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思明区整形哪家好龙岩中医医院的qq号是多少三明市妇女儿童医院网上在线咨询 Contrary to popular belief, the best way for men to meet women isn’t by becoming an idol otaku or a rental boyfriend online. Instead, it’s all about what they’re putting into their mouths.想要邂逅女生?当一名偶像宅男或是网上的可出租男友可不是什么好办法。相反,你的异性吸引力与吃的食物可是息息相关的,这一点可能出乎很多人的意料。According to an article in Evolution and Human Behavior, sweat produced by males who ate a balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, fats, meat, eggs and tofu was judged by females to bemore pleasant smelling than the sweat of males who ate a higher concentration of carbohydrates. The better smelling sweat was recorded to have more “floral, fruity, sweet and medicinal qualities” to it.《进化与人类行为》期刊上的一篇文章表明,女性认为均衡膳食的男性——食用水果、蔬菜、肥肉、猪肉、鸡蛋和豆腐,他们的汗味要比那些吃高浓度碳水化合物的男性好闻得多。据记载,味道相对好闻的汗液中含有更多的“花香,果香,甜味与药味”。Sweat and attractiveness may not go hand-in-hand in most people’s minds, but if you’re a guy who’s been having bad luck with the ladies, then you might want to consider this: women typically have amore sensitive sense of smell than men, and women typically rate their partner’s smell as amore important factor in attractiveness than men.大多数人并不会把汗味与魅力相提并论,但你若女生缘不是太好的话,那么你可能得好好思考一下这个因素:女性嗅觉的灵敏度一般要高于男性,在考虑个人魅力时,她们往往要比男生更看重另一半的气味。So even if you don’t care that you smell like a used diaper on hot days or when you’re exercising, chances are those last couple hundred women who turned you down do care very much.所以,即使你并不在意在酷热的天气里或运动锻炼时,自己闻起来像块用过的尿不湿的话,但曾经拒绝过你的那些女生可能是非常在意这一点的。This news correlating diet and sweat-smell came as a shock to Japanese commenters. They had a lot of questions right off the bat:将饮食与汗味同日而语的新闻让许多日本家大吃一惊。他们立马就产生了许多疑问:“Do the vegetables in my ramen count?”“拉面里的蔬菜算数吗?”“Does drinking vegetable juice every day count?”“每天喝蔬菜汁算数吗?”“Do potato salad and macaroni salad count as salad?”“土豆沙拉和通心粉沙拉只能算作沙拉吗?”Of course it’s important to bear in mind that once you do achieve the adonis level of sweet-smelling sweat, it’s important to still be open to the signals that women give off when they’re interested. Otherwise you’ll still be alone… but at least you’ll have a nice-smelling laundry basket to show for it!当然,你还应该牢牢记住,一旦你的汗液达到了“甜甜的美少男”标准,学会接受女性示好的暗号同样重要,否则你还是孤家寡人一枚……但最起码你还有个闻起来还不错的洗衣篮可展示。 /201611/479663漳州胎记治疗

厦门人民医院美容冠厦门割眼袋整形医院 Every dark cloud has its silver lining. In the case of the second presidential debate, you can credit the Chinese internet for finding the (sort-of) bright side — karaoke!每一片乌云都会有一片银边(每一次黑暗中都会有一线光明)。就美国第二次总统竞选辩论来讲,你可以称赞中国互联网为大家找到(一线)光明——卡拉OK!Here are some lyrics from pop songs you’ll find in in any Chinese karaoke hall that Weibo believes work seamlessly with the candidates’ duet performance complete with links to listen along:你可以在所有的中国K歌厅里找到这些流行歌曲的歌词,中国网友们在微上发帖表示,当你听着这些歌同时看这场辩论,两位候选人的二重唱可以与其无缝衔接(而且毫无违和感)。 Yes, English-speakers were in on the fun too, but China went the extra mile when it comes to their creations港真,外国观众也玩的很嗨,但是提到各自的作品,中国人技高一筹。Like, this wasn’t the best thing ever but you have to give them points for effort.同样的,这也不是(中国吃瓜群众)有史以来最棒的作品,但你必须为他们的成果点赞。The Communist Youth League of China also joined in because why miss out on a chance to troll democracy?中国共青团也加入了,因为我们怎么能错过调(feng)侃(ci)民主政治的机会呢?Last night was seen in the eyes of the Chinese Communist Party’s youth wing as a perfect example of the “nasty election and low democracy” as an article published along with the picture called it. The article received over 3,600 comments, mostly agreeing with the sentiment.昨晚,在中国共产党年轻一代看来,这场辩论完美地展现了美国“肮脏的选举,低俗的民主”。在发表文章的时候,作者配上了上面的这幅图片。这篇文章的量达3600多次,多数人同意作者的观点。 /201610/471184厦门假体丰胸哪里好

