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Life after Olympic 奥运与名利 Decorated athlete Bruce Jenner talks about fame after Olympic. The average Olympian is so focused on wining an event, they are often ill-prepared for the morning after. Even Bruce Jenner knows what an Olympic hangover feels like. “I was devastated, what do I do tomorrow, my entire life had been revolving for the last 12 years of my life around this one moment.” The night after he won the Olympic decathlon in 1976, Jenner recalls pondering his future in a Montreal hotel suite, he had no idea. “I didn’t have a dinner reservation that night, I mean, I, I planned for nothing after it was over with.” Adding to his sense of unease, he says, were those around him. “Honestly, some of the people who knew me before, er, were very upset because they were thinking now I am a different person that they can’t really be your friend anymore, you are like on a different level. I mean, I didn’t change at all, but everybody around you does change quite a bit.”TV offers came his way, starting with Battle of the Network Stars. “And to Bruce Jenner….” Congratulation, first time up there, right down the middle”."That's right" “I never held a microphone before, I was fortunate that I was kind of the Michael Phelps, from the games in 1976, I was kind of the front guy that they put out there,” “Hi, I am Bruce Jenner, for Tropicana.”His Olympic profile helped Jenner do everything from endorsements to the feature film Can’t Stop The Music. “So let’s get gone, I gotta place to hit this afternoon right around here.” "Why can't see you?"With the village people."Why can't see you?" Now just another day, baby, It's another.day ,Michelle, Let's goNow Jenner is a regality TV fixture on Keeping Up With the Kardashian, stepfather to a clan that includes one woman boutiquier Kim Kardashian, it was a contract with Wheaties, that changed his life forever just three months after winning the gold. The guy goes, “congratulations, you are a millionaire.” "I was…me? I was living on 10,000 dollars a year, okay, I was living on 145 dollars a month apartment, okay, driving a 63-Volkswagen ,but I paid 175 dollars for it . Okay, and this guy was like, um, "give me that paper.”200811/55622Laura Bush Urges Continued US Support for Afghanistan劳拉.布什敦促美继续持阿富汗  U.S. First Lady Laura Bush says the ed States must remain engaged in Afghanistan - and she is vowing to remain involved in efforts to help Afghan women long after her husband's term in office ends. 美国第一夫人劳拉.布什说,美国必须继续在阿富汗的各项工作,她保在她的丈夫卸任之后继续参与帮助阿富汗妇女的工作。Mrs. Bush has used the White House spotlight to focus attention on the plight of the women and girls of Afghanistan. 劳拉.布什通过白宫的影响力引起外界关注阿富汗妇女和女童的境况。She says there has been progress since she took up the cause - not long after the September 11 2001 attacks on the ed States. But she concedes there have been setbacks too, noting the recent attack on a group of Afghan girls in Kandahar who were disfigured with acid as they walked to school. 劳拉说,她从事这项事业是在2001年美国遭到恐怖袭击后不久,从那时以来,这项工作取得了进展。不过劳拉承认,帮助阿富汗妇女的工作也遇到过挫折,她特别提到一群阿富汗女孩最近在坎大哈受到的袭击。这些女孩在上学的路上因为被人泼洒硫酸而毁容。"The really good news is the people who did it have been arrested. There is an Afghan police force now and an Afghan army that are building up to be able to protect the people of Afghanistan internally like we all want them to. And there are many, many signs of progress," she said. 劳拉.布什说:“肇事者已经被抓,这的确是好消息。现在,阿富汗正在组建一警察部队和一由军人组成的队伍,这样才会有能力保护阿富汗国内的人民,这是我们一直希望他们做的。许多其它方面都显示出了进展。”During an appearance on American television, Mrs. Bush talked at length about her hopes for Afghanistan. She made clear she believes the stakes are high, and stressed America must stay involved. 