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Whats the point of having sick days if you never use them? Everyone needs a little me-time every once in a while. And if youre caught, just say you really were sick of work.如果你从来没有请过病假,关键是什么呢?每个人偶尔都需要一点私人时间。如果你被抓住了,就说你真的生病无法工作。You Will Need你需要A good but simple excuse简单的好借口A phone电话And a plan for the day做好计划Steps步骤STEP 1 Pick a day1.选择一天Decide what day you want off. Try to pick a day where you’ll get out of something unpleasant.想好哪一天休息。尽量选择可以让你摆脱不开心的事情的一天。Monday and Friday are particularly conspicuous; the three-day weekend is a dead giveaway.周一和周五是最容易暴露的,连续三天的周末很容易让人怀疑。STEP 2 Decide what to do2.决定做什么Think about how to spend your day off. Forget going to a tanning or beauty salon. If you show up the next day with a tan or a perm, you’ll be busted.想一下怎样度过偷懒的这一天。不要想着去晒黑或美容沙龙。如果你第二天去上班时带有晒黑的痕迹或烫发,一下就穿帮了。STEP 3 Decide on malady3.疾病Decide on a reasonable malady, and keep it simple. I’ve got a bug is easier to remember than a long, involved tale of exotic food poisoning. And remember: you’ll have to be better in 24 hours.选择一种合理的疾病,简单一点。“细菌感染”比怪异的食物中毒更容易记。记住:无论选择哪一种疾病,必须是24小时内能痊愈的。STEP 4 Rehearse your story4.排Rehearse what you will say when you call in. Repeat your story until you’re satisfied you have struck the right mix of fact and fiction.预演一下打电话请病假的情景。重复你编造的故事,直到对自己编纂的这个故事感到满意。STEP 5 Call before office hours5.上班前打电话Make the call before office hours so you get your supervisor’s voicemail, which can’t talk back or ask probing questions.上班时间开始前打电话,这样你可以在上司的语音信箱留言,不会让他有机会问话。Play an alibi tape you recorded when you really were sick—and silence any background noise—to leave a convincingly pitiful message.播放真正生病时录制的磁带,消除所有背景噪音,只留下可信的可怜兮兮的信息。STEP 6 Prepare to return6.准备回归After spending a glorious day doing whatever you like, prepare to return to work. Rehearse your response to inquiries about your health and other questions that might catch you off guard.花费整整一天做自己喜欢的事情之后,准备重返工作。预演一下同事可能会问到的关于你的身体状况等等问题。If you’re a woman, return to work without a stitch of makeup. This will convince any doubters that you truly were sick. If you’re a man, stay unusually quiet all day.如果你是女性,重新上班时不要化妆。这样会说所有怀疑者,你真的病了。如果你是男性,一整天都保持沉默。STEP 7 Find out what you missed7.了解工作进度Once you’re back, make a show of finding out everything that happened the day before, so you can catch up on whatever work you missed. You’re so dedicated!一旦回归,马上查看一下你请病假的这一天发生的事情,这样就可以赶上自己错过的工作进度。你还是非常敬业的!According to a recent absenteeism survey, 43% of workers admitted to falsely calling in sick at least once in the previous year.根据最近一项旷工调查,43%的工作人员承认在过去的一年里曾经至少一次谎报病假。视频听力译文由。201403/282628

Until little more than a century ago, this place was unknown outside China.直到一个多世纪前 这里还是个未为人知的世外桃源。But then news reached the West of a mysterious, hidden world of the orient. Hidden among the mountains, a lost Shangri-la paradise.然而有关这个神奇隐秘的东方世界的传言,却不胫而走传至西方。隐匿在群山中遗落人间的最后天堂 ——香格里拉。Western high society, in the grip of a gardening craze, was eager for exotic species from faraway places. This gave rise to a new breed of celebrity adventurers, intrepid botanist-explorers known as ;the Plant Hunters;.当时西方上流社会盛行园艺,渴望获得遥远国度的稀有物种。这也造就了新物种的探险家,无畏的植物探索家,世称“植物猎人”。Yunnan became their Holy Grail. The most famous was Joseph Rock, a real life Indiana Jones.云南成为了他们的圣杯 (Holy Grail是Jesus在最后的晚宴上使用的餐具 据称有不可思议的神奇力量)。其中最出名的便是Joseph Rock 真人版的 Indiana Jones(电影 ;迷失方舟的侵入者; 中的英雄)。Remarkable film footage captured his entourage on a series of expeditions, as they pushed into the deepest corners of Yunnan.胶片出色的记录了他与随行人员的一系列,深入云南腹地的探险远征。In glorious colour he recorded the plant life he found on special photographic glass plates.他发现了千姿百态的植物,并将其记录于特制的玻璃质感光片上。Sending thousands of specimens back to the West, the Plant Hunters changed the gardens of the world forever.通过将成千上万的标本送回西方,植物猎人永远的改变了世界园艺。Rocks success was born of a massive effort.Rock的成功源自其不懈的努力。For, to find his Shangri-la, not only had he to traverse endless mountain ranges, but some of the deepest gorges in the world. The Nujiang is called The Angry River.为了找到他的香格里拉,他翻越了无尽连绵的山脉,征了世界上最深的峡谷。怒江之名意为愤怒的河流。This 300-kilometre stretch of raging rapids is as much a barrier to life as are the mountains above.绵延三百公里的急流如同那些巍峨群山,成为了保护野生生命的天然屏障。 /201404/286551


