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乌鲁木齐医院大腿脱毛库尔勒假体丰胸多少钱If you’re sending out résumés and not getting many calls to interview, there’s a good chance that your résumé is the problem. If you’re like most people, your résumé could use some work – and like most people, you’re probably not sure where to start。如果投了简历却没接到多少面试电话,很可能是简历有问题。如果你也是这些人中的一员,你的简历可以做些修改——你可能不知道从哪里开始改。But you probably don’t need to start from scratch. You can often significantly improve your résumé by just making a handful of changes. Here are five small changes you can make that will have a big impact。不过你不需要从头修改。只做些小改变通常就能大大改善简历。下面的五处修改会让简历有很好效果。1. Get rid of the objective. Résumé objectives never help and often hurt. Not only do they feel outdated at this point, but they#39;re all about what you want, rather than what the employer wants. Your résumé should be focused on showing your experience, skills and accomplishments. It’s not the place to talk about what you’re seeking in your next job。1. 不要写求职目标。在简历上写求职目标从来没用,还会有坏处。它们不仅落伍过时,而且都是有关你想要的而不是雇主想要的东西。简历应该集中展现你的经历、技能和成就。不应该商量你在下一份工作中想得到什么。2. Focus on work accomplishments, not job duties. If you’re like most job seekers, your résumé lists what you were responsible for at each job you held, but doesn#39;t explain what you actually achieved there. Rewriting to focus on accomplishments will make it more likely to catch a hiring manager’s eye. For instance, get rid of lines like “managed email list” and replace them with lines like “increased email subscribers by 20 percent in six months” – in other words, something that explains how you performed, not just what your job was。2. 关注工作成就,而不是工作职责。你的简历是不是和大多数求职者一样只写每份工作的职责,却没写结果?写好成就是关键,这样更有可能抓住招聘经理的眼球。例如,别写像“整理邮件”之类的话,用“6个月内邮件用户增加了20%”代替——换句话说,写清楚你的工作表现,而不只是写工作内容。3. Get rid of big blocks of text. If your résumé is filled with large blocks of text – as opposed to bullet points – there’s a good chance that you’re putting hiring managers to sleep. They want to quickly skim the first time they look at your résumé, and big blocks of text make that difficult and make most hiring managers’ eyes glaze over. They’ll pay more attention and absorb more information about you if your résumé is arranged in bullet points rather than paragraphs。3. 不要有大段文字。如果你的简历都是大段文字——而不是按要点写——招聘经理很可能没兴趣看了。他们看简历时想快速浏览,大段文字看起来困难,他们眼睛都要看花了。如果你的简历排出了要点而不是有很多段落,他们会看得更仔细,也能了解到更多信息。4. Shorten it. If your résumé is multiple pages, you might be diluting the impact of its contents. With a shorter résumé, you’ll ensure that in an initial quick scan, the hiring manager’s eyes fall on the most important things. Plus, long résumés can make you come across as someone who can’t edit and doesn’t know what information is essential and what’s less important. As a general rule, your résumé shouldn’t be longer than two pages, maximum. (And if you’re a recent grad, it should only be one page, because you haven’t yet had enough work experience to justify a second one。)4. 减少页数。如果你的简历有很多页,你可能把不重要的内容也写上去了。短小精悍的简历能确保招聘经理快速扫视时能看到最重要的东西。另外,长简历会让别人觉得你不会编辑文档,也不会区分信息的重要程度。一般来说,简历最多不能超过两页。(如果你是应届毕业生,应该一页就够了,因为你还没有足够的工作经验去写第二页。)5. Give yourself permission to remove things that don’t strengthen your candidacy. You don’t need three lines explaining boring job duties – especially if these responsibilities are going to be implied by your title. Similarly, you don’t need to include that summer job from eight years ago, that job you did for three weeks that didn’t work out or every skill you can think of. Your résumé is a marketing document, not a comprehensive listing of everything about you; include the things that strengthen your candidacy and pare down the rest。5. 删掉不够有竞争力的内容。你不需要用三行字说明无聊的工作职责——尤其是这些责任可以从职位名称中看出来的时候。同样,你不需要写八年前的暑期工作,以及做了三个星期却没学到什么技能的工作。你的简历是用来推销自己的,不要像写清单一样把每件事都列下来,请写能加强竞争力和能把别人比下去的事情吧。 /201506/381762新疆祛疤最好的医院 If you can believe emojis, Russians are incredibly romantic... and perpetually cold. Our friends Down Under live in a land of indulgence. And the world as a whole is a generally happy place.从表情符号的使用来看,俄罗斯人浪漫得不可思议,但同时也总是那么高冷;澳大利亚人生活得放荡不羁;而大体上,我们的世界还算得上是一个快乐的地方。A new study by mobile communications company Swiftkey analyzes more than a billion pieces of data to get to understand the planet#39;s love of emojis. The aptly titled Emoji Report provides a revealing look into Android and iOS users#39; texting habits. All of the emojis -- there are more than 800 -- were organized into 60 categories and then ranked from most to least popular.移动通讯公司Swiftkey分析了超过10亿份数据,以便了解各国人使用表情符号的偏好。此次的研究结果《表情符号报告》,调查、展示了安卓和苹果用户发短信的习惯。所有的表情符号(有超过800个)被分为60类,按照受欢迎的程度进行排名。Thankfully, people everywhere use far more happy faces than sad ones.令人欣慰的是,世界各地的人们用笑脸的次数远远多于哭脸。The statistics reveal some entertaining facts about localized emoji use. Canadians, for example, are fans of quite a few symbols more commonly associated with America -- including violent emojis, such as guns, and those researchers said indicated raunchy humor, such as the banana and peach.在本地化表情符号的使用方面,此次数据揭示出了一些有趣的事实。例如,加拿大人更喜欢使用几个暴力的符号,比如手,通常来说,美国人使用这些符号更为频繁。加拿大人还喜欢使用香蕉、桃子一类的符号,研究人员认为这些符号代表着一种粗俗的幽默。Australians apparently live quite a good life, as they use the most symbols indicating alcohol (twice the worldwide average), drugs (70 percent above average), holidays and junk food.显而易见,澳大利亚人过得相当舒心。他们更多地使用表示酒(是全世界水平的两倍)、毒品(超过平均水平70%)、节日与垃圾食品的符号。America leads the world in an assortment of categories, including meat, royalty, ;female-oriented; -- which includes symbols for makeup and women#39;s clothing -- and LGBT emojis. Oh, and the country has a particular proclivity for the eggplant icon.美国人使用的符号类型最为多样,包括肉、皇室、“女性化”(如表示化妆、女士装的表情符号)和同性恋类的符号。对了,美国人还对茄子图标情有独钟。Russians opt for cold weather emojis like the snowflake, and use three times as many romantic emojis than the worldwide average. And the French? Stereotypes hold up, apparently, as they often go for hearts and wedding icons.俄罗斯人偏爱体现寒冷天气的符号,例如雪花,而使用浪漫表情符号的频率是世界平均水平的3倍。那么法国人呢?他们经常使用心形和婚礼的符号。很明显,这个结果保持了人们一贯对法国人的印象。Due to the vast number of emojis, usage rates for individual symbols are often quite low -- some symbols are used less than 0.5 percent of the time. Swiftkey aggregated the data from their anonymized Cloud database.由于表情符号数量众多,使用个别符号的频率非常低。一些符号使用频率不足0.5次. Swiftkey汇总了从匿名云数据库中得到的数据。Emoji use has been linked to such things as a more active sex life and a decline in ;deep meaningful conversations.; But regardless of possible side effects, we use them a lot. A 2013 survey found 74 percent of Americans and 82 percent of people in China have sent an emoji.表情符号的使用体现出,“深入、有意义的交流”减少。不论有怎样的负面效果,我们仍旧频繁地使用这些符号。2013年的一份报告发现,74%的美国人和82%的中国人使用表情符号。;We’ve stumbled on whole new confusing ways to communicate with each other, so we’ve been given a whole new vocabulary to say #39;I’m laughing,#39; or #39;joy,#39; or #39;Well done,#39; New York magazine#39;s Adam Sternbergh wrote in November. ;This new way will not replace all the old ways, but it can augment them and help us muddle through.;《纽约杂志》的作家亚当·斯特恩伯格去年11月时写道:“新的交流方式令我们困惑,我们学得磕磕绊绊,因此一种全新的语言出现了,我们用这种语言来表达“正在大笑”、“高兴”或表扬对方“做得好”。这种方式并不能代替面对面的交流,但会辅助传统的交流方式,让我们得以蒙混过关。” /201504/371844Poking fun at fat people should be treated as seriously as racism and sexism, researchers have said。研究人员表示,取笑肥胖人士的现象应像种族歧视和性别歧视一样被严肃处理。Obesity expert Dr Sarah Jackson said that the law should protect against weight discrimination, in the same way at it prohibits singling out people based on their age, gender or race。肥胖专家莎拉#8226;杰克逊士表示,法律应当禁止肥胖歧视,正如法律禁止年龄、性别及种族歧视一样。Dr Jackson, of University College London, spoke out after conducting two studies into the physical and psychological effects of fattism。