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Sizzling hot summer weather has arrived in South Korea, but the early summer rains have yet to come. According to the Korea Metrological Administration, rainfall since the beginning of May has been the lowest since 1908.韩国现在已酷暑难当,但初夏的梅雨却没有如约而至。据韩国气象Korea Metrological Administration)说,韩国今年5月初以来的降雨量创下1908年以来的同期最低水平。The prolonged dry spell has prompted the government to set up a disaster relief center to coordinate responses and set aside 7 billion won for drought-relief efforts.这场旷日持久的干旱促使韩国政府成立了救灾中心来协调各种应对行动,政府还为抗旱拨款70亿韩圆。Provincial governments in many parts of the country have been drilling wells and supplying residents with drinking and agricultural water. As of Tuesday, about 80% of the country was rated at the most extreme drought level.韩国很多地方政府一直在打井,并为当地居民供应饮用水和农业用水。截至周二,韩国全国约有80%的地方被认为达到了最高旱灾等级;Since May, the worst drought in a century has persisted and heat wave warnings have been sent out as well. Many people, including farmers, are having difficulties; said Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik during a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, ;The government is worried about possible fallout, such as price hikes for produce and reduced water supply.;韩国国务总理金口Kim Hwang-sik)在周二的内阁会议上说,自5月以来,韩国遭遇了百年一遇的旱灾,有关部门不断发出热浪警告,包括农民在内的很多人都遭遇了困难。他说,旱情可能导致农产品价格上涨和供水量减少等情况出现,政府对此感到担心。After the meeting, Mr. Kim visited one of the hardest hit regions in his second such visit less than a week. Last Thursday he visited Hongseong, a mid-western farming city, where rainfall since May is only about 11% that of last year. Reservoirs have also dried up the citys water reserves are less than 15%, causing concern for the regions farmers.韩国内阁会议结束后,金口植前往旱情最严重的一个地区进行考察,这是不到一周时间里他的第二次考察旱情。上周四,金口植考察了韩国中西部农业城市洪城Hongseong),那里的降雨量今月以来仅为去年同期的11%左右。该市的水库均已干涸,储水量不足正常水平5%,当地农民的状况令人担忧。Seouls rainfall from May 1 to June 24 was 10.6 mm, only around 7% of the total in the same period last year. The national average was 68.3 mm, compared to 233.8 mm last year.5日至64日期间,首尔的降雨量0.6毫米,仅为去年同期降雨量%左右。韩国全国平均降雨量8.3毫米,而去年同期则33.8毫米。The weather agency attributes the severe drought to a persistent high pressure system over the eastern part of the country. It forecasts rain this weekend, but not enough to fully soak parched lands.韩国气象厅将这次严重干旱归因于韩国东部地区上空出现的持续高压系统。气象厅预计,本周末韩国会有降雨,但雨量不足以充分缓解旱情。The northern part of the peninsula is also suffering from extreme conditions.位于朝鲜半岛北半部的朝鲜目前也遭受着极端天气带来的灾害。North Koreas state media has issued a series of reports about water shortages. In a recent dispatch, the Korea Central News Agency reported: ;Crops have withered in the countrys west coastal area and the water level has lowered in rivers and reservoirs,; adding that rice paddies have been affected by ;the devastating drought.;朝鲜国家媒体接连刊载了数篇有关水资源短缺的报道。朝鲜中央通讯Korea Central News Agency)前不久发表快讯说,朝鲜西部沿海地区的庄稼已经枯萎,江河和水库水位下降,还说稻田也已受到灾难性旱灾的影响。来 /201206/188477Check-in办理手续Where should I go through the customs?我该在哪里办理海关手续?Fill in this Customs Baggage Declaration m,please.请填好这份海关行李申报单Here your receipt. Youre through with the customs malities,这是你的收据,你已办完海关手续了During the preliminary check we found some trouble.经过初步的检查,我们发现了一些问题What is the purpose of your visit?你观光的目的是什么?What procedures should I take?我应该办些什么手续?Your passport seems to be in order.你的护照看来没问题Any other malities?还有别的手续吗?Theyll return your passport and the stamped documents.他们会把护照和盖过章的申报表还给你I am a transit passenger going to New York.我是去纽约的过境旅客 3867

第一句:Id like to have this film developed, please.请帮我冲印胶卷A: Id like to have this film developed, please.请帮我冲印胶卷B: What size would you like to have?您想要什么尺寸的?A: Just like the one there.就像那一张的尺寸第二句:Will you enlarge this photo, please?请把这张照片放大,好吗?A: Will you enlarge this photo, please?请把这张照片放大,好吗?B: Ok. What size?好的,多大尺寸的?其他表达法:This size, please.就和这尺寸一样Will you enlarge these two, please?请把这两张放大,好吗?With a glossy finish.要光面纸With a mat finish.要纹纸 798