  谢谢艾米·波勒让;dongle;(软件保护器)一词变得流行起来。波勒演的那个大顾客想知道产品的每个细节,使得整个广告非常搞笑。 以下是中英对照:Best Buy Worker: Hi, may I answer any questions?百思买员工:你好,有什么需要帮助的吗?Music starts and plays on and off throughout the 激动人心的音乐开始。Amy: Whats the hecks the difference between all these phones?艾米:这些乱七八糟的手机到底有啥区别?Amy: Whats LTE? Is it contagious?艾米:啥事LTE?会传染吗?Amy: Which one fits my face?艾米:哪个比较适合我这张脸?Amy: Can I use a dongle with this?艾米:我能用这个连电子不?Amy: Does it make you uncomfortable when I use the word dongle?艾米:我用“dongle”这词儿你觉得不舒吗?Amy: (In a loud voice) Are these noise cancelling?艾米:(大声)能不能把这些噪音都清了?Amy: So what makes a TV so smart.艾米:所以,是什么让这些电视这么智能。Amy: You dont make commission on anything?艾米:你们没有委托任何东西?Best Buy associate: Anything百思买员工:没有Amy: You wanna unbutton your shirt a little bit?艾米:你介意把你的衬衫再解开一点不?Amy: Whats the CloudWhere is the Cloud?艾米:什么是云?云在哪?Amy: (In a very accusatory tone)Are we in the Cloud now?艾米(控诉语气)难道我们现在就在云里?Amy: Will this one 50 Shades of Grey to me in a sexy voice?艾米:这东西能用性感的声音给我念一下《五十层次的灰色》吗?Best Buy associate: No百思买员工:不能Amy: Will you?艾米:那你能吗?Amy: (Yelling) Thank you youve been very helpful!艾米:(大喊,因为头上戴着耳机):谢谢,你们真的帮了很多忙!Amy: (yelling) What?艾米:什么?Best Buy associate: Nothing百思买员工:没什么。201405/300858


  Then new evidence emerged supporting the theory而新出现的一些据持了上述理论that some of us are born to be thin即有些人生来就是瘦人 in the form of a very special pair of sisters.就像一对特别的Twin sisters Sharon and Debbie are孪生莎伦和黛比taking their very first holiday together at the age of 46.46岁时一起共度了第一个假日They were brought up by two completely different families.她们在两个不同家庭里被抚养长大They didnt even know one another existed.彼此不知道对方的存在They were separated at birth and她们是在刚出生时被分开的 were only reunited a year ago.且一年前才重逢We didnt know that we were identical twins.我们不知道我们是同卵双胞胎We just knew we were twins.我们只知道我们是双生子So I see her coming out我看着她走过来and I keep staring at her我一直盯着她看and she keeps saying, ;Dont look at me.;而她则一直在说 别看我It was too intense a feeling.那是一种十分激烈的情感And then everybody goes,然后每个人都说;Ah, so its like looking in the mirror,;好像是在照镜子一样and were like, ;No, dummy.我们的意思是 不 傻瓜When you look in the mirror, that is you!;如果你对着镜子看看 那就是你The similarities are striking.她们之间的相似是惊人的Over the years,尽管过去了很多年 theres been little variation in their looks,她们的外貌 身高 体重their heights and their weights.几乎没有什么差别When they finally met,最终 她们见面的时候there was only five pounds difference between them.体重仅仅相差五磅What is astonishing is that最让人感到不可思议的是they could not have had more opposite upbringings.她们接受的教育方式几乎截然相反201306/245941

  APEC meeting grabs international attentionAPEC会议吸引国际社会关注Our reporter Su Yuting is following the event at the China National Convention Center.我们的记者苏玉婷正在中国国家会议中心对APEC会议进行跟踪报道。She has spoken to participants of the APEC forum and earlier told us about their impressions and expectations for the meeting this year.她已参访过APEC论坛的与会者们,并且早些时候曾向我们介绍他们对今年会议的印象和展望。201411/341053