就职于伦敦大学学院的杰克逊士在进行了两项关于‘肥胖歧视’对于生理和心理影响的研究后,发表了上述看法。Her latest study, of more than 5,000 British adults found that those who were made to feel ashamed of their size suffered more symptoms of depression。在她的最新研究中,通过对5000多名英国成年人的调查研究,她发现越是那些羞愧于自己体型的人被抑郁症折磨得越厉害。They also had a lower quality of life than those who didn’t feel victimised。同时,这些人的生活质量也远低于那些不受肥胖歧视困扰的人。Examples of fattism included being treated disrespectfully, including being the butt of jokes, receiving poorer services in shops, restaurants, hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, being threatened and being assumed to be stupid。肥胖歧视的表现包括:被无礼对待;被取笑;在商店、餐厅、医院以及医生治疗时得不到良好务;被威胁;被认为是愚蠢的象征。She previously showed shaming fat people into losing weight is counterproductive。而她之前的研究显示通过嘲笑来促使肥胖人士减肥会适得其反。Far from shocking people into slimming, it actually leads to them piling on the pounds。别人的嘲笑不仅不会使他们变瘦,事实上还会导致他们体重增加。It is thought fattism drives those who are aly sensitive about their weight to comfort eat. Fear of ridicule may also mean they avoid exercise。研究认为,肥胖歧视使得那些本已经对自身体重十分敏感的人自暴自弃,大吃特吃。而且,出于对被嘲笑的恐惧,这些肥胖人士还会拒绝运动。With two-thirds of British women overweight or obese, jibes, taunts and simple thoughtlessness could be having a huge effect on the nation’s mental and psychological health。而在英国有三分之二的女性都存在超重或者肥胖问题,嘲弄、辱骂以及轻率对待肥胖人士就有可能对整个国家的精神和心理健康状况产生重大影响。Dr Sarah Jackson, the lead author of both studies, said that people may believe that weight discrimination is socially acceptable because unlike ageism, sexism and racism, it is not covered by law。两项研究的第一作者莎拉#8226;杰克逊士表示:“不像年龄、性别、种族歧视,肥胖歧视不受法律管制,于是人们就可能认为体重歧视是被社会接受的。She said: ‘In the ed Kingdom, the Equality Act 2010 legally protects individuals from discrimination on the basis of age, sex, race, disability, religion or beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, or gender reassignment; making it clear that discriminatory behaviour of this nature is not to be accepted。“在英国,通过颁布《2010平等法案》,每个人都可以免受因年龄、性别、种族、残疾、宗教信仰、性取向、婚姻状况、怀、变性这些不同自然选择带来的歧视。‘However, our results indicate that discriminatory experiences contribute to poorer psychological wellbeing in individuals with obesity, but there are currently no laws prohibiting weight discrimination。“然而,我们的研究结果显示:尽管肥胖人士饱受因被歧视带来的心理问题困扰,但是现行法律中没有哪部法律禁止体重歧视。‘This might send the message to people that weight discrimination is socially acceptable。“这就可能给人们传达这样一个讯息:体重歧视是被社会接受认可的。‘If weight was a protected category it might help to reduce the prevalence of weight-related discrimination and thereby improve quality of life and wellbeing for a significant proportion of obese individuals.’“如果体重属于法律保护的一个范畴,就有可能降低肥胖歧视的发生率,因此就有利于更多肥胖人士享受健康生活,提高其生活质量。” /201504/369103乌鲁木齐溶脂减肥哪家医院好

铁门关激光除斑多少钱Ancient Egypt stood as one of the world#39;s most advanced civilizations for nearly 3,000 years and created a culture so rich that it has spawned its own field of study. But while Egyptian art, architecture and burial methods have become enduring objects of fascination, there is still a lot you probably don#39;t know about these famed builders of the pyramids. From the earliest recorded peace treaty to ancient board games, find out 11 surprising facts about the Gift of the Nile.说到古埃及,人们能想到的著名人物除图特王外,恐怕就剩埃及艳后克娄巴特拉七世了。尽管克娄巴特拉出生于亚历山大,但她其实是马其顿的后人,而马其顿人则是亚历山大大帝最信任的上将托勒密一世的后裔。从公元前323年到公元前30年,托勒密王朝一直管辖着埃及,其大部分领袖都出身于希腊文化背景。而克娄巴特拉之所以如此有名,是因为她是托勒密王朝第一批会说埃及语的王室成员。1. Cleopatra was not Egyptian. 埃及艳后并非埃及人Along with King Tut, perhaps no figure is more famously associated with ancient Egypt than Cleopatra VII. But while she was born in Alexandria, Cleopatra was actually part of a long line of Greek Macedonians originally descended from Ptolemy I, one of Alexander the Great#39;s most trusted lieutenants. The Ptolemaic Dynasty ruled Egypt from 323 to 30 B.C., and most of its leaders remained largely Greek in their culture and sensibilities. In fact, Cleopatra was famous for being one of the first members of the Ptolemaic dynasty to actually speak the Egyptian language.