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30 That#39;s great! That#39;s great! 那太好了!That#39;s great! 太棒了!It#39;s great! 好极了!That#39;s great! 那好极啦!That#39;s really great! 真不错!That#39;s really great! 真好哇!That#39;s great! 太棒了!Great, great! 太好了! /201309/256125make sense:有意义,言之有理。 例句:1.It would make sense to leave early.早点离开是明智的。2.It doesn#39;t make any sense.这件事没有任何意义3.Can you make sense of what I said?你能领会我说的意思吗?

59 At the Customs59 在海关Your passport,please.请出示你的护照.A:Your passport,please. B:Here it is .A:请出示您的护照.B:在这儿.A:What#39;s the purpose of your visit?A:您此行的目的是什么?B:I#39;m here for the sports games.B:来这儿参加运动会.A:Your visa is for three months. Go through the customs,please.您的签有效期为三个月.请办理海关手续吧.Do you have/Have you got anything to declare?有什么事申报吗?A:Here#39;s my passport.I#39;m a visiting scholar.A:这是我的护照.我是访问学者.B:Do you have anything to declare?B:有什么要申报的吗?A:No,these are all my personal effects.A:没有.这些都是我的私人物品.B:What#39;s in the bag? Would you mind opening the bag?B:提包里是什么?请您打开包好吗?A:Not at all.A:当然可以.Have you any contraband in your luggage?行李中有违禁物品吗?A:Have you any contraband in your luggage?A:行李中有没有什么违禁物品?B:Actually,I#39;m not quite sure what#39;s contrabandB:实际上我不大清楚什么是违禁物品.A:Would you show me what#39;s in that suitcase?A:那您能不能让我看看您的箱子里有什么?B:All right.B:可以.I#39;m sorry I#39;m going to have to confiscate these.对不起,这些要扣留.A:Could you put your hand baggage on the counter,please?A:您把手提包放在检查台上好吗?Do you have any gifts,plants,or food in here?您带没带礼物、植物或食品?B:Yes,I have some Chinese bananas in my suitcase.B:带了,我的提箱里有些中国香蕉.A:I#39;m sorry,sir.You can#39;t bring fresh fruit into the ed States.A:对不起,不允许把新鲜水果带入美国,I#39;m going to confiscate these.这些东西要扣留.What#39;s the purpose of your visit?您此行的目的是什么?A:How long wil you be staying in the ed States?A:您准备在美国逗留几周?B:About three weeks .B:约三周.A:And what#39;s the purpose of your visit? B:Sightseeing.A:您此行的目的是什么?B:观光.Shall I go through customs now?我现在可以过海关了吗?A:Shall I go through customs now?A:我现在可以过海关了吗?B:Yes, but we#39;ll see your baggage first.B:可以,但是我们是先看看您的行李.Could you tell me what#39;s in your suitcase,please?请告诉我里面有什么?A:Some clothes,my shaving kit,and a few paper bags.A:几件衣、剃须用品和几个纸袋.Would you please make a record of....请把....登记一下好吗?A:Would you please make a record of all your foreign currencies?B:OK.A:请把携带的外币登记一下好吗?B:好的.A:Would you mind filling out this form?A:您请把表填一下吧.B:Not at all.B:行.You don#39;t have to pay duty on........不必交税.A:I don#39;t know what#39;s dutiable.A:我不知道什么东西要交税,Do I have to pay duty on things for my own use?个人用品也要交税吗?B:No.You don#39;t have to pay duty on personal belongings.B:不,您的个人物品不必交税.A:Thank you.A:多谢.How many/much....can I bring with me?我可以带多少.....?A:How many cigarettes and bottles of whiskey can I bring with me?A:我可以带多少香烟和威士忌?B:You#39;ll be charged duty for the cigarettes over two hundred.B:香烟超过200就要付税.A:What about whiskey?A:威士忌呢?B:You#39;re permitted to bring in two bottles of wine or liquor duty-free.B:允许您免税带两瓶酒.This is a dutiable article.这件物品应该交税.A:This is a dutiable article.A:这件物品应该交税.B:How much is the duty?B:交多少?A:Fifteen dollars.A:十五美元.Did you pay your duty,sir?您交税了吗?A:Did you pay your duty,sir?A:先生,您交税了吗?B:Yes,here#39;s the receipt.B:交过了,这是收据.A:All right, now everything seems to be Ok.A:好的,现在一切好像都办好了.You#39;re now through.I hope you have a good time in Britain.您可以通过了.希望您在英国过得愉快!This article is subject to duty.这件东西要交税.Would you please put your luggage on the counter and open it? What#39;s inside?A:您能不能把行李放在柜台上打开?里面有什么?B:My personal properties.B:我的个人用品.A:What#39;s this?B:It#39;s a necklace.A:这是什么?B:一条项链.A:This article is subject to duty.A:这件东西要交税.I#39;m through with the customs formalities.我已经办了海关手续.A:Did you pay your duty,sir?A:先生,您交税了吗?B:Yes,here#39;s the receipt.I#39;m through with the customs formalities.是的,这是收据.我已办完了海关手续.A:Have a nice trip!B:Thank you.A:祝您旅途愉快!B:谢谢!Fill in this customs baggage declaration form, please.请把这份海关行李申报单填好.A:Any arms, ammunitions, living plants or animals?A:有武器弹药和活的动植物吗?B:Yes, I have a few thing to declare.B:是的.我有些东西要申报.A:Fill in this customs baggage declaration form,please.A:请填好这份海关行李申报单.I#39;m a transit passenger for this flight.我是这次航班的过境旅客.A:Do you have anything to declare?A:您有什么要申报的吗?No,I have nothing to declare.I#39;m a transit passenger for this flight.B:没有,我是这次航班的过境旅客.A:May I know your destination?A:您要到哪里?B:I#39;m going to Los Angelos.B:到洛杉机.Anything else besides these?除此之外还有别的东西吗?A:Do you have anything to declare?A:有什么要申报的吗?B:One carton of cigarettes.B:一条香烟.A:Anything else besides these? B:No.除此之外还有别的吗? B:没有. /200911/89375

