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  • Bill Gates changed the way we think about home computers in the 90s. He changed the way we think about billionaires in the decade that followed. Now he’s looking to change the way the think about birth control before the end of this decade.上世纪90年代,比尔·盖茨开启了家庭电脑的革命风潮。之后的十年,他成为我们眼中不一样的亿万富豪。现在,新的十年即将过半,盖茨又有了新计划,他正准备倡导一场避方式的革命。Gates is backing a technology that could store 16 years worth of birth control medication on a small chip implanted under a woman’s skin. The device, which could be available as soon as 2018, is under development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. When activated, the chip puts out 30 milligrams of the hormone levonorgestrel daily. It can be turned on and off without a trip to a doctor.盖茨力挺的避技术是在女性皮下植入一个小芯片,里面储存的避药可维持16年之久。这款设备现在正由麻省理工学院(the Massachusetts Institute of Technology)实验室负责开发改进,计划2018年投放市场。如果激活芯片,它每天可以释放30毫克的荷尔蒙左旋诺酮。使用者根本用不着劳神去医院,自己就可以控制设备的开关。The device is 20 x 20 x 7 millimeters. It operates by temporarily melting a seal using an electric current, allowing that days medication to be dispersed.这个设备的长、宽、高分别为20 x 20 x 7毫米。它的运行原理是利用一股电流暂时融化封口,封口开启后,芯片可以释放每日的避药剂。Gates challenged MIT scientists to work on this project just two years ago during visit to the university’s labs.两年前,盖茨莅临麻省理工学院实验室的时候,向那里的科学家们提出了这项颇有挑战性的项目。 /201407/310992。
  • The organizational side of a holiday can often be so stressful or daunting that it takes away from the enjoyment of traveling. But with a few nifty mobile apps, much of this stress can be instantly eradicated. Here are some of the best travel apps for before, during and after a vacation that will guarantee you won’t forget to pack that extra pair of socks, help you find the cheapest flight, or even help ward off the post-travel blues.安排假日行程总是让人倍感压力、望而生畏,以至于夺走了旅行的乐趣。但在一些新潮实用的手机软件的帮助下,大部分压力就立刻被一扫而光了。下面我们就来介绍几款最受欢迎的旅行应用软件,不论行前、度假中、抑或是归来后,有了它们,你就不会忘记多备一双袜子,还可以轻而易举地订到最廉价的机票,甚至还有助于预防“游后抑郁症”。Get y行前准备Kayak应用名称:KayakPlatforms: iOS, Android, Windows运行平台:iOS、安卓和Windows操作系统Price: Free价格:免费Kayak takes away the research associated with traveling by providing a one-stop-shop for all your hotel, flight, transportation and organization needs. It not only consolidates hundreds of travel sites into one, but it also scours the best current deals for you to compare, and even offers a flight tracker and itinerary management.Kayak提供包括酒店、航班、交通和旅行社在内的一站式务,让你成功摆脱行前调研环节。Kayak不仅将数旅行网站汇聚旗下,还提供时下热门的旅行优惠套餐供你选择比较;甚至还提供航班动态和旅游管理等务。Packing Pro应用名称:旅行待办事项任务和行李单助手Platform: iOS运行平台:iOS操作系统Price: 18 yuan价格:18元Packing Pro is a must have for the modern day traveler — particularly for those who have a habit of packing at the very last minute, thereby inevitably forgetting something vital. All you need to do is tell it where you’re going and how long for and it will create an all-inclusive list of the things you should take. It categorizes the items into various groups and lists them in order of importance.旅行待办事项任务和行李单助手是现代驴友的必备软件,特别是对于那些习惯拖到最后时刻才打包行李的人,这些人总会落下一些重要物品。你只需要在软件中输入旅行目的地和旅行时长,它就会按照重要程度分门别类地列出一份详尽的旅行必需品名单。It even creates suggestions for other family members and it works as a perfect checklist while traveling to ensure you don`t lose anything along the way.