说到古埃及,人们能想到的著名人物除图特王外,恐怕就剩埃及艳后克娄巴特拉七世了。尽管克娄巴特拉出生于亚历山大,但她其实是马其顿的后人,而马其顿人则是亚历山大大帝最信任的上将托勒密一世的后裔。从公元前323年到公元前30年,托勒密王朝一直管辖着埃及,其大部分领袖都出身于希腊文化背景。而克娄巴特拉之所以如此有名,是因为她是托勒密王朝第一批会说埃及语的王室成员。2. The ancient Egyptians forged one of the earliest peace treaties on record.古埃及人制定了史上最早的和平协定For over two centuries the Egyptians fought against the Hittite Empire for control of lands in modern day Syria. The conflict gave rise to bloody engagements like 1274 B.C.#39;s Battle of Kadesh, but by time of the pharaoh Ramses II neither side had emerged as a clear victor. With both the Egyptians and Hittites facing threats from other peoples, in 1259 B.C. Ramses II and the Hittite King Hattusili III negotiated a famous peace treaty. This agreement ended the conflict and decreed that the two kingdoms would aid each other in the event of an invasion by a third party. The Egyptian-Hittite treaty is now recognized as one of the earliest surviving peace accords, and a copy can even be seen above the entrance to the ed Nations Security Council Chamber in New York.为了争夺如今叙利亚所在的那片土地,古埃及和赫梯帝国展开了长达两个世纪的战争。其中不乏腥风血雨的战斗,如公元前1274年的卡迭石战役(Battleof Kadesh)。但一直到拉美西斯二世,双方都没争出个高下,况且当时两方都还得面对各自的内忧外患。于是在公元前1259年,拉美西斯二世与赫梯国王哈图西里三世制定了一个举世闻名的和平协定。协定终止了两国的冲突,并规定:若两方中任何一方遭到第三国入侵,则另一方将向其提供援助。该协定是现存最早的和平协定。如今,在纽约联合国安理会会议厅入口处,你还能看到这份协定的副本。3. Ancient Egyptians loved board games.古埃及人钟情桌面游戏After a long day#39;s work along the Nile River, Egyptians often relaxed by playing board games. Several different games were played, including ;Mehen; and ;Dogs and Jackals,; but perhaps the most popular was a game of chance known as “Senet.” This pastime dates back as far as 3500 B.C. and was played on a long board painted with 30 squares. Each player had a set of pieces that were moved along the board according to rolls of dice or the throwing sticks. Historians still debate Senet#39;s exact rules, but there is little doubt of the game#39;s popularity. Paintings depict Queen Nefertari playing Senet, and pharaohs like Tutankhamen even had game boards buried with them in their tombs.在尼罗河畔劳作一天后,埃及人通常用玩桌游的方式身心,而且游戏类别还多种多样,有“盘蛇图”、“和豺”等。其中最受欢迎的要数以运气取胜的“赛尼特”,这种游戏可追溯至公元前3500年,需要一个画着30个格子的长桌,每个玩家都有一套棋子,然后根据执骰子或抛木棍来走棋。关于“赛尼特”的游戏规则,各史学家众说纷纭,不过没有任何人质疑它受欢迎的程度,据就是涅弗尔塔里王后玩“赛尼特”的场景出现在了画作中,甚至连法老图坦卡蒙的墓室里都有玩“赛尼特”的长桌。4. Egyptian women had a wide range of rights and freedoms.古埃及女性享有广泛的权利与自由While they may have been publicly and socially viewed as inferior to men, Egyptian women enjoyed a great deal of legal and financial independence. They could buy and sell property, serve on juries, make wills and even enter into legal contracts. Egyptian women did not typically work outside the home, but those who did usually received equal pay for doing the same jobs as men. Unlike the women of ancient Greece, who were effectively owned by their husbands, Egyptian women also had the right to divorce and remarry. Egyptian couples were even known to negotiate an ancient prenuptial agreement. These contracts listed all the property and wealth the woman had brought into the marriage and guaranteed that she would be compensated for it in the event of a divorce.在人们眼中,埃及女性的地位不如男性,然而她们享有广泛的法定权利和财产自由,可以买卖财产、参加陪审、著立遗嘱及签订合约。埃及不是一个女主外的国家,但在外打拼的女性绝对能得到公平的待遇,与将女性作为男人所有物的古希腊截然不同。古埃及女性还享有婚姻自由,夫妻俩甚至可以制定婚前协议,罗列出女性将在婚后带来的财产,以保女方在离婚之时得到应有的赔偿。5. Egyptian workers were known to organize labor strikes.