劳拉.布什在一次电视节目上详细谈了她对阿富汗的希望。她明确地表示,她认为现在是非常关键的时刻,她强调这个时候美国必须继续这项工作。"Most people in Afghanistan want to be able to build their country, live a decent life and not be afraid of a terrorist attack. And the fact is we just need to keep working with them so they can do it," said Mrs. Bush. 劳拉说:“绝大多数阿富汗人都希望能够建设他们自己的国家,过体面的生活,不用担心受到恐怖袭击。其实,我们只需要跟他们一道努力,阿富汗人就能实现他们的愿望。”The First Lady told N's Meet the Press program that she intends to remain involved in the cause after she leaves the White House, mainly through the U.S.-Afghan Women's Council at Georgetown University, and an institute being established at her husband's presidential library. 第一夫人劳拉在美国全国广播公司“会见新闻界”这档节目上说,她离开白宫后打算继续从事这项工作,主要是通过乔治城大学美国-阿富汗妇女理事会,和一个设在布什总统图书馆里的机构。Also appearing on Meet the Press was the Afghan Ambassador to the ed States, Said Jawad, who echoed the need for long term U.S. support. He was asked about the inroads Taliban militants have been able to make in rural parts of Afghanistan. 阿富汗驻美国大使赛义德.贾瓦德也在“会见新闻界”接受采访,他也认为阿富汗需要美国的长期持。记者问他关于塔利班激进分子能够在阿富汗农村地区开展活动的问题。"What my government needs is more resources to deliver services to provide protection to our people. In many areas where there is lack of delivery of the services because of the lack of human capital on the part of the Afghan people, or the shortage of resources, the Taliban are making a comeback. They do not provide a vision for the future of the country," said Jawad. 他回答说:“阿富汗政府需要更多资源,才能为人民提供务和保护。许多地方,由于阿富汗人民缺乏人力,或缺乏资源而没有足够的务,在这些地方,塔利班正在卷土重来。塔利班不会给阿富汗带来希望。”Jawad was then questioned about the possibility of talks between the elected Afghan government and elements of the Taliban. He said the intent is to stop the cycle of revenge and violence. 记者还问贾瓦德关于阿富汗民选政府跟塔利班派系之间进行谈判的可能性。他说,谈判的目的是结束复仇和暴力的循环。"We will not share power with them. We will not compromise on the values of the Afghan constitution. But if they realize there is no future for them in Afghanistan through military operations, they will come to the table and talk to us," he added. 贾瓦德说:“我们不会跟他们分享权力。我们不会对阿富汗宪法的价值观做出妥协。不过,如果塔利班意识到在阿富汗进行军事行动是没有前途的,他们就会坐下来跟我们谈判。”He said there are some members of the Taliban who joined simply out of ignorance, or to escape poverty. He suggested they might be convinced to join the political process. 贾瓦德说,一些人加入塔利班组织是出于无知,或者是为了摆脱贫穷。他认为,这些人可能会被说加入政治进程。200812/57601

Bad news for exporters in the world's second largest economy as if the global economic slowdown were not enough to currency markets, making it very difficult for Japan's largest companies. The US dollar sunk into the upper eighties. That is the lowest level since January of this year. This makes it very difficult for these large companies in this export-driven economy to thrive. Companies like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Sony, Panasonic, all depend on the strength of the US dollar. Now this is a figure that Toyota has cited in its past. Just give you an idea of how difficult it is for these companies when the currency markets are against them. One Yen movement, according to Toyota equals about four hundred million US dollars. Now if you translate that into what has happened to the Yan before Japan slipped into recession, it was about one ten, one twenty. And what it looks like today, that's about thirty Yen difference. That equals about twelve billion US dollars in loss. Looking just at the currency, not at what these companies are doing and not at global demand are very difficult environment for these companies to thrive in. The new government here in Japan has said that it does not want to