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武汉华夏医院有男科吗武汉陆总医院包皮手术怎么样听力原文:Banyan菩提专栏Of blowhards and bombs吹牛皮和造核弹(二)Some are also motivated by a sense that South Korea has been harshly constrained under the NPT regime compared with Japan, the only one of 185 non-nuclear-armed parties to the NPT with complete fuel-cycle technologies, including both uranium enrichment and plutonium reprocessing. So Mr Fitzpatrick suggests that Japan may have the shortest “breakout” time to build a bomb, albeit longer than the common Western estimate of six months. Some Japanese hawks do advocate Japan’s going nuclear. On April 1st the cabinet reconfirmed that this would not violate Japan’s constitution. Seeing such hints, and suspicious of moves by Shinzo Abe, the prime minister, to ease legal constraints on Japan’s armed ces, some in South Korea and China fear that Japan may soon abandon its anti-nuclear principles.重点词汇:1 motivate (就所说的话)给出理由;说明…的原因 harsh 残酷的;严酷的;严厉的3 constrained 不自然的;强迫的;过于受约束的 uranium 铀(放射性化学元素)5 enrichment丰富; 改进; 肥沃; 浓缩;6 plutonium [化]钚;7 hawk 鹰派分子;主战分子8 hint征兆;迹象听力原文:It won’t. Like South Korea, Japan has too much to lose. And unlike South Korea, its voters would also strongly disapprove. The country of Hiroshima and Nagasaki does not want to become a nuclear power. At the fourth Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC on April 1st, it was praised as one of America’s closest allies in the eft to minimise the use of sensitive nuclear materials. Thanks partly to the shortness of its breakout time, Japan would not be the first nuclear domino. 重点词汇:1 Hiroshima广岛 Nagasaki长崎3 domino 多米诺听力原文:Nor, probably, would Taiwan, though it faces an even more explicit threat, since China claims the right to use ce to “reunify” the island with the mainland in certain circumstances—such as its declaring mal independence. China’s military build-up in recent years calls into question Taiwan’s ability to defend itself by conventional means. And, unlike Japan and South Korea, Taiwan has no clear guarantee that America would come to its defence. Rather, the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979 leaves America’s security commitment vague. But even under the traditionally pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party of the incoming president, Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan is not likely to pursue nuclear weapons. It would be suicidal.重点词汇:1 reunify 重新统一 Taiwan Relations Act 台湾关系法3 vague 不清楚的,含糊的,不明确的,模糊的 suicidal想自杀的;有自杀倾向的5 Democratic Progressive Party 民进党听力原文:The reason South Korea, Japan and Taiwan remain “latent” nuclear powers is that in the past they have all pursued the necessary technologies, but then renounced them. Nobosuke Kishi, Mr Abe’s grandfather and his political hero, who was prime minister in 1957-60, believed that Japan needed the bomb. Under Park Chung-hee, South Korea’s president in 1963-79, and father of the incumbent, Park Geun-hye, South Korea had a clandestine nuclear programme. So did Taiwan under Chiang Ching-kuo.重点词汇:1 latent 潜在的;潜伏的;隐藏的 renounce 声明放弃;宣布放弃3 clandestine 暗中从事的;保密的;秘密的欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 5337武汉中医男科医院 地点:钱德勒和乔伊的公寓客厅人物:乔伊,珍妮丝事件:珍妮丝从钱德勒那儿听说乔伊不喜欢自己,特意跑来邀请乔伊与她共同度过一天,以缓解俩人紧张的关系Janice: So, I hear, you hate me!Joey: I, ah, I never said hate. I was very careful about that.Janice: A little birdie told me something about you wanting to rip your arm off and throw it at me.Joey: And you got a “hate” from that? You’re taking a big leap there...Janice: All right, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, we’ve got to do something about our little situation here Joey. So, this is my idea: you and me spending some quality time together.I got to spend quality time with the kids.Joey: But what does that got to do...Janice: Chandler!Joey: Okay. I’m in.Janice: Okay. All right. This is what we’re gonna call it “Joey and Janice’s DAY OF FUN!”Joey: Does it have to be a whole day?Janice: Yes, because that’s how long it takes to love me.Joey: Yeah, I know, I sleep in the next room. 38358武汉治疗前列腺增生哪家好