埃及工人大罢工Even though they regarded the pharaoh as a kind of living god, Egyptian workers were not afraid to protest for better working conditions. The most famous example came in the 12th century B.C. during the reign of the New Kingdom pharaoh Ramses III. When laborers engaged in building the royal necropolis at Deir el-Medina did not receive their usual payment of grain, they organized one of the first recorded strikes in history. The protest took the form of a sit-in: The workers simply entered nearby mortuary temples and refused to leave until their grievances were heard. The gamble worked, and the laborers were eventually given their overdue rations.尽管工人将法老视作活着的神,但这并不妨碍他们争取更好工作环境的勇气。最好的例便是公元前12世纪的大罢工。当时在位的是法老拉美西斯三世,在德尔麦迪那(Deir el-Medina)修建皇家陵墓的工人们并没有像往常一样得到等量谷物,于是工人们便史无前例地组织了罢工。他们在附近的祭庙中静坐,除非不公平待遇得到受理,否则拒绝离开。然而他们这个赌打赢了,当局在了解到他们的意图后,把克扣的份额发给了工人。6. Egyptian pharaohs were often overweight.埃及法老大多是胖子Egyptian art commonly depicts pharaohs as being trim and statuesque, but this was most likely not the case. The Egyptian diet of beer, wine, b and honey was high in sugar, and studies show that it may have done a number on royal waistlines. Examinations of mummies have indicated that many Egyptian rulers were unhealthy and overweight, and even suffered from diabetes. A notable example is the legendary Queen Hatshepsut, who lived in the 15th century B.C. While her sarcophagus depicts her as slender and athletic, historians believe she was actually obese and balding.在古埃及艺术中,法老常常瘦削挺拔、身材匀称,但事实并非如此。埃及人饮食中的啤酒、葡萄酒、面包、蜂蜜常常含有过多糖分,这可给埃及人的腰贡献了不少脂肪。检测木乃伊的结果显示:很多法老的身体都不够健康,体重超标,甚至患有糖尿病。典型的例子就是哈特谢普苏特王后——她生活在公元前15世纪,石棺上的王后苗条而优雅,然而很多史学家认为:这位王后不仅肥胖,而且还可能是个秃子。7. The pyramids were not built by slaves.金字塔并非奴隶所建The life of a pyramid builder certainly wasn#39;t easy—skeletons of workers commonly show signs of arthritis and other ailments—but evidence suggests that the massive tombs were built not by slaves but by paid laborers. These ancient construction workers were a mix of skilled artisans and temporary hands, and some appear to have taken great pride in their craft. Graffiti found near the monuments suggests they often assigned humorous names to their crews like the “Drunkards of Menkaure” or the “Friends of Khufu.” The idea that slaves built the pyramids at the crack of a whip was first conjured by the Greek historian Herodotus in the fifth century B.C., but most historians now dismiss it as myth. While the ancient Egyptians were certainly not averse to keeping slaves, they appear to have mostly used them as field hands and domestic servants.修建金字塔的人过得并不好,工人的骨架上有关节炎及各种疾病的痕迹。但有据显示,那些巨大的陵墓并非奴隶所建,而是当权者花钱请工人建的,这些要么是有一技之长的工匠,要么是一些临时工。而且,似乎一些工人还对自己的手艺感到相当自豪。纪念碑旁有一些涂鸦,上面常有他们为工友起的令人啼笑皆非的绰号:“孟卡拉(译者注:Menkaure,又译门卡拉,古埃及第四王朝的法老,大约在公元前26世纪里在位18年左右。)的酒鬼”、“胡夫的好基友”。而“奴隶在鞭声中修建金字塔”这一观点最早是由希腊史学家希罗多德在公元前5世纪提出的,但很多史学家并不认同,觉得简直是一派胡言。尽管古埃及人不反对蓄养奴隶,但这些奴隶多在田间劳作,或在家中打杂。8. King Tut may have been killed by a hippopotamus.杀害图特王的凶手可能是河马Surprisingly little is known about the life of the boy pharaoh Tutankhamen, but some historians believe they know how he died. Scans of the young king#39;s body show that he was embalmed without his heart or his chest wall. This drastic departure from traditional Egyptian burial practice suggests that he may have suffered a horrific injury prior to his death. According to a handful of Egyptologists, one of the most likely causes for this wound would have been a bite from a hippopotamus. Evidence indicates that the Egyptians hunted the beasts for sport, and statues found in King Tut#39;s tomb even depict him in the act of throwing a harpoon. If the boy pharaoh was indeed fond of stalking dangerous game, then his death might have been the result of a hunt gone wrong.令人惊奇的是,人们对图坦卡蒙这位少年法老知之甚少,但一些史学家相信自己已掌握了他真正的死因。少年身上的伤口显示:在进行尸体防腐处理时,尸体里并没有心脏和胸壁。这种另类的处理方式表明,法老在逝世前受了很严重的外伤。一部分埃及古物学者认为,这一致命伤口可能是河马咬的。史料显示,埃及人的确把追猎河马当作运动,而少年法老的墓室里也有他高举鱼叉的塑像。如果这位法老那么执着于危险游戏,那只能说这次是真的玩大了。9. Some Egyptian doctors had specialized fields of study.