intervene as of yet into the currency market that a strong Yan would boost consumption at home but a strong yen certainly does hurt exporters trying to operate in a global environment. Later this week, the Tankan Survey which gauges the sentiment of these large companies has come out. We’ll have to keep an eye on that to see exactly how these large companies in Japan are looking at what's happening with the currency. Kyung Lah, CNN, Tokyo. Vocabulary:1. Tankan Survey : An economic survey of Japanese business issued by the central Bank of Japan, which it then uses to formulate monetary policy. The report is released four times a year in April, July, October and mid-December. 11/89015

The massive power and unprecedented popularity of the iPhone pushes Jobs from visionary to iGenius.iPhone巨大的成功和前所未有的普及让远见卓识的乔布斯成为了业界公认的天才。But unfortunately, the man who seems to have a solution for almost everything is increasingly haunted by his most personal challenge.但是不幸的是,那个对任何事似乎都有一种解决方法的奇才却被自己日益增加个人挑战困扰着。By now I have a liver of a mid 20th person who died in a car crash and was generous enough to donate their organs.现在的我迫切需要一个肝脏,几乎死于车祸的20人都非常大度去捐献他们的器官。And I wouldnt be here without such generosity.而我在这里从来没有这样的慷慨。So Im vertical. Im back at Apple, loving every day of it.所以我用实际行动回报这些帮助过我的人。我再次回到了苹果,热爱那里的每一天。It did inspire him.这确实激励了他。It did motivate him to work more and faster, create more things and, in fact, his creative output over the last five or six years is probably his greatest, his most prolific period.这激励他得更快更多的工作,创造更多的东西,而事实上,在过去5年或6年他的创意可能是他最大的,他最多产的时期。Running out of time but not drive, Jobs writes his next chapter and its a pinched term.时日无多但却游刃有余,乔布斯写下了他的第2章,这是一种没有办法的办法。词语解释:1. inspire v. 激发2. prolific a. 多产的163795France Wants Happiness Included in Progress Measures法国提议把幸福指数纳入经济指标As countries begin emerging from the global financial crisis, France is proposing to measure progress in a new way - one that includes happiness and well being, as well as traditional economic benchmarks.随着各国逐步走出全球金融危机,法国提出了一个衡量经济进步状况的新方式--除了传统的经济标准之外,也把人们的幸福和福祉纳入经济指标。By standard measures, the world has certainly been going through some tough times. But do these indicators capture all facets of progress? According to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the answer is 'no.'按照传统的衡量经济状况的方式,世界确实渡过了一些艰难的时日。可是这些经济指标是否反映了经济进步的所有层面呢?根据法国总统萨科齐,是否定的。Mr. Sarkozy announced France will begin including less tangible indicators, like happiness and well being, into its measurements of economic progress.萨科齐总统宣布,在衡量经济进步时,法国将开始使用一些不太具体的指标,比如幸福和福祉。The French President said the current crisis does not just give the international community the freedom to imagine another economic model, it obliges the world to do so. We do not have the choice, he said.这位法国总统说:“目前的经济危机不仅给了国际社会设想另一个经济模式的自由,而且也给了世界这样做的责任。我们没有选择。”Mr. Sarkozy's remarks coincided with the publication of a new report by two Nobel economists, Joseph Stiglitz and Armatya Sen, that looks at non-traditional ways at measuring social progress. The report was commissioned by the French government.就在萨科齐总统说这番话的同时,两位诺贝尔经济学奖得主,约瑟夫.斯蒂格利茨(Joseph Stiglitz)和阿玛蒂亚.森(Amartya Sen)发表了一份新的报告,对衡量社会进步的传统方式进行评估。这份报告是受法国政府的委托而编撰的。The report recommends shifting the ways policymakers look at progress from what economists call gross domestic product, or GDP, which is a general measure of goods and services produced in a country. The new indicators also would include non-material 'wealth', like access to education and health care.报告建议,政策制定者根据国内生产总值来衡量经济进步的方式需要改变,因为国内生产总值GDP所衡量的只是一个国家制造的产品和务。新的指标还要包括非物质性财富,比如接受教育和医疗的程度。