为亚科技提供云计算务和电子商务务。The company, which has 200 employees, said it ;will benefit significantly; from the investor, should Internet channels for lottery sales re-open.亚科技目前拥有200名员工,相关人员表示,员工将会受益于本次投资,并且通过互联网销售票的渠道将会重新开放。Li Kai, an analyst with the Beijing-based Internet consultancy Analysys International, said that the suspension of online lottery sales is likely to be lifted within the year as officials at the annual lottery strategy meeting in January said they will actively push the preparatory work for a pilot online lottery sales program forward.北京国际互联网咨询公司分析师李凯表示,由于相关官员在今年一月份的票策略周年例会上表示,将会积极推进票网上销售的前期试点准备工作,所以票网上销售禁令可能在今年内取消。;China#39;s lottery market is too big for two online lottery-selling companies to fill. More licenses are expected to be offered to more players,; Li said. ;Alibaba#39;s advantage in e-commerce, big data, online payment can certainly give the online sales of lottery a strong boost.;李凯说道:“中国票市场很大,两个票销售公司远远不能满足市场需求,而应设立更多票销售公司。阿里巴巴在电子商务、大数据和网上付方面拥有明显优势,所以肯定能够大力促进网上票的销售。” /201603/430966

In 1998, as Russia’s Mir space station travelled hundreds of miles above the earth, Jonney Shih was monitoring its progress with particular interest down on the ground in Taiwan. The chairman of Asus was keen to know how the company’s laptops were faring in the stressful conditions on a 637-day trip into space.1998年,当俄罗斯的和平号(Mir)空间站在地球上空数百英里处运行时,施崇棠(Jonney Shih)在台湾密切关注着进展。这位华硕(ASUS)董事长渴望得知,在637天的太空之旅中,该公司的笔记本电脑在压力环境下表现如何。By 1997, Asus had been making motherboards for PC manufacturers for eight years, and Mr Shih decided the Taiwanese company needed to make its own computers in order “to make Asus a real brand”. To help establish its reputation, Asus “put reliability as the number-one criterion — we needed to beat all the other machines”, says the 63-year-old, wearing his usual dark suit and open-necked shirt, in a grey armchair at Asus’s Taipei headquarters.截至1997年,华硕为个人电脑(PC)厂商制造主板已经8年,施崇棠做出决定,这家台湾公司需要制造自己的电脑,以“让华硕成为一个真正的品牌”。为了建立声望,华硕“把可靠性作为头号准则——我们需要打败其他所有的机器,”在华硕台北总部,现年63岁的施崇棠穿着惯常的黑西装和开领衬衫,坐在灰色的扶手椅上说道。So it was a milestone when Asus’s early laptops survived the trip to Mir, unlike those of more established rivals.因此,不像其他更老牌的竞争对手,华硕早期的笔记本电脑在和平号空间站的太空之旅中幸存下来,那是一个里程碑。Asus flourished as a consumer-focused business, and alongside Taiwan rival Acer became one of the world’s top-five PC producers. By 2008, with HTC spearheading Google’s launch of the Android smartphone operating system, the island’s consumer electronics industry was a pillar of the economy, with a global heft disproportionate to Taiwan’s population of less than 25m.作为一个以消费者为中心的企业,华硕繁荣发展,和其台湾竞争对手宏碁(Acer)一起跻身于世界五大个人电脑制造商之列。到2008年,随着宏达电(HTC)率先采用谷歌(Google)发布的Android智能手机操作系统,台湾消费电子产业成为岛内经济柱,在全球举足轻重,远远超出台湾人口规模(不到2500万)所代表的比例。Today, however, the outlook looks less bright. Global PC sales last year came in at about 289m units, according to research company Gartner — nearly a fifth below the high point of 2010, as smartphone-focused consumers spurn bulky computers. Since the start of 2011 Acer has racked up cumulative losses of NTbn (6m), with the shrinking overall market compounded by loss of market share to the likes of China’s Lenovo. Acer’s shares have fallen 90 per cent during that period, as have those of HTC, which has been marginalised in the Android smartphone market by South Korea’s Samsung and Chinese rivals.然而,今天的前景看起来黯淡了一些。根据研究机构高德纳(Gartner)的数据,去年全球PC销售量约为2.89亿台——比2010年的高位低了近五分之一,紧盯智能手机的消费者摒弃了笨重的电脑。自2011年初以来,宏碁遭遇270亿台币(合8.36亿美元)的累计亏损,在整体市场萎缩的同时,还被中国联想(Lenovo)这样的厂商夺走了一部分市场份额。在这段时间里,宏碁的股价下跌了90%,宏达电的股价表现也同样悲催,该公司在Android智能手机市场上不敌韩国三星(Samsung)和中国竞争对手。