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Smart or thin? Rich or ugly? Women still have a complex and contradictory relationship with their own image according to a poll released on Tuesday that found 25 percent of those questioned would rather win the "America's Next Top Model" TV show than the Nobel Peace Prize. And although 75 percent of women surveyed said they'd be willing to shave their heads to save the life of a stranger, more than a quarter of those taking part admitted they would make their best friend fat for life, if it meant they could be thin. As for that age-old dilemma of whether to marry for wealth or looks, half of the 18- to 24-year-olds questioned said they would marry an ugly man if he were a multimillionaire. The poll for U.S. television network Oxygen, which is targeted at young women, also found that 88 percent of 18- to 34-year-old women would happily give up their cell phone, jewelry and makeup to keep a friendship. "This survey proves an interesting dissection of today's woman and how she relates her personal image with what she values in her life," said Dr. Jenn Berman, psychotherapist and judge of the upcoming new Oxygen series "Pretty Wicked." "As shown in several results, women today are a complex combination of altruistic and materialistic, vain and insecure, loyal and self-serving. This survey highlights the dichotomy in all of us," Berman said. More than 2,000 women aged 18-34 were interviewed for the poll. /200904/66768The plot of “The Romantics,” a new novel by Galt Niederhoffer, unfolds during the weekend wedding of Lila Hayes, a blond, beautiful, witty, and wealthy Yale graduate, and her former classmate Tom McDevon, a handsome, charming, social-climbing cipher. The book’s heroine—the clever, ill-at-ease, Brooklyn-dwelling Laura Rosen—was Lila’s college roommate and is now her maid of honor; Laura dated Tom first, and, unbeknownst to the gilded Waspy bride, has for years sustained an intimacy with the groom-to-be. In the book’s first chapter, Laura arrives at the nuptial site (an island off the coast of Maine) burdened by an unflattering pewter-colored gown and a heart filled with loathing for her best friend. Inevitably, romantic chaos ensues.A party to celebrate the book’s publication was held the other day at the home of Niederhoffer’s friend Kathryn Tucker, a blond, beautiful, witty, and wealthy movie producer, who hosted guests on the roof of her Chelsea town house. The dress code was “slutty bridesmaid or slurring groomsman,” but Tucker had ignored her own injunction, and was dressed in a flattering strapless dress the color of sea foam and red patent-leather Louboutin pumps with four-inch heels. “Look at me—it’s conservative, conservative, conservative, and then the red pumps,” Tucker said, as she elegantly navigated the treacherous decking underfoot, wineglass in hand.Tucker has never been a bridesmaid, she said, “but I hope to be one day. It seems the better role.” She is separated from her husband, John Sloss, a sales agent for independent films. “The institution of marriage is a curious thing,” she said, with a sad smile and a tilt of the head. “It’s a noble ideal.” Theirs has been an amicable parting—“We’re best buds,” she insisted—and Sloss now lives in the lower half of the town house, which the couple bought in 2004 for a little more than five million dollars, while Tucker and their two small children live upstairs. “It’s like the perfect bohemian existence, except not,” she said.Tucker recalled that she had disliked Sloss intensely when she first met him, during a dinner at Chasen’s, in Los Angeles, twelve years ago. “As I was leaving, I had a premonition that I was going to marry that guy,” she said. “I kept trying to shake him. He told a friend of mine that he had fallen ‘deeply and irrevocably in love’ with me. I am a sucker for romantic gestures—I am Jane Austen’s biggest fan.” They were married at their farmhouse in Columbia County. “I had my dream wedding,” she said. “My flowers were thistles—prickly things. The gift we gave people to take home was a jar of blueberry jam, and on the label it said, ‘How do I get out of this jam?’ Which was not a very auspicious start. I wore Vivienne Westwood. Richard Linklater’s daughter came and a sonnet. My dog Rosy was in the wedding. She wore a thistle collar. It was very me.” Was it also very him, she was asked. Tucker paused. “I have no idea,” she said. “Herein lies the problem.”Niederhoffer, who wore a flattering violet-colored gown and teetering black patent pumps, was circulating among her guests with an air of modest gratitude. “The Romantics” is her second novel; her first, “A Taxonomy of Barnacles,” has been described by reviewers as a fictionalized chronicle of her experience growing up as the clever, ill-at-ease daughter of the eccentric investor Victor Niederhoffer, who named her for Francis Galton, the Victorian anthropologist and the coiner of the term eugenics. Niederhoffer is thirty-two and is a producer of independent movies as well as a novelist. She lives in a brownstone in Cobble Hill with her partner, Jim Strouse, and their children, Magnolia, three, and Grover, one. Magnolia is named for the West Village bakery where the couple met. “I was a customer, and he was a trusty icer, recently off the turnip truck,” Niederhoffer recalled. “I was a brazen New York JAP, and he was a totally oblivious rube from the Midwest. I picked him up. It was a horribly tawdry beginning. He told me his name was Jim and his brother was Tim, and I thought, He’s really from a different planet.”The couple have been engaged since before Niederhoffer was pregnant with Magnolia but have no immediate plans to marry. “I come from the kind of family where marriage has not exactly spelled success,” she said. Victor Niederhoffer and his first wife, Gail, divorced after the birth of Galt and her sister Katie; he went on to have four more daughters with his second wife, Susan. Three years ago, he conceived another child with his longtime paramour, Laurel Kenner. “In a way, my book party is my wedding,” Niederhoffer said. “This is a better thing to aspire to, isn’t it? To be celebrated for your intelligence and your talent, rather than for your size-two beauty.”With the sun setting over the Hudson, Niederhoffer, who by now had removed her shoes, like a bride after three hours on the dance floor, gave a toast, offering particular thanks to Kathryn Tucker: “The gorgeous blonde. So glamorous. So lovely.” Tucker was still standing effortlessly in her red pumps, in spite of the fact that she hadn’t had anything to eat. “It’s just like a wedding,” she said, as a waitress came by with an empty tray. “You get drunk and you forget to eat, and you don’t have that great a night.” The waitress returned with a tray of spring rolls, but Tucker declined, with another tilt of the head and a sorry smile, as if discouraging a suitor with a polite, insincere show of regret. 加特·尼德霍夫的新作《浪漫》的故事情节是在莱拉·海耶斯周末的婚礼上展开的。海耶斯是个金发美女,一名聪明而又富贵的耶鲁大学研究生。她以前的同班同学汤姆·麦克德文是一个帅气迷人而又爱攀龙附凤的人。该小说的女主角——居住在布鲁克林的智慧而不安分的罗拉·罗斯——是莱拉的大学室友,也是她如今的伴娘。罗拉在认识有钱人海耶斯之前就和汤姆交往过,又和现在的准新郎也维持过几年的亲密关系。小说的第一章,罗拉穿着笨重的、令人难受的蓝灰色礼来到婚礼现场(离缅因州不远的一个岛上),她的内心充满了对好友的憎恨。很显然,浪漫气息接踵而来。几天前,尼德霍夫在好朋友凯瑟琳·塔克家里举办了一个庆祝小说出版的派对。凯瑟琳也是个金发美女,聪明有财富,电影制片人。她在切尔西城内的住宅顶楼招待宾客。当晚的着装要求是要么带猥琐性质的伴娘装,要么带诋毁性质的伴郎装。