France is not the first country to look at the non-material aspects of progress. The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan emphasizes a concept it calls 'gross national happiness,' rather than GDP. Bhutan's main research center collects a wide variety of data to measure this, including things like psychological well being, good governance, ecological diversity and living standards.法国并不是头一个检测经济进步非物质层面的国家。喜马拉雅山王国不丹就提出了一个“国民幸福总值”的概念,来取代国内生产总值。不丹主要的研究中心还收集了大量各种各样的数据来衡量国民幸福总值GNH,其中包括心理上的良好感觉、良好的管理、生态多样性和生活水准。In France, Mr. Sarkozy says focusing too much on gross domestic product as the main measure of prosperity contributed to the financial crisis. He wants other countries to follow France's example in looking at less materialistic indicators of progress.在法国,萨科齐总统说,把注意力过多地集中在国内生产总值上,并且以GDP作为衡量经济繁荣的主要尺度,对于金融危机起到了推波助澜的作用。他希望其他国家都能像法国一样,开始关注那些物质性较少的经济指标。09/84876Tick up:上涨,上升Bounce back: to feel better quickly after being ill, or to become successful again after failing or having been defeated 恢复(健康或信心等),重整旗鼓lag:走的慢;落后;延迟Some of the runners in the race began to lag. 参加比赛的运动员中有一些开始落后了。 The children were tired and lagged behind their parents.Glimmer: 少许She showed no glimmer of interest in them. 她对他们没流露出丝毫兴趣。Spike:a sudden large increase in the number or rate of something 突然上涨 07/77768

Lunar history月球的历史How do you solve a problem like maria?如何解决月海这样的问题?An ancient collision may explain the moon’s Janus faces一次古老的碰撞可能解释月球的杰纳斯面孔(译者注:杰纳斯是罗马神话中的天门神,头部前后各有一张面孔)Aug 6th 2011 | from the print edition EARTH’S moon has a split personality. One half of its surface—the half which, thanks to the vagaries of orbital mechanics, always faces Earth—is dominated by dark, smooth expanses of ancient, frozen lava known as maria (early astronomers, thinking they might be bodies of water, named them after the Latin word for “sea”). The contrast between the darkness of the maria and the brightness of the surrounding highlands forms a pattern popularly known, depending on the culture of the observer, as the man in the moon, the rabbit on the moon or one of many other optical illusions.地球的卫星---月球有着分裂的人格。其表面的一半---由于轨道力学的变幻莫测,这一半总是面对地球---一直处于黑暗之中。这片黑暗的地方被称为月海,不仅平坦广阔,而且由古老而冻结的火山岩形成(早期的天文学家认为这片地域可能为水体,因而以拉丁词“海”命名)。根据观察者不同的文化,月海的黑暗和周围群山的明亮对比形成了一种众所周知的模式,比如嫦娥,月兔或许多其它视错觉之一。When astronomers got their first glimpses of the moon’s far side, however, they saw a strikingly different landscape. Early lunar probes revealed a surface that was mountainous, rugged, heavily cratered and virtually devoid of maria. To e Bill Anders, one of the astronauts on Apollo 8 and thus one of the first three people to see the far side of the moon directly, it “looks like a sand pile my kids have been playing in...all beat up, no definition, just a lot of bumps and holes.”然而,当天文学家首次瞥见月球较远的那侧时,他们看到了一处截然不同的景观。早期月球探测器显示了这块多山,崎岖不平,拥有大量陨石坑以及几乎毫无大海的地域的表面。引用阿波罗8号宇航员之一,也是首次直接看到月球较远那侧的三个人之一的比尔#8226;安德斯的话说,那块地方“就像孩子们玩的沙堆一样…到处都是破破烂烂的,无法解释,就是很多坑坑洼洼。”201108/147780Bangladesh's Sheikh Hasina Wins Landslide Election哈西娜以压倒多数赢得孟加拉大选  The Awami League, led by former prime minister Sheik Hasina, has gained a clear majority of the parliamentary seats in Bangladesh's election. International observers are preliminarily deeming the election fair, which came after a two-year period of emergency rule by an army-backed caretaker government. There are high hopes there that the poverty-wracked country of 150 million people is putting its legacy of autocratic, corrupt and violent politics behind it. 孟加拉国前总理谢赫.哈西娜领导的人民联盟在议会选举中赢得明显多数席位。国际观察员初步认为投票是公正的,这次选举是在受到军方持的看守政府结束两年紧急状态之后举行的。孟加拉国人民热切希望,这个有着1亿5千万人口极度贫困的国家一贯奉行的独裁、腐败和暴力政治即将成为过去。