  Chinas National Meteorological Center is warning the public to prepare for rainstorms in large parts of the country.中国国家气象中心发布预警,提醒中国大部地区公众注意防范即将到来的暴风雨。Heavy rains and scattered thunderstorms are expected to hit in the Eastern parts of Tibet, Western and Southern Yunnan, the Sichuan Basin, and large parts of West, North and Northeast China. The Sichuan basin, Northern and Southwest Shaanxi Province, and Southern Liaoning Province are forecast to receive precipitation of up to 180mm.暴雨和零星雷电天气将会袭击西藏东部,云南西部和南部,四川盆地以及西部大部分地区,华北和东北地区。四川盆地,陕西北部和西南部以及辽宁南部预计降水将达180mm.201307/248608Microsoft CEO Under Fire For Comments About Women and Pay RaisesSatya Nadella inflames equal-pay debate after telling a conference of women to not ask for a raise.A tough new challenge this morning aims squarely at the embattled CEO of Microsoft, a man under fire for a comment he made about women in the work place, when discussing the issue of equal pay, the CEO told a group of women, wait for it that not asking for a raise is good karma, yes As Clara S who just wrote a best selling book about women at work called the confidence code is here with the very latest, good morning.I dont know if i have good karma, Dan, well see, but Satya Nadella has only been on the job eight months, what a way to start the issue of how few women have top jobs or any jobs in the tech world, and their compensation is extremely sensitive, his comments will be hard for him to shake.This morning more backlash after new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella offered this advice to a room full of 8,000 working women.Its not really about asking for the raise but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raise as you go along, thats good karma, it will come back.Those words sparking global outrage after Nadella spoke Thursday at a womens technology conference, the hashtag karmaascompensation taking off, even singer Cher calling Nadella misogynist in chief and feminist author Jessica Valenti saying women dont create change by trusting the system, but by disrupting it.This is an invitation for them to get more involved and to care about their female coworkers.In a email the Microsoft employee just hours after the event, Nadella said his response was wrong, adding i believe men and women should get equal pay for equal work, but silicon valley entrepreneur N challenge Nadella to create a new normal right away, in a number of matters to the tech in Times magazine, M suggests tomorrow you re-level and compensate every woman on the same pay scale as your men, that would change the industry and you have it within your powers to do it.Then he needs to put his money where his mouth is, tracked to see what your female employees are getting paid, how does that suck out to the male employees in your company, is there a disparity? and if there is a disparity, look creative T created comedies see what the problem is.Now Nadella may not have meant to say or implied that women shouldnt be paid equally, the problem is that Nadella just doesnt support his notion that if women dont ask, theyll eventually be paid the same as men, but the fact is he was smart to apologise right away, and if he can do something meaningful about this right away, hell come out looking good and itll be better for everyone.And the issue we are asking for a raise goes right to the heart of the book you wrote called the confidence code which i recommend everybody that is really important for women in the work places, it is a huge issue.It is a huge issue, its not easy for us to do but karma isnt really going to help us on this, i dont think.Fair enough, thank you. /201410/337934

  特别声明该节目由可可原创该节目由可可原创,讲说词的讲解为可可编辑编写。视频出处本期视频出自B纪录片《英国史》之《女王的一生》。精视觉 精讲说Elizabeth might have been queasy about taking care of Mary,伊丽莎白或许会对干掉玛丽感到不安but Walsingham wasnt.但沃尔辛海姆不会It was his job to get his hands dirty for England,他的工作就是为英格兰做一些上不得台面的事情thats what spymasters do.王派间谍就是做这个的But he knew well enough he couldnt just do her in.但是他清楚地知道想除掉她没那么简单Elizabeth had to be free of any suspicion of complicity in murder.首先不能把伊丽莎白牵涉其中On the other hand, the Mary problem could not be allowed to drag on for another 15 years.而且 玛丽的问题不能再拖15年了Walsingham realized he would have to force a solution.沃尔辛海姆意识到他必须得想出一个办法So he engineered a trap... and it was a gem.于是他设计了一个圈套 堪称完美的全套 /201308/253981