部分埃及医生开始细化医学研究An ancient physician was usually a jack-of-all-trades, but evidence shows that Egyptian doctors sometimes focused on healing only one part of the human body. This early form of medical specialization was first noted in 450 B.C. by the traveler and historian Herodotus. Discussing Egyptian medicine, he wrote, “Each physician is a healer of one disease and no more…some of the eye, some of the teeth, some of what pertains to the belly.” These specialists even had specific names. Dentists were known as “doctors of the tooth,” while the term for proctologists literally translates to “shepherd of the anus.”一般说来,埃及的内科医师都是多面手,但也有史料显示,部分医师有时只专注于治疗人体某个部位。公元前450年,旅行家及史学家西罗多德率先发现了这种早期的医学专门化研究。谈及埃及医学,他写道:“每位医师负责研究一种疾病,仅限一种……一些研究眼睛,一些研究牙齿,一些研究肚子里的器官。”而且,这些医师还有各自的名字,如牙医被称为“牙齿专用医师”,而直肠病医师的名称直译过来则是“看护员”。10. Egyptians kept many animals as pets.埃及人把很多动物养作宠物The Egyptians saw animals as incarnations of the gods and were one of the first civilizations to keep household pets. Egyptians were particularly fond of cats, which were associated with the goddess Bastet, but they also had a reverence for hawks, ibises, dogs, lions and baboons. Many of these animals held a special place in the Egyptian home, and they were often mummified and buried with their owners after they died. Other creatures were specially trained to work as helper animals. Egyptian police officers, for example, were known to use dogs and even trained monkeys to assist them when out on patrol.埃及人将动物视为神灵的化身,创造了最早饲养家庭宠物的文明之一。埃及人还特别钟情于猫,因为猫总和太阳神的女儿芭丝特联系在一块。他们还尊敬其他动物,包括鹰、朱鹭、、狮子以及狒狒。大部分动物在家中的地位都不一般,死后常常会被做成木乃伊,成为主人的陪葬品。另外,一些动物还会接受训练,成为人类的助手。比如,警察出巡时会带上训练有素的或猴。11. Egyptians of both sexes wore makeup.男女都要化妆Vanity is as old as civilization, and the ancient Egyptians were no exception. Both men and women were known to wear copious amounts of makeup, which they believed gave them the protection of the gods Horus and Ra. These cosmetics were made by grinding ores like malachite and galena into a substance called kohl. It was then liberally applied around the eyes with utensils made out of wood, bone and ivory. Women would also stain their cheeks with red paint and use henna to color their hands and fingernails, and both sexes wore perfumes made from oil, myrrh and cinnamon. The Egyptians believed their makeup had magical healing powers, and they weren#39;t entirely wrong: Research has shown that the lead-based cosmetics worn along the Nile actually helped stave off eye infections.虚荣几乎伴随文明而生,埃及也不例外。在那里,不论男女都顶着大浓妆,他们认为这样会得到太阳神的庇荫。化妆品的原料是磨碎的矿石,如孔雀石、方铅矿,这些矿石会被制成一种称为眼影粉的东西,然后用木、骨或象牙制成的工具,抹在眼周即可。女性还会涂腮红,用指甲花染手和指甲。至于用原油、没药和桂皮制成的香水,则是男男女女都必不可少的东西。他们相信脸上的妆有一种神奇的治疗功能,而研究明他们有一定道理:化妆品含铅,这种自上而下的化妆风潮的确有效地抑制了眼部感染。 /201504/369278新疆维吾尔自治区人民医院做祛疤手术多少钱 ;I#39;m made from the body parts of 20 different men and women of various ages,races,and ethnicity.If it#39;s diversity you want,I#39;m your guy!;我是由20个不同年龄、民族和种族的男女组成的,如果你需要多种多样的员工,我最合适了。 /201506/379832乌鲁木齐天山区开眼角多少钱

北屯市隆胸多少钱 There are people in this country eating too much red meat. They should cut back. There are people eating too many carbs. They should cut back on those. There are also people eating too much fat, and the same advice applies to them, too.在美国,有些人食用红肉太多,他们应该少吃点;也有些人食用碳水化合物太多,他们也应该克制;还有些人食用脂肪太多,相同的建议也适用于他们。What’s getting harder to justify, though, is a focus on any one nutrient as a culprit for everyone.把某一营养物质说成是危害所有人健康的罪魁祸首的说法,正变得越来越难以自圆其说。I’ve written Upshot articles on how the strong warnings against salt and cholesterol are not well supported by evidence. But it’s possible that no food has been attacked as widely or as loudly in the past few decades as red meat.此前,我已在《纽约时报》的Upshot专栏中撰文,阐述那些关于盐和胆固醇的强烈警告其实并没有得到充分的据持。不过,在过去的几十年里,恐怕任何一种食物受到的攻击都没有红肉这样广泛和强烈。