面试英语口语Lesson36:About the Job of a Computer Programmer经典对话:68.What kind of experience have you got the job?申请这项工作,你有什么工作经历?683.Ive been a data entry operator more than two years.我做数据输入操作员有两年了68.Why did you leave your job there?你为什么要离开呢?685.Well,I enjoy working in different places and meeting new people.That will widen my experience in the field of computer technology.噢,我喜欢在不同的环境中与不同的人一起工作,这会在电脑技术领域扩大我的经历686.What kind of education have you got?你受过什么教育?687.I studied computer science in Havard University,and got a M.S.degree.我曾在哈佛大学修电脑专业,获得了硕士学位688.I majored in computer science.我主修电脑专业689.What specialized courses did you take?你学过什么专业课程?690.The specialized courses I completed include computer science,system design and analysis,operation systems,systems management,PASCAL programming,COBOL programming and D-BASE programming.我学过的专业课程包括:计算机科学、系统设计及分析、操作系统、系统管理、PASCAL编程、COBOL编程和D-BASE编程691.I was quite familiar with tran and C Language.我很熟悉tran和C语言69.After graduation I worked in a factory two years and have picked up much experience in CAD.毕业后我在一家工厂干了两年,在CAD方面积累了不少经验693.What do you think about the recent development in computers?你如何看待计算机行业在近几年内的发展?69.Revolution in the computer industry is inevitable because developments in hardware are going ahead very quickly.But to turn the computer into a machine that can be easily manipulated,much more complex software is needed than is available now.As a result,more computer programmers should devote themselves into the work.计算机行业的革命是不可避免的,因为硬件的发展十分迅速,但为了使计算机更易于操作,需要更多复杂的软件,结果,也需要更多的程序员695.We have a vacancy a computer programmer,working weekdays from 9∶00 a.m.to3∶00 p.m.with half an hour lunch break.我们有一个电脑程序员的空缺,每天上班上午9∶00点至下午3∶00点,中间有半小时的午餐休息时间696.What sort of software do you have a good command of?你熟练使用哪些软件?697.Im adept at DOS,WINDOS,and AUTO CAD.我熟练使用 DOS,WINDOS和 AUTO CAD698.May I know what specific jobs Ill have to do if you employ me as a computer programmer?请问,如果贵公司聘我为电脑程序员,我必须做些什么具体工作呢?699.Well,youll have to put in the computer our daily sales volume and profit margins and analyze them.Are you interested in the work?噢,你得将我们每天的销售额和盈利情况输入电脑,并且进行分析你对此项工作感兴趣吗?情景案例:Dialogue A(E the Employer雇主O Office Clerk办公室职员 A Applicant申请人)O: God morning,can I help you?A: Yes.I have an appointment with Mr. Brian Desmoud.Will you please tell him Im here?O: Are you Mr. Dongming Chen?A: Yes,I am.Is he availble?O: Im sorry,he is on the phone at the moment.Will you please wait a minute?A: No problem.(……)O: Mr. Dongming Chen,Brian is available now.Please go through to his office.(meeting the employer)E: Hello,Im Brian.Glad you can come.A: Im Dongming Chen.Nince to meet you.E: Take a seat please.A: Thanks.E: What kind of education have you got?A: I studied computer science in Nanjng University,and got a M.S.degree.E: Fine.Would you mind telling me what kind of grades you had?A: Of course not I had an average of 90 points.I:What specialized courses did you take?A: The specialized courses I completed include computer science,system design and analysis,operation systems,systems management,PASCAL programming,COBOL programming and D-BASE programming.E: Where are you working now?A: Im working at A Company.E: What your position there?A: Im a programmer supervisor.E: What are your responsibilities?A: Im responsible writing computer programs:developing block diagrams,utilizing available software and operation systems,and coding machine instructions;originating block diagrams,working from outlines of proposed systems;developing file sizes,programming specifications;determining appropriate use of tape or disk files,printer,etc.;selecting in-house software or sub-routines to run in connection with program;writing machine instructions,testing,debugging,and assembling program;documenting overall system and developing data control procedures;advising and instructing less experienced programmers and offering