但是塔克自己却不顾这个要求,当晚她身穿着一条漂亮的海蓝色吊带连衣裙,脚穿一双著名的卢婷四英寸跟的红色漆皮单鞋。她手握着葡萄酒杯,优雅的指着脚下的装饰,说道,“看看我,这儿保守,这儿保守,保守,以及这双红色单鞋”。塔克从来没有做过伴娘,她说,“我希望有一天能做伴娘,看上去这是个更好的角色”。她和身为独立影片销售代理人的丈夫约翰·斯洛斯已经分居。她歪着头忧伤的笑着说,“婚姻真是奇妙”。他们的婚姻已经有了一个友好的结束。“我们是最好的朋友”她强调道。现在斯洛斯住下面一半的楼层,而塔克和她两个小孩则住上半部分楼层。这栋房子是他们两夫妻在零四年花了不到五百万美元买下的。她又说道,“不排除的话,我们很像波西米亚居住方式”。塔克回忆十二年前,她在洛杉矶蔡斯家的宴会上第一次见斯洛斯时,就对他喜欢得不得了。“当我离开时,我就预感我会嫁给这个男人”,她说道,“我不停的跟他握手,他跟我一个朋友说他已经无可救药地深深地爱上了我。我是个超级喜欢浪漫的人——我很迷简·奥斯丁的作品”。后来,他们在哥伦比亚郡的农场别墅结婚。她说,“我得到了我梦想般的婚礼,花是多刺的苍紫花,我们给宾朋带回家的礼物是一罐蓝莓酱,商标上写着‘我怎么离开这罐果酱呢?’这可不是一个很吉利的婚宴开端啊!我穿着维维恩·韦斯特伍德设计的礼。理查德·林克莱特的女儿也带着她的十四行诗来参加我们的婚礼。我的儿罗斯也在婚礼上,她带着蓟项圈,她就像我一样”。当被问到儿是否也像他时,塔克停顿了下,说,“我不知道,这也隐埋了我们俩的问题”。尼德霍夫穿着一件漂亮的紫罗兰色的礼和一双宽大的黑色专利单鞋,带谦逊的感激之情走进宾客之中。《浪漫》是她的第二部小说,她的第一部小说《刑具分类》已经被家评为她自己的成长小说。她自小就聪明而不安分,父亲维克托·尼德霍夫是个古怪的投资者,他给女儿取名为弗朗西斯·加特——维多利亚人类学家和优生法的创造者。尼德霍夫现年三十二岁,独立电影制片人,也是一名小说家。她和丈夫吉姆·斯特劳斯以及两个小孩(三岁的玛格诺丽亚和一岁的格洛佛)住在科尔山镇的赤竭色砂石高级住宅里。玛格诺丽亚是以西村的一个面包房店名而命名的,这是他俩夫妇相遇的地方。“当时我是一名顾客,他是一名可靠的装冰工人,刚离开装着芜青的卡车”,尼德霍夫回忆,“我可是一名响当当的纽约大作家,而他很明显是一个来自中西部的乡巴佬。不过我让他搭车了,这是个非常庸俗的开端。他告诉我他叫吉姆,他哥哥叫蒂姆。我想他真是来自另外一个星球的人”。他们在尼德霍夫怀上玛格诺丽亚前就已经订婚了,但他们还没有立即结婚的打算。她说,“我出身一个婚姻失败的家庭”。当时,父亲维克托·尼德霍夫和他的第一任妻子盖尔在加特和她出生后离婚了,后来与第二任妻子苏珊生了四个小孩。三年以后,他和他多年的情妇罗瑞尔·肯娜尔又怀了另一个孩子。“从某种程度上说,我小说里的派对就是我的婚礼”,尼德霍夫说道,“这是一件更令人渴望的好事,不是吗?不是为了你不错的美貌,而是为了你的智慧和才能而庆祝。当太阳升上哈得逊河岸时,已经脱掉了鞋的尼德霍夫像是一个在舞池当中跳了三个小时舞的新娘,她向大家祝酒,特别提出了对凯瑟琳·塔克的感激,“感谢这位漂亮的金发碧眼女人,你太迷人了,太可爱了”。塔克仍然穿着那双轻松的红色单鞋,尽管她什么东西都没有吃。“这就像是一场婚礼”,一个女侍应走过来拿走空托盘时,尼德霍夫说,“你喝酒了,但是你忘记吃东西了,所以你并没度过一个美好的晚上”。这时侍应端过来一盘春卷,但是塔克拒绝了。她又是歪着头,抱歉的一笑,好像是礼貌而又不太真诚地回绝一个追求者。 /200808/45962

Sleep well, sleep betterIf sleep has plunged to the bottom of your to-do list, you're not alone. Although the National Sleep Foundation recommends getting seven to nine hours of sleep a night, the average American logs only six hours and 40 minutes. What gives? Blame crazy schedules and, of course, sleeping woes. Before you rush to the drugstore to buy an over-the-counter (OTC) sleep medication, try one of the following natural sleep remedies. "These are safer and have fewer side effects than OTC medications," says Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, author of From Fatigued to Fantastic and medical director of the national Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers. Many of these can not only help you fall asleep and stay asleep, but they may also promote muscle relaxation.Magnesium and calciumMagnesium and calcium are both sleep boosters, and when taken together, they become even more effective. Plus, by taking magnesium, you cancel out any potential heart problems that might arise from taking calcium alone. Take 200 milligrams of magnesium—lower the dose if it causes diarrhea—and 600 milligrams of calcium each night.Wild lettuceIf you've suffered anxiety, headaches, or muscle or joint pain, you might aly be familiar with wild lettuce. It's also effective at calming restlessness and reducing anxiety—and may even quell restless legs syndrome. When using a wild-lettuce supplement, take 30 to 120 milligrams before bed.HopsBeer fans will no doubt be familiar with the calming effect of hops, the female flowers used in beer making. For sleep purposes, though, this extract has been widely used as a mild sedative for anxiety and insomnia. Take 30 to 120 milligrams before climbing under the covers.AromatherapyLavender is the trick here, as studies have proven that it aids in sleep. It's also a cheap, nontoxic way to slip into a peaceful slumber. Find a spray with real lavender and spritz it on your pillow before bedtime. Or buy a lavender-filled pillow.MelatoninMelatonin is the hormone that controls sleep, so it's no wonder that it naturally induces sleep. Although some experts recommend taking higher doses, studies show that lower doses are