Election officials say the Awami League overwhelmingly was the dominant party in the first parliamentary election here in seven years. The secular, left-of-center party, led by Sheik Hasina, captured about 230 of the parliament's 300 seats. Allied parties won about another 30. The Awami League now has a mandate to push through constitutional changes and its sweeping reform manifesto.  选举官员说,人民联盟在7年后的第一次议会选举中以压倒性多数成为占统治地位的政党。由谢赫.哈西娜领导、主张政教分离并执行中间偏左路线的人民联盟赢得议会300席中的大约230席。其它结盟党派赢得大约30席。人民联盟现在有权推行宪政改革及其全面的改革纲领。The election commission says a record 85 percent of eligible voters went to the polls.  选举委员会表示,85%的合格选民参加了投票,创下历史记录。The results are a crushing defeat for Hasina's long-time foe, former prime minister Khaleda Zia, who allied with several other parties, including an Islamic fundamentalist group.  这个结果使得哈西娜的长期政敌、前总理卡莉达.齐亚遭受惨败,齐亚跟另外几个党派结盟,其中包括一个伊斯兰原教旨主义组织。Zia's Bangladesh Nationalist Party is formally complaining that its supporters were kept from voting in various places. 齐亚领导的孟加拉国民族主义党正式投诉说,该党的持者在许多地方被禁止投票。Such allegations are not swaying the preliminary opinion of domestic and international observers that the election process, while not perfect, was conducted in a fair manner and free of the widesp vote-rigging typical of past elections.  不过,这类说法不会动摇孟加拉国国内和国际观察员对投票过程的初步评价,他们认为,尽管不是十全十美,整个选举在公正的情况下举行,而且也没有出现特别在以往选举中有过的操纵选票行为。Former U.S. assistant secretary of state for African Affairs, Constance Berry Newman, led the 65-person observer delegation of the International Republican Institute.  美国国务院负责非洲事务的前助理国务卿科蒂斯.贝利.纽曼率领一个由65人组成的美国国际共和研究所代表团前往观察。"Though observers noted many procedural irregularities they did not believe them of the scope and severity that would call into question the legitimacy of the process or the outcome," said Newman. 纽曼说:“尽管观察员们指出了许多程序上的违规,但是他们认为,这不是普遍现象,也没有严重到会对整个程序或者选举结果的合法性提出质疑。”Despite the Awami League's overwhelming victory, Melbourne University (Australia) political science research fellow Syeed Ahamed says Sheik Hasina's party must give its arch-rival a role in parliamentary affairs."Even if BNP has only some say 30 to 35 seats in the popular vote they actually present almost 50 percent of the population," said Ahamed. "That should be kept in mind. If Awami League do not put BNP in a significant position, what will happen if actually BNP resigns en masse from the parliament? It will be chaos." The two major rival parties traded power during a 15-year period that ended in 2006 with political violence on the streets spinning out of control. That compelled the military to intervene, installing a caretaker government.  两个主要对立政党在2006年之前的15年里轮流执政,2006年孟加拉国的政治暴力事件持续不断,无法控制。那种局面迫使军方介入,扶植起一个看守政府。The interim leaders vowed a crackdown on political corruption, jailing hundreds of people, including Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia. The two fierce rivals, known as the "Battling Begums" and heirs to political dynasties, were freed to contest the long-delayed election. 过渡政府领导人誓言打击政治腐败,数百人被监禁,其中包括谢赫.哈西娜和卡莉达.齐亚。这两位宿敌以及两人政治王朝的继任者均获释,得以参加这次一再推迟的选举。哈西娜和齐亚人称“拼搏的贵妇人”。200812/60108An old railroad line in New York City is back in use. It doesn't deliver livestock anymore, it delivers pleasure to thousands of people every day and stimulates economic development in a few New York neighborhoods. An elevated railroad line has been turned into an "elevated park" right in the middle of New York City. 07/77479

