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襄阳中医院做产前检查怎么样襄阳市中医院治疗男性不育怎么样游客9类“不文明行为”将入黑名单 -- :5:6 来源:chinadaily 5月30日,国家旅游局向各地区旅游局下发了修订后的《国家旅游局关于旅游不文明行为记录管理暂行办法,年月印发的《游客不文明行为记录管理暂行办法停止实施新《办法将“旅游不文明行为记录”从6条增至9条同时,记录时间从最长的1年至年,增加到1年至5年同时,增加了针对旅游从业人员违规的规定,同样列入不文明记录File photo of a tourist climbing up a tree. [Photo: Xinhua]请看相关报道:China has issued a new regulation to blacklist tourists and tourism service providers with inappropriate public manners.我国出台新规,将游客和旅游从业人员的不文明行为列入黑名单新《办法中列出的旅游不文明行为(inappropriate tourism behavior )包括:扰乱公共场所秩序(undermining public order)公共交通工具上行为不当(acting inappropriately on public transport)破坏私人或公共财物(damaging private or public property)违反当地风俗习惯(disrespecting local customs)破坏文物古迹(sabotaging historical exhibits)参与、色情等非法活动(engaging in gambling or illegal sexual activities)破坏生态环境,违反野生动植物保护规定(destroying the environment or violating the protection of wildlife)扰乱旅游场所秩序(disrupting the public order at tourist resorts)同时,新《办法将从事旅游经营管理与务的工作人员即“旅游从业人员”(tourism service providers)违规,也纳入了“不文明行为记录”Tourism service providers who insult, assault or threaten their clients or perm other behaviors which lead to adverse social influences will be added to a inappropriate tourism behavior record system, according to the China National Tourism Administration.国家旅游局表示,旅游从业人员侮辱、殴打、胁迫游客,或其他造成严重社会不良影响的行为,将被纳入旅游不文明行为记录系统新《办法明确,旅游从业人员其在经营管理和务过程存在价格欺诈(price fraud)、强迫交易(ced shopping)、欺骗诱导游客消费;侮辱、殴打、胁迫游客(insult, assault or threatenclients);传播低级趣味、宣传迷信思想等造成严重社会不良影响的行为,也将纳入记录(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)襄阳市第一人民医院男科电话 印尼:性侵儿童者将被“化学阉割” --31 ::1 来源:chinadaily 印尼总统佐科5日签署允许对性侵儿童犯实行更严苛惩罚措施的法令(网页截图)Child sex abuse is now punishable by death and chemical castration in Indonesia after its president on Wednesday issued a new law following the brutal gang rape and murder of a -year-old girl. 印尼总统于上周三发布新法令,性侵儿童者将被处以死刑或化学阉割此前,一名岁的女孩遭到轮奸并被残忍杀害The battered body of the victim was discovered, naked and tied up, in a est on the island of Sumatra after she was attacked by a group of teenagers in April. Seven offenders have been jailed years. 这个女孩在四月被一群青少年杀害,人们在苏门答腊岛的森林中发现了她的尸体,她手脚被绑,伤痕累累,赤身裸体七名罪犯被判处年监禁"Sexual violence against children, as I have said, is an extraordinary crime," President Joko Widodo told journalists, according to a statement. 据一篇声明称,印尼总统佐科对记者说:“我说过,针对孩子的性暴力,是非常严重的犯罪行为”"We hope that this law will be a deterrent offenders and can suppress sexual crimes against children," Widodo said, also tweeting the news on his official . 他说:“我们希望这条法律可以震慑犯罪分子,抑制针对孩子的性犯罪”他还把这条新闻发布在自己的官方推特账户上New rules 新法令Chemical castration is the use of drugs to reduce libido or sexual activity. It is a legal m of punishment in South Korea, Poland and the Czech Republic, as well as in some US and Australian states. 化学阉割是采用药物抑制性欲或性行为的方法,在韩国、波兰、捷克,以及美国和澳大利亚的一些州都是法定的惩罚措施Convicted pedophiles who have served jail sentences could also be ced to wear ankle monitors so that authorities can trace their movements. 曾被判刑的恋童癖罪犯也会被强制戴上脚踝监控器,这样有关部门就能查探他们的行踪The law is effective immediately, although Indonesia's parliament has the power to overturn it or demand revisions. 