operating instructions.E: What kind of computer are you experienced in?A: Im experienced in all types of IBM-PC computers.E: What kind o software do you have a good command of?A: Im adept at DOS,WINDOWS and AUTO-CAD.E: How long have you been a programmer supervisor?A: more than four years.E: Tell me why you decided to choose our office.A: Well,Im happy with the work at my present post.But I want to get better pay,to tell you the truth.E: What your present monthly salary?A: Sixteen hundred yuan.E: What starting salary would you expect here?A: Id like to start at twenty-six hundred yuan a month.E: No problem.Do you have any questions to ask?A: Is there opporty to advance?E: Yes,therere good prospects promotion.A: Good,this job should suit me well.E: Can you start next Monday?A: Sure.E: That settled then.Im glad to be able to offer you the job.A: Thank you,Brian.E: See you next monday.Notes 注释:1.Is he available?他在不在?.I am a programmer supervisor.我任程序员主管3.Im responsible writing computer programs:developing block diagrams,utilizing available software and operation systems,and coding machine instructions;originating block digrams,working from outlines of proposed systems;developing file sizes,programming specifications;determing appropriate use of tape or disk files,printer,etc.我负责编制计算机程序:编制部件图;运用现有软件和操作系统编制机器指令;根据所用系统的略图自编部件图;编制磁卡规格和程序规格;决定使用合适的磁盘、磁卡、打印机等等.… selecting in-house software of sub-routines to run in connection with program;writing machine instruction,testing,debugging,and assembling program;documenting overall system and developing data control procedures;advising and instructing less experienced programmers and offering operating instructions.选择同程序相关的机内软件或子程序;编制计算机指令;检测、改正程序中的差错并组合程序;编制总系统并制定数据控制程序;指导经验不足的程序员并给予操作指导5.But I want to get better pay,to tell you the truth.不过,说实话,我想获得更优厚的报酬6.Yes,therere good prospects promotion.有,提升的机会很多7.That settled then.那么,就这样定了Words and Expressions:software n.软件hardware n.硬件pick up v.积累CAD:Computer Assisted Design 电脑辅助设计inevitable a.不可避免的Is he available? 他在不在?(我可不可以见他?)on the phone 正在打电话M.S degreE: Master of Science degree 理学硕士学位supervisor n.主管,监督人programmer n.程序员diagram n.图解,图式code v.编码code machine instructions 编制机器指令specification n.规格(常用复数形式)debug v.排除错误adept a.长于…的 77Conversation A: I want to buy some cleansing milk. What would you recommend?A:我想买洗面奶,你可以推荐一款给我吗?B: Your complexion is on the oily side. I suggest you using cleaning gel.B:您的皮肤是油性的,我建议您用洁面膏A: Anything thatll keep my skin clean.A:任何能保持我面部清洁的都成B: How about this one? It cleans thoroughly without striping your natural protective oil. The gentle mula keeps skin soft and healthy.B:这个怎样?它能彻底清洁您的皮肤,又不会洗去保护表皮的天然油分,配方温和,能保持皮肤柔软及健康A: Hm... The smell is too stong, Im very sensitive to fragrance.A:唔……这个味道太浓,我对香味是非常敏感的B: Weve also got a fragrance-free one, specially sensitive skin. Im sure youll like it. This line of products is fragrance-free. We have facial mask, moisturizing lotion, eye cream and tonic.B:我们有一款无香味的,是专为敏感皮肤而设,相信您一定会喜欢这个系列的产品都是无香味的,包括面膜,保湿乳霜,眼霜及爽肤水A: OK, Ill try the moisturizing lotion and cleansing gel first.A:好的,我先试试保湿乳霜及洁面膏吧B: Thank you very much, madam. Here are some samples of our products. Do try them out.B:谢谢你,女士这儿有一些我们其他产品的试用装,请拿回去试试 51

第一句:Im looking a birthday present my daughter.我正在给我女儿选一件生日礼物A: Good morning, Can I be of any assistance?早上好,能帮您做什么吗?B: Im looking a birthday present my daughter, but I havent made up my mind.我正在给我女儿选一件生日礼物,但我还没拿定主意A: How about a pair of earrings?一副耳环怎么样?B: Thank you reminding me.谢谢提醒啊第二句:Im trying to find a wedding anniversary gift my wife.我正在给我的妻子挑一份结婚周年的礼物A: Good morning, sir. What can I do you?早上好,先生能为您做点什么?B: Im trying to find a wedding anniversary gift my wife.我正在给我的妻子挑一份结婚周年的礼物A: How do you like the gold earrings? Weve got a wide selection of them.您觉得金耳环怎么样?我们这儿有很多款可供选择B: That a good idea. Show me some, please.好主意,让我看看 66

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