As with other bad guys in the food wars, the warnings against red meat are louder and more forceful than they need to be.与食品战争中的其他“坏东西”一样,对食用红肉的警告已经大大超过了实际需要的程度。Americans are more overweight and obese than they pretty much have ever been. There’s also no question that we are eating more meat than in previous eras. But we’ve actually been reducing our red meat consumption for the last decade or so. This hasn’t led to a huge decrease in obesity rates or to arguments from experts that it is the reason for fewer deaths from cardiovascular disease.今天美国人超重和肥胖的程度基本上都甚于以往,我们也毫无疑问是比以前吃肉多。然而,在过去十年左右的时间里,我们的红肉消费量实际上是在逐渐减少的。可这并没有引起肥胖率大幅下降,也没有专家认为它是心血管疾病死亡人数减少的原因。The same reports also show that we eat significantly more fruits and vegetables today than we did decades ago. We also eat more grains and sweeteners.同样,报告还显示,我们今天食用水果和蔬菜的量显著多于几十年前。我们还吃下了更多的谷物和甜味剂。This is the real problem: We eat more calories than we need. But in much of our discussion about diet, we seek a singular nutritional guilty party. We also tend to cast everyone in the same light as “eating too much.”这才是真正的问题:我们摄入的热量超过了实际所需。但是,在大多数关于饮食的讨论中,我们都试图把责任归咎于某一类营养物质。而且,我们也倾向于给所有人都套上“吃得太多”的大帽子。I have seen many people point to a study from last year that found that increased protein intake was associated with large increases in mortality rates from all diseases, with high increases in the chance of death from cancer or diabetes. A close examination of the manuscript, though, tells a different story.我见过有很多人拿着去年的一项研究振振有词,称该研究发现,蛋白质摄入量的增加与因所有疾病死亡率以及因癌症或糖尿病死亡的几率大幅增加相关。然而,在仔细阅读文献后,我发现它说的完全是另外一回事。This was a cohort study of people followed through the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, or Nhanes. It found that there were no associations between protein consumption and death from all causes or cardiovascular disease or cancer individually when all participants over age 50 were considered. It did detect a statistically significant association between the consumption of protein and diabetes mortality, but the researchers cautioned that the number of people in the analysis was so small that any results should be taken with caution.这是一项队列研究,研究人员通过美国健康与营养调查(National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, Nhanes)对参与者进行了随访。研究发现,当考虑到所有50岁以上的参与者时,蛋白质摄入量与全因死亡率、心血管疾病死亡率以及癌症死亡率中的任何一项均无相关性。研究的确发现蛋白质摄入量与糖尿病死亡率之间具有统计学显著相关性,但研究人员提醒说,由于该分析中纳入的人数过少,应谨慎对待由此得出的任何结果。The scary findings from two paragraphs up are from a subanalysis that looked at people only 50 to 65. But if you look at people over 65, the opposite was true. High protein was associated with lower levels of all-cause and cancer-specific mortality. If you truly believe that this study proves what people say, then we should advise people over the age of 65 to eat more meat. No one advises that.而上面倒数第二段中那个可怕的结论只不过是一项仅考察50岁到65岁参与者的亚组分析的结果而已。如果你将调查的对象改为65岁以上的参与者,就会发现情况恰恰相反。高蛋白摄入量与较低的全因死亡率和癌症特异性死亡率相关。如果你相信这项研究为应该少吃红肉提供了据,那么我们也应该建议65岁以上的人多吃些肉——显然并没有人这么做。Further, this study defined people in the “high protein” group as those eating 20 percent or more of their calories from protein. When the Department of Agriculture recommends that Americans get 10 to 35 percent of their calories from protein, 20 percent should not be considered high.此外,这项研究对“高蛋白质”组成员的定义为:饮食总热量中有至少20%来自蛋白质。考虑到美国农业部(ed States Department of Agriculture,USDA)建议美国人从蛋白质获得的热量应占所需热量的10%至35%,20%其实不能算高。If I wanted to cherry-pick studies myself, I might point you to this 2013 study that used the same Nhanes data to conclude that meat consumption is not associated with mortality at all.如果允许我自己来挑选的话,我也能找出一项2013年的研究,它使用了相同的Nhanes数据,却得出了相反的结论:肉类消费量与死亡率毫不相关。Let’s avoid cherry-picking, though. A 2013 meta-analysis of meat-diet studies, including those above, found that people in the highest consumption group of all red meat had a 29 percent relative increase in all-cause mortality compared with those in the lowest consumption group. But most of this was driven by processed meats, like bacon, sausage or salami.