此项法令立即生效,尽管印尼议会有权推翻或要求重新修订"These acts threaten and endanger children, and they destroy the lives and development of children the future," the president's statement said. 总统在声明中说:“这些行为威胁并危及到了儿童,摧毁了未来孩子们的生活和成长”The law was drafted to address a significant increase in cases of sexual violence against children, Widodo said, although he gave no statistics to illustrate an increase. 他说,起草这条法令是为了解决针对儿童性暴力案件显著增加的问题,尽管他没有给出数据说明增加的情况The country has long struggled with a high incidence of sexual violence, and several cases have been reported recently. 印尼很久以来都在和高发的性暴力事件做抗争,最近又报道发生了几起案件Vocabulary: castration: 阉割 deterrent: 威慑 libido: 性欲 pedophile: 恋童癖者翻译:实习生孙美真编审:yaning文身师为家暴受害者文身遮疤(双语) -- :6:1 来源: A Brazilian tattoo artist offers free body art so victims of domestic violence can cover their scars巴西一位文身艺术家为家暴受害者提供免费文身,帮助他们掩盖伤疤Flavia Carvalho began her project 'A Pele da Flor', which means 'The Skin of the Flower', in Curitiba, Brazil, to turn horrific mementos into "self-esteem boosters". Since then her art has covered up wounds from bullets, beatings, stabbings and even mastectomies. The service is one 0% - the only 'cost' is choosing the tattoo.弗拉维亚·卡瓦霍在巴西库里蒂巴开启了一项名为“A Pele da Flor”的计划,意即“花之肌肤”,旨在把勾起可怕回忆的疤痕变为“提升自尊之物”自此,她的文身艺术遮盖了各式伤疤——伤、殴打留下的伤疤、刺伤、乳房切除手术留下的疤痕该务不收任何费用,只需费心选好纹身图案即可Falvia says she came up with the idea when a client wanted to cover a large scar on her abdomen. She told the Huffington Post: "She told me that she was at a nightclub, and when she turned down a man who approached her, he stabbed her with an switchblade." When the client saw the finished tattoo, she was "extremely moved" and Flavia was "deeply touched".弗拉维亚表示,她的创意来自一位顾客,该女士希望遮掉一块面积较大的腹部伤疤弗拉维亚在接受《赫芬顿邮报采访时表示:“她对我说,她在夜店拒绝了一位企图接近他的男性,那名男性随即用一把弹簧刀把她刺伤”这位顾客看到最后的文身效果时“极为感动”,而弗拉维亚也被她“深深打动”She continued with the idea of providing the free tattoos to victims of domestic abuse or mastectomies. Flavia says it is "wonderful" to see how women"s reaction to their bodies change following the new tattoos. From being ashamed of the scarring, the girls flaunt their new body art on Facebook, says the tattooist.她延续了这个理念,继续为家暴受害者、接受乳房切除手术的人免费文身弗拉维亚说,顾客看到身体新文身后的反应让她“特别开心”这位文身师说,最初女孩们对疤痕感到难为情,如今她们变得敢于在Facebook上晒出自己的新文身All the stories move her, but one in particular stays in her mind; that of a -year-old who was dating an older man. She said: " months, [she] suffered from the physically abusive relationship. When he wanted to break up with her, he scheduled a meeting, and after they began to fight, he stabbed her several times in her abdomen, and violently raped her."每一个故事都让她为之动容,让她印象最为深刻的是一位岁的女孩她的约会对象是一位年长男士女孩说:“几个月以来,(她)忍受着这段感情对她的身体虐待当男方想分手了,他安排双方见面,两人却开始争吵,之后,他拿刀朝她的腹部刺了好几下,并残忍地强暴了她”The victim ended up with a perineum tear, had to have surgery several times and ended up in intensive care. Flavia covered up her scars with a tattoo of flowers and birds.这位受害者最终诊断为会阴撕裂,做了几次手术后,仍需要特别护理弗拉维亚将花与鸟的图案文在她身上以掩盖伤疤Vocabularymemento: 勾起回忆的东西mastectomy: 乳房切除手术switchblade: 弹簧小折刀英文来源:镜报译者:liangliangzl襄州区人民医院联系电话