厦门有可以做大腿吸脂术的医院吗Unchanged for decades, China’s music scene has been literally rocked in recent years by the internet.几十年来,中国的音乐场景一直变化不大,直到近年来在互联网的撼动下摇滚了一把。Virtually overnight, the newly connected Chinese were exposed to thousands of bands from dozens of countries. 几乎在一夜之间,刚刚连上互联网的中国人就可以接触到来自几十个国家的几千乐队。But while Western listeners have a choice of music sites, including Apple Music, Tidal and Pandora, the Chinese internet is dominated by one: Douban.com.但是,虽然西方听众会在苹果音乐(Apple Music),Tidal和Pandora等各种音乐网站当中进行选择,中国互联网在这一领域却被豆瓣网(douban.com)所统治。China’s most popular streaming site, Douban is essential to the country’s growing music scene. 豆瓣是中国最受欢迎的流媒体网站,对于这个国家不断发展中的音乐行业非常重要。The bare-bones and mostly monochromatic site attracts more than 40 percent of Chinese internet users every month. 它的设计极为简单,几乎是单色调的,然而每月却吸引着超过40%的中国互联网用户。Of China’s 649 million internet users, an estimated 270 million individuals visit Douban monthly to stream music and interact with artists on the site’s social network, according to the journal Participations.据《参与》(Participations)杂志称,在中国的6.49亿互联网用户中,豆瓣网的月活跃用户达到2.7亿,他们使用该网站的流媒体音乐务,并利用它的社交网络与音乐人互动。Every artist in China seems to be on it and has a page, said Michael Pettis, an American who founded the Beijing music bars D-22 and XP. 中国的所有音乐人似乎都在豆瓣上有自己的网页,迈克尔#8226;佩蒂斯(Michael Pettis)说,这位美国人在北京创立了音乐酒吧D-22和XP。So it plays a role that I don’t think there’s anything comparable in the West. 所以我认为它所扮演的角色是西方那些网站无法与之相比的。It’s this massive forum that whoever you are, famous or not, good or bad, you’re likely to have a page.它是一个巨型论坛,无论你是谁、是否有名、是好还是坏,你都可以在这里拥有一个页面。Mr Pettis, a former Wall Street trader, moved to China in 2002. 佩蒂斯曾是一位华尔街交易员,于2002年移居中国。Both D-22 and XP now hold a prominent place in the history of Chinese indie music. D-22和XP在中国独立音乐的历史上都占据着显著地位。So does Mr Pettis, who, in addition to teaching finance at Peking University, runs the independent music label Maybe Mars.佩蒂斯本人也是如此,除了在北京大学教授金融课程,他还经营着独立音乐厂牌兵马司(Maybe Mars)。China’s internet adoption rates grew dramatically in the 2000s and, for music fans, getting online meant unlocking a library of previously unavailable music. 中国的互联网使用率在2000年代大幅增长,对于乐迷来说,上网意味着打开了一座图书馆,可以在这里听到以前无法听到的音乐。China effectively had the history of Western popular music dumped on it at once, and experienced it without the weight of context or popular criticism.面对迅速汹涌而至的全套西方流行音乐,中国卓有成效地吸收了它们,并且没有时代背景的压力,也不受大众的干扰。Inspired by what they heard, young Chinese formed bands, and Douban, which started in 2005, gave them a platform.年轻的中国人从他们听到的东西当中得到启发,组成了乐队,自2005年开始运行的豆瓣给了他们一个平台。While the embryonic phase of the scene produced facsimiles of well-known American bands like The Ramones and The Stooges, modern Chinese popular music has shot off in many different, and often experimental, directions.虽然在早期还有很多模仿雷蒙斯(The Ramones)和傀儡(The Stooges)等美国著名乐队的痕迹,现代中国流行音乐已经在开始向各种不同方向发展,并且往往带有实验性质。One of the most talked about new bands is the psychedelic/experimental band Chui Wan, formed in part by connections its members made on Douban. 迷幻/实验乐队吹万是最受关注的新乐队之一,组建的部分原因就是成员们在豆瓣网上建立起了联系。For its lead singer, Yan Yulong, Douban is the most important website for the music scene in China.主唱闫玉龙认为,豆瓣是中国音乐领域最重要的网站。 /201611/478985 Computer Programmer! You get paid to solve puzzles and learn stuff. You know what I like to do in my free time? Solve puzzles and learn stuff!电脑程序员!你通过解决难题、学习来获薪。你知道我平常都在干嘛了吧?解决难题还有学习。A programmer of course.当然是一名程序员。Low entry barriers门槛低。Low material needs物质需求低。Long career: If you want, you can keep your career as long as possible.工作生涯长。只要你想,你可以一直工作下去。A lot of needs: The world is rapidly changing. Everything will be connected to the internet. There are a lot of needs of programmers.需求多。世界在快速变化,一切都将与互联网息息相关,很多方面都需要程序员。1.Paradise island caretaker天堂岛的看护者。2.Luxury bed tester奢侈床测试员。3. Resort waterslide tester场水滑道测试员。When you do something you love and are good at, and someone will pay you to do it!当你做着自己喜欢并且擅长的事,并且有人愿意付你工资。 /201704/502869在厦门市妇幼保健医院吸脂厦门瘢痕疙瘩修复



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