  Make your own facial scrub, using inexpensive organic ingredients and the easy to follow instructions in this two-minute tutorial.根据这段两分钟的视频短片,使用廉价的有机原料和简单的指引,自己制作磨砂膏。Hi. Im Chris Beetham from Skin Blossom, and were an organic skin care company. All of our products are vegan, and theyre super affordable, too.大家好,我是来自Skin Blossom的Beetham,我们是一家有机皮肤护理公司。我们的所有产品都是植物成分的,而且价格非常容易令人接受。Find out more about us at www.skinblossom.co.可以登录我们的网站了解公司产品更多信息。uk, and Im going to show you how to make your own products and all very easily, and all from the comfort of your own home. Im going to show you how to make homemade facial scrub. Now, it wont quite match what you can buy from a beauty brand, but it is really good for skin, and its great value, too.我来向大家展示怎样自己制作护肤品,全部都非常简单,都是家中常备的非常便捷的物品。今天来向大家讲解如何制作磨砂膏。和你买的美容大品牌有所不同,但是对皮肤非常好,而且非常划算。And its important to exfoliate your face and neck, because this gets rid of the dull skin and it helps nutrients to better reach your cells. Now, this recipe is a basic one made from easy to find organic and vegan ingredients, and you can get these from any health store. And all you need is two tablespoons of oatmeal, and oats are really soothing for skin and they give the consistency thats needed; one teaspoon of aloe vera gel, which is really soothing and hydrating for skin; one teaspoon of shea butter, which is very restoring; one teaspoon of jojoba oil, a really good anti-oxidant with good moisturizing properties; and one drop of rose essential oil, which smells gorgeous, and its very conditioning, too.为面部和皮肤去角质非常重要,因为可以去除坏死的细胞,帮助皮肤细胞更好地吸收营养。这里的配方是最基本的,使用很容易找到的有机和植物成分,任何健康商店都可以买到。你需要的就是两汤匙燕麦片,燕麦光滑皮肤的效果非常好,而且浓度适中。一茶匙芦荟凝胶,可以使皮肤光滑水润;一茶匙牛油树脂,恢复功效非常好;一茶匙西蒙得木油,抗氧化效果和保湿效果都非常好;一滴玫瑰精油,气味非常芳香,调节作用也很强。And all you do is simply mix everything together. And you might find it actually easier to actually use your hands to mix it, so that everything is really rubbed in well. And there you have your homemade facial scrub.把所有成分混合起来。用手来搅拌可能更加简单。一切都混合好了,这就是你自制的磨砂膏。And its best to use it straight after making it. Simply apply it to the face and neck using your finger pads, before rinsing up.制作好之后直接使用效果最好。用指垫涂抹在面部和脖子上,然后清洗。Thanks for watching How To Make A Facial Scrub.感谢收看“如何自制磨砂膏”视频节目。视频听力节目由。201308/251658

  Time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Whats the most populated state in the U.S.? If you think you know it, shout it out! 美国人口最多的州是哪里美国人口最多的州是哪里?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it Florida, Texas, New York or California? Youve got three seconds, go!是佛罗里达州、得克萨斯州、纽约州还是加利福尼亚州?With around 38 million residents, California is far and away the most populated state in the U.S. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.加州有大约三千八百万人,绝对是是美国人口最多的州。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。Its been the season of extremes for residents of southern California. 这个季节对南加州的人来说是极端天气。While other parts of the country were shivering under snow, ice and bitter cold, areas near Los Angeles have been parched by drought. 当全国其他地方都被覆盖在冰雪和严寒之下时,洛杉矶附近的地方却旱炙烤着。Windy dry conditions fostered the sp of wild fires, and when rain finally came from a recent storm system, there wasnt much vegetation left to soak it up. 多风干燥的条件导致了野火的蔓延,但当最近的风暴系统终于带来了降雨之后,这里已经没有很多植被能去吸收水分了。So that meant mudslides. 这意味着泥石流。Thankfully, no death have been reported because of the rain and mudslides, but the drought has been so bad that the storms barely made a dent in water levels. 谢天谢地,大雨和泥石流并没有造成有死亡的报告,但是干旱太严重了,这场风暴仅仅让水位线上升了一点点。Much of the rain is streaming back out to sea and water reservoirs are still at minimum levels. 大部分降水都流回了海里,水库里的水位线还是处在最低值。Even a forecast for more rain isnt good news for some folks.就算天气预报说还会下雨对一些民众来说也不是好消息。 /201403/278602

  Vehicle explosion in Xinjiangs Urumqi, causing casualties新疆乌鲁木齐发生汽车爆炸造成人员伤亡An explosion has occurred in northwest Chinas Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, with no reports yet on any casualties.中国西北新疆维吾尔自治区发生爆炸事件,目前尚没有任何伤亡报告。The explosion occurred near an open market near the Renmin Park in the city of Urumqi this morning. Witnesses said it was caused by vehicle collisions. An unknown number of people were injured and were rushed to hospital. Flames and heavy smoke were seen and the scene was cordoned off.此次爆炸事件发生在在乌鲁木齐市人民公园附近的一个开放市场。目击者称这是由于车辆相撞所引起。被送往医院的受伤人员数目目前不详。车辆爆炸产生火焰和浓烟,现场已经被封锁。201405/300207

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