襄阳祛痣做包皮手术多少钱英捐器官男子为外籍教师曾赴秘鲁教 -- 18:58:1 来源:chinadaily 年6 月9 日浙江省杭州市,马克amp;; 奥斯本的妻子王女士,在她的丈夫转移到手术室前,与他告别 Mark Osborne's wife, surnamed Wang, bids farewell to her husband, bee he's transferred to the operating room, on June 9, in the city of Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang province. 浙江省杭州市,一名英国男子因在临终前捐出器官给中国患者感动了大众马克amp;; 奥斯本在于病魔奋战了8天后,于6月9日与世长辞今年9 岁的马克早先就决定把他的眼角膜、肾脏、心脏、肝脏捐献给6个中国人,以此在他所深爱的国家来传递生的希望 A British man has touched the public by donating his organs to Chinese patients on his deathbed, in the city of Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang province.Mark Osborne lost his 8 day battle life on June 9. The 9-year-old had earlier made the decision to donate his corneas, kidneys, heart and liver to six Chinese people, to pass the hope life to the country he had come to love. 6 月8 日是这对夫妇的六周年结婚纪念日王女士在在浙江省杭州市的浙江医科大学第二附属医院的重症监护病房,举行了一个小型的婚礼周年纪念会和告别晚会据悉,马克是浙江省第二位离世捐献器官的外籍人士6年前,他来到杭州工作从事英语外教工作 妻子王女士说,丈夫马克是个很有爱心的人,曾两次自己掏钱前往秘鲁教年3月3日下午他因为头痛发烧到就诊,后被确诊为“蛛网膜下腔出血”,很快陷入了深度昏迷,送进了外科重症监护室 马克被评估为脑死亡后,他远在英国的亲人也表示持,将器官捐献移植所需要的资料第一时间寄了过来9日上午时分,马克在妻子、医护人员及红十字会协调员的护送陪同下进入手术室 据悉,位受体人的等待时间从半年到两年不等,受体人平均年龄为8岁马克的心脏将被移植到一位56岁的男性心脏病患者体中马克的一对肾脏,分别移植到了一位8岁的女性和一位56岁的男性尿毒症患者体内,他们在此之前已分别等待了5年和3年马克的肝脏被移植到一位肝癌男性体内而马克的角膜,能让两个人重现光明 June 8 was the couple's sixth wedding anniversary. Ms. Wang held a small wedding anniversary and farewell party at the Intensive Care at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, in the city of Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang province. A photo of Mark as a child. 马克孩童时期的一张照片 A photo of Mark with his Chinese wife Ms. Wang. [File photo: Xinhua] 马克和妻子王女士的照片 Relatives and friends bid farewell to Mark bee he was transferred to the operating room, on June 9, in the city of Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang province. 年6 月9 日浙江省杭州市,亲戚和朋友在马克转移到手术室前,与他告别襄阳中医院男科是公立医院吗 3个小孩不听话 被狠心妈丢弃在沙漠 -- :51:59 来源: 美国一个家庭3个5至7岁的孩子,只是因为不听话,被狠心的妈妈丢弃在沙漠中,所幸后来被经过沙漠的好心人搭救,妈妈则因涉嫌虐待儿童被拘禁 A Calinia mom and her boyfriend are both facing felony child abuse charges after police say they left her three young children alone in the Mojave Desert Wednesday, seemingly as a punishment.加州的一位妈妈和她的男朋友正面临虐待儿童的指控——星期三,警方发现他们将3个小孩丢弃在莫哈维沙漠中,看样子是为了惩罚孩子Outside temperatures were in the mid-90s when suspects Mary Bell, , and Gary Cassle, 9, allegedly left the kids, ages 7, 6 and 5, alone without water or shoes in the blazing sun near the city of Twentynine Palms.据称,当天的室外气温达到华氏90多度,犯罪嫌疑人岁的玛丽.贝尔和9岁的盖理加索将他们三个分别 7岁、6岁和5岁的孩子留在了二十九棕榈村附近的烈日下,他们赤着脚,也没有水喝The news was first reported by Desert Sun on Thursday.《沙漠太阳报最先报道了这则新闻The kids were found by a good Samaritan after being outside in the desert roughly 5 minutes.孩子们在沙漠中暴晒了约5分钟后,被路过的好心人发现They were subsequently placed into the custody of San Bernardino County’s Children and Family Services. It does not appear that they suffered any injuries as a result of the ordeal.他们随后被迅速安置到了圣贝纳迪诺县的儿童家庭务中心所幸的是,虽经过痛苦的折磨,他们倒没怎么受伤"Obviously this is a very serious incident,” Cindy Bachman, a public inmation officer at San Bernardino County Sheriff Department, told InsideEdition.com. “It’s a good thing that the citizen saw them. They were obviously disturbed by what they saw."辛迪.