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Australian of the Year David Morrison is leading a drive against the use of the term ;guys; in the workplace.澳洲年度人物大卫#8226;莫里森发起了一项运动,反对人们在工作场所使用guys(意思是家伙,男人)的称谓。The #WordsAtWork campaign by the countrys Diversity Council asks people to avoid expressions they say exclude minority groups.由澳洲多元化协会发起的“工作用语”运动旨在呼吁人们避免使用这类把少数群体排除在外的词语。Using ;girls; for women, and ;walk the talk; to people in wheelchairs, are among terms they say are offensive.称女性为girls,把坐轮椅的人称作walk the talk,多元化协会成员认为这两个称谓都具有冒犯之意。Mr Morrison was awarded the role of Australian of the Year partly for his equality campaigning.莫里森先生当选澳大利亚年度人物,部分原因在于他一直致力于追求平等的斗争。The former military man - once chief of the Australian Army - admitted he had used some of the terms himself.这名退役军人曾是澳大利亚陆军司令,他承认他过去也说过类似的不礼貌的言辞。But of ;guys; Mr Morrison said ;I have now removed that from my lexicon as best I can. I think its important.;但提到guys时,莫里森先生表示:“现在,我已经尽可能地不再使用这个词语,因为我认为将它从我的个人语库中移除非常重要。”Insisting the campaign was not intended to create a ;language police;, he said: ;People use language to denigrate others and to take away their self-respect. Sometimes it happens unconsciously, but the effect is the same.;莫里森表示,该活动的初衷并非是塑造一个“语言警察”,他说:“人们用语言诋毁他人,伤害他人的自尊。尽管有时是无意之举,可造成的后果是一样的。”While some praised the inclusive language drive, not everyone agreed that ;guys; was offensive, or that it was the most urgent problem that the Australian of the Year could be tackling.虽然有人持这场运动,提倡中性语言,但也并非所有人都觉得guys是一种冒犯,或者认为这场运动是“澳洲年度人物”的当务之急。Some wondered if the thoroughly Australian greeting ;mate; - often used by and for men - would be next.有人提出,澳洲男性常用的对其他男性的称呼mate是不是会成为下一个争议对象。Australian National University language expert Catherine Travis also questioned whether ;guys; was still a gender-specific term, telling Australias A that ;you guys; was now widely used of all genders.澳大利亚国立大学语言专家凯瑟琳·特拉维斯也对guys是否具有性别针对性提出了质疑,她告诉澳大利亚广播公司,you guys这一说法现在被各种性别的人所广泛使用。There was broader agreement on some other terms though, including against using ;gay; in a negative fashion.不过,针对其他某些词语的使用,人们达成了更广泛的共识,比如反对在表示负面含义时使用gay。来 /201606/447745Chinas working-age population is expected to continue to decline in 2016 after 20 million stepped out of the market in the past five years, according to an expert.一位专家近日表示,过去5年间我国劳动年龄人口减少000万,2016年这一下降趋势还将继续。The shortage of workforce means an increase in labor costs, industrial transfer and that technology will substitute workers, said Zeng Xiangquan, head of the school of human resources at Renmin University.人民大学劳动人事学院院长曾湘泉指出,劳动力短缺意味着人工成本上升、产业转移和技术替代劳动力。University graduates account for nearly half of the labor force entering the market, making a fundamental change in the quality and structure of the workforce, said Zhang Chewei, head of the Institute of Population and Labor Economics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.中国社会科学院人口与劳动经济研究所所长张车伟表示,大学毕业生大约占进入市场的劳动力的一半,这使得劳动力的质量和结构发生了根本性的变化。The market is unable to provide traditional industries with the required number of workforce and the past high-input economic development mode is unsustainable, Zhang said.张车伟称,现在的市场无法提供传统行业所需的劳动力人口,并且过去高投入的经济发展模式是不可持续的。The countrys working-age population of between 15 to 59 years old peaked at 925 million in 2011 and has fallen every year since then, with 3.45 million fall in 2012, 2.44 million in 2013, 3.71 million in 2014 and a 4.87 million drop in 2015.