6月7日,在法国西部的圣梅尔埃格利斯举行的纪念盟军诺曼底登陆65周年活动中,法国、德国和美国的伞兵从一架军用飞机上跳下。Rather weather is deteriorated from those ceremonies earlier today when we get plenty of sunshine. Now, this is a pretty good imitation of what the soldiers, sailors and airmen must have faced 65 years ago. And D-Day mourning, it’s closed to evening in Normandy now, but in fact you can see the surf kicking out there quite a bit. It’s raining and back here on D-Day mourning there has fog, and I want to just point out the sort of difficulty that some of the servicemen had come in ashore here. This is Omaha beach, part of Omaha beach, and coming on off the beach, they had to go up these cliffs, like you can see after my left, and in fact quite steep perhaps several hundred feet tall. And at the top were German gun policemen said “trenches”, and German were able to fire down directly onto the oncoming allied soldiers. It was the kind of thing that was relived over and over again today in various parts of the beaches along here, the difficulty to come in ashore, to establish an beachhead and the amazing accomplishment those people who did it. President Barak Obama talked about that in his speech today, directly speaking to the very veterans here .Obama: You, the veterans of our landing, so why we still remember what happened on D-day. You’re why we keep coming back, for you remind us that in the end, human destiny is not determined by forces beyond our control. You remind us that our future is not shaped by mere chance or circumstance, our history has always been the sum total of the choices made and the actions taken by each individual man and woman. It has always been up to us. All in all, a very moving occasion with all four leaders, the 2 presidents and 2 prime ministers, directly addressing the men who forced their way ashore here 65 years ago.Jim Bittermann CNN from Omaha beach.06/73552部分文本:If you'd met 16-year-old Georgia Davis a year ago, you might not recognize her today. Davis has lost 202 pounds -- nearly half her former weight. 如果你在一年前遇到乔治雅·戴维斯,今天你再见到她的时候恐怕会认不出来。戴维斯减掉了202磅,这几乎是她之前体重的一半。"I was unhappy, I was eating the wrong stuff, I was doing the wrong things and now it's like the complete opposite," she said. “我不开心,吃的不对,做的也不对。而现在一切恰恰相反。”她说。Davis, whose father died when she was 5, says she started caring for her sick mother at the age of 10. Ignoring her own health, she eventually ballooned to 460 pounds. The British press dubbed the 5 foot 6 inch girl "Britain's Fattest Teen," but it wasn't just the cruel title that motivated her to take action and lose weight. 戴维斯五岁时父亲就去世了,从十岁开始,她就要照顾生病的母亲。由于不注意自身健康,她曾一度膨胀到了460磅。英国媒体曾戏称身高5尺6英寸的她为“英国最胖的青少年”。不过,最终成为她减肥动力的,还不是这个难听的绰号。"What motivated me was my friends and my family, and me thinking that if I keep going the way that I am I am going to die soon," she said. “我的朋友和家人让我有了减肥的动力。我意识到如果这样下去,恐怕很快我就会死掉。”她说。Social workers at home in Aberdare, South Wales, helped Georgia get all the way to Wellspring Academy of the Carolinas in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains. 在南威尔士社工的帮助下,乔治雅去了位于北卡罗来纳州蓝脊山的水源学院。The academy, founded in 2007, is a therapeutic weight loss school that uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help kids get healthy. Georgia was eager for the help and the pounds started coming off -- more than 200 in just nine months. She says goal weight is approximately 150 pounds. 这所成立于2007年的学员是一家减肥治疗学校。学校运用认知行为学原理帮助孩子获得健康。乔治雅十分努力,在九个月的时间里,她的体重下降了200多磅。她说,她的目标是让体重最终降到150磅左右。"She is someone that is very inspiring to everybody here," said Susan Borgman, the director of Wellspring, "because of all the students that we have, she definitely took the approach of 'I'm gonna get the most out of this.'" “对于这里的每一个人,她都是很好的激励大家的榜样,”水源学院董事苏珊·伯格曼说,“因为在所有的学生中,她很明显是最努力想摆脱现状的一个。”Wellspring also runs an academy in California. The North Carolina academy sits on 220 acres and is home to 50 students between the ages of 11 and 18. 