巴赫曼,圣贝纳迪诺县治安部门公共信息官告诉InsideEdition.com ,“很明显,这是一个非常严重的事件”“幸亏有好心人发现了他们显然,他们对此非常吃惊”Bell and Cassle, who were apprehended in their vehicle not far down the road, are due in court Friday afternoon. The pair are currently being held at the Morongo Basin Jail on 泡个热水澡能够收获运动带来的好处吗? -- 18:: 来源: 四月五月不减肥,七月八月徒伤悲想要迷人身材的小伙伴看过来了! We all know that exercise is good us, but can you get the benefits without actually doing the exercise, asks Michael Mosley.“众所周知,运动于我们有益,然而,是否不运动,你也能够收获运动带来的好处呢?”迈克尔·莫斯利问道Having a hot bath or a sauna is a good way to soothe your limbs after exercise, but what happens if you do it instead of exercise? Dr Steve Faulkner of Loughborough University asked me to take part in an experiment comparing the relative benefits of having a long, hot bath versus an hour of hard pedalling.运动过后泡个热水澡或者是蒸个桑拿是舒缓四肢的绝妙之道,但是,若你用此方法来代替运动,那么会发生什么呢?拉夫堡大学的史蒂夫·福克纳士让我加入了一项实验,比较长时间泡热水澡和骑一个小时自行车的相对益处 this study I join a group of volunteers who have all been fitted with monitors which continuously record blood sugar levels. Keeping your blood sugar levels within the normal range is an important measure of your "metabolic" fitness.为了完成此项研究,我加入了一个志愿者团队,这些志愿者身上已被安装了能够持续记录血糖水平的监控器保持血糖水平在正常范围之内是你“新陈代谢”健康的一项重要指标We are also fitted with equipment to measure how many calories we burn and rectal thermometers to constantly measure our internal core temperature.我们身上被安装了用来测量卡路里燃烧情况的设备,同时还配有持续测量体内核心温度的直肠温度计The first part of the experiment is very relaxing, consisting of having a long, hot bath. While I sit in the bath, which they keep at 0℃, Steve closely monitors my core temperature. Once it has risen and stayed there, I am allowed out.实验的第一部分相当轻松,就是长时间地泡一个热水澡当我泡在水温为0℃的浴池里时,史蒂夫会密切监测我的核心体温等到核心体温上升或者是恒定时,我才能出来A couple of hours after my bath I have a light meal. Since we want to see how having a hot bath compares with exercise we repeat the experiment.泡完热水澡两个小时后,我吃了顿便饭由于想要弄清如何比较泡热水澡和做运动,我们重复了这项实验So what’s the result?那么结果如何呢?"One of the first things that we were looking at," Steve says, "is the energy expenditure while you’re in the bath and what we found was an 80% increase in energy expenditure just as a result of sitting in the bath the course of an hour."史蒂芬表示:“我们正在关切的首要事情之一即是你在泡热水澡时消耗的能量我们发现,正是由于在浴池里泡了一个小时,你消耗的能量增长了80%”This is nothing like as many calories as cycling an hour (which comes out at an average of 630 calories) but we do burn 0 calories, the equivalent of a brisk 30-minute walk.骑一个小时自行车燃烧的能量最多了(平均为630卡路里),但是我们确实燃烧了0卡路里,这相当于疾走30分钟所燃烧的能量,000 bail each, the Associated Press reported.贝尔和加索的车停在这条路的不远处,他们之后被逮捕,并于星期五下午被告上法庭两人目前被拘留在洛根盆地监狱,每人需交万美元的保释金,据美联社报道It is unclear why the children were being punished. According to Bachman, the group appeared to be homeless and living out of their car.孩子们被处罚的原因尚不清楚据巴赫曼表示,看起来,这一家人应该是以车为家,到处流浪It’s not the first time parents have faced legal action allegedly deliberately leaving their children unattended.父母因为故意丢弃孩子而面临诉讼,这已经不是第一次了A mom in Connecticut, was booked in April leaving her kids on their own so she could go shopping. Similar cases have also occurred in Texas and Maryland.月,在美国康涅狄克州,一位妈妈丢下孩子们自己去购物在德克萨斯州和马里兰州也发生过类似的案例In Japan, a 7-year-old was found alive after a week alone in bear-infested woods where his parents left him as punishment throwing rocks at cars.在日本,一位7岁的男孩被丢在了熊出没的森林里独自生活了一周,而父母这样做,是为了惩罚他总是往汽车上扔石头襄阳四院泌尿外科