more effective. Plus, there's concern that too-high doses could cause toxicity as well as raise the risk of depression or infertility. Take 0.3 to 0.5 milligrams before bed.Yoga or meditationChoose gentle yoga or stretching, not vigorous power or ashtanga yoga, which could energize you instead. Try easy yoga stretches in bed followed by simple meditation. Close your eyes and, for 5 to 10 minutes, pay attention to nothing but your breathing.L-theanineThis amino acid comes from green tea and not only helps maintain a calm alertness during the day but also a deeper sleep at night. However, green tea doesn't contain enough L-theanine to significantly boost your REM cycles. Besides, you might then wake up to go to the bathroom. Instead, buy a brand called Suntheanine, which is pure L-theanine. (Other brands have inactive forms of theanine that block the effectiveness.) Take 50 to 200 milligrams at bedtime.ValerianValerian is one of the most common sleep remedies for insomnia. Numerous studies have found that valerian improves deep sleep, speed of falling asleep, and overall quality of sleep. However, it's most effective when used over a longer period of time. One caveat? About 10% of the people who use it actually feel energized, which may keep them awake. If that happens to you, take valerian during the day. Otherwise, take 200 to 800 milligrams before bed. /200902/62359

Thanksgiving Day in America is a time to offer thanks, of family gatherings and holiday meals. A time of turkeys, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. A time for Indian corn, holiday parades and giant balloons.在美国,感恩节是一个感谢恩赐,家庭团聚,合家欢宴的日子;是一个家家餐桌上都有火鸡、填料、南瓜馅饼的日子;是一个充满了印第安玉米、假日游行和巨型气球的日子。 The Pilgrims who sailed to this country aboard the Mayflower were originally members of the English Separatist Church (a Puritan sect). They had earlier fled their home in England and sailed to Holland (The Netherlands) to escape religious persecution. There, they enjoyed more religious tolerance, but they eventually became disenchanted with the Dutch way of life, thinking it ungodly. Seeking a better life, the Separatists negotiated with a London stock company to finance a pilgrimage to America. Most of those making the trip aboard the Mayflower were non-Separatists, but were hired to protect the company's interests. Only about one-third of the original colonists were Separatists. 乘"五月花"来到这个国度的旅行者(朝圣者)原本是英国分离者地下教会清教徒,他们的家在英国,因不堪忍受国内的宗教迫害,他们逃亡到荷兰。在荷兰,他们享受了更多的宗教信仰自由,但最终却意识到在荷兰的这种生活方式是对他们的主的亵渎。为了寻求更好的生活,他们与伦敦贸易公司协商,由该公司资助他们到美国。在这趟旅途中,船上只有大约1/3的乘客是清教徒,其他大多数人并非分离派清教徒,而是公司雇佣来保护其利益的人员(契约奴)。 The Pilgrims set ground at Plymouth Rock on December 11, 1620. Their first winter was devastating. At the beginning of the following fall, they had lost 46 of the original 102 who sailed on the Mayflower. But the harvest of 1621 was a bountiful one. And the remaining colonists decided to celebrate with a feast -- including 91 Indians who had helped the Pilgrims survive their first year. It is believed that the Pilgrims would not have made it through the year without the help of the natives. The feast was more of a traditional English harvest festival than a true "thanksgiving" observance. It lasted three days. 1620年12月11日,旅行者们在"普利茅斯石"登陆。他们的第一个冬季是灾难性的,第二年秋天来临时,原来的102名乘客只剩下56人。但1621年他们获得了大丰收,这些幸存的殖民者们决定和帮助他们度过困难的91名印第安人一起飨宴庆祝。他们相信,若没有当地居民的帮助,他们是不可能度过这一年的。这次节日的盛宴不仅仅是一个"感恩"仪式,它更像英国传统的丰收庆典。庆典持续了三天。 Governor William Bradford sent "four men fowling" after wild ducks and geese. It is not certain that wild turkey was part of their feast. However, it is certain that they had venison. The term "turkey" was used by the Pilgrims to mean any sort of wild fowl. 总督布雷德福派了“四人捕鸟队”去捕捉野鸭和野鹅。