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武汉华夏男子男科医院切包皮《窈窕美眉剧情引导:Zach是学校的大红人,他为了跟朋友打赌并气气为个小明星甩了自己的前女友,就邀请了家境贫寒的丑小鸭Laney参加舞会,并意欲将她打造成舞会皇后当然既然我说了女主角是丑小鸭就意味着……Kiss Me 演唱:Sixpence None The Richer选自:She's All That《窈窕美眉Kiss me out of the bearded barleyNightly, beside the green, green grassSwing, swing, swing the spinning stepYou wear those shoes and I will wear that dress.Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilightLead me out on the moonlit floorLift your open handStrike up the band and make the fireflies danceSilver moon's sparklingSo kiss me吻我吧,在这柔柔微光下带我去到屋外,月笼轻沙你邀我一曲,于是音乐奏响、萤火飞舞,银月闪烁光华就请吻我吧Kiss me down by the broken tree houseSwing me upon its hanging tireBring, bring, bring your flowered hatWe'll take the trail marked on your father's mapOh, kiss me beneath the milky twilightLead me out on the moonlit floorLift your open handStrike up the band and make the fireflies danceSilver moon's sparklingSo kiss meOh, kiss me beneath the milky twilightLead me out on the moonlit floorLift your open handStrike up the band and make the fireflies danceSilver moon's sparklingSo kiss me 67877 Discouragement, disappointment, failure, and setback—these are all things that can help us if we maintain an empowering mindset. The key to life is to learn from these experiences, and minimize the amount of time that we allow ourselves to stay discouraged. So the next time you start to feel discouragement, here is what you should do:灰心,失望,失败和挫折-都是能帮助我们保持坚强心态的东西生命的秘诀在于从这些经历中学习,减少持续萎靡灰心丧气的时间,所以下次觉得低落的时候,试着做这件事情:1. Take the long view从长远角度看问题Discouragement generally occurs when our expectations (what we think should happen) dont align with reality (what actually happens). In many cases our expectations are unrealistic, and this often has to do with how long we think things should happen. If we take a longer view, and relax our expectations a little, it can really help to decrease discouragement. The reality is that most things that are worthwhile take a lot of eft and time to come to fruition. So be patient!当我们的期望(我们觉得应该发生的事情)没有变成现实(实际发生的事情),我们就会失望在很多情况下,我们的期望都是不切实际的,这也和我们对时间的预估有着一定的关系如果我们从长远去看,放低一下期望,也能有效减轻我们的失落感事实是最值得我们付出精力和时间最主要的事情需要等着好成果所以耐心点吧!. Remember, there is no such thing as failure. There is only education记住!没有真正的失败,只是成长教育而已When we feel like we have failed at something, discouragement often follows. However, failure doesnt really exist, except the meaning that we give it. If we dont get the result that we want, when we want it, we just need to take new action.当认为我们在某些事失败之后,低落感也随之而来然而,失败并不真正的存在,除非我们给事情赋予了失败的含义如果我们没有及时得到想要的结果,只需要采取新的行动We can choose, instead of thinking of failure as bad, to think of failure as education, and theree good. When we view it this way we realize that failure isnt something that is bad, or something to be avoided. It is simply feedback. When we think this way we ease discouragement.与其把失败看成一件糟糕的事,我们可以选择把失败看成是一种成长教育,一件好事如果这样看待问题,我们就会知道失败并不是什么坏事或者需要尽力避免的事情只是一个小挫折而已这样想,低落感就能减轻啦3. Stay true to your vision. See it again in your mind不抛弃理想,再做一次白日梦吧If we are feeling discouraged, think about your vision. Think about what we want to create in our life. See it clearly. Feel what it would feel like if the image came into reality. What would this mean us? How would we feel. Once we see it, and feel it, we will also feel empowered and our discouragement will dissipate.感到沮丧的时候,想想自己的理想想想我们究竟想为生活创造些什么仔细的去想,感受一下如果梦想成真会是什么感受对我们会意味着什么?我们会有什么样的心情一旦我们去幻想,去感受,就会感到充满了力量,沮丧也就烟消云散了. Dont let our ego get in the way of our development不要让自负阻碍了自我的发展Our ego is often the primary cause of our feelings of disappointment and discouragement. It doesnt have to be this way. We can control our ego. When we do this, we are on the path of development. When we are internally strong enough to handle constructive criticism, and feedback, we receive the rewards of growth. Growth leads to happiness.自负往往是造成失落感和沮丧的最主要缘由其实并不一定要这样,我们可以控制自己一旦控制了,我们就已经迈向了进步的阶梯一旦我们真正有能力去面对处理那些批判、挫折,我们就会得到成长的礼物成长的尽头是幸福5. Stop comparing ourself to others. Were on a unique path不要和别人比较,我们都是独一无二的A sure fire, 0% guaranteed way to get discouraged is to focus on other people in a comparative way. Here is why: we generally see their victories, successes, and strengths. We see what they have and what we dont. We see why they are better than us. When we do this we get discouraged and we feel sorry ourselves. We dont as easily see their struggles, their fears, their setbacks, and their failures.