我国15-59岁劳动年龄人口在2011年达.25亿的峰值,此后开始逐年下降012年减45万,2013年减44万,2014年减71万,2015年减87万。Zeng forecasts 2016 will see a drop in the labor population leveling up or even bigger than the decrease in 2015.曾湘泉预测,2016年劳动年龄人口的降幅将与2015年持平或更大。The working-age population is expected to see a sharp drop from 830 million in 2030 to 700 million in 2050 at a declining speed of 7.6 million every year, said Li Zhong, a spokesman for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, in July.今年7月,人社部新闻发言人李忠曾表示0302050年,我国劳动年龄人口预计将以每年760万的速度减少,由2030年的8.3亿大幅降050年的7亿。来 /201611/480985

German prosecutors have detained a Tunisian suspected of involvement in last week’s terror attack on a Berlin Christmas market where 12 people were killed.德国检方拘留了一名涉嫌参与上周柏林圣诞市场恐怖袭击案的突尼斯人。那次袭击导2人遇难。The prosecutors said the man’s phone number was stored in the mobile phone of Anis Amri, the 24-year-old Tunisian who is believed to have carried out the December 19 attack and was killed in a shootout with Italian police near Milan on Friday.德国检方表示,阿尼#8226;阿姆Anis Amri)的手机中存有该男子的手机号码。阿姆里4岁的突尼斯人,被认为实施29日的袭击事件,于上周五在米兰附近与意大利警方交火中被击毙。“Further investigations indicate that he could have been involved in the attack,the statement said. It said the 40-year-old suspect’s flat and office had been searched.检方在一份声明中表示,“进一步调查表明,他可能参与了那次袭击。”声明中还称,已搜查了这0岁嫌疑人的公寓和办公室。Investigators believe it was Amri who drove a stolen lorry through the market near the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church in the heart of west Berlin, injuring 55 people.调查人员认为,正是阿姆里驾驶一辆盗来的货车,在西柏林中心地区威廉皇帝纪念教Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church)附近的一个市场横冲直撞,造成12人死亡和0人受伤。One of the 12 was the Polish truck driver who was found dead in the passenger seat. The militant group Isis claimed responsibility.2名死者中,有1人是波兰籍卡车司机,他被发现死在乘客座位上。好战组织“伊斯兰国Isis)声称对此事负责。Prosecutors have until Thursday to determine whether the case against the man held on Wednesday is strong enough for them to issue a formal arrest warrant. That would allow them to keep him in custody pending possible charges.检方到周四才能判定,针对周三扣押的人的涉案据是否足够让他们发出正式逮捕令。那样就可以继续拘留他,等待可能的指控。来 /201612/486339The U.S. government has mistakenly granted citizenship to more than 800 immigrants that it was supposed to have deported.美国政府错误地批准了八百多名本该被驱逐出境的移民的公民申请。An internal Homeland Security Department audit released Monday found the 858 immigrants came from countries that pose a national security risk to the ed States or countries with high rates of immigration fraud. The report did not identify the countries.星期一公布的对美国国土安全局进行的一个内部审计发现,58名移民是来自那些对美国国家安全构成威胁,或是移民造假比率很高的国家。报告没有列出这些国家的名字。The Homeland Security Departments Inspector General John Roth said the immigrants used different names or birth dates to apply for citizenship. He said the mistakes happened because the applicantsfingerprints were missing from government databases.美国国土安全局检察长约翰·罗斯说,这些移民使用不同的名字或出生日期申请公民身份。他说,这些错误的发生,是因为政府数据库里没有找到申请人的指纹;This situation created opportunities for individuals to gain the rights and privileges of U.S. citizenship through fraud,; Roth said.罗斯说,“这个情况给那些指望通过作假手段获得公民权利和优待的人创造了机会。”At least three of those who were mistakenly granted citizenship were able to use their citizenship to get jobs in security-sensitive fields, including work at commercial airports and maritime facilities. The Department of Homeland Security say all three have had their security credentials revoked. A fourth person has become a law enforcement officer. Investigators last year identified another 953 cases that also appear suspicious.