我们现在并不能确定是否有野生火鸡在当时的筵席上,但筵席上肯定有鹿肉。当时,朝圣者用 "火鸡"一词来代表各种野禽。 Another modern staple at almost every Thanksgiving table is pumpkin pie. But it is unlikely that the first feast included that treat. The supply of flour had been long diminished, so there was no b or pastries of any kind. However, they did eat boiled pumpkin, and they produced a type of fried b from their corn crop. There was also no milk, cider, potatoes, or butter. There was no domestic cattle for dairy products, and the newly-discovered potato was still considered by many Europeans to be poisonous. But the feast did include fish, berries, watercress, lobster, dried fruit, clams, venison, and plums. 现在,几乎每家感恩节餐桌上都有南瓜馅饼――感恩节的另一种主食。但在当年的第一次庆典上却不可能有这种食品。因为面粉奇缺,所以面包、馅饼、糕点等食物都没有。但他们却吃了煮南瓜,并用收获的玉米制成了一种油炸面包。也没有牛奶、苹果酒、土豆和黄油。没有驯养的奶牛,自然没有牛奶;而新发现的土豆被很多欧洲人认为是有毒的。第一次庆典上有鱼、草莓、豆瓣菜、龙虾、干果、蛤、鹿肉、李子等。 /200904/67325Classical: Upper class, personable, intellectual, unattractive and boring古典乐:上层阶级、和蔼、智慧、缺乏吸引力、乏味 /200909/83042An antiques collector was passing a small shop when he noticed a cat on the sidewalk out front, licking milk from a saucer. The man immediately realized the saucer was very old and valuable. He stepped into the shop with an uninterested look and asked to buy the cat. "I'm sorry, " the shop owner said, "but the cat is not for sale: "  "Please, " the collector urged, "I need a cat around my house to catch mice. I'll give you 20 dollars. "  "The cat is yours," the owner said taking the money.  "Listen," the collector added, "I wonder if you could throw in that old saucer as well. The cat seems to like it and I'd hate to have him give it up. "  "Sorry," the shop owner answered, "but that saucer brings me luck. Why, just this week I've sold 68 cats!" 一个古董收集者正路过一个小店。他发现店前人行道上一只猫在舔一个托盘上的牛奶。这个人立刻意识到这个托盘是个值钱的古物。他带着一种毫无兴趣的表情步入店内,要买那只猫。“对不起,”店主说,“这只猫是不卖的。”  “卖给我吧,”收集者敦促道,“我家里面需要一只猫来捉老鼠。我给你20元。”  “猫归你了,”店主接过钱说道。  “还有,”收集者补充道,“我想你是否能把那只旧盘子也额外赠送给我。猫好像很喜欢它。我不愿意看到它失去这东西。”  “对不起,”店主回答说,“但那只托盘能给我带来好运。你不知道,光这一周,我就卖掉68只猫!” /201108/147129

We can easily stumble through life without considering how our lack of manners and sloppiness affect others. To be elegant is not to be snobbish, but rather to be polished, charitable and discreet. Making the effort to be elegant means caring about how our manners and appearance affect others.或许,我们在生活中常常会某些女性看见有这样的现象,也许她的行为并不会影响到任何人,但是让人见了却是十分不舒的。女人的优雅并不这么简单,有些优雅,却是需要你关注细节的:Step 1 Practice the art of conversation. Create a list of intriguing topics that you'd feel comfortable talking about with others. Even if you know little about a subject, you can pose questions for others to respond to.无论坐在哪里,都希望你不要盘腿大坐或者翘起“二郎腿”,请保持坐姿尽量优雅但又不会露点。 /200912/90706读懂美国人的幽默(二) 美国人的笑话有很多都是关于嘲笑不同种族的。美国人怎么开犹太人的玩笑? 问: Why do Jews have such big noses? (为什么犹太人都有大鼻子?)答: Because air is free. (因为空气是免费的)你得知道两个文化点才能明白这个笑话:1. 美国人眼中的犹太人都有个大大的鹰钩鼻。2. 犹太人又精明、又小气。我们很多中国人都有这样一个概念:犹太人是绝顶聪明的。事实上呢?我不知道是不是全部如此,但是我在美国的犹太人的朋友们都是非常聪明的,而且特别有生意头脑。从达芬奇《最后的晚餐》中塑造的犹太人形象开始,犹太人就给人西方人留下了这样的印象:长着一个大大的鹰钩鼻。莎士比亚的《商人》又强化了人们对犹太人“精明、算计、贪婪”的印象。所以在这个笑话里,“空气是免费的”的背后文化含义就是犹太人的精明和小气。 记得有一次一个朋友带我去酒吧喝酒。他告诉我说那里的酒是免费的,于是我高兴得都要跳起来了。他于是对我说:“Are you Jewish or something? (你是犹太人还是怎么着?)”。大家不要轻易开关于别的种族的玩笑,在美国,一般,只有自己开自己种族的玩笑才是安全的,无害的。那你问,那你那个朋友怎么可以开关于犹太人的玩笑。是,我的那个朋友就是个犹太人。^_^好了,考你一个笑话,看你看懂没有: 问: What's "Jewish dilemma?" (什么能够让犹太人进退两难?)答: Free Pork. (免费的猪肉)文化点:1. 犹太人小气 2. 犹太人因为宗教愿意是不应该吃猪肉的。 Get it? 再给大家来一则关于犹太人的笑话:问: What's the difference between Jews and canoes? (犹太人和独木舟的区别在哪里?)答: Canoes tip. (独木舟能倾倒而犹太人不会倾倒) 你一头雾水吧!什么乱七八糟的?在英语里的很多笑话,都用了双关语 (pun). 在英文里,tip不仅表示“倾斜、倾倒”,还表示“给小费”的意思。所以这则笑话又是在指桑骂槐说犹太人小气,不给消费。说到这,给来美国旅游的国人提个醒。在美国餐馆用餐是要给小费的。消费的数量是在用餐结帐数字的 15% 到 20%。大家别忘了。 好了,下面这个笑话是关于犹太妈妈 (Jewish mother) 的。你说,啊?关于犹太人的妈妈还有说法,对! 