它甚至还能够为你的家人提供建议。它就是一份完美的旅行清单,确保你在途中中不再丢三落四。Be informed搜罗讯息AroundMe应用名称:AroundMe(周边信息查询软件)Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows运行平台:iOS、安卓、Windows操作系统Price: Free价格:免费AroundMe detects your location and will show you any nearby points of interest within a certain radius. Feeling peckish? Simply click on the restaurants function and it will show you all your nearby options. You can even book a hotel or find the movie schedule of a nearby theater.AroundMe会提供定位务,然后显示出在你周边的景点信息。感到饥肠辘辘?只需点击餐饮功能,就能找到你周围的所有饭店。你甚至还能用它来预订酒店或了解附近影院的放映时间表。As the world’s most used local search application and with more than 10 different languages, including Chinese, this app must be doing something right.作为全球使用最广的本地搜索应用软件,AroundMe推出了包括汉语在内的十种语言版本。这个应用做的事情无疑是正确的。TripAdvisor应用名称:TripAdvisorPlatforms: iOS, Android, Windows, and Lumia运行平台:iOS、安卓、Windows操作系统以及诺基亚Lumia系列Cost: Free价格:免费It’s all well and good to find nearby places of interest, but that’s quite useless if the place you visit is beyond your budget, closed down or has some other unadvertised shortcomings.能够搜寻附近景点信息的软件当然是不错的选择,但如果景点花费超出预算,关门大吉或是私下具有哪些不足之处,那么这种软件也就变得毫无用处了。This is where TripAdvisor comes in. The TripAdvisor app was downloaded on average 25 times a minute in 2012. The app features hundreds of millions of trusted, unbiased reviews from real travelers detailing their experiences of particular places.这时候你应该考虑用TripAdvisor。2012年,该软件平均每分钟被下载25次。该应用的特点来自无数驴友真实可信的,其中详细记录着他们各自的旅行经历。With map-based browsing, a ‘near me now’ function, saved searches and plenty of photos, after traveling with the app you’ll wonder how you ever traveled without it.该应用配置了地图浏览和“当前离我最近”功能,还有搜寻记录以及大量美图,带上该软件去旅行,你会有种相见恨晚的感觉。Manage memories整理旅行记忆Trip Journal应用名称:旅行日记Platforms: iOS, Android运行平台:iOS、安卓操作系统Price: 25 yuan价格:25元Rather than having to lug around a heavy paper journal that you cut and glue memorabilia in to, Trip Journal allows you to keep your travel memories in order amid all the chaos and excitement. The app was awarded No 1 Travel Application by Google and in 2011 was a finalist in the travel category of the Best App Ever awards. The savvy app allows you to document your holiday experiences and share them with friends and family through social media. You can track and record your travel routes, photos, s, blog entries, and even statistics such as distance, time and geography traveled.与其带着厚重的纸质日记,然后剪贴上备忘录,不如下载这款旅行日记软件,它能够让你在混乱与兴奋中井井有条地记录旅行点滴。该应用曾被谷歌评选为“旅行神器”,并成功入围2011年旅行类最佳应用程序奖。有了这款智能应用程序,你就可以将旅行经历记录下来,通过社交网络与家人朋友分享。你可以追踪并记录旅行路线、拍摄照片及视频、撰写文、获得旅行距离、时间和地形等数据。 /201405/295112。
  • Ann ZimmermanAnn ZimmermanGary Mack : Shedding Some Skepticism as Time Passes加里?麦克(Gary Mack):一直对案件真相抱有一些怀疑Gary Mack spent much of his life challenging officialdom on the JFK assassination, poring over Polaroid pictures and police recordings to find a plot behind the president#39;s murder.麦克这一生一大部分时间都在挑战肯尼迪遇刺案的官方说法,仔细研究宝丽来(Polaroid)照片和警方记录,以期找到凶手的杀人动机。Now Mr. Mack is the curator of Dallas#39;s Sixth Floor Museum, the city#39;s mainstream chronicler of the assassination. He is considered a sellout by conspiracy theorists after arriving at the conclusion that there simply is no proof of a darker truth.现在麦克是达拉斯六楼物馆馆长。他在得出根本没有据能够表明真相更加黑暗这一结论后,被阴谋论者视为背叛者。