这次误得公民身份的人当中,至少有三个人利用公民身份在安全敏感度较高的行业找到了工作,比如商业机场和海事机构。国土安全局表示,这三个人的身份明已被吊销。还有一人成为了执法官员。调查人员去年确认还53个案子也令人怀疑。The Department of Homeland Security says the report highlights what has long been a challenge for immigration officials -- the fact that old paper-based records containing fingerprints cannot be searched electronically.国土安全局表示,这个审计报告提出了移民官员长期面临的一个困难,那就是,旧的纸质档案里面的指纹无法通过电子搜寻找到。The audit recommends that paper fingerprints be digitized and added to the governments database. It also recommends that officials create a system to evaluate the hundreds of people who were mistakenly approved for citizenship.审计报告建议,对纸质指纹进行数码化处理,然后添加到政府的数据库里。报告还建议政府设立一个系统,对数百名错误获得公民身份的人进行评估。Charges have been brought in just two of the cases.目前被有关方面提出起诉的只有两起案子。Immigrants are required to disclose any previous aliases they have used with immigration officials as well as their immigration history, but they sometimes omit that information.按规定,移民必须提供他们在过去与移民局打交道时使用过的别名,以及他们的移民历史。但是移民有时会略去这些信息。Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made the vetting of immigrants a central part of his platform. He has called for a temporary ban on immigration from countries ;compromised by terrorism; until a stronger vetting process can be put in place.共和党总统候选人川普一直把移民审批工作列为他竞选中的核心问题。他提议在审批程序得到加强以前,对来自“深受恐怖主义影响”的国家的移民申请实行临时冻结。来 /201609/467281

Donald Trump would probably replace Janet Yellen as Federal Reserve chair if he wins the presidential election, the presumptive Republican nominee said on Thursday.周四,应会成为共和党总统候选人的唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)表示,如果他赢得总统大选,将很可能把现任美联储(Fed)主席珍妮#8226;耶伦(Janet Yellen)换掉。The property developer turned politician told CN that Ms Yellen is “not a Republicanand that it would be “appropriateto put someone new in the position when her four-year term expires in February 2018.这位从地产开发商转型而来的政治家对消费者新闻与商业频道(CN)表示,耶伦“不是共和党人”,018月她的任期届满之际,起用其他人担任此职位,将是“合适的”。Nevertheless, Mr Trump also said that he agreed with Ms Yellen’s policy of keeping short-term interest rates low, saying that rate increases would push up the dollar and damage America’s competitive position with China, as well as making it harder to service US debt.然而,特朗普也表示,他认同耶伦把短期利率维持在低水平的政策。他表示,加息将推高美元汇率,损及美国相对中国的竞争地位,并加大偿还美国债务利息的难度。“I have nothing against Janet Yellen whatsoever; I think she has been doing her job,said Mr Trump, describing her as “very capable However, he added: “She is not a Republican#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;when her time is up I would most likely replace her because of the fact that I think it would be appropriate.”“我绝不是在哪些方面反对珍妮#8226;耶伦;我认为,她在一直在履行自己的职责,”特朗普说。他觉得耶伦“很能干”。然而,他接着说:“她不是共和党人……当她的任期结束时,我将非常可能把她替换掉,因为我认为这么做将是合适的。”Previous presidents have been willing to keep Fed chairmen in post regardless of their political leanings. Despite his Republican affiliation, Ben Bernanke clinched a second term in 2010 under President Barack Obama. Alan Greenspan was similarly appointed to a third term under Bill Clinton in the 1990s.以前的总统一直愿意不管美联储主席所属的党派,让其留任。尽管伯南克是共和党人,但他010年获得巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)任命,得以连任。同样,990年代,艾#8226;格林斯潘(Alan Greenspan)获得比尔#8226;克林Bill Clinton)任命,得以第二次连任。Mr Trump’s supportive comments about the Fed’s easy monetary policy were a reversal from his position last year, when he chastised Ms Yellen for failing to raise rates, saying she was leaving them low to help Mr Obama’s administration.