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Some universities in South Africa have been forced to close down as disturbances continue to break out amid demonstrations by students.随着学生游行示威引发持续骚乱,南非一些大学被迫关闭。The unrest has been condemned by the country’s president, Jacob Zuma.此次骚乱遭到南非总统祖马的谴责。The students are protesting over various complaints, including the cost of education, lack of facilities and how classes are taught.学生们正在抗议各种抱怨,包括教育成本、设施缺乏以及课程的教学方式。Zuma maintains his government is giving priority to education, saying the burning of universities is what he calls “inexplicable” and can “never be condoned”.祖马坚称其政府优先发展教育,表示燃烧大学是“莫名其妙”和“不宽恕的”。Campuses have been tense for months, with earlier demonstrations against a hike in fees.校园紧张气氛已经数月,早期游行示威反对收费上涨。The government relented and agreed to a freeze on fees this year.政府让步,同意冻结今年的费用。译文属。 /201602/428315

Water ink国际水之日:水影画Water may seem harmless, colorless, odorless, transparent.水也许看似无害、无色、无味、透明。Water may seem harmless, but it kills millions of people every year all around the world, just like that, silently, quietly. When only a little bit of ink can reveal this terrible truth.水也许无害,但它每年在全世界残害数以百万计的人们,就像那样子,无声的、寂静的。然而只有些许的墨水能够揭开这可怖的真相。Dirty water is the leading cause of death in the world.污水是全世界死亡原因之首。Journalists, help us sp the word.记者们,帮我们宣传。201504/372172

But they also transport heat,and that has a dramatic effect on the climate of the whole planet.带来热量 影响了整个地球The oceans are giant reservoirs of heat实际上,海洋是巨大的蓄热池thats been captured from the Sun.热量都是从太阳来的Heat-sensitive photography reveals the temperature of the ocean,利用热感摄像机揭示海洋的温度and shows how that heat is distributed.你会看到热量如何分布The warmest areas are at the equator.最温暖的地方是在赤道附近But the heat doesnt all stay at the equator.但是海洋的热量不都存在于赤道上The network of ocean currents distributes it around the planet.海洋洋流网络会将热量分布到地球各处Its like a massive central heating system.这就像是一个庞大的中央供暖系统These currents are phenomenally powerful.这些洋流是如此强大They transform the climate across huge areas of the globe.它们影响了全球的气候One of the most famous is the Gulf Stream.其中最有名的是湾流Every second, it transports nearly three billion cubic feet每秒钟它输送了将近30亿立方英尺的热水of warm Caribbean water towards western Europe.到达欧洲的西海岸Its effects are graphically illustrated in the Scilly Isles,它们造成了很明显的影响在西西里群岛off the southwest coast of Britain.英国西南海岸以外Winter temperatures here rarely fall below freezing,这里冬季气温很少低于冰点creating a near Mediterranean climate.创造了附近的地中海气候201511/411277


Fitting In Cardboard写本专属自己的使用手册When I was younger I had this feeling that there was this handbook that Id never gotten that explained how to be, how to laugh, what to wear, how to stand by yourself in a hallway.在我年纪比较小的时候,我有这个感觉,有这本我从未得到过的手册,解释了怎么做、怎么笑、穿什么、怎么独自站在走廊上。Everyone else looks so natural, like, theyd all practiced together and knew exactly what to do, even just the way that theyd push the hair out of their face.其他所有人看起来好自然,就好像他们全都一起练习过,且确切知道要做些什么,即使只是他们将头发从脸上拨开的方式。My experience was pretty much the opposite: I was conscious of how I sat and how I smiled. But when I was alone with another person, I had no idea what to do or what to say. I could just feel myself panic. It sucked.我的经验是几乎相反的:我知道我要怎么坐、我要怎么笑。但当我单独和另一人相处时,我完全不知道要做什么或要说什么。我会就感受到自己惊慌失措。那糟透了。Id imagine what people were like when I wasnt around: how theyd compare notes on how I didnt quite fit. Or even worse, maybe they just wouldnt notice.我会想像人们在我不在时会像怎样:对于我不太融入一事他们会怎么交换意见。或甚至更糟,也许他们就是没有注意到。So I tried to pick up the patterns. I wore what they wore, and said what they said. I even wrote ;smile more; on a sticky note. And over time it sort of worked in a way. I made a version of me that fit in, whatever that means.所以我试着去学习那些模式。我穿他们穿的衣、说他们说的话。我甚至在便利贴上写“多笑一点”。随着时间过去,在某种意义上有点行得通。我创造出了一个可以融入的版本的我,不管那代表什么。But as I grew older, the patterns kept changing. And I took so much effort to keep learning them. And I was still stuck with the problem that I started with: being terrified at the moment when my tricks stop working.但当我年长一点,模式不断改变。我做了好多努力去持续学习它们。而我还是卡在我一开始的问题:在我的伎俩行不通的那一刻感到恐惧。I think it took me too long to learn something. That even though there is a thing called fitting in, that is something that you can learn and practice. Those pages are so thin compared to who you are. That the way to become natural, like I wanted to be so badly, is by forgetting what youre trying to beat other people.我想我花了太长一段时间去学某件事。即使有一件事叫做融入,那也是一件你可以学习并练习的事。那些书页跟你是谁比起来非常浅薄。要变得自然的方式,就像我深切想要成为的样子,就是要透过忘记那些你试着要打败其他人的事。If there is a handbook, you probably get to write it yourself.如果有本手册,你也许要自己编写。201503/366126

One of the wonders of the natural world.它是自然界最美妙的奇迹之一The largest living structure on earth.地球上最大的活体结构群The only organism visible from space.唯一能从太空看到的生物体Over three epic voyages,Cook maps Australia,New Zealand,The Pacific Ocean,And the Americas.历经了三次史诗般的航行 库克在地图上标记了澳大利亚 新西兰 太平洋 和美洲More of the world than any other explorer.远胜于任何探险家As cook opens up the planet,在库克揭秘地球的同时On the other side of the world,An American inventor is playing with fire.在世界的另一侧 一位美国的发明家正;引火上身;Bringing the scientific revolution to America,在美国掀起了一场科学革命Benjamin Franklin.Innovator, entrepreneur and Americas first storm-chaser.他就是本杰明·富兰克林 他是改革者 企业家 也是美国第一位风暴追逐者Using a childs toy to unlock one of the keys to the future.他利用一件儿童玩具就解开了未来的一个秘密I think his role as a scientist is as important我认为他作为科学家的身份as his role as a statesmen and a founder.和他作为政治家 创始人的身份一样不容轻视He was also the first American to make science他也是美国历史上第一个palpable and tangible to the American people,通过对科学的讲述和描写because of how he spoke and wrote about it.让群众感受到科学的可感知性和有形性的人Since the dawn of mankind, humanity has lived in fear从诞生之处 人类就一直活在Of one of the most destructive forces in nature:Lightning.对闪电的恐惧中 它是自然界中 最具破坏性的力量之一201603/433063

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