Asus, however, has weathered the PC decline with small rises in market share and a shift towards more expensive devices, as well as a belated but modestly successful move into smartphones. At about bn, its market capitalisation is roughly where it was five years ago, and analysts expect it to report net profit for last year of about 0m. This is slightly higher than the 2010 figure, but nearly a quarter below its record earnings of 2012.然而,华硕经受住了PC的衰退,市场份额小幅提升,并转向更昂贵的设备,其进军智能手机市场虽然较晚,但也小有成功。华硕现在的市值大约为60亿美元,和5年前基本相当。分析师们预计,华硕将报告2015年实现净利润约5.3亿美元,这略微高于其2010年的业绩数据,但比其2012年的创纪录利润低了近四分之一。The contrast with Acer is bittersweet for Mr Shih, who spent his formative years there, culminating in leading its research and development work. When four of his engineers in 1989 started their own “small but beautiful company”, they asked Mr Shih to lead them.华硕和宏碁的对比让施崇棠喜忧参半,他在宏碁度过了职业生涯中的关键成长期,最终领导宏碁的研发工作。当他手下的4名工程师在1989年自创“小而美的公司”时,他们强烈要求施崇棠来领导他们。He asked Acer’s founder, Stanley Shih — no relation — for permission. “Acer was in difficulty … finally Stan convinced me to stay,” he says. But he provided financing to the fledgling company, and four years later he joined Asus as chief executive.施崇棠征求了宏碁创始人施振荣(Stanley Shih,两人并无亲戚关系)的许可。“当时宏碁很困难……最后施振荣说了我留下来,”施崇棠说。但他为羽翼未丰的华硕提供了资金,并在4年后以首席执行官的身份加入了华硕。Mr Shih recalls instilling a culture of hard work after finding an engineering lab almost empty early one evening: “That’s a crisis, frankly speaking,” he says. He overhauled the hiring policy too, by picking promising graduates en masse from the elite National Taiwan University. Then came the decision to move into consumer electronics, which still makes up the overwhelming majority of Asus’s sales.施崇棠回忆,有一天华灯初上的时候,他发现一间工程实验室几乎已空无一人,于是他在公司内着力打造一种勤奋工作的文化:“坦率地说,那是一场危机,”他表示。他还整改了招聘政策,从精英的国立台湾大学(NTU)成批挑选有才华的毕业生。接着他作出向消费电子业进军的决策,现在消费电子依然在华硕的销售中占绝大部分。One factor behind Asus’s resilience in this field, say analysts, has been its pursuit of fresh sizes and configurations of its devices, helping it to secure a strong position in new and relatively high-demand product segments as PC sales languish.分析师们表示,华硕在该领域的应变能力背后的一个因素是,该公司对产品不断尝试新规格和新配置,从而在个人电脑销售衰退之际在需求相对强劲的新产品领域取得强势地位。In 2007 Asus unveiled the Eee PC — the first netbook, or miniature laptop. The innovation was widely copied by rivals, launching a new product category that enjoyed strong demand until Apple’s iPad kick-started the tablet market three years later.2007年,华硕推出了首款上网本(迷你笔记本电脑)Eee PC。这一创新被竞争对手广为效仿,开创了一个需求强劲的新产品类别,直到3年后苹果(Apple)的iPad开创了平板市场。Such innovation was the result of a shift in Asus’s culture away from a simple focus on technical performance, says Mr Shih. “To have a complete kind of innovation you need to start from the user desirability.” In 2011, Asus rolled out the Transformer, which can be adjusted for use as either tablet or laptop — another idea soon emulated by companies including Microsoft. In a colourful advertisement for Asus’s latest version, a talking cartoon bird chides a smartphone user: “You’re just making life difficult for yourself!” it says. “Glued to your tiny screens, giving yourself a migraine while you try to write a novel with your thumbs?”施崇棠表示,这样的创新是华硕的文化发生转变,不再只专注于技术性能的结果。“要进行那种彻底的创新,你需要从使用者好感度出发。”2011年,华硕推出了Transformer Book变形笔记本电脑,该产品可以调整,变形为平板或者笔记本电脑——这个想法很快也被其他公司模仿,包括微软(Microsoft)。在最新款Transformer Book色缤纷的广告中,一只会说话的卡通小鸟嘲讽一名智能手机用户:“是在爽什么,”小鸟说,“荧幕小不拉几,失败。你那又肥又短的手指是要按到啥时。”Mr Shih similarly defends the PC. “People say the PC is declining, but it only makes the desirability more clear. The PC is for professional, productivity computing,” he says.施崇棠也为个人电脑做出了类似的辩护。“人们说个人电脑正在衰退,但这只是使其可取之处更加清晰。个人电脑的用处是专业、高效的运算,”施崇棠说。