特朗普此番持美联储宽松货币政策的言论,恰好与他在去年的立场相反。去年,他曾强烈谴责耶伦没有决定加息,并表示,她让利率维持在低水平,是为了帮助奥巴马政府。“I love the concept of a strong dollar,Mr Trump said on Thursday. “But when you look at the havoc that a strong dollar causes#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;I can tell you, I have friends in China: all they do is watch the dollar. They love to see it go up.”“我喜欢强势美元的理念,”特朗普在周四说。“但是,当你看到强势美元带来的混乱……我可以告诉你们,我在中国有不少朋友:他们所作的一切,就是观察美元。他们乐见美元走强。”Higher interest rates would also make it tougher for America to service its debt, Mr Trump added. He described himself as the “king of debt but said that it had to be handled with care. “You are talking about something that is very, very fragile,he said.加息也将增加偿还美国债务利息的难度,特朗普接着说。他把自己描述为“债务之王”,但表示,必须谨慎处理债务。“我们在谈论非常、非常脆弱的东西,”他说。来 /201605/441981An Obama-era regulation that tightened gun checks on mentally-ill buyers has been blocked by the US Senate and could be signed into law by the White House.奥巴马控法案中检查购者精神疾病的这一法规已于日前被美国参议院禁止,并将由白宫签署生效。The law stopped people who receive disability benefits from buying guns, affecting an estimated 75,000 people.该法案禁止领取残疾津贴的人购买,.5万人为此受到了影响。But Republicans, who control the Senate, argued it stigmatised the disabled and voted it down 57 to 43.主导参议院的共和党认为该法案损害了残疾人的权利,并以573的投票结果废除了该法规。President Donald Trump is set to approve revoking the rule, his first action on guns since taking power.唐纳德·特朗普总统准备批准废除该法规,这是他上台后关于持问题的首次行动。After the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy which killed 20 children and six adults in 2012, President Barack Obama introduced a measure that required the Social Security Administration to report information on people with mental illness to the FBI.012年的桑迪·胡克击案中,有20名儿童和6名成年人遭到杀,此后贝拉克·奥巴马总统推出了措施,要求社会安全局向FBI报告精神疾病人员信息。Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, who led the repeal effort, said the regulation ;unfairly stigmatises; people with mental illness and infringes on their constitutional right to bear arms.共和党参议员查克·格拉斯着力领导废除法案。他表示:“该法案有失公平,侮辱了精神病患并侵犯了他们持的宪法权利。”来 /201702/494285

The four remaining Republicans in the presidential race hold a debate Thursday in Michigan with frontrunner Donald Trump carrying momentum from another batch of state wins but facing new efforts to halt his campaign.星期四,美国共和党剩下的4位总统参选人在密西根州举行一场辩论会。居于领先地位的川普刚赢得了一批州的初选,势头强劲,但也面临新的阻力。A group of 60 Republican foreign policy veterans signed a joint letter released late Wednesday opposing Trump, saying he would ;act in ways that make America less safe, and which would diminish our standing in the world.; It lists a number of objections, including anti-Muslim rhetoric, a support for the use of torture, advocating trade wars and insisting Mexico will build a border wall.60名共和党外交政策资深人士星期三晚间发表了一封反对川普竞选的联署公开信,表示川普的行为方式将“使美国变得更不安全,而且将削弱美国在世界上的地位”。信中列举了一系列反对川普竞选的理由,包括川普发表反穆斯林言论、持使用酷刑、主张进行贸易战以及认为墨西哥应在美墨边界修筑一道高墙。The list of signatories includes former U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, former World Bank President and Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick and former top Pentagon official Dov Zakheim.信件的签署者包括前美国国土安全部部长切尔托夫、曾担任美国国务院副国务卿的前世界总裁佐利克以及前五角大楼高层官员扎克海姆。Meanwhile, three outside are planning to spend millions of dollars in new ads attacking Trump.与此同时个美国民间组织也计划花费巨额资金,制作抨击川普的广告。来 /201603/429968

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