襄阳四院在哪里冰岛胜英格兰 意大利胜西班牙 -- 1:9:18 来源:chinadaily 6月7日,年欧洲杯进8的比赛中,冰岛队以-1击败英格兰队缔造了欧洲杯历史上最伟大的奇迹之一同样进8比赛中意大利队以-0击败主力球队西班牙队冰岛队作为重大赛事中最小的国家,将继续他们年欧洲杯的旅程,在决赛中对战法国队 Iceland pulled off one of the biggest shocks in the history of European Championship when they defeated England -1 while the European dominant ce Spain were downed by Italy -0 in the last clashes at Euro on June 7th, . Iceland, the smallest country ever to appear in a major tournament, will continue their run at EURO and face France in the quarterfinals. 尽管英格兰队曾一度领先,最终还是无奈被踢出局开场第分钟,英格兰队拉希姆;斯特林被冰岛队守门员哈尔达松绊倒,英格兰队队长韦恩;鲁尼主罚点球踢进球门右下角两分钟之后,冰岛队扳平了比分卡里;阿纳松用头接界外抛球并将球传给拉格纳;西古德森,西古德森近距离破门尽管英格兰队掌控着比赛,但冰岛队在第18分钟发动了第二次有效进攻,并将比分改写为-1前锋科尔贝恩;西格索尔松禁区内射门,尽管英格兰门将乔;哈特用左手试图阻挡,但还是未能阻止足球入网 England were knocked out although they took the lead in the fourth minute as captain Wayne Rooney fired a penalty kick into the bottom right corner after Raheem Sterling had been brought down by Iceland goalkeeper Halldorsson. But Iceland levelled the score two minutes later. Kari Arnason nodded a huge throw-in Ragnar Sigurdsson to slot home from close range. England were in control of the game but Iceland made it -1 in the 18th minute from their only second meaningful attack. Their striker Kolbeinn Sigthorsson fired home from the edge of the box and England keeper Joe Hart got his left hand to it but could not stop the ball flying into the net. 在遭遇了1-负于冰岛队的失利之后,英格兰主帅罗伊;霍奇森宣布辞职霍奇森在赛后发布会上表示,“我对今晚的结果和最终出局非常失望,我们走得不如我预想得远,这是不能接受的” Roy Hodgson has announced his resignation as England manager after his side suffered a shock -1 loss to Iceland. ;I'm extremely disappointed about tonight's result and ultimately our exit from the competition,; Hodgson said at the post-match press conference. ;We haven't progressed as far as I'd thought we were capable of and ultimately it is not acceptable.; 在圣但尼,意大利以-0击败了曾三度获得欧洲杯冠军的西班牙队开场第33分钟,国际米兰队前锋埃德尔任意球直接攻门,西班牙门将德赫亚将球挡了出来,贾凯里尼扑射又被挡了出来,尤文图斯队后卫吉奥吉奥;基耶利尼及时冲到门前将球踢进球门第9分钟,西班牙队射门不进,意大利队抓住机会反击,替补球员马特奥;达米安传球,西班牙队长塞尔吉奥;拉莫斯用脚挡了一下球,南安普顿队前锋尼科拉;帕瓦里尼接球凌空抽射,球进 At Saint-Denis, Italy ended defending champions Spain's bid a record third successive European title with a -0 victory. Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini opened the scoring in the 33rd minute when Inter Milan striker Eder stepped up to rifle a bullet free-kick at goal. Spain keeper David de Gea blocked the shot but Giaccherini dashed into the goalmouth melee to pounce home on the rebound. Southampton ward Graziano Pelle sealed the win in the 9nd minute when Italy caught Spain on a counter-attack with substitute Matteo Darmian making his way deep down the wing bee smashing a deflected cross into the box through Spain captain Sergio Ramos' legs. Pelle volleyed home from the edge of the six-yard box. 这次胜利意味着意大利队避免了第三次在欧洲杯中对战西班牙队而遭遇出局的厄运在决赛中,意大利队将对战德国队 The victory meant Italy avoided a third consecutive elimination at the European Championship to Spain and secured a quarterfinal clash against Germany. <牛人_句子>襄阳第三人民医院处女膜修补襄阳妇幼保健医院孕前检测多少钱



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