However, both the PC and tablet sectors are clearly being cannibalised by larger-screen smartphones. So last year Asus made a jump into smartphones with the ZenFone, whose development team was subject to Mr Shih’s demanding standards. At one point he held a crisis meeting to figure out a way to fit the battery and speaker into the space. “Around midnight or 2 o’clock in the morning, one of the engineers work it out,” Mr Shih says. “If it’s a normal business meeting, I don’t think you can have a breakthrough... if it’s not painful, normally it’s not a hero product.”然而,个人电脑和平板领域明显都正在被大屏智能手机侵蚀。因此,去年华硕推出ZenFone智能手机,挤入这个市场。施崇棠用严苛的标准要求ZenFone的开发团队。有一次,施崇棠举行了一个危机工作会议,以找出将电池和扬声器放入设计空间的办法。“大概是在午夜或者凌晨两点钟前后,其中一位工程师找到了方法,”施崇棠表示,“如果这只是一场平常的工作会议,我不认为你能够取得突破……如果不痛苦,通常它也不会是一款英雄产品。”The cash resources and business networks created by its PC operation have helped Asus’s smartphone division to modest success in some developing countries: it had 12 per cent of Indonesia’s smartphone market and 7 per cent of Russia’s in the third quarter of 2015, according to Canalys. But Asus is a late entrant, arriving seven years after the iPhone. More , margins have been narrowed by competition from Chinese producers.华硕PC业务产生的现金资源和商业网络帮助华硕的智能手机业务在一些发展中国家取得了一定的成功:根据Canalys的数据,2015年第3季度,华硕手机在印尼占智能手机市场的12%,在俄罗斯占7%。但华硕在智能手机市场上是个后来者,比iPhone晚了7年。此外,利润率也因为来自中国手机厂商的竞争而收窄。“The final winner sometimes is not the first runner,” Mr Shih insists. Asus predicts its revenue from mobile dev will overtake that from PCs in 2018, and it expects to sell 30m smartphones in 2016, from about 21m last year. This has drawn scepticism from some analysts: Nomura, for example, predicts sales of 22m units in 2016.“最后的赢家有时并非第一个起跑的人,”施崇棠坚称。华硕预测其移动设备业务的收入将在2018年超过PC业务,预计将在2016年卖出3000万部智能手机,而2015年这个数字约为2100万部。一些分析师对此表示怀疑:比如,野村(Nomura)预测华硕在2016年的智能手机销量将达到2200万部。Smartphones are only one of the growth areas Mr Shih is targeting, however. Since handing over the chief executive role to Jerry Shen in 2008, he has remained the main public face of the company. But he also has more time to foster product areas aimed at compensating for the slowdown in Asus’s declining main business.然而,智能手机只是施崇棠瞄准的增长领域之一。自2008年将首席执行官之位交给沈振来(Jerry Shen)以来,施崇棠依然是华硕主要的公开形象。但他也有了更多时间发展旨在补偿华硕主营业务下滑的产品领域。In vocabulary peppered with business school jargon, one of Mr Shih’s favourite words is “megatrend”: in this case, the shift towards the “internet of things”, in which consumers rely on a constellation of networked devices.施崇棠在讲话时经常蹦出商学院术语,他最喜欢的一个词是“megatrend”(大趋势):目前,他指的是朝着“物联网”转变的趋势。在物联网中,消费者依赖一系列联网的设备。Asus is expanding its range of such pr , from smartwatches to a smart television device made for Google, and Mr Shih is overseeing secret projects in robotics and augmented reality technology — a view of the real world embellished with computer-generated effects.华硕正在扩大此类产品系列,从智能手表到基于谷歌Google TV平台的智能电视设备,施崇棠还在监督机器人和增强现实技术方面的秘密项目。后者是指将计算机产生的效果叠加到人的真实世界视觉。“In the PC era, the box was the centre. Now we have to agree the cloud is the centre,” he says. “I do care a lot about the megatrend. Otherwise you may become irrelevant.”“在PC时代,机体是中心。现在我们不得不认同,云端是中心,”他说,“我的确非常关心这一megatrend。否则你可能会变得无关紧要。” /201602/426173

Charter Communications is near a deal to buy Time Warner Cable for about billion, people with direct knowledge of the talks said on Monday, a takeover that would create a new powerhouse in the rapidly consolidating American cable industry.查特通信公司(Charter Communications)以550亿美元左右的价格收购时代华纳有线(Time Warner Cable)的交易已接近达成,对谈判有直接了解的人士周一表示。此番收购将让正在经历快速整合的美国有线电视行业新增一家强大企业。Under the proposed terms of the deal, Charter will pay about 5 a share in cash and stock. That is roughly 14 percent higher than Time Warner Cable’s closing stock price on Friday — and 47 percent higher than Charter’s original bid for its rival from early last year.按照拟议的交易条件,查特公司将选择现金加股票的付方式,每股收购价约为195美元。该价格比时代华纳有线周五的收盘价高14%,比查特去年初最早的出价高47%。A deal could be announced as soon as Tuesday, though these people, who were not authorized to speak publicly about private negotiations, cautioned that talks were continuing and might still fall apart.