不过,我们还是不要刻意去挑选吧。2013年的一项关于肉类膳食研究的荟萃分析纳入了上述的几类情况,分析结果发现:与红肉消费量最低组相比,最高组成员的全因死亡率增加了29%,但这一增加主要是由加工肉类,如培根、腊肠或意大利香肠等造成的。Epidemiologic evidence can take us only so far. As I’ve written before, those types of studies can be flawed. Nothing illustrates this better than a classic 2012 systematic review that pretty much showed that everything we eat is associated with both higher and lower rates of cancer.流行病学据能告诉我们的也只有这么多了。正如我之前所说,这类研究有可能存在缺陷。2012年的一项典型的系统性综述就是最好的佐:该综述表明,几乎我们的所有食物都同时与较高和较低的癌症发病率相关。We really do need randomized controlled trials to answer these questions. They do exist, but with respect to effects on lipid levels such as cholesterol and triglycerides. A meta-analysis examining eight trials found that beef versus poultry and fish consumption didn’t change cholesterol or triglyceride levels significantly.所以,我们需要进行随机对照试验才能真正找到问题的。这样的实验确实是存在的,不过却是关于胆固醇和甘油三酯等血脂水平指标的。一项荟萃分析审查了八项试验,发现与食用禽肉和鱼肉相比,食用牛肉并不会显著改变人的胆固醇或甘油三酯水平。All of this misses the bigger point, though. It’s important to understand what “too much” really is. People in the highest consumption group of red meat had one to two servings a day. The people in the lowest group had about two servings per week. If you’re eating multiple servings of red meat a day, then, yes, you might want to cut back. I would wager that most people ing this aren’t eating that much. If you eat a couple of servings a week, then you’re most likely doing fine.但是,所有这些都忽略了更重要的一点——“太多”的标准到底是什么。红肉消费量最高组的人每天食用一至两份红肉,而最低组的人每周才食用大约两份。如果你每天都吃好几份红肉,那么,没错,你是需要控制一下了。但我敢打赌,正在阅读这篇文章的人中大多数都不会吃那么多。如果你每周食用一两份红肉,那么最有可能的情况是:你的身体一切正常。All the warnings appear to have made a difference in our eating habits. Americans are eating less red meat today than any time since the 1970s. Doctors’ recommendations haven’t been ignored. We’re also doing a bit better in our consumption of vegetables. Our consumption of carbohydrates, like grains and sugar, however, has been on the rise. This is, in part, a result of our obsession with avoiding fats and red meat.健康警告大大改变了我们的饮食习惯。美国人今天的红肉消费量比20世纪70年代以来的任何时候都少。人们并没有忽略医生的建议。我们在食用蔬菜方面也取得了一点进步。但我们对谷物和糖等碳水化合物的消费量却一直在上升。在某种程度上,可以说这正是我们执着于不吃脂肪和红肉的后果。We’re eating too many calories, but not necessarily in the same way. Reducing what we’re eating too much of in a balanced manner would seem like the most sensible approach.我们仍然摄入了太多的热量,只不过改了个途径罢了。最明智的做法应该是以平衡的方式少吃那些我们过量食用的东西才对。Last fall, a meta-analysis of brand-name diet programs was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study compared the results from both the individual diets themselves and three classes, which included low-carbohydrate (like Atkins), moderate macronutrient (Weight Watchers) and low-fat (Ornish). All of the diets led to reduced caloric intake, and all of them led to weight loss at six months and, to a lesser extent, at 12 months. There was no clear winner, nor any clear loser.去年秋天,《美国医学协会杂志》(Journal of the American Medical Association)上发表了一项对著名饮食方案的荟萃分析。该研究既比较了单个的饮食方案,也对三大类饮食方案:低碳水化合物饮食(如阿特金斯饮食法[Atkins]),中度宏量营养素饮食(如Weight Watcher)和低脂肪饮食(如Ornish饮食)进行了比较。所有的饮食方案都减少了热量摄入,它们都能令参与者在六个月后体重减轻,并在接下来的六个月里继续减轻(但减重幅度较小)。它们之间并没有表现出明显的优劣。Where does that leave us? It’s hard to find a take-home message better than this: The best diet is the one that you’re likely to keep. What isn’t helpful is picking a nutritional culprit of bad health and proclaiming that everyone else is eating wrong. There’s remarkably little evidence that that’s true anytime anyone does it.这给我们带来什么启示?你最有可能坚持下来的饮食方案就是最好的饮食方案——世界上最棒的教益或许莫过于此。把健康状况不佳归咎于某一特定的营养物质,并宣称其他人的饮食习惯都不对,这样做没有一点好处。很显然,任何时候任何人这么做都是毫无根据的。 /201505/374897新疆空军乌鲁木齐医院吸脂手术多少钱乌市友谊医院祛眼袋多少钱



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