没错!Q: What did the waiter ask a group of Jewish mothers? (侍应生问了一帮犹太妈妈一个什么问题?)A: "Is anything all right?" (有没有任何事情令您满意的?) 在这个笑话里展示出来的犹太妈妈的形象是斤斤计较,非常不通情理,很难伺候。因为在英文里,侍应生在餐馆招待顾客的时候,问的问题往往是:“Is everything alright?” 一切都还好吧!一般也就是那么一问,不会指望你来真的挑错。但是在这个笑话里,把“everything”变成了“anything”,表示有没有一样事情是你不会挑出错来的?关于 Jewish mother, 还有另外一些说法: 犹太妈妈有点像咱们的中国家长,从儿女出生来到儿女成年、结婚、生子都要亲历亲为,参政议政感极强。她们对儿女婚事的过问、参与程度绝对不会亚于我们的中国家长。这也是美国人对犹太妈妈的一些看法。关于美国黑人的文化背景 在美国,对黑人政治上正确的的说法(politically correct)是African American。(非洲裔美国人)。这么来形容黑人,的确是尊敬他们了,但是少了些亲切感。所以我平常听到的形容黑人的说法是这样的。“That cute black guy, that hot black girl (那个帅气的黑人男孩,那个性感的黑人女孩。)。瞧,在black前面加上“cute” 和“hot”这个两个词,一下子,black就不是什么问题了。但你说,如果我想形容的人既不帅,也不性感怎么办?在中国我们现在不是流行无论管睡都叫靓女吗?美国也可以这么干。好听话不会有人介意的。关于美国人有种族歧视的观念我在这里不想提,以免将错越描越黑。在美国人眼里,黑人通常是擅长各式运动的,尤其是篮球。这和黑人在篮球以及田径上的霸主地位十分不开的。此外对黑人的stereotype还包括黑人,尤其是女孩子很会跳舞。此外,有一个观点是怎么中国人也有的,那就是黑人女孩子的屁股特别的漂亮,又挺又翘又结实。这也是黑人女孩子们自己引以为自豪的。这里我想提几个国人不知道的,但是,我再次重申,不要知道了一点赶快就去向外国友人炫耀,我下面要提到的是黑人们自己都不喜欢听的,觉得这种偏见带有种族歧视成分。 我也不清楚这种说法是怎么来的,但是许多黑人被认为是喜欢吃炸鸡和西瓜。有没有任何事实根据,我也不清楚,但是在有些电影电视里你会看到这样的文化隐喻。黑人们自己并不喜欢这样的说法。我有一个黑人朋友,他告诉我说他曾经到一家类似咱们中国远郊边县的餐馆用餐,他叫了一杯冰水喝,但是侍应生却端来了一个大西瓜。全餐馆的白人都在哈哈大笑。我这个朋友告诉我说那是他一生中所受到的最大的耻辱。黑人也许和你开玩笑,提到他们自己喜欢吃西瓜和炸鸡,但是那不意味着你也可以开同样的玩笑。这就像妈妈可以说自己家的孩子有多么不好,但是别人的妈妈如果说自己孩子的不是,那么这个妈妈心里才叫一个赌气呢。同样的道理,给大家将这些事情的目的是让大家了解,然后能够听得懂,这就够了。要开种族的玩笑,就先拿自己开涮吧!美国人对英国人的“成见” 美国人对英国人的固有印象很多,但是有一点是特别有趣的。美国媒体特别喜欢嘲笑英国人的牙齿,觉得"Brits (British people) have bad teeth (英国人的牙齿都不怎么好)。我也不清楚这种讲法来自何处,我想其实在美国人眼里,只有他们自己的牙齿才是最齐、最白、最完美的。大家一笑而过吧! /200909/83529Love your work so it can be fun, interesting, and challenging. Here is how to do it.爱你的工作吧,这样它就会变得可爱,有趣而且富有挑战。下面就谈一下怎么个爱法。Start with a positive attitude. Developing the right attitude towards work makes it much easier to accept and do it. It minimizes fatigue because your mind and your heart is set into it. Convince yourself, nothing good will come out if you fret and do nothing about it.首先得有个积极的态度。培养一种正确的工作态度能让人更容易接受工作并做好它。由于你的整个身心都投入到工作中,因而不容易感到疲乏。说你自己,如果你偷懒或无所事事就不会有任何好结果。Put interest into it. Once you have the enthusiasm, it becomes easy to start things. Then everything will follow smoothly. Remember, interest can always be cultivated. Start thinking that it is something worth doing. Think that you can do it and learn from it.注入自己的兴趣。一旦你有了热情,那么干任何事就变得很容易了。记住,兴趣总是可以培养出来的。开始设想这件事值得去做,然后想你能做而且能从中受益。Create the right ambiance when you do the work. Perhaps you can do it in a place where you are most comfortable, in a clean and refreshing surrounding. Or you can have a friend or family member to help you. This keeps you from being bored. It can also be fun. Or you can have music to inspire you as you work.工作时创造良好的氛围。你可以在一个自己感到非常舒的,干净整洁的环境里做事。或者你可以找一个朋友或亲戚帮你做事。这能让你摆脱枯燥,而且也很有意思。或者你可以在工作时听听音乐来调节气氛。Be creative. You can think of work as play. Plan on how it can be in the form of play that is not fun be a challenge as well.富有创造性。你可以把工作当成玩乐。想一下怎么把工作像玩乐一样完成,这不仅有趣而且也很有挑战性。Always think that at the end of the work, there is something that you have accomplished. This makes you feel proud that you are worth not only as a person but a responsible member of your family.工作结束后始终想着你已经取得了些成果。这样可以让你觉得很自豪,因为你不仅是个有价值的人,而且是个有责任心的家庭中的一员。 /200908/82212