双方最快可能在周二公布达成交易的消息,但上述人士并未获得公开谈论秘密谈判的授权,他们提醒说,谈判还在继续,并且仍有可能破裂。The potential acquisition of Time Warner Cable completes a lengthy quest by Charter and its main backer, the billionaire John C. Malone, to break into the top tier of the American broadband industry.查特公司及其大股东亿万富豪约翰·J·马龙(John Malone)长期以来一直寻求跻身美国宽带行业的顶级阵营,收购时代华纳有线将让他们得偿所愿。If completed, the transaction would be the latest in a series of mergers remaking the market for broadband Internet and cable television in the ed States. Just last week, the European telecommunications company Altice agreed to buy Suddenlink for about billion.美国宽带互联网和有线电视市场上最近涌现出一系列重塑格局的并购案,这项交易如果能够达成,便会成为其中最新的一桩。And Charter is also nearing an agreement to acquire another cable operator, Bright House Networks, in a transaction that could also be announced soon.此外,查特公司收购另一家有线电视运营商Bright House Networks的交易也已接近达成,达成交易的消息同样可能很快获得公布。Last year, Mr. Malone tried to penetrate the American broadband industry, but Charter was foiled by its larger rival, Comcast, which bid billion for Time Warner Cable. Comcast, the country’s biggest cable operator, ultimately failed in its effort, with federal antitrust regulators believing that the merger would have been untenable.去年,马龙曾试图进入美国宽带行业,但查特公司在对时代华纳有线的竞价中败给了规模比它大的竞争对手康卡斯特(Comcast),后者的出价是450亿美元。作为美国最大的有线电视运营商,康卡斯特的努力最终功亏一篑,因为联邦反垄断监管机构认为这项并购案不合规。Government regulators are also expected to closely scrutinize a combination of Charter and Time Warner Cable, according to analysts, though as a smaller transaction it may face less opposition.分析人士称,政府监管部门也会对查特公司和时代华纳有线的合并进行严格的审查,尽管规模较小的交易面临的阻力可能少一些。Since the collapse of the Comcast agreement, Charter has worked to win over its onetime reluctant target, focusing on a friendly deal and acknowledging that it would have to pay a much higher price tag.康卡斯特的收购计划泡汤后,为了抱得美人归,查特公司一直在跟一度将它拒之门外的时代华纳有线接触,想要进行友善收购,并且接受了不得不开出高得多的价码的事实。Yet the company may still face competition for Time Warner Cable in the form of Altice, which has ambitions to extend its telecom empire across the Atlantic, beginning with the acquisition of Suddenlink.不过,查特公司可能还要跟Altice竞购时代华纳有线。Altice想要以收购Suddenlink为开端,把自己的电信帝国拓展到大西洋这一边。News of the proposed terms of a Charter deal for Time Warner Cable were reported earlier by Bloomberg News.彭新闻社(Bloomberg News)早些时候已就拟议中的查特公司收购时代华纳有线的交易条款进行过报道。 /201505/377413

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd plans to bring forward the unveiling of its next Galaxy S smartphone to January in an attempt to compete better with rival Apple Inc#39;s new iPhones, South Korea#39;s Electronic Times reported on Tuesday, citing unnamed sources.韩国《电子时报》周二援引未具名消息人士报导称,三星电子计划将下一代Galaxy S智能手机的发布时间提前至明年1月,以期能更好地与苹果的新款iPhone竞争。Samsung has in recent years announced new Galaxy S smartphones on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress trade show, which usually takes place between late February and early March. The world#39;s top smartphone maker unveiled its Galaxy Note 5 device in August this year, however, earlier than the typical September announcement.近几年,三星一直在世界移动通信大会(MWC)的间隙发布新款Galaxy S。MWC通常在2月末与3月初期间举行。今年8月,三星发布Galaxy Note 5,较通常的9月发布有所提前。A Samsung spokeswoman said the firm does not comment on rumors or speculation.一位三星发言人称,公司不会对至今为止出现的传言和揣测作出评价。The South Korean firm has been unable to arrest its smartphone market slide despite a product lineup revamp. Researcher TrendForce says Samsung#39;s smartphone shipments will shrink by 1 percent this year, marking the firm#39;s first-ever annual decline.尽管每年都会推出新的产品,但是这家韩国电子公司已经不能阻止智能手机市场萎靡和下滑这一趋势了。市调机构TrendForce近日表示:今年三星智能手机的销售量相比往年已经下滑了1%,这也标志着该公司多年来第一次下滑。 /201511/409314

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