水源学院还在加利福尼亚开设了一所学校。北卡罗来纳州的学校占地220荧幕,目前有50名从11岁到18岁的孩子住在那里。There's a proverb that says "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," and that's certainly true of Georgia's journey at Wellspring, which includes 10,000 steps on hilly terrain each and every day. 俗话说:“千里之行,始于足下。”这完全符合乔治雅在水源学校的经历。每天每天,她都要在山区地带行走超过一万步。Those steps are measured on the pedometer that everyone at the academy wears, just one of the daily requirements of life at Wellspring. 每个人都要带着步程计完成这些路程,这是在水源学校的日常活动之一。06/74136India Gives Pakistan More Details on Mumbai Attack印向巴提供更多孟买袭击案资料  India has given Pakistan new information about last year's terrorist siege of Mumbai. A Pakistani diplomat says the dossier will help move forward the investigation into the attack, which left dead more than 160 people at two hotels and other sites which were hit. 印度向巴基斯坦提供了有关去年孟买发生的恐怖分子攻击事件的新资料。巴基斯坦一位外交官说,这些档案资料将有助于推进对这次袭击事件的调查。当时,孟买两家酒店和其它地点遭到袭击,160多人丧生。India has begun handing over additional documentation requested by Pakistan related to last November's terrorist attack on Mumbai. Pakistan had asked India to reply to 30 specific questions after New Delhi gave Islamabad in January a dossier about the terrorists and their attack on India's commercial capital. That led to Pakistan acknowledging the attack was partly planned on its soil but said it needed additional answers. 应巴基斯坦的要求,印度又向巴方提供了一些跟去年11月孟买恐怖分子袭击有关的文件。新德里今年1月交给巴基斯坦一份有关恐怖分子和他们袭击印度商业首府孟买的文档,之后,巴基斯坦要求印度对30个具体问题做出答复。新德里交出那些文档后,巴基斯坦承认那次袭击有一部分是在巴基斯坦境内策划的,不过巴方表示,对一些问题需要进一步的解释。India's foreign minister, Pranab Mukherjee, says the answers are comprehensive and further information will be in Islamabad shortly. 印度外交部长慕克吉说,答复是多方面的,很快就会向伊斯兰堡提供进一步的信息。"The annexes, which contain the details of the information, which they sought for, runs through hundreds of pages," he said. "And they wanted it to have before the 16th [of March]. We'll be y to give it to them well before that." 印度内政部长奇丹巴拉姆说:“新提交的资料中含有巴方一直想要得到的有关信息的详细内容,这份新的资料全文有好几百页。巴方希望在3月16号之前拿到。我们会提前好几天交给他们。”India's home minister, Palaniappan Chidambaram, says his government now expects Islamabad to move forward quickly with its investigation and hand over suspects to New Delhi for prosecution or carry out justice and punishment in Pakistan. 奇丹巴拉姆说,印度政府现在期盼伊斯兰堡的调查加快进度,把嫌疑人交给新德里起诉,或者在巴基斯坦进行审判和惩处。Pakistani high commissioner to India, Shahid Malik, confirms receipt of the requested answers. 巴基斯坦驻印度高级专员沙希德.马利克实收到了印方要求做出进一步答复的意见。"It would be helpful to us in carrying forward the investigations that are under way in Pakistan," he said. 马利克说:“这对推动我们目前在巴基斯坦进行的调查有帮助。”Indian media reports say the materials include recording of telephone conversations between the attackers and their handlers, as well as forensic materials, such as DNA samples and fingerprints. 印度媒体报导,这些材料包括袭击者跟协调者之间的电话录音,以及DNA样本和指纹等法医物。India blames the 60-hour attack on the outlawed terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba, believed to have been created by Pakistani intelligence agencies to fight Indian rule in the divided Kashmir region. 印度认为,被取缔的恐怖组织虔城军制造了那次历时60小时的袭击,虔城军据信由巴基斯坦情报部门建立,以反抗印度在实行分治的克什米尔地区的统治。Ten heavily-armed gunmen, who India has identified as Pakistani nationals, went on a 60-hour rampage in Mumbai, laying siege to a pair of luxury hotels, a Jewish center and a major railway station. 十名全副武装的武装分子在孟买实施了60小时的暴行,他们袭击了两家豪华酒店,一家犹太教中心和一处主要的火车站。印度查明这十名袭击者都是巴基斯坦人。Indian commandos killed nine attackers. The man identified as the lone surviving terrorist is in custody and has been charged by Indian authorities. 印度突击队员打死了9名袭击者。经认定唯一还活着的这名袭击者目前被关押,并且已经受到印度有关当局的指控。03/64553

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