You are never too old to learn. This is never too right for a man who started his ballet dream at the age of 79. An 88-YEAR-OLD man starred in his first ballet production Sunday after learning to dance at the tender age of 79. Retired teacher John Lowe, of Witchford, Cambridgeshire, has been busy perfecting his pirouettes ahead of his role in Prokofiev's The Stone Flower. The pensioner, who has 11 grandchildren, said: "I practise each day and I've got a rope at home that I use to pull my leg up higher. "I'm lucky that I don't have any problem with the routines but that's because I exercise." Mr Lowe started ballet nine years ago, having watched his daughter Alison become a professional dancer. "I think it's a wonderful thing to do and I can't understand why more men don't do it," he said. "There's nothing effeminate about it — you have to be incredibly fit to dance. I see some people crawling around, hunched over smoking a cigarette — they should be doing ballet. "It's a wonderful feeling. I had always wanted to dance and it's never too late to learn." Mr Lowe, who is part of the Lantern Dance Theatre Company, acted a lumberman in the play. 活到老,学到老。这句话用在一位79岁开始“追逐”芭蕾之梦的老人身上最贴切不过了。 上周日,一位88岁的老人上演了他的芭蕾“处女秀”,他在79岁那年才开始学芭蕾。 这位老人就是来自(英国)剑桥郡威奇福德市的退休教师约翰#8226;劳伊。劳伊的“处女秀”是普罗柯菲耶夫的芭蕾舞剧《宝石花》,在演出开始之前,他一直在练习脚尖旋转动作。 现享受退休金的劳伊共有11个孙子。他说:“我每天都练功,我家里有根绳子,专门用来吊腿。” “我很庆幸自己做这些动作没什么问题,不过这主要是因为我经常锻炼。” 九年前,劳伊看到女儿艾莉森成为一名职业舞蹈演员,便开始学习芭蕾。 他说:“我觉得跳芭蕾是件十分美妙的事,我不明白为什么大多数男性都不愿意做这件事。” “其实芭蕾并不‘女人气’,反而需要健康的体魄才能跳好。我看到一些人四处闲逛、弯腰驼背、叼着烟——他们应该考虑去学芭蕾。” “跳芭蕾的感觉很美妙。我一直都想学会跳舞,只要你想学,年龄永远不是问题。” 劳伊目前是“灯之舞剧团”的一名演员,他在剧中饰演一名伐木工人。 Vocabulary: tender age:the time when you are young or do not have much experience(幼年或没经验的年龄段) routine:a set of movements(一套动作) /200801/25618Most women have gone through the ordeal of buying a product only to get home and discover it looks more clown than chic. But now the "magic mirror" can give you a full make-over in seconds, and lets you test hundreds of different products in minutes through using the touch-sensitive screen.大部分女性都曾有过这样的化妆品购买经历:兴冲冲买了一款化妆品,结果回家发现它只能让你看起来更像小丑而非美女。如今有一款“魔镜”终于能够实现你几秒内即可上好妆的梦想,并通过触摸屏的设计,让你在几分钟即可试遍成百上千种化妆品。 /201104/131414Robert Samuelson has an article at Real Clear Politics this morning that hones in on the likely results of a “cap and trade” regime in the ed States:The chief political virtue of cap-and-trade — a complex scheme to reduce greenhouse gases — is its complexity. This allows its environmental supporters to shape public perceptions in essentially deceptive ways. Cap-and-trade would act as a tax, but it’s not described as a tax. It would regulate economic activity, but it’s promoted as a “free market” mechanism. Finally, it would trigger a tidal wave of influence-peddling, as lobbyists scrambled to exploit the system for different industries and localities. This would undermine whatever the system’s abstract advantages.That been the experience with the EU’s system:Fights have erupted as countries seek to guard their interests. Eastern European nations have lobbied for more generous allocations because of their communist legacies and lower living standards. Germany, the continent’s largest wind-energy producer, wants an E.U. mandate that each country get 20 percent of its energy from renewable resources by 2020; Poland, which uses no renewable resources, is resisting.Germany boasts that it has cut emissions to 18.4 percent below 1990 levels, the benchmark used in the Kyoto Protocol and in Europe. But nearly half the reduction was because of sagging industrial output in the former East Germany after reunification. For the 2008-2012 period, E.U. officials sliced 5 percent off Germany’s emissions proposal.Individual companies have also haggled over whether their historical records were representative emission benchmarks.