今天的每日一句是The difference in winning and losing is most often…not quitting. ——Walt Disney赢与输的差别通常是… 不放弃。——华特迪士尼Notes:1.quitvt. 离开;放弃,抛弃;停止,中断;偿清vi. 停止;放弃斗争;辞职adj. 自由的;摆脱了责任或义务的常见搭配:be quit of摆脱, 脱离, 免除quit it[美俚]死 /201309/255291

北京时间昨晚23点,奥地利跳伞运动员Felix Baumgartner乘坐氦气球达到24英里(约38000米)的高度跳下,经过4分22秒的自由落体,成功到达地面,期间最高时速1.24倍音速,成为第一个“超音速人”。【新闻】我们来看一段相关的英文报道Austrian Felix Baumgartner has become the first skydiver to go faster than the speed of sound, reaching a maximum velocity of 833.9mph (1,342km/h).In jumping out of a balloon 128,100ft (24 miles; 39km) above New Mexico, the 43-year-old also smashed the record for the highest ever freefall.奥地利跳伞运动员Felix Baumgartner成为了第一个“超音速人”,其跳伞时的最大时速达到了每小时833.9英里(约每小时1,342公里)。43岁的Felix Baumgartner从新墨西哥州上空128,000英尺(约39,000米)处跳下,这也创下了自由落体的新纪录。【讲解】“speed of sound”在文中的意思是音速,其他的表达有velocity of sound,sonic speed。“mph”的完整表达是miles per hour,即每小时英里数,其他的单位缩写还有ftfoot、kgkilogram、gphgallons per hour等。 /201210/203925视频文本如下:Welcome to English in a Minute, where we teach you all about idioms in American English.You probably have heard someone say: Break a leg.Dont#39;t worry. She isn#39;t going to break someone#39;s leg. This is an expression that means good luck! Let#39;s listen to a conversation to find out.A: I#39;m so nervous. Tonight is the first night of the play.B: Is it? Well, go out there and break a leg!This phrase began as a way to wish actors good luck. Theater people said that if they wished each other something bad, good might happen. So when you hear ;break a leg,; it#39;s really means ;do well.; Also, it can mean to work really hard at something.And that#39;s English in a Minute. /201504/369078

大家好!今天我们来看一看怎么用美语说“参加”?Hop on board 参加I heard you started taking Hip Hop classes!Is it funny? 我听说你开始学跳街舞了!好玩儿么?I am having so much fun learning hip hop dance moves!学街舞动作太好玩儿了!Can I come with you next time?I kinda wanna hop on borad我也想参加,下次我能和你一起么?join in on the fun 来一起玩儿come along for the ride 来凑热闹 /201409/326789每日一句口语:I#39;m sorry that Ican#39;t make myself unhappy to please you.很抱歉,我没法委屈自己来取悦你。【知识点讲解】please vt.amp; vi.使高兴; 使满意; 讨人喜欢; 讨好例句:More than anything, I want to please you.最重要的是,我想让你高兴。内容来自: /201405/301071Happy Monday!白洁的日记#2 白洁感谢OMG美语粉丝们发给她很多好玩的问题!问:白洁来过中国吗?答:I lived in China in 2007! 我2007住在中国, 我在北京和杭州学中文。想问白洁一个问题吗?录你的问题,然后发至BaiJieriji@gmail.com /201111/161838

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