#39;Everyone who studies the Kennedy assassination wants to make a difference and I was no different,#39; said Mr. Mack, 67 years old. #39;But then I got my objectivity back and could no longer ignore the evidence.#39;现年67岁的麦克说,所有研究肯尼迪遇刺案的人都希望能得出和别人不一样的结论,我也曾是这样,但之后我又重新变得客观,无法再忽视据。Formerly a radio program director in north Texas, Mr. Mack released an analysis of a police audio recording of the shooting in the mid-1970s that helped persuade the U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations that there may have been an additional gunshot coming from the grassy knoll.麦克此前在得克萨斯北部担任一个广播节目的总监。他曾在上世纪70年度中期发布了一份对一段警方录音的分析,这份报告帮助说众议院遇刺案特别委员会(House Select Committee on Assassinations),使其相信可能另有一是从一个草丘打出的。His conclusions were later debunked by acoustical experts who studied a re-enactment of the shooting authorized by the National Academy of Sciences in 1982. But Mr. Mack was undaunted and seized on a Polaroid taken during the assassination that appears to show a man with a badge crouching in a sniper position.他的结论随后被声学专家推翻,这些专家对1982年经美国国家科学院(National Academy of Sciences)授权的案件重演进行了研究。但麦克并未灰心,而是将注意力放在案发期间拍摄的一张宝丽来照片上,这张照片似乎显示一个身上戴有徽章的人以狙击手的姿势蹲伏着。He turned his focus to theories he considered unfounded in 1990, when he teamed up with David Perry, a former insurance-claims investigator turned assassination researcher, and discredited claims that a deceased Dallas police officer had been a second gunman.他在1990年将注意力转向他认为没有事实根据的理论,当时他与刺杀案研究员、前保险理赔调查员佩里(David Perry)一同进行研究,并对有关达拉斯一位已故警官是第二位持歹徒的说法表示怀疑。#39;He became a bad-news bear to the rabid conspiracy guys,#39; Mr. Perry said.佩里说,麦克成为偏激阴谋论者的死对头。In 1994, Mr. Mack went to work for the Sixth Floor Museum, located in the building where Lee Harvey Oswald worked and fired at the president. He has used his knowledge of the assassination to help build the museum#39;s collection of 45,000 items, including oral histories and local news footage of the shooting and its aftermath.1994年,麦克开始为六楼物馆工作,这座物馆所在建筑是奥斯瓦尔德曾经工作和向肯尼迪开的地方。麦克利用自己对刺杀案的了解帮助建立了这座物馆的相关收藏,藏品数量有4.5万件,包括口头史料、本地有关此案的新闻片段和后续报道。Though he now helps present the Warren Commission#39;s version of what happened as well as alternative theories, some of those who believe in a conspiracy regard Mr. Mack as a traitor who knows better but gives their side short shrift.尽管他现在帮助呈现的是华伦委员会版的事发真相和其他理论,但一些阴谋论者将他视为背叛者,认为他虽然了解的更多,但忽视了他们那一方的理论。#39;He is selling out himself,#39; said John Judge, executive director of the Coalition on Political Assassinations. #39;He was a researcher and wrote for conspiracy publications. Then he got the job at the museum and he became hostile to us.#39;政治暗杀联合会(Coalition on Political Assassinations)的执行理事贾奇(John Judge)说,他被判了自己,他是一个研究员,曾为阴谋论出版物撰文,之后他获得了在六楼物馆的工作,然后就成为我们的对立者。Mr. Mack said he is now loath to advance assassination theories he can#39;t support, but continues to have questions about what really happened on Nov. 22, 1963.麦克说,他现在很反感那些他无法持的前沿刺杀理论,但依然对1963年11月22日那天的真相怀有疑问。#39;I still think there is more to the story than Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone,#39; he said. #39;I just can#39;t prove it.#39;他说,我依然认为真相不仅限于奥斯瓦尔德独自的行动,我只是无法实这种看法。 /201311/266026。
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