“A paper mill in Italy would get different credits from a paper mill in Germany, even if they are completely the same,” said Marco Mensink, energy and environment director of the Confederation of European Paper Industries.Perversely, Europe’s cap-and-trade system has done little to reduce output at such places as the Janschwalde coal plant, Europe’s third-biggest carbon dioxide emitter. Each year, it spews more than 25 million tons of carbon dioxide. The dirty gray plant still has turbines and generators that date from Soviet times. It has nine cooling towers, and just half of its output can power all of Berlin.There have been improvements in carbon emissions in Europe (the improvements here without such a system have been greater) but I’ve seen no attempts at disaggregating the effects of cap and trade and other EU policies aimed in that direction from the export of EU manufacturing to China which I believe is the primary cause of reductions in emissions and energy use both in the EU and here.I have no objection to moves to reduce carbon emissions in principle, particularly moves that would reward greater efficiency. My own preferred policy would be a straightforward carbon tax. Less riggable. But I also think that we’re likely to get more bang for the buck by removing the vast array of government incentives that encourage greater energy consumption generally and greater oil consumption in particular. I have no illusions that such a plan would ever be adopted. Too many of our oxen would be gored.If the next administration is a Democratic one I expect we’ll see greater moves in the direction of a cap and trade system. Its very complexity tends to be attractive to technocrats. However, with the political constraints that our legislators are feeling these days I think we’ll see even more out-and-out regulation without much in the way of measures to increase enforcement of the regulations. That has the benefit of appearing to be doing something about the problem without incurring the costs of actually doing something about it. Talk as always is cheap.If the next administration is a Republican one I doubt that much substantive will be done, especially considering today’s Republican Party’s allergy to taxes. We’ll continue to make most of the same mistakes we’re making now. 今天上午,罗伯特萨缪尔森在"Real Clear Politics"上发表的一篇文章,极大的完善了美国的“排放贸易”制度:这是“排放贸易”制度最主要的政治优点-一个复杂的计划用以减少温室气体-它的复杂性.这使得其环保的持者,基本上是在以欺骗的方式形成市民的看法.排放贸易将作为税,但它不被形容为税。它将规范经济活动,但同时它作为一个“自由市场”的机制被推广。 最后,它会引起海啸式的影响-说客争相利用该系统对不同行业和地区的规定进行推销。这将破坏该系统的理论优势。这一直是欧盟制度的经验:因为国家寻求防范他们的利益而导致打斗爆发。而东欧国家游说是为了更慷慨的分配,因为他们的共产主义遗留思想和较低的生活水平。德国,欧洲大陆最大的风力能源的生产者,希望欧盟的任务是到2020年,每个国家能获得20 %的来自可再生资源的能源,波兰,它却抵制这种做法,没有使用可再生资源。德国自夸它已削减排放量的18.4 %,低于用于京都协议书和欧洲的1990年的基准水平,但实质上德国有将近一半的减少是因为在前东德统一后工业产值低靡。, 欧盟官员提出关于在2008-2012年间削减德国5 %排放量的建议。个体公司也争论代表的废气排放基准是否超过了他们的历史纪录,“造纸厂在意大利和造纸厂在德国会得到不同的贷款,即使他们是完全一样的”,欧洲造纸工业的邦联能源和环境署署长马曼思克说。相反的,欧洲的排放贸易体制在像减少janschwalde煤电厂的排出方面做的很少,它是欧洲的第三大二氧化碳排放源。每年,它喷出超过25万吨的二氧化碳,肮脏的灰色车间仍然有苏联时代的涡轮机和发电机,它有9个冷却塔,只需一半的输出产量可以相当于柏林所有的二氧化碳喷出量。碳排放量在欧洲已有所改善(在缺少这样一个系统的情况下改善是非常重要的),但我见到它对分解排放贸易的影响没有作用,其他欧盟政策的目的是在这一方向上出口欧盟制造业到中国,我相信这是排放量减少和能源在欧盟和在这里的使用的首要原因。在原则上,我对减少二氧化碳排放量的行为并无异议,尤其是奖励提高工作效率的行为。我自己偏好的政策就是采取一个简单的碳税。少非法操纵. 但我也认为我们很可能获得更多的重击通过推卸责任,撤消大量的政府奖励措施,鼓励更多的能源消耗和更大的石油消费量,特别是,我幻想着认为这样的一个计划,在任何时候都将获得通过。太多,我们会有冲突。如果下一届政府是一个民主的政府,我期望我们将能看到在排放贸易体制方面有更大的举动。其非常复杂,往往吸引着科技工作者。然而,随着政治上的限制,这些天来,我们的立法者,我认为他们都感到了我们将看到更地地道道的规例,在没有多大措施的途径上,以增加有关规例的执行。实际上,在没有对成本做一些事情时,似乎对这个问题做一些事是有好处的,不过如果是谈的话当然是很容易的。如果下一届政府是一个共和党政府,我猜想会有很多实质性工作要做,尤其是考虑到现在的共和党对税的过敏性。我们将继续犯现在我们正在犯的同样错误中的大部分错误。见前面我猜想,从专业的政治家的角度来看,最后这一点可能是排放贸易计划的最大好处,尤其对于开发工程管理系统。毕竟,石油和煤炭现在比开发工程管理系统更有可能送钱给共和党. 在最初几年后,这可能会改变,更不用说这将创造所有其他影响推销的可能性。并请注意,我不是特地指那些代表(尤其不是目前的民选官员)以上的机电工程署署长。他们由不同的游说买和付。如果排放贸易成为现实,他们会适应这种制度。它是一项功能,而非缺陷。目前,美国对散布污染物质者有排放贸易体制,我不认为他们已经有上文所述的最坏的情况下的影响的任何一点。该系统的自由市场者倡导以单纯的指挥和控制条例作为首选, (您将只能排放z微米的K物质或明给我们您用以减少K物质的排放量所使用的最好的技术)。我想申明两点:市场的创造不是成本全免的。在伊利诺斯州,我相信政府的成本是通过那些排放者的申请费来实现的。有些人可能称之为税。第二,复杂的附带成本。最近,在伊利诺斯州我已经表示,政府给予一个新的清洁空气法案许可的过程将需时3至5年,。并非所有都归咎于排放量贸易(或许只有一点点可以),但它不断恶化,任务也随之不断增加。 /200808/46213

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