毫无疑问,一直把自己和别人比较绝对会让我们低落为什么呢:我们往往看到的都是他们的成果、成功和优点我们看到的是他们有我们却没有的部分,我们看到的是为什么他们比我们优秀一旦这样,我们就很容易感到失望为自己感到难受同时,我们很少去关注他们的挣扎、害怕,挫折和失败So dont do it. It isnt empowering. Dont compare. We are on a unique path. It is great to be inspired byanother, but if by hearing another story, we feel that we are lesser, then we need to just focus on our own path.所以不要这样了,这只会让你更加泄气不要比较,我们都是独一无二的存在着让别人去激励你固然好,但如果别人的故事让你觉得自身有所不足,那么只需要专注自己就好了6. Detach from rewards, focus on our actions and giving our best work忘掉所谓的奖赏,专注于行动,付出最大的努力If our sole motivation doing something is the reward that we might get from the action, then we are setting ourselves up discouragement. Action should be its own reward. When it is, we are ever free. Freedom is at the heart of happiness. When we dont need someone else praise doing something, when wedont need a ;carrot; perming our work, then we are truly free to just focus on our work and makeit great. When we create great work we are happy.如果我们做某件事唯一的动力在于可能会获得的奖赏,那么我们就不知觉走上了一条失望之路行为本身就值得被奖赏这样一来,我们永远都是“自由之身”,自由是幸福的核心如果在做一件事时不需要别人的褒奖,也不需要对工作肯定的奖励,那么我们就真的能够专注于工作做到最好一旦取得进步会非常开心7. Change our ;rules; being happy改变自己的“幸福规则”What rule do we have to be happy? What has to happen us to feel successful? Is it in our control? If it isnt then we might be setting ourselves up failure. By rules I mean the set of circumstances that must be present us to feel accomplished.什么时候会感到幸福?发生什么样的事情会让我们觉得成功?这在我们的掌控之中么?如果不是,那我们也许就把自己推向了失败的不归路所谓的规定,我指的是一些必须能让我们感到成功的特定场景We have to create rules that serve us. We have to live by rules that are within our control. Here are someof my rules: I am successful when I grow and improve. I am successful when I give my very best.我们需要为自己制造规定,我们需要遵循这些可以由自己掌控的规则比如我的规则是:只要我成长进步就是成功,只要我付出努力就是成功8. Consider who we are spending time with想想我们该花时间和谁在一起The people who we spend the most time with might be a major contributing factor to feeling discouragement.This can be a very hard one, especially if those people are family and loved ones. We have a tendency to become who we most frequently associate with, and if we spend all our time with people who are constantly negative, and feeling sorry themselves, we can be influenced to see life through a similar lens.和我们相处最久的那些人也许是带来沮丧的最大因素这听起来不大舒,尤其是他们会是家人或爱人我们总会不知觉的变成身边最亲近人的样子,如果我们一直和消极的人在一起,为他们感到难过,我们也会被影响和他们一样去看待生活So what can we do? We cant simply cut loved ones out of our lives. So what we should do is simply expand our social network. Join a peer group that is positive. Start to surround ourselves with positive people as a balance. Over time we will start to take on their mindset and this will help with any feelings of discouragement we may have.那该怎么办呢?我们不能简单的把爱人排除在生活之外所以能做的就是扩大自己的社交圈加入积极的同龄人小组让周围充满了正能量的人作为平衡不知不觉我们就会吸取这些正能量,也能帮助我们减少沮丧感9. Get outside, move and breathe出去活动一下,呼吸新鲜空气Fresh air and sunshine can have an amazing effect on our feelings. Sometimes when we are feeling down, allthat we need to do is simply to go outside and breathe. Movement and exercise is also a fantastic way to feel better. Positive emotions can be generated by motion. So if we start to feel down, take some deep breathes, go outside, feel the fresh air, let the sun hit our face, go a hike, a walk, a bike ride, a swim, a run, whatever. We will feel better if we do this.新鲜空气和阳光真的能给我们带来不一样的感受当我们觉得沮丧时,只需要简单的走出去呼吸新鲜空气运动锻炼能让心情变好,好的心情能带来更多积极的情绪如果我们觉得低落,那么就深呼吸,去郊外看看,感受新鲜的空气,享受阳光的沐浴、远足、散步、骑车或是游泳跑步,什么都可以只有这样做绝对会很开心. Go find someone who we can help去找那些需要我们帮助的人This is a great way to alleviate discouragement. Go find someone who needs help, and then help them. It isreally that simple. When we serve others, when we go out of our way to help other people in need, we feel better. It is impossible to be discouraged when we are giving all our efts on behalf of another. Discouragement is a really a self-driven symptom. We are focusing on ourselves. That is why we feel bad. However, when we stop thinking about ourselves, and when we direct our attention to another, we feel better.这是减少沮丧最好的方式找那些需要帮助的人,然后帮助他们吧这真的非常简单在务别人的时候,在帮助那些需要帮助的人时,我们也会开心当全身心的帮助他人,从他人角度想问题时,沮丧也就不复存在了沮丧是一个内化的情感,当我们只关注自己时才会有如此糟糕的感觉然而当我们停止考虑自己,开始转向帮助别人的时候,一切都好起来了 6377武汉华夏男子男科医院割包皮环切术武汉哪家做包皮手术好



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